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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 19, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a street. let's bring in nbc bay area's monty francis who joins us from the castro with the very latest. what do you have? >> reporter: well, raj, that woman has not been identified. she's said to be between the ages of 25 and 30. see police are still here at the scene and the bus in question is in the process of being towed away. 18th street has been closed between castro and noie. as you said this accident happened 2:30 this afternoon. police say the bus was traveling eastbound on 18th street making a left turn on to hartford. the woman was crossing hartford traveling west. police say she was almost to the other side of street and in the crosswalk when the bus hit her. she was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the muni driver is cooperating with the investigation and was said to be shaken up by what happened. >> driver remained on scene. he's cooperating with investigators and as part of policy he'll be tested for any signs of impairment. at this point there's no reason to believe there's any impairment involved with the
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driver. >> reporter: the bus had no passengers onboard. police say it was out of service and was on its way to supplement the f-line trolley service on market street which is also why the bus was turning left on hartford which is not a usual path for muni buses. back here live, you can see the accident has effected traffic. the 33 bus line stopped running along 18th street causing delays for some muni riders. we're expecting the coroner to reveal the identity of the woman once her family has been notified. live in san francisco tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> very tragic, monty. thanks so much. b.a.r.t. board of directors will hold a special meeting to figure out a cell phone blackout policy. the move stems from the transit agency's decision to cut its wireless service to passengers to avert a potential protest earlier this month. that decision has enraged people who say b.a.r.t. crossed the line. it also prompted retaliation by hackers who broke into
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b.a.r.t.'s websites twice. next week b.a.r.t.'s board will meet to discuss when and if it will cut cell phone service in the future. it's the surveillance video that had a lot of us stunned. a restaurant manager's gutsy move to disarm a would-be robber at his chicken wing restaurant. following up on a story we first broke on nbc bay area news, tonight we talk to that restaurant manager who stared down the barrel of a shotgun. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in fairfield tonight with that interview. >> reporter: janelle, that manager did a lot more than stare down the barrel of a shotgun. the brazen robbery attempt triggered him to fight back. now, while he doesn't want to show his face on camera tonight, he is sharing what went through his mind when he was under the gun. >> 100% lucky. more than 100%. i was so lucky he didn't shoot me. >> reporter: this restaurant manager realizes he took a risk that could have cost him his life. two nights ago a masked man
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armed with a shotgun walked into a fairfield wing stop and demanded cash. >> he was just telling me, give me money. >> reporter: but instead of money, the manager gave the thief something completely unexpected. several swats and a tackle. as the wing stop worker wrestled the loaded shotgun right from the robber's hands. >> i go after him because i know if he left, he's going to come back with a gun again. that was in my mind. and i make a decision in that moment to get the gun from the guy. >> reporter: what happened next is even more surprising. after he and his co-workers detained the man, the manager shook the suspect's hand and let him go. but not before giving him a stern lecture. >> i told him, make sure, don't shoot anybody. it's not a good thing. you can get a job. just some advice to be a nice
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guy. >> reporter: the manager said he let the thief walk because a getaway car was circling outside and he feared more armed men would come in shooting. >> it could have very easily been a tragedy. >> reporter: fairfield police say it's one of the most bizarre cases they've ever seen. they say it's almost always best to give a suspect what he demands. >> this is a loaded shotgun that was, you know, it could have easily been used against him had it gone a different way. >> reporter: the restaurant manager says on hindsight maybe he should have handled it differently. >> in that situation you could not imagine what was going to be your reaction. it was my reaction in that time. it was a minute decision, a second decision. i make a decision to do that. >> reporter: they are decisions he made on a split second. he says during it all, he was thinking of his two young children. he's very thankful he's here tonight for them.
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in fairfield, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that video is incredible. thank you, jodi. new developments in a case generating national headlines. this morning former antioch police officer christopher butler pleaded not guilty to 17 federal counts. he then posted $1 million bail. the indictment alleges butler and former department of justice agent norman welsh stole drug evidence from police lockers and robbed prostitutes during phony sting operations and ran a brothel in pleasant hill. his father put up the bail. butler is out on $900,000 bond in contra costa where he faces conspiracy charges for arranging the drunk driving arrests of men he was paid to investigate. you don't need reports to know what's going on. you simply need to talk to your neighbors and friends. but today the official report confirmed what many people already know. the latest job numbers in california are ugly. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. scott, how do you analyze these numbers here?
