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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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of 5 to 8 years old that are involved in sexual activities with adults. >> reporter: the task force purchased this mobile forensics lab using federal grant money. it allows them to instantly scour the suspects' hard drives for child porn. >> in the past we'd have to collect those computers and they would sit in the lab six to nine months before we had the opportunity to search them. maybe we'd get a search warrant or arrest warrant then. >> reporter: neighbors looked on as officers raided the homes. >> i'm really disturbed especially with their daughter. >> we just came out to smoke and we saw all the cops coming out. and then you told me what it was. and it is, it's a shame. >> reporter: this is the latest in a series of stings by at task force. in november they arrested several men in salinas. >> i want them to know, people who may be watching this, we're coming for them. and they may have got away with this for a while but it's not going to continue.
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it's very proactive, we're eager to go out and put a stop to this. >> reporter: the task force did not say what city they'll hit next but they vow they are not going away. a 90-year-old marin county man stopped a would-be burglar in a shoot-out around 11:30 this morning at 300 via la cumbra. the old man interrupted a burglary attempt and exchanged gunfire with the suspect, both were wounded. a tenant dialed 911 while the suspects fled in a car. the unidentified suspect stopped because of his injuries and was transported to a hospital. the suspect and victim are being treated. no word on their conditions. sunny weather means fire danger in the bay area. local fire departments are on alert. yesterday the department of water resources conducted the year's first snowpack survey.
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the results show only one-fifth the amount of snow in the sierra nevada mountains compared to january last year. the lack of rain and snow means extra staffing for bay area firefighters. >> we're on alert. we're paying attention. we're involved in a process of watching, and at least in the short-term, making sure that we're prepared for any events that might occur because of the dry conditions. >> in many areas cal fire has canceled burn days or banned debris burning. the public is asked to be extra cautious due to dry conditions, especially on windy days. a bay area community comes together to reopen a san francisco school badly damaged by a neighboring fire. ♪ ♪ lean on me when you're not strong ♪ ♪ i'll be your friend ♪ >> students and staff at creative arts charter gathered to thank the crews that worked 24/7 to get the k-8 up
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and running. six classrooms, the library, cafeteria and an art studio suffered smoke and water damage from a massive residential fire next door back on december 22nd. >> just incredible. such a -- an incredibly strong, resilient community. i'm so proud to be the director of the school reserve i'm so proud of our school, so proud of our community. >> the fast-moving fire which started in a trash chute caused an estimated $8 million to the school and several apartment buildings at golden gate and pierce. big news out of sunnyvale. meet the new boss, nothing like the old boss. different demeanor, different style, different accent. scott thompson takes over one of the most challenging jobs, to resurrect yahoo!. scott budman is here with the big story. >> the latest to try. and yes, that would be a boston accent. from a silicon valley veteran, the latest to try to recapture
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yahoo!'s once high-flying status. the sunnyvale hiring scott thompson as its new ceo. carol bartz fired by the boards of directors last fall. investors so far unsure if it's the right move. shares of yahoo! stock falling 2.5% on the news. shares of netflix stock, on the other hand, had its best day in a long time. the los gatos company rallying on news netflix customers watched 2 billion hours of streaming video the last two months. netflix shares up today by 11%. we take you to san francisco where social gaming giant zynga launched its newest way to do something other than work. it's called hidden chronicles. tonight at 6:00 we'll take you along for an exclusive inside look at how zynga puts the finishing touches on the new facebook-based game, including touches that are typically used when animation companies like pixar make movies. next up, new hampshire. the photo finish in iowa proved
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mitt romney can win. but the other candidates are hot on his trail. steve handelsman brought coverage from des moines last night and is in new hampshire with continuing coverage, live in manchester with the latest. >> reporter: good evening from manchester where it looks like mitt romney may be on track to pull off something that no nonincumbent republican presidential candidate has achieved, ever. a victory in iowa followed by a victory here. mitt romney in new hampshire. after his slim win in iowa. >> it felt very, very good last night when the final numbers came in. >> reporter: a feeling of relief. beating staunch conservative rick santorum by eight votes. >> the fact is three out of four republicans rejected him. >> reporter: newt gingrich is going after romney. >> i find it amazing the news media continues to say he's the most electable republican when
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he can't even break out in his own party. >> reporter: at romney's first post-iowa rally, john mccain endorsed romney. >> and new hampshire is a state that will catapult him on to victory in a very short period of time. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: romney's polling far in front. >> i think we can get more than an eight-margin vote in new hampshire, i'm going to try. >> reporter: ron paul will try to build on his third place. >> they were tied for first, we were second place. >> reporter: he'll focus on conservative south carolina. santorum told me he'll be in the top tier next tuesday. >> we've been to new hampshire more than any other candidate other than jon huntsman. we've got a great grassroots team, we feel very good. >> reporter: huntsman pinned his hopes on new hampshire. rick perry said he'll fight on. michele bachmann, sixth in the caucuses, quit the race. >> last night, the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice. and so i have decided to stand
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aside. >> reporter: everyone else is in. gunning for mitt romney. mitt romney's polling now about 41% here in the state of new hampshire. none of his rivals have even half of that. i'm steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, steve. how much did it cost the candidates to get each vote? "the washington post" reports mitt romney spent nearly $1.5 million in iowa, about $49 per vote. santorum on a shoe string budget doled out about ea$22,000. about 73 cents per vote. and the guy who got the least bang for his buck, rick perry, dished out $4.5 million, that comes out to $364 for each vote. literally speaking, it's a jail break. construction crews in san bruno unleashed a wrecking ball on an outdated building which kept inmates locked up for decades.
