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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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in several counties. >> wow. that's a lot. a lot of bad stuff going on. >> reporter: the accusations include everything from attempted murd tore drug trafficking to gang involvement. much of it is coming in from mexico and making its way down the i-5. >> people are making a whole lot of money trafficking guns and drugs and human beings through those tunnels. >> reporter: agents from the california department of justice along with 150 law enforcement personnel from local, state and federal agencies went under cover for 16 months. gilroy's police chief says because her department needed help addressing the crime coming into the area. >> we have actually been on calls where we could hear our radio channel in the background and we'd look around and see an i phone with the new app on it where you could download local police frequencies. they listened to everything we were doing. >> reporter: dubbed operation
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garlic press, they went undetected nearly 90 stolen cars and 59 guns and large amounts of drugs in five counties. >> with an operation as large as this, there will be a certain impact in terms of public safety in this region. >> reporter: now, the process of prosecutings those suspects arrested in this massive sweep begins tonight. 13 are being arraigned in san jose. live in gilroy, nbc bay area news. a worldwide phenomenon and cause for celebration. apple's new iphone made its debut in seven countries today. those long lines were in australia, japan and, of course, right here in the bay area. beyond the traditional line, apple also received more than 1 million online pre-orders. traci is in san francisco where the crowd has remained pretty much constant throughout the
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day. >> reporter: we had it figured out, figured this apple store in the marina district would be the best bet for these people hoping to get their new iphone in a hurry. we were wrong. this line is barely moving. the busy union scare store was the place to be. >> reporter: did you expect it to be longer than this? >> absolutely. >> reporter: it may have been one of the hottest days of the year. these people were prepared to tough it out in line in front of the apple store in union scare. they were pleasantly surprised they didn't have to. >> hey handed me a bottle of water, what color do you want and how many gigabytes? i came to the front, the guy says come with me, i walk in, got my phone. >> reporter: efficiency was the key as the clock struck 8:00 a.m. and the iphone 4s was finally available to the public.
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workers say after the crowds of people who camped out overnight had been served, everything moved smoothly because of the dozens of employees who came in to help. apple cofounder steve was nack waited four hours. >> the phone worked the first time i tried it. >> reporter: others thought that sounded crazy. >> i wasn't going to wait if it wasn't like 30. >> bragging rights, i will get the phone and send the e-mail to my friends and post it on facebook i got the phone. >> reporter: customers had different reasons to nabs this phone on the first possible day, like the megapixel in the camera and processor, but it was a little thing named siri most were looking for, the voice activated features. >> that's right. has answers other than robotic things, like sensitive answers, like do you love me? >> reporter: the answer better
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be yes considering how much money these people were willing to pay. most of the people in here already have working iphones in their pockets. they just want the newest coolest version. live in san francisco, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> they better say i love you. thank you. lost in the hoopla was an interview we did with steve wozny ac and he expressed concern the culture could change and worried about the impact that would have on apple's future. >> i hope apple doesn't split up and have individual power centers. i hope it runs a long time the way steve ran it. >> reporter: you have some worries? >> i do. for the long term. for the next two years, it will seem like the products came out steve would have brought out. that's the important thing apple does is great products. >> we just learned sources inside apple the company is planning a tribute for jobs next
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wednesday. it will be held in the outdoor amphitheater on the campus at cupertino at 10:00 in the morning. it will also be broadcast live to most retail stores for employees throughout the world. after increasing pressure, pg&e has decided to replace more than 1200 miles of possible faulty pipeline across the state, enough pipe to run from san francisco to phoenix and back. this comes after a leaky gas pipe caused a fire at a housing complex in cupertino six weeks ago. the massive project will start next month in cupertino as well as roseville near sacramento. a pg&e spokesman said the job is expected to cost hundreds of millions of dollars and still unclear how it will be paid for or how it will affect future consumer rates. the project could take as long as 10 years to complete. no charges will be filed in a rape case, a decision the district attorney announced today. it centered on an alleged
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assault assault -- on a 17-year-old girl by several members of the baseball team. and they said it was reprehensible but wasn't enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. he reached that decision after months of reviewing police reports, crime scene photos and evidence and even talking to the jurors from the civil case. >> what happened to jessica was not her fault. the defendants' behavior was not acceptable conduct in a civilized society. however, the district attorney's office cannot prove a crime occurred on march 3rd, 2007 and therefore will not file criminal charges. >> in response to that announcement, the alleged victim in the case issued a statement saying, quote i'm very disappointed in our justice system and only pray that victims find strength in my journey. i didn't hide. i told my story and i am not
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embarrassed. i did all i could to help the truth come out and now i will move on. prosecutors seek the dealt penalty for a man accused of shooting at a california hair salon. police say he walked into the salon on witnessed carrying multiple weapons and wearing body armor and then opened fire. prosecutors say he was targeting his ex-wife. the two were in the missed of a custody dispute over their 8-year-old son. today, the district attorney held and emotional press conference where he teared up often. >> while he ran through a hair salon shooting at innocent victims, the son he professed to love was sitting in the principal's office waiting for his mom or dad to pick him up. >> the district attorney added that the suspect believed
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workers at the salon were quote enablers in the custody dispute and that's why he shot them, too. a threat made to an east bay school send police to campus today. it wasn't locked down but a school district employee did report a threat which they tracked to a source. after determining there was no danger, they consulted with administers and agreed to step up their presence and the school day went on almost as usual. >> they have the security out here, dogs. said don't worry and i feel pretty confident it will be okay. >> teachers talked about safety with their students. still to come at 5:00, the bay area deals a blow to the world's largest retailer. another air show disaster and last move escape for one of the pilots on board. and the doctor behind this south beach diet is back. an inside look at his new diet plan. the week started with rain
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and today, like the last couple of days, great conditions continuing. san francisco, 75, but notice the clouds we're seeing out there this afternoon, they may try to bring a chance of showers for parts of the bay area this weekd. some chang in that weekend forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney...big as it gets sale, save big...
