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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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closure, that's northbound 880. heading past 237 and up to dixon landing road, that full closure reopened. a little earlier than thought. so a smooth drive as equipment moves from the area. christie smith talked about potential problems for b.a.r.t. we're following trains now, 35 reporting on time, no problems for the system. christie will fill us in on what's going on. >> sooner than you think. >> absolutely. let's get right to it. brace yourselves now as mike mentioned your commute may be bumpy on b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. issued a warning, there may be ris ruchdisruption in se. christie is live with that story. >> reporter: good morning. i wish i could be more specific about the when and where and how big this protest is going to be. the group only said that an action was planned for early august. on its website this morning
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b.a.r.t. says there is basically a passenger alert that service could be disrupted as early as today. that doesn't mean it will be today. if i have you confused i'll explain. riders certainly got a taste of it last month after a moving protest disrupted service at the civic center station in san francisco. nearly 100 protesters showed up. the group, no justice, no b.a.r.t., says they are demanding justice and accountability following the shooting of charles hill. police said he came at them in a threatening way with a knife. back to b.a.r.t.'s website, saying again that protesters may disrupt service as early as today in downtown san francisco. and as always b.a.r.t.'s prosecute i mary mission is to ensure your safety and keep our trains on time. b.a.r.t. may need close some stations temporarily or make
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other service adjustments on short notice. it advises riders to know what your alternate plans could be in the event of a disruption. also on the website gives information on where and row you can find out if the trains are running on time. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay". >> i know it's early out there but at this point are you getting any idea of what may be happening as the trains are supposed to start running? >> reporter: you know, the trains run early, early morning but i can tell you at this point it's very quiet here. when this happen, again in mid july it was the evening. i think with these protesters is the element of surprise. we're going to have to wait and see. >> we'll keep you updateded as the day goes on. >> this morning a young baseball fan recovers the man accused of sending him there will answer to charges. andrew vargas is accused of
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slamming his car into 9-year-old ryan white and then driving away. the boy was in town from philadelphia watching the phillies take on the giants. the community is rallying around white who is at san francisco general hospital with a traumatic head injury. lefty o'doole's raised more than $6,000. the 9-year-old is recovering. >> you can tell at this point that even though he's just uttering a few words here and this he knows what's going on. this is a lot going on. he's regaining strength. >> ryan and his family will remain until ryan can be moved to a medical center in pennsylvania. >> bryan stow is recovering from a massive brain injury. the two accused are pleading not guilty the charges. prosecutors say luis sanchez and marvin norwood admitted to beating up stow during
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interviews. prosecutors accuse sanchez of harassing three other fans before attacking stow and his friends in the parking lot. attorneys for the suspects say they are sifting through all of that evidence. prosecutors say they won't charge the woman who allegedly drove the suspects away. dorene sanchez testified in front of a grand jury. >> he is quiet, wears a suit and is wanted by police for probleming a bank. police are looking for this yoon who they say patiently waited in line before robbing a bank yesterday morning. police say the man got in the front of the line at the first bank and trust, then gave the teller a threatening note demanding money. police say he didn't pull out a weapon and left as quietly as he came. >> it's been a week of wild swings on wild street. this morning hoping stocks to rebound after getting hammered
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in the u.s. and europe. european stocks are bouncing back. this despite worries about death in countries like grease and italy. asian markets closed under pressure from the drop on wall street. the heng seng is down 1%. the nikkei slipped .6%. wall street is set for a higher opening, we'll keep our fingers crossed as the dow closed down. the dow lost more than 2,000 points in less than three weeks. a "washington post" columnist and professor says the market grew too fast and the adjustment now is happening is normal. >> in the long term america's very sound a. the markets are going to be sound and we'll be back to normal. >> he says the worry for silicon valley, how can capitalists find
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the payoff if investors aren't going to ipo in this environment. >> a protest that is quickly becoming a battle. a group is at odds saying the chain is infringing on their rights. marla tellez is live in san jose with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. most of us have experienced this before, you're walking into a grocery store, like a safeway and you you approached by a petitioner, somebody asking you for a signature. safeway wants to put a stop to this, they are serious about it. tailing to take some of the worst offenders, they are fitting back. about two dozen political petition signature gatherers protested safeway's crackdown saying the corporation is disrupting their free speech rights.
