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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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developing news out the east bay police on the scene of a smash and grab burglary. take a look at this video before 3:00 this morning, a burglar drove through the front glass window of blue devil's hall in concord. burglars grabbed an atm machine and took off. no one inside at the time. we have a crew head to the scene. we'll bring you a live report as soon as they get there. and the wife of a man who was brutally shot while feeding the homeless speaks out. what she wants to be done. also the high price of gold means a rush to local pawn
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shots. i'm marla tellez, live in san jose with that story coming up. how long will that lousy economy last? probably until 2013 says the fed. how washington made history ahead on business. a live look outside, the sun starting to peek out. a beautiful blue. wednesday, hump day, august 10th, "today in the bay." >> nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it's 6:01 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning, everybody. i'm john kelly. let's get your day started with a check on the weather and meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning, guys. thick fog especially in marin county, visibility starting to fall. if you are sick of waking up with cloudy, cool conditions at the coast, i've got a warm-up in the forecast. we'll tell you about that coming up. first let's get to you work on time. 6:01. is it getting busy out there,
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mike? >> it is. it's getting a little better, i guess. a look at the one lane open side, south 101 whipple, full closure southbound side because of an accident involving an overturned truck, emergency crews on scene. we'll get the updates and i'll let you know if they open another lane in the next few minutes, at least 30 minutes. >> could affect. new a brazen burglary early this morning at a bingo hall in concord all caught on surveillance video. wait um you see these pictures. "today in the bay's" christie smith is there live right now. a lot of destruction there? how do they do it? >> well, you know, remember that movie "gone in sixty seconds" about how people steal cars. that's how long it took two men in a pickup truck to crash into this bingo hall here in concord and steal an atm machine. they took two passes to get
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right through the door here. second pass knocked the machine over, and they took it. with me here brett, the operations manager here. what happened? you guys actually caught this on your surveillance tape. >> fortunately we had cameras that watched the whole thing. we saw the people come up to the front door. they sort of looked inside and saw no one was here. they rammed the back of the pickup into the building twice the second time knocking the atm over. they picked it up, threw it in the back and took off. they were in and out in 60 seconds. >> that's incredible. this is a bingo hall that operates for nonprofits. >> yes. you can only do bingo if you're a nonprofit. we have four nonprofit organizations that i don't the bingo operation to support various causes. quickly, do you know anything about these guys? what do they look like, information about the truck? >> a blue pickup truck, probably a ford, front and rear seat,
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license plated looked like it started with 5k, two white males, 40ish, heavy set. one wearing a stocking cap. that's about all i could tell. >> you've got cleanup going on. he's actually saying they are hoping to be open tonight for more bingo. there you have it. reporteding live in concord, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. >> can't stop the bingo. markets open on wall street in less than an hour and a half. we suggest you brace for another wild ride. a live look at the big board. s&p futures down indicating a lower opening. over in europe stocks on the rebound but trading is volatile. london financial times up 1% in midday training. asian stocks posted 429 point gain after american federal open markets committee pledged to keep interest rates near 0 for the next two years. the main things across the asian
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market saw gains with hong kong, hang seng up more than 3%. >> one asset that is certainly doing well in this uncertain market is gold. we've seen it for a while now. price of gold closed at a near record high, more than 1700 an ounce. it's predicted gold will reach $2,000 an ounce by year's end if not sooner. this has pawn shops bracing for more business. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in downtown san jose with more on the story. good morning. >> good morning, laura. the owner of r & j jewelry and loan and pawn shop on south 1st street says already about 15% of her customers are bringing in gold. believe it or not it's not all that great for business. i'll explain that in a moment. owner january snyder with record prices for gold, more people scrounging to find what they
