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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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movement seemed to be growing as well. in oakland, thousands of people are rallying outside with a hollywood celebrity leading the charge. we are downtown with the story. monty. >> reporter: occupy oakland is in day six. this is the biggest day yet. 2,000 people and the march ended here at the plaza. ♪ >> reporter: the march had a message of jobs, not cuts. it's sponsored by there's a number of messages out here. we saw signs for legalizing marijuana and people speaking out about oscar grant. there's a disparity between the
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ultra rich. dan danny glover was here. >> we don't know what this movement is going to be. right nou, right now, we don't know what tomorrow is going to bring. the uncertainty of what we are in, there's a great deal of uncertainty. anything is possible. we have to imagine this is a better world. >> reporter: of course, this is part of a bigger movement that began as occupy wall street in new york city last month. the mayor spoke and voiced their support of the jobs, not cuts message. back here live you can see most of those who took part in the march have left. others are camped out here in city hall. they put up their tents and have no immediate plans to leave.
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>> thank you, monty. protests continued in new york today as well. 24 people arrested for trespassing after storming into a citibank in manhattan. they accused the bank of playing a role in the financial crisis. the occupy wall street protests spread worldwide with demonstrations in 900 cities in europe, africa, asia and the united states. it's drawn high profile people including wikileaks founder, julian assange. he stepped on stage for a different cause. >> we are all individuals. >> we are all individuals. >> assange joined thousands of
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demonstrators in london's financial district frustrated over inequality. meantime, rome saw some of the worst violence in years. members by the government and high unemployment sparked residents to lash out at police. some donned masks trying to express the same concerns. corporate greed clashes with the lives or ordinary citizens. >> i'm here because the cops are not going to help people. they can't. i have kids. we have to fight. >> this sentiment echoing around the globe. many say it's falling on deaf
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ears. in san jose today, a funeral for a member of the hell's angels fell violent. kimberly is at the cemetery with more. kimberly. >> reporter: diane, police just reopened the streets here about an hour ago. the cemetery remains closed as police continue their investigation inside. the one man shot and killed today was identified as member of the hell's angels. they are looking into whether it's a targeted incident. the shooting happened just before 1:00 p.m. and the end of the funeral service for a man killed in a casino in sparks, nevada. they knew about the funeral and had adequate resources on hand. they would not tell us whether there were undercover officers inside the service. once they got to the victim, it
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appeared the scene had been tampered with. police will not elaborate on how it may have been compromised. there were thousands of people at the service. one woman said there were members of more than two dozen motorcycle clubs paying respe s respects. she left the service when she heard about the shooting and says she's shocked. >> a lot of people don't understand people who ride harleys or in these groups, doctors, lawyers, dentists have had jobs. he was 20 years, you know, head engineer. so, i just don't understand. i mean, why some people get together and have issues and not be gentlemanly like and remember the code of ethics. >> reporter: the man being laid to rest today at the time of the shooting is jethro pedigrew.
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police are still in the process of interviewing witnesses. again, they have no suspects and so far have not made any arrests. live in san jose, kimberly terry. >> thank you. terminal b of the international airport is just getting back to normal after being evacuated today. 4:00 this afternoon, a short circuit in an electrical room caused smoke to set off an alarm. three arriving planes held passengers on board. firefighters say no one was hurt. there was no fire, just smoke. everyone is being allowed back inside the terminal now. a few flights were delayed. just two days after taking the reigns, howard jordan took the
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spotlight today as the city's first neighborhood safety summit. other city leaders outlined a plan to cut crime in oakland. hundreds showed up to discuss the plan that calls for community involvement. we have to really look at other ways to try to reduce crime and having a focus, which is what we talked about putting officers in strategic locations where we think most violent crimes are taking place gives us that opportunity. >> there were educational workshops on safety topics. coming up next at 6:00, the obama administration's major change regarding troops in iraq. plus, we show you who the haves and have notes are in the gop presidential field as we look at
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campaign finances and -- >> i don't have a choice because i don't know what to do. >> an oregon mother kicked off a bus because her daughter was crying. we'llwho y h other passengers reacted, coming up. i am a face unclogger.
