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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> the only reporter on the scene, damian joins us from police headquarters where officers questioned several suspects and some of the images they found are very disturbing. >> reporter: even disturbing for veteran officers, jessica. the internet crimes against children task force. they booked all four suspects today on felony possession of child pornography. they have been around the bay area for a while now. this is the fourth city they have hit. the undercover officers say they're not done yet. they carried out hard drives, and other computer hardware from this home near willow glen. the undercover officers say the images they have seen on the hard drives are troubling, prepubescent children having sex with adults. >> extremely disturbing, for me, my whole team. but it is one of the things you have to deal with. you look at images see the videos it upsets you. >> officers arrested four men in today's raid including
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50-year-old keith keuscher still legally innocent. amanda and her 3-year-old looked on as officers took away keuscher and the evidence. >> you have to think about it when you move into places the you hope it doesn't happen. >> reporter: the fourth sweep by the special task force in two months. they arrested several men in salinas in november and used mobile forensics lab at the scene to check the hard drives for child porn. >> in the past we had to collect the computers and sit in the lab, six to nine months before we had the opportunity to search them. >> officers say they want to arrest those who trade child porn before they act on the images they have downloaded. and the officers say they do not have to worry about municipal budget cuts because they operate under federal grant money. they vow they will be back.
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damian trujillo. nbc bay area news. >> we first broke the story on our website. go there for the latest news and updates and sigh up for breaking news alerts. you can also luke ike us on facebook, and read updates from our news team. search nbcbay area. >> a man accused of performing as a doctor performing cosmetic surgeries. the new case involves a woman who says 49-year-old told her he was a doctor. and charged her thousands of dollars to treat her skin condition. he is accused of inappropriately touching that woman while making sexually charged remarks. the suspect was arrested back on december 22nd for allegedly performing lipo suction on a daly city woman who claims that he operated on her while smoking a cigar.
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tense moments in marin county when a 90-year-old man, stops a would-be burglar during a gunfight. it happened around 11:00 this morning at 300 via la cumbre. and interrupted a burglary attempt and exchanged gunfire. both were wounded. the suspect as 30-year-old samuel catrelli. a tenant dialed 911. the suspect fled. later stopped his car in san rafael because of injuries. he was transported to the hospital. the suspect and victim are being treated in marin general. no word on their condition. >> oakland police need help finding an attempted kidnapper. take a close look. police releasing this sketch today. they say this man tried to lure a 9-year-old boy into a car last week. and when the boy said no. the suspect tried to grab him by the arm. the child was able to get away. and run home. it happened the day after kris on t
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-- christmas on st2300 arrowhe drive. a long, long stakeout in san francisco. and it continues at this hour. police are waiting for a burglary suspect to come out of hiding. near one of the city's most famous landmarks. officers think the suspect is hiding in dense brush on telegraph hill just north of koi tower. the 24 hours after he escaped down a 200-foot cliff. it is too steep for police who set up a perimeter in the neighborhood to wait him out. officers say the man is suspected of stealing a ring for an apartment near lon lombard. two officers remain waiting for the suspect to surrender. >> a new era in california history for schoolkid across the state. starting this month, the contribution of gay, lesbian leaders must be part of the social science curriculum.
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and while many school district administrators say theywell cup the subject matter they argue in the state struggling to make end meet they simply don't hatch the resources to make it happen. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live in san francisco to explain. this is an ongoing process, tracy. >> it really its, jessica. san francisco school district says it has been teaching about the historical contribution for many years now. but there are some other school districts out there that say they're not ready to start teaching this material. and they won't be for any time soon. you won't see a lot of change in the classroom. >> schools across california have to start teaching lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender history this week. doesn't really mean it will happen. and it took effect january 31st.