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saying safeway -- it says that the petitioners don't follow corporate policies, they block enchances and harass customers so safe way is taking action. in some cases there are injunctions. in those cases this could be settled in court. i just hung up the phone with the organizer of the protesters and he tells me it's an intimidation factor on behalf of safeway. he says you know what, though. it's not going to work. these petitioners are going to be out. he says the next step for them is to start a letter writing campaign to the bar association. >> thanks for the update marla. >> let's check on whether christina is here to tell us about. >> with weather like this you probably don't want to go to work. it was so nice in the city yesterday. we're going to see more cloud cover this morning, as a result
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it's going to take longer for the sunshine. i think by about 11:00 a.m. we'll see the sun break through. this is what we're looking at. we have this really interesting setup now. typically this time of year high pressure builds in from the eastern pacific and warms us up. it stays put. but we have seen these trough after troughs come through the bay area, kicking on the onshore flow, starting us off with mostly a loudy condition. that's what's keeping us cool each and every afternoon. high pressure is going to warm us up. another trough dips into the bay area. that will keep things cool all week next week. if you look for a heat wave we don't have one. we have fog, though, in san francisco we're seeing the deepest fog gets the most between santa rosa and san francisco. give yourself extra time. concord, you've got 10 miles of visibility. expecting these to fall. this is what we're looking at. temperatures a little chilly in novato, 46 degrees. bring a jacket.
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if you make up in san mateo, at 54. as we head through lunch, 71 in san jose. and temperatures overall just about the same as yesterday. i bumped them up, tri-valley, that's about it. 77 redwood city. and 80 in santa rosa. i've got your weekend forecast coming up. you've got to get to work before you get to the weekend. >> true, christina. let's try and help folks. we have construction where folks were working. lower deck that looks like it picked up. i was going to show you the shot but the clouds have rolled in. there is some fog out there. watch for that. also a new accident off of the upper deck into san francisco. i'll track that. construction has cleared. looks like that's early as well.
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antioch on schedule. we did see through concord as well. 580. yesterday at times coming out of the altamont pass. smooth now. a 15 minute drive. but john and laura, traffic out of the tri-valley. it's a heavy commute. >> could be a busy morning as well. we're getting breaking news of a fire in san francisco. broke out really minutes ago just before 5:00. we're told it's 1221 masonic. that is close to hay south of the panhandle near buena vista park. we're going to find out more information as we have a crew on the way to the scene. >> we'll keep you updated the time is 5:10. still to come using a deadly disease to safe a life. new hope for the breakthrough in
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the fight against cancer. >> a live look outside. very, very chilled out there. we'll keep you updated on what the weather is like. >> and for the latest news traffic and weather and some fun conversation, get
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>> welcome back to "today in the bay." the time now is 5:13. behind the scenes action as we cover your live breaking news. earlier we told you about the $2 trillion mistake made by the u.s. treasury department before standard & poor's downgraded the country's credit rating. turns out the person who caught that mistake is a uc-berkeley
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grad. john bellowes is an economics graduate and now works for the u.s. treasury department as the acting assistant secretary. he did the math and pointed out the debt is 8% points lower over 10 years which means the public debt is more stable. standard & poor's says they decided to go ahead anyway saying the decision wasn't based on the math but based on political gridlock over the debt ceiling vote. >> despite plans to cut more than 6,000 employees, networking giant cisco is wringing in the cash. the company reported better than expected earnings for its fourth quarter yesterday with $11.2 billion in revenue. analysts had expected the earnings to be slightly lower. the earnings report gave cisco share as 10% bump in after hours trading. >> that could help wall street when the opening bell rings.
