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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 10, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm janell wang in for jessica agear ree. >> and i'm rob mathai. steven carlson was 16-year-old when tin a was murdered. he appeared in a san leandro court today. damian trujillo is outside of the courthouse. how do they finally get their man? >> reporter: police say they have the evidence in place now, raj. steven carlson was shackled, wearing a red jump suit in juvenile court. police say they have the murderer but his father tells me that they have the wrong man. it was in this seemingly quiet
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pleasanton neighborhood that police say tina fales was brutally murdered. now 27 years later, police have arrested this man, steven carlson, tina's carlson at nearby foothill high. >> he was a nice kid. i hung out with him. i was his lab partner in chemistry. i never would have suspected him. he was a nice, clean-cut kids. >> this is the boy that she remembers. a much different portrait than the ones painted by other classmates. >> there was something about him from elementary to junior high to high school. he was mean. he was a bully. he had this odd way about him and just auto -- people feared him. >> lorraine showed up in juvenile court with her friend sandy. >> i'm just completely filled with emotions right now. i'm kind of at the angry stage. >> tina was found stabbed to death across from a canal near
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carlson's home. his father said that his son drank alcohol and smoked pot as a teenager but contends that he's not a murderer. >> so it's your believe that pleasanton has the wrong man? >> exactly. >> reporter: he made a startling admission as a teenager. >> he ran around school saying he killed tina. >> reporter: why would he say that? >> try to make himself be bic r bigger than what he actually was. >> reporter: but now police say they have the evidence to prove that carlson killed tina 27 years ago. and carlson's father did not want us to put out his name but did concede he has not spoken to his son in 20 years. when we approached police and told them what his father said, that they have the wrong man, police said, no comment. we're live, nbc bay area news. >> damian, this is fascinating.
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take us back in time here. 1984 in pleasanton when this happened, was steven carlson a suspect at that time and why was he exonerated if he was? >> reporter: well, police questioned him for some period of time. he was a person of interest and went on to school telling people that he did kill the victim in this case but apparently police did not have the proper evidence at that time. now they believe they have the dna to confirm, they say, that he in fact did kill the victim. >> okay. very compelling. damian trujillo, thank you. new tonight at 6:00, a hangout among the giants' fateful is helping a young phillies' fan who was hurt. it will go towards ryan white's medical expenses. the foundation for school will continue to accept money for white online. the native is showing signs of improvement after being upgraded from critical to serious
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condition. >> you can tell that even though he's just uttering a few words here and there, he knows what is going on. there's a lot going on behind those eyes. he's just regaining his strength. >> 21-year-old andrew vargas faces dui and hit-and-run charges in the case. police say he hit white as the boy was walking with his family after a phillies-giants game at at&t park. he's free on bail and is expected to appear in court tomorrow. a manhunt is on tonight for the people responsible for the drive-by shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy. sources tell nbc bay area news that two people are in custody but police may not have everyone involved yet. new details in the ongoing investigation. jodi hernandez is live in oakland where the entire community is grieving and demanding just cities. jodi? >> there is a real sense of fear and frustration here in east oakland. people are expressing those
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feelings at a makeshift memorial set up for the boy. tonight police say that they are questioning gang members as they try to identify whose behind the killing of an innocent child. >> i can't even put into words. it's just really hard to believe that, you know, an innocent child could be in the cross fire of all of this stuff that is happening. >> pain and disbelief as people in east oakland try to grapple with the killing of an innocent 3-year-old. tonight, police say they believe little carlos nava got caught in the cross fire of a gang-related driveby. >> nobody is going to tolerate this anymore. we need to stand on our feet and fight back. >> reporter: oakland police appear to be making progress and identifying those responsible. sources say two people are in custody, including a parolee with possessing guns. angel ka and 2-year-old manuel recently had their own close call as they had to duck for
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safety on a city bus. >> we were going to a doctor's appointment and hi to duck and cover. >> reporter: the killing of 3-year-old carlos has victor morales terrified to let his own children out of the house at all. he's fed up and afraid. >> this has just got to stop. it just has to stop. i mean, you just can't keep happening. i mean, just every day thing. this is happening every day. it's not safe anywhere. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see this makeshift memorial. it just gets bigger and bigger again. police say that they are interviewing known gang members tonight but so -- we've been told that two people are in custody but so far nobody has been charged with what happened out here. police do say they fully intend to bring whoever is responsible for this to justice. in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc
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bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. police say that they are working on this case nonstop. a story that topped local headlines for weeks. two years ago to the day, a little boy was reported missing in oakland. you might remember, 5-year-old hasani campbell. he was last seen out of a shoe store in oakland's rockridge neighborhood in 2009. he has scerebral palsey and despite oakland police indicating this may be a homicide, a $75,000 reward is being offered for his safe return. a former employee of a clothing star, the great mall in milpitas, is suing over a peeping tom. charges claim 29-year-old david meyer, the store manager at the finish line clothing store installed spy cameras.
