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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's friday, august 5th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to turn to meteorologist christina loren. 1: are a ray of sunshine thiscc morning hopefully. >> yeah, you know what, we're kicking off the weekend, that is good news alone. not to mention the fact we've got great weather to look forward to both days. a little coastal drizzle on your way to work. you might have to use the windshield wipers. we have your seven-day forecast ready to go. first let's get to you work on time checking the roads with mike. >> enough drizzle to smear that dirt on my windshield. we're looking at the construction, getting out of the city on the lower deck. this zone here, that just popped up as i was preparing the maps. and slowing now northbound through oakland. i'll check it out. and i have another note for bridgegoer in the next update.
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>> we'll look forward to that. thank you. 5:00 now. worry about another recession has all eyes on washington this morning. in about a half hour they release the monthly unemployment report. that will have a huge impact on trading today. good or bad. concern about america's economy has caused trouble overseas, in europe major markets fell and continue to trade lower right now. german chancellor merkel and the french president nicolas sarkozy have taken time out of vacations to hold a conference about the stock markets. asian markets are closed. the hang seng dived more than 4% and the nikkei dropped 3.7%. u.s. futures are looking down this morning. >> kimberly tere joins us live from the financial district with what local investors plan to do today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. local invest terse and traders are bracing for what could be a wild ride.
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consumer confidence is down with people worried about high unemployment, the sluggish economy and the possibility here of a double dip recession. stock traders say the combination is having an impact n the psychology of investor,c: consumers and corporations holding on to cash. sure, the government and federal to1: e are out of ideas howcc reinvigorate the economy. what should people do. for starters financial advisers say do not panic. the market will always have highs and lows. they say try not to get caught up in the emotion of day-to-day numbers. >> if your time horizon is daily perhaps check it daily. for most people they are investing for retirement, it's long term and they should check it periodically. i'm not sure there is benefit to checking daily. >> reporter: financial advisers say prudence is the most cc1: today wall street is watching for that monthly jobs report which could further impact trading. jobless numbers are expected to show a slight improvement from
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june to july, about but really not enough to change the unemployment rate. while there is a lot of doom and gloom out there i can't argue that, there is a silver lining so to speak. the the economic instability does continue to keep interest rates low and also in theory oil prices down. live in san francisco, kimberly tere, "today in the bay." >> right. because mortgage rates are also lower this morning. dropping to new historic lows. 15-year fixed and five-year adjustable rate loans at record lows. and 30-year fixed rates below 4.5%. analysts say mortgage rates tend to follow treasury yields which fell on news that the economy grew much weaker. we're following a developing story out of san francisco where a 9-year-old boy is in the hospital fighting for his life. he was hit by a wrong way driver while crossing the street. the driver continued westbound without even stopping. happened after 10:30 last
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night at mission street near the cartoon art museum. christie smith joins us live from hayward where hayward police say they stopped that truck matching the description of the hit and run driver and took the driver into custody. good morning. >> reporter: yes, that car stuck out. this is the intersection where the driver was arrested. mission and industrial here in hayward. it happened quickly. we're told about an hour, hour and a half after the hit and run in san francisco. in fact, san francisco police brought witnesses here to take a look and those witnesses identified the truck as the one involved in the wreck. seriously injured a boy. police put out a bulletin to bay area police departments, the white pickup was so badly damaged that police may have spotted it regardless. police telling us they believe that the driver may have been under the influence. this all started about 10:30
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last night. the 9-year-old boy from philly had gone to the giants came, was walking ahead of a family member crossing mission at new montgomery when a driver turned the wrong way up a street and hit him. didn't bother to stop and hit several other cars on the cc1: street. all of this in front of stunned witnesses who say he got on the freeway and took off. the the boy was taken to san francisco general hoptd. we're told he has life threatening injuries to his head and body. the police chief showed up at the scene to see what was going on. meantime, the truck was impounded. i spoke with san francisco police. they say they are unclear on what charges might be filed. reporting live, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you for the update. a retired high school teacher will be arraigned on charges he sexually assault add former student. fremont police arrested james reese norton. detectives say the retired teacher sexually assault add
