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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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already facebook could get hit with a lawsuit. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll tell you who doesn't like its new location coming up. >> a live look outside golden gate bridge this morning, warm temperatures on the way for this wednesday, january 4th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, 5:00 already, flying by. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. it's one of those feel-good wednesdays, nice out, clearing skies. >> finally get to be the bearer of good news. the fog was widespread and it was thick. it took quite some time to see the break through the clouds. this morning we'll see sunshine right off of that, a mostly clear start right now. maybe a few areas of patchy fog as we head throughout the morning hours. the big story is i put the 70s on your temperature map.
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i'll let you know if that's in your forecast. first let's check the drive at 5:00 with mike inouye. >> we'll look at the roadways where construction has returned to the overnight reports here. this is 68 through the san ramon valley. el costa boulevard up to sycamore valley road and vice versa. both directions, a lane or two at times. but these crews not causing slowdown. that's north of 580 out of walnut creek. ly give you an update on the truck fire in dixon. but we'll give you an update to see if any lanes are blocked. the first caucus of the gop presidential race officially in the books. >> congratulations to governor mitt romney. congratulations to senator sanitorium for a very close second place finish and an excellent race here. >> there you have it. mitt romney wins the iowa caucus by a mere eight votes, narrowly edging out rick santorum. that is the closest they've ever
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had in that thing. next up, tuesday's primary in new hampshire. coming up at 5:40 we go live to des moines to see how candidates are responding to the caucus results. it is 5:01 this morning. it was a tragic end to a police chase. now homeowners are demanding the city pay for damage left in the search for a bank robber. christie smith is live in vallejo where some residents want $11,000 for repairs and what they're calling emotional distress. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're talking specifically three homeowners in the neighborhood. as you said, they want nearly $11,000 for all the damages caused and emotional distress. now, at the time the s.w.a.t. team was involved in a very intense manhunt trying to find the suspect who shot veteran police officer jim capoot last november. he died of his injuries. that person was also suspected in a bank robbery. video from that day shows police
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breaking fences and ripping blinds in a very intense search. three homeowners have filed claims. our sister station in sacramento tried to talk with the city and police, but they said they couldn't speak of it while it was under review. we spoke with one former sheriff who said the risk outweighed the cost. >> dealing with the time factor. you look at the need to capture the offender versus the cost, the inconvenience to somebody's fence. >> reporter: he thinks the city should probably go ahead and pay but says that actually property damage is pretty common in suspect searches like this. police did arrest henry albert smith, junior. he'll be back in court later this month. the city attorney's office should decide in about the next two weeks how to proceed and whether to pay or not. reporting live in vallejo, i'm christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you very much, christie. 5:03 right now. foggy conditions being blamed on san jose's first traffic death of the year. a 25-year-old woman killed when
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her car was struck by two others on curtnor avenue. she was coming up to an intersection with no traffic signal. police say there's no evidence that alcohol was involved with any of the drivers. >> we now know the name of a bay area man killed in a traffic accident in tahoe on new year's day. nevada highway patrol say he's 25-year-old alex m. moore of walnut creek. he was walking on highway 50 before 1:00 in the morning. a highway patrol officer swerved to avoid hitting hit, he was thrown into another lane where a shuttle bus also hit him. he died at the scene. face xwook likely will not be getting a lot of likes in east palo alto. city leaders weighing in on whether to sue the online social networking giant. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live at headquarters in menlo park with why they're looking to sue.