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>> let's go right to it. the jobless rate for california is now 12%, up from last month. considerably higher than the jobless rate for the nation. the breakdown, pretty simple. if your county is heavily invested in tech or building infrastructure, there are jobs. if not, things are slow. vmware is a silicon valley success story. it makes what is called virtualization software, helping companies store data on machines more efficiently. its hundreds of job openings are anything but virtual. they're real. one of the bright spots of an otherwise struggling california economy. >> the technology is certainly a bright spot. >> reporter: that's bob griffin of comerica bank. you can check linkedin and find thousands of job if you're looking to work in tech. >> now we're seeing some of the seeds planted years ago come to fruition and real business models with real earnings and with that allows us to see is hiring. >> reporter: and how's this for a silicon valley surprise?
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construction otherwise taking a beating in california, putting boots on the ground along 101 in san jose. >> we're looking at funding going into infrastructure improvements which create jobs. >> reporter: lots of jobs thanks to a $156 million boost from the state that will fund multiple roadway projects. >> it's a lot of jobs for people on the projects. it's improving the roadways so people can get to jobs. it's a significant boost to the economy. >> reporter: california is trying to dig itself out of a pretty big hole these days, but there is some strength to grow on. >> and how tough are jobs to come by? the banking industry still shrinking. bank of america announcing 3,500 new job cuts today and, yes, as we said, there are jobs in tech, but arguably the biggest tech story of the week comes from a company that is struggling. hewlett-packard, one day after announcing a huge shakeup of its products in direction saw its share price pounded.
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hp stock down 20% today on news it will move away from consumer products to favor businesses. this is the lowest hp has traded since 2005. it led the overall stock market to another loss. >> scott, thanks so much. one bay area school district actually has the money to extend the school day at some of its schools this year. the mt. diablo teachers union is approving an agreement with the district that would allow for longer school days at three campuses, bel-air, rio vista and shore acres elementary schools in bay point won special grants from the federal government. the agreement allows the district to continue to receive $9 million in funding over the next two years. the students at those schools will receive an extra hour of instruction every day, a requirement to receive the grant. new tonight at 6:00, students at san jose state head back to school on wednesday. they've already paid tuition. that's 12% higher than last year. and now they're getting hit again. the university is asking for another 300 bucks due in one month. nbc bay area's marion fabro
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joins us live at san jose state with the very latest tonight. mary ann? >> reporter: most students are on a really tough budget. when they learned they had to shell out $300 more for tuition, they were stunned. now they're worried if they don't come up with the money, they'll lose the classes they need to graduate. when chris martinez logged on to her san jose state account to check on financial aid she learned she was going to have to shell out more more tuition. two fees totaling more than there are $300. due by september 17th. >> it's extremely stressful. i don't know how i'm going to come up with that. >> reporter: the university blames state budget cuts for the last minute bill. >> the tuition increase came in a response of an up to $650 million cut to the csu budget. there are only two sources of revenue for the csu. student fees and the state budget. so as the state budget drastically reduces its support for the csu, we have to go to the students. we have no other choice. >> reporter: if students don't pay the extra tuition they could
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risk losing their classes. that scares sheralane, an accounting major hoping to graduate next june. >> if i get my classes dropped, i'll have to stay another semester or another year. >> reporter: how is she going to come up with $300 in one month? >> i have to find even more loans to help me cover the rest of my fees. >> reporter: the university says students who are struggling to pay the extra cost should apply for financial aid, but chris says she's already receiving $600 less in financial aid than she'd planned on. >> i'm extremely frustrated. it seems like the university is constantly increasing costs and not showing us any results for it. i mean, teachers are getting cut left and right. there's no classes. >> reporter: hard lessons with few easy answers. this isn't the first time that students have received a last minute tuition bill. and they may get another one next semester. reporting live in san jose, mary ann fabro, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you. coming up next, a cold case arrest ends three decades of frustration. there's always an empty chair in my mind of someone who's not there. >> but it's re-opening the wounds for other families. also coming up, a warning for drivers in one bay area city. the new rules for driving near schools. and we're learning of another royal visit. why prince harry will soon be coming to california. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after some hot weather this week, at least for a couple of days, well, our mild august days return. only 77 in san jose. and already 59 in san mateo. we'll talk all about our cooling weekend forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney, it's easy
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it was the dream solution for commuters from the north bay. severe budget problems have this new train way behind schedule. i'm jra mathai. vicki win takes us inside what's derailing the project. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. as we reported to you last night, a bay area man is behind bars charged with a murder that happened more than 30 years ago. this is thanks in part to the
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santa clara district attorney keeping the cold case unit opened. nbc bay area's damian tsat down with another family whose only hope lies on the success of cold case units. >> she was 20 for one month when she was murdered. >> reporter: not a day goes by that carla ram doesn't think about her sister. >> there's always an empty chair in my mind of someone who's not there. >> reporter: dana ram was murdered in 1986, her body turned along near sanole. ram says her only thread of hope of catching the killer lies in the hands of cold case units like the one in the santa clara county d.a.'s office. >> every day you think, they're not doing something. something like this happens, yes, they're doing something. >> reporter: the new boss, jeff rosen, didn't buy it. >> first of all, you can't put a price tag on justice. >> reporter: now, in six months, the new cold case team has made its third arrest.