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many ethnic groups and lgbt americans. nancy mcgee of san mateo county office, says the issues school districts are having with the laws have nothing to do with bigotry. >> the contributions of lots of different americans are reflected in the social science classroom. the difference will be in the textbook adoption. >> schools across the state have had pew put off getting textbooks until 2015 because of the expense. the author of the law senator mark leno acknowledges that he says full implementation of the law will take time. while schools are automobile to include new content in the classroom immediately using existing resources, we expect to see sb 48 more completely implemented in school districts statewide once textbooks are updated. sandy is ready for her first grade son to start learning. >> i think it is great, new things for the kids. >> one elementary school principal felt differently. he didn't want to appear on
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camera. he says he runs an underperforming school with a small budget too busy frying to teach the kids to read and write, much less this additional krick yum. >> people should have the vote. i think, you know, taxpayers should be able to vote on something like this. because, hey, it is controversial. now that elementary school principal said he would be more than glad to implement the curriculum itch the state were to cough up guidelines for the material. there is a group called stop sb 48. last year they failed to gather enough signatures to put this on a ballot. but they are taking another shot at it right now. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> tracy, thank you. marijuana debate in san jose is far from over. the mayor of the bay area's largest city says he is willing to compromise with pot club activists. mayor chuck reid said he would
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consider allowing more marijuana clubs after critics collected nearly 50,000 signatures to repeal the latest ordinance. that ordinance cut the number of pot clubs in san jose from more than 100 to just 10. mayor reid previously said any referendum to change the law would go before voters in june. group of volunteers came to the rescue to keep the city's animal shelter open. the city pro posed closing the shelter in june of last year. to help with the budget deficit. that's when a group called planning the alameda shelter petitioned to find a way to keep it open. the commission agreed to give the group $300,000 a year to run the shelter for the next 15 years. >> we're extremely happy. yes, a win-win for the city. and win-win for the animals. and citizens of alameda. >> smiling faces. smiling dogs. the city manager says this is the perfect example of a public/private partnership. >> turned down again.
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a long, heated city council meeting in campbell ended with the resounding no for developers who wanted to turn an old bank into a nightclub. the group made the same reap quest several months ago with the same results. the idea was to turn the historic growers national bank into a restaurant, bar, lounening. ultimately council members said the city couldn't afford a large scale downtown experiment like the one being pro posed. facebook scud be sued over traffic concerns around their new menlo park cam pulse. leaders will meet tomorrow to kid suing the social knelt working giant over plans to expand at menlo park. in addition to traffic snarls, lots of residents will be displaced. right now 2,000 employees work at former sun microsystem campus. to prevent gridlock, facebook its limiting amount of cars on campus per day. facebook wants as many as 6,600 people to work there by 2015. >> still ahead at 6:00, a
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california lawmaker is detained at an airport because of what he tried to bring on to his plane. >> i'm scott budman with an exclusive look inside zinga, the team puts the final touches on its latest and first post ipo game. >> plus an important warning from fire fighters, just one day after the snow first pack survey. what the next few months will reveal about the upcoming fire season. >> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. continuing to track the dry conditions. even record setting heat today. san francisco at 66. well above average in oakland. topping out close to 70 degrees. we'll have more on tonight's numbers and let you know if any f theain near come our way in come our way in just a few minutes.
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this winter feels like spring. you may enjoy the sunny skies.
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but for fire fighters a different story. dry weather means continued fire danger. cheryl hurd joins us from oakland hills. cheryl, fire danger is rarely an issue in january. here we are. >> reporter: that's right, raj. it all means that we have to be careful. whether we are talking about the dry brush you see in my hand, or the dry brush you see behind me. or the lack of rain. 95% of all brush fires in the state are started by man. which means that you and i have to be careful even though it's january. >> water sprinklers in january. mark is okay with that. but he is concerned about the lack of rain. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the dry winter has cal fire on alert.
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>> there are 4,700 employees with the department. a statewide, those reap sources are available to respond back, initiate, call back for resources offduty if they're required. >> yesterday the department of water resources conducted the year's first snow pack survey. the results show only 1/5 the amount of snow in the sierra nevada mountains compared to january last year. the lack of rain and snow keeps state fire fighters worried. >> having a contingency plan, more ready than we normally would experience during the winter. >> dry december is breaking records made during the same time back in the 1800s. but according to east bay spokesperson, charles hardy, it's too soon to talk about a drought. >> if we have to forecast. we have to plan. so, from a water planning perspective, the fact that we have two of the driests in history is reason for us to pay attention. >> paying attention and hoping for rain. >> i haven't, i lived in california, 30 years. don't think i have ever seen a
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winter. >> reporter: a 200 acre brushfire in early december. fire officials down there say that was very unusual. so fire officials and water districts all over the state are right now praying for rain. reporting live in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. the wrecking ball smashed into a piece of bay area history in san bruno today. the demolition some say is long overdue. construction crews began tearing down san francisco county jail number three. 78 years after it opened its doors. it is the last act in san francisco sheriff michael hennesy. closed the facility when he first campaigned 32 years ago. the building was deteriorating and often overcrowded. for 550 inmates it held up to 750. it actually took a federal court
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ruling in 1997 to finally force the closure. >> this opened in 1934. the same year that alcatraz opened in 1934. alcatraz was closed down in 1963. >> cracked a bottle of cider on the wrecking ball before it swung into action. the entire demolition should last about five to six months. >> better late than never, right. >> we have a big, big hire today. after months of speculation one of the most notable companies in the silicone valley has a new boss. >> the boss doesn't have to relocate very far. let's bring in business/tech reporter scott budman. can yahoo! be saved? >> yes, jessica it can be saved. will wall street like what happened. not all that much. let's talk yahoo!'s fourth ceo to take the reins of the company and try to recapture past glory. yahoo! hiring pay pal president, scott thompson as chief executive. thompson replacing carol bart, fired by yahoo! last september. wall street as of today not all that impressed.