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>> reporter: good morning. mark zuckerberg moved his employees to this new location just over two weeks ago. they're just getting settled. now the company could get hit with a lawsuit. the new location is at willow road and bayfront expressway. it houses about 2,000 employees. they have announced they plan to build a west campus on the other side of bayfront expressway in the next five years. that location would employ almost 3,000 more employees. the west campus would only be about a half mile from east palo alto. and that's the concern. another few thousand employees would equal gridlock and potentially displace some east palo alto residents. they say the city is considering suing the social networking giant. now, i have reached out to the mayor of east palo alto this morning. i'm waiting to hear back from her. in the meantime i can tell you the east palo alto city council will consider suing facebook at its meeting tomorrow. reporting in menlo park this
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morning, i'm marla tellez, jon and laura? >> thank you very much for the report. 5:0 5 right now. changes may be on the way for the recently approved medical marijuana policy. in september the city voted to shrink the collectives from more than 100 to just ten. but critics have collected enough sig touring to repeal the new law in a ballot referendum. now mayor chuck reed says he'd rather negotiate the number of dispensaries in the city rather than put it to the voters. for the second time campbell city council rejecting the idea of turning the old growers national bank building into a restaurant and lounge. but both sides are at odds over the closing time. the city says midnight. the developer wants to stay open until 2:00 a.m. on thursday, friday and saturday night. the city says the gentleman is welcome to file another appeal. >> we'll see what happens there. 5:06 right now. good day to be outside later
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today. christina has good news for us. >> yeah. we'll see a couple of 70s on your temperature map today. great day to maybe take down the christmas lights. this morning it's cold out there because of the clear start. quite the contrast from yesterday morning. you can see for almost ten miles just about everywhere across the board right now. high pressure has set up over the great business in, and it's going to amplify as we head throughout the day. while it's at its strongest "today in the bay" area, we'll see temperatures climb by about five to ten degrees from yesterday's highs. we have the offshore flow taking place. all that cloud cover that typically develops and moves on from the pacific ocean, moves onshore, not going to happen today. high pressure negates that as you can see the northeasterly flow pushes that cloud cover way out to sea. for us the clear start means cooler conditions, but a warmer afternoon and clear at the coast. if you want to hit the beach in these conditions, you actually can. temperatures are cool right now.
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39 in livermore, 39 in concord. 37 in novato. by noon, talking the upper 60s in some cities. 66 at noon in gilroy. hard to believe it's january around here. rounding out the day with near record highs. we'll talk about maybe the chance for rain on the seven-day foreca forecast. first let's check with mike on your drive. >> good news. folks in dixon, it's not a truck fooir. looking at westbound 80 at kidwell road. chp is arriving on the scene. the fire department says don't worry about it. we'll just see if the people need help with their truck. no fire to contend with and no lanes are blocked. westbound is your commute direction. as you come through fairfield and vacaville, that's where we have more of a concern heading over towards the carcinas bridge. we're looking at a smooth drive across the carcinas and venetia bridges which have no fog advisories unlike yesterday where there was thick fog and tough visibility.
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southbound 101, your commute direction for 101 through san rafael, there is an accident at lincoln avenue. it sounds like the fast lane is blocked by one of the vehicles and the hazard lights are starting to dim. someone called chp as a word of caution. two crews are heading on scene to help them out. down on the golden gate bridge, a clear drive, much clearer than yesterday. some parking violators apparently owe san francisco more than $38 million in unpaid tickets. "san francisco chronicle" reports the unpaid citations span 3 1/2 years between october 2006 and april 2010. the money includes fines and late fees tacked on to the original ticket. muni says while 38 million is a lot of money, it has collected more than $374 million in the same time period for nearly 90% collection rate. >> bow, that is a lot of parking tickets. minutes after they went on
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sale, 49er play-off tickets stone cold sold out. the team not saying exactly how long it took. we're talking make ten minutes at most. now there are other ways if you want to get tickets. we checked out stubhub. you can pay as little as $220 per seat, that's not including hot dogs and brew or whatever else you like t. 9ers play saturday, january 19th at 1:30. the opponent still to be determined. that will happen this week during the wildcard play-off games. >> that will be a fun game. 5:10 right now. coming up, we'll bring you the results of the latest sierra snow survey. an appeal on the earthquakes stadium project filed in the 11th hour. plus another day, another fee. details on the newest airline fee about to take effect. it's all coming up in a live report. speaking of live, we take a nice look over san francisco. the sparkling lights in the distance there. enjoy it. looks like it's going to be a