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and this project is decaades overdue. >> reporter: it took five or six swings this morning for the wrecking ball to finally do some damage to this old jail. but it's happening. 78 years after it opened u.s. doors. the last act in office of san francisco michael hennessey. he vowed to close the jail 32 years ago after it opened operations, there were reports it was deteriorating quickly with rumors it was overcrowded. built for 550 inmates, it often held 750. it took a federal court ruling in 1997 to finally force the closure. and hennessey told us this was a long time coming. >> an interesting comparison, for example, is this opened in 1934. the same year that alcatraz opened in 1934. al ka trats was closed down in 1963. this building continued to
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operate for another 40 years after alcatraz was shut down. same type of construction. same type of cell block area. and it's just something that was way past its prime. >> reporter: he seemed happy to crack a bottle of sparkling side over that wrecking ball, right next to the new modern jail. one of the concerned, that they only hit one corner of the old building because that's where crews have cleaned out lead and asbestos inside. the rest of the building, all of that still needs to be removed safely from inside before the entire building will come down, which should be completed. the entire thing gone in the next five to six months. in san bruno, christie smith, nbc bay area nuth. >> the wrecking ball looked small. >> did the job. still ahead, corporations that care. one east bay business that's giving back to its community. also, more bay area cities are looking to follow the south bay's lead in banning plastic
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bags. we'll show you if your city is one of them. how about this, using your ipad as your i.d., like a passport. one man says he was able to cross the u.s. border even though he left his passport at home. good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. a lot of sunshine and temperatures warming up to near record-setting heat. as we continue throughout tonight, expect a little bit of cloud cough tore linger with temperatures in the mid 40s for the south bay. we'll have your forecast plus if there's rain in your seven day.
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there's a newway for companies which donate and commit to social causes to reap the rewards of their generosity. nbc bay area's kris sanchez shows us what it means for bay area companies to be able to register as benefit corporations. >> reporter: oakland's give something back office supplies
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worked hard for its profits then gives all those profits away. >> our whole company mission is to use the business as a toll to create wealth for the community. that is not a mission that is compatible with many investors' interests in making and getting return on investments. >> reporter: it may not be compatible with corporate investors but it is compatible with the founder's social conscience. since give something back was founded 20 years ago it's given away 75% of its net earnings. >> we have to do the same things in order to succeed as competitors do. what we do with profits is different. >> reporter: mike hennigan registered as a benefit corporation. give something back was in line with southern california-based patagonia which makes environmentally conscious outdoor gear and nummi.
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while a signic might argue there must be financial reasons to register as a benefit corporation, mike says it really comes down to protecting a company's commitment to social responsibility, no matter how far in the future or who's at the helm. >> the satisfaction of doing something for a living that makes you feel good in a broader sense. making a good living and working to benefit your community. who wouldn't want that? from oakland to the peninsula, facebook might have itself a new headache. it could be from the city of east palo alto. the city is concerned about traffic near facebook's new menlo park campus. east palo alto city leaders will meet tomorrow to consider suing facebook. they say in addition to traffic snarls, many neighbors will also be displaced. right now about 2,000 employees work at the new campus, which is the former campus of sun microsystems. to prevent gridlock, facebook is limiting the amount of cars on campus per day. facebook wants as many as 6,000
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people to work on the new campus by the year 2015. so what's it like inside? coming up on friday, nbc bay area's scott budman will give us an exclusive look inside facebook's new headquarters, friday at 5:00 and 6:00. first san francisco, sen san jose, now cities in san mateo county appear to be next in the move to ban plastic bags. several cities have joined a working group formed by san mateo county to study a plastic bag ban. the county wants to get as many cities as possible to join the group. it plans to draft a law in two weeks that will likely resemble the ban that took effect in san jose january 1st. the group will talk about doing an environmental study on a ban. penalties for businesses that don't comply and how much to charge customers who need to use paper bags. from bags to babies. there's been a major spike in the number of multiple births. even here we have four sets of
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multiples. that includes brett and laura's triplets. >> adorable. the birth rate has been multiplying for three decades and we're getting a good look at why. >> reporter: babies are being born two at a time now more than ever. about one in every 30 newborns has a twin brother or sister. a new report from the centers for disease control shows the twin birth rate has risen 76% since 1980. women are waiting longer to have children and twins are more likely to occur naturally in older moms. experts say assistive rerp destructive technology and assistive technology accounts for it. the costs of in vitro fertilization is so high, couples push for as many embryos as possible to be implanted. three is generally the max. >> the unintended consequences of increasing multiple births is not a good thing. and one needs to found find a