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futures expected a bit higher. for more on that and news before the bell let's turn to courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning. here we go again. you're going to want to strap yourselves in. it's shaping up to be a volatile day. now we're lower again. the markets yesterday erased tuesday's gains and then some. they were lower by financials, bank of america fell 11% on recession worries and losses in europe. the markets overseas rocked by rumors that france could be next to lose its aaa credit rating. gold a safe investment hit a record of $1800 an ounce before pulling back. that's lower a bit as well too. analysts say the huge moves suggest the emotions are playing a big factor. the dow plunged 519 points yesterday to 10,719. the dow has lost more than 2,000
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points over the past 14 sessions, closing lower in 11 ever the 14 sessions. the nasdaq shed 101 points to 2381. uncle sam wants you to rent a house from uncle sam. the obama administration is looking for ideas how to turn the government's inventory of unsold foreclosed homes into rentals that could be managed or sold in bulk. the goal is to try to stabilize neighborhoods where a large glut of empty foreclosed homes are hurting property values. the usda releases the first estimate of the fall harvest. analysts expect the hot weather that affected much of the country likely hurt corn crops. it's believed the heat wave shank potential corn output to a size that may barely satisfy the red hot food, feed and fuel demands. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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>> let's get updated when it comes to the forecast. >> you know, she said it. most of the nation, well, the midsection anyhow, under a heat wave lasting for months. for us we have been really mild. we've got more of that today. and we're going to warm up a bit over the next couple of days but it's not going to last. another trough of low pressure keeping things mild all next week. if you are looking for a warm-up we don't see anything out there at least for the next ten days. that strong ridge that sets up out in the pacific, we're not seeing that. fog is the story of the morning. you'll find thick fog in the santa rosa area, the north bay. we have a lot of mile and a half. about 10 miles or better looking pretty good. throughout this afternoon the temperatures are going to climb from the upper 50s into the upper 70s and mid 80s in spotsment at noon as you break for lunch, in the east bay and the south bay, 71 degrees in san
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jose at lunch. might be a good day for outdoor lunch plans. throughout the afternoon in places like redwood city, 77 degrees. 72 in santa cruz. 85 in los gatos. we gradually climb in temperature but not by much as high pressure does take control tomorrow as well as into your saturday. that's going to bring us up to 86 degrees. you see that on the seven-day outlook. then another trough backing us down to the 70s. so early fall-like weather for us in the bay in august. i can't believe it but i like it. back to you, mike inouye. >> i would say august, early fall. definitely. we had early clearing for construction on 880 and dixon landing road. that reopened. 280 at the 880 interchange is cleared. 17 still has a couple, specifically past highway 9 for repaving and by grant creek.
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watch for traffic control for another few minutes. up the peninsula, smooth through palo alto, men who park, 101 moving nicely. right here our typical slowing right about this time every day. before 5:30 and you see the slowing around 92 to 280. watch the coast. highway 1 patchy fog through the area. north we told you about with the fire, it's by the panhandle. we're following that. we have a crew heading to the scene. it is a structure fire there. we're getting more details. also golden gate park. starting tonight at 8:00 we're going to have closures around the area and all weekend the park is closed to through traffic because of the festival. a lot going on but driving is not one of those. you'll have to walk into and through the park. a nice flow and antioch holding
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up with that 62. that's down from 68 we saw a few minutes ago. with a live shot at the oakland area, reminder the raiders hay their first preseason game, 4 sclok when the parking lot opens. the crowds probably wait for that to reopen, raider nation, some pretty strong tailgating. >> thank you. we're keeping our eyes in school this is morning. the schools in palo alto wondering if they can afford the big expense for better security systems. burglars broke in on sunday night. it's the third time the school has been hit since june. palo alto high school and the middle school have been hit. they steal lap tops, cameras, ipads and ipods. >> the time now is 5:20. coming up is there any one in san francisco who isn't running for mayor. who is the latest candidate to throw his or her hat in the
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>> we have video proof. we'll show you coming up.
