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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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eventual nominee. much more on msnbc and on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. i'm harry smith. nbc news, new york.]g 78 years after it opened, a bay area jail is hit by the wrecking ball this morning. i'm christie smith. coming up, we'll show you the end of an era. yahoo! has another ceo. why did the company pick the man that it did and what do investors think? plus, police swarm a san francisco landmark. news at 11:00 starts now. good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> and i'm jon kelley. this morning, the wrecking ball is tearing through concrete and metal bars that have kept bay area inmates locked up for
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decades now. the san francisco city jail? san bruno will be torn down by the end of the day. that is where nbc bay area's christie smith is now. she joins us live with a look at all the demolition. we see the wrecking ball right behind you, christie. >> reporter: yeah. good morning. it took five or six swings of the wrecking ball for it to finally do some damage to this old jail but it's happening. 78 years after it opened its doors, last act of san francisco sheriff mike hennessey. he said he vowed to close san francisco jail number three in his first campaign for sheriff 32 years ago. there were reports that it was deteriorating quickly with rumors it was overcrowded. it was built for about 550 inmates but often held 750. it took a federal court ruling in 1997 to finally force the closure. hennessey told us this was a long time coming. >> the interesting comparison, for example, is this opened in
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1934, the same year that alcatraz opened, in 1934. alcatraz was closed down in 19 63. this building continued to operate for another 40 years after alcatraz was shut down. same type of construction, same type of cell block area and something that was way past its prime. >> reporter: he seemed pretty happy this morning to crack a bottle of sparkling cider on that wrecking ball next to the new modern jail that was here. this wrecking ball only hit one corner of the building. that's because crews have only cleaned out this area of all the lead and asbestos inside. the rest of it still needs to be removed from the entire building before it can come down. the entire thing actually isn't coming down today. they're telling us it will take about five or six months. reporting live in san bruno, i'm christie smith. i'll send it back to you guys in san jose. >> looks like a very slow demolition out there.
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christie, thank you very much. san francisco police are pulling back after surrounding the san francisco landmark overnight, trying to track down a burglary suspect. san francisco police officers think the man is hiding in some dense brush on telegraph hill more than 24 hours after escaping down a steep cliff, too steep for police who set up a perimeter north of coit tower. the man is suspected of stealing a ring from an apartment near lombard street. officers say the man is still on the hill somewhere, but many patrols are pulling back. just two officers now remain on scene, waiting for the suspect to surrender. also this morning, south bay man is under arrest after a bizarre hours-long manhunt in san jose. santa clara deputies standing out near moorpark and saratoga avenues last night after a driver took off running after a minor traffic stop. more than three hours later, officers found him hiding in a
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shed at a nearby home. still no word on why the suspect ran. san francisco man accused of posing as a plastic surgeon is asking to be let out of jail. right now 49-year-old carlos guzman garza is in court for a bail hearing. prosecutors say he stole the identity of a physician's assistant to open a clinic in the city's mission district. he allegedly performed a liposuction procedure in 2010, during which he smoked a cigar and asked the patient to hold the iv bag. he is pleading not guilty to criminal charges. prosecutors are looking for more victims. yahoo! that's what they call themselves, buzz iing this morng with talk of a brand new boss. the sunnyvale company has been without a full-time ceo since it fired their ceo last fall. >> scott thompson works right across the street from us at ebay, matter of fact, president of paypal. he will be the ceo of yahoo! as of next monday.
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seen here in our tv show "press here" talked with reporters and analysts this morning by phone and said he thought yahoo! was a much stronger company than people realize. now, thompson is not a showman, like steve jobs or a loud mouth like harold bart. he is a very confident businessman, helping paypal grow into ebay's biggest money maker. in that same conference call, the head of yahoo!'s board said the company would almost certainly remain a publicly traded company. it wouldn't sell itself to private investors. he also made it pretty clear that yahoo! tends to restructure itself significantly. we've long expected the company to sell its asian assets and investments. yahoo! shares are down significantly this morning. and that could be because invest investors don't like scott thompson. but it's more likely they're disappointed yahoo! isn't going to sell itself any time soon. so, they won't be making that profit. for the record, marla, ebay is down today on news that thompson is leaving. so he can feel better about
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that. >> yes. thank you, scott. traffic concerns over facebook's new campus could prompt a bay area city to sue the social networking giant. east palo alto leaders will meet tomorrow, considering suing facebook for its plans of expanding in menlo park. the former sun microsystems campus at willow road. the company wants as many as 6,600 people to work there by 2015. san francisco school badly damaged by fire is reopening its doors thanks to help from the surrounding community. ♪ lean on me when you're not strong i'll be your friend ♪ >> students and staff of creative arts charter, gathering today to thank the crews that worked nearly 24/7 just to get the k through 8 up and running once again. six classrooms, library, cafeteria and an art studio all went up in flames just days before christmas. after that fire started in a
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nearby alley. the director of the school says volunteers and teachers worked nine hours straight, just trying to make sure that classrooms were ready. >> just incredible. such an incredibly strong, resilient community. i think i'm so proud to be the director of the school and so proud to have my son at the school. i'm so proud of our community. >> caught up in the emotion there. the fast-moving blaze, which started in a trash chute, caused about an estimated $8 million of damage to the school and four apartment buildings at golden gate and pierce. last call in a plan to turn an abandoned building into a nightclub in the south bay. campbell city council is shooting down the plan to turn the old grower's national bank building into a restaurant and lounge. the biggest issue is closing times. the developer wants to stay open until 2:00 in the morning on thursdays, fridays and saturdays. the city says midnight.