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he's believed to have left the state now. victims were employees between the ages of 16 and 19 years old. their lawyers say they are suffering from emotional distress. the company claims the videotaping was the work of one employee and they didn't know about his activity. a not guilty plea from the two suspects in the bryan stow beating case. louie sanchez and martin norwood both appeared in court today. patrick healy reports on what happened today and why stow was not the only victim attacked at that game in march. >> reporter: on the day they pleaded not guilty to the dodgers stadium attack on bryan stow, believe to have been present with them at the stadium was sanchez's sister doreen. she was aoriginally booked and arrested as an accessory. but the decision not to
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prosecutor comes to after her testimony to grand jury. that was provided to defense attorneys at the end of this morning's hearing. >> my understanding is there is going to be a lot more coming my way, according to the d.a. about 25 wind binders of discovery. >> during the hearing he excluded news cameras though i.d. is not an issue. santoro did not say that sanchez would testify against ate kused but has evidence about both of them. sanchez overheard a comment while in custody. no details while in court. they are having difficulty having other witnesses identify the accused. during line-ups for 20 witnesses, only one of the 20 picked out sanchez and none recognized norwood. in los angeles, patrick healy, reporting for nbc bay area news. while the legal case develops in southern california here in the bay area, there is
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positive news regarding bryan stow's condition. the family posted that stow can lift his arms, his legs, and is responding to commands. the family said the best part of all of this was every time his sister bonnie asked to give him a kiss stow puckers his lips. he remains in stable condition at san francisco's general hospital. still ahead at 6:00, an alarming study of what is being found in pregnant women and what researchers say is behind it. i'm scott budman. european stocks sink again. high-tech espionage. that notable case involving apple whochlt is face who is facing charges and who is not after the linked iphone 4. evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the fog is rolling back into san francisco right now and still holding on to warm weather in the east bay with 78 in livermore. well, talk about cooler weather
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in my seven-day up in my seven- forecast and a meteor shower you don't want to miss.
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another wild ride for your money, but silicon valley gives you some hope for the future. >> the markets are trading with the herd mentality. 5% drop for the blue chips and the dow falls more than 5%. nothing was safe today. in fact, eight companies canceled their planned ipos because the market, they say, is just too rocky. among the local companies, tech stock, like adobe, beaten up again. chevron fell as did banking stocks, wells fargo. we'll get to the apple story in
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just a second. gold futures touching $1500 an ounce for the first time gold is seen to be a safe place. let's get to apple now. another winner even though the stock price fell. apple is the officially the most valuable company. if you multiply the number of shares traded by stock price, no company anywhere as valuable as apple. you used to be able to say that about cisco but it's been a rough decade. today has better news. cisco shares have been rising. fasten your seat belt. they don't have a specific direction but they are moving fairly quickly when they do move. >> it's been up and down with historic numbers this entire week. thank you, scott. >> you got it. believe it or not, it's back to school week: and families are forced to spend more because of the budget cuts in sacramento.