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can. often a losing battle. >> bring in just bags of things that are costume jewelry and there's no gold in it. >> reporter: now, when we visited the store we met a man who is out of work and literally relies on this shop to make ends meet. he already sold his gold chain. in fact, as he puts it, he's getting arrived his gold to make some green. >> the pawn shop really has been taking care of me over the last couple of months. i got laid off from my job, so the pawn shop takes care of you. >> reporter: now, the owner explains that while the spike in gold bring in more sellers, doesn't bring in more buyers, not good for business. coming up at 6:30 if you're talking about selling your fine gold jewelry, we'll tell you how to avoid getting scammed. >> thank you very much. we're happy to report the young baseball fan struck by a
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hit-and-run driver is kbroopg. upgraded ryan from critical to serious condition. he was visiting the city to watch phillies play the giants at at&t park last thursday. as he was leaving the game the 9-year-old was struck by a hit-and-run driver. in a statement released, his family says, in a matter of days, he has gone from giving a thumbs-up or thumbs down response to speaking in sentences for the first time this morning. meantime the hayworth man charged, andrew vargas will appear in court thursday. the wife of an east bay man known for helping the homeless says she will continue his work. lolita powell made the promise during a memorial service last night. he was better than known as brother john. gunned down in oakland in a drive by shooting. he was out with his wife and two children feeding the homeless. lolita thinks it's a case of
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mistaken identity. police still looking for suspects. >> sad on that. hopefully change the tone with our, christina loren. >> i've been the bearer of great news for the past two weeks and the good news keeps on coming. temperatures much cooler in seasonal averages again, august 10th, feels more like springtime. see from this live look at san jose, starting to lose visibility. not bad right there at the surface but we are starting to see a little fog creep in all across the bay area. we're noticing numbers start to fall when it comes to visibility how far you can see, three miles now in novato. watch out for thick fog in marin county, santa rosa, that will be the case the next several hours. then the sun will shine through, warms up that layer of fog. that's why we call it burning off, see it dissipate top to bottom. 48 in novato, chilly out there this morning, might want to grand prix a jacket. 59 in san francisco.
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temperatures comfortable in land at noon. still chilly if you live around the water. round out the day, 82. warmer for you, we'll talk about that and your seven-day coming up as well. 6:08 if you have to get out the front door mike is here to help you out. >> we'll calm you down heading down the peninsula, much better news from chp. we have accidents 101 at whipple avenue. the latest update three lanes open, one closed. see a slowing approaching the whipple avenue off-ramp towards redwood city expect that for the next 20 minutes as things sort themselves out. northbound direction all close to the limb, 237 in matilda, off-ramp cleared, better news coming through sunnyvale, this area slowing over the next 15 to 20 minutes. 101 north heading to 680 interchange. new accident 880 and industrial, a couple of lanes blocked. we'll track that carefully out
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of hayworth back to you. >> time is 6:09. thinking of stepping into the batter's box against the freak? a chance to prove it. tim lincecum challenging fans to a video competition. to enter capture yourself doing your best impression of lincecum's famous windup. not easy i'm sure. if you win you'll get a chance to hit off lincecum during spring training next year. you might think of batting practice because no chance to get a hit. >> only thing in common is crazy hair. >> yeah. >> you're not supposed to agree. >> similar but yours is much more luxurious and beautiful. >> yeah, we'll go to break. 6:10 a murder-for-hire plot lands a vallejo woman in jail. >> despite the best efforts california state university students may soon see another tuition hike. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live
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high above the south bay, a beautiful sunrise this morning. this wednesday morning here at the observatory to talk about a celestial discovery that's been classified as potentially hazardous to us earthlinearthli we'll have the story coming up. so the jury has rendered its verdict -- guilty. [ cheers and applause ] i'm here with the defendant. sir, the plaintiff claims she changed her travel plans, paid the difference in airfare, but you added a 150-dollar change fee. oh, boo hoo. who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? me. well, she says she's going to fly southwest next time because they don't do that. they love customers, i love cash. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline
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that never charges change fees.
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good morning to you. it's 6:13 right now. this morning a bay area scientist is tracking a comet. there is a chance it may be headed to earth. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in the observatory at mount hamilton with more. good morning. >> reporter: as long as it's not this weekend, i have big plans. next week, be fine. good morning to you, laura, we're here atop mount hamilton. nasa knows of 60 meteor showers streaming across the night sky. they believe there's 300 more out there.
