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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in vallejo. there is a new drain on the city. someone is stealing storm drain grates. we'll talk about that coming up in a live report. >> plus, a young man trapped under a boat as his father bobs in the water. a boat crash leaving heartbreak in its wake. millions of pounds of ground turkey recalled after a deadly salmonella outbreak. we'll tell you where the tainted turkey comes from. a look at oakland, thursday, august 4th. this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning. it's 4:30. she's back. meteorologist christina loren ending her vacation in the middle of the week. explain that one. >> you know, i came back for getaway friday and enjoyed the weekend. >> fun around here. >> they are fun. also friday's eve, we're so close to the getaway weekend. we're looking pretty good weatherwise. if you've been enjoying the inland, spectacular weather in the 70s, we've got more on the way. we're going to have a mostly cloudy start, mostly clear afternoon. then we have a couple of changes as we head through sunday, monday, tuesday. we'll talk about that coming up. let's get to you work with mike inouye. >> good morning. welcome back. you're right, everybody on friday, but i'll let them get to work. we have an accident that cleared as i was preparing these maps. northbound 880 north of the interchange heading to 101. the accident cleared here.
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a couple spots for construction. that's it for the south bay. we have an issue on the peninsula. a sigalert, i'll fill folks in coming up. >> thank you. first a warning now a massive recall. a salmonella outbreak prompting the usda to recall 36 million pounds of ground turkey, that's the same as 41 fully loaded 747 jets. health inspectors saying the tainted meat came from a cargill plant in arkansas. this has been linked to the death of one person in sacramento, at least 76 illnesses around the country including one person in san francisco county. while inspectors have the source they say they don't have enough information to recall specific brands. keep in mind, experts say the meat is still safe to eat so long as you cook to the an internal temperature of 165 degrees. again, it has been recalled this morning. >> what was supposed to be a great day out on the bay instead
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leaves a grieving family in its wake. one man dead, his father recovering from injuries after a large motor boat plowed into their small fishing boat. this morning investigators still looking into what caused that crash. officials say the large boat likely didn't see the smaller boat when they collided off sierra point wednesday afternoon. the family overcome with emotion when they heard the news. 30-year-old ninh truong died after being trapped under the capsized boat while his father clung to the hull. witnesses say the younger truong was brought to the shore unconscious. >> the first guy, trying to get him back alive, he didn't look too good for him. the other guy was moving around. he looked hurt. >> the 60-year-old father tried to tell rescuers his son was trapped. they couldn't understand what he was trying to tell them. that may have delayed the rescue.
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officers say the captain of the motor boat passed a sobriety test, that would be coast guard officers. clinging to a thread of hope, the said there a key to a south bay family's closure 10 years after 42-year-old jeanine harms disappeared. by the end of the week prosecutors could find out if fibers from a rug in harms' home matched those found in a suspect's jeep. harms disappeared in july 2001 and her body has never been found. police arrested maurice nasmay three years later but the charges were eventuallyp dropped. in january harms' brother shot and killed him at a coffee shop before killing himself. >> the man convicted of kidnapping and raping jaycee dugard says he is responsible for snatching three other northern california girls as well as dozens of date rapes. phillip garrido insists he is not the man responsible for the
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high profile abduction of 9-year-old makayla garrett. the district attorney says that garrido made the claims back in may but for now prosecutors are keeping the details of those conversations under wraps so we don't know much more about the other three girls or makayla. prosecutors are working to track down potential victims to see if even more charges can be filed against garrido and his wife nancy. >> a vacaville camp leader behind bars accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy. police arrested 21-year-old katrina harador after the boy's parents say they found suspicious text messages on his phone. she met the boy at the camp, admitted to having sex with him at her home last week. >> did give us a statement as to what occurred that evening. >> was it admitting that the
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incidents occurred? >> yes, it was. >> she worked for the city of vacaville's summer program. vacaville police investigating whether she had inappropriate relationships with other teens at the camp. >> we are following a developing story out of the east bay, a bizarre crime wave hitting the streets of vallejo. christie smith is live where 20 manhole covers have been stolen in two weeks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. they say if it isn't nailed down someone will take it. that seems to be the case in stra lay who. we're on wilson avenue. it has been hit hard. basically we're talking about storm drain grates, 20 of them taken in the past two weeks. and these things aren't light. they weigh over 100 pounds each. this is all according to vallejo sanitation and flood control. these leave holes in the streets and it's a safety issue.