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here is kris sanchez. >> reporter: janet's third grade students come back to school on monday. that means today she's at work. >> there's a lot of behind the scenes work that has to be done as a teacher. >> reporter: her to-do list is long and so is her school supply list. in this economy, she knows for some families that is tough. >> there seems to be more stress and tension in that there is somewhat of a shift of children coming to school prepared to learn. >> reporter: but back to school shopping can add up. a recent survey adds that an average family of four will spend $800, 290 on clothing, 110 on shoes, and $100 on school supplies. a different survey by the national research federation expects total spending to reach $22.8 billion in 2011, up 7% more than 2010 and 31% higher in 2009. many are also volunteering and
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fund raising to backfill what sacramento cut. peggy volunteers 20 to 40 hours a week of president of william wins foundation. >> we raised over $300,000 last year and paid for over 5 special teachers, art teachers, technology teacher at williams and that's what makes it the great school that it is. >> reporter: for that, she's grateful, even as she fears midyear cuts could undercut what she, her parents, and students are working for. >> i'm a little concerned about sacramento that i can't do anything about that specifically. and that that could actually affect the learning of my children. >> that was kris sanchez reporting. in other news today, a series of burglaries at palo alto school is forcing people to rethink security measures. it's the third time that the school has been broken in to since june. this time we're told the bandit took four digital cameras. the suspects entered the school
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through the same boarded up window that was smashed during an earlier burglary. today, police officials say installing large scale alarm systems is an expense that most school districts cannot afford right now. >> in times of economic depression, money is an issue, you know, and schools are losing money. they are laying off teachers, they are losing programs. so to put high tech security systems in schools is very costly. >> school officials are talking about setting up a locked room where all of its expensive equipment would be stored nightly. palo alto high school and jordan high school has been hit by burglaries this summer. jordan middle school suffered $23,000 when someone stole laptops, ipads and computers. two men could serve two years in prison.
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brian hogan has been charged with one count of miss appropriating lost property. they say that he was also charged on a pair, you might recall the story, found an iphone at a bar in woodside last year. sold it to a blogger who revealed the prototype online. the d.a. dropped all charges against gismoto but both men will be arraigned later this month. ohh. >> i was outside a little bit today in san francisco where it was actually sunny. >> yes. >> and it is usually fogged in. it was nice. >> gay for the guy yents. >> it was beautiful. >> while we've had a cooler than average weather, several hours of sunshine because it has been more than just fog lately, cooler air up into the northwest and the wind helped to warm things up in the east and south bay today. and more of a
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north-northwesterly wind. still cranking out 5 to 15 miles per hour. we're starting to see this slow more onshore here at the coastline. still waiting on the numbers coming in from the 78 in fry month. topped out at 88 in livermore and 66 in san francisco, 87 in los gatos and, yes, even close to 90 in the valley with 88. right now that fog, janelle, it's starting to roll back in san francisco. 69 degrees right now and winds westerly at 13 miles per hour. and from oakland, the fog is stacking up so high at 2,000 feet. you don't even have a view here of downtown san francisco. completely fogged in with 64 degrees and winds northwest at 14 miles per hour. that is dropping the numbers at 61 in san mateo. look at this. 66 in napa. napa has the cool funnel there, sandwiched between two spots
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between mid-up to per 70s. let's get a look at the fog today. northwesterly wind pushing all of this fog off towards the south and tonight the winds shifting, fog is moving back in. these winds westerly 5 to 10 miles per hour. 80s inland and recent changes in the long-term models. we'll take you into a sneak preview and look at this. the jet stream could take an unusual dip to the south and we could talk about widespread 70s inland for august as we head into next week. if you like this milder weather, which i'm not hearing too many complaints, tomorrow starting out in the mid-to upper 50s. not a bad start here. 73 in san jose. 70 in livermore. 73 in santa rosa. if you're doing any traveling, the hot spot still is atlanta and also miami with scattered showers and thunderstorms that could slow you down. coming up, details on a meteor shower. when the best time to view this
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is and that's still right ahead here on our 6:00 show. >> very good, meteor shower on our way. topping the health watch now, in a small study, pregnant women in california showed the highest level of banned chemicals once found in banned chemicals known as pdeds. thyroid disruption is dangerous to brain disruption. and it's found in the food chain and on old furniture and curtains. many were banned in 2004 and a bigger study is now planned. the potential impact on thyroid indicates a need for more studies. there is a new study out today that says elderly women who have sleep apnea could be at risk for dimension. the study done by scientists included 300 women over the age of 65.