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they started this project within the last year where they have got three video camera stations like this one scanning the skies over northern california looking for showers. i want to show you this image. this is an image they discovered february 4th of this year. what they found, a streak across the sky, six streaks that night, clustered so tightly together they indicated them. it was the trail dust of previously unknown comet that has now been classified as potentially hazardous. the doctor made the discovery and we know it's potentially hazardous even though we haven't seen the comet itself. why? >> we know because this shower is so tightly clustered the dust still moving in the path of the comet. if dust can hit us, so can the comet. >> it would be a large comet. >> it would be a significant comet to have left a dust trail we can pick up. >> brian grigsby, an astronomer with the observatory, you've been tasked with finding the
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comet itself, which sounds monumentally to find a comet in the night sky. is this doable? can you do this? >> fortunately we have 120 years of photographic evidence to look at, 100,000 photographic plates or so. >> do you think this comet will hit earth? is there any way of knowing even though we don't know exactly where it is? >> no, not until we find an image of it. >> we still have a few years at least? what are our odds of something coming and hitting us. >> odds are extremely low, extremely low. it's really unlikely. an interesting comet that could come close is the one that creates the perseid meteor showers. it has come close to the earth. >> doctor, thank you very much. brian, likewise. perseid peeking saturday morning, nasa with a live web shot. something you can see with the
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naked eye. we saw some early this morning before the sun rose. >> look at you, bringing us the news. >> he does it all. >> shooting star that bob redell. >> shooting star, shooting weather. >> nothing too far out in the weather department. this morning we're actually looking really comfortable. go ahead and take a live look at san francisco. we told you it was going to arrive. that marine layer has now pushed inland. it's not that deep. that means it will clear faster and warm up quicker, warmer this afternoon in places like san francisco. bumped your daytime high up to 69 degrees. today 70 for you in oakland. i think as we head through the next couple of hours this fog will get worse before it gets better. completely clear. by 11:00 a.m. take a look at this, though, down to a mile and a half of visibility up in novato now. that, too, is the coldest city at 49. might want to bring a jacket. something good we have to look forward to in the next few days
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good air quality, on-shore flow tends to keep atmosphere nice and clean whereas big domes of air pressure, sinking air quality, we haven't had the pattern. 53 in san mateo, 53 sunnyvale, 57 in san jose as you break for lunch really comfortable inland, 75 in livermore. kind of cool in san francisco. might want to bring a lunch there. hey, when you make your way home, 6 in the city by the bay. 79 for fremont and 81 in gilroy. high pressure is going to warm us up as we get closer to the weekend especially on friday, you have those 90s are back in the rm whattest cities across the bay. that means 70s for you at the coast. comfort annual weather, 73 on saturday, 71 on sunday. let's check your drive with mike. >> going to be great at the beach, watch highway 17 obviously. right now watching 101 right here, though, because of the earlier accident blocking all lanes now. only one lane blocked, still blocked. you see slowing southbound 101 as you're approaching whipple
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avenue. whipple offense on the peninsula off 101 and 280. on the bridge, a live look in the area, we see that haze affecting visibility, capital really make out the peninsula, hard to see the high-rise. that will be an issue over the water. you can see the roadway a boo good distance in front of you. for safety's sake lower the speed. on the other side of san mateo bridge we talked about whipple avenue, on the other side whipple road is where the accident happened in 880. on the east bay. a little confusing. this one completely cleared from the roadway. off 880 and interchange, castro valley looking good as well. no other issues other than this one on the peninsula side. bay bridge toll plaza, back-up forming here. fasttrack a big advantage, a new accident in livermore 5080 update coming up. >> thanks a lot, mike. time is 6:18. a vallejo woman accused of hiring someone to kill her ex-boyfriend's new lover.
6:19 am
36-year-old hired a teenager to shoot the woman in may. that failed and she allegedly tried to kill the woman later. another charged in the plot. mdaid and her boyfriend involved in a custody battle over their 2-year-old daughter at the time. just a month since the budget and we're already in the hole. state controller john chang says california is $539 million below projections. that puts us a step closer to automatic cuts. if they fall below expectations the cuts will kick in. chain says income taxes were up last month but sales and corporate taxes were down drastically. >> time right now is 6:19. coming up, how can you help a family with bay area fishermen lost at see. coming up. the new high that saw the buzz on social networking site.