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high school student between 2006 and 2009. she says it took place in fremont and livermore in homes where norton lived at the time. officers are trying to determine if there are other victims. >> this morning san leandro police are looking into a string of robberies that appear related. five people have been robbed in the past three weeks. location of the robberies you see on the screen. in each instance they were walking alone when a group of two to four african-american men they say -- a long time summer tradition is coming under scrutiny. music in the park has drawn people downtown for 23 years but in the past couple years police say he have seen a spike in the number of vandalism after the concert. san jose downtown association says it's unfair to link the
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relatively peaceful music in the park with crimes that happen once the event ends. >> people being associated with music in the park again, hours after the event and up to 10 blocks away so we're curious how the police department are arriving at statistics. >> some businesses near the park like original joe as are frustrated and hope to see changes. the downtown association has considered charging admission but has so far kept the event free to the public. 5:07. time to check the forecast again. we're happy it's friday. >> we are happy it's friday, if you want to visit a park over the weekend, great opportunity. weather is going to be comfortable especially inland. even at the coast nice days ahead saturday and sunday. this morning we're dealing with a little patchy fog and coastal drizzle so watch for that. slick conditions over the bridges, even the golden gate bridge this morning. high pressure, though, finally
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we're starting to see a little bridging out in the eastern pacific. you see the clouds arcing up and around. we're going to bring our temperatures up slightly next week. overall we're looking very similar to what we saw yesterday and the day before that. really mild conditions. doesn't feel like august. 60 in hayward, 55 in san mateo, in san jose today, just 79 degrees at noon. 72 degrees, we'll lose a lot of the cloud cover, a little earlier than yesterday. i think by about 9:30 in the south bay. 72 degree, breezy, rounding out the day with really comfortable weather. 79 degrees even at the hottest point of the day. a nice day ahead. pretty much wherever you wake up. we'll see gorgeous weather. we are consistently over two months we have again the envy of the nation. 80 degrees in livermore, 81 gilroy, i've got the seven-day outlook coming up.
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first, 5:08, how we doing? >> first of all we're always the envy of the nation because we are northern california. we're looking here to the area around oakland. we don't always envy the traffic. the slowdown north of park and high street. as you head north to the area, you see the taillights away, steady and lighter flow. i think that will clear up for the maps there. further south, the san mateo bridge. smooth away from 880. coming from the peninsula a nice drive, moisture in the air, fog shouldn't be as much of an issue. at the interchange, 880, 92, off jackson street starting tonight at 10:00 a closure till 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. they are reconfiguring the ramp from 92 to the san mateo bridge. you might see closures. on southbound 880 a reroute when they reopen a new portion of that transition continuing to work on that. 580, a little slowing out of
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town. we're going to be at the fremont festival giving away stuff. why would you want to leave the area. >> got it all here. >> what are we doing, bean bags? >> i'm going to give away money, prizes. >> giving out money. >> you can buy it from me. that would be important as well. >> hey, there is another presidential candidate maybe joining the race. >> my announcement is that i am running for president of the united states. >> recognize comedian rose ann bar. as a member of the green tea party and have all taxpayers serve as her vice president. one of her promises is to get rid of all paper money. >> will she sing the national anthem every day? >> i hope not. newest discovery on mars is
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coming up. >> then, will he or won't he debate will soon be decided. when we expect to hear from ed lee as a possible run for san francisco mayor. a live report how futures are trading is coming up. follow us on feracebook.eb
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>> good morning to you. live look outside. golden gate bridge. doesn't look like a lot of people up and about. maybe they are taking an extra day this weekend. it is friday, we'll have more on the forecast coming up in a bit. it's 5:13. we're going to soon find out if ed lee will run for mayor of san francisco. the head of the police union says lee will announce by monday if he plans to run.