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beautiful day outside. christina loren will tell us all about it in a matter of minutes. for the latest news, traffic and weather and how about some good conversation with your coffee, comebcdreay aa. at nbc bay area. "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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welcome back everyone. we give you a live look at interstate 80 right now that. is the truckee scales. it is 5:13. >> you can see no snow out there. this week's snowpack survey really painted the bleak picture we already knew. the picture said it all. crews with the department of water resources brought their tools to measure the snow, but they found more dirt than
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anything. a reading near echo summit came back with just over seven inches, just over seven inches. the state says it's the lowest sierra snowpack in the month of january in years, but it is still early in the season and a big storm could turn things around. the problem is we don't have a big storm in our near forecast, do we? >> no. probably not until the 15th of the month. that's what we're looking at right now. it is not looking very good for us. as a matter of fact, we might see the tail end of a big storm swing through as we head through the beginning of next week. that might bring us a little precipitation, but really nothing like we saw last year at this time and no significant areas of low pressure that will ride right over the bay area. we're watching for that. right now it doesn't look like things will change dramatically until maybe the mid portion of the month. let's talk about what's happening. a live look over san francisco, mostly clear. still have a little time to
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catch the quadrantios. maybe another half hour or 45 minutes to do so. the fog is not going to obstruct your view like it did yesterday. we had visibilities at this point yesterday, less than 100 feet. we're looking much better in that department. high pressure has set up over the great basin. that will change things for us as we head throughout the day today. that will continue to push all that moisture back out to sea. so all that fog that we had yesterday, the reason we're not going to see it, that northeasterly offshore flow pushing that cloud back out into the pacific ocean. it will be a little on the breezy side for today. but the cities that do get the dry northeasterly breeze are going to warm up nicely. we're talking about temperatures in the 70s toe day. 72 in gilroy, 67 in santa cruz and 68 degrees up in santa rosa staying on the warm side, even up in the north bay. but the south bay, i think that's where we're going to see possibly near record highs as we head throughout the afternoon.
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seveday outlook shows you the very slight chance for rain as we head through the end of the week into the beginning of next week. things start to change a little bit. we'll get a little more cloud cover and maybe a few showers in the north bay on monday, a greater chance for the greater bay area on tuesday morning. we'll eel keep tracking that for you. right now mike inouye is tracking your drive. big changes. >> a little more traffic than the last couple weeks. we have an incident in the north bay. it's southbound 101 is where the incidents is reported coming through san rafael. the northbound side is showing a little slowdown. we had a traffic break to clear the accident from the fast lane. that's likely why there is a distraction and the slowing toward lincoln. we'll give you a few minutes for it to clear. meanwhile in the area, a nice smooth flow in the southbound commute from highway 12 down into san francisco via the golden gate bridge. you're at the speed limit with clear skies this morning. another live look outside and see how things are at the bay bridge. you make out the eastshore
5:17 am
freeway, good flow of traffic all the way through the bridge. no delays across the san mateo bridge. nor the dumbarton bridge. let's talk about what we're talking about. early construction for embarcadero. that's cleared off northbound 101. more construction as you're approaching northbound 101 at tulley. the crews are getting a nice easy start to the workweek. >> all right, mike. thank you very much. investors finding out today if yesterday's rally on wall street was the real deal or simply the cause and effect of what some call the january effect. for a look at that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn it over to brian shactman live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, brian. >> morning, jon. we're pulling back a little bit after the strong start to the 2012 trading year yesterday. stocks were up on the back of several better-than-expected reports from manufacturing all across the world including the
5:18 am
u.s. overnight asian markets were a little higher. europe a little lower. up 179 points to 12,397. nasdaq up 43 to 2648. if stocks are positive on the first trading day of the year, historically they end the year higher 70% of the time. so that bodes pretty well. homeowners insurance rates could go up this year after a lot of natural disasters and 2011 snowstorms. hail, high winds, tornadoes. we pretty much had it all. they slammed insurance balance sheets. the insurance institute says they've seed record losses in four consecutive years, expecting premiums to rise 4% to 5%. higher reinsurance which is insurance contracts on their own policies. delta air lines adding a $3.00 surcharge on all flights between the u.s. and europe. the move may offset the cost of eu's new carbon law which charges airlines for carbon
5:19 am
emissions. delta is the first u.s. carrier to add such a fee. as you know, guys, maybe the others will follow. if they don't, maybe delta will bring it back. if you're flying to europe and spending from $50 to $1,000, i guess $3.00 isn't that big a deal. a last-second appeal is putting the brakes on a plan to build a new stadium for the san jose earthquakes. a neighborhood group filed paperwork concerned about the noise. the planning commission will meet later this month to discuss the appeal. earthquakes want to construct an 18,000-seat stadium. 5:19. coming up, an east bay animal shelter getting another chance today. we'll have the details coming up. plus what scientists say they know what caused the recent decline in the bay area honey population. a new ceo coming the yahoo!. we'll take a look coming up in business news. hey guys, breakfast!
