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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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♪ new this morning, locked inside of work while robbers ran sack the house. the manhunt for the suspect ahead. the man charged in a high-profile drive-by shooting in oakland that killed a 3-year-old boy is back in court today. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what he's doing in court in a live report. and the most horrifying of scenes. a man comes home to find his dog standing over the body of his pregnant wife. and a closer look at the bay area city where little more than half of high school students actually finish high school. it's friday, august 12th. you're looking at san jose
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there. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you. this is "today in the bay." well good morning, everyone, i'm scott mcgrew. let's get a forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. although you can't see me, i'm actually dancing because it's friday. good morning. we've got some fog out there. could slow down your commute. right now, the densest of the fog will be found in the north bay. we're expecting more to develop as we head through the next couple hours. probably through 8:00 a.m. we'll tell you when it's expected to clear, and more importantly, what's to come this weekend. your forecast in moments. let's get you out that front door right now. if you're headed to work, hi, mikie. >> good morning, christina. we'll take a look at the south bay, because we have our studios in the south bay. morning, scott. we have friends out here who have told us about a lot of construction, specifically my friend aaron who comes over from santa cruz, and we remind folks we still have a lot of construction. he hit four separate zones between santa cruz and los
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gatos, effects both directions until 5:00 for highway 17. also 2880 and 881, actually road and a lot of repaving going on. a lot of folks working very hard this morning. >> thank you. employees locked inside a warehouse as robber ransack a car business. officers on the scene of the robbery on north point road. police say an employee called dispatchers to report the robbery just before 11:00 last night and then locked themselves into a safe space inside the warehouse. >> we arrived, we had to free the employees. because the doors were locked, secureded. and once we freed the employees, we found they were unharmed. >> now, it's unclear if the robbers were armed. it appears, though, they were targeting the business because it holds armored cars and processes all that cash and valuables. also this morning, the man accused of firing the shot that killed a toddler in oakland is
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behind bars. he'll be in court today. "today in the bay"'s christie smith live in oakland with the late late latest good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. the man charged with murder in this high-profile shooting is expected in court today. lawrence de nard is being held without bail right around the corner from where we are standing. those who know him are speaking out on his behalf. they say despite a history of violence in east oakland, they say the 26-year-old is a father and a good person. he did not enter a plea in court yesterday in connection with the daytime drive-by shooting that killed 3-year-old carlos nava in oakland monday. police say the intended targets were two men. but court documents obtained by nbc bay area showed that denard pleaded no contest to being a felon with a gun in 2004, and also convicted of grand theft. an ex girlfriend says, despite
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that you will, he's not a murderer. >> we're looking from the outside in, he's guilty, he's guilty. but he's really not. i believe that in my heart. >> the defendant had callous disregard for the safety of everyone, want only shot the little toddler as they walked home from a bustling street. >> reporter: the community continues to mourn for 3-year-old carlos. the memorial is growing. denard will be back in court today to confirm details of his legal representation. and police are saying that unlike many homicides that happened here in oakland, witnesses in this case are being very cooperative. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> kris at this, thank you. today a husband heartbroken after coming home to find his pregnant wife dead, in the home, killed by the family dog. today veterinarians will examine
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the body. greg went to his house, found his 2-year-old pit bull in the front room standing over his dead wife. 32-year-old door la napora. he called police, put the dog in the backyard with another pit bull. police say while emergency crews were trying to revive the woman, the dog viciously attacked her face and neck got loose. >> the dog did, in fact, come out, come through the gate and started to approach officers and first responders. the dog was covered in blood. two first shot the dog three times and killed him. >> animal control took the surviving dog into custody. the east bay man accused of killing a high school classmate decades ago is speaking out. steven carlson tells "the times" quote, i may be a dirt bag but didn't hurt anybody. carlson seen here in a school yearbook photograph was accused of stabbing 14-year-old tina phels to death back in 1984.