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eight years in iraq and news we will fully withdrawal by january. it's a year early than president obama announced earlier. they confirmed the departure. all american troops are scheduled to leave except 160 soldiers attached to the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the troops in iraq will go to kuwait before going home or other locations. more than 4400 military members have been killed in iraq since 2003. well, it's still a year and a half away and those running
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for the nomination of president are raising millions of dollars for the bid for the white house. now, we know how much. according to campaign finance report, two top republican contenders, mitt romney and perry brought in $30 million combined. the man who won the last two straw polls, herman cain raised less. he's sticking to the 9-9-9 tax plan. >> it is transparent. it is efficient. it is fair. >> president obama by the way, raised more than $70 million between his campaign and the democratic party. the president made his ninth trip to michigan this weekend to talk about new trade deals and jobs. he toured a gm plant touting the auto bail out that he pushed for and won. still to come at 6:00, a company taking the heat for a government
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loan and the solidarity on an oregon bus after a mother and her toddler were told to get off. we have been watching clouds moving across the area. look offshore. the radar is picking up scattered showers. we'll let you know what that means for the sunday forecast, coming up.
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the only area xeap to receive a federal loan. they issued a $200 million loan guarantee to solo power just three weeks before they declared bankruptcy. they failed despite a $500
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million federal loan guarantee, they produce panels with power and copper instead of silicon. some analysts are questioning why the federal government worked to keep solyndra from going bankrupt. in oakland, u.s. and foreign tactical teams joined forces to prepare for a terrorist attack. the teams in the sheriff's urban field were from california. it runs through monday and includes 32 scenarios with life or death situations. >> when i face a situation like this year maybe when i get it in real life, i will react in the correct way in the future. >> the bay area training program
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is the largest of its kind in the united states. it takes a year to plan and costs more than $1 million. a bus driver in portland, oregon is suspended from driving today. she stopped the bus and demanded the woman to quiet her toddler. that's when things got interesting. >> this surveillance video shows a bus driver walking to the back of the bus to a woman and her crying 2-year-old daughter. >> she said do you have something to -- or something to eat for her? >> english is not her first language, but she tried to explain there was nothing she could do. her daughter was tired. the driver told her she couldn't keep driving with all the crying. you'll see in the video, she
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leaves. >> i didn't have a choice because i don't know what to do. >> reporter: that's how the night ended for her. the controversy was just beginning. minutes later, in protest, all the other passengers left the bus. after investigating, trimet says the driver made a mistake. >> it's not the type of thing we like to see occur. it doesn't happen very often. we take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: for this mom, it's not enough. what do you think is fair? trimet apologized to her. she says she won't be happy until the driver says sorry. >> it's privileged information. >> is she working for the company? >> yes.
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>> is she driving a bus? >> no. >> will she be in the future? >> yes. >> did trimet give you anything? >> no. >> a bus pass? >> for one day. >> right now, we want to check in with rob. he's checking out the weather here and perhaps a big change coming up. what's going on, rob? >> one of the changes was the cooler temperatures. the sea breeze picked up. we have clouds approaching the coastline and high clouds moving in. right now, 63 degrees. yesterday's highs were in the mid-80s. it was a big drop in temperatures. 69 in san jose. you can see the reason why. we have the strong on shore breeze pushing through. the wind out of the west from 15 to 30 miles per hour. pulling in cooler marine air. we have the high clouds coming in as well. tonight, more clouds spilling in for the north bay, a chance
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beginning tonight, around midnight. a few isolated showers. tomorrow, north of the golden gate, isolated showers. cloudy to wrap up the weekends. monday, a brief warm up. an interesting view. not seeing the low clouds. we have been watching the mid level moisture come up. the upper level low spinning offshore. now, the radar scan offshore picking up some returns here. the earth is curved and further away you go from the radar, it hits the higher levels. picking up stuff offshore. by the time the clouds reach the coast, not seeing much in the way of showers yet. >> we have deeper moisture here. this is going to approach the coast later tonight, aiming toward the north bay. that's going to bring the chance of isolated showers to wrap up the weekend. the time frame, midnight tonight through midday tomorrow. partly cloudy skies elsewhere.
