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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 28, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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. impacts of this storm will be felt for some time and the recovery effort will last for weeks or longer. >> irene's not packing much punch tonight but she's leaving death and destruction in her wake. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. irenes moving over new england and the storm has been downgraded as a tropical storm. the damage isn't as bad as many feared. there is still widespread flooding and downed trees and massive power outages. over 4 million people without power. 19 people were killed all the way to connecticut and public
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transportation in new york city is still non-existent as officials pump water from tunnels and roads. the storm is likely to produce more flooding as it moves north and airlines now busy after trying to catch up after canceling 9,000 flights. we go to nbc's steve handelsman in new york city. >> reporter: starting the cleanup. this was central park. new york is draining tonight. rhode island is taking stock. >> it's not as bad as we expected. it's much better. >> reporter: irene was a full fledged cat 1 hurricane. this was long island this morning. >> pandemonium pretty much. kind of crazy. >> reporter: at least 15 people were reported killed from florida to new england, many by falling trees last night and today. flooding extended far inland. this was near philadelphia and some rivers are still reported rising. now, many of the millions who evacuated want to see if there's
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damage. asa lowe in new york city. >> they said there was limited damage and power outages. i don't know what to believe. >> reporter: charlie jones in north carolina. >> they won't let us back in. you have to have a reentry pass. >> reporter: with power out to 800,000 homes in maryland and more than half a million in north carolina and pennsylvania, many people are not being allowed home. the feds expect second-guessing. >> a lot of people say why did i have to evacuate. >> reporter: the 3,000 plus evacuated in new york city were allowed back and the mayor defended the city's first ever forced evacuations. >> all in all we're in pretty good shape because of the exhaustive steps we took to prepare for whatever came our way. >> reporter: president obama tonight praised the coordinated storm response. >> as i've told governors and mayors across the affected area, if they need something, i want to know about it. we will make sure we respond as
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quickly and effectively as possible. >> reporter: the whole east coast is in pretty good shape after a three-day assault by hurricane irene. >> that was steve handelsman reporting. here in northern california, thousands of airline passengers are facing a travel mess for a second straight day as they try to make their way to the east coast. dozens of flights canceled again today at all three bay area major airports and monte francis is at fso with details. >> reporter: good evening. 46 departing flights were canceled today bringing the weekend total to 87. as you can imagine, that has left thousands of passengers scrambling to book other flights. they have been flying to washington d.c., baltimore and philadelphia. but because so many flights have been canceled this weekend, there's a huge backup. we just talked to one woman from new jersey whose flight to
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newark was canceled today. she's told she can't get out of san francisco until next saturday. >> just want to get back as quick as i can. i just started school myself it's just hard. i don't have no money to get another hotel, so hopefully we can get out of here before saturday. >> reporter: we understand the first flight to jfk in new york out of sfo is the redeye, which leaves late tonight. tomorrow, the airlines are planning close to a full schedule but there are already two cancellations to newark and one to jfk tomorrow. it's safe to say it should take a matter of days before things start to normalize at sfo. monte francis. >> let's check in with nick o'kelly what's going on. >> things are quiet locally and moving up the east coast as it hit the jersey shoreline,
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weakened through the early morning hours, we saw it make landfall as a minimal strength hurricane or downgraded as a tropical storm as it moved to new york city, currently 50 miles an hour winds and moving to the underneath-northeanorth-. the heaviest rain is shifting to the north and northeast. new england still looking at a very blustery evening out there and continued flight delays and cancellations tonight. i think things will improved markedly for us in the east coast tomorrow. we'll talk more about that. your local forecast is looking nice and warm. details ahead. >> thanks. national guard reservists from the bay area loaded a plane for search and rescue mission in the wake of irene when it was canceled this morning. they had two helicopters, 50 crew members and life saving equipment loaded onto a
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transport plane at moffitt field. they planned to fly to maguire air force base in new jersey when the mission was called off. >> the mission was called off because the rescue capability we provide wasn't necessarily at the time given nature of the conditions. >> the 129th sent 40 crew members to help with the storm yesterday focusing on problems caused by floodwaters in the new jersey area. stay with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of tropical storm irene or in an and online. click on the weather tab for up to the minute information. in libya today, negotiations are reportedly taking place between rebels and tribal leaders in moammar gadhafi's hometown. they are in the town of sert and negotiating to enter that town peacefully. their spokesperson says it will continue as long as necessary and they control most of libya