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over 100 of the women in the study were diagnosed with sleep disorder breathing. this means they had several sleep apnea episodes a night while sleeping. the brain was deprived of oxygen. at the end of the study, researchers say half of the women have developed did i me dementia and mild impairment. here we go. record gold prices. can people really strike it rich. also ahead, a dramatic heist caught on tape. what thiefs made away with at the bingo hall. and on the hunt for come mets. the potential dangers in the sky. also, we're going toee mt onf e othe bay area astronomers that is triesing to find these
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comets.e we're back in a moment.
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there's been a mistake in sacramento and now they are trying to revolve it.
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it's regardsing a firefighting fee. it was approved this year for people living in areas that where the state department of forestry fights the fires. state records show that every year cal fire exceeds its budget for rural fires. such fees can only be spent on fire prevention and not actually on the firefighting. a member of the forestry board says that he is not sure how the agency will handle this issue. >> well, you may want to duck next time you look up in the sky. >> our own bob riddle caught up with an astronomer high above san jose. >> reporter: us earthlings and nasa believes there are 300 more out there and set up three video camera stations here in northern california looking for these showers.
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it's an image that they discovered on february 4th t was the trail dust of an unknown comet described as potentially hazardous to earth. dr. peter made the discovery. what was your thought when you saw this? >> i couldn't believe my eyes. i thought it was rare so we knew this dust really traced the orbit of comet itself. >> reporter: brian, an astronomer at the observatory where we're at right now, you've been finding out when it's going to hit and kill us. i'm kidding. will you be able to find it how hard is that going to be? >> it's a pretty significant task. we think it's a relatively new comet so we're going to back and hopefully find it. >> a few weekends?
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>> a few weekends. >> reporter: by the way, it's going to peak friday night, saturday morning. get more information. meantime, i'm bob riddle, nbc bay area news. >> that's bob riddle and they say astronomers point out that even though ilts classified as potentially has czar douse, the chances of it striking earth is rare. so we should be okay. >> yes, i think we'll be fine. still ahead at 6:00, declaring war on facebook. the group vowing to take down the social networking site. also, a marketing campaign lands a popular supermarket in water. the whole foods connection to the muslim holiday of ram my da. and what most americans say they don't have in the event of an emergency. there's about 15 people over there and right over here. everybody is out looking for gold. >> the new gold rush, it's like h 1800s all over again.caiafoc
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californians turning back the clock.
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we're back in a moment.
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the recent fears overstock values shocked the value of gold to record levels. >> while some people are selling off their gold, others are treasurer hunting. joe takes us along with a couple of gold miners who are suddenly finding their hunting grounds more crowded. >> this is where it all began. sawmill, west of sacramento, in the tiny town, here in 1848, james marshal discovered the gold flake that set off a golden stampede. but the hunt for gold is not left for the history books. >> get the rocks out of here.
