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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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who could understand like a concession for the mayor of san francisco for the 49 erz move to santa claire. there's a new twist in the occupy wall street movement. occupy our homes has a national day of action. . plus governor jerry brown wants you to sign off on higher income taxes. it is tuesday, december 6th. beautiful live look outside. cold start.
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this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us this morning. it's 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm going through late puberty. >> your voice was very high. >> i'm jon kelley. let's get to meteorologist christina loren. how are you? >> i'm well. >> could be the dry cold weather getting to you. good morning to you. 32 in fairfield. 32 in concord. 39 in hayward. what was that, mickey mouse? 31 in santa rosa. near record levels across the board. i think we'll see a really nice afternoon. temperatures ending in the 60s. first we want to see what could slow you down as your make your way off to work. we'll take you to interstate 80, the upper east shore freeway. it's not an accident. this one is a disabled vehicle, but it is blocking the slow lane
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in your commute direction as you're going through richmond. this will be an issue. we'll track this. the accident i'm following is on highway 4. i'll show you that. it's already in backup. >> thank you. 6:01 right now. it appears the end game is within reach nor the santa clara county to bring the 49eers down to the south bay as they continue money talks on the brand new stadium. bob redell is live with an update. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, jon. that 68,500 seat stadium that will be located next to great american across from the 49ers headquarters is not going to come cheap. the price tag is north of a billion dollars. today the public will learn how the city plans to finance that. they secured $850 million from three banks to pay for the digs. that's the largest loan a public
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agency has taken out. money that would be repaid to he development funds. after hearing from the public this week, the city council is expected to approve the deal a week from today with construction beginning next year. the first game planned for 2014 or 2015. any chance of keeping the game in sfra is less and less likely. mayor ed lee is expressing little hope they can get the team to stay in the city. they will try to pitch an improved vision of moving the team to hunter's point. the niners repeated they are committed to santa clara. the mayor feels the only shot if the raiders were to share a stadium with the 49ers. that's something being pushed among teams. mayor lee acknowledges that time is running out. >> bob, thank you for the update on that.
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a's general manager billy bean says he's optimistic the team is moving to san jose. bean told the chronicle the site near hp pavilion is the most tangible solution he's seen since he's been general manager. major league voters could vote to overturn that. a vote could happen as soon as january. mayor chuck reid decided to put off a vote after a report released last week indicated pension costs will drop by $22 million. that's a big difference from a report in july that says pension costs would rise by $33 million. even with the savings, san jose is not out of the woods. reed wants tax voters to reform the city pension system in june. get ready for a big day of action in the occupy movement. protesters will start a campaign called occupy our homes.
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it will focus on the foreclosure crisis. christie smith joins us live in oakland with what is in store for today's nationwide demonstrations. good morning. >> good morning. one of the rallies they're planning is going to be happening here midday on the courthouse steps in oakland because organizers are telling me this is where the foreclosure auctions take place. they tell me they're going to be marching with one homeowner here so they can report her as she tries to get a loan modification. they're going to support a family who plans to reoccupy the home they lost. occupy our homes is a collection of homeowners and different housing groups emerging together with the occupy wall street movement. they say it's really one in the same. and they tell me where the
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homeowner hasn't had much luck, they have. >> if you do nothing, you'll be evicted. if you work with community members, we can fight to help you stay in your homes. >> the one bank of america analyst predicts the there will be 14 million foreclosures before they turn a corner. that's about 25% of u.s. house olds that hold the mortgage. that's the latest from here. reporting live in oakland. i'm christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. >> it will be interesting to see how it's received. >> uc davis is creating a task force to investigate the pepper spraying of student protesters. their mission, to assign blame where officers sprayed peaceful protesters with the pepper spray. it will also recommend new ways
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to handle demonstrations on campus. former l.a. police chief william bratten will be in charge of the fact finding group. governor jerry brown wants your new tax plan on next november's ballot. the governor unveiled a plan to raise income tax by 1% to 2% on those making $150,000 or more. it's an acement to bypass lawmakers in sacramento. san francisco mayor ed lee will likely use his veto power on a tax break planned today. lee indicated his opposition. it gives ex-felons priority over those struggling to find a job.
