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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i'm just shocked. i would have assumed family and, you know, making time for those people that were there. it's their town. >> first to respond, last on the list. tonight, 2,000 firefighters and first responders, some from the bay area, are being told they're not invited to this year's september 11 memorial in new york city. good evening and thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm janell wang in for
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jessica aguirre. michael bloomberg's office said there's not enough room to seat two presidents and the victim's families. many from the bay area who answered the call for help says it's just not right. also tonight, we're getting our first look at new photos never before seen. elise, what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the fire chief is clearly disappointed. this would have been his first trip back to ground zero on 9/11 since the attacks nearly ten years ago. but this year first responders are being told to stay home. >> we're working in a graveyard. >> reporter: nearly ten years later, harrold chapel still can't shake the memories. >> it was a smell like no one ever wants to smell, because as a firefighter, i know what burning people smell like.
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>> reporter: in never before seen photos you can see him here looking exhausted at ground zero. he's one of 65 local first responders and one of thousands across the country who risked their lives and lungs on 9/11. >> 70% of us were sick when we came back from the trade center. >> reporter: but he won't be going back to this year's memorial ceremony. he's not invited. >> i was told about three weeks ago that there wasn't going to be room. >> reporter: a spokesperson for michael bloomberg said, we're working to find ways to recognize and honor first responders and other groups at different places and times. the task force leader understands not having room for out of state first responders but can't comprehend not inviting local ones. >> that's a mistake. it's their town. they ran in when this happened. >> reporter: in addition, several politicians, including president obama, are expected to
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be in attendance. bloomberg's office argues first responders haven't been invited for the past nine services. >> we've all been invited to go back if you chose to do that. >> reporter: this would have been his first trip back to ground zero. instead, he'll quietly remember what happened that day back home. >> you come back with what you saw, what you had to smell for days on end and you have to put it in perspective. >> reporter: and with ten years to put everything into perspective, the fire chief decided to release new video and photos from 9/11. you saw just a few of them in our piece. he'll be releasing more tomorrow and we'll have them for you tomorrow evening. >> okay, elise, thank you. this just in. a wildfire is burning out of control near lake tahoe. this cell phone video is coming
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from douglas county, nevada, near highway 395 southeast of heavenly valley. the fire started this afternoon. we're told flames charred at least 1,000 acres. and now you're looking at live pictures of this fire off of highway 395. the blaze shows no signs of slowing down. we'll continue to cover the story as it develops. the father of a 3-year-old boy killed in a drive-by shooting in oakland laid the child to death and promises to do everything in his power to stop the violence. one politician is promising action, as well. he was one of hundreds who attended the funeral for carlos nava. he says the city has failed in its response to crime and wants to make sure police have the tools they need to do their job. >> all the cities have not only
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gang injunctions and curfews and we're in a crisis here. people are dying. >> reporter: two men are facing charges in the shooting. lawrence denard is the suspected shooter. as the fcc investigates whether b.a.r.t. broke federal law by shutting off cell service during a protest, b.a.r.t. board members are opening up about the decision and it seems they can't come to an agreement about whether it was the right call. bob franklin, the president of b.a.r.t.'s board of directors says while he backs the decision to turn off service, he thinks it was a one-time thing. in fact, b.a.r.t. did not use the same tactic at a protest yesterday, fearing public backlash. others say service should have never been cut off? >> what do we do? invite a brand new protest by