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what one bay area is trying to do to stop teens before they start. the fed sets a date for economic recovery and it's really far away. >> live look outside oakland coliseum pretty barren right now but weather and sun coming up. we'leck utff gwitht. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate,
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6:22 right now. a designer drug that caused
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problems on the east coast showing up in the bay area. bath salts that go by names like cloud nine and eight balls are spiked with synthetic drugs that police say can give people a cocaine like high if they snort it or smoke it. that high turns violent. they are issuing an alert after seeing an advertisement on facebook. the drugs are legal. police hope educating shop owners will convince them not to sell those drugs. there are no state or federal laws banning the drugs. the family of seven missing bay area fishermen are working to find rerains of their loved ones. family and supporters gathered at pizza chicago last night. they are hoping to raise money to fund a private search and dive mission to try to find their loved ones. they disappeared after their boat capsized in the sea of cortez over fourth of july week. the men were on an annual fishing trip with friends when that disaster at sea happened.
6:24 am
>> even if you don't have a connection to the families, it's just, think about if it was a member of your family and what would happen, what you'd like to see done. it's just a great cause, a small project to help out. >> 35 men survived the accident. the fund-raiser at pizza chicago will continue through tauomorro. the restaurant will donate 25% to help the dive team. >> sounds like scott mcgrew hustling today, feds say they will keep the interest rates low to spark the economy. scott, tell us about that. >> the really interesting thing about what the fed said is how long our lousy economy is going to last. 2013, the fed open markets committee announced it would keep interest rates low. that surprised absolutely no one. kids in high school economics class could handle that decision. what shocker is, what the fed was doing doing a specific time
6:25 am
line. the best in washington think our suffering will last until at least the summer of 2013 by their best guess. the feds have never given a specific time line ever before. what does that mean for mortgage rates? so far not much of anything. mortgage rates had fallen to their lowest level of the year before the fed made its announcement. the announcement did have a strong effect on the stock market as you saw. so what's the downside to all of this? two things. first any time you ease monetary policy you run the risk of inflation. not a problem so far. the inflation could come very suddenly, very powerfully before anyone knows what happened. secondly, cheaper dallas mean higher gas prices. they should say low as long as the economy is weakened. but if the economy begins to strengthen, the price of the dollar is so cheap we should see gas rise because you buy oil in
6:26 am
dollars. >> a lot of fear and uncertainty. >> lots. >> back to you. >> we're watching the markets, ready to open five minutes away, already been a volatile week. i don't have to tell you that. see how things are looking for today coming up. a tale of two silicon companies, the economy having different effects on the big bay area businesses. if you've been waiting on warmer weather to hit the beach or jump in the pool, might get your chance this weekend. your forecast on the way. updates on the accident i told you about. very busy wednesday commute coming up. your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at ♪
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♪ [ female announcer ] because you never stop improving your recipe... we never stop improving ours. we've added a touch of philly cream cheese to kraft natural shredded cheese, which adds a touch of creamy to any dish. kraft touch of philly shredded cheese. we're not just making great cheese. we're taking it further. ♪ new this morning, live look at the floor of the stock exchange this morning. opening bell about to ring. we'll have the latest on the up and down markets coming up. >> and before you rush to sell
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your gold, what you need to know to avoid getting scammed. good morning, i'm marla tellez, live in san jose with that story coming up. >> and they are barely teenagers but already running with the monsters of rock. how a bunch of bay area kids became the opening act for motley crue. >> taking a live look outside, maybe be here at the hp pavilion, august 10th this is "today in the bay." good morning and thanks so much for joining us. 6:29, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm john kelljon kelly. >> we're still wearing sweaters in august. temperatures are chilly, you'll notice a difference, 5 degrees cooler from yesterday, fog out there, thick in marin county. talk about a warm-up on the way and complete forecast.