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well, no nuggets. >> steve tyler and rick are what you might call professional gold diggers. >> well, the economy in 1979 hit the skids and there was no construction work. i started looking at gold. >> reporter: for three decades, tyler has plucked 77% of his income in the streams and rivers of the gold country. >> i'm hoping for a surprise. i'm a pretty cynical person so i don't get gold fever. i don't -- the trick is not to waste your time thinking you're going to get rich because you're not. >> he's rich. >> reporter: with the price of gold hitting record levels, these gold seekers have plenty of company. they have seen a run of gold pans and other equipment. >> there's about 15 people right up there panning and a couple there and people panning right over here. everybody is out looking for gold. >> in fact, the price of gold is so high even with the hand tools
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that i can make 50 to $100 a day. >> reporter: he shows off some of his recent work, worth about $12,000. up until a couple years ago, the pair used dredgers to comb the river but the state banned the dredges. >> i'm going broke. i'm trying to live off of gold that i got a couple years ago just to make my house payments. >> in these rocks, these roots, there may be something in there. >> reporter: they only scratched the surface of the potential. >> it's gold. it's pretty good size flakes here. >> reporter: and now tyler and eddie are chasing that same flash of color. >> and then you look and the gold is shiny and gleaming and laying right on the bottom and you can just pick it up. that is definitely will give you gold fever. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. if the economic bottom dropped out tomorrow, would you
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be ready? a new poll suggests probably not. a new poll suggests 60% of americans don't have enough cash on hand to handle $1,000 emergency expense. about 17% say if they needed the money they would have to ask friends or family. another 17% said they would ignore other bills to help free up some cash. over 2700 people participated in this survey. tonight, concord police are trying to find two men who pulled off a bold robbery. they slammed a truck into a business that helps nonprofit groups and then stole the atm loaded with cash. christy sm christy smith has the story. >> 60 seconds in and out. >> reporter: that's how long it took thieves to rip the cash machine right off the bolts and toss it into a truck. >> i was stunned. the security company said the front door ha been forced open and when i got here there was no front door.
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the whole front wall was gone. >> reporter: brett rios tries to keep a sense of humor. just glad that no one at the bingo hall was hurt. but $6,000 in the atm was gone. the hall raises money for youth programs like the walnut creek ak aqua net synchronized swim team. even with 14 cameras inside, the thieves didn't care. but by mid-morning, the truck, which was stolen, and the atm was recovered, and bingo hall set to reopen tonight with a few changes on the horizon. >> i think we're going to have to redesign the front so it's not so easy to get in. >> christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> concord police located the a machine but it was empty. a suspect handed over a threatening note to a bank teller. these are pictures of the
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robbery at first bank and trust on willow pass road. the man entered the bank, waited in line, gave the teller a demanding note, took the money, and left. there was no weapon and there was no one hurt. he's described as a white or middle eastern man in his 50s with graying hair. two women injured in this house fire in the pacific coast neighborhood have died. the women were identified and suffered burn and smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire and the collision happened around 10:00 this morning and the women's name has not been released yet. the incident is under investigation tonight.
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this is the 1th fatality this year. california's high-speed rail plans are hitting high-cost speed bumps but a washington powerhouse is urging california to move ahead any way. senate majority leader harry reid said it would be short sided to abandon high-speed rail. reid mentioned this during a conference call. the rail would be good for the economy and not taking action could be more expensive than the long run. instead of looking at how much the 800-mile system costs, california should look at what it costs in future pollution and freeway congestion. the phrase, support the troops, is more than a bumper sticker in san jose. the council is backing that phrase up with some cash. over the objections of the city auditor. the counsel voted to keep paying partial salaries to city employees who were called up with the military reserves. regardless of how long they are gone. the auditor, on the other hand,