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the sheriff elect. it introduced a plan to offer a $10,000 tax break per ex-felon as a way to prevent crime. for san francisco's board of supervisors to take another shot at expanding the city's bag ban. under this proposal, customers would be charged a fee. some supervisors are worried it would place a burden on low-income residents. the weather may be chilly today, but homeowners are being asked not to light up their fireplace ls. the forecast calls for stagnant weather which could trap smoke
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close to the ground to cause unhealthy breathing conditions. >> always nice this time of year. it is 6:08 now. >> you know, we have a really cold start. right now we're running very, very cold. especially to the interior valley. a freeze warning in place until 9:00 a.m. after 9:00 a.m. temperatures come bo the freezing mark. you're in the 20s in many cities in the bay. frost advisory issues if r the east bay interior valleys until 9:00 a.m. as well. the winds yesterday were mixing all the air around. so we didn't see the cold, dense air settle in. as a result this morning we lost the wind. we have a clear sky overhead. didn't akoccumulate any heat fr yesterday. we have widespread frast out
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there. and your windshield gets more colder. 38 in hayward, you'll likely still find frost on your windshield. an exposed area last night. 30 degrees right now in santa rosa. novato, you are at 28 degrees. you jurp jump back up to 30 with wind picking up there. waiting for the wind to drop off in santa rosa where you're 25 degrees cooler than you were at this time yesterday. 20 degrees cooler in napa. the game goes for livermore. 62 in los gatos and 62 in san jose. i have your seven-day outlook in my next report. it's only tuesday. you have to work for the weeken weekend. >> esh is working for the weekend, christina. everybody is slowing down around somersville. there was an earlier accident. the damage was done. that is in the middle of the
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commute. all the way eastbound. look at the slowing in the noncommute direction. a live look -- we'll look at the live look at the bay bridge toll plaza as we see things shaping up here. the cash lane starting to build up. no major surprises. the north bay we have slowing as well. southbound 101 approaching highway 37. speeds down to the 40s. there's an accident north of highway 37. this may be a big buildup to the traffic into novato and down to san francisco. the golden gate bridge. let's sew yhow you a live look. >> it is 6:11 now. bp is accusing another corporation of destroying evidence connecting the gulf oil spill. and attorneys for the u.s. soldier behind the leak of thousands of u.s. classified
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the chand commander in chief is one of the big names to testify. lawmakers from wikileaks are calling on president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton to testify at a hearing late next week. the lawyers say the documen documents manning turned over were embarrassing for the administration but did not have significant consequences to foreign policy. he is facing two dozen charges for leaking classified material to the website. if convicted he faces life in prison.
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processing and distribution centers are being considered for the chopping block. if they're closed the post office says the operations would move into the oakland processing center. the post office is looking to save $3 billion by 2015 by closing 250 processing centers across the nation. workers on strike at an east bay company. talks for a new labor agreement between the american licorice company. wage increases and health care costs are the main sticking points. in the past the company gave smaller pay raises in exchange for all medical costs. now they want employees to pay for their own health care plans that could run in the thousands. >> it is 6:15.
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time to check back in with christina loren. but it looks like the temperatures are going away. only because we lost the wind. skies are entirely clear this morning. as a result, whenever you have cloud cover it serves as a blanket trapping in daytime heat from the previous day. when the sky is clear, all the heat radiates back to the atmosphere and we are left with a really cold start and no wind to warm us up from the northeast. concord, livermore, fairfield, napa and santa rosrosa. that's why temperatures are so cold. oakland and san francisco in the mid-40s. expected to drop off at gilroy. 26 degrees out. there you felt it, 28 in novato. expected records for the last few hours. now is the time that it's on. san jose, 32 degrees.
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that tends to trap in the daytime heat from the day before. 38 in oakland. i think you'll hit 37 degrees. potentially breaking a record in san francisco. we have a frost advisory in place for the east bay. your windchill gets much, much colder. give yourself surrounding time. maybe a thick layer of federal government on the windshield. we get to the coldest o poin of the day, the sunrise. that's in the forecast in the morning hours. not quite as cold. i think we'll see a little bit more of an onshore flow.