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>> welcome back everyone. live look outside from the south bay this morning. pretty mild temperatures for today. it is 5:23 now. the field of candidates running to be san francisco's next mayor just got a little more crowded. former supervisor tony hall will file his papers to be placed on the ballot later this morning. hall has 35 years of political experience in san francisco. life long independent was elected as district 7 supervisor in 2000. in 2004 he was appointed as the executive director of the treasure island development authority. the event starts at 6:00 tonight
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at the african-american art and culture complex. >> thank you very much. pressure of the markets and washington's inability to do anything starting to get some people, scott mcgrew. >> everyone in washington can share the blame regardless of party. for letting the deficit spiral out of control, then failing to take concrete action. that fact became too much for one msnbc anchor. >> and we're sitting here arguing about whether we should do the $4 trillion plan for 2017 or burn the place to the ground. both of which are reckless, irresponsible and stupid. the fact of the matter is until we actually and i'm sorry to lose my temper but i tell you i've been coming on tv for three years doing this and the fact of the matter is -- >> once in a while i feel exactly the same way. so how strange are things, san jose's cisco systems said profit dropped by a third. now when you take all of the
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costs out of cisco's quarter, the cost of taking away jobs from thousands, the returns were better than wall street expected. that has traders in a better mood. better than expected and good financial results are not the same thing. the head of the fcc says it's time for the 911 system to work with the way we communicate. text messages. julius says you ought to be able to send a picture of a bad guy to police, for instance, he says it's strange that you can text someone that your plane is delayed but you can't text that the bank's being robbed or text the police. >> no sense. >> he is pushing for new 911 systems in which we can do that. >> it sounds like a positive move in that direction. >> is it does. >> it's 5:25. still to come on "today in the bay," from new york to l.a. in 12 minutes? the fastest plane in the world about to go on its first test run. we'll show you what it's made
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of. >> we are checking for flight delay this is morning. sorry about that. we're checking for flight delays this morning. watch out for really thick fog especially at the airport. right now you look good. we're watching for fog, we're watching for a little bit of a warm-up. we'll break that down for you coming up. >> the fog is usually not good for your drive. we're watching that as well as stall, one into san francisco, one affecting the roads out of the city as well. >> a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge. traffic looks pretty smooth. we'll check in with mike. ah yes. there it is.
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>> reporter: i'm bob redell live on the peninsula where stanford students are preparing for the road race of a lifetime. the only hitch -- they can't use
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gasoline. we'll explain coming up. >> and legal jeopardy, the woman accused of breaking into alex trebek's hotel room says he is a prostitute, not a thief. >> thursday, august 11, this is "today in the bay." i think the new guy's getting comfortable. good morning. thanks for joining us. it's 5:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> yes, i am comfortable. good morning. i'm jon kelley. let's get comfortable with the weather. christina loren is here to tell us about it. >> good morning. mother nature making everybody comfortable. we have fog out there we have to get through first, then the sun will shine through making for a comfortable afternoon. we're going to show you where the fog is the thickest, visibility dropping as we speak. and the forecast coming up. let's get to you work with mike.
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>> better luck getting there because the upper deck, we had a disabled vehicle, that fifth getting into san francisco it's marked on my map but we can remove it now behind where it says "today in the bay." to the north, though, out of san francisco up to tiburon boulevard, a disabled rig blocking one lane so that's not cleared going into the area we might have fog and drizzle. we're watching this and the south bay. >> thank you very much. >> not the way we hoped this one would end. two women rescued from a fire sunday died from their injuriei. the 85-year-old woman and her caregiver died yesterday at san francisco hospitals. the city medical examiners identifies identified them as marilyn and her care giver connie yim. the fire was not huge but it did cause damage to the roof and the upper floor bedroom. the women suffered burns and