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citing the budget gap, recommends a cap according to how long they are gone. since 2007, the city has paid between what the reservist earn and what they would be making on their city jobs. tonight, the military says an air strak by international air force has killed the taliban insurgents who were responsible for shooting down that u.s. helicopter killing 30 u.s. special forces. general john allen says f-16 fighter jets killed the insurgents on monday. the general said that they did not ultimately kill the taliban leader they were looking for but says they will continue to pursue him. kevin houston, derek benson, and jesse pitson, three men with bay area ties, were among the u.s. special forces killed in the insurgent attack. the release date of the death of sew saum ma bin laden is scheduled to give president
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obama a major boost. republicans are also investigating a high-level given to film makers. jay carney said that the white house did not classify information to film makers. the movie is said to be released october of next year and the election is november 6th. still ahead at 6:00, under fire. the campaign that landed a popular supermarket in hot water. plus, taking down the social network. the new threat against facebook tonight. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. some of the hottest weather with a few low 90s. the most sunshine right now in sunol. let's get a look at those highs. we had 86 in san jose and 66 in san francisco. au'll talk about a cng st cgu august trend coming up in my seven-day and also the meteor
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showerre and when the best timeo
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view it is coming up. brap. one day without facebook. >> join facebook for the sake of your own privacy. >> a group known as anonymous is using this youtube video to drum up support for bringing down facebook. they claim facebook provides information with police agencies around the world. no word on the identity of the hackers although some people within the group, facebook is not commenting. a decision by whole foods to prevent a new line of foods for the jewish holiday is causing a bit of couldn't verse yee. the whole foods in the houston
6:42 pm
region pulled all promotions and stating that it never asked that region to do so. whole foods says it's very pleased to promote ramadan food and the passover and fourth of july. the national highway traffic association is investigating an alleged bmw roll away case. it probes from an incident in which a driver parked his 2006 7 series sedan and claims it ran away. all luxury sedans are being looked into between 2002 and 2008. so far no recalls or warnings have been issued. no crashes or injuries have been reported in this alleged roll away case. we've been cruising in the 80s. are we going to move? >> maybe downward here. it's hard to say in august. we're used to saying upwards. actually a long-term trend in my seven-day forecast is going to
6:43 pm
show cooler weather moving in. details on the meteor shower coming up in minutes. i'm brody brazil. trying to help the san francisco giants win a series, something that they haven't done in the last coupleeofe ks highlights still to come here on
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nbc bay area. okay. it's been a long week base i asked what day it was tonight. >> only wednesday. sorry, raj. you've got us for two more days. >> no. no. i love us. this is a big family here. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is here to help us out. >> i heard you say that. i was thinking, is it friday yet? >> no, folks. come on. >> janelle is keeping us in line. we have the fog rolling in after downtown after several hours of sunshine. 69 degrees and wind westerly at 13 miles per hour. as it is right here in the bay area, a tale of two different weather stories. in san jose, nothing but blue sky and sunshine. 74 degrees. winds northwest at 13. the humidity, the air rather dry as well. so we are getting fire winds. they just haven't been gusty
6:46 pm
enough to ramp us up to a red fire status. remember, it doesn't always take triple digit heat. today, 87 in los gatos, 76 in san jose. 73 in santa rosa and san francisco. may have been slightly hotter. we are waiting on certified numbers from a national weather service. nonetheless, that is just about our best 74 in san jose. and tonight, coastline the rain
6:47 pm
and gusting ahead and amid august, dipping even breezy conditions at times. no major swings in the forecast. i really think you'll like what is coming up in the fog forecast for 11:00 p.m. fog and coastline and peninsula. not too much in the way of low cloud cover for the east bay and not too much in the north bay either. that means tomorrow morning we're going to start off with a lot of sunshine throughout livermore, pleasanton, dublin, san jose, campbell, and los gatos and saratoga and it's all going to push out quickly. you're expecting sun and immediate coastline by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. in the north bay, 57 in san jose, 56 in los gatos. we've been talking about a different kind of shower. it's the meteor shower. it's going to be here as we head into tomorrow morning. that's because we're racing against full moon which is going to occur here in two days and full moon is going to hamper any
6:48 pm