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including the town of tripoli and control oil producing towns and will take his hometown by force if negotiations fail. in poly remains without electricity or water. the city was relatively calm today. a red cross ship brought medical supplies and hygiene kits and bottled water. they set up to work around the clock so basic services are provided for people in tripoli. the u.s. is preparing to ship in baby food, bottled waltter and medicine. coming up, raiders get set to play sunday night football and we'll show you why their fan image may be about wrapped. we'll show you why your commute home tomorrow evening might be interrupted again. and giving new moaning to the nerm "laundering money" and the whoaye b t he last on earth
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to keep it alive. he
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yesterday, san francisco tried out new security measures at candlestick park and today, more security officers at the raiders game all this in response to last week's violence at candlestick. i understand raiders have improved fan safety quite a bit over the last couple of years, kym. >> reporter: they have, dianne. you're absolutely right. many of the rules implemented yesterday have been at place here for years. including the one that says
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tailgating will stop once the game starts. the new orleans sanlts opening was at 5:00. fans were asked to get inside with tickets and those without tickets asked to leave. there was a have a police presence. oakland police increased its staffing levels but the alameda sheriff's office said they did not. they were trying to interact with fans and keep rowdiness in check and worked with raiders and efforts. fans said they were disappointed to hear what happened last week at the raiders niners game across the bay, two men shot and another beaten unconscious in the stadium's bathroom. raiders fans say they feel safe and happy to being their families to games. >> there's a lot of police presence here. i've never had any problems. i've seen stuff go on but never had a problem myself. we've been here the last ten years. i feel safe when i come here. >> one thing about the security
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in oakland, it's always been pretty high. they do a pretty good job. most of the law enforcement officers that patrol the parking lot, we know, would actually know my name. >> reporter: you can see the parking lot is clear here. the head of security for the nfl is at today's game. he was also at yesterday's niners game and told us he's very excited to be here and confident in law enforcement's ability to handle any problems especially since major security improvements were made several years ago. the parking lot here is clear. you can see a few people heading to the game. for the most part, police were heading through this area trying to clear everyone out and make sure they were all at the game. everyone we talked to is well aware what happened last week and said they're very pleased to see the increase in police presence today. some coming to the games so many years they now know the police officers by name. live in oakland, kimberly tere.
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nbc ba ay area news. a coming home might be delayed for a third straight week. aaa a m kanngpieep u a very number ral t-- unusual tradition. below
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the lawyer for two american hikers sentenced to eight years in prison on spying charges in iran is reportedly filing appeal today. shane bauer and joshua fa tad and sarah shourd were detained. shourd was released on bail and did not return. the men were sentenced for espionage. the lawyer told the press the appeal could be granted immediately or take up to two months to be processed. there is still hope the pair will be pardoned. the sentence was handed down during the muslim holy month of
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ramadan, a time courts traditionally show compassion and usually issued the last day of the holiday and ramadan ends this week. another b.a.r.t. protest expected tomorrow is expected to cause more traffic problems. it is supposed to be at 5:00 tomorrow. this time they're continuing to demand b.a.r.t. disband its police force due to recent police shootings including that of oscar grant and charles hill and protesting the decision by b.a.r.t. to turn off cell phone service on trains and understands grou underground in san francisco. what if we told threw is a place it is completely legal to launder money. a secret room in a san francisco hotel. mike anderson introduces us to rob, the world's only coin
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washer. >> hi. i'm rob holson. i'm a coin washer. we're here at the st. francis hotel in san francisco. we've been washing the coins here since 1934. the general manager noticed the coins were dirtying the ladies' white gloves and he decided the coins should be washed. that's what we're doing here today. >> the coin washer room is physically as far away from the hotel room as you can get. there is only one key to the lock, that opens the magic door with no writing on it. the washing process takes about seven hours. we get the coins all jumbled up. we have a machine that sorts them. then a washing machine with buckshot, soap and coins in it. once the coins are washed and dried, they're sorted, counted and rolled by a third machine,
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and then we give them back to the general cashier to put back in circulation. i once gave an fbi agent my card that says coin washer on it and i told her we laundered money at which point she reached for her hip. if you list coin washer on your resume, chances of your finding another opening are slim to none because this is the only one there is in the world so i have it and you're not going to get it. >> so there. he's got the job, we can't have it. i love that story. let's check in with nick o'kelly. i love the weather as well. >> no word on weather taste tips or coins. we all won out except right at the beaches where the marine layer hung tough, this view from oakland toward the bay bridge. san francisco, you can't quite see it in the distance. look at current temperatures.