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david dickson faces murder charges for the 1979 death of rachel moncri. >> do they have the wrong guy? >> reporter: family members say dickson recently suffered a stroke and in his 61 years is incapable of murder. >> shocking to believe, you know, this would come up in 30 years. >> reporter: but rosen says dickson's arrest should send the warning to people hiding from the law. >> they should be looking over their shoulders. they shouldn't sleep well at night. because one day, even 32 years later like we recently solved, there's going to be a knock at their door. >> i wait around to get the phone call. >> reporter: in a small way, carla ram feels cold case arrests like dickson's helps heal her own wounds. damian, nbc bay area news. just into our newsroom now, a stanford student is missing in malays malaysia. parents of 22-year-old jacob bome reported him missing six days ago when correspondence
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stopped. the missing student first traveled to japan in june with a student group of stanford. he later flew to thailand and toured the country for more than a month. bohem was headed to burma from malaysia when he stopped communications with his family in north carolina. we'll have more on the story tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. once again, a stanford student is reported missing in malaysia. there's concern in the east bay tonight. a mosquito found in oakley tested positive for west nile virus. residents are urged to take precautions. that means removing standing water around the house, being wary of stagnant swimming pools and wearing insect repellent. the mosquito sample was collected near west cypress road and o'hara avenue in oakley. it's the first sample to test positive for the virus this year in contra costa county. you'll want to slow down through school zones? san francisco. the city is lowering speed
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limits around schools to 15 m e miles for hour. the new limits will affect 200 public and private schools around the city as part of the city's effort to reduce pedestrian injuries. the mayor's office says the project which costs more than $300,000 will be paid for by local sales taxes and san francisco muni operating funds. one local artist is making downtown hayward a bit prettier. wow. a lot prettier. it's like hollywood. andrew kong knight is about to unveil two three-story murals in his hometown right downtown next to the century movie theater. >> my goal was to have the murals be integral with the architecture and be worthy of this boulevard which is california state highway. so thousands of people see this every day. >> the murals include the old city hall, new city hall and a nearby church. the city of hayward commissioned
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the artwork. night spent an entire year on the project. it's beautiful. >> hayward in the headlines. famous hayward alums. residents. john miller, giants announcer. dwayne johnson, the rock. >> thank you. wow. look at those factoids. >> it's all useless facts sometimes. >> interesting. >> walking encyclopedia. raj mathai. it was mild in the east bay and throughout oakland down into hayward. our temperatures in santa rosa, 10 degrees off the mark here. only 77 degrees for your high today. morgan hill 77. danville 78. one of our coolest spots coming in at 74 with cupertino. all right. otherwise here we had in san francisco, which is typically in the 60s, a little bit below average here as well with only 60 degrees today. 68 santa cruz. 78 in livermore. let's get you outside right now. it's all a function of this fog. it started early this morning. it really has been persistent throughout san francisco. we only had maybe an hour or two
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of sunshine today. 6 0 degrees. winds barrelling along here westerly. sustained at 21 miles per hour. gusting to 30 miles per hour at time. that's dropping numbers everywhere. 59 san mateo. 73 already in san jose. 76 in livermore. napa coming in with the coldest number in the interior sections already in the mid 60s right now. all right. look at the fog here. up at about 2,000 feet. it's widespread. not only up against the immediate coastline, but also well here offshore. so there's going to be little to no movement in this fog pattern as we head throughout this weekend. in fact, right now, our radar actually underneath wind speeds is picking up drizzle here along the peninsula. if you're doing traveling on interstate 280 or highway 101, maybe from san jose into san francisco tonight, you're going to need those windshield wipers on with the westerly flow continuing across the bay area. here's a look. while we're looking at fog at the lower levels, we have a much
