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tv   Today  NBC  December 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> i am suspending my presidential campaign. good morning. with his wife at his side, herman cain spndz his campaign for president against sexual misconduct allegations, throwing his supporters' votes up for grabs a month before the iowa caucus. fan frenzy. it was bedlam on saturday after oklahoma state beat its rival oklahoma to win the big 12 championship, but celebration turned to chaos as thousands stormed the field leaving at least 13 people injured. and pandemonium. say hello to sunshine and sweetie. two giant pandas who are getting a new home. today is sunday, december 4th, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television love that shot. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> never gets old. i'm jenna wolf. we're talking politics this morning. once that rising candidate in the polls, now the embattled former pizza executive, herman cain has suspended his campaign for president. this all happened yesterday. >> there was this drama, this build-up, the big announcement, and he took about ten minutes to get to the point, but he says he is out. the announcement comes on the heels of sexual harassment allegations and claims that he had a long-time affair. he denies it all, but the big question this morning, who will benefit most from cain's dropping outs? there's a new poll taken before yesterday's announcement that shows that newt gingrich could get at least some of cain's iowa support. we're going to get some insight into all this in just a few moments. >> all that ahead, penn state
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fall-out. jerry sandusky's latest defense prompts some of his accusers to speak out expressing outrage over his comments. we'll have the latest on that. plus, there is a new mystery surrounding da vinci's masterpiece, the mona lisa. one man claims that her smile includes the images of an april and lion. see it? >> no, i don't. >> i don't either. >> i'm not going to lie to you. i never have. >> i never have either. we're going to find out what his thinking is whand what that message may be. >> unless da vinci had an idea that it changes as it goes. charlie sheen also in the headlines again. this time it's her. ex-wife, brook mueller that was led away in handcuffs. we'll have much more about that story in our next half hour. all right. first more on herman cain's decision to suspend his presidential bid. nbc's peter alexander has the details for us. peter, good morning. >> lester, good morning to you. this weekend was supposed to mark a new beginning for herman
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cain, scheduled at the grand opening of his georgia state headquarters right here in atlanta. instead, cain, as we saw, pulled out of the race, but he did it with much of the same political theater that has defined an unconventional campaign. music blaired, barbecue was served, ask cain even concluded his confession by quoting the animated movie "pokemon." >> reporter: with herman cain promising to endorse one of his former gop competitors soon, the rest of the republican field quickly expressed its gratitude for what the novice politician brought to the 2012 race. >> he was always good-humored and always optimistic, and we'll miss him on the campaign trail. >> reporter: saturday afternoon when cain and his wife of 43 years, gloria, stepped off the campaign bus in atlanta, even cain's strongest supporters didn't know what he would say. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distractions, the
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continued hurt caused on me and my family. >> reporter: cain acknowledged the painful impact of allegations of sexual harassment, and more recently claims by an atlanta woman, ginger white, of a 13-year extramarital affair. >> it wasn't a love affair. it was a sexual affair. >> reporter: still, cain remained defiant. >> my wife, my family, and i, we know that those false and unproved allegations are not true. i am at peace with my god. i am at peace with my wife. and she is at peace with me. >> reporter: cain's supporters were stunned and saddened. >> i don't think it got a fair
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shake. i think because he can tell you the number one county everyone went after him. >> reporter: the former godfathers ceo marketing his catchy 9-9-9 tax reform plan, told his followers they haven't heard of last of him. >> i am not going to be silenced, and i am not going away. >> reporter: by officially suspending his campaign, we want to be very clear about this. herman cain is no longer an active candidate, but he can continue raising money, and if something were to change, lester, it leaves open the possibility of him getting back into the 2012 race. >> peter alexander accident thanks. what does his decision mean for other republican presidential contenders? david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." >> good morning to you. >> it's easy to chalk that up to his personal problems, but weren't the dynamics already changing and leaving him behind? >> they were. iowa, the early voting state, the caucuses. he had 22% support and it plummeted to 8% in the des moines register poll last week.
