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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sources say oakland police are very close to making another arrest in connection with the killing of a 3-year-old boy on the streets of oakland. plus one suspect expected to make another court appearance today. i'm christie smith. that story, coming up. and we take a live look outside. yes, tgif, it's friday, august 12th. this is "today in the bay." . . the only thing you left out was tgif exclamation point. >> it was in my voice. i was trying to project. >> 5:00, i'm laura garcia cannon. >> good morning, i'm john kelly. right now the weather, we say good morning to our meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> you also forget it's a payday friday, making it all the better. >> we love payday friday around here. our temperatures are looking good for your weekend. temperatures coming down next week. doesn't even feel like summertime around here. i've got your full forecast coming up in moments.
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but if you are getting ready to head out the front door, watch out for some fog and whatever else mike has to tell you about. >> good morning, christina. i have to tell you about construction in the south bay. a lot going on. a lot of it clearing, though, just like everyone else. construction crews want to clear early on a friday. but we have 880 just north of 87 with a little bit of remaining going on there. 101, repaving work going on at the 85 split area. and we're also looking at construction, a lot of spots along highway 17 still active, including right there, the highway 9 off-ramp going on for maybe another half hour. so watch for slowing through that area. and then over the summit, all of the drainage repair so a lot of slowing through the area between here and santa cruz, guys. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. employees locked inside a warehouse has robbers ran sack an armored car and a business and took off. this happened overnight in santa rosa. this morning, police officers are on the scene of the robbery on north point road. police say an employee called dispatchers to report the robbery just before 11:00 last night. the employees then locked themselves into a safe place
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inside the warehouse. the business holds armored cars and processes cash along with other valuables. right now, we have a crew on the way to the scene, and we will have a live report coming up. this morning, staggering new numbers when it comes to california's high school dropout rate. "today in the bay" has done some data mining this morning and breaks down the numbers to show us what it all means for students here in the bay area. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning. it might not be a surprise. >> oh, no. it looks like we lost the signal there to bob's live shot. >> we'll check back in with bob in a little while. in the meantime, still waiting to see if there will be another roller coaster day on wall street. traders hoping to get out of this week alive. yesterday, the dow closed up, gaining 423 points. however, it's still down for the entire week. in asia, markets closed up slightly. european stocks also appear to be recovering a little bit today. and coming up you in about ten minutes, we will have a live report on how futures are trading. it is 5:02 right now.
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the man accused of the 1984 murder in pleasanton is talking this morning. steven carlson told the contra costa times, quote, i may be a dirt bag, but i didn't hurt nobody. unquote. carlson is accused of stabbing 14-year-old tina fails to death when she walked home from school. she was 16 years old at the time. carlson and fails both attended foot hill high school. he told "the times" he saw her on campus but didn't know her personally. he says he does not know why he is being charged. he thinks police are blaming him because he has a criminal record and is close to the case. time now, 5:03. oakland police are closing in on another suspect in the shooting death of a toddler. this as prosecutors file formal murder charges against a man already in custody. christie smith is live in oakland with an update this morning. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you, and happy friday. you know, lawrence denard is being held here in jail in oakland without bail.
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he is expected back in a courtroom in oakland a little bit later on today after he was charged in connection with that killing of a 3-year-old child. now, those who know denard, though, are speaking out, saying despite a history of violence in east oakland, they still don't think he could commit this horrible crime. denard appeared in court yesterday, but did not enter a plea in connection with the bold daytime drive-by shooting that killed little 3-year-old carlos nava, who was out with his family near a pizza shop when someone opened fire. police say the intended target were actually two gang rivals. according to court records, denard was convicted of robbery in 2004 in addition to other crimes in oakland. but those who know him say that doesn't tell the whole story. >> he was a good guy. he's really a good guy. with my daughter, with his daughter. he's a good dad. he's a good guy.
