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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> new this morning oakland police increase patrols in east oakland after a 3-year-old child is killed in a drive-by shooting. coming up you'll hear from the police chief. i'm christie smith. i'll have the story next. >> the b.a.r.t. commute came to a grinding halt last night. will the trains be rolling this morning? mike has the details ahead. and standard & poor's says they are just the messenger. why they shouldn't be taking the heat over the dow's dip. a live look outside at the hp pavilion. it's tuesday, august 9th, this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get your forecast and christina loren, happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday to you, scott. we're looking good for today. we do have really thick fog this morning, though, up in the north bay. if you're waking up in santa rosa this morning, give yourself plenty of time before you hit the highway. pea soup up there. we've got less than a quarter mile of visibility in santa rosa. we expect more fog to develop throughout the morning. we'll cover that for you as well as where we're headed later today. i think you might like it. let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> this morning we start out with the same area that we had a lot of issues yesterday. not such a big problem, a light volume of traffic. 15 minutes westbound for your commute out of the altamont pass. we have an incident at the interchange, the dublin interchange, westbound 580, there is a busted axle in the lanes. the car attached to that, that's the problem. it's been there about 45 minutes. we expect to see that clearing shortly. that's not far from the dublin
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b.a.r.t. station. here is the video. you talked about problems yesterday. 7:30 problems with the operations center. the computer system using to monitor all of the trains for safety, there was a problem. until 10:00 we had major delays. things were moving smoothly and this morning things are on time, 20 trains on time so no delays reported right now. we seem to have everything fine on the system. >> good. mike, thank you. hopefully you're up early after a good night's sleep and not because you've been up all night checking your stock portfolios. invest terse anxious after stocks got slammed since the s&p downgrade. european stocks opened higher but germ's dax is down 5.6%. in france down 3.5%. british shares down 4.1%. in asia, most shares trimmed their losses but still ended
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lower, hong kong's hang seng down 5.7% ta 19,331. the nikkei ended 1.7% lower, 8,944. here in the united states, stocks likely poised for more falls when the market opens today. the dow jones fell 634 points yesterday, standard & poor's whose credit downgrade sparked wall street's worst day, is not taking the blame. >> the market reacts in many ways that it's sometimes not explainable. our roll is to call the risk objectively with transparency. >> all eyes on the fed which will hold a policy meeting today, that's a regularly scheduled meeting. we'll have more about that coming up in a live report from cnbc world headquarters at 4:45. abroad they are soldiers, here they are fathers and husbands and brothers, this afternoon the remains of navy s.e.a.l.s killed in a helicopter attack will arrive at dover air force base. there will be no media coverage
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of that arrival today because so far the remains are unidentifiable. 22-year-old -- 22 elite navy s.e.a.l.s killed when their helicopter was shot down in afghanistan, among them 29-year-old derek benson from the napa county town of anquin. that's him 18 photo featured by the newspaper website. after graduating from his training with the s.e.a.l.s. benson grew up, served in the navy 12 years. he leaves his wife cara and their 3-year-old son. as we told you earlier, another s.e.a.l. killed kevin houston had strong ties to the bay area. his dad and other relatives in san jose.cc1: there is his dad on the left. his family says that houston knew he wanted to be a s.e.a.l. since he was in the fifth grade. he is survived by his wife and three children. >> overnight oakland police stepped up patrols fearing more violence after a toddler was bycc1: a a stray bulletcc1: drive by shooter in broad
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daylight. christie smith is live near 65th avenue and international boulevard. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. i wanted to say on our way here we saw sheriff's patrol cars, oakland police cars, up and down the street near where the 3-year-old was shot and killed. oakland police this morning also have a mobile command unit near 65th an international. all part of an effort to beef up patrols in a shooting that affected even the most hardened neighbor here. 3-year-old carlos was with his family outside of a market on international boulevard as you said, this was in broad daylight when he was struck and killed in a drive-by shooting, the unintended victim. two adult males the intended victims were also hit but they survived. ordered steppedcc1: up patrols, day watch officers stayed over, he talked of having to look the boy's mother in the eyes and offer condolences.