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shares of yahoo! falling 2.5% on the news. a better day if you are a netflix investor. a while since we have said that. had its best day in a long time. the company rallying on news that netflix customers watched 2 billion hours of streaming video over 2 months. up 11%. potentially good news if you have multiple smart phones on your data plan. that can get expensive. talk of a family data plan. not yet, ceo of verizon says possible 2012. 200 million play their games every month. today zynga launched a new one. we talk you inside company hud quarters for an exclusive look how they got it done. you can forgive the zynga team for being dog tired. >> every team has a unique sound track, animation. >> reporter: the company wrapped its latest game. >> this is a place of mystery. >> reporter: called hidden chronicles the first release,
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since a billion dollar ipo. >> the game is mystery, mep reand skill. >> chronicles creative director, kara who led this team through the development of the new find a hidden object game. taking the popular genre to your facebook page. >> we have an amazing team of people. obviously, we learn a lot from the other games that we launched. so, there is definitely the zynga special sauce that we bring to all the games. >> meaning it is social. you can play it with friends. part out gaming trend so big, zynga hired artists to story board the game picture by picture before putting it on your screen. >> well, you know you want to create, a suspend of belief. you mav to do a lot of research and pull imagery together. and you know, dugt storyboard. >> the downside of the rise in gaming, lots of competition. as the zynga grows, so do other come pans who want ape piece of
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the lucrative virtual pie. >> any kind of game you can imagine you would look to play, we want to bring that to you. >> but today as the game goes live, a feeling of pride. >> of course. i mean, any time you can suspend disbelief and get people to look at something and say, yeah, i know that. that looks what i thought it would be. you know, that's, then you have didn't. >> and at last, a time to rest. >> another dog in the company. the new game like others in the lineup is free. you play it on facebook. pay your way to the higher levels similar to games like farmville and, jessica and raj, that's how zynga makes money. >> the take away. jessica was like bring your dog to work. >> bring your dog to workday. >> yes. >> we should have more creative environment like that. >> there you go. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. how you doing. take it away. >> doing good. puppy-cam. pretty cute. have the camera fixed on it all newscast.
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probably get pretty good ratings. heard from cheryl hurd about increased fire danger. did go down in the record books for the driest december ever on record. most bay area cities right now ranking in the top 20, driest, water years, ever, at this point. when you thing it can't get any worse. we are under record heat today. well it wasn't disruptive. wasn't sweatering out here. definitely something we don't need. 72, santa rosa. 69. napa. 66. because of all the warmer temperatures. associated with dry air. if we have a system getting close by. it is all going to get evaporated by the dry air. just no sign of any rainfall at least for the bay area right now. 72 in santa rosa. 65, san jose. 56, los gatos. 66, santa cruz. 70 in the east bay. sunshine. numbers now. starting to back off. fairfield with 40s right now. 51, napa. also double 5s in concord. starting to see the numbers cooling off. with a little onshore flow.
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high to mid level cloud cover passing by. yes, you will notice there are showers across eureka. as the the front continues to march across california. it will continue to fall apart. we are not counting on rainfall from the rainmaker. portland. medford, we will find areas for light to moderate rainfall for tonight. a look at the ex-pansive weather pattern. high pressure from the south. that continues to keep the main storm track with a storms that could produce some good sitdz rain amounts. well up into the gulf of alaska. also, of course, into washington. for us tomorrow, we're going to start with 40s in the north bay. 40s back in the east bay. 46, san jose. and 7:00 a.m. 46 in sunnyvale. by 2:00 p.m. see numbers go up. not quite as warm as it was for to day. look at mid 60s for the east bay. also 64, san jose. 2:00 p.m. 64 in sunnyvale. national map. good news heading to the airports. no major systems across the east or west.
