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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 29, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: another monday, another b.a.r.t. protest, once again at civic center station in san francisco. but this time protesters are saying that they changed their tactics a little bit. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. >> plus, scrambling for flights, the mad dash at bay area airports in the wake of hurricane irene and burning brush, flames ripped through forests year yosemite as campers are forced to pack up and leave. a live look at the bay bridge. it's monday, august 29. this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get to a forecast and meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. all is quiet here on the west coast as we wake up this morning. a little bit of fog to worry about. we have major changes on the way to the bay area as we head through the next 24-48 hours. we'll show you what once was major hurricane irene. that's coming up. right now 4:31 on a monday morning. a lot of construction. >> we'll talk about some of that construction, it's mostly picking up because as of 4:30, 5:00 approach things pick up. there are lanes with construction, southbound 880 down to 92, that connector ramp reopening there, getting on the san mateo bridge. the san mateo bridge is one of our concerns, mostly clear out there but from time to time there are gusty conditions. chp sent a shout out. watch it over the high rise. you see it there. we'll take a live look coming up. >> thank you much. right now police are fanning out in concord looking for suspects
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reportedly linked to an overnight shooting and stabbing. officers urging people to stay away from ol a various ra road near hill crest park. a man was shot around 10:00 last night. police canine teams reportedly chased a few suspects and witnesses say two men were detained. police still on the search for more suspects, no word on the condition of the victim. >> there won't be a protest at the b.a.r.t. stations this afternoon, there will be two. duelling protests to hit the afternoon commute. christie smith is live in oakland with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, this is the third monday that protesters are planning a rally against b.a.r.t. i checked the b.a.r.t. westbound sight. they have an advisory up telling them that they may have to close some stations temporarily depending on what happens today. but protesters may be changing their plan just slightly.
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after several weeks of protests by the activist collective anonymous. b.a.r.t. police made arrests on the platform in san francisco and there were rolling station closures, this all tied to the fatal b.a.r.t. police shooting of a transient with a knife on july 3rd. and over the agency's decision to pull the plug on underground cell service in advance of another planned protest. san francisco police, they made arrests as well as protesters hit market street now on an anonymous website it calls for protesters at civic center b.a.r.t. to gather outside so they are not seen as the protesters that keep me from getting home. they want to stop random marching, stay on message. they want to be known less as hipsters and want this to focus on b.a.r.t. police. again, it's unfolding today, 5:00, there could be other groups out there as well, we're told. civic center station in san francisco, there was also talk
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that it may spread to b.a.r.t. stations outside of san francisco. so, certainly something to keep your eye on, on the way home. that's what we have from here. scott, i'll turn it over to you. >> 4:33. a storm that wasn't as bad as feared still left more than a dozen dead. this morning cleanup from irene, recovery as well for the eastern seaboard in the wake of the hurricane. jay gray in times square where new york city is coming back to life. >> reporter: the lights are still on here in times square, they may call new york the city that never sleeps but this weekend, this area and the entire east coast got a rude wake-up call from irene. a flood of people filled times square overnight, not the rain and wind so many worried about with over the weekend. >> it wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. >> trains, buses and airports will come back on line throughout the day and tunnels and bridges are now open to traffic. >> nobody likes to shut down the economy of the city. nobody likes to inconvenience
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people but human lives are much more important. >> reporter: that's the reason the mayor ordered the first ever evacuation of coastal neighborhoods, more than 300,000 new yorkers moved to higher ground. >> i think that the mayor did the very thing he could. i applaud him and the work he has done. >> reporter: while it was not the storm most expected irene did cause problems. >> when i looked out my heart sank. the water was up to the level of the cars. >> reporter: firefighters pulled more than 60 people from the flood waters on staten island while sea water filled the the streets in bayhead, new jersey. >> we knew about it 11:30, 12:00, we made a mistake by staying. we were stuck. >> reporter: driving rains overwhelmed upstate new york and vermont, the water ripping away this 141-year-old bridge. route 12 was washed away along the carolina coast. rivers were pushed to the banks, streets turned into waterways all along the atlantic seaboard.
