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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the verdict was read. her codefendant and former boyfriend was also cleared of the 2007 murder of knox's roommate, meredith kercher. both were hustled from the court after the verdict. knox's sister spoke of the family's relief. >> we're thankful that amanda's nightmare is over. >> earlier, knox made an emotional appeal to the court professing her innocence. after the verdict was read, the kercher family stayed seated in the court, seemingly stunned at the news. another man is still in prison serving a 16-year sentence after his trial was fast tracked at his request. >> the family of meredith kercher say they respect the decision of the judges, but do not understand how the decision of the first trial could be so radedly overturned. amanda knox's prior conviction
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for slander will be upheld. she was ordered to pay about $35,000 to a bar owner she accused of the murder. she is expected to leave italy tomorrow for her home in seattle. >> thanks. coming up, lester holt reports from italy on the verdict. we'll also hear reaction from amanda's hometown of seattle. now to the concern at the checkout counter. at least 15 people have died after eating cantaloupe contaminated with listeria. now, the number of deaths is expected to grow, but fighting listeria can be very challenging because the bacteria occurs naturally in our environment. mary ann join us with advice. >> it has also been found in some types of lettuce, but this is the one thing you need to remember. heat is your friend. that's the best way to kill listeria, but if that's not an option, there are other ways to
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minimize your risk. this is what listeria looks like under the mike scope. >> listeria has a remarkable ability to travel from one cell to the other in the human body without going outside. >> enabling it to hide from antibodies, with possibly deadly consequenc consequences. >> in some people, it can get into the brain and cause meningitis. >> in the latest outbreak, it is blamed for the deaths of at least 15 people nationwide. health officials traced four strains to this colorado antelope farm. and farms in solinas is recalling more than 90 cases of bagged, chopped, romaine lettuce after a sample detected listeria. experts say the bacteria occurs naturally in our environment, found in soil and water, so how
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do you protect your family? allen teaches food handling safety at san jose state university. he says cooking is your only foolproof option. >> it's not something that's traveling in the air that you can watch. it's in the water supply. in the earth and it comes through and impossible to get rid of except by cooking. that will kill the bacteria. >> but who wants to cook cantaloupe of lettuce? washing your hands and produce can help mine miz, but not eliminate your risks. for most, it will cause a fever and stomach pain, but it's those at risk who need to be the most diligent. >> people with suppressed immune system, little babies, elderly and pregnant women. >> because listeria can kill. if you cook your produce, make
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sure you reach a temperature of at least 165 degrees and when you cut up your fruit, slice other types, actually, before you slice other types of produce, use a different knife so you don't cross contaminate. you need to wash in between. >> it's tricky how to battle this. what about those veggie sprays? >> they are popular, but i asked dr. blum and he said they do not -- he has no confidence they will be effective in fighting lister listeria. zblncht rain is making its way through the bay area and this is just the start of wet weather. jeff ranieri is here and he is tracking the storm. >> we have been talking about this wet weather for over a week and it's arrived right on time ivand has a little slow to move area, but as you can see, plenty of clouds in san francisco and decent amount of
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rainfall for today as the satellite radar loops around this rainfall stretching to the north and as far south as central and southern california. what you'll notice is some of the more consistent, moderate rainfall across the pe nips nins la, also the south bay. also across 280 and 680. not a major storm, but definitely a very, very decent start to the water here. santa rosa picking up the tmos. .38 and san jose, but that is going to be going up tonight. we have a second and stronger storm on the way. plus, a winter storm warning in minutes. medical marijuana is coming to a supermarket near you or at least that's where you'll asked to sign the petition to overturn san jose's new pot ordnance before it goes into effect.
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kris sanchez has more on this signature drive. >> reporter: at least 2,000 registered voters in san jose have signed on that petition in just the first couple of days and while the clock is ticking toward that october 29th deadline to get 8% of registered voters on board, the medical marijuana community here in san jose says it will happen. >> are you registered voter? >> reporter: for 25 years, ross williams has geterred signatures. he gets paid to do it. his job today, get as many signatures as he can for medi l medicine marijuana. >> that's what i'm hearing from people, they have a definite opinion about it. >> reporter: the folks who sign count toward the 3,500 signatures they need to overturn san jose's ordnance. the group made up of medical
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marijuana providers, users and supporters, say the ordnance which caps dispensaries at ten will essentially snuff out medical marijuana in san jose all together. >> it will prohibit any -- from effectively being able to operate even if they meet the city's zoning requirements. >> reporter: advocates are gathering signatures for voters to decide the ordnance in a special election and that's something the san jose mayor says will cost taxpayers at least a million dollars. voters are just as divided over that as they are medical marijuana itself. >> this is a democracy. >> why spend the money? isn't that why we elect people for? >> reporter: october 29th is the deadline for those signature gatherers to gather the 3500
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signatures they need. it is also the day the ordnance goes into effect if they don't get them. did the white house now ignore the warning signs about solyndra? today, some eye opening revelations during a congressional investigation. two days before president obama made that high profile visit to solyndra in fremont, steve wesley sent an e-mail warning the white house about any association with solyndra, citing its growing financial problems. wesley's e-mail was part of a report released today by the house energy and commerce committee. wesley wrote and we quote here --now, solyndra's bankruptcy did cost taxpayers
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millions of dollars. we have more on our 6:00 newscast. who's watching your e-mails? could the largest e-mail provider in the u.s. fall under foreign control? yahoo!'s latest move. and why an insurance giant will soon stop paying for a breast cancer drug across the state. and the sea lion that crossed highway 101 and survived. what vets found when they checked her out. i'm jeferraf a wet highway 101 tonight as our storm moves in. the first of two this week.