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cooler system for august starting to drop into the pacific northwest. that's going to even mean this weekend we're going to continue with this pattern of 70s for inland spots. that area of high pressure that brought us all the heat, that's pushing well here off to the southwest. going to have little influence the next two, three days. tomorrow morning, saturday, mid 50s throughout 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. by 11:00 in the morning, temperatures budging up into the mid 60s in livermore and san jose. everybody in the morning hours tomorrow is probably going to need some sort of jacket as you head out. if you're doing traveling tonight, watch out. we're talking about strong storms throughout new york, washington, d.c., that definitely could have you with delays. we're going to have details on how many triple digit days we've seen this summer. i'm going to do a tally of it. >> i bet i can count it on one hand. >> you may be right. >> she's smart like that. still ahead at 6:00, a new warner from pg&e. why the sun could pose a serious threat to our power grid.
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also ahead, does plastic get a bad rap? the sudden shift of teaching the pros of plastic bags classroom. an e >>ge> erendgered bird had been spotted in the bay area. a lot of people are excited about this. we're back in a moment. d
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bay area wildlife enthusiasts are thrilled. there's evidence of a breeding pair of endangered birds. they probably won't see the birds in person, but they're still excited. the clapper rail is a marsh bird that's scarce in other parts of california. and for deck kasades it was tho to be extinct in the bay area. see the picture of the bird right here. then one was spotted in the bay area last year. now, the chronicle is reporting a nest with two chicks has been
6:24 pm
seen at haren's head park in san francisco's bay view district. experts hope the public will leave the family in peace. >> hopefully. salano county along the i-80 corridor between vallejo and vacaville has been a fast growing region. many residents say the protection of open space is lagging. >> after a 30 year struggle to stop a huge housing project, some determined citizens are within reach of purchasing a prized piece of underdeveloped land for everyone to enjoy. here's nbc bay area's doug mcconnell with more. >> it makes me feel really, really lucky to be a part of it. i have a 4-year-old son. thinking he'll be able to come here and visit this place because of the work we're doing is incredible. >> reporter: this place is called rockville trails. 1,500 makers of natural beauty and sweeping vistas. just a few miles north of busy interstate 80 and the commercial and residential development in and around fairfield. >> there are these beautiful oak woodlands you can see. some of these oak trees are more than 800 years old. >> 800 years old?
6:25 pm
>> 800 years old. >> reporter: ancient oaks grace the brown suede hills of summer. beneath the wings of hawks soaring overhead. rockville trails is close to other undevelopmentundeveloped e north and west allowing many species of wildlife to find sang ware. >> seasonally this much change a lot. >> incrediblincredibly. we were out here this spring. wild flowers everywhere. green glasses. >> reporter: this ever changing and lovely landscape and high ridge lines became close to being entirely transformed into 370 homes and all the roads and infrastructure required to connect them. but some determined local residents resisted the plan for 30 years. until the housing boom went bust in the bad economy. giving them and the salano land trust a chance to buy and protect the property at a price they could perhaps afford. $13.5 million. >> oak woodlands universally in california are being impacted by development.