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his political support was hollowing out. he was unable to raise money, so, yes, the personal became the political, and it just hollowed out his support. >> peter noted he is suspending the campaign, which means he has the option to get back in, but who to what extent can he still be a power broker? he plans to offer an endorsement. will it matter? >> i think it will matter some. i think there are still some supporters out there. look, two words -- sarah palin. in terms of the kind of impact you can have without being in the race. i'm not equating the two, but i think cain does have a message, somewhat of a following, and he has a platform that he didn't even have before. he has written books. he was a radio talk show host. there was a reality tv show to this republican nomination where folks with very limited experience can still get a big platform have and a lot to say and be listened to, and perhaps herman cain is now in that position. >> there has been a flavor of the month nature to this
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republican race, as you know. s one guy is in front. he slips back. somebody else movers in front. we've seen newt gingrich in the recent polling make this surge. does it appear to be for real, and will he likely be the benefactor of the cain drop-out? >> i think yes. one of the biggest reasons he has working for it publicly and privately, newt gingrich brought herman cain into politics, both from georgia, of course. i think there is a natural afint here, and i think it makes sense for some of cain's supporters to go to gingrich. the fickleness of the campaign, though, is still something we're seeing a lot of. i think we're poised, however, to see it lock into romney versus gingrich, but, again, i go back to iowa and ron paul. yes, he is static in his support there. he is not really challenging those front runners, but he has a very good organization. he is still raising money. in this atmosphere where there is this appetite for a third party candidate that has not gone away, i still think he could be a factor. >> of course, it's all about this anti-establishment, and
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that makes me wonder is gingrich going to be the guy, or does someone like ron paul move up because of this appetite for that anti-establishment notion? >> look, primary voters want to see a candidate really go after barack obama. newt gingrich can do that. he has been doing it in the debate. he has obviously been a leader in washington. that cuts both ways. i think the problem for gingrich is what you saw this past week. he is making comments about poor children and that they don't have role models or working, and he wants to change child labor laws. that kaf unpredictability and people think it's combustibility and his lack of discipline that could be his undoing. it's happened in the past. it's what conservatives worry about with gingrich now. >> david gregory, thank you very much. >> now here's jenna. >> lester, thank you. one day after jerry sandusky's interview with the "new york times" that's released his accusers for speaking out, expressing outrage over the former coach's latest defense of
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denying any wrong doing. for the latest we turn to nbc's national investigative correspondent michael isikopf. >> reporter: good morning. the public surfacing of jerry s s s sandusky has anger some and opened old wounds. >> he tries to -- >> these allegations are false. i didn't do those things. i don't know. >> reporter: many here at penn state wish he would stop talking. >> his lawyer probably should have put duct tape on his mouth to keep shut. >> reporter: reaction to sandusky's four-hour interview with the "new york times" was mostly hostile, and the town has been rocked by the scandal. the university has seen its president and hits legendary football coach joe paterno fired and its reputation stained. >> it definitely brings a lot of heartbreak to our university. it's a lot.
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>> i feel that everyone in the community is disz disgusted where w it, where hoefrlly justice will be brought to all the people who are harmed. >> reporter: justice still seems furthest away for those that were allegedly sandusky's victims. lawyers for some of the victims told nbc news their clients are deeply offended by sandusky's assertions of innocence. >> i was horrified by it. that felt like a punch in the stomach to me just knowing victim one and his mother. >> reporter: the most difficult moments of all may be coming soon. next week there is a preliminary hearing in sandusky's case. prosecutors plan to call some of the victims to testify. >> i think it's going to be one of the most difficult things he has ever done, testifying in a public hearing. >> reporter: and expected to be sitting in that same courtroom will be sandusky himself. setting up what could be a dramatic confrontation between the accusers and the accused. jenna after each of the alleged victims testify in that hearing, sandusky's lawyer will have a