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we're going to talk about
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winter will have the most rain coming
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up in just a few minutes. a quiet neighborhood in san francisco turned into a deadly crime scene this morning. the suspect was the son of the couple that he attacked. the grizzly discovery when police officers arrived at the home of the inner richmond district, they found an elderly man and woman bleeding from multiple stab wounds. once inside the home, the officers were confronted by a 44-year-old man wielding a knife. one officer tried shooting the suspect with a bean bag, but it had no effect. the second officer shot the man with his gun. hidi the suspect and the female, his mother, were pronounced dead when they arrived at a nearby hospital. no word on the condition of the father in this case. also, the suspect's sister was hiding upstairs once police arrived. she was not injured. the hype is in full swipg. apple the making a major announcement tomorrow. we expect they'll unveil the
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newest iphone, then in theory, hype about the iphone 6. will it be cheaper, offer new carriers, all sorts of questions for consumers, but the company as usual has no comment. our business and tech reporter will be there for the announcement tomorrow morning. he'll be blogging, tweeting and you can follow him online. american airlines could be headed forj(:dy again. the rumor loss plunlg $3 < shares are selling for less than $2. airline to report a loss this year, losing nearly $3 million in the second quarter alone. it has been a rough couple of days of trading. stocked have been down today fueled by continued concerns
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over the financial instability in greece. now, the dow here are the numbers, fell 258 points while nasdaq dropped almost 80 points. this follows another 200 plus pount dropoff on friday. protests like the one we saw in san francisco last week with picking up steam across the country. this rally took place in los angeles. the movement known as occupy together is encouraging people to rally against corporate greed and wall street. they are demonstrating outside some of the nation's largest banks and government buildings. protesters are being organized through social media. signs of life for yahoo!. the beleagued tech giant might be sold to a company in is the speculation. household name, ew.fact, his ce but yahoo! knows him well.
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he's the head of the chinese internet company which yahoo! is a major investor in. in fact, his company actuallies yahoo! china. at a presentation, he said he'd be very interested in buying the company. >> yes, we are very interested in that. we are very interested in because our set group is so important waggi tant to us. >> now were he to buy yahoo! it would be a bit like the tail wagging the dog and there would be significant issues to be revolved. for instance, a chi needs company would be it largest provider of a states, companyfthe u.s. government probably currently, it doesn't a ceo. the ba
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currently, it doesn't a ceo. the said no. yahoo! now trades around 13. back to you. topping our health watch, san francisco's controversial cell phone radiation law is officially connected. the law officially connected. the law it requires cell phone retailers in the about how much radiation is emitted from the store's featured cell n there is conflicting information on whether cell phone radiation poses health threats, but some studies show long-term use can s ncourage approve the to use th. a major insurance company says now to avastin. they won't pay for new
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prescriptions. ng her pa app. f/çg of c says beginning an?qs@éi game.ñ >> haszqó& a'1a if algae&n burrling game. >> they realized the animal has/ tests also to determine if she suffers from toxic algae poison. the sea line was named broadway him*eprz lookoroute she took toy
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stunning testimony in the trial of michael jackson's personal doctor.
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today, doctors testified that when they asked for a list of drugs that jackson had taken, dr. murray never mentioned propofol. today, she testified that by the time she saw jackson at the hospital, there was nothing she could do to save him. murray's attorney suggested the doctor may have left out mentioning propofol to the doctors because he believed it had worn off and was not the cause of the pop star's death. more than 800 people have won the noble prize, but tonight, there's a winner different from the rest. the committee has accidentally awarded the prize to a dead man. hours later, the committee learned he had died of cancer just three days ago. following an emergencies meeting, they decided he will keep the prize. the new yo scientist won the award for his research on the immune system. >> back in a moment.
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what would it be like growing up as martha stewart's daughter? beautiful halloween costumes, delicious treats? not exactly. a new tell all by her daughter exposes the real stewart and says what you see is all for show. alexis says halloween was spent in a dark house with no k costumes. she said if she didn't do something perfectly, she had to do it again and growing up with a glue gun pointed at her head. whatever land learning to live here hits the shelves october 18th. >> that's not very nice.
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>> sthanks for joining us. nightly news is next. we have coverage from seattle l, the hometown of amanda knox and a special performance of the lion king. >> see you guys later. >> good night. hey!
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