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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. we begin with breaking news out of san francisco tonight. three men are in the hospital after a beating during the 49ers raiders game at candlestick park and an unrelated shooting in the parking lot after the game. nbc bay area's kimberly terry is at candlestick park tonight with the latest for us.
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kimberly? >> a violent evening here at candlestick park. there was a game between the 49ers and the raiders in several beatings ensued during that game. also a shooting. san francisco police say the shooting happened as the game was letting out. two people were shot and taken to san francisco general. one of those victims is 24 years old, life threatening injuries. a second victim is in his 20s. the two victims had attended the game, and at least one of them had a shirt on with a derogatory statement aimed at the raiders. whether the rivalry between the two teams played a role in this fight, though, is unclear. police dealt with several fight that is broke out in the stands during today's game and one that happened in the men's restroom. the victim in this beating, a 27-year-old san rafael man who was taken to the hospital
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unconscious with severe head injuries. he's 63 to 6'5" and weighs between 225 and 260 pounds. he had a goutee and long curley hair tied at the game. there is no suspect description yet for the shooting, and police have not made any arrests in either case. san francisco police are asking for anyone who witnessed either incident to give them a call with any information you have. you can also text a tip to tip 411. live at candlestick, kimberly terry nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. a 5-year-old boy was injured in a hit and run. the boy was apparently crossing the street this morning at silver avenue, right by the silver terrace playground when a man hit him with his car and sped away. the boy was rushed to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the man's car was missing the passenger side mirror. the vehicle is also described as
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a dark green late 80s hatchback. authorities are asking anyone with information to call the san francisco police department. across the bay in oakland a 2-year-old boy was shot this afternoon. the shooting happened north of the coliseum. there are two different reports of what happened, in one report the toddler was walking down the street with his mother when he was shot. the other indicates he was in a parked car at the time of the shooting. crews rushed the boy to children's hospital in oakland for treatment. he was shot in the arm and the injury is not life threatening. just two weeks ago, you may remember a toddler was hit by a stray bullet a few blocks away. the two uc berkeley graduates who spent the last two years in a notoriously severe prison in iran are facing eight more years in iran tonight. monty francis has reaction from their friends at uc berkeley,
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first, nbc's ali arusi has the latest from iran. >> reporter: the sentences were announced by iran's state run media. shane bauer and josh fattal each received eight years. the two and their friend sarah shourd were arrested two years ago along the iran/iraq border. they denied they were spies. sarah shourd was released on bail last september. >> this could be the final -- >> she recently spoke with lester holt expressing hopes that her friends would soon be released. >> reporter: before today's sentencing, many thought bauer and fatale would be freed with time served. now friends were concerned about the toll a long prison term would take. the case is highlighted differences among the ruling elite in iran.
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while the judiciary has taken a hardline, it was only two weeks ago, that iran's foreign minister said he hoped bauer and fatale would be free. after the sentences were announced the u.s. state department issued a statement saying, we continue to express our hope that the iranian authorities will release these young men. it's believed obama will continue back door policy to free fatale and bauer. >> if that doesn't happen, there will be a price for the iranians to engage in this behavior. it's the holy month of ramadan in iran, and traditionally prisoners are pardoned at the end of it, which is ten days from now. >> the families of the two uc berkeley graduates have not yet reacted to the news, but those
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who know shane bauer and josh fattal say they are shocked and disappointed tonight. monty francis is on the cal campus with that part of the story for us. >> among those expressing concern for the two grads is shane bauer's former journalism professor, in spite of the sentence handed down today, he's hoping his former student's nightmare will come to an end soon. >> i'm shocked, i'm upset, i think that's -- i don't quite understand why it's happening. >> ken light says it's hard to imagine that his former student shane bauer could spend eight years in solitary confinement in an iranian prison. >> i'm worried about them, and i'm worried about sarah as well who has been working nonstop to try to raise awareness of what's happened to them. that has to take a toll on all of them. >> sarah shourd has not returned
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phone calls, but a family spokeswoman said showered and the families of shane and josh are are aware of the reports and are asking for privacy during this difficult time. an expert on iranian courts from san francisco state told us, news of an eight-year sentence for each bauer and fatale should not be viewed as the final word in the case. >> three years for illegal entry and five years for espionage were fairly light based on my understanding of some of the decisions that the iranian courts have made. but there's always a possibility of clemency. >> clemency is a hope shared by many on the cal campus. >> maybe the united states can do some sort sf bargaining with them to return them to our country. if there's no hope there, i hope they can just stay strong. >> i would hope that the american government would step up and do as much as they can to
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get these two guys back home to their families and their loved ones. >> reporter: there are 20 days for an appeal in this case, many here on campus are hoping fatale and bauer will be released during the next ten days of ramadan. live in berkeley tonight, monty francis, nbc bay area news. coming up next at 11:00, we'll show you had you facebook played a major role in reconnecting a stanford student who disappeared last week in malaysia with his family. how much is it costing san jose state to put up overflow students at a hotel? we're watching more clouds spilling back into the bay area at this hour. we have the low clouds. 58 degrees, and the low clouds will see drizzle for tomorrow morning. what's in store for the afternoon? look at that forecast coming up.