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>> lawrence denard pulled out a gun, fired at a young child and killed and murdered a young child. that's enough of lawrence denard's on the city of oakland. >> reporter: now, the community continues to mourn for 3-year-old carlos. the memorial out there at 64th and international is growing. again, denard will be back in court today to confirm details of his legal representation. interesting to note, police say that unlike many homicides that go on in oakland where witnesses don't cooperate, in this case, they have had plenty of people coming forward to help the them out. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. it's 5:05 right now. we started tell you about some staggering numbers when it comes to california's high school dropout rate when the live shot with bob dropped out. no connection there, though. he's got details of some of the numbers here in the bay area. good morning, bob. >> reporter: new numbers coming in from the california state
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department of education. good morning to you, laura. and, of course, it all depends on where you live. that will determine what the percentage of the chance of your child graduating from high school. just look at the los gatos saratogaa union high school district over the past four years leading up to the year of graduation of 2010. only 1.7% of students dropped out. you come over here in this part of san jose we're at for the east side union high school district, and over those four years, roughly 18% of students dropped out. here at overfelt high, it was a much higher number. 1 in 4 students dropped out for the class of 2010. i'll throw some numbers up on the screen, from the california department of education. statewide, the average dropout rate over those past four years was roughly 18%. of alameda county, 19%. santa clara, 17%. cocoa, 14%. and is if you go up the peninsula, san mateo, 13%, and sf roughly 11%. when you break it down by race,
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this is statewide. african-americans had the greatest tendency to drop out. 30% of them dropping out, latinos 23%, white, 12%, asian 8%. a spokeman for the east side union high school district, we bring them up because of their high dropout rate, was telling one local paper that they are trying to change this. of they know it's very high. if you look at the oakland school district in alameda county, one of the highest dropout rates in california, there's is 37%, barely half of the students graduated. a spokesman there telling "the chronicle" they believe the problem was over recent years they have been focusing on elementary school students, trying to reduce class size and increase literacy report programs. they say their plan now is to change that. one thing that is interesting about the numbers themselves is
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that this is the first time the state has tracked students from freshman through senior year. so even if they move between school districts or between schools, they're able to still get an idea of where they're at. so these are some of the most accurate numbers they've ever been able to produce about the dropout rates for the state of california. reporting live here in san jose, bob riddel, "today in the bay." >> thanks for breaking it down. 5:08 right now. police all over california are looking for a mother accused of kidnapping her own kids. morgan hill police say nelita hernandez may be on her way to mexico. she and an unknown friend allegedly kidnapped hernandez's 5-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter from a 7-eleven store sunday. they spent four days on the run before dropping those kids off unharmed at their grandmother's house. police say hernandez lost custody of her kids in june, and does not have visitation rights. here's one of those stories that will make you smile. thousands much south bay kids
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and families get a chance to pick out brand-new backpacks for school today. the sacred heart community service center will hold its annual backpack distribution days for low-income families. more than 2,000 school kids will be able to choose brand new backpacks filled with school supplies donated and community and religious groups. distribution goes from 9d:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 1381 south first street. and another effort to help bay area students get ready for school gets under way this morning in union city. walmart hosting a stuff the bus campaign. asking shoppers there to donate school supplies to the new haven unified school district. the supply drive runs through sunday at the union landing shopping center. and you've got to love that name, "stuff the bus." >> because there's nothing like new crayons. >> all that good stuff. >> that's what makes going back to school fun, kids. >> we can say that, because we don't have to go back to school. 5:09. let's hope for a nice weekend.
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here's meteorologist christina loren. >> i bet a lot of parents are happy about back to school time, as well. good morning. we're looking really good so far. we do have some dense fog at this point up you in the north bay, but overall, looking nice and clear inland. we are expecting more fog to slide to the south along the peninsula. and through marin county as we head throughout the next three or four hours. temperature wise today, comfortable conditions, the areas with the low cloud cover will be the coolest, hence santa rosa probably in the low 80s today. otherwise looking good. ten miles visibility or better across the bay area. temperatures right now, 56 degrees. in livermore. at 56 degrees in santa rosa, 57 in san mateo. at noon, as you break for lunch, temperatures climb into the 70s in some cities. 70 degrees in sunnyvale and san jose. and we round out the day with temperatures on track with their seasonal averages, just a touch cooler, but still really comfortable. not a hint of triple digits in sight. we've got that seven-day forecast, we're helping you plan your weekend. a lot happening this weekend.
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and we'll talk about what the weather will hold. first let's get you to work on time with mike. >> all right. we have an issue of chp looking for a motorcycle and whatever else they can find. 101 in between 280 and the split there to the bay bridge in the say wooi. they scanned both sides of the freeway, but there was an accident reported at caesar chavez. no surprises for the flow through the area. the other circle, golden gate park all weekend. expect closures north and south of the park, disruptions and a lot of crowds and activity going on. beautiful music, as well. the lower deck, slow out of the city, a little slowing because of the construction zone to the i'll. the as play today in oakland so watch for slowing there after work. and then a live look at the san mateo bridge. reports of debris to the toll plaza. no problems on the span itself. approaching the toll plaza, a mud flap reported, i don't know
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if it's the kind with the chrome lady on it or yosemite sam. >> now i know what to get you for your birthday. we continue our watch on the markets coming up, a live report on how futures are trading now. >> and now behind bars. two people suspected of dozens of home burglaries up and down the peninsula. plus, what women today have in common with women who lived during the great depression. and no, it's not about their bank accounts. and we have details about a sonoma wine country get-away contest. check it out. look for us on facebook at nbc
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bay area. good morning. a quick look outside, and traffic flowing smoothly. we'll have a full update on traffic and weather.