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welcome back everyone on this wednesday morning, a live look at san jose, kind of the calm before the traffic storm out there. but it's going to be nice an warm. christina loren will tell us how warm in a matter of minutes. it's 5:22. >> this is kind of interesting, jon. bay area scientists say they're honing in on what's behind the mysterious decline of the honey bee population. san jose reports an infection is turning the bees into zombie bees. san francisco state researchers discovered a tiny fly is leaving its eggs inside the bees.
5:23 am
once inspected the bees aimlessly run into circles with no sense of direction. the parasite kills the host within a few days. this is just one factor they believe of the honey bee decline. >> that's kind of cool in a weird way. sounds like a movie or something. alameda will be handing over the keys to its animal shelter sometime today. a non-profit group will now handle the day-to-day operati s operations. the shelter was in danger of closing because of budget troubles in al meade dachlt that's when volunteers stepped in and offered to take over the services and the maintenance. alameda will pay $300,000 a year for the operational costless. 5:23 right now. yahoo! could have a new ceo as soon as today. scott mcgrew joins us. the head of silicone valley's most successful companies could make the move. >> not a familiar name out of tech schools. he's head of paypal, a hugely successful part of ebay. wall street journal says
5:24 am
thompson is yahoo!'s topic and an announcement could come as early as this morning. here is thompson talking to my gang of reporters on "press here" about growing paypal into ebay's most important asset. >> don't take anything for granted because paypal has only been around 11 years. from nothing in a very short period of time. this is a big business now. >> yahoo! is considering thompson after looking for a new ceo they fired carol barts last year. thompson is experienced mostly in the financial word. it's not necessarily a terrific match for what yahoo! does, but barts wasn't a good match either. if yahoo! goes to thompson, it means they ignored my campaign to make big knew come a head of yahoo!. he was recently separated from his job as managing partner of the san francisco giants though he has long experience in high
5:25 am
tech as a lawyer. if there's anything yahoo! can use in the next couple years it's a good lawyer. >> thanks so much. well said. it is 5:24 right now. still to come on today in the bay, students finally heading back to class after a massive fire tore through their campus. a san francisco zoo has a monkey on its back, but it's not giving out a reward just yet. mother nature is rewarding us with the 70s in many cities today. we'll tell you if that's yours and how long this warmup will last in my full forecast. those 65s on the roadway, going to be less of them during the morning commute. i have a new incident off the castro valley y. we'll see if that affects your drive coming up. we take a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic flowing smoothly right now. looks a little bit -- maybe a little moisture on the road. we'll have mike tell us about that. nic th will beom will tell us how n that will be coming up.
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new this morning, homeowners in vallejo are asking the city to pay up after a policeman hunt in their neighborhood. i'm christie smith. i'll explain in a live report. a san jose police officer waking up in the hospital this morning after he is hit by a carjacking suspect. the latest on his recovery. >> reporter: facebook may like its new home in menlo park, but one of its neighbors doesn't. good morning, i'm marla tellez, i'll explain coming up. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're happy you made your midday stop right here with us. it's wednesday, january 4th. "today in the bay."