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93 in livermore. we did see the heat return. 89, concorde, 80 san jose, very comfortable near the bay and marine layer and afternoon sea breeze keeping things cool, 64 degrees. here has the top-side view, satellite picture and never really burn things off down the san mateo county coast, a few breaks in the overcast, the same story tomorrow, a repeat performance, warm inland, cool at the beaches, something you would expect this time of the year but there are changes this week and a definite cooldown. really not all that much going on, a high pressure ridge anchored over the desert southwest. no change there. another dip in the jetstream. we have seen a lot of these this summer. will anchor itself over the west coast and keep things cooler than average tuesday, wednesday, thursday, the next holiday
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weekend. tonight, low clouds and fog returning to the coastline. last week, it was pretty thick. thick fog and drizzle there on highway 1 and 101. 58 low san jose, 58, gill ray, 55, concorde, cooler tonight in santa rosa. tomorrow, pretty much identical to today morgan hill 85 in san jose, just about average. 85, palo alto, right near the bay, 70, san francisco, 78, san mateo, 85, benicia, 45 richmond, oakland very similar, 82, kenfield, 83, 89, san rafael. low clouds will probably last until about noon or so. downtown san francisco, i think you will see the sun near 70. here has the extended forecast.
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the trough starts to kick in and keep the southwest wind going. just a bit cooler than normal, something we have seen a lot of. i still think getting into next weekend a holiday weekend will see a little bit of warmup, i don't think it will be dramatically hot but still warm. >> 93 coming up then. i'll take the whole forecast. thank you. let's check in with david andrews and comcast sports net, checking out sports. what's going on? >> diane, quite a bit going on as giants look to turn the hose loose on matt cain. osawe wly honou trason, .ayow
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i'm david -- damon andrews. giants finishing up with the houston astros sunday at at&t. looking to make up ground and one game on the three-game hold, leading arizona diamondbacks. astros and giants and we jump right to the 10th inning, down 3-2, one on, one out. mark derosa, line drive to right. game tied at three. derosa is thrown out at second, arguing call, wait a minute. coach has words to say and gets the heave-ho. matt downs, singsles to center.
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jose crosses home. make it 4-3, astros, bottom of the 11th, one on, two out. mike phon tfontano. not a good way to finish for the manager. >> we have to win that game. we made some mistakes. with some pitches there. they got two out hits. i don't know what happened today. that's what beat us and we have to cut those back a little bit. our margin of error is so small. we could have executed a little better in areas of the game. >> giants scoreboard watching to find out what they did against san diego padres. feeling cranky, solo shot to right, his first career jack. bottom of the third, one on, aaron hill finds the hill.
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a two-run shot to left. make it 3-1 arizona, more where that came from. kyle gill again. this time, keeps it inside the park but that's a double. paul goldsmith scores, 4-1, arizona. kyle goes 4 for 4, d'backs win 6-1, giants down four in any nl west. huntington beach taking on japan. hagan danner, grounder, japanese shortstop mishandles it, lose the bases for huntington beach. nick prado trying to win it for california and he does! single for the middle for the walk-off win. they beat japan, seventh little league championship for california. indycar at sonoma, final lap. sebastian and mike conway, a little bump and grind, airborne, no harm no foul.
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pole sitter powell holds off cast stroneves to win. if that's not enough, we have more at 6:00. >> thanks. coming up next, one of tsgianhe giantsldor w series heroes is helping out the family of two fallen heroes next. ie
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a san francisco giant who became a world series hero is helping out two families, teaming up with the group "uncorked for a cause" is trying to raise money for two firefighters both killed battling a fine the diamond heights neighborhood of san francisco. the charity event will take place at the fairmont hotel in san francisco and starts tonight at


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