6:30 am
first 6:29, let's get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> reporter: busy but better for the interchange. the accident has cleared. show you that in the next report. update of concern the peninsula sig alert just canceled seconds ago. all lanes reopened southbound 101 but still slow approaching whipple avenue after an earlier accident caused slowing from san mateo. >> thanks a lot, mike. the man accused of killing a pleasanton teenager 27 years ago will face a judge today. steven carlson is expected in juvenile court. that's because when this crime was committed everybody involved was a minor. carlson is now 43. he was arrested on suspicion of killing 14-year-old girl on the way home from foothills high in 1984. she was 16 at the time. carlson's father defended his son. he said while he was creepy as a teen, he was not a killer.
6:31 am
pleasanton made a surprise announcement on an arrest in this case after new evidence was submitted for dna testing. all eyes on the markets again this morning. they were up yesterday, down the day before. are you in it for the long hall? let's take a live look at the big board right now. we're opening down, dow industrials down 137 right now. opening bell rang a minute ago. obviously early, early trading. economy has different effects on bay area companies. headquartered a few miles away. this is tech reporter scott mcgrew in the newsroom with a tale of two silicon valley companies. good morning. >> good morning. yesterday's jump on the market was very good to cupertino. for a brief moment there it was home to the most valuable company in the world. apple beat out exxonmobil as the company with the world's biggest market capitalization north of $348 billion. you mentioned the tale of two companies. indeed this will beat the dickens out of you yahoo!'s
6:32 am
overall value falling 91% since its all time highs. chronicle points out yahoo!'s investment in asia are worth more than yahoo! itself. you can buy the company for $14 billion and just get the u.s. yahoo! for free. let's go back to the apple news. the viewer asked me, in the world, are you sure? it does depend how you look at it, state owned oil companies in saudi arabia, mexico, much bigger, separating those numbers out of the value of the company itself is impossible. so as a freestanding company, for a minute there apple was the most valuable company. >> taking quite a big bite. thank you very much. the gold rush is officially on. since the price of gold hit record levels some jewelry stores and pawn shops already seeing a 30% increase in foot traffic. to put this in perspective, a gold chain that may have been gone for $2,000 three years ago may bring in four grand today.
6:33 am
"today in the bay" marla tellez more on this trend. >> good morning, john, r & j loan in downtown san jose, also a pawn shop that's been here almost 35 years, the owner says they have seen this spike in gold happen b they say it brings in more sellers but also bring out the scammers. the owner tells me they buy anything that has resell value. in this down economy people are desperate. about 50% of customers already bringing in their gold here. others they have sold their laptops, tvs, even instruments to make some extra cash. we spoke to a repeat customer who has already pawned his gold chain. yesterday he brought in a bike. >> money was tight right now. i was seeing if i could sell it or maybe pawn it. the owner says with the price of gold edging closer to $2,000 an
6:34 am
ounce, more customers are getting scammed by illegitimate businesses. >> they don't use scales certified by the county of santa clara, they are not licensed, adopt follow the laws. >> reporter: she says the number one thing you should be aware of is that the business should be licensed by the state of california not just the city. now, laura, also the trend toward gold often means an increase in property crime. so it's always a good idea to make sure your jewelry is safely and securely stored. >> thank you very much, marla. it is 6:34. tonight the redwood city school board will consider changing its policies for school sponsored trips. it stems from the sexual assaults of two seventh grade girls by three boys during a park outing in march. the attack involved students from john f. kennedy middle school. it happened in a secluded area
6:35 am
of the park. the boys admitted to the sexual assault of the girls. tonight the board plans to discuss ways to improve student safety on school trips. john baker says the board will more likely discuss having more adults on hand to supervise those field trips. >> feel a little bit of the heat rising up around us. christina here to tell us -- exactly, she's smoking hot. >> good morning to you. yeah, we're looking really good this morning. he's a smart man, isn't he? temperatures are comfortable. we're starting to see that visibility come up a little bit in novato. we are three miles, at a mile and a half 15 minutes ago. numbers are coming in and out. that means patchy fog drifting around the bay area. wherever you're headed, take it easy out there. you probably know how to drive through fog if you live here. 53 in san mateo, 54 in san francisco, 51 in santa rosa, a little chillier this morning than we were this time yesterday. we've got a giants game in town,
6:36 am
a day game. if you're one of the lucky thousands of people headed to at&t park it's going to be comfort ab today. 65 nice and clear at 2:00 p.m. hopefully after a big giants win at 3:00 p.m., 66 degrees as you make your way home from the yard. elsewhere temperatures are going to be warm and a few more 80s on the map, 82 livermore, 77 redwoodty and comfortable 79 degrees in san jose. we keep on climbing in temperature. your seven-day outlook in moments. right now 7:36, let's see what's happening on the road with mike. >> a lot. a lot is happening, and a lot is clearing. congestion not clearing, 21 minute drive out of altamont pass. this accident clear on the dublin interchange, not one but two, hacienda and doherty but they quickly cleared. building from 580 out of the altamont pass towards livermore clearing by dublin. castro valley looks really nice.