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you are 20 to 25 degrees cooler this morning. that is a significant dropoff. think about adjusting it 25 degrees to put it in perspective for you this morning. temperatures end up in the 60s with full sunshine. 61 in santa cruz. and we don't have rain in the forecast. just a little bit more fog through thursday and friday. maybe an area of low pressure bringing about light showers. otherwise dry weather prevails. we're looking all right from san jose. i look for anything -- right behind the 56. a little slowing up at 680 and
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101. typical pattern all the way up to the airport over the next half hour. we'll get a look at livermore where we've seen the slowing out of the altamont pass. slowing from greenville through livermore and all the the way over to airway. and then a nice smooth drive to the dublin interchange. this is oakland past the coliseum. live look shows you the volume is holding steady. speeds at the limit ads you're heading up through downtown and all the the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll show you the upper east shore freeway. the disabled vehicle is still there in the commute direction. it sounds like it may be over on the shoulder. and laned are blocked. big flow out. . it's 6:19 now.
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bp is accusing halibert of destroying evidence. an explosion on the rig killed 11 people, injured 16 others. they destroyed evidence on cement testing that could not be used against it in trial. this morning a fashion model's face is slashed and her hand is severed after accidentally walking right into the propeller of a plane. 23-year-old lauren scruggs lost her hand an almost lost an eye. she had just gotten off the small plane when she went to thank the pilot, not realizing the propeller was powering down. her parents say now she's able to move around, but she's still
6:21 am
in a lot of pain. >> she is just discovering now that she's hurt. that she's injured. >> we don't know if she remembers the accident. >> lucky to be alive at this point. she does edit her own online fashion magazine. coming up, lucky supermarkets warning bay area customers their credit and debit card information could be out in the open. plus the legacy of a former hp leader. we'll take a look.
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lucky supermarkets is telling them for self checkout lines. someone debited them with an insert known as a skimmer. more than 80 people now say money has been taken out of their account. they first discovered the breach in november and alerted later. play it safe when check your same.
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this is a it. a new 5'0" prison guard robot. robot is not meant to intimidate, but it does have sensors to scan cells during night patrols to detect suspicious activity or hostile inmates. silicon valley struggling. trying to figure out the legacy of a former leader of hp. patty dunn was a pioneer. she is remembered for her involvement in hp's darkest moments. carly fiorina resigned and they approved spying on employees, board members, it led to four
6:26 am
felon charges against dunn. she resigned. the charges later dropped. specifically they were accused of pretexting which in the rather archaic language of 2005 had nothing to do with texting. investigators working for hp would call cell phone companies on the from text of being customers and having to have their voice mail pass words reset or get a copy of thal bill. not that different than what news corp. is accused of in modern times. other news, ever z yourself why does an ebook cost as much as ra regular book? nobody has to print. . nobody has to ship it. they're launching an investigation into apple's business practices, wondering if apple worked with publishers to keep e-book prices high. an l and i'll leave you with this picture from facebook. identified only as abby and her christmas sweater. there you see the baby jesus and uc davis police officer. >> that's just wrong.
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>> i got to say, i don't agree with even showing that. 6:26 right now. still to come on "today in the bay." ed lee seems to give up home of the niners staying in the city. the occupy movement launching the next phase called occupy our homes. we'll have a live report next. and jack frost is nipping at your nose in many places in the bay area. not your toes, your nose. where it's the coldest and when it's expected to warm up. we have a nice looking forecast coming up. and we're watching an accident. first more cars and metering lights. we'll show you the latest. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. there's a new twist in the occupy wall street movement. occupy our home has a national day of action. i'll tell you what they have planned for the bay area if a live report.
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>> a bay area school leader expresses concern about an occupy camp near his students. and i'm bob redell in the south bay. why the 49ers move to santa clara is seeming more and more like a done deal. that story is coming up. and it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas out there as we give you a live look over san francisco. a beautiful start to a tuesday morning, december 6th, "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. it's 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. let's check in with christina loren to find out about the tuesday forecast. >> it's cold this morning. only this cold until 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. the idea is to drez in layers.
6:31 am
we are near record levels now across the board. you're at 26 in gilroy. and 30 in santa rosa and novato. san francisco and oakland where we don't typically see the mid-40s, that's where we are. the record to beat is 40 degrees. we have two hours of additional cooling before we get the lows this morning. we'll watch for records all morning long. >> you're talking about in layers. now we have the backup because the metering lights are on. the accident got moved to the shoulder quickly. so there's movements in the line. i'm tracking another disable vehicle further up on the east shore freeway. i'll show you that coming up. it is 6:31. occupy protesters across the country will take on the foreclosure crisis today. it's part of the national day of
6:32 am
action to stop and reverse foreclosures. christie smith joins us live where where we'll see the protests today. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, laura. there are a number of demonstrations planned here. one of the reasons they started is because this is where the foreclosure options take place. they want to draw attention to that and help homeowners in danger of losing their home to foreclosure. it's a collection of different community groups coming together on this day of action. thaw say it's really about trying to get the attention of the bank where is the homeowner had little success on their own.