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way of controlling that. >> reporter: unintended consequences can include low birth weight and preterm birth. as technologies improve so does safety and success rate. >> the technology's gotten so much better we really can do well with the pregnancy rate with a single embryo going back. >> reporter: the more conservative approach shows in the data. the twin birth rate has slowed since 2005. erika edwards, nbc news. >> with all those twins you get the double strollers, double car seats, everything involved. >> a lot of work. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. we were talking it's fire servety with dry weather yeah, it's been three, eight weeks now. we've had little to no rainfall across the bay area. today the thing we don't need, more dry, warm air setting in across the bay area. running about 3 to 6 degrees warmer from this time yesterday. most increases here in san jose. also in oakland. pushing our numbers to potential
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record-setting heat. take a look at these conditions. santa rosa 69. walnut creek 69. pleasanton 68. cupertino 67. we'll certify if any records have been set in our 6:00 p.m. show. outside right now shows the golden gate bridge stacked with cars. also some cloud cover starting to increase as this onshore flow will be starting to return for tomorrow. helping to knock numbers down a little bit. as we come back to our current numbers, at the moment right now we're holding on to mild air for this time of year. 65 in livermore. 64 concord. low 60s throughout sunnyvale and san mateo. starting to drop off in novato and oakland. a slight turn in these winds helping to drop our numbers. tomorrow morning we'll find areas of patchy fog. also widespread 40s. still a cold night coming our way. throughout thursday, cool are but lots of sunshine and unusually dry weather. not only the next two days but looks like the next seven to ten days at this point. we have a frontal system
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offshore. it is very, very weak. as this continues to march closer here, we're going to see this continue to dissipate right across the bay area. so the conveyor belt of activity just is going to stream well up here into the gulf of alaska. it's not going to have any chance here of dropping down a storm system as we head into the next couple of days. let's bring you into our forecast here. high pressure continuing to push into place here across the desert southwest. which once again could bring us some record-setting heat when all of that gets certified throughout our 6:00 p.m. show. throughout friday dry and sunny. on the mild side for this time of the year. as for tonight we'll see more isolated 30s into the north bay from santa rosa to napa. 39 fairfield. 40 livermore. 36 gilroy. 42 los gatos. 40 down to santa cruz. areas of isolated patchy fog. we do not think it's going to be dense. north bay, temperatures dropping into the 30s, that's likely where we'll have patchy fog.
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morning time at, on your full forecast, on your seven-day forecast, no raindrops the next seven days. temperatures will gradually slide down as we head throughout friday and also saturday and sunday. and really what we're seeing at the coastline is going to be mirrored at the inland locations as well. so very temperate here in and throughout the bay area. so no hope in sight right now at least for any kind of rain drops. >> so that ski trip we were planning, i guess we put that to bed. >> i never got the itinerary for that. >> janelle was going to drive to lake tahoe. >> sounds good. we need some snow. no i.d., no problem. a man says he entered the u.s. using his ipad as his passport. border officials beg to differ. 73 years old and loving life. we'll show you whathi this acce that jen fairian does for a living.
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this is interesting. can your ipad double as your passport? a canadian man says he used a picture on his ipad to get across the u.s. border after he forgot his passport. tonight united states customs officials say his story is untrue. last friday here's the story. martin rice realized he forgot his passport when he arrived at the border crossing from quebec into vermont. rather than turning around and driving two hours to go home to retrieve it he showed the customs agent his ipad with a scanned image of his own passport. he says the customs agent let him through. >> we talk about iphones and technology. he was amoussed that i had it on my ipad -- he said, she said. the u.s. customs agency does not accept scanned documents and rice had a driver's license and birth certificate and that's why he got into the united states. just in time to help people get started with their new year's resolutions, u.s. news and world report has ranked the most popular diets.
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coming out on top this year was the dash diet. a low-sodium diet designed to stop hypertension focusing on fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole grains. it was ranked as the best diet for type 2 diabetes. weight watchers was voted as the easiest diet to follow. >> you have a very good diet. >> what's that? >> i'm not sure. i don't want to reveal it here on television. >> eating right. smaller portions. when rereturn we'll shoara r arandmotherhopins for fun. we're not talking bikes.
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take a look at this story. she's not your average grandma. >> meet deejay wicka. she lives in poland. she's 73 years old.
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deejay wicka. 73 years old, lives in poland, three days a week she deejays at a big club out there. after retiring she taught herself how to spin. she says her audience is usually older. probably folk in this hare eir 60s. she does get invited to spin at younger parties as well. >> she's happening. >> the moves too in the window. >> is that a hip-hop move? >> i don't know. take a look at our numbers tomorrow. >> it's definitely not going to be quite as warm as today. a little bit of cloud cover moving in. our oakland sky kampfer a gorgeous shot. highs for tomorrow. we're going to top out at 65 livermore. 66 in gilroy. 61 san francisco. mid 60s into santa rosa. we are looking dry the next seven days. more coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you, jeff. we'll see you again for more local news at 6:00.
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