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bart leaders plan to hold a public meeting this wednesday to discuss how to handle protests and cell phone blackouts in the future. the move comes as a result of this protest last month, where people rallied against bart after several shootings involving bart police. last week bart decided to cut wireless service at some san francisco stations to help head off another planned protest. that decision angered many people who cut cell phone service during a protest earlier this year. it also brought protests from anonymous. that group broke into bart's
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website twice this month and called for another protest coming this monday. tonight we can pass along word that a local student is safe in malaysia. jacob boone finally called his mom from a phone in the park. he said he was okay, his disappearance was a long story and he would call the family again when he gets out of the park in a couple days. the family and stanford students launched a massive facebook campaign to help locate him. through facebook they found a malaysian student at stanford whose father works in the prime minister's office. this connection helped find jacob boone so quickly. it is back to school at many public and private schools throughout california. at san jose state, it's a frustrating time for many students who thought they had a spot in the dorms and now have to stay at a hotel instead. 90 students were notified in mid july they would be moved into a
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hotel three miles from campus to make room for the influx of incoming freshman. a new rule implemented by the school requires freshman who graduated from high schools more than 30 miles away, must live in campus dorms. so it's returning students, sophomores and above who are staying at the hotel and many say it's very inconvenient. >> it means that i have to take transit or bike over to the school three miles away every day twice a day sometimes. and i want to come back here to rest, i have to take all my stuff with me every day. all my books for three or four classes each day. i have to take my trumpet with me so i can go to band afterwards, it's a lot more work. >> san jose state's spokesperson told us accommodating students at the hotel is the same as the
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good evening, everyone, i'm jim kozimor. the giants began the day two and a half games behind arizona in the n.l. west. fans are getting nervous. last year at this exact same time, the g-men were five games back of the padres. let's go to houston, trying to feel good about this one. the g-men three and five on the road. giants down 5-3. and martinez changes that. this is a texas sized tator, two-run shot 7-3. astros go on to win 7-5 the
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tit title. they stay two and a half games back. preseason battle of the bay, raiders/49ers first, scoreless, alex smith findses braylon edwards. smith 8 for 13. 126 yards. on the raiders side, late in the second quarter, jason campbell scrambling to his left, justin smith ahmad brooks. shaken up after taking a knee to the head. 17-3 with more from candlestick park jamie sires. >> the 49ers offense had lots of room for improvement and they did exactly that on saturday night. putting up over 400 yards of offense on the raiders. >> offensively, i think it started with our offensive line. reflection, and how well the running backs did. from frank anthony to kendall hunter had a big day. >> we're much more successful,
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that put us in better situations on third down. we converted better on third down. it kept drives alive. got into a little bit of a rhythm. >> i think we're doing a terrific job with the lockout that was in the way, stepping in in three weeks, i think we are doing a terrific job. >> andy fell on his right hip after that botched field goal attempt, he said after the game it could be a hip pointer, he's very sore. he is optimistic that he will be okay. for the raiders point of view, here's kate long worth. >> the raiders not only lost the game to their bay area rival. they also lost their starting quarterback in the process. jason campbell left the game after receiving a knee to the head, he felt dizzy afterwards and his status is still being evaluated. hugh jack man said 9 team as a whole took a step backwards in their second preseason game of the year. >> we missed some throws, dropped some balls, that's a timing issue.