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right now, the time is 5:14. it's a sign of how bad the economy is. census data shows when it comes to starting families, women have a lot in common with women during the great depression. u.s. birth rates fell by 4% between 2007 and 2009. that is the steepest decline in 30 years. experts say the recession is driving the pregnancy rate down to the same level seen during the depression era. they say the addition of unemployed young adults is contributing to the problem. if they had jobs, they would more likely have children. the good news is, women do rule the world and i'm surrounded -- >> listen to this guy. >> he's smarter than i thought. >> working it. it's friday. >> you've got a good woman at home. that helps too, i'm thinking. >> all this good weather to go with it. >> yeah, good weather to take your lady out. maybe a picnic outside, romantic. perfect weather for that. this weekend, temperatures are going to be nice and
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comfortable. taking a live look at coliseum. fortunately, we would have liked to see our raiders pull out a big win yesterday, it was not the case, but a long season ahead. what you can tell from this picture, we don't have a lot of fog out there this morning, looking pretty good in terms of visibility. we're watching for some fog to develop, though, mostly between out hours of 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. a pretty deep marine layer, not quite as deep as yesterday. and that means a lot of sunshine for the second half of the day. so a foggy start right at the coast making way to a really nice afternoon. i think you're going to start out nice and clear in places like livermore this morning, the trivalley areas. as we head throughout the afternoon, as we lose all this low cloud cover and half-mile visibility in santa rosa, the sun will come out i think up in the north bay and peninsula by 10:30 today, so more sunshine and another comfortable afternoon. it's going to be a cold and dreary start though in the city. probably need a jacket. 57 in hayward, 56 in livermore. lunch, temperatures climb into
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the upper 60s. perfection. 70 in sunnyvale at noon. 56 and sunny in san francisco. the low cloud cover keeps you cool. 77 degrees in redwood city. 81 in fremont. as we head through the weekend, i think if you're looking for sunshine, you're going to get a little bit more warmth and sun on saturday. so that's the best day for outdoor plans this weekend. sunday, not too shabby. we start with a little more cloud cover early on. all right, it's early this morning, but a lot of people out there. >> good morning, christina. yeah, we look over here and a smooth drive through the maze and approach. you talked about the raiders. he'll talk abo -- i'll talk abo the a's in a second. construction here on the lower deck. a live shot at the bay bridge and christina talking about fog not enough to impede our view. that's good news. and over here we saw some flashing lights just for a couple minutes coming out of san francisco and that's typical. a lane or two blocked heading over towards treasure island. they may, in fact, be moving these construction crews a
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little bit early this morning. so that will be great news. we'll track it, no slowing so far. golden gate park, we have the outside lance festival. we had a closure starting last night at 8:00 and it will last with more and more closures through today until tonight and lasting until 11:00 p.m. on sunday. a smooth drive down the peninsula right now. no problems past the san mateo bridge, just minor debris. we told you about a mud flap cleared around the toll plaza. the construction spots picking up, no major issues there either. we have folks using gas right here, past the coliseum, the a's are playing. you can get that scratcher card where you win gas for life. if you don't win, keep it, and put in your six-digit code and get a chance to win a $50 gas card, and any little bit helps. every little bit helps. we just want to help. back to you guys. >> we need help. >> yes, we do, because we have had ugly reminders for a long time that wall street is a key
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indicator how wall street is doing. volatile. yes, things have been up and down all week long. "today in the bay"'s courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. the question is, how are things out there, courtney? good morning. >> good morning to you. well, i don't know if you've been nauseous like me this week, but if you have, you might want to keep the pepto-bismol handy, because it could be another wild ride on wall street. futures are now higher, but we were lower just about an hour or so ago. so it remains to be seen how things are going to open, and continue to trade today. we did have a nice rally on wall street yesterday. we saw stocks soar. due partly to positive news on jobs with fewer folks filing for unemployment benefits and good earnings from cisco. agent markets mixed overnight. there are green arrows in europe which could help us. retail sales, consumer sentiment and inventories. the dow surged 423 points to 11,143. so the dow has posted 400 plus