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good news, after all of this, you know, lack of rainfall here across the bay area. >> thank you, jeff. >> sure, no problem. >> a bay area man, flying a small plane is a rested after a dangerous stunt. >> also ahead, what organizers of the reno air races say they plan to do next. despite last year's deadly crash. >> of why that lone wolf that caeriaforna is le it edtlle california is a little ss iomyus
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within the next few years there could be three stadiums in or near the airport. new stayed yumdz are part of the building boom. hotels are jumping on board as well. two marriott brand hotels will be built near the airport. hotels built on a vacant lot, corner of north first street. the two separate hotels will operate within a single eight-story building. the project will add a total of
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321 rooms to the south bay hotel market. both hotels are expected to open in 2014. >> well, this year you are going to got two extra days to file your taxes. instead of usual april 15, taxpayers have until the 17th. the extension comes because the 15th falls on a sunday this year. and celebration of emancipation day, day that celebrates end of slavery in d.c. takes place on the 16th. the irs expect to receive 144 million tax returns this year. >> california lawmaker, an outspoken advocate for gun right was caught trying to bring a load of handguns on board a plane. tim dodgy, of twin peeks, was cited for carrying a colt 45 loaded with four round on his carry-on luggage. passing through airport security in southern california this morning when the gun was found. last year, he owe posed ab 144 which made it illegal to carry an exposed, unloaded handgun.
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tsa officers cited and released him. >> a pilot found out the hard way the eyes of the law are about everywhere. two chp officers notice aid small plane was flying low over highway in sonoma. they followed the mren to petaluma and confronted the pilot. they gave the 62-year-old man a field sobriety test in which he failed. the unidentified man was booked on suspicion of operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol. take a close look now. this black and white photo snapped by an automated camera in oregon. this its the lone wolf. known as or 7. the first gray wolf to roam california in 87 years. a camera set up by a hunter snapped this picture on november 14th. before the wolfassed into california. before he came in here. the animal was fitted with a tracking collar last spring so biologists could keep up with
6:27 pm
his movement. wild wolves were exterminated from the west in the early 1900s because they were viewed as a threat to live stock. >> still ahead at 6:00, next bay area county planning a plastic bag ban. >> a southern california bishop comesollean about his serious secret. why he is resigning. >> and president taking on republican tonight the rare step he took. and the gop backlash. >> live in the newsroom. after a know tow finish. the race moves to new hampshire. who its in. who its neanging on by a thread. .xt. hanging on by a thread. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone,
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(woman) walking 60 miles. (woman) in three days. join us. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. still amazing what happened last night or early this morning. iowa in the past. new hampshire is the future. the gop candidates wasted no time hitting the campaign trail. >> today we have a clearer picture of the republican leaders as we saw a key endorsen't, a major dropout, and plenty of attacks. nbc bay area's correspondent is in the newsroom with the latest on this, burgeoning,
6:30 pm
presidential race. >> jessica, raj, the field getting smaller tucht day, congresswoman, michele bachmann dropped out of the race following her poor finish in the caucuses. remaining candidates surge ahead with the race still wide open. mitt romney arrived in new hampshire today with momentum and a major endorsement from the last republican nominee, senator john mccain. >> and new hampshire is the state that will catapult him on to victory in a very short period of time. that is why i am here. >> romney came out ahead in last night's iowa caucuses by a smidge. eight votes. officials called it a virtual tie with rick santorum who came out of nowhere with an epic turn around. >> we will win this election. >> it felt very, very good when the final numbers came in. >> ron paul put a positive sfin on his third place finish. >> second place. they were tide for fourth. >> newt gingrich is going after romney. >> i find amazing the news media continues to say he is the most
6:31 pm
receive lektable republican when he can't even break out in his own party. >> in fifth, rick perry, still in it not giving up. >> i just said i was going to reassess last night. i reassessed. we're headed to -- we're headed to new hampshire then south carolina. >> south carolina's gop chairman says the race is still anyone any to win. >> any candidate can come to south carolina and be competitive here they can crisscross the state the we are small enough. we have a lot of venues that people can come out to events and get to know candidates. >> former utah governor jon huntsman, a blich on the radar, still has the his name in the hat. he didn't really do any campaigning in iowa, to focus his efforts on new hampshire. but mitt romney is expected to win the primary next tuesday. polling at 41%. no one else has the half that. live in the newsroom. janelle wang. congressional republicans threatening a court battle over the president's appointment of