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if this were peeled up, someone could fall down up to 15 feet in some cases. so far no one's been hurt. but there's also the cost issue here. these could run up to $350 a pop. and are probably being sold somewhere as scrap metal. one worker who has been with the city for 20 years says he hasn't seen anything like this, maybe people stealing wires or copper but certainly not this. you see someone in the act of stealing one of these, what you want to do is call 911, or call the district directly. they have someone who will pick up the phone. that 707-644-8949. so how do you prevent this? the district looking at a couple things, perhaps doing spot welding to make sure they stay put. that would be a tall order. there are thousands of these throughout the city. that's the latest. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you much. the university of san francisco looking into the past as plans
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for the future. school officials announced yesterday it purchased the historic follger coffee buildin, to use as a downtown hub. usf says it gives them a way to reach a broader base of students. the main campus of usf north of the panhandle neighborhood. >> work on the devil's slide tunnel is going to take a year longer than expected. the tunnel across highway 1 will now open in late 2012. the project to build twin 4200-foot tunnels started five years ago. it was only supposed to take a couple of months. there were construction delays. as a result the $314 million project will cost more and the costs will be passed on to you. a san mateo assemblyman plans to investigate, he says. let's check with christina. >> good morning to you. i just got my pg&e bill for the
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month of july and because of the nice weather not too bad. we're going to get more of that really nice unseasonably cool weather throughout the day today all the way throughout the weekend, onshore flow stays in place. an area of low pressure that's kicking on the onshore flow. behind at trough is going to dig in through this weekend. that means the cooling trend continues. now, as we head through monday, tuesday and wednesday, big ridge of high pressure is going to move in. we have not seen a strong ridge so far in the past three weeks. we've had really, really nice weather as a result. looks like it's going to get hot next week but not too bad. 59 in livermore right now. you're on the way to about 79 later today with mostly sunny conditions. 79 in los gatos and 76 for you in santa rosa. i've got the seven-day outlook ready to go. let's get to you work on time. we're working for the weekend around here. >> everybody is working for the weekend. we're looking here to the
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peninsula, san mateo, we had an earlier sigalert, all lanes of southbound 101 blocked. activity to the shoulder. i still marked the accident active, because officers still on scene. sounds like the last of the crews about to clear and we have a speed there at 61 by the exclamation point. heading to the san mateo bridge. the bridge an easy light drive. heading over to the peninsula, taillights away from 880. a little glow there. there is mist. friends in san francisco tell me they had to use their wipers getting into the city. we did try to use the wipers on the lens and it's just not clearing so just like my car, no matter i do it gets -- >> i didn't realize you had wipers on the lens. >> some of them. >> next time do it on air. >> mark, listen up. >> thanks, mike. it's not fairmont but it will do. more than 100 san jose state students finally have a place to
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stay for the upcoming school year in time, the fall semester starts later this month. students will live at the clarion airport hotel in san jose. the hotel equipped with wireless internet and exercise facilities but no cafeteria. they had to be moved out of dorms to make room for a larger than usual crop of freshmen. 4,000 are expected to fill the dorms nearly 1300 more than last year's incoming class. >> coming up, no shoes, no shirt, no service. they are at it, no chain, no baggy pants, no tattoos. can bars crack down on the way you dress. when does it cross the line into discrimination. zuckerberg leaving facebook. the shake-up sort of. you're looking at a live picture at san jose for all of your news and weather, check us out on book news..ay a area moing news.
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>> good morning everyone. it's 4:44. as we look at the coliseum there. the founders of the mavericks surf contest won its fight against the company that ousted him. the judge ruling that surf ventures breached its contract with mavericks pioneer jeff clark. clark co-founded the company to run the surf contest, but the company fired him as a contest director back in 2009.
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a san francisco superior court judge ordered the company to pay clark what it owes, but another battle still looms on the horizon for clark as he fights for control of the contest. on august 17, the san mateo harbor district will decide if they will issue the permit for the contest to clark or his ex-wife. two powerful groups taking on restaurantses for discrimination. there is a sign outside of the old wagon saloon and grill on san pedro square, it says there are no tattoos allowed, no shiny shirts, no grills, those are metal decorations on teeth, no large neck chains, and several other restrictions. the the naacp and the latino leadership alliance say the restrictions are discriminatory against latinos and blacks. at least one law professor says posting the signs could be illegal. >> trying to use proxies for the kinds of people who might be behaving in certain ways gets
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into slippery territory. >> the owner of the saloon and grill didn't want to talk on camera but managers will meet with concerned groups to change the sign. while the old wagon was singled out in the suit we should mention other bars in downtown san jose have posted similar signs in the past. >> a strange day on wall street yesterday, nicole lap in live at cnbc with a look ahead to today. good morning, nicole. >> good morning to you, scott. strange is a nice euphemism. i'd go with crazy. pretty nuts session. futures are lower, after the dow had been down as much as 164 points on disappointing news. worries about about europeans' debt crisis and the downgrade to the kret credit rating. markets recovered toward the end closing higher snapping that eight-day losing streak. asia was mixed. europe is lower. we get another read on the jobs market in about a half hour with
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new unemployment filing numbers so we'll pick through those closely. on the earnings, gm reporting before the open so we'll watch that. to recap, the dow closed up 29 points, 11,896 is where we closed. the nasdaq composite added 23 points, 2693 where we closed there. pfizer is looking to breathe new life into lipitor reportedly asking to sell an over the counter version of the drug. lipitor, has nearly $11 billion in annual sales loses patent protection in november. pfizer could have a battle with the fda over safety. lipitor belongs to a class of drugs which cause liver and muscle damage in a small percentage of patients. anheuser-busch is rolling out a new design for the second best selling beer with a retro look, a bow around the name with red, white and gold designs. budweiser has been struggling as
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you know with declining sales for years, running neck and neck with coors light. t's the 12th redesign since it: debuted in 1936. >> nicole, thank you. you think silicon valley as a school yard you wouldn't expect -- you would expect google to be one of the big kids on campus. google's top attorney says other tech companies are ganging up on google and its android software. who is ganging up? according to google apple, or rickle and microsoft, all three companies have filed patent infringement claims. google's lawyer says the companies are using bogus patents to drive up the cost of using android. microsoft denied the claims. >> zuckerberg leaving facebook, not mark but sister randy is resigning from the company.