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point moves up or down for four straight days. that has never happened before in the dow's 10 5-year history. the nasdaq went to 2492. it's had five straight days of 100-point moves. mortgage rates have dropped to new lows as worries over europe's debt crisis has pushed into treasury bonds. mortgage rates to the yield on the ten-year treasury, freddie mac says the average rate on a 30-year fixed fell to 4.32% last week from 4.39% the week prior. a 15-year fixed loan is averaging 3.5%. and the u.s. postal service has reportedly proposeded cutting 20% of its work force as it tackless a sea of red ink. "the washington post" says the cuts include making layoffs. the agency wants to pull employees from health and retirement plans that cover federal workers and create its own program. last week the postal service
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reported a $3 billion second quarter loss. it's the only federal agency required to prefund health and pension benefits for future retirees. back to you. >> all right, courtney. i'm hoping you get a break today so you can get away for the weekend. >> exactly. >> hang in there. thanks, courtney. two people say police -- two people police say, rather, are responsible for hundreds of thefts up and down the pens will are behind bars this morning. they arrested 21-year-old travis cosiano and jena montani. they're accused of pulling off a string of burglaries in belmont and other cities. belmont police teamed up with san mateo detectives to arrest the suspects. victims of recent burglaries are being called to come identify dozens of items recovered by investigators. the time now is 5:21. coming up, we'll take a look at what the b.a.r.t. trains could look like soon, and we'll tell you how you can weigh in. plus a couple people from the bay area about to get
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basketball's highest honor. the effort to bring cm to london includes the idea of shutting down facebook and twitter. we'll take a a bit.
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well, b.a.r.t. needs your help figuring out how they will get their new fleet looking these days. check this out. there are three interior design choices you can vote on. b.a.r.t. will hold a series of open house events in the next few weeks to get your feeb feedback. if you can't make it, still voice your choice by going to and submitting your opinion. a well-known former golden state warrior is getting ready for his induction into the basketball hall of fame. not easy for kris mullen drafted back in 1985, then battled alcohol addiction in his first
5:25 am
few years in the league and he says his last drink was way back in 1987. after that, went on to become a five-time all-star and two-time olympian. he's now working as a basketball analyst. also getting inducted in the hall today, stanford women's basketball coach tara van did he veer. she says she and mullen worked together in his early years. he would apparently stop by stanford to run drills with the women's team. van did he veer led the cardinal to two national championships, one one of handful of coaches, men or women that have won 800-plus games in the division one level of college basketball. congratulations to them. >> pretty cool. well, b.a.r.t. temporarily shut off cell phone service near the civic center station to try to frustrate protesters. scott mcgrew says england might try that on a larger scale. >> right. the prime minister of england himself asked police if they had the technology to shut down twitter, facebook, even the blackberry messaging service in
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england to try to interfere with protesters' plans. as you well know, london and other british cities erupted into chaos over the past few days. young, unemployed youths running wild, looting and burning. british prime minister david cameron is seriously proposing blocking make parts of the internet the way the egyptians and libyans did, saying, quote, when people are using social media for violence, we need to stop them. so we're working with police to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence. all right. you have seen london. now to france. that country just announcing it produced no growth in the last financial quarter. economists generally peg a recession of two quarters of negative growth so we can safely say france is halfway there. this is worrisome, because france along with germany are the richest countries in europe.
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japan's nintendo will cut prices on its game machine, but it takes effect today. they have a red version coming out today, as well. industry analysts say by cutting the price to $170, nintendo is showing it's willing to take a loss on each device just to stay in the game. so why aren't kids playing nintendo ds anymore? >> why? >> because they're playing with their iphones. >> oh, really? >> it's killing them. >> that many kids have iphones. >> or ipod touches or those sorts of things. or their parents do. when you're in a restaurant next time u see the kids with the game boys, look for iphones and kids and you'll see it. >> interesting. okay. thank you very much. 5:27 right now. john? >> still to come, what investigators are doing today to try to determine what caused a pit bull to turn on its pregnant owner. and take a look at that, john. we've got some fog creeping in this morning. and as a result, it could hamper your get-away friday plans. speaking of which, let's check that drive with mike. >> all right, christina. we are tracking some new
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information from the walnut creek police department. i'll letnoat'soing on there as that construction shifts, and the friday commute
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is just getting started.