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temperatures for monday as high pressure for 24 hours tries to build back. we'll see short term warming to kick off the workweek. then midweek cooling tuesday and wednesday. areas in the north bay, scattered showers. numbers in the 50s, closer to the 60s in the foothills. tomorrow, we will see high temperatures running in the 70s for most places inland. cooler tomorrow. still near 80 around pleasanton. the cooling trend continues tomorrow. san francisco 68 degrees. the east bay, 70s. head to the north bay, this is the best bet for seeing scattered showers early in the day. in the afternoon, skies clear up. then we are cooling again by wednesday. maybe a few more north bay showers. >> it's pretty nice forecast.
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>> thank you. >> thank you, rob. coming up, a sign the oakland as might be one step closer to moving south.
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the oakland as may be a step closer to moving to the south bay. he might spend his own money to buy six parcels of land in san jose. the cost $24 million for the final six parcels. it comes after san jose wasn't able to afford the remaining property to complete the ballpark. the city council is expected to meet on tuesday to discuss terms of the sale. there are steps. the commissioners, the owners would have to give final approval. >> now, for a look at what's coming up in sports. henry is here from comcast. i give you approval. what's up? >> let's talk a little football when we come back.
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oakland coliseum filled with heavy hearts. will the players be able to harness the emotion? 49ers rolling into the motown in the game of the week. can they win a third game straight on the road? and the upset minded washington state cougars. coming up next from exfinty sports desk.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. you can expect a crowd at the oakland coliseum tomorrow when the raiders collide with the browns. silver and black's home game. al davis was the heart and soul of the raiders who constantly reminded players and coaches to just win, baby. have a commitment to excellence.
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words the raider family will always remember. >> we are going to give respect to where it should be. obviously, with coach. like i told them, we are all going to miss him, but we have a job to do. here is the bottom line, coach wouldn't want it any other way. he wouldn't want people talking about him. he wants this team to play football. i can feel that coming through me. i really do. that's my message to these guys. we have done our grieving. we have paid our respects the right way and will continue to do so. we have to play a cleveland brown football team coming here to beat us. >> it's a bad situation with the passing. we know there was one main thing he wanted from us, that was to win. if we don't win, we are not living out his dream. if we do win, it's all he wants. he knows he wouldn't want us sitting around blaming it on his
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passing and letting it affect us on the field. he wants us to win. if we do that, he'll be looking down smiling. >> over to the niners. a lot of people down. the real deal, the coach of the 49ers in the motor city. they will improve to 5-1 this weekend. >> as you can see last year, we didn't do too well when we played on the road. we'll do another practice to make sure our legs are ready. everybody's legs are open and ready to go. >> we go into the games. that's do everything we can to prepare ourselves to win and go out and win the football game. that's all that's on our mind. >> let's check in with jim's old team.
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stanford at washington state, 3-0. stewart punches it in to make it 10-0. later in the second, second and five. tailha taylor. the football fumbles. they get the recovery. however, even though they punch it in, winston takes it in for the point. right now, stanford is up. it's 17-7 right now in the third quarter. colorado still looking for their first pac-12 win. he's had a day. early first quarter, jermaine 17 yard touchdown. now 14-7 huskies late in the first. another touchdown. jenkins to the second quarter. the price was right. the 14-yard touchdown.
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price was on a role. 28-10 is what they had at the lead. the second quarter, trying together. to make a long story short, washington goes on to win, 52-24. they move on to 5-1. third quarter right now. joe montana's son is out there. nick montana. it's his debut. there's his first play. washington goes on to win, 52-24. back to you. >> nice to see joe montana's son out there. >> thanks for choosing us. see you back here tonight at 11:00. until then, good night. coming up on technow .. a new way to get social with your new iphone .. we take to the ice with the newest hockey video game .. by the way, who says playing games are bad .. this teenager is making a living at it ..


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