5:29 am
good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it's 5:28 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we check back in with meteorologist christina loren for a look at this beautiful day. >> a beautiful day for outdoor activities. not quite as warm as you wake up tomorrow morning or afternoon. 42 in san jose, 41 in hayward. we have 30s out there. today, though, i've ramped up your temperatures by ten degrees from yesterday's highs in some cities. i'm tell you if that's yours. first we want to check your drive with mike inouye. >> all right, christina. we'll take you to the maps. reports of debris in lanes southbound 238 heading toward 580. approaching your castro valley y. sounds like there's a board with nails in it. that's definitely what you do not want to drive over. may have reports of one flat in the area. chp might have to pause traffic for a few minutes. we have slowdowns already because the commute is returning
5:30 am
as well. i'll show you that coming up. a financially strapped east bay city could face more money problems if some homeowners get their way in court. christie smith joins us live where homeowners are asking the city to pay for damage they caused in a police chase. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these homeowners are saying their fences knocked down, blinds torn out. they're also saying there was emotional distress involved, all while s.w.a.t. teams were involved in a very intense manhunt. now it's going to be up to the city attorney's office to decide whether the city is responsible for all this. s.w.a.t. teams were looking for the person who shot veteran vallejo police officer jim capoot who died of his injuries last november. that person was also a bank robbery suspect. now, three homeowners are asking for nearly $11,000. we did speak with a former sheriff in sacramento who tells us in his opinion the city
5:31 am
should probably pay, but certainly in his opinion he said the risk outweighed the cost. first, here is the homeowner. >> it was scary when i saw them coming through and they all had weapons pointed at me. >> dealing with the time factor. you look at the need to capture the offender versus the cost, the inconvenience to somebody's fence. >> reporter: officers arrested henry albert smith, junior, due back in court later this month. our sister station in sacramento tried talking with the police and the city, but they said they couldn't discuss it while it was under review. the city should make a decision in about two weeks whether they should pay or not. reporting live in vallejo, i'm christie smith. jon and laura, back to you. a san jose police officer remains hospitalized this morning recovering after the patrol car he was in was rammed by a carjacking suspect. 27-year-old alejandro gonzalez was arrested shortly after crashing into several police cruisers. a total of six officers were hurt in the incident.
5:32 am
gonzalez allegedly stole an suv at a gas station near the intersection of mckee and king roads. a mechanic working nearby says he saw it all. >> he put the key in and he run. we cannot stop him anymore. he took off very fast. >> the chase ended when police used their cars to finally block the suv. officers had to use tasers and a restraining wrap to finally get gonzalez under control. all the officers that were injured in the chase are expected to be okay. it's 5:32 right now. a san francisco school will reopen this morning just weeks after a devastating fire. the creative arts charter school was badly damaged by a five-alarm blaze just days before christmas. classrooms and art studios, the library and cafeteria as well as school materials and computers all impacted. students were supposed to come back from holiday break yesterday, but the return was delayed by the cleanup. a special ceremony will be held
5:33 am
this morning to thank the community for their help. 5:32 right now. facebook may be getting a status update soon on a neighboring city's plans to sue the social networking giant. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live at facebook headquarters in menlo park with why east palo alto neighborhood is not liking their new neighborhood. >> reporter: it comes down to location, location, location. let's show you the new location for facebook at the corner of willow road and bayfront expressway. here is the deal. facebook already has plans to expand its campus directly across the street on the other side of bayfront expressway, late closer to east palo alto. this would be the west campus and house about 2,800 more employees. that would mean a total of almost 5,000 employees at this single intersection. now the address would still be in menlo park. but east palo alto is concerned
5:34 am
because its city limit is just about a half mile away. the mayor says she's concerned about traffic gridlock and the potential to displace epa residents. they may sue facebook if it goes ahead with expansion plans. facebook has been open about expanding by 2017. so this would all happen in the next five years. the east palo alto city council will talk about filing this potential lawsuit at its meeting tomorrow. reporting live in menlo park this morning, i'm marla tellez. jon and laura? >> we'll see how this one pans out. thank you very much. the san francisco zoo has banana sam back, the monkey that went missing. they're not handing out the promised $5,000 report. the zoo was asked by police to hold off on handing out that reward. banana sam was stolen last week. he was found saturday in stern grove by a man who told police
5:35 am
he coaxed the squirrel monkey into his backpack. now those claims are being questioned. one expert says that's not typical monkey behavior, not monkey business. police are still investigating. >> the case continues. it is 5:35 right now. we hear that nice weather starting to continue. going to be here for the rest of the week. meteorologist christina loren tells all. and the weekend as well. make those outdoor plans now as we stay dry and unseasonably warm. this morning we're looking quite a bit more clear than we were at this point yesterday. everywhere except for napa where visibility is dropping off. we think some of the fog will drift off from the delta. it won't be as widespread or thick as it was yesterday. really, really dangerous fog. as we head throughout the day today as high pressure has moved over the great basin, we'll continue to see this offshore flow. that means warm, dry conditions inland and clear at the coast. your temperatures will be in the low 60s right at the coast. hey, we're talking about the 70s inland in places like san jose.