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new this morning, an aggressive armed robbery at a north bay business makes for a very scary night for a couple employees locked inside. good morning, i'm marla theas live with that story coming up. investigators looking into the death of a mother-to-be killed by her own dog. plus, a possible snag in the case against the men who killed oakland journalist chauncey bailey. the judge's decision today that could determine if there is a whole new trial. >> reporter: one in five high schoolers will never get their hands on that diploma. i'm bob redell. the latest dropout rates coming up. we'll check the morning commute to help you get out the
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door this friday, august 12th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, and thanks so much for joining us. it is 5:30 already. i'm laura garcia cannon. rnlts . >> good morning, i'm john kelly. let's check in with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. if you want to hit that snooze this morning, i think you'll be able to do so inland. livermore, stay in bed, you don't have to give yourself extra time on your drive to work this morning, because we have clear conditions. that will probably be the case throughout the next few hours. not so much the case in the north bay, down to a half mile visibility in santa rosa. we'll let you know when the fog will clear today, and what's to come for the all-important weekend. that's coming up. let's get you out that front door, 5:31. hey, mikie. >> hey, christina, talking about clear skies. 580 towards 680, look at all of the construction, but to the
5:32 am
south, the construction is clear from the on ramp. we still have the zone between red gear and al costa. sick more valley clear as well. a new accident, walnut creek, the eastbound direction closed away from 680 around john muir. there is an accident there. i'm following the details. so far not a lot, expect for that closure. >> thank you, mike. new this morning, a search for two suspects who broke into an armored truck company and then locked two employees inside. this all happening overnight in santa rosa. that's where marla ma at aa is joining us live with the investigation. >> reporter: the company is called garma armored car service, next to us on north point parkway. you can see one of the armored trucks behind us this morning. this is where the aggressive armed robbery tack place last night. also where the suspects got away. now, santa rosa police say they got the call from an employee
5:33 am
about 10:45 last night. the employee told police he and another employee were both locked inside, and the company had just been robbed. responding sergeant explains what police found what they arrived. >> we arrived, we had to free the employees. because the doors were locked, secureded. and once we freed the employees, we found that they were unharmed. >> reporter: now, officials say the suspects were armed and, according to initial unconfirmed reports, they may have been carrying ak-47s. now, detectives say the suspects got away with some money, but they say it's not clear how much money. and according to the company website, garda offers, quote, a complete range of cash-handling services, including traditional armored transportation of valuabl valuables. as of this morning, police are not saying how many suspects they are looking for today. but john, those suspects are still on the loose. and, of course, if anybody has information about this armed robbery here in southwest santa
5:34 am
rosa, you're asked to call santa rosa police. john? >> marla tellez reporting from san santa rosa. thank you very much. this morning a husband heartbroken and grieving after coming home to find his pregnant wife killed by the family pit bull. veterinarians will examine the body to see what caused the attack. he went to his house yesterday afternoon and found his 2-year-old pit bull in the front room standing over his dead wife, 32-year-old door la napora. he called police and put the dog in the backyard with his female pit bull. police say while emergency crews were trying to revive the woman, the dog that viciously attacked her face and neck got loose. >> the dog did, in fact, come out, come through the gate, and started to approach officers and first responders. the dog was covered in blood. two officers shot the dog three times and killed it. >> what a brutally sad story. all around. animal control took the
5:35 am
surviving dog into custody. >> that is sad. 5:34 right now. hard to believe there are school districts where nearly half of the students fail to graduate from high school. the new data collected here in california shows it's happening right here in the bay area. bob redell has been breaking down the numbers this morning. he joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. between their freshman and senior years, the class of 2010 thinned dramatically. the california department of education just released new numbers that showed that roughly 1 in 5 students throughout the state dropped out of high school. if you want to take a look at your tv screen, you can see that here in our neck of the woods. the south bay and east bay mirrored that trend, generally speaking. alameda county had a dropout rate of 19%, santa clara, 17%. you go up the peninsula, and into sf, only about 1 in 10 students quit school over those four years so they had a much lower dropout rate.