6:37 am
accident northbound 880 at whipple road that has cleared but activity on the shoulder, on one side of the bridge. whipple avenue, open there. both whipples on both sides cleared. volume picking up now as the 6:30 half hour passed. the south bay looking good. look at that. slowing through the zone, kickoff for the south bay. 101 tully, past downtown, 880 interchange. a look at the toll plaza. forget about that, metering lights turned on a few minutes ago and that's a kickoff for all approaching the toll plaza. >> thank you very much. they are not your typical garage band. look at them go, haunted by heroes is the band. they came up with a band name to
6:38 am
honor must situations like jimi hendrix. they are going to rock their way to the same stage as motley crue. if you want to see them in the bay area, their next performance is august 31th at broadway studios in san francisco as a fund-raiser for bryan stow. >> they have the hair, the news. >> ten and 11. >> 6:38 as we continue to watch markets trading just under way. i think the markets are making my head do that. >> a lot of folks, too. coming up a live report from washington as well and what the u.s. government is trying to do to stabilize the economy, to try to get things back on track. >> reporter: i'm bob redell, taking to the observatory where bay area astronomers have discovered a killer comet, now could it be coming to earth?t i. that story coming up.
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6:41, get ready for another wild ride on wall street. take a look at the big board. the markets dipped even more. dow industrial average 236 down. the dow bounced back monday and bounced part of the way back yesterday. due in part to the federal reserve's promise to keep interest rates low the next couple of years.
6:42 am
"today in the bay" tracie potts live in washington. some say the moved is good news for congress. good morning, tracie. >> laura, good morning. good morning, everyone. let's talk about what the fed did and why, what impact it's going to have. they decided to keep the key federal funds rate what the government uses to lend money to banks. the overnight rate through at least 2013. unusual for the fed to put the date on it but they did. this gives congress and the white house, washington two more years to try to get this economy moving. that's really sort of the key here. it looks like they think things are going to be sluggish. as they said in coming quarters at least getting slower in the coming year. the federal reserve saying it looks like growth has been considerably slower than they expected, there's been a deterioration of the labor market and spending on top of that, even though businesses are investing and expanding, they felt they needed to do something to jump-start that even more. what they did not do was
6:43 am
announce what they had done twice before, they are buying a treasury note. that produced uncertainty in the market. you're seeing that now as we just begin to look at the opening bell 12 minutes ago. now we see the market beginning to plunge today. >> we're going to keep watching it as we call it early trading at least right now. thank you very much, tracie. >> the time is 6:43. thousands of extra police officers on the streets in london this morning and other cities in britain where rioters hit. police ransacking stores, torching cars, attacking police in manchester, birmingham and midlands. all begin in london sunday night when a peaceful protest over the deadly shooting of a civilian became violent. the clash evolved into general lawlessness in london. so far police have arrested 1200 people, more than 100 police officers hurt as well as at least 14 citizens. 6:43 right now. coming up a former san francisco mayor says he will not support
6:44 am
ed lee in the november election. that's despite the fact he's one of lee's biggest supporters back in january. >> reporter: it doesn't get much bolder than this. overnight thieves smashed through the front door of a bingo hall in the east bay. i'm christie smith, i'll tell you what they get away with coming up in a live report. >> continue to lookt t rkmaet a day after extremely discouraging news from the fed. gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car
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welcome back everyone. a good wednesday morning to you. i don't know if this makes you want to get out of bed or pull the sheets over your head. a live look at the big board, dow industrial average down 256 points. it is 6:46. >> time to check on weather.