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that's not what i've seen in practice. again, it's about taking the practice performance to the game. >> we have to do better in the red zone. when we're down there, we have to score. threes and nines, we have to score, so we're improving in that area. >> after the game, coach jackson said it was not raider football. he did not blame his players. instead he said it's his responsibility to get the team to perform at the game the way they practiced throughout the week. at candlestick park, kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> thanks very much. the niners get the bragging rights at least for the bay area preseason. two mayors had a bet on this one. lee will be enjoying coffee chocolates and wine. which sounds like a typical night at diane's crib. >> yeah, it's a normal night, jim. it's going to warm up a little bit eventually. what's going on? >> i think the seven-day forecast, we've made some
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changes you're going to like. you're going to want to find more summer like weather. 63 in san jose, we're seeing lee clouds spilling in. 58 in oakland, 58 in san francisco, can you see through the spotlights. low clouds and a little bit of mist flying with those low clouds tonight. drizzle will be a part of the morning forecast. mostly in the 50s, we have that healthy sea breeze going. reaching livermore and fairfield. clearing inland but another cool day very likely on the coast. some of our weather headlines heading into tomorrow morning. lots of clouds to start, for the afternoon, clearing and a warmup as we head toward tuesday and wednesday. i think we're going to finally hit some 90s in our inland valleys again, next weekend looking warmer as well. when you see a pattern like this, you just can't warm up, we had those low clouds entrenched on the coastline, strong sea breeze all day long. same story tomorrow. tropical storm irene, a tropical
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system that will be strengthening over the next few days. aiming on florida by friday. that's a storm we'll be watching closely over the next few days. we have a tropical system to our south that's weakening, it's running smack into very cool sea surface temperatures. it may try to aim toward the bay area tuesday and wednesday. we're going to leave those thundershowers for the mountain areas out of the forecast for now. as the high builds from the desert southwest, it could steer some of this moisture to the bay area. tomorrow morning, 50s to start the day, lunchtime we'll see some 70s popping up inland much today and i think tomorrow will be the coolestee se see in the seven-day forecast. more 70s to i80 in san jose, 60 in san francisco and oakland. the seven-day forecast shows tuesday and wednesday. we'll see 90s coming back, next weekend should see some 90s in our valleys. wednesday, really the day to watch as the tropical moisture comes up out of the south.
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could get a little muggy in the bay area. still ahead at 11:00, the intersection of machine and human has long been the object of science fiction, right? l 'lweshow you how that differentiation is smaller than
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ever before.
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[ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100% which means the most innovative cars, are also the most available cars. nissan, innovation for today. innovation for all. it's a revolution in how computers think and act, and it's being launched here in the bay area. scott budman takes us inside the lab teaching computers to be more human. >> no 9,000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. >> who is michael phelps. >> reporter: to watson playing jeopardy, we love the idea of computers acting like humans.
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in this silicon valley ibm lab, they do kind of. this computer chip is playing this game of pong. it's been playing for a while and it can move based on where it thinks the dot will go. >> today's computers are fast computers. they're terrible at recognizing a friend's face in a crowd. or appreciating the fragrance of a rose. >> reporter: prototype chips made not just to calculate, but change and adapt based on new information. here the ibm team teaches the chip to predict a number based on a few strokes of a pen. >> it doesn't know what it is, it's trying to reproduce what it's seeing. you're showing it things and it's trying to generate things you are showing it. >> this wall simulates what will happen in the future when it
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fires 256,000 neurons. that's some serious brain power. and ibm has high hopes. >> to touch every aspects of business, science and government, and to fundamentally improve the productivity of the society. >> i'm going to draw the number five. >> it's humans teaching computers to be more like us. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. a pair of bay area birds were spotted nesting in the park earlier this month for the first time in decades. they were spotted on august 8th at herron's head park, a restored wetlandses area near hunter's pike. they were once numbered in the thousands, but hunting and habitat caused a sharp drop in numbers. the restoration has helped the bird make a comeback, there are
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