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if possible, the developer will file another appeal to get the project off the ground. a proposed pot club will set a little too close to schools and parks, some say, opening considering a permit for a medical marijuana dispensary on tidewater avenue. the spot is about half a mile from the nearest school in alameda but neighbors say that's still too close. parents and neighbors plan to protest the site at the oakland city council meeting this afternoon starting at 4:00. san mateo county could be next to ban plastic bags. several peninsula cities, including millbrae, and san mateo are joining a working group to get plastic bag bans on the books. it would be similar to the one just enacted in san jose, which keeps retail businesses from giving out plastic bags at check stands. san jose fines businesses $1,000 a day in violation. peninsula cities say their fines would not be nearly as steep.
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first offenders would pay $100. second and third offenses would be anywhere from $200 and $500 a piece. >> time to get in the habit of carrying those recyclable, eco-friendly bag. >> i got caught, had to pay for my bags the other day. >> ten cents a pop, right? >> yeah. nice weather outside, christina loren. >> you don't have to worry about covering your head with a bag to protect you from the showers. we don't have any. we have near-record warmth out there. take a look at the reason why. offshore winds have cleared all that low cloud cover out. we were socked in with fog in the city by the bay until 2:00 pm yesterday. it's already clear this morning. 56 degrees right now. 57 in hayward and take a look at santa cruz, bypassed your average daytime high this time of year, 61 degrees there. these are the records to beat. livermore, santa rosa, san jose and the san francisco airport with 60s and a couple of 70s on
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that temperature map. we might, just might see some light showers up in the north bay at the end of my seven-day. i'll show you when but right now it looks like we're staying dry all the way through the midsection of this month. we won't rule it out entirely just yet but right now ten days of dry weather right here in the bay area it looks like. >> christina, thank you very much. coming up, another one bites the dust. the campaign field is smaller this morning. we'll tell you who's dropping out now coming up in a live report from the nation's capital. and a live look outside. that is beautiful san francisco. chr christina painted the picture for us. now we're showing it to you. nice day to get outside and at in a mofter l be back in a matter of minutes. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord.
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welcome back, everyone. the iowa caucuses claiming its very first casualty. one is out and a second may not
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be too far behind after the tightest finish in the history of voting there. live near capitol hill this morning, there to sort it all out for us. good morning, brian. >> jon, it's been one breaking news headline after another all morning. we just had our latest. john mccain, the 2008 gop presidential nominee, has thrown his weight behind mitt romney. iowa was a marathon, but the candidates are already off and running again in new hampshire. after winning the iowa caucuses by just eight votes, mitt romney hit his home turf in new hampshire, where he picked up a key endorsement, former gop presidential candidate john mccain. >> i'm really here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to make sure that we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. >> rick santorum's second place finish in iowa was a victory, too. santorum's momentum gives him an edge with values voters.
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after finishing sixth in her own home state, michele bachmann dropped out. >> as of last night, the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice and so i have decided to stand aside. >> ron paul put a positive spin. >> tied for first. >> newt gingrich had another take on romney's narrow win. >> the fact is that three out of four republicans reject ed it. >> said to be re-evaluating, rick perry then tweeted he's going to continue his run. jon huntsman gave up on iowa and had this message for the winners. >> it would be welcome to new hampshire, nobody cares. today mitt romney headed to new hampshire. he is still struggling to
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connect with republicans. jon? >> thank you for the report. back to business here in california, the state capital where lawmakers are now starting out the new year, trying once again to get the state out of the red. state budget deficit stands at $12 billion through 2013. governor brown wants voters to decide if they are willing to pay higher taxes to fund education and state services. state republicans, of course, against higher taxes. also on the agenda for the session, regulating health care insurance rates and clarifying laws dealing with medical marijuana. former egyptian president, hosmi sns mubarak faces the death penalty if convicted in the involvement of the killings of hundreds of protesters. specifically prosecutors say mubarak authorized the use of live ammunition and a shoot to kill policy against peaceful protesters during the uprising that brought down the regime.
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mubarak's security chief and top police officers are also charged. a new deal could allow the taliban to open up an office in kutar. it could help to end the bloodshed in afghanistan. the idea has become a key point in u.s. efforts to draw insurgents into talks. regime change in north korea prompting diplomatic talks between the u.s. and with china. assistant secretary of state kurt campbell in beijing today, meeting with chinese officials, considering involvements in north korea, following the death of leader kim jong il. china is north korea's moment diplomatic ally. duck and cover. little warning as fragments of a failed spacecraft will start crashing down january 15th.