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addition to the store. a community network has been challenging the expansion for years now. walmart can appeal the decision or simply submit new plans. it's something we just saw weeks ago in reno, a violent jet crash at an air show. this time in china and tonight the pilot is missing and premiumed dead. this is a chinese air force jet nosediving into a field in china. one of the pilots managed to eject from the cockpit and land safely and his co-pilot appeared to have been trapped inside the plane. it occurred nearly a mile from the nearest spectator and nobody was hurt. you know you stand in a long line, walk through a metal detector, get a pat-down by a tsa agent. now, something new. the newest form of airport security, called the chat-down. tsa officers will ask questions to randomly chosen passengers, focusing on where they're
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headed, how long they will be gone and the purpose of the trip. the answers aren't all the officers are after. looking for behavioral clues. suspicious travelers will be taken aside for questioning. right now the chat-down is being tested in bons. -- in boston and if successful could goo to other airports. low income parents, 19 graduates from a successful training and half have jobs. many were out of work and even homeless before the program, which is designed to teach students new job skills. >> it was hard because i had nowhere to stay. my mom was the only one that helped me in. staying at my mom's house with two kids, a teenager and 5-year-old, taking them back and forth to school, no job, no car, it was very hard but it was a program that got me back on my feet. >> the people at jvs encouraged
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me, motivated me and kept me going. >> congratulations to them, very dedicated. the five month training program is free. topping our health watch tonight, more than just a fad. some have been opting for a gluten-free diet as a way to lose weight. the author of the south beach diet says kicking gluten could be the way to better health. >> reporter: counting calories to lose weight. that's the wrong approach according to cardiologist and south beach diet creator, dr. arthur agiston. >> the thing about diet is the focus has been too much on calories and cosmetics and looking like a cover girl for women. it should be much more about nutrition. >> reporter: often it's not. he likens belly fat to a toxic chemical factory fueled by some of our favorite foods.