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carlson was 16 years old at the time. he and she both attended foot hill high school. he told "the times" he saw her on campus but didn't know her personally. police say advances in dna evidence helped them make their case. the hitman who confessed to killing an oakland journalist could learn his fate today. 23-year-old brusard faces 25 years in killing for chauncey bailing back in 2007. but his sentencing could be postponed, he could be sent back to trial if a judge decides there's enough evidence that he falsely implicated two others. brusar d-con fessed to killing bailey and another man but said the killings were on the order of his former religious mentor. bay and his accomplice were convicted of first degree murder in june. 4:36 this morning. an east bay man accused of drunkenly running down a little
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boy and running away is back behind bars. 21-year-old andrew vargas seen here the night of the crash pleaded not guilty to drunk driving and felony hit and run charges. police say vargas drove the wrong way up montgomery street in san francisco and plowed into 9-year-old ryan white. white and his family were in town from philadelphia to watch a giants' game against the phillies at at&t park. vargas's attorney his says client is remorseful and asha d ashamed, but when peppered with questions by reporters, the attorney lashed out, calling it a media circus. >> why don't we do this? why don't we go back in the courtroom and this is where the case needs to be decided. let's do this. this is called a courtroom. this is a courtroom. this is where justice is dispensed. >> and it will be. vargas's next court appearance scheduled for august 16th. white still in serious condition at a san francisco hospital. he has broken bones and severe head injuries. a desperate decision by b.a.r.t. to crack down on protesters will effect you, as
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well. b.a.r.t. decided to turn off cell phone service around civic center b.a.r.t. station with the hopes it can keep protesters from organizing in the area. b.a.r.t. says it realizes turning off cell service is inconvenient, not something the agency plans to do regularly. >> we felt like it was a great tool to utilize for this specific purpose. in order to give us somewhat of an advantage over what we thought, you know, could turn into something more volatile. >> now, back on july 11th, protesters stopped trains, caused chaos for commuters. protesters rally against the death of charles hill, a homeless man shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police at civic center station. officers say hill was armed with a knife and threw a bottle at them before he was shot. the town of atherton taking the state's high-speed rail plan to court. at issue, the project's environmental impact report which leaders say is based on flawed writership numbers.
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the town also says the report doesn't do enough to spell out the traffic impact of the proposed rail line. this is the second time an environmental impact report has been challenged. the high-speed rail project is a planned 800-mile railway connecting the bay area and southern sacramento with southern california. new numbers out this morning show nearly 1 out of every 5 students in california who should have graduated this year did not. dropping out before graduation day. the state department of education says 94,000 teenagers hit the streets without diplomas this year alone. and even more worrisome, 17,000 eighth graders quit before going to a single day of high school. in oakland, 53% of the district's 3,200 high school students actually graduated. >> 37% dropped out. san francisco, 82% of high school students graduate. all right. let's check in with the friday forecast and meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning.
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well, if your kids are off for summer break, you probably enjoyed this wonderful weather. it hasn't been too hot, which means they can get outside. they're not watching tv inside all day long. of course we want them to watch this program. a little bit of fog, reduced visibilities in the north bay. but we're looking good in the city of san francisco. 56 degrees right now, calm winds as a result. that fog is starting to settle in. right now, though, you still have about 5 miles or better, even in the city of san francisco. our temperatures are right now ranging from the upper 50s, couple low 60s, 60s degrees in hayward, 56 in sunnyvale. if you liked yesterday, pretty much the same today. a repeat performance, just a touch warmer in some cities. santa cruz to 72 degrees. 84 in los gatos, and not going to see the cloud cover hanging around all day. your full forecast coming up. we'll tell you which day is best for the forecast. check your drive right now with mike. >> because the weekend has arriv arrived, a look ahead for some
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folks, everybody looking forward to the weekend. 680 at the bottom of your screen through sonol construction still going on, the off-ramp closed just for the next few minutes, not causing a major problem. north of 680, as well, construction through san ramon, sometimes down to one lane over the last week between red gear and al costa. a couple off-ramps closed, as well. and 58 to heading out of the area eastbound should slow a bit in the afternoon, about 2:00 or 3:00 in towards tracy. a lot of folks heading towards the central valley. this is the 680 corridor we're talking about, because of the construction still sticking around in towards walnut creek where yesterday we saw big slowing in the southbound direction. and over the last week or so, we have seen a heavy volume out of concord past the entire change into lafayette for 24 as well as 680 south into walnut creek. highway 4 yesterday, it showed some slowing through antioch. bay point and concord, a regular thing as well through this area. but the maze stayed relatively
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smooth, just the construction going on. >> thank you. 441. coming up, the new bay area hospital, and almost all patient roops are private. we'll tell you when that will be up and running. the fastest plane in the world pulls a disappearing act shortly after blast-off, where scientists say it may have crashed. for all your news and weather and traffic updates, check us out on facebook.