6:47 am
stocks going down but weather forecast going up. >> more importantly staying consistent. can you count on it. another gorgeous day already shaping up that way in the city of san jose. taking a live look taking you out the front door. a look out the front window will do it for you. temperatures here chilly this morning, 56 degrees in the city of san jose. but the most important thing to note about this live picture is that we're not seeing as deep of a marine layer. therefore it's not as cloudy to start you out. we're going to see a comfortable afternoon as a result. temperatures right now ranging from the upper 50s to low 60s. on-shore flow firmly in control of the weather pattern. two areas of low pressure, one pacific northwest, another one out in the eastern pacific nudging closer to us. that's pushing in that marine layer. that's been the case for the past few days. we do have changes on the way as wegs closer to the weekend. 56 in hayworth, sunnyvale, 55 in santa cruz right now. cloud cover start to clear the
6:48 am
coast between 11:00 and 12:00. not going to wait as long for sunshine, 86 in los gatos, 79 in san jose. as we head through the next few days high pressure builds in. this will warm us up thursday and friday, in particular warm weather inland, some 90s across the bay. you know what that means at the coast, gorgeous 70. 73 on saturday, comfortable weekend to hit the beach. mike, what would you tell me first? >> wear the seat belt -- aside from safety stuff, looking over here, slowing through baypoint. highway 4 that's what i want to warn you about in concord 242 showing slowdowns heavier than expected for wednesday, heavier than i thought. yesterday's traffic and slowing through antioch, pittsburgh and baypoint late in the commute that volume of traffic was not unexpected.
6:49 am
nice drive off the walnut creek interchange and approaching bay bridge toll plaza. through the caldecott tunnel, slow drive, metering lights on backups at the toll plaza down along the brooklyn curve. giants game mid day. that means there will be crowds at the toll plaza all morning long and getting out of the city, remember, after the game. live shot at 880 shows how things are in oakland, smooth drive northbound, main direction heading past the coliseum but southbound heading towards the san mateo bridge, good volume of traffic down there as well. watch for a little slowing over the next 20 minutes, start building through oakland. south bay looks nice. 101, slow parts here along 880. again, 101 sig alert cleared. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. well, is a so-called dorms day comet on a collision course with
6:50 am
earth? got your attention. leading astronomers may have found new evidence. "today in the bay's" bob redell live at lick observatory on "today in the bay." we're happy you're not wearing a hard hat. >> i've got my fingers crossed. the comet discovered not hitting earth any time soon. what's going on nasa on the search of other meteor showers. they know about 60 of them across the night sky. they believe there are about 300 more. for roughly the past year they set up three video camera monitoring stations monitoring skies of california, like this one at lick observatory. they have been looking for meteor showers. on february 4th, one caught an image on the screen. it shows a streak of light across the sci. they found six streaks of light that night. that's trail dust from a previously unknown comet significant for two reasons. one, that comet was previously
6:51 am
unknown. two, it is potentially hazardous to us earthlings. this doctor made the discovery. first, your reaction seeing the image, aha. >> i was very surprised to see this. i was not expecting to pick any of these showers up. this shower was not there last year. it was just this year it showed up. >> why do we think this is potentially hazardous to earth. you haven't found the comet itself just the evidence it has a trail. >> yes, what we found is a trail of crumbs. meteors so tiny coming from one direction in the sky we know it was ejected by a comet in a previous orbit. that means the dust in the orbit of the comet. if the dust can hit us, so can the comet. >> reporter: quickly, we don't know if this thing will hit us or when. >> no. chances are very small it will happen. it could have passed us by hundreds of years ago. it could still be coming. >> reporter: thank you very
6:52 am
much. bottom line, you have to show up at work tomorrow. perseid meteor shower across the sky, saturday morning nasa will have a live web chat. you can google nasa and perseids. you we saw streaks like it. this is wednesday morning, supposed to be brighter saturday morning. naked eye. >> you know what, you have to come to cork tomorrow, too. ed lee wants to come to work. he's getting support for big name politicians for san francisco mayor. the man who actually gave lee his political start, not one of them. former mayor supporting city attorney dennis herrera for mayor. it's a little odd he hired lee as a whistleblower you may recall in 1989 and endorsed him for interim mayor in january. according to the chronicle, not happy about ties to two of the city's powerful political