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he said this is a wake-up call. >> i called the chp, i called the sheriffs and i called melinda hague who is the u.s. attorney for the area, and we need to get resources out here. >> reporter: police are working long hours, i spoke with one sheriff's deputy here this morning. he said that he's been at it since 6:00 yesterday evening. but police are saying much of the suspect and vehicle information is just way too big to release or be helpful in catching the person or people responsible. this killing is the 67th of the year so far in oakland which is an increase from last year. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. 4:36. this morning the man suspected of plowing his car into a baseball fan while driving drunk will be in court to face felony hit and run charges. police say andrew vargas seen here the night of the crash was behind the wheel of a pickup truck when he hit a 9-year-old boy, a 58-year-old woman and
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outside of ked cars cc1: at&t park after a giants game. vargas arrested an hour later. the boy ryan white is still in critical condition at san francisco general hospital, but is said to be making small improvements. white was in town from philadelphia to watch the phillies play the giants at at&t. morning closure for an east bay family who is daughter years ago.27cc1: police have made an arrest, they say the killer was a fellow student who is now 43 years old. police say 14-year-old tina fails was established to death as she walked home from school in 1984. her body found in a drainage culvert along 680. investigators today revealed the suspect was a 16-year-old fello: student who had a substantial criminal history. they say advances in dna testing helped them crack the case. >> we went back and we looked at
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evidence to have evidence that had been examined previously, be re-examined because of advances in technology and that as a result to that we submitted evidence to the fbi crime lab. and ultimately got the response from them on the dna hit. >> tina's death shocked the community, a tree stands outside the school planted in her memory. police aren't identifying the suspect until his case is moved from juvenile to adult court. when they arrested him he was in jail on an unrelated case. >> about one month before the first anniversary of the san bruno explosion and pg&e is set to start testing it's pipelines in palo alto this week. preparations should start as early as today. the project expected to last two months. the testing will not disrupt service but the city of palo alto warns residents they could smell gas as well as deal with road detours. last month the company announced conducting pressure
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water testing on gas pipelines to ensure the safety of the pipes. >> 4:38. let's check with christina and a tuesday forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. we've got a terrific looking tuesday forecast for you. especially if you like monday's forecast. more of the same today. i've bumped up a couple cities' temperatures but otherwise right on track with where we ended up yesterday afternoon. we do have a little more fog earlier this morning so watch out for that. up in the north bay this morning. less than a quarter of a mile of visibility right now in santa rosa. we're looking good up and down the peninsula, 8 miles visibility in hayward. down to 9 miles visibility down in san jose where we typically don't see that much fog this time of year. expecting more to develop as we head through the next couple of hours. also something we're watching for a little bit of drizzle right now we're not picking up anything on the radar, we'll be watching for that all morning long. our temperatures are comfortable, 55 in livermore, 57 in san jose, we're headed to
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another cool august afternoon with temps at noon in the 70s. really comfortable. 70 degrees in concord. 57 san francisco. and then we'll round out the day with 80s on the map, we didn't have that yesterday. 80 in livermore, 81 in gilroy, the big story now is we're going to warm up substantially. i've got the seven-day forecast coming up. but first, 4:40, if you have to work, that's tough. check your drive with mike. >> we got here before these folks leave. looking at the dublin interchange, 14-minute drive and relatively smooth drive. except for at the interchange, the slow lanes blocked by a car with a busted axle.cc1: the tow truck has not yet arrived. that's why they haven't cleared the lane. watch it on the approach. also, if you come to the castro valley y in toward castro valley, eastbound 580 on 580, the merge, there is a little slowing. but the hayward portion is fine.