6:26 pm
and by changes in climate. so any time we have an opportunity to protect them, i think we should act. >> reporter: it's a beautiful view of the vineyards and solano county. about 330 acres have been permanently protected at the rockville trails property. the solano land trust has to raise more run to protect all 1,500 acres here. they have to raise that money by february 2012. >> it's about the $1,500. we need the $1,500 to protect the wildlife corridors, need the $1,500 to build the regional trail connections that make this such a good deal. so we're focused on $13.5 million and right now looks like we need about $4 million more. >> reporter: if the solano land trust and its partners do not raise the final $4 million by next february, most of this land could still be developed. >> nicole, this is going to be part of the bay area ridge trail? >> that's right. >> reporter: but if they succeed, path will be
6:27 pm
constructed for public access and become linked to regional trail systems throughout the bay area so we can all enjoy these magnificent views that stretch as far as the eyes can see. great vistas up here. this is the top of the world. >> it is. hopefully it will be for everybody to visit. >> reporter: doug mcconnell, nbc bay area news. >> beautiful. still ahead at 6:00, a bay area doctor is haled a hero after a midair emergency. also ahead, alarming new numbers on the rate of attention deficit disorder in children. plus, why plastic bags are raising plenty of eyebrows in the classroom. i'm traci grant, we're live at the santa rosa police department where officers explained to us how they were able to catch a hitndun driver. coming up. on the next "press here." if you store your information in
6:28 pm
the cloud, what happens when you get subpoenaed? can police get your data? classic rock fans won't want to miss our interview with a company bringing old rock concerts into the digital age. >> on the next "press here" sunday at 9:00 a.m. on nbc bay area.
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a hit-and-run accident killed a 4-year-old crossing a street in the north bay and tonight police are crediting the quick action of neighbors in tracking down the suspect. the crash happened last night in santa rosa on west 9th street at rockwell place. nbc bay area's traci grant is live in santa rosa with more details tonight. traci? >> reporter: 22-year-old marcos lopez garcia doesn't have a license. he was arrested twice before for driving without one. that last arrest was just last week. and after receiving a citation to appear in court, it appears he just got right back out on the road. >> i just feel sorry for the mom and for the parents, you know? and for the kid. the little boy. >> reporter: it was hard for alberto ojeda to walk his children along west 9th street in santa rosa after the tragedy he witnessed yesterday. at 6:00 in the evening a mother was escorting her 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old twins across the street to jacobs park. a car slammed into one of the
6:31 pm
4-year-olds and kept on driving. ojeda says the impact sent the boy flying several feet in the air. he was rushed to the hospital but died early this morning. >> hard for me, because i got kids, you know? and i don't know. i still have that thing in my mind. the picture. >> the people was gathering around the tree over there where the kid was laying down and most people were kind of scared. >> reporter: they may have been scared but police say they were observant. witnesses gave police detailed descriptions of the car and driver. police say a tipster had been listening to a police radio and spotted the driver at a nearby park pulling decals after the car to alter the vehicle's appearance and the suspect hopped into another vehicle. the tipster got the license plate number. police arrested 22-year-old marcos lopez garcia less than two hours after the accident. >> actions of this witness
6:32 pm
citizen is absolutely instrumental in our ability to find this person and take him into custody so quickly. >> reporter: residents say this crosswalk is dangerous. there aren't any signs or lights to indicate to drivers that pedestrians, many of them children, might be crossing. >> mostly when people, like little kids, go to the park, they never stop. they just go across. high speed around 40 or 30 miles per hour. it's kind of bad. >> reporter: now, witnesses say that that intersection is dangerous and that crosswalk, but they say they have no doubt that lopez garcia must have known he had hit something. but he just didn't stop. some wondered if perhaps he was drunk at the time of the accident. santa rosa police tell us he wasn't. live in santa rosa, traci grant, nbc bay area news. before they go on vacation in three weeks, lawmakers may need to make a few changes to their realignment proposal. a new report suggests they
6:33 pm
should ensure counties have enough money to house inmates who will be transferred from state prisons. funding for the realignment is coming from anticipated state sales tax, vehicle licensing fees and money supposed to be used for mental health services. lawmakers expect $6.3 billion to materialize to pay for this realignment plan for the current fiscal year. while the independent legislative analysts office, the lao, thinks that figure is reasonable estimate, they also want to make sure counties have a fallback. >> for example, one option would be to provide counties with some flexibility to say if revenues are lower than anticipated, they would be able to move money around a little bit to ensure more adequate funding for whichever program of their greatest priority, whether that be local public safety programs or some of the health and social service programs. >> given the volatility of the economy, the lao plans on coming out with another report this
6:34 pm