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chance to challenge their accounts under cross-examination in what promises to be a grueling day for all concerned. jenna. >> mike, thanks so much. for more on the day's top stories, let's turnover to craig melvin at the news desk. good morning. >> lester, good morning. good morning to you as well. a college football game ended tragically saturday night in oklahoma. at least 13 people were hurt, two critically, when thousands of fans stormed the field to celebrate oklahoma state's victory over rival oklahoma. some fans remember trampled, and at least one person fell 15 feet to the concrete below. number 13 oklahoma state routed to win the big 12 championship and make a play for the bcs national title. authorities are identifying the body of an ohio man who could be the third murder victim of a bogus craig's list scheme. two men, 16-year-old and 52-year-old richard beazley are accused of luring job seekers with a fake ad for work on a cattle ranch that does not
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exist. the fbi and police believe that the victims were targeted for robbery. the united states is evacuating troops today from an air base in southwest pakistan. pakistan's government ordered the u.s. to leave the air base in retaliation to the november 26th air strike that killed pakistani troops. protesters have been demonstrating against the u.s. since the attack. super model christy wrinkly owes uncle sam a half million dollars in back taxes. the uptown girl says she was surprised to hear the irs has put a lien on her mansion in the hamptons. brinkley is worth an estimated $80 million. she's told her team to resolve the matter immediately. finally this morning, starting today two giant pandas will be in a zoo in scotland. northbounds's angus walker is in eddinburg with this rare story. good morning to you. >> reporter: well, it's being called p-day here in eddinburg,
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and finally we're going to see the arrival of tweety and sunshine. rare, giant pandas being flown all the way from china 5,000 miles away to the capital of scotland. they're regarded in china as national treasure, and they're certainly precious cargo. the zoo here will be paying around $1 million a year to have the pandas on loan for up to ten years. they're going to move into their enclosure costing around half a million dollars. the hope is that they just may have a cub. that would be a really money spinner for the zoo and store scotland. behind their arrival there's a number of contracts between scotland and china exports of fish and oil deals, for example, so they may be cute, but they're also commercial. back to you, craig. angus walker there in scotland for us.
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that is the news for now. let's go back to lester and jenna and janice. >> love those pictures. thanks. >> i like the middle one. obviously extremely hungry. >> when the cameras were on him he was, like must eat more whatever. that was disturbing. janice, good morning. >> good morning. >> nice here in new york. >> not such a nice morning across the southern plains. they need the rain in texas, but if you are in little rock, you don't want anymore because you had record rainfall for the month of november, but expect three to five inches along that front from little rock to just east of dallas. flood watches are in effect. likely to see flash flooding across eastern texas into arkansas. parts of the mid-mississippi river valley. in the meantime, it's cold in denver today. 25 degrees. you're expecting three to seven inches of snow tonight. sunshine in california today across the eastern seaboard. it's sunny from boston down to d.c. and atlanta with temperatures in the 50s this
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afternoon. great here too. 80 in miami. nice and warm. on the windy side. we'll see some sun over the central plains. a little rainy across parts of the great lakes and the upper let's take a look at our temperatures this morning as the winds are now on the back burner. what's getting all our attention is the fact the temperatures really bottomed out this morning. low 30s around the north bay. 35, san jose. warmer closer to the water around san francisco and hayward. you can see the winds have really backed off. with the clear skies and dry air, cooler start. should see a high in the low 60s today. tomorrow, expect to see gusty winds coming back. memphis. quite a bit of rain. now here's jenna. >> janice, thanks. up next, for centuries people have been drawn to her smile, but now there's a new mystery surrounding da vinci's mona lisa. that story, big smile, right after this. mystery over da vinci's mona lisa.
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she has perhaps the most families smile in the world, but one art historian is looking past that mona lisa smile and finding hidden images on da vinci's canvas. >> good morning. thousands are heading for an exhibition of his paintings here in london, and around the world experts have studied every brush stroke, so the question this morning is do we all miss something in leonardo dah virchlg yes, sir ae papting that one man in rochester, new york, stumbled upon? >> reporter: mystery is never far from the name leonardo da vinci. >> her smile was in the lower frequencies. >> reporter: an unsolved murder sheds light on a secret centuries old. its premise is taken from da vinci's famous painting "the last supper" where some believe the picture has jesus sitting next to mary magadline, not john the baptist.