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4:44. it looks like mission control in
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there. it's our production booth. speaking of, remember yesterday? we told you about the launch of a fast plane, the fastest ever built? it did not go quite as planned after all. the unmanned glider was launched on a rocket yesterday morning from vandenburg air force base here in california. officials say the plane was up for nine minutes before they lost the signal. they think it may have crashed into the pacific ocean. it's a glider, supposed to be the fastest ever built, 13,000 miles per hour, means you could go from london to sydney. this is the second time the project called htv-2 has ended in a crash. a sign of just how bad the economy is. census data shows when it comes to starting families, we now have a lot in common with the great depression. u.s. birth rates fell between 2007 and 2009 by 4%. that is the steepest decline in 30 years. experts say it's the recession that's driving fertility rates down at the same level seen as during the depression.
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they say the key element in the number is the addition of unemployed young adults, if they had jobs they would be more likely to have kids. this morning, the see saw ride that is the stock market continues to see-saw. for that and more, let's turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> hi, it's been quite a week. might want to keep the pepto-bismol handy today. it could be another wild ride on wall street. futures were lower, now higher. we have kind of been all over the maps, we'll wait and see how things actually open in less than two hours from now. yesterday, we did see stocks soar, partly due to positive news on jobs, with fewer people filing for unemployment benefits last week and good earnings from tech giant cisco. markets were mixed overnight, but there are green arrows across europe which could help us. retail sales, consumer sentiment and business inventories. the dow surged 423 points to 11,143.
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the dow is now posted 400-plus point moves up or down for four straight days, and that has never before happened in the dow's 105-year history. the nasdaq gained 111 points to 2492. it's had five straight days of 100-point moves. and google steps up the competition with facebook, adding popular online games with angry birds and zinga poker to its social media site to google-plus. they have been financially connected to facebook with its members. facebook keeps 30% of the money made on the games. google-plus will only charge a 5% commission. and goodyear wants to get rid of those air pumps we all keep for good. the company has developed a self-inflating tire. it has a device inside that keeps track of pressure levels and adds air as needed. that would make tires safer, because they would never fall to dangerously low pressure levels and would eliminate the need for
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required tire pressure monitoring systems. goodyear also says they help you save on gas, because underinflated tires can cause 3% gas loss. a new hospital in redwood city will be built next to the old building on veterans road. this new hospital will be 280,000 square feet. almost all of the patient rooms will be private. construction will also focus on features that save water and power. the new hospital should be up and running by 2014. a little trivia for you. kaiser permanente, the largest single user of construction in the state of california. so there, christina loren. >> well, good. at least somebody is working these days. we're looking pretty good this morning. we have some fog out there, reduced visibility as a result. still have ten miles or better in san jose through livermore, still looking good with ten miles or better. oakland and san francisco,
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you're going to find some deep pockets swirling around, especially the peninsula. you are down to a half mile already in santa rosa. so watch out for fog this morning. i don't think it's going to make its way all the way inland, livermore, concord, fairfield, you'll probably stay nice and clear all morning long. 60 degrees in hayward. 54 in the city of san francisco headed towards 72 degrees later today. a really comfortable day yet again. and then temperatures drop off as we head towards next week. so if you're looking for a heatwave, triple digits, we can't find that for you right now. we're really mild summer overall across the bay area. 84 degrees in los gatos today, 82 in san jose. and your seven-day forecast shows you we're going to get the self-day outlook in a moment. basically shows you -- yeah, well, there is still fog. you can't see the seven-day through the fog there. it's going to be pretty nice as we head throughout the weekend. all right, are you ready for it? here it comes, seven-day outlook, boom, there it is. hit that chime.