november that will reanalyze the revenue projections. medical examiners confirm the body they found near treasure island is that of a canoer who disappeared in the bay earlier this week. the body of michael butler was found yesterday on brooks island in richmond. butler had been missing since wednesday evening. he was apparently in a canoe with two friends near treasure island. when it overturned. butler climbed back into the canoe while his two friends swam to shore. when his friends reached shore they called the coast guard when they couldn't find butler. once again, he was found and confirmed that was his body. a new curriculum is being tested in 140 bay area schools called the california curriculum. it covers all the basics. but when it came to environmental studies there was an 11th hour adjustment. the book had originally only included the hazards of plastic shopping bags, but after getting pressure from the plastic industry, a section about the positives of using plastic bags was added to the textbook. a section is called the advantages of plastic shopping bags. according to the revised
6:35 pm
version, plastic bags can be reused and take less energy to make than paper bags and cost less to transport. a former fries executive of shaking down vendors claims he's bankrupt. omar siddiqui claimed $137 million in debt, most of it to las vegas casinos. the list includes $11 million to the mgm grand and $6 million to cesars palace. five frays vendors are suing siddiqui. he's accused of pressuring vendors to kickback money to keep products on store shelves. he's pleaded not guilty. new dna evidence prompted the release of arkansas men known as the west memphis three. as teenagers they were convicted of murdering and mutilating three cub scouts in arkansas. doubts about the trio for years
6:36 pm
prompting johnny depp to take up their cause. free for the first time in 18 years this was the scene today. the men met with reporters after their release. >> this was not justice. >> we can still try to clear our name. >> there's no winners here. my son's still dead. >> the local prosecutor, however, is defiant and stands by the original conviction. now, as part of today's unique plea deal, the trio had to admit their guilt but can still claim their innocence. the stage collapse at the indiana state fair claimed a sixth victim tonight. a 22-year-old woman died today from injuries suffered when a strong wind gust sent the stage tumbling into a crowd. an indiana law firm began filing lawsuits on behalf of people injured in the collapse. close to 50 people were hurt. the accident happened saturday while the crowd was waiting for the country band, sugarland, to perform. new tonight at 6:00 a maren county doctor can help hero to
6:37 pm
his title. dr. schuman tam rushed to the aid of a passenger who was suffering from shock after eating almonds. he's an allergist. he gave the man a shot from efenerin from an emergency kit in the plane. he told the doctor there was no need to return to paris because he could hander further reactions. more and more children are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. researchers from the centers of disease control and prevention found between 2007 and 2009 about 9% of children between ages of 5 and 17 were diagnosed with adhd. this compared with just under 7% about a decade ago. the rate for boys rose from 10% to 12% and girls went up from 4% to 6% over the past 10 years. celiac disease is on the rise in the united states with more people getting sick from exposure to products containing
6:38 pm
gluten. according to one recent study nearly five times as many people have celiac disease than in the 1950s. another report found that the rate of celiac disease has doubled every 15 years since 1974. and is now believed to affect one in every 130 people in the united states. celiac disease is called by exposure to gluten, a protein in grains like wheat, rye and barley. it causes the immune system to attack the small intestine. ahead at 6:00, mountaing concern of solar flares and the impact on our power grid. why prince harry will soon be coming to california. good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of sunshine in the east bay right now. all that sun did little to warm temperatures up today. strong westerly wind was strong enough to keep numbers down. 77 in san jose. san francisco with just 60 treetree
6:39 pm
we'll have details on your cool for august weekend forecast coming up.
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it's a different visit with a different prince. prince harry is now coming to california. he'll travel to california sometime in the next couple of months to complete his apache helicopter training. the training courses will also take him to arizona. harry's brother and sister-in-law, william and kate, made their much hyped trip here to california back in july. though their trip included splashy high profile events, harry is unlikely to rub shoulders with a-list celebrities. after completing his training, he'll be assigned to an apache squadron that may be deployed to a war zone. the sun's solar activity is
6:42 pm
heating up and has directors asking pg&e making sure the clouds of radiation and dust won't affect power. they're expected to peak in june 2013. flares happen when the sun releases the cloud of plasma into space and sometimes toward earth. this hurls charged particles that can endanger satellites, astronauts in space. a power grid in quebec cut power to millions of people. pg&e is aware of the solar flare danger and says the risk is much lower in california than in the country's northern states or canada. is this true, jeff? >> you're the expert here. >> let me get on the phone to nasa, you guys. there's a lot of intricate details to that stuff. i have our forecast for tonight and the weekend nailed down for sure. all right. let's take a look. we do have the fog out here in oakland.