6:19 am
but there's another da vinci masterpiece that may conceal another puzzle. the mona lisa. mona lisa's enigmatic smile has, one man says, other hidden messages. look a little closer, and isn't that the face of an animal? >> i put the mona lisa, and turned it on her side, and known the lion's head and -- >> ron from rochester, new york, was researching an art project when he said he found in davinci's own notebook referencing the beast, and discovered them in the very paintings themselves. >> we have the nose, the head, the eyes, the mouth, and the whole face is highlighted. >> reporter: in london where an exhibition of da vinci's 500-year-old art is drawing large crowds, experts agree the painter liked his pictures to be more than a little cryptic, but are yet to be convinced about this latest discovery. >> there is deeper meaning in his paintings, but there are not
6:20 am
kind of hidden objects. they're not some kind of visual puzzle in that sense. >> reporter: the mona lisa is on display at the louvre in pair sxishgs perhaps from now on those visiting that famous museum might take a little more time and step just a touch nearer. whether there really are animals hidden in da vinci's paintings -- >> i call it an accidental discovery. not sure why i came about this and no one else has. >> reporter: whether ron is simply seeing things that aren't there, that perhaps is the real riddle. >> if he was still here, leonardo da vinci himself would likely enjoy seeing us scratching our heads over his paintings. experts doubt that he hid animals in his paintings, but it is quite something that after hundreds of years he is still making us do that. >> sure is. thanks very much. we're sitting here watching the
6:21 am
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. good morning. looking live from our san bruno mountain cam. rob says on ground, feeling a little less breezy. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> it's cold. let's show you some temperatures. san francisco, near the water, not too bad. 49 degrees there. look what happens as we get over to napa. it's 30 this morning. patchy frost in wine country in a few spots this morning. there you see livermore. 35 degrees. oakland, 47. as you head into san jose, it's 35 degrees. a little bit of a breeze out of the southeast.
6:27 am
a very chilly start to the morning. in fact, it's not the coldest spot we're seeing on the map. it is gilroy this morning. down to 26. the winds have eased off overnight with clear skies. that allowed our temperatures to bottom out. as we heads toward 4:00, should see temperatures reaching the low 60s. winded advisory up for monday morning. a dry seven-day forecast ahead. >> thank you, rob. it is a deadly weekend on cal-train tracks on the peninsula. the first accident happened at 11:00 yesterday morning when a northbound train struck and killed a man on the tracks. just after noon, a southbound train killed a person on the tracks near the menlo park station. investigations are underway into causes of both incidents. there have been 16 deaths on cal-train tracks this year which is five more than last year.
6:28 am
there's an effort starting this weekend to reduce the number of deer killed by drivers on interstate 280. the department of fish and game is planning to capture 15 deer this week and put tracking collars on them. they invited us along with them. uc davis researchers will study activity and movement in the deer for about a year and a half. they hope to come up with some patterns of the deer they can use to better understand them to help them stop from crossing the freeway. this weekend, if you notice the water coming out of your tap is a little cloudy, don't be alarmed. drinking water will be cloudy or milky white in color. it's just temporary, and it is still safe to drink. the san francisco public utilities commission says routine maintenance beginning monday will result in that discolor ration. additional air bubbles in the water is going to give that water a cloudy appearance. if the watter is allowed to sit for a few moments, you'll notice it will dissipate.
6:29 am
coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," the effort to recall oakland mayor jean quan. that story and all of the day's top news at 7:00. plus, the chilly, chilly forecast. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
back on a sunday morning, december 4, 2011. nice crowd on the plaza. our thanks to them for taking time out of our holiday shopping. spending part of our sunday morning with us. i'm jenna wolfe with lester holt. and let's talk about charlie sheen again. unfortunately, in the news one more time. >> well, his ex-wife brooke mueller, arrested on saturday in aspen, colorado, charged with assault and cocaine possession. we'll get details coming up. you can tell from the big christmas tree, holiday season is here, holiday cheer and
6:31 am
holiday stress. we'll go through an etiquette list. when you are invited to a party and they say don't bring a gift, do you bring a gift? >> i don't know. that's why we have the segment coming up. >> how do you end a party, get people to leave. 11:30, midnight, time to leave. >> please go, i'm tired, doesn't help? >> clearly we need some etiquette. who is that girl? blond hair, blue eyes, adorable. five years old. spitting image of her mom. who is she? any guesses? we'll let you know, coming up. first, it's been a worldwide whirlwind tour since javier colon won "the voice" this year. i watched this season this is a great show. we will catch up with the rising star. we'll hear one of his songs. we are finishing up the first week of the annual "today" show
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toy drive. here with some bling is leah sophia, owners elaina and tony. thank you for being here. >> thrilled to be here. >> what are you bringing us this year? >> on behalf of our 30,000 advisers, we have 2,500 pieces of jewelry. not in this particular box. this is worth over $122,000. we're so thrilled to be part of this program once again this year. >> you seem so excited and happy. tell me about what the toy drives means to your company. >> millions of women wear lia sophia. we are happy that women can wear something transformation and beautiful. >> we know you have donated in the past. we appreciate you taking part. have a great holiday. >> thank you.