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lee's office won't confirm it but says he'll make a decision sometime next week. lee became mayor last january until recently he had said he would not seek re-election. now, if he enters the race some analysts say he would instantly become a favorite. lee has until august 12th to officially decide. >> we continue to wait for the latest unemployment report out of washington this morning. comes out in about 15 minutes and could make or break the markets today. investors worried after yesterday's massive sell-off. nicole lapin is live with a look at how futures are trading right now. and what we can expect for today. good morning. >> good morning, laura. futures are pointing to more red arrows at the open. investors becoming rattled about the intensified slowdown and concerns that the united states could slide back into recession mode. the down turn sparked not only by our own actions but those by
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the european central bank as they continue to struggle with their own debt crisis. the bank of new york also spooking markets yesterday after saying it would change -- charge large customers to hold cash because of a surge in deposits. where can i put my money? asian markets falling. europe is lower. gold hit a record high, then tumbled as more opt for cash to cover losses. the dow lost 512 points. that's the worst day since december of 2008, the nasdaq falling 136 points to 2556, the dow t nasdaq and the s&p 500, all in correction territory. that's down about 10% from recent highs. the s&p 500 has seen more than $1 trillion in value wiped out. you're right, absolutely, the focus is on jobs this morning as
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the report comes out, we have a ticker on, 14:15. it's down to 8:30 our heim. and forecasts calling for pay rolls to rise by 75,000 after a measly 18,000 in june, and analysts looking for 118,000 private sector jobs, that means the drag again on the government sector, that is not good news. unemployment expected to hold steady, 9.2%. >> i'm going gold panning later if you want to join me. >> the gold rush, yes, you know. >> even that dropped. got to check the mattress. >> that's big. that's kind of text book economics. the correlations are going all over the place. >> everybody's watching. thank you very much. we appreciate it. it's 5:16 now. nasa making a discovery on mars. the agency says its orbiter found some form of liquid on the
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red planet. the liquid is said to be extremely salty running inside narrow channels along the inner walls of the small crater. scientists say this just may be the most compelling evidence yet that there is water on mars and if there is water there could be life. very interesting. >> 5:17. time to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> i like that build-up. time to check the forecast. here i am. good morning to you. it's friday. yes, most people can do no wrong in my eyes on a friday. we have coastal drizzle to watch for. probably don't want to go racing out the front door along the peninsula, the coast. pretty thick this morning. high pressure going to warm us up a tad. we head through the early part of next week, but this weekend more of the same. very mild weather. temperatures in the low 80s, even in the warmer cities across the bay. right now we're in the 50s and 60s, it's a really comfortable
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morning. hey, short sleeves now, the short sleeves come in handy later on because by noon already hitting 74 degrees in places like fairfield, 71 santa rosa. rounding out the day at 77 degrees. heat wave in the nation, the midsection of the nation, has been suffering from sweltering heat. it had mild weather and no significant ridging in the pacific. even when ridge does build next week it's not going to warm us that much. 83 on tuesday, up to 84 wednesday. then we level off toward next weekend. let's continue to give the ac a break. i'll spend the money on shoes. you, laura? >> hello, always. actually diapers. it's 5:18. big name artists taking part in a benefit for japan. ♪
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the great bonnie ray, one of the artists at the shoreline in mountain view on sunday. it's part of the musicians united for safe energy benefit concert. that's a mouthful. proceed goes to japan's relief fund and non-nuclear organizations. other artists at the concert include crosby, stills and nash. a big announcement from the organizers of burning man. we'll have details coming up. >> less than 15 minutes from the jobs report. we'll tell you about the numbers coming up. >> and here's 101 north fast ap co the smooth drive.yoive mog u coapoiva mu ng ngmip. ah yes. there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know.
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let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the timr blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> new this morning. san jose police are investigating an early morning homicide at an apartment building south of stevens creek boulevard near saratoga avenue. a woman was stabbed to death on albany drive. officers arrived at the scene around 2:30 this morning they arrested a 48-year-old man. they entered the apartment and found the body of that woman. she had been stabbed multiple times. investigators remain at the scene collecting evidence. if there is other information coming out on this story we'll of course bring it to you. >> 5:22 now. the organizers behind the annual burning man festival are making a big announcement. burning man will become a non-profit organization today after being a privately held company. non-profit launch at the united nations plaza this afternoon. there will be art displays, music and rallies as well as several speakers including san francisco mayor ed lee.