6:43 pm
that's going to be continuing theme for your weekend. we'll let you know what this means for your temperature saturday and sunday in just a few minutes. this is not yesterday's script. the giants are down another key contributor. we'll tell you who's the latest to be sidelined. plus this time tomorrow the battle of the bay will be g.swi. 49ers and raiders training camps. we'll tell you what the two teams are saying about each other.
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a quartzer for your thoughts. the oakland zoo will donate 25 cents from each admission to projects dedicated to saving animals in the wild. zoo guests get to choose where the quarter goes. at the zoo entrance they'll get tokens which they can designate to help chimpanzees in uganda or elephants in kenya. the voting station will be outside the zoo's flamingo plaza. what a great idea. i love it. >> creative way to donate. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the weekend is here. >> it's finally here. yes. let's take a look at those numbers today. it was very mild out there. we're going to continue on this trend downward as we head right throughout our saturday and our sunday. 77 in san jose for your official high. 78 livermore.
6:46 pm
71 fremont. and my weather watcher harvey in los gatos calling in at 85. thanks a lot, i'll talk to you next week. let's get a look at those numbers wnumber s when it comes to the heat. it's been hot this summer but for only two days have we had triple digits in livermore. the first day of summer, 101 degrees. mother nature came in really strong. the most recent hottest day was over a month ago back on july the 6th with 99 degrees. these are the three hottest days we have had. and if you look at summers in the past, you know, we can have anywhere from 5 to 10 triple-digit days throughout the east bay. definitely a very mild summer in many respects here across the bay area. now, today's numbers were down. not only from a little bit of a cooler air faciliiltering into northwest. look at this. san bern know mountain camera fogged in. winds sustained at 21 miles per hour. gusting in the upper 20s. numbers are down big-time. this looks like an early fall current temperature. at least for this time of the
6:47 pm
night. 58 right now in san mateo. 70 san jose. 72 livermore. if you're heading out, napa, you're going to need the jacket tonight. only 63. 66 in downtown santa rosrosa. tonight, the fog is going to be with us at the coastline. also drizzle throughout the peninsula. if you're heading up into san francisco, roads may be slick for you. throughout this weekend it will still stay mild. more 70s than 80s. we'll still see a few interior spots popping up into the 80s. take a look at this. we're going to monitor the chance here of thunderstorms possible in our seven-day forecast. all right. high pressure that did produce some of the heat this week has pushed well off to the south. what we're finding is this cooler flow off to the north. going to give us this mix of mild weather as we head throughout our saturday forecast. 70s inland. throughout sunday, it's not budging. yet again, cool winds staying in the forecast. let's get our fog forecast in order. as we start off tonight at 11:00 p.m., low clouds for the north bay. also here for berkeley, oakland,
6:48 pm
hayward, also into fremont. for the coastline. south bay not too much by 11:00 p.m. as we start off tomorrow morning we're going to find low clouds filtering into the south bay, east bay and north bay as well. it's going to be a slow burnoff. 2:00 p.m. tomorrow we start to see the sun break out. it's going to be a small window of afternoon sunshine near the coastline and peninsula as we head into our saturday friday. if i do say so myself, a nice saturday to sleep in. all right. yes, i'm giving you the okay on that. 79 in morgan hill. 67 santa cruz. 79 in dublin. 76 fremont. los gatos, 80 degrees. cooler in the peninsula with upper 6 0s. by 2:00 we start to see the sunshine breaking out here throughout the bay area. 73 in novato. 75 in santo raosa, nearly 15
6:49 pm
degrees off where we should be this time of year. weather channel on cable. there are delays at jfk in new york city if you're headed that way tonight due to thunderstorms. next week, we start to turn things up into the upper 80s to near 90. look at that. mountain thunderstorms possible by wednesday. we're going to watch tropical moisture that may produce a few stray lightning strikes. >> did you mention how many triple digit temperatures -- >> yes, you weren't listening? >> she was concentrating on the overall presentation. >> we've had two in the east bay. that's it. two. >> that's amazing. >> wow. that is crazy. >> here's an interesting story for both of you. when do we start doing this? usually we do these things for the super bowl or world series. for a preseason game, why not? tomorrow night, the 49ers host the raiders at candlestick. here's the deal. san francisco mayor ed lee and oakland mayor jean quan make a friendly wager. if the 49ers win mayor quan will
6:50 pm