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this has lester written all over it. i want to remind folks, donate on the plaza if you happen to be on town or online. " for the today annual toy drive. >> a check of the weather with janice huff. >> jenna and lester, weather cloudy and cool, but quiet. however, in other parts of the country, not so. let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening. heavy rain from arkansas to east texas today. rather nasty. flash-flood watches in effect. sunshine on the eastern seaboard. snow for denver tonight, 3 to 7 inches and sunshine on the west coast. quiet, but it will get windy tomorrow in southern california. heavy snow across the mountains of new mexico and spreads eastward through the ohio valley, parts of the great lakes. friends out here from new jersey, hi, everybody, and christina, it's your birthday tomorrow. how old will you be? >>
6:34 am
bundle up this morning around the bay area. san jose, 35 degrees. 26 in gilroy. 40s arnold oakland and san francisco. the winds have backed off. we have clear skies. very dry out there. some patchy frast. by lunchtime, mostly 50s. topping out in the low 60s. tomorrow, the winds will kick up for a gusty monday morning, spaeshlt if the north bay hills. 53 in boston today. >> football fans here, but not some football fans for tonight. we have football on nbc. the nfl will play tonight right here on nbc, and it's sunday night football in america. indoors. the super dome where the new orleans saints will host the detroit lions tonight. if you are outside, maybe tailgating, mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. it's nice outside and it's nice indoors. that's a check of your weather. now here's jenna.
6:35 am
i'll take it. thanks. charlie sheen's name is back in the headlines again, but this time it's not the actor who is in trouble. it's his ex, brook mueller. the 34-year-old was arrested this weekend in colorado on assault and drug possession charges. nbc's george lewis has the details. >> reporter: this is the booking photo of brook mueller arrested early saturday after an incident at an aspen night spot, the belly up. police said that a woman complained she had been assaulted by mueller. after investigating officers said they arrested mueller for the assault and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. >> she seemed like kind of a mess. it's not just the arrest for assault that is really problematic for her. it's the cocaine possession charge. i mean, that's a felony. that could carry jail time. >> reporter: mueller and charlie sheen had a rocky marriage. sheen arrested on christmas morning of 2009 for allegedly beating mueller. ♪ manly men, men >> sheen, whose bad boy behavior
6:36 am
got him fired from "two sxafr men" seems to be cleaning up his act while his ex seems to get into more trouble. >> in comparison, he sort of looks like the normal one at this point. if you could ever say that about charlie seen. >> reporter: after the marriage broke up, the couple battled for custody of their twin sons with mueller awarded primary custody. so could her arrest cause her to lose custody? >> its not automatic that anything would happen, that the children would go to the father or even the children would get placed into child protective services. >> reporter: with all their problems in august, mueller and charlie sheen vacationed together in mexico. in september at a celebrity roast for sheen, he said he and mueller were trying to resolve their conflicts. >> we're working all this stuff out, yeah, yeah. she's doing great, you know? >> reporter: aspen police say brook mueller posted the $11,000 bond is set to appear in court december 19th to enter a plea. for today george lewis, nbc
6:37 am
news, los angeles. now here's jenna. >> les, thanks. she has blue eyes, blonde hair, and she's a spitting image of her mom. four years after her death the public is getting a rare glimpse of anna nicole smith's daughter. as nbc's kristen dahlgren reports, the resemblance is uncanny. >> reporter: the rare photos captured little dani lynn and dad larry birkhead, but for many when they look at the pictures, all they can see is their mother, anna nicole smith. >> she has the same full lips, the big round eyes, and even the eyebrows that are very similar to her mother, anna nicole. rirchlg the 5-year-old is becoming a spitting image of her model mom who died of an accidental drug overdose in 2007. just five months after dani lynn was born. her first months were lived in the spotlight, the subject of a bitter paternity battle, but since winning custody, birkhead has kept his daughter mostly out of the media glare. the two were on "today" last year as dani lynn slept, birkhead talked about raising