6:33 am
it's coming together with the occupy wall street movement. we're helping people go to the bank. we have low modifications and principle reductions so that people can afford their modified loan. >> now they have events all day at 10:00 this morning with homeowners sharing specific stories of trying to save their homes. they say they were going to demonstrate with one this week what was going to have their home sold at auction. an occupy camp hassed a majority tad administrators worried this morning. it's hard to supervise the 3,000 students. there are reports of numerous
6:34 am
crimes committed in the area. none involving students. the school sent a letter to parns about the issue. the stacies it's keeping a close eye on the the protesters. the 49ers are one step closer. they continue talks to finance the $1 billion project. bob redell is live in santa clara with more. this could be a record breaking deal, bob. >> over a billion dollars for a stadium. so you at home can come over and find out how they plan to finance this stadium. located next to great america across from santa clara. the city secured $850 million in loans for flee banks to pay for the new digs.
6:35 am
after hearing from the public this week, the city council expected to approve the week a deal from today with construction beginning next year. the first game for 2014 or 2015. any chance of keeping the team in san francisco seems less likely with mayor ed lee expressing little hope the team can stay in the city. he'll meet with yesterday york on thursday to pitch an improved vision of moving the team to a new location not far from candle stick. the mayor feels his only shot would be if the raiders were to share a stid yaum with the nineers. that's a notion the nfl is pushing among teams. though the mayor says time is running out. jon, laura? >> thanks for the update, bob. andrew luk has a chance to
6:36 am
add big time hardware to his trophy case. this year he's the favorite. he's one of five players being honored saturday night in new york at the presentation. always very cool. they were just announced after he was honored the johnny united award. it honors the top quarterback who does more than play ball. he exemplifies character, scholastic and academic achievement. congratulationses to andrew luck. >> a lot of luck on his side. and talent. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. we've been talking about what a cold start it's been. >> yeah, it is cold out there this morning. bring in the sensitive plants and pets. just before and after sunrise. so for the next hour, hour and a half. be on alert.
6:37 am
leading to the very, very cold start this morning. san jose, calm winds there. sanford, gilroy, temperatures are in the 30s everywhere across the board except for cities on the water. 0 in santa rosa and noef to where you're getting wind. so temperatures keep going up and down up there. . you can always check my facebook page as well. i'll let you know if your city broke a temperature record. you definitely notice the difference in santa rosa. 25 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. sanford and novato, 14 degrees in hey wards and 17 degrees cooler in livermore. that's in effect for the north bay interior valleys until 9:00 a.m. ch a frost advisory is in place for the east bay areas. what's happening is we lose the
6:38 am
wind. that was mixing our air around yesterday. that's why it's so cold aerowen expecting widespread frost. 62 in santa rosa. 62 in redwood city. first we want to get you to work on time with mike. >> the disabled vehicle we've been tracking is over here on the map. it is cleared off the roadway in westbound 80 off the commute direction. antioch is much better than 20 minutes ago. that's slow from hill crest all the way over to bay point. and looer looking at slowing for 242. expect that to affect 680. we'll see how things are shaping up on the bay bridge. san mateo bridge from 880 to
6:39 am
101. a smooth drive. >> it's 6:38. oakland is looking to get a better handle on popular food trucks. >> president obama is back to playing let'sa ake wdeal ithak republicans. we'll have a live report from washington coming up next. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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to sweet memories. holiday ideas made easy. this morning president obama says the pressure is on.
6:42 am
the president now calling on republicans to come to the bargaining table before payroll taxes go up 2%. tracie potts is live in the nation's capitol this morning. everybody is wondering what is the holdup. >> well, the holdup is democrats and republicans with very different ideases about how to extend this tax break that we all got this year. president obama will give a speech today in a small town in kansas, same place where president theodore roosevelt gave his famous square deal message. and the president will say that we cannot tax the middle class in this country. and republicans are looking over the democrats new plan just unveiled yesterday. which scales back the millionaire tax to less than 2% in hopes of compromise here. we're getting symbols of compromise from republican
6:43 am
leaders. there are member who is don't twant to see that tax at all. republicans say let's free the pay of federal workers, cut some federal jobs and raise the cost of pensions to pay for this. it will cost $180 billion. >> tracie potts, thank you for the update. it is 6:43. coming up, san francisco mayor making a last ditch effort to keep then rs ifrsan scancio. 49. ♪
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okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? time to check in with christina loren for the forecast. >> as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll see a nice day.