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burning man organizers plan to build an urban cultural center in the tenderloin that will provide gallery spaces and sites for ritual celebration. the event runs from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. want to check the commute with mike. >> good morning. we'll take you out to the roadways, around the maze and 880 earlier showing slowdowns. it should clear up because there were no incidents and the traffic was light. likely a little burst in traffic. the averages having to adjust. great stuff there. we've got a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is light volume. that's the reason i didn't think there was anything major going on. crossing the bay in the same direction, westbound 92 with the taillights. bumped up in the volume. i wanted to show no slowing at the interchange off 880, still
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an increase in volume. a note for you drivers. to the south bay smooth in the construction zone should pick up throughout the south bay. a note also last friday we have a big concert. big crowds there. another concert, toby keith a big star. fill your tanks with gas. it's going to slow down, almost come to a stop at times before the concert at 6:00. we're trying to help you save when you fill up. 76 has a gas for life contest.c: if you don't win keep that scratcher card, come back to facebook, check on the link i'm going to post and you have another chance to win. help.going to cc1: that's the scratcher game. keep that ticket and we'll hopefully help you out. >> may be the best earnings of the day. thank you. 5:24. people along oakland's
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international boulevard want to take back the neighborhood. they say they are fed up with prostitution, enough to stage a march through the streets and a meeting to discuss the problem. people that hiv in the neighborhood use noise makers catch people'stocc1: attention. they want to eliminate the prostitution in their area. they are making it a top priority. >> folks doing drug dealing, also pimps doing the -- putting the young prostitutes out there too. so we have to focus on both. and they are the ones shooting. >> like yesterday during the march, it happened while women were walking the streets working. people living in the neighborhood say they are determined to clean up the streets of prostitution no matter how long it takes. all of the talk about the dow. falling more than 500 points
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yesterday. reminds us that : it's a symptom, not the disease. >> the stock market is not the economy. it's a reflection of the economy. you're worried about the dow, fine. i heard someone say his 401(k) is now a 21 k. t's the economy that's thecc1: disease. on friday we saw the gdp, everything we make together, grow by .4%. borderline recession numbers. the nationwide unemployment picture not much better. at 5:30 we get the latest numbers for june. we'll hope for 80,000 jobs. that's still a lousy number. you need at least 125,000 a month to cover all of the 18-year-olds that kim into the labor force. here are last months job numbers. there's the 18,000 jobs president that's a lousy number. we get the pay roll number and
5:27 am
unemployment rate. these two are determined totally separately. the unemployment rate is a guess based on a random phone survey. a lot of politicians concentrate on that. the number we really care about is total pay roll. that's way more important. let's shoot for 80,000. allow the number and we'll find that out in three minutes. >> we'll check back with you. we'll get the numbers. they are released in minutes. also covering the rest of the day's news. >> that's right. i'm bob redell. we're here in silicon swrl a look at the job numbers, considered ta be a bright spot. that story coming up. e
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>> reporter: new this morning, new employment numbers are being released. we'll have them for you as they
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come in. >> reporter: arrest this morning in the east bay after a hit and run accident sends a 9-year-old boy to the hospital with very serious injuries in san francisco. i'm christie smith. i'll have details coming up in a live report. >> a live look from the south bay. it is friday, august 5th, this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. 5:30 now. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. you made it to the weekend and what you always want on the weekend is good weather to make your errands easier, maybe you want to get outside. well, the weekend forecast looking good. we have coastal drizzle this morning. watch out for slick conditions. it's a getaway friday. we've got the full forecast. first let's get you out the front door with mike inouye. >> that's a good note because
5:31 am
it's a getaway friday, starting in the afternoon you might see slowing heading out to tracy, sacramento, tahoe. westbound a 14-minute drive. smooth through the pass, through the valley, we have an incident that popped up. a disabled vehicle. watch it as you head through fremont. back to you. >> 5:31. we mentioned the newest unemployment numbers are due out. they could have a dramatic impact today on the fragile u.s. economy. we're watching them for you this morning. scott will join us to break them down. first our other top story of the day. a 9-year-old boy crossing the street with his family is fighting for his life this morning after being hit by a wrong way driver. it happened just after 10:30 last night at mission street in new montgomery in san francisco. police caught up with the suspect in hayward where christie smith joins us live. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning. the scene is clear but we're at mission and industrial where that man believed to be the driver behind this was arrested. san francisco police put out a bulletin to local law enforcement agencies describing the truck but in this case the damage was so bad that the truck may have stuck out on its own and police pulled that driver over. police stopped the white toyota pickup trauk similar to the one after it happened. police tell us ha they believe that the driver may have been under the influence at the time. saying a 9-year-old boy had gone to the giants game. he was walking ahead of a family member about 10:30, crossing mission at new montgomery, that's when a truck turned the wrong way down the street and hit the boy. also hit at least three other cars, then got on the freeway and took off according to