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trees snapped and power lines tossed to the ground, hundreds of thousands are still without electricity this morning. and in some of the hardest hit areas it could be more than a week before the power is restored. jay gray, nbc news, times square. >> thousands of canceled flights on that end of the country causing plenty of problems on this end. the backup is so huge airline leaders say it will take days to sort things out. weather forced sfo to cancel 87 flights. passengers are frustrated to say the least. >> i know it's mother nature and they probably have nothing to do with it, but i just hope they can try to get organized really quick. >> very frustrating. i miss my vacation with my daughter, i had the frustration of going through having to change my flights not knowing when i was going to get home today. my daughter is having a staycation which is not the same thing. >> we'll be checking bay area airports all morning to see if
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flights get back on track. there are two cancellation this is morning, a flight to newark and to jfk. >> also 100 people forced from home as a wild fire rips through thousands of acres near yosemite. the blaze burning through a steep rugged area of the thick forest along highway 140. so far 4600 acres burned, that's about seven square miles. it's about the size of the city of campbell. about 850 firefighters are on the scene trying to put out the flames. despite the size of the fire, yosemite national park is still open. the flames were apparently sparked by a motor home. >> this morning a man accused of killing a 3-year-old boy in oakland will be in court to face charges and enter a plea. police say the 26-year-old, lawrence denard was gunning for two rival gang members outside of a pizzeria when a bullet fired by him hit carlos. also in jail is willie torrence,
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the alleged getaway driver. he will be arraigned tomorrow. >> today we could get our first glimpse of court video from last year's prop eight 8 trial. attorneys for the couples who sued to overturn the ban are trying to get video released. the trial was recorded. the u.s. supreme court denied the judge's request to upload the video to youtube and live stream it. >> let's check in back with christina and our forecast which is going to look better than theirs. >> most certainly. we've had a really mild august, we are going to conclude the month of august with very, very mild conditions. temperatures below their seasonal average almost all month long, today it's going to be just about where we should be, where we typically average for this time of year. as we head through tomorrow and the remainder of the week our temperatures drop like a rock so
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another cooldown. this morning we're watching fog for you especially in the north bay, two miles of visibility in santa rosa and this fog is staying to the north of the golden gate bridge. we expect to creep to the south as we head through the next couple of hours. right now the deepest pockets will be found in the north bay. 48 in novato, 50 in santa rosa, on the way to a pretty comfortable day in san francisco, 74, 75 for oakland and hey, if you're waking up with us in the city we'll tell you why you want to get outside today. things change as we head through the next few days, we're talking about drizzle, dreary weather. we'll break it down coming up. let's check your drive. >> most of the area around the maze looking good, but i'm seeing a couple of blips, one around the caldecott tunnel and eastbound away from berkeley and toward the split with the bridge. things are moving as far as the chp so we'll track that. we have construction further north away from the bay bridge, again eastbound 80 between
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highway 4 and coming skyway there is construction and the skyway off ramp is closed for a couple hours potentially. that's opposite main commute and folks local to the area know they take alternate exits as they have when they had construction there. we move to antioch, we expect to see some slowing, this being a monday probably right about 5:30. where it says 65 there, around l street we'll see that build. mondays and tuesdays are tough for highway 4 starting the week there. a live look at the san mateo bridge, the wind advisory for the area, no fog through the area because of that wind but no shaking to the hayward side of the camera. watch the high rise as you approach. that could be an issue. >> 4:40. crash landing, a small plane hits the skids on the bay area highway. clip as car. how the pilot and driver are doing. for your news and weather and traffic, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area morning news. do i look like someone who is at risk for heart disease ?