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this is the space probe we're talking about, launched back on november 9th. it got stuck in the earth's orbit. that failed spacecraft weighs more than 14 tons, much of the weight coming from the highly toxic fuel on board. no word yet on where that probe will specifically come down. experts, we're happy to report, do believe that much of that will likely burn up as it reenters the atmosphere. let's talk potentially record-setting temperatures. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. how is it looking? >> santa rosa, yes, north bay ho hometown girl. it will break a record. that's looking good for you and your mom up there. you can see it's glassy out there on the water. great day to hit the beach. hard to believe it's the first week of january, already in the upper 50s in places like hayward, 60 in santa cruz. 57 degrees in san francisco.
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and as we transition ahead to the next three hours, that's when the climb will really be on. colder start this morning than yesterday by about five to ten degrees. all that cold air right now is mixing out and the climb is on. i'm tacking on an additional 10 degrees to some of those temperatures as we head to 3:00 pm, the warmest part of the day. cold night ahead as of tomorrow, we'll see patchy am fog. and this weekend, staying dry. very comfortable conditions for the weekend. go ahead and make those outdoor plans. we're not ready about any rain at least not for the next ten days or so. maybe a little shower activity up in the north bay for monday. that isn't even looking all that favorable. offshore flow is the reason why we have this warm up, these dry, downsloping winds actually warm as we push from land to sea. high pressure is firmly in control of our weather pattern by the great basin. by tomorrow, we'll see that ridge drift to the east a little bit. not quite as warm.
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i'm only taking it down by about 3 to 4 degrees. 70 in los gatos. 67 in redwood city. potentially a new record up in san jose. san jose, i think you'll break a temperature record at 67 later on today. the jet stream is staying well to our north, taking that storm track well into the pacific northwest. high pressure will break down a little bit for tomorrow. we call it a blocking ridge. it's blocking all the activity for making its way into the bay area. this big blocking ridge doesn't budge for at least the next eight to ten days. the tail end of the system coming through by monday. few showers up in the north bay. overall, though, we hold on to comfortable weather. temperatures abnormally warm. back to you. >> christina, thank you very much. stories about cars running into a house, right? take a look at this. how about a car on top of a house? that's right. it happened overnight in fresno. police say driver was just going too fast and just missed a turn.
11:20 am
these are the phenomenal results here, firefighters looking at each other, wondering what happened. hit some kind of burn and launched it up in the air like a blockbuster movie. it made a perfect landing, right on top of the roof there. no injuries to report. the driver, however, was arrested. i guess for illegal parking. >> no kidding, huh? ba dabum. backed by serious muscle, makes a play for the dodgers. kardashians continuing their quest for world dominance. is the world ready for what they're planning next? we'll let you know what's happening, coming up. for the latest news, weather and traffic updates, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area.
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joe torre is leaving his job with mlb to pursue the team, team i teaming up with los angeles real estate developer rick caruso to make a bid for the team. the deadline to do so is january 23rd. a winner will not be announced until april. other high-profile bidders include l.a. basketball legend magic johnson and billionaire mark cuban. mavericks big wave surfing contest days away. on friday, surfers and organizers will do that traditional paddle out into the waves to get the party started. mavericks off the coast of half moon bay. getting surfers just 24 hours notice to get to mavericks to compete. they'll only put out the call if the weather churns up big waves that are big enough to surf on. the contest should take place some time before march 31st. from the headlines to the bylines, the kardashianyam f il nengzieadi to a newsstand
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near you? ea
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welcome back. now 11:25. what a difference a day makes in the weather department. yesterday, we were socked in with fog. today, completely clear and near record when it comes to our daytime highs. go ahead and talk about the next three days in detail, via your weather headlines. we'll see a nice day today. patchy am fog tomorrow. not quite as warm, but just about. and this weekend is staying comfortable with temperatures in the mid 60s. so, these are the citiies forecast to break records later on today. find out if your city did so from chief meteorologist jeff ranieri at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we have a very slight chance of getting a little bit of rain monday into tuesday. i think those showers will stay in the north bay. overall, the pattern does look like it will shift but not for the next ten days. closer to the 15th of this month, guys. we're waiting for the rain and, boy, we're looking out for it. just not seeing it at this
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point. let's go ahead and enjoy this weather. how about that? >> let's do that. now it's time to talk about the kardashians. as if they don't get enough attention, now this. >> the who? never heard of them. >> i don't get it. >> here is the deal. the family reportedly in talks to start its very own magazine. word on the street says it's probably not anything like oprah. the family is in talks to launch the magazine as early as this spring. reporting the kardashians are negotiating the deal with american media, incorporated, which does own star, the national enquirer and shape magazine. no official word from the kardashians or ami in this. i'm thinking it's going to be like forbes magazine meets magician's digest. the way they make money is magic. >> do you think they would actually be writing the articles? >> i'm sure they'll pose for the pictures and make sure they have everything in the right places. >> what are you referring to,
11:28 am
jon? thank you for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> i'm talking about the layout of the magazine, you know, the way editors do everything. have a good one.
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