5:33 am
witnesses. the bay was taken to the hospital with light threatening injuries, a head injury and injury to his hips. the accident so disturbing even a police chief showed up to see what was going on. fortunately, witnesses were able to get a good look at the truck and they believe that it was the one involved in the accident. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. breaking news that we're following. the newest unemployment report just released. scott is in the newsroom with a look for us. >> good morning. 117,000 jobs to the positive in july, the unemployment rate is 9.1%. laura, you and i were talking about this. this number here ignore it. it's better than the 9.2% it was. the number that counts is 117,
5:34 am
better than we expected but net negative. 117,000 jobs have to come to cover the 18-year-olds coming into the haber force. it's a lousy number though it's bigger than we expected and you'll hear the unemployment vat down. go ahead and ignore it. those are not great numbers. back to you. >> we're also going to check in with bob redell. the the job numbers can mean something different to the bay area. >> reporter: we're talking about the jobs situation specifically here in silicon valley. good morning, laura. hiring like it's 1999. that's how labeled the job situation here. some tell a business journal that the hiring they are seeing is similar to during boom. you look at e-bay it seems that way. it had 600 openings, apple is
5:35 am
looking to hire 800 more. ing isle 580. the unemployment rate for tech professionals here in silicon valley for the tech, is just 3.3 percent. that's a drop of two points from can. the white house is impressed. the growth in tech is fueling hiring in other industries here. the computer engineers, they have to eat, have a place to live, which is why businesses like restaurants and construction added thousands of jobs in june. however, in spite of that the unemployment in the south bay is not so great. the unemployment rate. i told that you they added
5:36 am
thousands. experts believe that the vat a reflection of more unemployed people coming off of the sidelines and getting back in the job search now that more businesses are hiring. keep in mind not everyone is hiringing. we reported last month that san jose's largest employer is getting ready to lay off 6500 employees worldwide. a huge chunk laid off here in the south bay. >> tough numbers to hear. thank you. what about the numbers when it comes to the forecast? we need a ray of sunshine. >> much easier on the ears this morning. we've got comfortable weather for you. 70s for the most part. the warmest spot in the bay area, the places and the outlying areas like gilroy, livermore, even concord, you guys will only be in low 80s. beautiful conditions. provided by that marine air. we have a pretty gep deep marine
5:37 am
layer. we're noticing wetter visibility. you have livermore that goes for you as well. alo along the peninsula nothing too deep when it comes to the fog. we'll be watching tor those. you are down to five miles in santa rosa. the thickest fog between 7:00 and 9:00. 60 degrees in hayward. 55 in san francisco. and 55 in santa rosa. a comfortable afternoon. 79 in treatment and san jose. speaking of fremont, mike inouye and myself will be out there tomorrow. it's going to be great weather to be out at the fremont festival. 81 on sunday. that's your weekend preview. let's put you to work with mike. >> we'll be out there saturday. i'll be out sunday as well because i love giving stuff away so much. hope you can grab loot. northbound 880, a car stalled out, in the center divide.
5:38 am
watch for slowing. i'll let you know if we have details about with delays. cy sometimes call this -- fremont, union city, a lot of stuff happens. looking at hayward, easy between 238 and 92. we have construction and changes. we'll have construction change of the flow, 92 westbound on southbound 880. keep that in mind. there will be transition changes. volume is starting to pick up. past the policy yum. no problems there. but we have the slowing in antioch. everybody has to get to work. >> thank you very much. boy, daring rescue. did you see this? take a look, the fire department had to save two men holding on
5:39 am
for their lives yesterday. two window washers were working in the mission bay neighborhood when one of the sides of the scaffolding gave way. luckily they were wearing harnesses. two were pulled on the roof the other through the window. kind of a scary site. >> you saw that 7 p.m., no, it was no ladder. >> moves made on washington today that could get thousands back to work. including some here in the bay area. we'll have a live report up next. plus, a flaw in the parole system. one district attorney says yes. that's why a sheriff's department he think lost his life. for your laters news, traffic and we r seon
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>> live look at the big board this morning. we're looking at how the markets are going to react to of course the big drop in the numbers yesterday, new unemployment numbers out this morning. we're monitoring it all for you. it's 5:42. we shoulds learn today when some 74,000 transportation and construction workers will get back to work. tracie potts joins us live with a look at the new deal that could stop the faa shutout. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning everyone. california had $37 million worth of airport construction projects riding on this including a grant application, $7 million, at sfo, something that was basically in limbo until congress worked this out. they went home after dealing with the debt, without dealing with the faa budget.