send oakland wine, chocolates and coffee. and if not, an assortment of locally grown produce, giordari chocolate over to oakland. the game kicks off tomorrow night. let's bring in brodie from our comcast sports net newsroom. are we doing wagers tonight, brodie? >> i don't get it. it's a preseason game. >> it's a friendly wager. >> it may be the biggest bay area sporting event that counts for absolutely nothing. the 49ers and raiders will meet tomorrow night as you heard, exhibition style for week two of the preseason. the 49ers with the two main concerns following last week's flop in new orleans, first of all, they need much better blitz protection as well. they need to get key players like patrick willis healthy for the regular season. >> one thing is for sure, i mean, we want to protect our
6:51 pm
quarterback better in this game. you know, handle the blitz better than we did as a unit in the last game. teams are going to blitz you if you can't execute against the blitz. so that's going to be -- that's been an important factor for us. nobody is looking to kick anybody in the teeth, though. just looking to play football and execute at a high level. >> any time we have the opportunity to go out and perform, we want to be at our best. for us, you know, right now we're just trying to get, you know, get our offense in, defense in, get our special team, build this team. preseason is preseason. you know, you have your games. for us it's not about being fresh for these games. it's about put in the work now so when september 11th comes we're ready. the raiders holding their final practice in napa before tomorrow's battle of the bay. oakland players saying they will not be going through the motions. they have every intention of winning this contest. >> the biggest preseason game we
6:52 pm
got, you know, to me, because, you know, they're so close. you really want to return the favor. i mean, it's definitely a big game. >> these guys want to win. like i say, playing in the regular season, this is our kind of only chance to play this year for bragging rights. we'll definitely win the game. >> our goal in san francisco is to win the game. we're not going there just to play but win the game. that being said, we also have evaluations still to do with specific players. we're going to but them out there. the performance is where it's at. guys need to perform against an opponent as they show us what they can do. to baseball. you can no longer count this week's giants injuries on your hands. san francisco today down a total of 13 players including 11 hurt in just the last seven days. pablo sandibal tweaking his left shoulder yesterday while taking this right handed swing in atlanta. it's likely he could be back tomorrow but only swinging from
6:53 pm
the left side of the plate. the giants inhouston. top of the second. aubrey huff trying to score from second base. j.d. martinez will throw him out of the plate. game staying scoreless. an excellent throw by martinez and the awkward tag by houston's catcher. to the bottom of the third. two on, one out for rookie j.b. shuck. oh, shucks. double down the right field line. the giants down 2-0 at that point on shuck's two career rbis. the a's hosting the blue jays tonight at the coliseum. also in september, check this out, barry bonds scheduled to appear on a show called "hater" in which he'll confront a fan that hates him. can you imagine how many times the bleep button is going to have to be pushed on that show? hopefully it's on cable. >> i could say something.
6:54 pm
i'll choose not to say it. >> refrain. thanks so much, brodie. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch co [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot... ...storewide! and, unlike other stores,... ...we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours! jcpenney. missing stanford student who disappeared five days ago in a remote part of malaysia. we'll show you the efforts happening here to help bring him home safely.
6:57 pm
it would have eased the commuting nightmare in one part of the bay area. severe budget problems have one train way behind schedule. tonight at 11:00 we take you in-depth and show you what's derailing the smart train project and why commuters are so upset. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news after an all new "dateline." >> what's coming up on comcast 186? >> they cleared the scene of the deadly muni bus crash. we're going to talk to a bay area recruitment firm about today's job numbers and the industries still thriving. plus the irresponsible lending that got us into most of this economic mess we face today. we traced back the bank collapse and talk about what we can learn from it. that's coming up. a new show celebrating street artists in san francisco. we'll talk about the difference between graffiti and vandalism. that's coming up on comcast. >> interesting. okay. thanks so much. >> enjoy your friday evening. we hope to see you back here at
6:58 pm
11:00. >> bye, folks. ah yes. there it is.
6:59 pm
the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this household is willing to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know.


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