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getting all the first amendment proponents to come out and protest us now? that decision needed to have been vetted a little more. >> the uclu says it will not file a lawsuit. a who's who of bay area democrats were in oakland tonight. nancy pelosi, there she is on starnlgs and representatives barbara lee and mike honda held a town hall meeting to hear from voters on jobs. dozens lined up to share their stories at acts full gospel church. >> it has to be dedicated to making sure that wages keep up with productivity. if people are paid adequately, they are consumers. they create demand. they create jobs. >> oakland is just one stop of many the group will crisscross
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the nation until reaching washington, d.c. a big decision is expected to alter the landscape of the santa clara valley. they agreed to join california's optional redevelopment plan to fund a new stadium for the 49ers. state leaders voted to kill redevelopment agencies to trim costs. several high profile companies continue to expand, including google which announced it's expanding to sunnyvale. >> technology is doing so well, booming over the last five or ten years. as a result, silicon valley has not been pulled down by the bad news that's hitting the rest of the economy. >> he says the stadium project could bolster the one area where silicon valley is lagging and that's production jobs. with companies like facebook and google's purchase of motorola,
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there's a sense that silicon valley continues to be on the move, especially now with correction jo construction jobs. >> there's a new trend in crime. police are warning iphone users about thieves snatching phones sometimes out of your hands. jodi hernandez has more. >> every half hour i think. i'm either texing, talking. this is my life. >> reporter: athena admits she has a tough time putting her iphone down. for many, it's become an essential part of everyday life. >> it's my life. if i lose it, i feel like i'm . >> reporter: but thieves have dialled in on that. police are seeing iphone thefts nearly every day. and it's not just happening in berkeley. this video shows a suspect swiping one right from the hands of an unsuspecting user in san francisco last month. >> thieves and robbers are focusing on iphones in huge,
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huge numbers. >> police say criminals have figured out how to jailbreak or unlock iphones, essentially wiping them clean, reselling them on craigslist for big bucks. >> the individual which buys it can use it with any of the other carriers, transform it into an ipod or i touch. >> nina and her boyfriend michael have learned the hard way just how hot the devices are. they've had five iphones stolen between them. >> you know, i've had a situation where i put one down at a restaurant and you walk away to go to the bathroom and it's gone. i had one stolen at a frat party. it happens. everybody wants to grab them. >> it's an expensive phone. it happens because you've got to take care of your stuff. i keep mine in my pocket now. >> reporter: police are urging folks to be on guard and avoid
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walking through town while walking or texting. athena addison says it's advice she's taking right away. >> i'm not going to use it in public. i'm going to put it up right now. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. up next, a night rescue for rock climbers stuck off a california cliff. the one key decision they made that left them stranded. >> yeah, just when i thought it made sense you're staying in a large reservoir that you're not going to have an empty pool. >> hawaii, mexico or resort by the pool? you're lured by these stunning photos of vacation getaways, but is it what you see really what you get? tonight, we ex-pose photo fake-outs and show you how you can spot the real deal. and do you have a good voice? one casting call you might not want to miss. "the voice" is coming to the bay area and they want to hear from you. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. some 90 degree heat today in the east bay and otherwise cooler in san francisco with just 65 and 17 inos oakland. we'll talk about our hot weather trend coming up in the forecast. and we're following a wildfire burning out of control near lake tahoe. that's just off 395 and over a thousand acres burned so far. we'll be right back.