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inhaled a lot of smoke. and they were taik taken to the hospitals in critical condition. >> it's called some of the most promising new in the fight against cancer. scientists believe they found a new way to kill cancer cells and save lives. only three patients got the treatment for the most common form of leukemia called chl. one was told he had weeks to live but he is now cancer free. here's what the team at the university of pennsylvania did. they removed white blood cells that normally fight infections, evening hered with a harmless form of hiv to attach to and kill the cancer cells. >> each of those patients more than a pound or two of tumor was eradicated. >> pretty amazing. the research concept is so new that neither the national cancer institute nor pharmaceutical
5:32 am
companies could fund it. barbara did, she and her late husband started a charity to fund new ideas after their daughter-in-law kim died of breast cancer. now money from the federal government is pouring in. we'll continue to monitor that. amazing development. it's 5:32. we're now about an hour away from the opening bell on wall street. right now european stocks are bouncing back as banks recoup hefty losses. this despite worries about a debt in countries like greece and italy. asian markets closed under pressure. the nikkei slipped.6%. >> in the market goes oun housing is an issue. bay area foreclosures, the short-term outlook is good. that's not a sign of what's to come in the long term. according to realty fewer bay area homeowners went
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into foreclosure but it's likely because the number of short sales has gone up. throughout the bay area, more than 2,000 homeowners got default notices in july, down they 5% from last year. more than 1,000 homes taken by banks. >> safeway is fighting a group of petitioner's over claims they are harassing customers. the chain wants to take the issue to court. the petitioners claim they have a right to gather signatures wherever they want. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, laura. one of those david versus goliath stories, something most of us can relate to before you made it inside the store, you're stopped by somebody asking you for your signature on whatever political issue it may be. safe way is ready to take some of these worst offenders to
5:34 am
court. as many as 50 gathered outside safeway headquarters in pleasanton. some holding signs, coop said stop safeway's attack on free speech. safeway says if they were to comply with corporate policy which requires people to check in with the store manager before they set up shop outside, then this weren't be a problem. now i spock to the organizer of yesterday's protest. safeway has hired an attorney. this is what they have been told. >> he said despite the heavy intimidation this is not going to stop organizers, petitioners from gathering outside local safeway stores and in some cases
5:35 am
safe way filed court insquungss against the worst offenders. we'll have to wait and see. >> and how it will affect other businesses. 5:35 now. relief is on the way for south bay motorists and what could begin on the hong awaited b.a.r.t. extension. the california transportation commission approved $200 million for three road projects and b.a.r.t. plans for the south day. lanes will be added. merging lanes will be built on 101 from palo alto and mountain view. and cato will be rebuilt along the extension. work on the 10-mile line could actually begin next year. >> the time is 5:35. a group of stanford students to build something that looks like a spacecraft. it runs on hand and powered
5:36 am
about i sun. bob redell is live with a look at the teen behind the car. >> good morning. this is part of the team, these are engineering students here getting ready for a college road trip. it's all about the destination. this one is how they are going to get between.arc and b bs, that's the car that's going to the world solar challenge. this is in australia. 2,000-mile race taking place in october. right here is half of the design. the other half being there. this is the design. a projection they have been working fon. we have one of the members of the team. good morning. you say this is cutting edge. obviously the fact this makes it cutting edge. >> a few things that's unique. moon of the most important things for technology is having
5:37 am
glass and panels. most teens use plastic. we partnered with a company called corning to use flexible flas. how fast will it go. what is itself range? >> i know what you mean. we've done some testing all over the place. and we know we can cruise at 55. that's manageable. we're going to be try toing push that up to the highest. for top speeds, probably around 100 miles per hour. >> i don't know if i would, you look at the has been here. someone like myself who is very slender could fit in there. you look at the profile. it's only a couple inches up from the ground so that's definitely something to take into consideration. best of luck to you guys.
5:38 am
i know they are unveiling it today officially to the world so to speak. and they are going to pack it up for the 2,000-mile road race that will take place in october. >> bob, thank you. i think i need a solar powered car. >> 5:38. the san francisco woman accused of weaking into alex trebek's hotel room says she is a prostitute not a thief. she was to meet a john, not to steal things. she never went into alex trebek's room and she ran from him because she said she didn't want hotel zurt know why she was at the hotel. moyers is accused of stealing hundreds in cash and prosecutors say hotel security caught her as trebek was tasing. he's how on crutches. >> hopefully he's doing okay.