6:38 am
her away from hollywood. >> you don't see her nearly as much as you do other celebrity children, and that's probably one of the reasons why we travel back to kentucky and kind of a safe haven. >> reporter: anna nicole smith lived her life in front of the camera, from "playboy" to marrying a billionaire, and the high profile inheritance fight over $800 million. her reality show showed a star and a life that were at times out of control. >> don't touch me. >> she was a pop icon. >> a tragic death has ultimately made sure that we will never forget this lady ever. >> reporter: with mom's model looks, will she be able to stay away from the lure of the lens? >> he said that he has been holding back on giving her a modelling career. several people have approached larry and asked if dani lynn will become a very young model. he said he is not going to push her into anything just yet. >> reporter: for now she is a little girl with her dad. though the memory of her mother is never far away. for "today" kristen dahlgren,
6:39 am
nbc news, los angeles. >> beautiful little girl. up next, holiday party etiquette. from what to bring to when to leave. the details right after these messages. next, holiday party etiquette. 12 hour hold challenge. fixodent denture adhesive challenges you to a 12 hour hold test. ♪ thanks to its time released formula, you apply fixodent once, and it holds all day. ♪ take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. guaranteed, or your money back. ♪ and for guaranteed freshness try fixodent cleanser, plus scope ingredients. [ man ] we've been in the business over the course of four centuries. [ woman ] it was a family business back then, and it still feels like a family business now. the only people who knew about us were those in new england, that moment that we got our first web order... ♪
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♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> it's that time of the year when the holiday party invitations are coming in, making the list of gifts to buy. but when it comes to social etiquet etiquette, we don't always get it right. joining us is "real simple's"hu. >> good morning. >> we put up an unscientific poll on facebook, got viewer feedback. when it's appropriate to give cash as a gift. most people say, well, if it's for close -- some people said always. some people say for close family or kids, one with only with a
6:43 am
card and rarely to never. >> it is be crass, personal, last minute. i wouldn't give a hastily written check to a coworker. but for people hard to buy for it can be a brilliant gift. put it in a nice card and write a personal note. >> would you give it to an adult? >> i would give it to an adult who i know would appreciate it. i wouldn't give it to a coworker. it's important to note. we give gifts to coworker. a gift card could work, the same as cash, and it should be a small amount. >> let me put this one to you. this happens all the time. get an invitation, and the ho hostess says no thawnk you. >> bring a bottle of wine. but no gift is indicated. this is what the host wants.
6:44 am
>> but you show up to the door and the person next to you has a gift and you look empty handed. >> but i think it's okay. if she doesn't want one, it's okay. you can bring a card. >> let's talk about the menu. maybe you don't eat shellfish, you're a vegan. do you tell the host or hostess? >> you should be up front. do it as soon as you receive the invite. call her right away. don't wait until you are sitting at the table. it makes it ten times more awkward. you can just bring something. i'm a vegetarian, i'm happy to bring a quiche to the dinner. she can make you comfortable. >> i don't want someone safeel insulted, they don't like my cooking or something. >> they may offer to make something for you. they may refuse. >> if the host wants to make
6:45 am
something, oh, no, that will be fine. >> a lot of times, they say is there any food you don't like? another difficult one. had you the party, you look at the watch. 12:15, kind of like to wrap this thing up. but some guests want to keep partying. >> the ones it doesn't work to turn the lights up, turn the music off. i was at a party this summer, and a friend of mine at the party, it's time for it to be over. people aren't leaving, and she said you can continue to party, but not here. >> i would be mortified, if someone came up and said that. >> it was late, they hadn't agreed to leave, and i don't think they were embarrassed at all. nothing else worked. >> but it's incumbent on the host or hostess. adults could use boundaries. >> the adult that drinks too much. embarrassing themselves, about to get in a car?