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well, guess what ? i am. heart disease took my dad's life, but it doesn't have to take mine, because 80% of cardiac events in women may be prevented if we make the right choices. 80%. you may not know you're at risk, but one woman dies every minute from this largely preventable disease. help bring a voice to this silent killer. speak up to save lives at >> welcome back to you. it's 4:43. in the military he was chief petty officer kevin houston, a member of the elite navy seals. but family and friends here in san jose he was known as kevin, a funny and kind father of three. this weekend loved ones gathered in san jose to remember kevin,
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one of the 30 americans killed when their helicopter was shot out of the sky in afghanistan. houston was buried at arlington national cemetery but his family held a memorial here for those who could not travel to the east coast to remember him. >> a great father, you know, just tough, you know. he was -- he was -- nothing he wouldn't try to do. motorcycle, jet skis, all the thrill-seeker you would think of in a guy is kevin houston. nothing scared him. nothing. >> houston was a member of the navy s.e.a.l.s elite team 6, that is the same unit involved in the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> this morning marks the first leg of a special journey to the flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania. a group of motorcyclists includingment is family members of passengers who died in the crash will leave san francisco just after 7:00 this morning. they are planning to arrive at the site at the same time the
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plane crashed a decade ago. organizers hope to raise $250,000 for a flight 93 national memorial. >> united airlines flight 93 never made its stop to san francisco during the terrorist attack of september 11. the passengers took it over and crashed it into the ground. >> despite the rain and clouds and flooding of hurricane irene, it's business as usual on wall street this morning. for more on that and other news before the bell it's courtney reagan at cnbc. good morning. >> hi, good morning. futures are up sharply and that's possibly due to some relief that hurricane irene wasn't as bad, at least as many feared it could have been. there may also be a little carryover from friday's rally as investors reacted to a speech from fed chairman ben bernanke who predicts that the u.s. economy will return to full health. he didn't announce new stimulus measures but he did leave room open for more action if it looks like we're headed back into recession. asian markets were up, europe
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was up as well. we'll get data on pending home sales later this morning. the dow up friday, trading begins at 11,284, the nasdaq up 60 points to 2429. and as you said scott, it will be business as usual on wall street. it is unclear how many traders will be at their posts because of the morning commute. new york city subway system is running again, but there are fewer trains in service and many of the commuter lines on the tri-state area are still shut down. american express's headquarters in lower manhattan will remain closed. >> creative ways to cash in on diaper dollars, trying to boost the industry after a decline in births. huggies has a limited edition blue diaper sold at walmart for the next three months and part of the proceeds go to support military families.
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pampers has a limited edition for little boys. back to you. >> thank you. where's the baby? i can't find the baby. he's camouflaged. >> good morning to you. blue camouflage. very cool. we're looking good. we'd love to see jackson in some of those cool hug es. we're looking good now. we have fog hugging the coast f. you are waking up inland in the east bay or the south bay we have breaks in the clouds which means you're going to get a really good looking sun rise. the sun comes up about 6:30. we've got good visibility from san jose to san mateo, then you drop off closer to the golden gate bridge. so watch out for deep pockets of fog especially in the north bay. probably until 9:00, 10:00 a.m. we're not going to see the fog all day. that means you'll want to get outside today. as we head through the remainder of the week and into this coming weekend, temperatures drop off. that means the fog will be back and it could hang around all day as early as tomorrow. 48 in novato.
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you'll be at about 74 in the city later on today. a gorgeous day in the city. this will be the warmest day of the week. temperatures start to drop as we head through tomorrow. down to about 82 degrees in places like san jose, down from 88 today so you will notice the difference, the 70s return for a couple of days, then we start to climb gradually toward the weekend. but still, no 90s on the extended forecast. looking good all the way through this coming weekend. we're going to stay mild as we wrap up august. back to you, scott. >> thank you. 4:48. two people somehow doing just fine after their small plane made a crash landing on a north bay highway. you can look at these photos. witnesses say the plane crashed on highway 29 near napa county airport yesterday afternoon. skidded along the highway, clipped the back of a car before skidding off coming to a rest. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, remarkably two people on the plane walked away completely fine. >> coming up, the raiders and the niners battling on the field but did it come to blows in the
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stands? the crackdown on rowdy fans ahead. >> a look at the drive, 580 through livermore, this is going to be crowded today as we've seen over the last week. the shift is happening around the bay. i'll show you accidents we're following. >> for news and weather and sports it's facebook. 3q septic system breakdowns affect over one million homes each year. without regular maintenance, septic tanks can back up, causing a disgusting mess and countless hours of repair.