5:43 am
as a result the 74,000 airport construction workers and faa workers were going to be left for a month without a paycheck. congress is gone but the leaders worked it out. in about an hour they are going to reopen the senate briefly so they can do this quickly by unanimous consent. essentially extending funding through september 16 until they come back and deal with the issue. the issues are republicans don't want to see $16.5 million in government subsidies going to about a dozen small airports. democrats want to take out language they say would make it hard for airport workers to unionize. at this point we had been losing $30 million a day in airport taxes. the airline collected the money, just by raising fees but now they will give some of that money back. >> thank you very much. it's 5:43 now. new images of the two men possibly linked to two murders in east palo alto. take a look. police want to talk to
5:44 am
24-year-old fidel silva and 19-year-old jaime cardenas, in connection to the murders of catherine fisher and hugo chavez. fisher from menlo park was gunned down on july 30, while she was in a car. 26-year-old chavez was killed six days later. police say they received tips that point to cardenas and silva as suspects. a third man christian fuentes was picked up for a parole violation. they are named in two armed robberies and a shooting in grand junction, colorado. they are considered armed and dangerous. >> a flaw in the parole system could be the reason a marin county deputy lost his life. the district attorney says the court did not know that thomas had a history of making threats f. they did he may not have been freed on probation for drug charges. a month after his last court date he shot and killed deputy
5:45 am
jim mathison during a confrontation at the home of hallerin's ex-girlfriend. they didn't review documents including restraining orders from his ex-wife and girlfriend. investigators did not turn over the documents because they didn't seem relevant to the drug charges. >> 5:45 now. friends and family will say final farewell today to a man some dubbed as san francisco's bad santa. an irish wake at lefty o'doole's for 69-year-old john thome found dead in his hotel room last week. he was a long time santa at macy's union square before making headlines when he was fired for telling racy jokes to adult shoppers. lefty o'doole's hired him. above will be a banner that reads "santa john's gone to the
5:46 am
north pole." if you're looking for something fun to do going to the festival of the arts may be the ticket. the largest arts and wine festival in california will be in fremont on saturday and sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. while there make sure to come by and say hi to christina loren and mike inouye. they will be at the pavilion from noon until 3:00. hopefully the weather will cooperate. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> you could not have planned better weather for the fremont festival. it's august, we have comfortable weather that we traditionally see in the springtime across the bay area. that lovely weather holds up all weekend long. watch out for a little coastal drizzle this morning. we actually have a lot of really dense fog out there. you're going to encounter that in the north bay and the peninsula, half moon bay and daly city socked in.
5:47 am
high pressure is going to warm us up a tad into next week. slightly warmer weather, temperatures in mid-80s, even the warmest points as we head through next week. we're not going to see those 90s back on the map for at least the next 10 to 15 days. really mild weather around here. the good news is it's consistent. we had so many extremes over the year it's nice to get fair weather that lasts. 55 in novato, 55 san francisco. waking up in oakland by noon 68 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. the breeze will pick up between noon and 4:00 p.m. breezy conditions. 4:00 p.m., 72 comfortable degrees. this is what we're looking at. 79 fremont, 79 in san jose, and 66 degrees in san francisco. if you are headed to the giants game as they take on the phillies, 7:00 p.m., 61 degrees, bring a jacket as you make your way home, 59 degrees. foggy conditions at 9:00 p.m. here it is, your weekend outlook. 81 degrees saturday, looking
5:48 am
good on sunday. temperatures looking really good. we'll get the seven-day for you coming up. >> you mentioned the giants. they need to get their bats going if they are going to stay ahead in the race. shutting out san francisco last night, lee pitched a complete game allowing seven hits but no runs. phillies won 3-0. two teams play again tonight at 7:15 at at&t park. >> the a's were off yesterday. they are in tampa bay today. game time 4:10. tiger woods will be back on the course in akron, ohio, trying to make his first cut in three months. woods is two under after the first big round of the bridge stone invitational. six back from the leader adam scott. scott's new caddie is woods' former caddie. he fired williams after nearly ten years together. this is tiger's first time playing pro golf since he walked out of the player's championship
5:49 am
with leg problems. 5:48. we're following the market this morning and their reaction to the jobless numbers. former governor arnold schwarzenegger making a rare public appearance since the news of his infidelity broke. we'll show you where he was, what he had to say coming up. >> we're not going to forget it's friday. coming up an iphone charger. really. >> looking at -- look, my maps are not going well on your screen. i'll show you what traffic is looking like. it's moving better than what you're looking at. either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep. [ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer.