kind of efforts to see this. so tomorrow morning, 2:14 to 4:40 a.m. is the best chance to see this. where we could see 60 plus meteors per hour. all right. let's get a look at those numbers. 85 in san jose, 84 in los gatos and 73 in san mateo. atherton, 66 in san francisco, 77 in napa and for the north bay a. round of upper 70s and low 80s. morning time on the weather channel, on cable for your updated travel forecast and on the seven day, we're calling it warm, even nice for this upcoming week. raj, i know you were looking forward to the weekend. >> the weekend is coming up? >> yes. >> two more days. two more days. >> she's thrilled because she loves these 80 temperatures. >> and i love the triple digits. >> you're crazy. >> i can't even get what i want
6:49 pm
and i'm the weather guy. >> let's get to sports. >> okay. let's bring in brody from the comcast newsroom. we're having fun with the a's and giants. we have a raiders game coming up. >> raj, football is taking place in the bay area. 9ers will get going on friday night. let's begin in baseball where players and teams win or struggling are talking about winning one sear radios at a time. you've heard that before. giants, meantime, dropping their fourth straight today closing out a four-game set. winning only one of the last ten, jonathan sanchez tied at one bucks up 3-1 and single into center, the pirates take a
6:50 pm
series win with a victory over the giants today. and they capped off a horrible series lost with a pirates team getting ten straight. >> we're getting behind and getting crooked numbers and that's not our game. we don't try to bang it with the other club. we try to pitch and keep it close and find a way to win the game. and a lot of these gains we let them get away. >> it's tough. we go through a stretch like this and it's tough not to hang your head. but we've got a lot of baseball left. >> reporter: outfielders said out of wednesday's game with injuries and even with the off game on thursday, both seem unsure as to whether or not they would be ready to go on friday. reporting from at&t park, nbc
6:51 pm
bay area. >> all right. thanks, jamie. it's the day raiders have been waiting for. the last day of training practice in napa until the team gets to put on the pads and, well, hit somebody else. kate joins us long from the team's summer facility. kate, i've got to imagine there's a sense of urge ee in the air. just how are those final preparations coming along? >> excitement is certainly in the air. i tell you what, things are not as casual as they usually are. that's not how camp jackson works. he had his players out on the field and 90 minutes, getting ready for what the team has called the dress rehearsal for the season ahead. >> best preseason game, a lot of rookies and people on the team, different places. a lot of us trying to build and see what we're going to get with our roster, put guys in the right place. >> practice is one thing.
6:52 pm
you go to practice and make these plays and you look pretty and do all of this good stuff. that's all good. you know, you've got to do it when you play against an opponent. that's what i'm looking for. >> now, i did ask coach jackson how much in tomorrow's game he said he's not sure about the details on that yet. he's going to sleep on it. meanwhile, the team will be back on the field here in napa and in napa, kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> kate, thank you. down in santa clara, before flying out to new orleans, in the afternoon they will open up preseason action against the saints. running back missed the camp and raring to go at this point. >> i feel great.
6:53 pm
you know, i'm happy to be back with my teammates. i'm feeling like my rookie year again, and i feel great. working hard every day. every day i trust in a classroom and trying to get ready for the opening against seattle. >> in toronto playing the bluejays, at the bottom 7-3, we leave you with the news that nfl players could be drug tested on game day as part of the new collective bargaining agreement. as you can imagine, player reaction to this league wide is not very good. send it back to raj and janelle. you don't want those to change at all. >> are you suggesting that we get drug tested before our newscast? >> reporter: not at all. r routine.on keeping on.
6:54 pm
it's what works for you. >> see you later, brody. for a hour, watch
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comcast sports net tonight with brody more secure in the hands of a woman, bottom dollar, hands down, see why women may be wall street's wild ride. tonight at 11:00, after love in the wild, on nbc bay area news.
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>> take a look at this video. it's not a flash mob or a tribute to carrot top. how one man proposed to his girlfriend in china. the young man new his favorite color was orange and decided to dress up along with 48 of his closest friends to convince her to be his brooid bride. as you might imagine, shays taken back by the gesture and in the end love rules all and, of course, she said yes. >> she had to say yes. >> she was marginal until the little orange dude -- >> whoa, we should save that for late night. >> brett canon, how did you propose to laura. >> beel save that. tonight when it comes to foefting videos online, new video clips brought to youtube. see what the site means for your
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rights. that and more coming up on comcast
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that's our 7:00 newscast.


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