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a rescue tonight near los angeles where two rock climbers were stranded on the face of a large rock. you see the video here. they were free climbing, which means they were scaling the cliff without the uses of ropes or harnesses. the accident happened in an area known as stoney point park, which is outside of chatsworth. firefighters who rescued them from their precarious perch say they did have above average climbing skills. a gentle giant that delighted thousands of people in a northern california river has died after beaching herself on a sand bar. momma, as she was known to
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locals, died near crescent city this morning. dozens of people gathered on bridges to mourn her death. the 45 foot gray whale and her calf swam up the river in june while migrating north. the calf swam back out to sea in july, but scientists couldn't figure out why momma staid behind. several news outlets were issuing daily updates on her condition and location. new at 11:00, kobe bryant may be asking for forgiveness after he reportedly grabbed a cell phone out of someone's hand during church services. detectives in the san diego community of caramel valley want to interview him about the alleged incident that happened during sunday's services. reports indicate bryant may have thought the man was taking his picture inside the church. the victim claims he suffered a wrist injury during the ordeal and was treated at a san diego hospital. if you travel even
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occasionally, you're sure to have a travel horror story, lousy weather, or a hotel not quite living up to the hype. >> you may have fallen for what one website calls a photo fake-out. garvin thomas goes in depth to show you what to look out for. ♪ [ hawaiian music ] >> reporter: ahhh, who wouldn't like to put themselves in this picture, sunshine, white sand, blue water and imagine having it all to -- sorry to say for the person who booked a trip to this beach, this is the same one, just a different, some would say, a realisticctpiure. elly seidman is one of those people. he'spico-founder and ceo of it's a travel website that prides itself on posting hundreds of thousands of "undoctored hotel and resort
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photos." and now they put a collection together of what they call their favorite photo fake-outs. comparing pictures posted on hotel and resort websites to ones taken by oyster's travel experts. >> i think it taps into something we've experienced before. that's why this is such a powerful piece. >> reporter: checking out the photos, some common themes emerge. pools looking bigger than they really are. rooms looking nicer. and fitness centers looking, well, more fit. >> it does seem like they fit and took the stock photography off the stock photo site and put it up there and you arrive and there's nothing there, it's an empty room or two pieces of equipment. >> this one is interesting. >> reporter: to get the perspective of an experienced bay area traveler, we ran the photos past ray. he says he enjoys the hunt for great places at great prices
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when he travels. he even takes on the responsibility of planning a yearly trip for him and as many as a dozen friends. and frankly, he thought oyster was guilty of nitpicking in many of the pictures. >> this is a buffet taken after 1:00 when it's just destroyed. we've all been to a buffet where it looks destroyed after 1:00. that's kind of not. there>> reporter: he says he expects a hotel to share photos that show off their property in the best light. consumers, he believes, need to pack a little common sense before they travel. >> yeah, that's when i thought it made sense that you're staying in a large resort that e you're not going to have an empty pool. just common sense. >> when you think about it, we see examples of every day of companies doing the best to make sure their products look the best. it's called marketing. it's why fashion designers put their clothes on supermodels. it's why you never see any
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traffic in a car commercial. and even tv reporters have been known to put on a little makeup to make sure they look their best. but simon says when it comes to travel, the standards should be a little higher. >> this is a unique product, the product you can't see before you buy. when you arrive, you're out of luck. the bar here has to be a lot higher than it is for kind of regular product showcasing and product photography. so that's really where we try to find the balance. >> reporter: the balance between what you see and what you get. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, garvin. shop carely on that vacation. an update on that wildfire southeast of lake tahoe. so if you're familiar where heavenly valley is, it's southeast on the nevada side. it's charred 2,000 acres in the sierra in douglas county, nevada, off highway 395. there's a subdivision five miles
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north of where this fire is burning and there are no evacuations at this hour, at least not mandatory. crew also work overnight on the fire lines and resume an air assault tomorrow morning. the fire is just 20% contained. and meteorologist jeff ranieri is following the weather conditions. how is it looking, jeff? >> fortunately for the wildfire, the firefighters, rather, the winds are not too gusty. they are getting some containment. temperatures in the 50s, as well. this, again, right here on the nevada side of lake tahoe on the southern end near highway 395. if you're headed near this area, this definitely could be going into tomorrow with winds that's correct ramp up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. today we did have some hot weather down here in the south bay. campbell with 93 degrees. petaluma 29, and gilroy at 92.
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70s and 80s across the bay area. 80 in san jose. 76 in santa cruz with 65 in san francisco. so a mix of numbers as that fog started to roll in across the coastline. santa rosa currently at 57. so let's get to your weather headlines as we go into our wednesday forecast. we'll find patchy fog at the coastline. and as we head into tomorrow, we'll find a few isolated 90s here in the forecast and we are expecting some changes for this upcoming weekend with some cooler weather. we're getting a small edge of this, so it h keep us warm the next 48 hours with 80s inland. throughout thursday, a few 90s possible in the forecast. so overall, a lot of us are going to experience 70s and 80s. but a few isolated areas will have 90s. tomorrow, we'll find the patchy fog at the coastline.