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good morning to you. 4:51 as we look at the production booth. the head of security for the national football league is here in the bay area helping the niners and the raiders crack down on rowdy fans. over the weekend police beefed up patrols, cracked down on rule breakers at both candlestick park and the coliseum, as a result three people were arrested at candlestick and on sunday 10 or 12 at the oakland coliseum. as you'll recall the weekend before two people were shot outside candlestick park, another person badly beaten inside a stadium restroom during the annual battle of the bay game. the nfl's head of security says they are focusing on the little things like messaging boards and trash removal to maintain order. >> i think what happened last week is not a reflection on real football fans or folks that follow either of the teams. i think there was a lot of people engaged in criminal activity and they are thugs and criminals. >> the nfl gives security
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reports or gets them rather, after each game to audit the teams and hand out grades at the end of the season. last weekend's violence likely won't affect the teams' grades because the officers did the best with what they had to handle that situation. >> let's check on what's coming up "today in the bay." good morning. >> good morning. as the east coast recovers from hurricane irene, people here in the bay area scrambling to catch their flights. we'll go live at sfo with what you need know to get where you need to go. plus, they are marked as bath salts but not used for aromatherapy. the synthetic drug being smoked and snorted legally here in california and how lawmakers are trying to put a stop to it. plus, oakland goes hollywood for the muddy ball premier so the question everybody wants to know is will brad pitt make an appearance. back to you. >> sounds good. thank you much, jon. well, the super soaker on the east coast bogged down the box
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office over the weekend. movie studio executives say about 1,000 theaters shut down as you see some of the damage from the hurricane across the country, movie roov knevenues t 88 million. down about 23% from the same weekend last year. there is one movie that is still on an upward swing, "the help" is still number one. it should hit the $100 million mark tomorrow. >> we did find a bright spot among the dark clouds and flash floods of the storms back east. here she is. >> jane here from pennsylvania. this is my last report because it's my bed time. it is really raining, the wind has picked up, this is the biggest ever has it been. everybody take care. and please stay inside. otherwise you might blow away. it's still raining hard that i would say it is raining cats and dogs. i have to go back inside.
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back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you, jane. >> you know, that's my last report because it's my bed rhyme. i'm going to work in television some day in some report. you understand why she was not standing in the ocean, right? >> because she's smart. >> right. she has the sense of a 7-year-old to not stand in the ocean and you see a reporter doing that you can conclude he's not very bright. >> be careful. also, though, she had that heart-covered rain coat to protect her. we should see more of that in news as well. scott, let me take you out to the roadway where we have an issue we are following in san francisco. reports of a car that went down the roadway and the person that is down the roadway says hey, this was a hit and run. someone took off. so chp is there, they are on the side of the road. they have to block a couple of lanes and heading out with cable and a tow truck to try to pull this car. an ambulance is heading there but like i said the person involved with the car they said they are doing all of the talking so they are okay.
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we'll watch for slowing but light volume there. disabled vehicle in the city, so that's changed from an accident, now a disabled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it's around treasure island but so far a light volume of traffic. now i have to go because it's time for me to take a nap. >> lucky guy. 4:56. good morning. >> this is my last report before my breakfast. we have a really warm day ahead. 88 degrees for today. but take a look at where we're going to drop off as we head through tomorrow. temperatures fall by about 5 to 10 degrees on average. you'll notice the difference, and then we round out the month of august with unseasonably cool weather. it's going to be another nice comfortable week right here in the lovely bay area. you can't ask for better weather. back to you. >> thank you. reminder there are flight delays today. "today in the bay" with jon and laura will start in two minutes. >> for all of your news and weather and traffic check us out on facebook.
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>> new this morning police trying to find who is responsible for a shooting and stabbing in concord. why they say there could be more than one suspect. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. protesters say they will be back at it again for the evening commute in san francisco, but they also say they are changing their tactics a bit. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. >> reporter: good morning. coming up why the state is banning a drug you can buy over the counter. >> we have a live look outside in the bay bridge, a beautiful day starting out. it is monday, august 29th. this is "today in the bay."


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