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>> it's the processed carbohydrates, sugars, candy, baked goods, the transfats, that is all leading to inflammation. >> reporter: inflammation can lead to a host of weight problems. the south beach wake-up book leads to a new style. >> gluten does not have a tolerable test and we do what we call a south beach gluten solution. >> reporter: no wheat products, barley or rye for one week trial period. instead have rice or gluten-free grain. >> it won't hurt you. a lot of people will be amazed they'll have more energy, arthritic pains go away. >> reporter: it helped his nurse-practitioner with her severe acid reflux. >> i cut the gluten and within two days i felt dramatically
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better. >> reporter: what should we be eating? when you go grocery shopping, he says there are 15 mega foods should be on your list. >> reporter: in the produce section, broccoli and broccoli sprouts, antioxidant power houses. sweet potatoes and other bright orange veggies packed with immune boosters. mushrooms for vitamin d and fruits, berries and monounsaturated fats in avocado and salmon rich in omega 3 fatty acids. for your sweet tooth, inflammation dark chocolate with at least 77% acao. and he's hoping parents will pick up on these tips and get a new generation on a healthier eating plan. the story of a medical breakthrough tonight, a successful double hand
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transplant, only the fourth of its kind in the u.s. this is a 65-year-old massachusetts man, a quadruple amputee, lost his arms below the elbows and legs below the knees after contracting a bloodstream infection called sepsis almost 10 years ago. >> a miracle because you do what everybody else does. i will tell them and you that it took 25 or 30 miracles a day to be that person. i will have to -- i won't have to pull up to get up in the morning. >> a team of doctors and nurses helped perform the 12 hour operation. it may take nine months before mangino will have full sensation in his new hands but doctors say he's already wiggling his fingers and making fast progress. his goal to one day feel the faces of his children. looks like it will come true. >> that is remarkable. >> beautiful day. wearing bright colors. feels like summer. >> in the last couple of days,
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we've had 80s and 90s and after 5:00, still in the 80s in san jose. does feel like summer outside in santa clara valley. 82 degrees, in san francisco, close to 80. not much of a sea breeze out there. 75 degrees. not cooling too quickly. temperatures hanging around 70s. oakland, hazy skies and fantastic finish to the workweek, as you can see. still looks like summer with these temperatures, especially with that 90 in gilroy. 82 in san jose, 85 in livermore, here's the culprit, the lack of ocean air-condition, winds actually slightly offshore in livermore, at times around fairfield. the marine layer has been backed off the coast allowing temperatures to warm up. just in time for the weekend, we will see cooler changes, especially by the time we get to sunday. you might have noticed the mid-level clouds spilling in, tropical clouds coming away from hawaii, spilling towards california. there is, especially for the far
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north bay, a slight chance of showers late in the weekend. we'll talk about that in a minute. you saw the pollen count, mold spores have come up with the rain earlier in the week. this will make for a doeringorg sunset outside, 6:00, san francisco in the north bay, high clouds, nothing reaching the ground. we have precipitation in the mid-levels of the atmosphere drying before it reaches the ground. notice offshore, this is a tough weather scenario and they break off the jetstream and park offshore. in this case, we have a couple offshore pumping in high level clouds into saturday with daytime heating, maybe a slight chance of shower on the coastline. the better chance of showers is for the far north bay as some of the moisture goes for a ride on a frontal system moving to the pacific northwest as the two try to come together, sonoma county northward for the afternoon and we might see an isolated shower
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or two for the weekend. the mid-level moisture can trigger lightning strikes. we don't want that this time of year. not a weekend washout. partly cloudy skies and this system cranks up the sea breeze and leave the temperatures cooling some. not going to see 90s. by the time we get to sunday, highs in the low 70s and low 80s. probably mid-60s around the bay area, inner bay, mid to upper 50s. mild temperatures slow cooling. you may have the air-conditioning going on until midnight tonight with mild temperatures. tomorrow, you continue to see high clouds coming in from the south. temperatures still pretty warm. still above average this time of year, 80 south of san jose, 70s around palo alto, another gorgeous day and towards marine county andhe north bay, you'll be watching cloud build-ups, not expecting much in the way of showers saturday but the system
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hitting sunday in the pacific northwest and slight chance of showers. temperatures not that bad. warmer monday and trending cooler, more october-like, highs in 70s. boy, 90s the last three days. >> it's a little humid. did it feel muggy to you? >> starting to get that way. >> i have to use my hair as a judge. up next, comparison shopping taking it to whole new level. how ebay is making online shopping a little easier. t ride muni every day. t i enjoy it the most when i'm with sidney.
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she doesn't notice that it's too crowded or that it can run a half hour late. i'm bevan dufty, and i'm running for mayor because it's not enough to just "get it done"-- we have to get it done better. sidney thinks muni is magic. we go underground and come out someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way.
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shopping just got even easier on ebay, the online auction site plans to offer an image recognition for i-phones and it will match it on its website. the company ceo announced this plan this week. it's unclear whether the app will work just on clothing or all items. talk about another app.
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it is hard to get excited about disaster preparedness. san francisco is trying to make it fun with an app. the program ise called sf heroe, for the iphone and android comes out next spring. if there is ari csi crisis and service goes down, users can refer to their stored maps and supply list. the city spent $50,000 to help develop the game. politically correct andning stunning.he t a look at the first lady's recent fashion hit next.
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first lady, getting kudos from the fashion world. they welcomed south korea's president and the first lady.
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miss obama wore a purple one shouldered gown designed by an american chung. she did not get it from target. he had to make a change before delivering it to the white house. the original style had a thigh-high slit up the thigh. the opted out for that. her sense of style. >> very stunning. so is our forecast. the weekend is going to look okay. a little bit cooler. the item to watch in the north bay. a slight chance of showers on sunday. keep watching the forecast as we finish off the weekend. >> thanks so much and thanks for joining us. we will see you back here at 6:00. "nightly news" is next. bye-bye.
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