5:36 am
concord, even livermore getting very close to that 70-degree mark. as we head throughout the week, we do have changes on the way. let's take you through your hour-by-hour forecast, 41 in hayward, 60s and upper 60s in some cities today. 66 in gilroy. rounding out the day at about 72 degrees. really comfortable weather if you need to get outdoors -- you can actually give your heater a break as well as you head through maybe 9:00 a.m. this morning. i'll be tracking the temperatures on facebook throughout the day. right now let's find out what mike is tracking on the roads. >> you're talking about getting a break. i'm talking about using your brakes. the commute has returned westbound highway 4 through antioch. still into the 50s as you pass 54 at east willow pass road. smooth drive through concord. early indication is that the commute is returning the the area. we should see full force by monday. looking at the earlier debris
5:37 am
southbound 238. chp got to the scene, no reports of the board with the nails on it. we have one flat reported. at least one person is on the side of the road repairing their tire. highway 24, the on-ramp at mlk boulevard, it has opened again after early morning construction, just reopened a few minutes ago. there's the volume of traffic at the toll plaza, starting the build a tad bit. we see a few folks waiting for the cash lanes. get fast trak, guys. 5:37 light now. this was down to the wire. a winner in the closest republican officer. the man police say is responsible for dozens of arsons in los angeles is headed to court today. they think they know why he did it. a piece of bay area history about to be demolished. why neighbors say they're very happy to see it go. a live look outside, beautiful glistening lights out there. not a lot of traffic out there,
5:38 am
although it is picking up as folks head back to work. for the latest news, traffic, weather updates and spectacular conversation, find us on facebook, nbc bay area.
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5:40 am
welcome back everyone. you're looking at oakland. that is 880. looks like traffic is starting to pick up a little bit out there. we'll keep you informed. mike inouye will have all the details. it is 5:40. while you were sleeping, a political nail-biter. mitt romney was declared the winner. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in des moines with the details on the late results and rumors that one candidate may soon drop out. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: a lot going on theer this morning in des moines. good morning everyone. first of all, the results that came in just after 2:30 this morning. iowa time. very late, after we heard from all of the candidates, mitt
5:41 am
romney and rick santorum running neck and neck all night long. we stayed up all night to wait for the results. in the end they were only separated by eight votes. the chair of the iowa republican party came out and declared mitt romney the winner. romney said in an interview this morning he felt very, very good about that. he's headed to new hampshire where he's expected to get an endorsement today from senator john mccain. this is also really a big story ability rick santorum, in single digits just a few weeks ago, now within eight votes of the front-runner of this seven-day race. it is a huge story for him. they both took about 25% of the vote. ron paul came in third. newt gingrich very upset about those negative ads here when he was running with double digits as the front-runner here. he says his first order of business is going to be to attack the record of mitt romney and then finally texas governor rick perry says he's going home
5:42 am
to reassess whether or not he's staying in the race. >> we also are hearing michele bachmann going to make an announcement possibly this morning. he was dead last. any idea what she could possibly be doing? >> reporter: well, her campaign hasn't said what the announcement is about. but we can tell you this. she spoke last night, didn't say anything about dropping out of the race after finishing sixth. there was this hastily called news conference this morning here in des moines. her spokesperson confirmed she canceled her south carolina trips to stay in des moines. it looks like she may be bowing out of the race. 5:42. police say they think this morning they know exactly what triggered a string of arsons in los angeles. investigators believe harry burkhart, a german national set the fires in anger over his mother's arrest on fraud charges. during an expedition hearing last thursday, burkhart cursed
5:43 am
the u.s. in a courtroom. burkhart facing one count of arson so far. he is expected in court later on today. it's 5:42 right now. a new report takes a look at just how badly the recent budget cuts have hit the california education system. sacramento bee says slashes $1 billion from k-12 education cost 15,000 teachers their jobs last year. that's on top of the cuts from previous years. california teachers association says california has lost 40,000 teacher jobs in the last four years. meantime, one coalition group says a lot of the state's education problems could be fixed if taxes were increased on millionaires. now, the courage campaign is targeting reality tv star kim kardashian to try to get the point across. it says she made $12 million in 2010 but paid 1% more in state income taxes than somebody who
5:44 am
makes only $47,000 a year. the campaign is asking kardashian to support the tax increase saying we all need to pay our fair share. kardashian has not responded yet. >> maybe she'll tweet something out. >> she's always had kind of a big target on her back, hasn't she? >> wow. >> we've got something going on in the weather department, and i love to be the bearer of good news. we have a clear start making way to 70-degree weather in some cities today. you can actually hit the beach comfortably, and the best beach to hit would be santa cruz. it's going to be a little bit on the chilly side in san francisco, down along the peninsula. santa cruz today 67 degrees and clear conditions. this morning you're losing visibility a little bit in the places that picked up the most moisture on within morning. you a half mile visibility in napa. one mile visibility in novato.