6:46 am
>> bottom line, you want to get them home safe. you can talk to them, cut them off, and privately at the party. that may not work by time they are fully inebriated. the biggest priority is getting them home safe. deputizing someone to drive them home. drive them home, give the cab a cash. >> sometimes they are acting like an idiot. >> i want to tell you something. lure them into another room. it needs to be private. sit down and talk with them for a while. so you get them. it has to be out of the line of sight of other people, because it could get loud. >> and embarrassing. >> getting them home safe. all good advice, thank you for coming on. happy holidays. just ahead, javier colon with a song from his new album, first, these messages. laces? really?
6:47 am
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for the same low price. verizon. javier colon was a struggling musician when he decided to audition for "the voice." he ended up winning. now he's out with a new album, "come through for you." good morning. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> how does this year rank for you? where do you stack it? >> has to be one of the best years ever, other than having my kids, best year ever. i mean, i still can't believe all of the things that have transpired this year, how different life is now than it
6:50 am
was eight months ago. >> i read you almost didn't audition for the show. things were tough for you at home. what was the deciding process? >> a lot of things to weigh into, and i just -- i didn't think they would have me at first, even let me audition, because i had a deal with capital records many years ago, and then i found out i could, and i didn't know if it was the right thing for me, between my manager and brother talking me into it, saying you have to audition. >> this a fun show. adam levine was your mentor, singing on your album as well. any advice that has resonated over the course of the journey? >> a lot of information in helping me during the show. but after the show, he told me to hang on for the ride. this was going to be -- it was going to be crazy. it has been. he's been amazing, just from helping choose songs and
6:51 am
everything, he's been awesome through the whole process. >> what are you going to sing for us? >> "as long as we've got love," my new single. >> javier colon, take it away. thank you. ♪ remember how it used to be it was only you and me and didn't worry much about anything ♪ ♪ the status of my name but to love me is the same it felt like i had everything ♪ ♪ holding my hand, walk down the beach, i would pretend you were my queen even though our castle is only in the sand ♪ ♪ we've got something
6:52 am
we don't need nothing as long as we've got love ♪ ♪ believe it, i mean it and know it that we can't have enough ♪ ♪ as long as we've got love, love as long as wie got love, love ♪ ♪ lift your eyes and here we are, got a dog and bought a car little footsteps down the hall ♪ ♪ and time for responsibility, sometimes make it hard to see and a million things about you but the castles are now here and we are going to stay ♪ ♪ love, we've got something that keeps reminding us we don't need nothing as long as we've got love, believe it, i
6:53 am
mean it, i know we'll always have enough as long as we've got love, love as long as we've got love, love ♪ ♪ at the end of the day, i'm wide awake with the girl of my dreams and the only thing i'll ever need cause we've got something that keeps reminding us snl we don't need nothing ♪ ♪ love gives us something, keeps reminding us we don't need nothing as long as we've got love ♪ ♪ believe it, i mean it i know we'll always have enough as long as we've got love ♪ ♪ love, love as long as we've got love, love
6:54 am
as long as we've got love, love ♪ ♪ as long as we've got love, love ♪ ♪ as long as we've got love >> javier colon, thank you. the album "come through for you." hi, could you read my list?
6:55 am
it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] no need to wait with our christmas price guarantee. if you find a lower price on a local print ad before christmas, we'll give you the difference on a walmart gift card.
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combined. we have a lot more work to do. let's go back now to washington to check in with david gregory, find out what's coming up on "meet the press." coming up, a debate on the case for re-election in the 2012 election field. david axelrod and chair of the republican national committee, all coming up "on meet the press." >> that will do uit for us on this sunday morning. coming up next sunday, all the hair straightening treatments, we'll put them to the test. >> and penguins in the studio. did you know that? >> i definitely didn't know that. but i'll be here. >> i'll see you on "nbc nightly
6:58 am
news." thank you so much for watching and thank you to a great crowd. ok, you guys wanted a space for entertaining your friends,
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