5:39 am
our weather seems to be doing outstanding. >> good morning. this time of year typically if it's too hot it's hard to get a good night's sleep. it's been so nice all month long. today no exception to the rule. we've got nice onshore flow taking place that's going to bring in the marine air. the sun will shine through. i think 11:00 a.m. in the city. we saw it earlier yesterday. 9:30 a.m. entirely clear across the city of san francisco. lot a lot of pressure that's going to keep things warm. so fog is the story. still about a mile and a quarter. your numbers dropping in novato. watch for sick fog. we'll watch all morning long. and temperatures are on the cool side in the north bay and along the peninsula. warmer inland. 58 in concord. 56 degrees in san jose. throughout the day, at noon 75
5:40 am
comfortable degrees, inland 63. 4:00 people 80 degrees. 72 at the bay. here's what we're looking at. los gatos, you'll hit 85. 81 san jose. as we head through, we'll talk about your extended forecast. what the best places to hit this weekend will be. ite now let's get you out the door with mike. >> we'll take you first to the area leaving san francisco northbound 101. that's clear from the roadway. and the disabled -- bay bridge, no quarterbacks. give you a peek at that. you can see the high rise. maybe some drizzle around the bay. a lot of crews on the scene. 101 is clear. back to you. >> thanks, fik. it's 5:40.
5:41 am
your tires, poor, huddled masses. we'll have to kind somewhere teels go. why you're not going to be year.
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>> breaking news we're following from san francisco. you see firefighters on the scene of a one-alarm fire. this is at a business at masonic and hay. it's south of the panhandle. we have christie smith live on the scene. we'll hear from her. >> the multi-trillion-dollar question, is washington headed for gridlock? the congressional super committee is almost set. many are wondering if they can put their differences aside and come to some compromise to stable this uneasy economy. tracie potts is live in washington. good morning. what's the vibe out there? >> hey, jon. we've got this committee that's
5:44 am
shaping up. we know the republicans on the committee, a lot of them far right conservatives who oppose tax increases. you might ask what's different with this deficit committee than what we saw last spring which almost sent us into default. there is a little bit of a difference here, in the fall there is an incentive because if they don't come up with agreement or if it's one that congress won't pass we're looking at automatic budge cuts. so these democrats or republicans have a reason to get together. not to mention what we're seeing on wall street 500-point slide. lots of people worried about their retirement, investments in the market. president obama asked should he postpone his vacation, bring congress back. in an interview the president said there is no reason to bring congress back early if all they are going to do is fight. they are setting this up for
5:45 am
september and we're waiting and hoping to see if it works. >> thank you. hope being the key word. >> it's 5:44. prosecutors are fighting to keep the suspected shooter of congresswoman gabrielle giffords medicated. they want jared lee lockner to take psychotropic drugs. his lawyers are fighting the request saying that doing so violates his due process rights. he's pleaded not guilty to charge charges in shootings. a judge has decided loughner is mentally unfit to help in his legal defense. >> 5:45. two pilots are safe after their fighter jet went down. the jet similar to the one you see was flying with another plane when contact was lost. it was seen southwest of
5:46 am
san diego. a naval ship was sent to the area. no word on the cause of this accident. >> a movie deal about a real life teen is worth as much as 1.they million. so called barefoot bandit, colton harris-moore reportedly inked the deal with fox. the daily herald says he'll use the money to help pay back the money he owes to victims. harris-moore reached folk outlaw status. during a spree across seven states, he pleaded guilty to federal felony charges in june. he will be sentenced in october. >> this one may chaung plans. you won't be able to bee to visit lady liberty next year. it will close for a year at the end of october for a renovation.
5:47 am
graus working to make the center more accessible. crews will up great the electric, sprinkler, elevators and bathrooms. a little botox, a tuck here, tuck there. zw it's 5:47. >> you don't need maintenance when it comes to the forecast. it's perfect especially for this time of year. we're looking good. san jose this morning. you can see the mountains. we'll see cloud cover. i think we'll call it haze inland areas. today the east bay, the south bay waking up mostly clear. we have thick fog. it's going to take longer to clear but you'll see these skies over the bayater on today as well. we do have something out there. we're watching your numbers start to drop. down to a mile. still looking good, clear, on
5:48 am
the south end. temperatures are going to range from the mid to upper 80s in some cities of the east bay so a little warm. probably turninging on the ac but only for a couple of days. we back off, temperatures in the 70s. a cooling friend on the way. 54 in san mateo. on the way to 70 in sunnyvale at noon and round out the day with warmer numbers. you're starting out clear t sun will warm you up. throughout the week high pressure builds in. that's going to knock offshore thugh the t couplef days. then another trough dips into the area. back to the 70s. so if you're hooking for a heat wave we don't have one. if you're looking for a traffic jam we probably do have one. >> i can kind a lot going on.