5:45 am
and nine miles in santa rosa. we'll watch the visibility drop off in the north bay in the next couple hours. overall, 30% of the fog that we had yesterday. this morning we're going to see the sunshine right off the bat, especially inhand in the east bay and down through the south bay. by tomorrow, patchy fog will develop. we'll see a little more onshore flow as the ridge of high pressure breaks down and heads to the east. this morning it's at its peak strength. temperatures in the 70s will push all the cloud cover back out to see. the fog that does form won't last long. by 8:00 a.m., clear conditions. a building breeze as a result of the strong ridge of high pressure. temperatures, 72 degrees in gilroy, 71 in fairfield today and about 53 degrees in san francisco. as i said before, santa cruz 67 degrees. now, i may be bumping these numbers up. i'll be watching your temperatures all day long. make sure you stick with us all the way through the 11:00 a.m.
5:46 am
newscast. we'll let you know if your city will be warmer than what ill i'm forecasting now. 67 degrees, a little cooler for tomorrow. maybe some showers monday into tuesday. we'll talk about that and what that means for the sierra coming up. first let's check your drive at 5:46 with mike inouye. >> let's check the freeway speeds. we still see 101 with no problems. 87, the construction has cleared from the area a little earlier than typical. we're looking at 15-minute drive out of the altamont pass, westbound 580 slows. where it's yellow speeds are into the 50s but smoother towards the isabelle interchange. we'll see if it continues to build over the next half hour through the morning commute. westbound also the direction for your commute for highway 4. antioch slows, speeds 24 at the l street sensor. into the 50s as you approach pittsburg and bay point. still smooth through concord and
5:47 am
into walnut creek for 680 and 24. heading towards the bay bridge, no delays right now and no metering lights. we'll head to the northbound, southbound 101 through san rafael. that's where the earlier accident has been moved to the shoulder. we have slowing north of the san rafael bridge as you pass the scene of the accident, maybe a distraction with flashing lights. golden gate bridge, a smooth drive to the city. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news to tell you about this morning where there is a manhunt under way in san jose. police tell us a suspect ran away from police after officers tried to pull over a car near moore park and saratoga avenues. so far no word on any road closures. police are not saying why that man decided to run. we're gathering more information for you. we'll certainly keep you updated throughout the morning. it's 5:47 right now. put the emergency brakes on california's high-speed bullet train. that is the advice from a panel of transportation and financial experts looking into the project's chance for success. the group is not happy with the
5:48 am
plan to spend all of the $6 billion available on a small stretch of traffic in the central valley with hopes that future funding will finally trickle in a little later. high-speed rail authority argues other projects of this scope have been built segment by segment without all the money in place. a san jose school district thinking safety first when it comes to riding bikes. the franklin city school district will give out 2500 bike helmets this year. a $55,000 state grant is helping fund the new safety program. a piece of bay area history will meet the wrecking ball this morning. the old san francisco jail number three in san bruno will be demolished at 10:30. sheriff mike hennessey made a campaign promise to close that jail more than 30 years ago. now just a few days before he retires, he'll oversee the beginning of the end of that
5:49 am
billing that opened in 1934. people who live near the jail say they're glad to see it go. >> it's a very cool building. when it's all lit up at night, it was very neat to look at. but, again, it's not safe anymore. >> we've actually been waiting many, many years for this to happen. >> federal court ruling in 1997 finally forced the closure when a judge ruled dilapidated conditions were cruel and unusual punishment. the new jail was opened on the same site in 2006. despite the tuition rate increase at uc schools, three campuses look to be pretty solid values. uc berkeley, ucla and uc san diego is seventh, ninth and tenth of the top ten list of values. more weight has been given to academic measures such as four-year graduation, admission
5:50 am
rates and freshmen retention. number one is university of north carolina at chapel hill. a bay area city is under attack from a group called the gorilla grafters. some people are grafting fruit producing benches to create a free food source. they say while the move may seem harmless, it is illegal and considered vandalism. 5:50 right now. coming up, a steve jobs action figure? yes, indeed. it could become reality. >> complete with a little turtleneck maybe. plus a bay area family in desperate need of your help this morning. their young son in need of a bone marrow donor in order to live. we'll have his story coming up next. plus what started as a joke on the internet is now an actual product. we'll take a look coming up. t th is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth.