5:36 am
if you break it down by race, african-americans statewide were most likely to drop out. their rate was 30%. followed by latinos, then whites and finally asians. this report is significant, not only because it shows how much work needs to be done in the education of our children, but it's the first time the state has tracked students from their freshman through senior years, even if they moved between districts and schools. now, those numbers are averages. you can go online and search for specific districts and schools, which is what we did, just to see how stark the differences can be. to give you an example. so, for instance, here in the south bay, almost everyone graduated in the los gatos saratoga union high school district. the dropout rate less than 2%. then you travel to the union bay high school district, and that jumps to 18%. overfelt high school, which is right behind me, the rate was even higher, one out of every four students in the class of
5:37 am
2010 never crossed that graduation stage. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell. "today in the bay." >> amazing numbers. thank you, bob. the time now is 5:36. the two men who killed oakland journalist chauncey bailey could find out today if they get a new trial. the judge will hear a motion from the lawyer of the suspects. they claim the prosecution's key witness, brussard lied on the stand to get a plea deal. he says he was ordered to stop the journalists from printing an article. if the judge denies the motion, brussard will be sentenced. time to check the all-important forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> well, it's the weekend. we've got really good sleeping in weather for you for the next couple days. we'll see mostly cloudy starts, just like today. particularly toward the coast. and then as we get into your weekend and next week, we'll start to lose those mostly
5:38 am
cloudy starts. temperatures, though, overall, running unseasonably cool yet again next week. we don't have any triple digits, not a hint of triple digit weather so far this summer. we have fog out there this morning, really starting to keep south along the peninsula. still have a half mile visibility in santa rosa. looking good where else why. south end of the peninsula clear. we are expecting the marine layer to push in the next couple hours. your day planner shows you at noon, 57 degrees, 61 in the bay. that's when you start to lose a lot of cloud cover and mostly sunny conditions by 4:00 p.m. even near the coast, 73 degrees, really comfortable weather today. 72 for san francisco, 76, san rafael. and 80 in santa rosa. the remainder of the week and to the all-important weekend, temperatures look good. we'll talk more about that. over to you. >> we're looking towards highway 4, because on a friday, we ease into the commute. but highway 4 easing just means
5:39 am
it's slowing a little less. 48 at the l-street sensor, 53 in bay point. we'll see the colors change to yellow in the next few minutes. we have been tracking this. police department still telling us that eastbound road is closed due to an accident. a single car crash took out a power pole and might affect folks. nature valley road around hospital drive to san carlos drive. so past the john muir area. watch for that. meanwhile, a live look out at the golden gate bridge. we see the glowing lights, moisture in the air. that's going to change over the course of the morning. it's summer, so of course there's going to be fog there, guys. back to you. >> noticed it this morning. thanks. right now, 5:39. the republican candidates for president taking shots, of course, at president obama. they also were taking shots at each other. we'll have a live report, next. surprise, surprise. plus, b.a.r.t. cuts cell phone
5:40 am
service to riders.we 'lte we'll tell you why. and a judge about to make a key ruling involving casey
5:41 am
anthony, the florida mother
5:42 am
cleared of charges she killed her daughter. welcome back. no more nice in the race to represent the gop and the presidential election. the eight major candidates really dukd it out on stage last night. they're fighting for votes and two more people may soon join them in that fight. "today in the bay"'s tracie potts live in washington with a look at last night's debate and what the candidates had to say about the economy. good morning. >> reporter: hi there, laura. what's interesting about this debate, it comes right before the all-important iowa straw poll so we have these eight major candidates spending two hours trying to convince everyone they are the one. and this time, president obama was not their only target. republicans battling it out over how to fix the economy and
5:43 am
create jobs. the country is bankrupt and nobody wants to admit it. and when you're bankrupt, you can't keep spending. >> reporter: most back cutting corporate taxes. >> cut that tax to zero. >> our jobs will come back. >> reporter: and capital gains. >> the largest capital gains cut in history, unemployment dropped to 4 to my knowledge .2%. >> reporter: michele bachmann and her man kane say it shouldn't take long. >> we don't have an option to wait more than 90 days. >> reporter: john huntsman said he did it as governor. >> i'm running on my record and proud to run on my record. >> reporter: while front runner mitt romney aimed at president obama -- >> i'm not going to eat barack obama's dog food. what he served up was not what i would have done. >> reporter: other candidates were attacking each other. >> her record of accomplishment and results is nonexistent. >> you said the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama, if you ask me. ♪ >> reporter: but no matter how bad the economy is, mr. obama says cancelling vacations to
5:44 am
bring congress back to washington is a bad idea. >> the last thing we need is congress spending more time arguing in d.c. >> now about those two others you said, laura, who may be joining them. we've got governor rick perry of texas who is supposed to make his formal announcement on saturday. and then there is sarah palin, who has made no announcement at all, but she is in iowa yet again today. >> you know what's going to be good, tracy, is "saturday night live" this weekend. >> oh, it's going to be fun. >> thanks so much. >> i will deductibfinitely dvr the judge in the casey anthony trial expected to rule on her probation status today. judge belvin perry expected to decide whether anthony should return to orlando immediately and serve probation on a check fraud charge. anthony pleaded guilty to the charge earlier last year before she was released from jail after she was found not guilty on murder charges in the death of her 2-year-old child. anthony has been in hiding since her release, and her attorneys say she would be in danger if
5:45 am
forced to return to orlando at this time. it is 5:44 right now. the operator of japan's damaged fukushima nuclear power plant is building a huge tent to cover one of the worst-hit reactors. officials hope the cover will keep leaked radioactive materials from spreading. as well as preventing rain water seepage and offer a barrier from further leaks. the tent will also act as a temporary replacement for the main reactors destroyed outer housing shell. the damages all stem from japan's deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit on march 11th. this weekend, more than 1 80,000 music fans will rock out at golden gate park. the annual outside lands music festival kicks off. it includes muse, fish and john fogarty.