6:46 am
temperatures ending up in the 60s. but frostbite occurs when your body heat can no longer keep your exposed skin warm. make sure in the north bay where temperatures were below freezing for quite some time that you try to protect your skin. if you're going to be outside, turn the heater on asap. tuesday, a frasty start makes way to abundant sunshine. as we head through tomorrow, we'll see another cold start, but a little bit more cloud cover that will make for a mild mild temperature overnight. still, only about 2 to 4 degrees warmer than what we're seeing this morning. by thursday, patchy a.m. fog really comes into play. that will make for mild conditions tonight. temperatures where they should be. upper 30s in the north bay. 40s elsewhere across the bay area. we have to wait until 9:00 a.m. we're still dropping off in some cities. tune in throughout the day today
6:47 am
show. and the coldest spot across the bay the isolated city of gilroy. that's where it tends to get the coldest. throughout the day a lot of sunshine. we warm up quickly. 57 degrees as you break for lunch in hayward. 47 in concord. high pressure is strong. and we're going to see so much sunshine that your temperatures will still make their way to the 60s across the board. quiet weather continues. nothing much to talk about. plentiful sunshine on friday. saturday and sunday looking to a fabulous weekend if you want to maybe hang the christmas lights or get a leg up on your christmas shopping, you can do so with comfortable conditions in the bay area. as we head through tuesday, maybe a little shower activity in the north bay. now we want to talk about your drive with mike inouye.
6:48 am
we now have slowing northbound 101 from capitol expressway all the way up to 880. also slowing now, though, look at this. 87 and guadalupe parkway. now continuing to downtown san jose. the top of the screen also, looking at 237 slow off of 880 into beautiful alviso. by comparison with the south, very clear. 101 and 280 is not a problem towards the san mateo and the other side of the bay. live look past the coliseum. look at all the cars. still holding close to 55 for the northbound and southbound routes between 238 and the bay bridge toll plaza. right here at the toll plaza, the metering lights with the backup. a 21-minute drive off the bridge. slowing through emeryville to
6:49 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. but the span is clear. back to you. santa clara is nearing the end zone on bringing the 49ers to the south bay. rob redell joins us live with an update. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura. 68 u 500 feet stadium expected to be in that parking lot next to great america, it would cost north now of a billion dollars. how to pay for it all are details the city will present in public meetings today and thursday. in a nutshell, they've already secured $850 million in loans from three banks to pay for the new digs. that's the largest loan a city has taken out for an nfl stadium. it can be paid with redevelopment funds. still needs to be approved. if they get the approval, the construction will begin next
6:50 am
year. any chance of keeping the team in san francisco seems less and less likely. mayor ed lee expressing little hope that the team can be convinced to stay in the city where they've played for 65 years. he has a meeting with 49 erz owners jet york this thursday. the mayor is expected to repitch the plan for moving the stadium to hunters point, which is not far from candlestick. even the mayor acknowledges that time is running out for a last-minute hail mary to keep the 49 erz in san francisco. jon, laura? >> he will announce plans to move businesses to make way for the america's cup. lee will announce the city's plans to help them relocate. dozens of businesses will have to pack up for the america's
6:51 am
yaugt club race set for 2013. >> it is #:50. people fighting to keep their home will get help today. nee the bay's christie smith is live in okay land with what you'll be seeing at today's protest. good morning, christi. >> good morning to you, jon. here in oakland i've been speaking with a group this morning. they plan to march to a bank with a homeowner trying to get a loan modification. they are trying to draw attention to families that could not get relief from their banks. they'll help a west oakland family reou what they lost. this is a new twist to the occupy wall street movement. they say the fight is the same for the 99%. and they say they've had some success getting loan modifications approved for
6:52 am
homeowners. one analyst at bank of america says it is estimated that 14 million american homes will go into foreclosure before this housing crisis finally ends. jon and laura, back to you. >> christie, thank you very much. 6:52 now. the "today show" is coming up. here's matt lauer to show us what they're working on today. good morning. coming occupy on a tuesday we're following breaking news in afghanistan where three coordinated suicide bombings have killed at least 58 people. we're live in kabul with the layest. and two more candidates sign up for donald trump's presidential debate. he had harsh words for one man who said he would not attend. this morning the governor responds in a live interview. also ahead a young model and fashion blogger severely injured when she walked into the spinning propeller of a small plane. her parents will join us to talk
6:53 am
about the long road to recovery their daughter is facing. and today's professional star, donny and nancy tackle the hottest topics including the new pill for hangovers and the return for tiger woods. thank you, matt. california's proposed high speed rail project could be derailed by the same people who originally supported it. a recent field poll shows 64% of californians want a do-over. they want another vote. if it were on the ballot again only 31% would support the hail project. this come as the rail authority in charge st now doubling the estimated cost of the project to $100 billion over 20 years. voters say they're concerned over spending huge amounts of money during a weak economy. would you watch an ad instead of paying an atm fee.