6:53 am
players, willie brown and pac. he's backing herrera because he will be an independent voice in city hall. he has endorsements from two other mayors, brown and dianne feinstein. new this morning, a brazen robbery in concord caught on surveillance video. wait until you see these pictures. "today in the bay's" christie smith there live. christie, how did they pull this off? >> i'll tell you, somebody wanted this badly. bold doesn't even begin to describe it. someone drove a pickup truck right through the front door of this bingo hall here actually backing out and then going in again. they threw an atm right in the back of the pickup truck they were in and there were actually skid marks on the carpet this morning. just like the movie "gone in 60 seconds" about the car thieves, that's about how long it took according to surveillance tape at blue devil's bingo hall in concord. two men looked in smashed twice
6:54 am
and stole the thing with about $6,000 inside. brett is the director of operations. he says he got a call about 3:00 a.m., the alarm went off. when he arrived, whoa, he says he's trying to keep a sense of humor about it. >> i was stunned. the security company said the front door had been forced open. when i got here there was no front door. the whole front wall was gone. a mess of glass and steel we're going to have to clean up. i think we'll have to redesign the front end so it's not so easy to get in. >> reporter: that was a dark blue pickup truck. he thinks the california license plate starts with 5 and k. believe it or not he says they will be open for business tonight at 5:00. reporting live in concord, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thanks very much, christie. 6:54, breaking news we're following. a nato airstrike killed taliban fighters including the man responsible for shooting down the helicopter that killed 38
6:55 am
nato troops over the weekend. nato says special ops forces tracked the shooter down in afghanistan due to tips from people in the area. the shooter was trying to leave the country to avoid capture. nato called for the airstrike after make sure there were no innocent bystanders in the area. so far no wrord on exactly where special opposes forces found that shooter. oakland police have arrested two men and closing in on a third person they believe is responsible for shooting and killing a three-year-old boy. the news comes on the heels of a vigil of little carlos nava. community and city leaders called for help so the tragedy would never be repeated. 3-year-old carlos hit by a stray bullet on international boulevard in oakland. yesterday police arrested two suspects. as i mentioned, they are still searching for a third. i guess you could say this
6:56 am
is becoming must-see tv, modern day version scott mcgrew telling us about marketwatch. >> big board, dow industrials down 272 points. no surprise. we got just such lousy news out of the fed yesterday. really honestly bad attitude of this was a day ago. the fed said it did not expect the american economy to get better until 2013. it also said it will keep interest rates low. you can ignore that. everybody expected that. the headline is the fed put a date on the recovery and it's never been that specific before. john. >> thank you very much. appreciate the update. it's going to keep coming. laura, back to you. >> toss it to the forecast. >> good morning to you. we're looking okay. a little fog right now. that's the only thing i'm concerned about. otherwise noon, 70, 82, if you're waking near the water, 62 on "today in the bay." a final check of traffic.
6:57 am
>> peeled for the commute, 20-minute drive out of the altamont pass, slowing around the dublin interchange where we had a series of accidents within the pavel half hour. 6 0 a nightmare as it has been for the last couple of days. i'm looking at chp new accident eastbound 580 around 1st. there we go problems for 580 again. >> thank you very much, mike. we'll keep tabs on that. >> "today" show is next. matt and ann look at the wall street roller coaster and whether president obama is doing enough togs it back on track. >> plus, can you hear me now? the younger generation losing their hearing way too soon. "today" show going to look at what's behind the trend. i think put matt to the test as well. >> i'm sorry, are you going to see something. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> predictable. >> thanks. we'll be back with a local news update at 7:25. we're also keeping our eyes on wall street this morning. live look at the big board this
6:58 am
morning. it is dropping. dow industrial average down on average 311, 313 right now. try to have a great day. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session. come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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