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880 north of there, we see taillights past the coliseum. 66 up to high, lighter volume and scott, only construction north of here on the 880 to 980 transition ramp. that will be cleared before 5:30. not a big deal for folks in the area. >> thank you much. rambling not a federal offense that's what barry bonds' lawyers say in court documents aimed at clearing the home run king's name. his lawyers trying to convince a judge to throw out the obstruction of justice conviction or grant him a new trial. lawyers accuse prosecutors of grasping at straws to make the verdict stick. specifically, bonds' lawyers question the jury conclusion that bonds gave a deliberately rambling answers when asked if his trainer gave him injectable substances. a hearing set for the end of the month. >> 4:41. coming up precious metals, why the economic downgrade is spurring speculators toward a
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new gold rush in fears of a double dip recession. cc1:cc1:cc:
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>> welcome back to you. lit up at the coliseum. perhaps they are playing a game we don't know about. 4:44. when there's uncertainly around the u.s. economy investorings turn to something more stable,
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gold this morning the price of gold surging on new york. up 3.7% settling at more than $1700 an ounce. earlier in the day gold hit more than $1700 t highest ever. experts say prices may jump to $2,000 in the next few weeks. >> when you look at the risk to reward associated with the economy versus owning a piece of gold, it's overwhelmingly in favor of gold. >> gold has soared 21% in 2011, gaining for the 11th straight year. for more on the dow's dip, other news before the bell, let's turn to courtney reagan. they are going to have a bell, they decided to keep going? >> yeah, exactly, scott. it could be another wild ride. we just don't know. we were up earlier in the futures, we slipped back but now sort of climbing back up again. but yesterday was one of the worst days since the depth of
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the financial crisis of 2008. there didn't appear to be buyers on wall street yesterday. in fact, the only way that folks were trading was down. investors reacting to s&p's decision to downgrade the u.s. credit rating and fears we could be headed for another recession and increasing worries about with europe's debt crisis. all 30 dow components and every stock in the s&p 500 ended lower. financials took the brunt. bank of america stock plunged 20% yesterday. oil is below $80 a barrel for the first time since last october. and in fact, the only thing that did well were treasury bonds and gold which you mentioned hit a record. we'll get data on productivity and traders focused on the fed which holds a one-day meeting though no one expects major policy changes. the dow dropped 634 points to 10,809. that's the worst point drop since december '08. the nasdaq lost 174 points to
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2357. monday's market meltdown is testing the patience of individual investors. many trying to move money around. in fact, mutual fund giant van guard says the volume of calls was 40% higher than normal. e-trade reported a record number of trades placed by folks using mobile devices that simply could not wait to get to a computer. >> courtney, thank you. some members of the san francisco giants say they are hooked on a bad habit so turning to hypnosis to break it. it may not improve their batting averages or their rbi totals, it could improve their health. our own jean elle has more. >> under the eye of bruce bochy the giants defend the team's first world championship. the ballpark is home for bochy but for the last 35 years it triggered a dangerous habit. >> once i walk to the ballpark
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that was the first thing. >> like many he was hooked on chewing tobacco. >> i've been trying to stop the dipping. i know it's a bad habit and it's not a good example either. >> reporter: while he struggled catcher bill hayes went for a change-up. >> could be the best $300 i spent. >> reporter: he paid a hypnotist in scottsdale, arizona, $300 for treatment he says knocked his habit of 40 years out of the park. he hasn't dipped since january. in april, bochy asked about the secret weapon. >> i think right before we went to arizona he had asked me if i still had her card. >> reporter: bochy took a break. >> pretty amazing, really. and i just remember being in the chair for about three hours but i didn't realize how long i was in there. she asked me, goes how long you think you've been sitting there. i said a half hour. she said you've been in there almost three hours. >> four months later he says
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it's a home run. >> i'm surprised i don't have a craving for it. still have that urge and i haven't had it even though i see it. >> reporter: the pitcher jeremy pleased but is skeptical. >> not my gig, you know. i like to keep control of my own thoughts. i'm not going to give it over. some guys they need to whatever to work for cc1: >> reporter: at the ballpark, bochy seems to know what works. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> christina joins us. i should point out while the skipper was talking you heard the national anthem, that was a practice. that was a rehearsal. there is no way he would have stopped and listened to the national anthem. >> the skipper can do no wrong. you're right about that. good morning to you. we have some fog out there this morning. could interrupt your commute. cc1: give yourself extra time with us.e waking upcc1: 9 miles visibility. in the south bay this morning san jose even dropping.