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they run ten-second ads during transactions. it will cover the cost of surcharges normally found on a measuring ts outside of networks. customers can choose not to watch thee ed ad, but it will c them $3. while banks showed the ads on the machines. these show ads from local businesses. the program is being tested in new york city with plans to expand to other states. 6:54 right now. no more setbacks. the search for alien life is back on at the substitute in mountain view. city astronomers say they're once again using radio telescopes to search for extraterrestrial life. the project was suspended in april when the observatory ran out of money. city astronomers will share their telescope with the air force.
6:55 am
right now oakland does not have a city wide permitting process for the food trucks. only food trucks that operate in the fruitvale district are saxed by the city because of an ordnance that goes back a decade. other restaurants say they're unfairly losing business to the food trucks and rules need to be established. >> some of the illegally operating food trucks are not held to the same standard that we are. it has benefits for the workers in paying minimum wage. >> we are paying taxes also. we have a lot of expenses like restaurants do. a new proposal would create a pilot program for permits in oakland. food truckscan do business. >> speaking of food, new hampshire's governor is stepping in between a fight between a fast food change and a guy that wants people to eat more kale.
6:56 am
the man's t-shirt business sell this is shirt that says, appropriately, eat more kale. and they think consumers might be confused. new hampshire's governor says he's taking the side of the small business owner. >> if they don't understand the deference between kale and a chicken sandwich, we'll give you a lesson. >> sounds like it makes sense. they said it's defending its trademarks. >> we'll figure out if you can see the two. it's 6:56. fans of a billboard made very popular during the dot-com boom are not ready to see it taken down. they have hopes of saving the yahoo sign located at the eastbound approach the to bay bridge. yahoo! wants to move forward and is developing new ways to market
6:57 am
itself. so far there are more than 1300 likes. speaking of saving things, an nbc bay area story forced paypal to make a change. good morning. last night we told you about a fight between papal. after years of allowing zivity to use paypal, the company was suddenly banned. that's ironic considering the head of zivity was an early employee at paypal. this morning they reversed itself. they said zivity can keep using the service. it costs $12 a month. and i checked the site -- now this was purely for resource purposes. absolutely. and they have yesterday to add papal functionality back. but we'll check back and make sure. meanwhile, on wall street, a very quiet day. extremely quiet.
6:58 am
we look to europe on thursday to see what their financial plan will be. >> nice investigative reporting. >> think long underwear this morning. it's cold out there. especially in the north bay interior valleys. we're in the 30s. some touched on the upper 20s. the sun will come out at 7:10. as it does so, temperatures end up in the 60s. your forecast high in san jose is 62. same for gilroy at 25 degrees. add me on facebook. i will let you know. i take personal requests. how do we look out there? >> we're watching this accident. now we have slowing southbound coming into walnut creek.
6:59 am
but northbound, reports of an accident. initial reports say the car went off the roadway just before you get there. through some fencing. it's now in a public service yard. this is off the bart track. i'm also watching for delays on the rails as well as your roads. we're not seeing either for the time being. i'll track bart delays. we'll send them out to you if we need to. south bay is looking pretty heavy this morning. that's early for that slowdown. northbound 87 is really showing the slowdown into downtown. and look, in the bottom of your screen, highway 85 is o showing the yellow speeds into the 40s and 50s of that stretch. back to you. >> thanks for the update. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be back with a local news update including a look at traffic and weather coming up at 7:25. >> you want to stick around and do the 11:


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