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possibly low clouds for the north bay. by 11:00 a.m., clearing out with a lot of sunshine expected yet again across the bay area. 57 in redwood city. 62 in concord with 54 in napa. for tomorrow, we're going to see those numbers top out at 90 in morgan hill. 89 in livermore. pacifica, 66. san francisco, 70. if you're heading into the city, you'll need a jacket. and in the north bay, plenty of mid 80s for tomorrow. not too bad for the middle of august. morning time on the weather channel on cable and you can see in our seven-day forecast, we stay with this warm weather in our south and east bay communities with close to 90. by the weekend, we cool it off yet again with low to mid 80s and it's going to be rough there at the beach if you're headed that way.
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a lot going on. it's mid august and sunny out there. >> we call this country club weather. >> i like the sound of that. get your vocal chords ready. "the voice" is aarea andin theyo ar heand theyea wt to hear from you. details next. ♪
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>> >> are you any good? do you have what it takes to be on "the voice"?
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there's a casti call for the show in south san francisco next week. so gargle with sawater, get your voice ready. tryouts are next tuesday, august 23rd at the south san francisco conference center. you can start lining up at 5:00 a.m. casting starts at 7:00 a.m. >> you know, the giants need to start singing a different tune. because the current one is not working. scott reese is in the sports newsroom. >> singing the blues, guys. the giants' issues mounting on and off the field. ahead in sports, the latest from heretbg arintakghni in atlanta. we'll have all the gory details. so the jury has rendered its verdict --
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hi, everybody. scott reiss. it would be comical if it weren't so darn sad. the giants litany of injuries has reached disproportionate portions. giants and braves, game two of a big four-game set. sanchez on the mound, but not for long.
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third inning, delgado lays it down and sanchez turns the ankle trying to field the bunt. he would leave the game one pitch late we are a sprained left ankle. meanwhile, delgado cruising along, didn't allow a hit to the giants through the first six and cody ross changes that, his 10th of the year and we have a 1-1 game. it stayed that way to the bottom of the 11th. martin prado finds a hole. conrad scores and for a second straight day the braves walk off with a win. the giants depleted and dejected yet again. >> it's unfortunate, because it looked like he had good stuff, good command. everything going and it was a bad break. but the bull pen stepped up and did a great job. just couldn't muster another run
11:30 pm
there. but they fought hard. >> the 49ers have problems of their own, like figuring out who will be the starting quarterback. alex smith, the incumbent, both vying for the honor. neither has made much of a case for the job. as of now, smith is still the guy. >> if you're going by today, yesterday, i mean, there's some separation there. alex has done a fine job, you know, parading that. >> i've just been focused on me and playing better and just stringing together some good plays and good practices. i felt like i've done that. but obviously nice if he said it. >> one more note. the a's snap a four-game skid, beating the orioles 8-4. that will do it in sports. now back to the nbc bay area studios. studios. >> thank you, scott. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] make after school even more fun
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and safeway's 10% back to schools program, now there are two ways to earn cash for your kids school. from august tenth through september thirteenth look for products marked with the yellow bus and earn even more by signing up for e-box tops at he is the all american quarterback at stanford who turned down millions of dollars to go pro and now he's a cover guy. andrew luck will ben the cover
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of "sports illustrated." he's the only west coast player he opted to stay in school and pursue his degree in architectural design. sports illustrated ranks stanford number four in the country and the college preview hits news stands tomorrow. >> big man on campus. >> we have a quick check for the forecast. how are we looking? >> mid to upper 80s wednesday and thursday. 'll see a cooler trend coming our way and 60s at the coastline. so not too bad for august, you guys. >> can't complain. see you later. >> thanks for watching. good night.


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