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i had to drive through patches of fog. watch out for that. looking pretty good, though, along the peninsula. this is where we're noticing to 1:visibilities startingcc drop, santa rosa, napa, you'll find pockets of fog. so take it easy. we have more fog to contend with this morning than yesterday. in some cities along the coast cooler.going to be muchcc1: in at this, 46 degreescc1: novato. a1: r this afternoon ascc result. incc1: san francisco, 53 in san mateo, we're going to see more sunshine in places like concord today. the micro climates kicking in. you'll ,cc1:ndcc 80-degree mark.cc1: by the coast it's a cool, cloudy day. 61 at noon. sunnyvale. throughout this afternoon, 4:00 p.m. when the highs come in, comfortable conditions, 77 in redwood city, 80 in los gatos. things start to change as high pressure finally builds in. this is typical for this time of
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year. we see this strong ridge set up. you can see this arc up and around the ridge. going to warm us up. by l get up to about 86cc1: friday, down to 82 on saturday. a short-lived warm-up. and still just our seasonal averages, nothing above 90 degrees. zlxt thank you much. coming up the empire strik ballpark. why brian wilson is the new hans solo.cc1: cc1:cc1: [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice.
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>> welcome back to you. 4:43. you think you have technology look at our work. two mencc1:a sued by over a gay slur in a photograph. the men say the picture was taken of them while they were on a roller coaster and it showed holding hands. the men did that buy that photo but a short time later friends on to, they ccsay,1: another ride counter only this time a gay slur written above their heads. the the men filed the lawsuit. the incident allegedly happened in 2008. lawyers tell the "san francisco chronicle" the men tried to deal with the park from the git-go but at some point great america stopped cooperating. no comment from great america this morning. >> let's check in with jon kelley in the newsroom for a look at what's ahead. good morning, jon.cc1: >> good morning. 500 points friday, 600 monday. the question is what will happen on wall street synod we're following the news and the overnight news and will be there
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live when the markets open. we'll tell you where a number of silicon valley companies stand with their pendinging ipos. and following oakland police as a y step up patrols aftercc1: shooting of a 3-year-old boy. we'll have an update from the command center. plus, the violence spreads in london. pg&e prepares to test gas lines. a swimmer cuts her trek short. i'm bummed. lots going on. we'll see you in a few. >> sounds good. let's continue coverage of all things brian wilson. the giants closer known for forcing hitters out in the ninth inning now is going to use the force. september 4 is going to be star wars day at at&t park and who needs a bobble head doll when ou can get brian wilson incc1: carbonite. and there is solocc1: brian wilson doing his signature whatever it is he does thing. the post-save celebration pose.
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there it is. a costume contest, a post-game screening of empire strikes back. standing room tickets are still available. so there you go. it's going to be super cool. >> i would not have called him for hans solo. more wookie. still i like it. i love that carbonite reference. good stuff. to the roadways, scott, first of all let me call this system here of roadways, also there is a system of rails. the b.a.r.t. system. yesterday a huge problem, this morning it's running on time. we'll continue to update that. ut the trains are running forc: b.a.r.t. the roadways still have maintenance so northbound 880 to east bound, oakland also to the lower deck out of the city. you see the green indicators close to the limit. there was slowing on the golden gate bridge. a quick look shows you glowing lights across the span. the golden gate bridge not experiencing problems but santa rosa north with a quarter mile of visibility, that's pretty low for drivers.
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get over a mile and it's okay. but a quarter mile will affect your drive through the north bay in many spots including san rafael. watch for patches through marin county as well. >> coming up the bay area housing market not faring much better than the stock market. why more of your neighbors are under water. lost at sea. a family looking for help and closure months after a ship wreck off of the baja coast. cc1: :
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>> reporter: new this morning, oakland police increase their patrols in east oakland after a 3-year-old child was hit and killed in a drive-by shooting. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story plus you'll hear from the police chief coming up in a live report. >> reporter: and silicon valley companies that recently went public are feeling the pain this morning, so are their


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