5:46 am
check out these numbers courtesy of planet entertainment the. 550 porta potties on hand, two jumbotrons, 12 miles of fencing, 750 roadies, 750 cases of wine and 50 kegs on-site. that doesn't seem like enough. >> yeah, it sounds like just a regular college frat party. >> yeah. >> very upper crust. >> are they going to have nice weather? >> yeah, they are. but we didn't have kegs and wine at my college parties. >> no, boxes of wine. >> maybe a keg of ice if we were lucky. i went to chico state. hello, good morning. we've got a really nice day ahead of us. as you can see from your live picture of the bay bridge, still nice and clear. you can see all of the way across the span right now. we're looking pretty good, expecting that fog to hamper a completely smooth commute as we head through the next few hours. right now, not that bad. i'll show you where it is the worst. let's go ahead and take you through, show your visibilities right now. you've got ten miles in san jose, livermore, ten miles, as well. oakland, san francisco looking pretty good. but you're falling consistently
5:47 am
up in the north bay. watch out for pockets of fog, swirling mostly between napa and santa rosa where we have a half mile of visibility this morning. temperature wise comfortable. 56 in livermore, 58 in sunnyvale and 56 degrees in santa rosa. as you break for lunch, a comfortable 74 degrees in the wine country today. great place to be this weekend. temperatures ranging from the low to mid 80s. really a really mild summer across the bay area. it continues into next week. we're actually going to be even cooler for the first three days of next week. then we'll be today, 81 degrees in freemont, 82 in san jose, and 80 in santa rosa. meanwhile, mild along the peninsula. kept your temperature at 72 degrees in san francisco. just about the same as yesterday. kind of a picture-perfect forecast four the second half of the day in the city. but you've got to wait for that low cloud cover to burn off. 85 degrees on saturday, down to 82 sunday. and then we fall back into the 70s next week. more early fall-like weather in august. let's find out if we have
5:48 am
anything normal happening on the roads with mike. >> you know what? we have a shift in the traffic flow as well over the last week or so, christina. so seeing more folks on the roadway. we do want to talk about all these issues on the map. but first i'll call out this. the disabled truck. it's not a big rig. details came in. sounds like it's a dump truck on the upper deck. we'll look at the toll plaza now. no metering lights turned on. the toll plaza showing some back up now. these folks at the cash lanes. this say t typical pattern. we will continue to watch this. back to the maps again, because the stall on the upper deck may effect traffic towards treasure island. the bridge crew knows about it. the outside lands festival going on, just heard about the wine, porta potties, and the traffic. the approach to the bay bridge, we're still following the eastbound direction, one lane open, soon, very soon, but a car went into a power pole there, and there may be signals out in
5:49 am
the area, as well. so watch that over at hospital drive right near the hospital itself. a live look out there at the area past the coliseum, a's are playing tonight so keep that in mind. after work, a little slowing. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. i'm sure this wasn't a fan favorite. b.a.r.t. takes overriders' cell phone service and turns it off during rush hour. they heard rumors might organize near civic center station so decided to turn off cell phone service. b.a.r.t. police said they felt they had to make measures to keep people safe and avoid service disruption. on july 11th, people disrupting the death of charles hill caused chaos for commuters out there. and b.a.r.t. says it realizes turning off cell service is an inconvenience for many but not something they plan to do on a regular basis. the niners getting ready for their first game with jim harbaugh. they play tonight in new orleans. last night the raiders were against the cardinals.