5:49 am
the maze, the approach to the toll plaza, east store and caldecott tunnel, 580 through oakland. 23rd there will be two big rigs in the slow lane. an accident. no injuries. folks are heading past the coliseum. these taillights past high street. a lot hitting the road. that's going to cause slowing. if it takes long for these to be cleared it could affect folks heading on that route. we'll follow this. no word but if there are a lot of breaks that will be a problem. >> the san francisco problem. we're following a fire, christie is on the scene. i'm here 12:21 is the address i here. its a business but there are phones. avoid the largest intersection in the area. off the panhandle of golden gate park. all the way through the weekend.
5:50 am
outside, a festival is going to close off for cars. you have to walk into and through the park. even if you are trying to get through the park. you cannot drive on the roads. the rest of the peninsula moving nicely. no major backups. >> thank you, mike. >> the time now is 5:50. a community torn apart comes together to rebuild. now san bruno. >> remember the guy who lost an iphone 18 car. steve is a party animal. >> wow. i don't know if i can top that. it's 5th
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>> new this morning, a live look outside. golden gate bridge. look at that. you can almost count the cars traveling across it. 5:53. >> did man arrested in a 27-year-old murder case made his appearance in court. his father says police have the wrong guy. steven carlson is accused of killing tina faels. carlson's father says his son, yeah, he smoked pot and drank but he insists his son is not a murderer. >> this morning as a young baseball fan recovers, the man accused of sending him this will answer to a third suspect involved in the killing of the 3-year-old. actually this morning, that's -- we had the ryan white story. the boy was in town from philadelphia watching the phillies take on the giants at at&t park. oakland police are looking for a
5:54 am
third suspectnvolved in the killing of a 3-year-old toddler. he was killed in a drive-by shooting last monday afternoon. reports say two people are in custody including a parolee with a history of possessing guns. >> people in san bruno will mark the anniversary of the pipe line explosion with a ceremony and reunion. on friday, september 9 at 530 chock in the evening the community will gather at the skyline college to remember the eight people killed in that blast. on sunday the community will meet for reunion at city park. the anniversary comes days after the ntsb releases its report on the blast which should include the cause of that explosion. >> jon, remember that super secret iphone found in a bar. scott says they kicked in doors at apple's request looking for it. >> it ended up on the internet. when jason chen got a hold of it he showed it off.
5:55 am
remember back in the day this was the first time that any one outside of apple had seen it. prosecutors decide that chen here has done nothing wrong. he is protected by california law that shields journalists doing their jobs. prosecutors have decided to charge two other men in the case, the fellow who found the phone and the fellow who sold it to chen because those men knew what they had was not theirs. speaking of apple it's steve wozniak's birthday. he's 61. he's responsible for the children's museum in san jose, was a major force behind shoreline ap pa theaterment how early did waz get the party started. 3:16 this morning. >> you sure, or ending. >> he says birthday celebration about to start at harrah's
5:56 am
resort. i have occasionally partied, until 3:16. i never started at 3:16. >> we can make a road trip. not that far. >> good to know waz knows how to get down. do you have the acting bug? i can tell you the money's not half bad if you land a gig. getting a tv acting job in the area, well, it's about more lucrative than the movie roles. a roundup of the highest tv stars of the fall season and here is a hook. ashton kutcher and hugh laurie tie. mariska hargitay will earn $350,000 an episode. i can tell you i'm not an actor but for that money i'll fake it. >> you should get paid for saying mariska hargitay so easily. >> nice work if you can get it.
5:57 am
>> absolutely. the time now is 5:56. still to come on today in the bay, will the america's cup set sail or get stuck at the docks? >> a half hour from the opening bell, how will markets respond to yesterday's dow dive? updates all morning long. >> we've got dense fog this morning. we'll tell you where it's the thickest and we've got that weekend forecast. that's coming up. >> i'm tracking two big rigs. we'll haorrigs. we'll have more coming up. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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