5:51 am
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welcome back everyone. xwutful live look outside this morning. glistening lights at sfo. it is 5:53 right now. a family on the peninsula right now in a desperate race against time to try to save their little boy. he is in need of a bone marrow transplant. right now finding a donor is not going to be easy. 4-year-old kyle crawford, the little guy was diagnosed last month with a blood disorder called aplastic anemia. if he goes untreated his parents say he may not be alive in six months. >> he's our son and your whole world and your hopes and your dreams all of a sudden are shattered. >> i do have my moments and they're usually at midnight when i'm by myself in my bed so i can
5:54 am
allow myself to feel what i feel. >> kyle is of mixed race, chinese and caucasian which makes the ods of finding a donor tough to match that. experts say there's not a lot of mixed race people in the national bone marrow registry at this point. >> it's easy to do. go out and get registered. may be pretty awkward timing, apple fans may be able to immortalize steve jobs with a bit of plastic. a chinese-based company apparently planning an action figure of the former apple ceo. of course, jobs died october 5th from pancreatic cancer t. one-foot tall action figure dressed in jobs' black mock turtleneck and jeans, wrinkles in his eyes, veins in his hand. they say the figure is expected to sell for $99 if it ever goes on sale. apple declined to comment about reports of what some are saying
5:55 am
is a very life-like figure. >> some might think it's too close to the death to put it out. we'll see what happens. microsoft has filed for a patent to try to keep you out of bad neighborhoods. scott mcgrew joins us. people have been joking about this for years. >> that's right. if you can tell an online map or gps to tell it to avoid a particular highway, you want to do that. bloggers uncovered a patent filing from microsoft, 8090532 that does just that. the idea hasn't been incorporated into any of microsoft's online maps yet. it's being searched. the idea is the map would look at crime rates of various neighborhoods and decide whether it's a good idea to route around that area for safety. speaking of new ideas, researchers at drexel university released software that anyone can use to determine who wrote something. so let's say you have an anonymous note in the employee suggestion box.
5:56 am
if you have enough writing samples from your employees as they wrote about other matters, you can use the software to figure out who wrote the note. speaking of mystery authors, twitter embarrassed this morning after it certified this woman in the pink there was the author behind the wendy deng twitter account. ms. deng, here she goes again, no, you are not throwing a pie at my husband. deng in the pink during the hearing is the wife of rupert murdoch. murdoch did start tweeting. twitter said it was her. they put the verified check next to it. it's not her. we don't know who is actually tweeting as wendy deng, but it's not wendy deng. but rupert murdoch, he's for real. >> tweeting these days. >> whoever is tweeting as ms. deng, we're not sure they have a right hook like she does. 5:56. still to come on today in the
5:57 am
bay. we'll take a look at the latest sierra snow survey. the parents of a young boy shot to death last week preparing to say farewell. we'll have details on the funeral preparations when we come back. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. now get twice the data for the same low price. hurry in, this offer ends january 15th. verizon. ♪
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>> reporter: it was november, an officer was shot. a major manhunt was under way. now some homeowners in vallejo have filed claims against the city. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what they want coming up in a live report. and it is a photo finish overnight in iowa. find out who came out on top. a live look outside right now. it is still dark. traffic flowing smoothly on this wednesday, hump day, january 4th, 2012. this is "today in the bay."


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