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have a great day. back to you, scott. 4:49. coming up, music fans getting ready for the outside lands festival. how many porta potties they have set up. how many wine kegs they'll have. may have gotten that one out of order, mike. >> whatever order, doesn't matter. you don't drink and drive, stay there and celebrate, because you can't drive through the area. we'll talk about that as well as 280 through the south bay. smooth drive as we turn the corner stoords stanford. a lot of construction clearing outlook for traffic, as well. e
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and welcome back to you. it is 4:52. a navy s.e.a.l. who lived in the bay area has been laid to rest in virginia. friends and family said goodbye yesterday to chief petty officer kevin houston killed in last week's helicopter ambush in afghanistan. dozens of motorcyclists carrying american flags escorted houston's family to the service at the church he went to while stationed in virginia beach. houston lived in san jose as a child before serving in iraq and afghanistan, earning a bronze star and many other awards. 4:53. let's check in with laura in the newsroom for a look at what's ahead. good morning. >> good morning. very busy friday morning already. we're going to have a live report from santa rosa on that bold armed robbery attempt of an armored car warehouse. we have a crew arriving shortly. and after formally charging one suspect, oakland police say
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they are closing in this morning on another person they say is responsible for the shooting death of a toddler. it is a case the police chief says should make a big wake-up call for the city. plus, we'll break down the high school dropout rate numbers in the bay area. you may be surprised what you hear. all that, plus we're keeping a close eye on how the markets are finishing off the lead, hopefully leading to a great weekend. see you in a few. this weekend, more than 180,000 music fans will rock out at golden gate park. the outside music festival kicks off today. it includes amuse muse, fish, john fogarty. there will be, are you ready, 550 porta pottees on hand, 750 ro roadees, 750 cases of wine,
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coincidence? i think not. and 50 wine kegses on-site. so i imagine there will be some traffic issues, as well. >> probably a few. a lot of closures north and south. encouraging alternate transportation. so sfnta, and of course if you're going to the area, don't drive. a lot of options. just look up the outlands festival on the web. we have it on the map. golden gate park big slowing. unfortunately, one of the businesses that would have gotten a lot of traffic over at the panhandle, that's the one that had the fire that we tracked yesterday. one of the restaurants. go to ash bury legendary area and still very active. that circled area is where all of the activity will be for outside lands. right now construction activity still blocking a couple lanes getting over on that bridge, the bay bridge, getting over to treasure island. other side of the water, a live look, and traffic moving slowly past the coliseum. yesterday's raiders game in time to get the crowd for the a's
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game. expect some slowing after work. and it's friday, folks trying to get out of town early today. >> last week i saw the "planet of the apes" movie. it's awesome. >> you liked it. >> loved it. and i'm not a fan. but we've got a couple movies starting this weekend. here's your rundown. "final destination 5". there it is. >> final again. >> yes, and lots of stuff explodes. >> ah. >> so you've got that. and then there is, if you're looking for something a little bit more feminine, "the help." >> my wife wants to see this. >> she didn't want to see "final destination 5"? >> yes, she wanted to see the crossover where help and final destination crosses over. >> "30 minutes or less" i have not heard of this, but you've got something about this. >> "newsweek" is featuring how being geek is cool right now, i wish it was cool when i was in high school. but this is the one i remember seeing a lot of previews until two weeks ago and then -- >> disappeared. so it's a comedy about a guy who gets a bomb strapped to his
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chest. . >> it doesn't sound funny, but jesse eisenberg. >> that will be cool. those are your choices. we'll report back monday morning. >> apes are good. >> apes are good. coming up, police on the lookout for a south bay mom on the run with her kids where cops think she is taking them. just ahead. and a stealing spree over on the peninsula for a thefts are behind bars. s u out on facebook. search nbcbayareamorningnews.
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"today in the bay"
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the high percentage of students who never make it through senior year of high school. i'm bob riddel, the newest dropout rates in the state of california coming up. the man accused of killing a high school classmate 27 years ago says he didn't do it. we'll tell you what he did admit to coming up. >> reporter: new this


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