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>> welcome back everyone. live look outside at the golden gate bridge. looks like traffic's picking up a little bit. you can see the haze in the air
5:52 am
as well. possibly working out there-morning. we'll check the forecast in a bit. it is august already and means college students getting ready to crack open books. but, do bay area universities top forbes's list of thecc1: colleges in the country? if they are enrolled at stanford the answer is yes. coming in at number 5 on the list of america's best colleges. comes in just behind amhurst college in massachusetts. as for the top three, united states military academy in new york, comes in third, second, princeton in new jersey, and in first place, williams college, also in massachusetts. it will cost you to be number one. annual tuition at williams, more than $54,000 a year. all right. let's see the we're saving time on the morning commute. let's check in with mike. >> trying to save you time. try to cut you a break if i can. at least in the south bay, we're
5:53 am
looking nice. and a smooth flow, the construction at 101 around tully may last until 7:00. you might see slowing between 6:30 and 7:00. we'll keep our eyes on that. the construction continues here. thatcc1: hov lane, i don't know if it's a fly over or the lane under 378. one of those will have construction going on until somecc1: into find milpitas, about with 9:00 we'll see a little slowing there. the earlier issue, the disabled vehicle, moved to the shoulder. that traffic break didn't cause issues for the flow. fremont into newark, that's good news. on the shoulder stay clear. the left if youcc1: it's a light volume. we'll look at sunol, 680, smooth through this area, southbound with the il taillights around the bend. low clouds around the top of the hill. southbound side, smooth drive yesterday, we'll watch today because it was tougher on
5:54 am
wednesday. then back over to livermore, as we get to the livermore valley, pass.r out of the altamont cc1: 680 the construction between elcosta and redmond. >> request for months the most we've seen of arnold schwarzenegger has been snapped in shots by the paparazzi. but now for the first time since his private life was turned upside-down he's making a public appearance. >> i'm going to run in 2012. i'm going to run for president of the national body building association. >> making a few jokes as he talks business and politics at a convention for executives of the american chamber of commerce. attendees laugh but some questioned his presence. >> people actually did not come to this event because they were upset about with that. but you know what, he's a
5:55 am
politician. and he made an awful mistake. >> the choice of having him as a speaker was prior to the news that came out about his own behavior and own personal life. >> the former governor under fire for decisions he has made in his private and public life. including fathering a child with a member of his household staff. and failing to notify the family of a stabbing victim that he reduced the sentence of esteban nunez, the son of one of his allies. yesterday a judge ruled two lawsuits could be combined. it's 5:55 now. we've been talking jobs all day long. the markets as well. scott, you have a job on fridays as well. >> i do to talk about gadget friday. we're back to the unemployment numbers, wall street at the top of the 6:00 a.m. newscast. we're not going to let a friday go by without finding something fun. this is the super hero iphone
5:56 am
charger. an iphone charger, you say. it creates a secret. it backs up your contacts and pictures every time you charge your phone. there is a memory chip inside. the thing costs $75, you say to yourself, self, doesn't my computer back up my phone every time i sync it? yes. but here's what's happening with iphone users. they are not syncing their iphones to their computers, they are using them independently. so they are not getting that sync. so every time that you sync it on your iphone charger at least your pictures and contacts, you've got it. >> that's cool. >> is there worth $75? maybe not. is this worth $75 because it has your contacts on it after you left your iphone at the airport, and your photos. it will not save your music or movies because those are apple owned but your contacts i think. >> my pictures are too. >> and your pictures. >> thank you. it is 5:56 now.
5:57 am
we're going to of course have more on the expected impact this morning on the markets. jobless numbers are out this morning. how skittish are the markets? we'll take a look. as we're keeping our eye on the big board, markets open at 6:30 our time. stick with us. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
5:58 am
out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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♪call 1-800-steemer. >> the new federal employment report is out this morning on the heels of yesterday's dow dive. how will the unemployment numbers affect the market's open coming up in about 30 minutes? we'll have live team coverage throughout the hour. >> reporter: new this morning a driver is arrested overnight in hayward after a hit and run accident in san francisco that left a 9-year-old boy


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