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she is starting her own company focusing on social media. she has been working as facebook's director of marketing for the past six years. unlike her brother mark, randy actually graduated from harvard in 2003. mark, as you know, dropped out early when facebook started taking off. >> one more check with christina loren. >> boy, we're all getting paid in sunshine and beautiful weather. this summer doesn't feel like august. and we have more of the same to look forward to over the weekend. so if you want to get outdoors and enjoy it, going to have some of the best weather across the entire country in the bay area this weekend. the onshore flow is the reason why, deep marine layer so mostly cloudy conditions all the way from san jose up through marin county and the north bay. watch out for a little bit of that heavy fog, especially at the coast. generating drizzle, so thick next to the golden gate bridge we have reports recently. watch for the fog also if you
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come up 17 this morning. might find drizzle in that area as well. as we head throughout this afternoon, our temperatures aren't going to be that warm. running about 10 to 15 degrees below our seasonal averages. 59 in livermore, 59 hayward, on the way to upper 70s and low 80s. a beautiful day inland. kind of cool at the coast. 65 in san francisco, 79 in los gatos and 70 degrees today in santa cruz. not a great beach day. until you wait till 1:00 or 2:00 when the sun will come out. mostly sunny conditions. all the way through wednesday, temperatures stay at or below seasonal averages. then thursday, friday, into saturday of next week, not much in change. things look pretty similar so. if you are enjoying this beautiful weather, we've got more for you. we're just waiting for the big ridge of high pressure to start to warm us up to our summer like conditions. i don't know, scott. are you enjoying this? >> i love the cool stuff.
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one of the reasons i love northern california. coming up, scarlet and gold goes to zinfandel and bordeaux. the look at the 4 niners new stadium. unsportsmanlike conduct. a youth football team sidelined before their first kickoff getting slammed by their sponsors. >> and yesterday 580 through livermore and dublin had a horrible commute for much of the late morning. right now it's very clear. what shapes up as this morning tinues.
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>> welcome back to you as we look at our control room there. an east bay youth football team getting sacked before they get to play their first down. >> good job. there you go. >> the two started the oakland program to get neighborhood kids involved. now they are crying foul after two sponsors pulled out leaving them to come up with $18,000 for equipment and uniforms. >> to back out at the last minute, you backed out on the kids. >> i was looking forward to having a uniform for the team. and to hear that is like disi pointing. >> the oakland pirates are looking for a hail mary, they need the gear by september 10, though, in time to get their first game. that's scheduled for september
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17th. let's turn to laura for a look at what's ahead. >> good morning. we're following that turkey recall. 36 million pounds of it due to a salmonella outbreak. you'll want to check your fridge and freezer. also today, a real push to keep san jose from limiting medical marijuana. we'll tell you about with the grass roots effort, excuse the pun there, and the challenges they will have to overcome. you have to see this video. it was taken by a driver in japan. just as the tsunami hit. it is a perspective you more than likely have not seen. wouldn't want to see it in person. san francisco also taking a step forward toward reviving the city's once rich music scene. it's all ahead in a few minutes at 5:00. >> all right. thank you much. well, 49ers show off skills on the practice field, the front office doing show and tell. it's a new scale model of the stadium that the team hopes to build next to great america.
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the project will include seats closer to the field than any stadium in the nfl and lots of luxury boxes as well. the color of the seats we are told will be zinfandel and bordeaux, which sounds much fancier than the old scarlet and gold. but somehow doesn't sound very tough. >> i thought bordeaux was a red wine. >> actually i went to wikipedia. bordeaux is a region in france and you can make white and red. >> thank you. learning about color and wine from scott. >> you are welcome. >> i'm going to give a heads up. mark, we're going to call on you in a second. i want to show folks what i made. we have a map of the approach and the maze and the approach to the bay bridge. a smooth drive. 680, 880, and the lower deck, those should clear over the next hour. the lower deck will remain with lane closures for safety sake until about 6:00. just before when we see that clearing. the giants playing tonight at
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7:15 so expect congestion on that side of the bay around at&t park. we'll get our live shot of oakland. scott, i told you some cameras have wipers. going to be tough. there it goes. all right. >> such a 10-year-old boy. >> we don't have a little sprayer to work on there as well. the wiper works. thank you, mark. he'll clean your windshields as well. give him a nice tip. >> thank you, mike. coming up, last year out of a job, so the cal baseball coach facing the unemployment line this year. despite the fact he made it to the college world series. pardoned as a political favor. could the son of a powerful politician be headed back to jail in connection with a murder. for all of your news and weathe. :
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