5:50 am
hue jackson calling the shots from the sideline for the first time and sebastian genachowski taking advantage of the new rule that moves the kickoff spot up to the 35-yard line, almost kicked it into the front row. the raiders last 24-18. niners play, as i mentioned, in new orleans, tonight. on the baseball field, the giants in action today, playing in florida. and, look, they promise -- they're making a promise it will be like any other game, right? it was during a game against florida earlier this season that marlins' scott cousins ran into buster posey in a play at the plate. posey utilize for the entire season. mean while, the as playing the rangers. yesterday oakland supreme court six times in the inning. today's game, clock at 7:05 in oakland. >> good day for baseball. 5:50 now. coming up, opponents of california's high-speed rail get their day in court. plus, changes to a well-known make-shift war memorial. we will tell you what is
5:51 am
happening with that. o when i aas w k t>o u t hate it when newscasters said it's back to school time.
5:52 am
5:53 am
bit. live look outside this time from the south bay this morning. sun coming up. warming things up you. not really for august. we'll check the forecast in a bit. 5:53 right now. a navy s.e.a.l. with ties to the bay area is now laid to rest in virginia. friends and family said goodbye yesterday to chief petty officer kevin houston who was killed in last weekend's helicopter ambush in afghanistan. dozens of motorcyclists carrying american flags escorted houston's family to the service at the church he went to while
5:54 am
stationed in virginia beach. houston's father and father's family live in san jose. houston served in iraq and afghanistan, earning a bronze star and many other awards. the people behind a lafayette memorial to soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan says it's getting too big to maintain. the memorial can be seen from highway 24. there are about 4,000 crosses, stars of david, and islamic crescents representing u.s. military deaths since 2003. organizers say they can't add anymore because volunteers are having a hard time keeping up with all of the upkeep it takes. those volunteers trim the grass, repaint fading crosses. this morning, the town of atherton is taking the state's high-speed rail plan to court. the town is taking issue with the project's environmental impact report, which they say is based on flawed writership numbers. town also says the report doesn't do enough to spell out the traffic impact of the new rail line. this is the second time the environmental impact report has
5:55 am
been challenged. the high-speed rail authority had to re-do parts of the report after another lawsuit back in 2008. the high-speed rail project is planned as an 800-mile railway to sacramento and southern california. john? >> got to admit, this is my first official gadget friday. >> oh, it is, isn't it? >> and many kids -- well, today is the last day of summer for them, as scott mcgrew says come monday morning, up and at 'em. >> the last day of summer vacation. isn't that absolutely amazing? our gadget this gadget friday is called time command. it's an alarm clock. you have seen clarm clocks before. of it's also an ipad dock so you can wake up to your face to face it itunes song. it also has internet radio so you can wake up to radio-free europe if you wanted to. the most interesting thing about it, it controls your bedside lamp. so if the music won't wake you, maybe the light will. so you can actually by pressing the button, you can turn on the
5:56 am
light. actually, it's hard to see in our bright lights that the light is going on and off. . >> there it is. >> okay. believe it or not. somebody said, do you want me to dim the studio lights? and i said no, it is fine. but something is happening. what happens, you can set the alarm so the music will go off but also the bedroom light will go on, as well. and -- faulty wiring. yes. so that the bedroom light will come on, as well. way to get people to wake up. there you go. it's as monday school starts, this might be a way for kids to wake up. >> how maabout for parents, setp the mood lighting at the end of the day? >> mood lighting and then barry white comes on. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> this is an entirely different way of thinking of this gadget. >> that's the way to do it, man. break some news. >> how pathetic is my life that is what i first thought of is waking up with kids. >> i know. i take it to barry. that is good. thanks, scott.
5:57 am
speaking of music, some smooth jazz will be played in downtown san jose this weekend. ♪ san jose jazz festival starts tonight at 5:00. the three-day music festival features a number of artists including rock and roll hall-of-famers. ten stages scattered throughout downtown. the main stage will be located at chavez park. there will also be a number of food, beverage and arts and crafts booths. so a lot of fun. 5:57 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," police all over california looking for a mother, accused of kidnapping her own kids. plus, a brazen robbery in the north bay. heavily armed men bust into a business, forcing the employees to hide. a live report is coming up. and we're blowing another kind of horn in the weather department. the fog horn this morning. we'll show you where is the densest and what's to come for
5:58 am
the big weekend. your forecast on the. the weekend on the way, lighter traffic? no. we still have some showing and
5:59 am
i'll show you


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