6:32 pm
the nation's consumer watch dog. the senate blocked it once, claiming the former ohio attorney general would make the nation's consumer agency too powerful. to illustrate, the job ties protect the middle-class. president obama took him to meet with a cleveland family, victimized by predatory lending which left them $80,000 in debt. >> but it is a good example -- of the kind of trickery and abuse in -- in the nonbank financial sector that we are going to have to do something about. >> since the senate blocked the confirmation last summer, president obama is using his recess powers to put him in the job. >> a san francisco school badly damaged by fire reopened this morning all thanks to help from the surrounding community. ♪ lenon me when you're not strong ♪ >> students and staff, creative arts charter in san francisco,
6:33 pm
gathered. clapping, thanking crews that worked nearly 24/7 to get the k through 8 school up and running again. six classrooms, library, cafeteria, even the art studio suffered smoke and water damage from the massive residential fire next door back on december 22nd. >> it's just been incredible. such an incredibly strong, resilient community. and i think -- i am so proud to be director of the school. and so proud that my son is at the school. so proud of our community. >> now that fast-moving fire which started in a trash chute caused an estimated $8 million to the school. and four apartment buildings at golden gate and piers. people may be the next to snap up reusable bags in favor of plastic. the county is studying a ban on plastic bags and asking cities to join the planning process. it formed the group that will draft an ordinance in two weeks that will likely resemble the
6:34 pm
plastic ban which just took effect in san jose. the group will talk about doing an environmental study on ban penalties for businesses that do not comply. and how much to charge customers who need to buy paper bags. ate man some consider the most powerful latino bish och in the catholic church shocked his followers after revealing he fathered two children. he resigned his post at the nation's biggest roman catholic archdiocese in los angeles. he told the archbishop last month that he fathered two teenage children who now live with their mother in another state. a spokesperson calls the news unexpected, sad and disorienting. parishioners reactions are divided. >> we're sinful people. sometimes we do things we shouldn't do. >> it is supposed you are not supposed to have kids because you are married to the church. then that's what it should be. >> the archdiocese plans to help the two teenage sons with their college costs.
6:35 pm
the los angeles archdiocese says he has left the ministry. >> the so-called frankfurt fire bug faces seven counts of arson following his court appearance. 24-year-old burkhart is accused of setting 50 fires in l.a. neighborhoods during the new year's weekend. we learned that burkhart is being investigated in a german fire at a house owned by his family. the burkhart family filed an unsure ans claim for the loss in the country. the suspect's 53-year-old mother is wanted on 19 counts of fraud in germany. cases dating back to 2007. her penneding extradition from the u.s. believed to be possible motive for the arson spree. tickets are on sale for the same air show that turned into a deadly disaster unreno. the reno air races association says it is moving forward with plans to host 2012 national championship air races at reno's airport. in may, remember this horrific scene. one veteran pilot, jimmy leewood
6:36 pm
crashed his world war ii era plane into a crowd of spectators in september. the impact killed 11 people and injured more than 70 others. officials with the race say more safety precautions will be put unplace for this year's show. >> still ahead, what is behind a major rise in the number of twins born in the united states. >> a vaccine that could offer clues about to stop the spread of hiv. >> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. increased fire danger today. record heat temperatures, 10 degrees above average. not only inland, but also in sandusky fran, and oakland. close to 70 degrees. patchy fog. dropping to near 40s. we'll have detailsur on our ver dry forecast in just a few.
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>> call paenz that donate and commit to social causes, reap the reward of jen generosity. what it means for low come companies to register as benefit corporations. >> oakland's give something back office supplies works hard for its profits. then it gives all the profits away. >> our whole company mission is to use the business as a tool to create wealth for the community. that its not a -- not is not a mission that is compatible with many investors interests in making, getting a return on their investments. >> it may not be scum patable with corporate investors but is compatible with the founder's social conscience. since give something back was founded 25 years ago out has given away 75% of net earnings. >> we have to do the same thing to succeed as competitors? what we do with the profits is different. >> reporter: among the first in line to register his company as
6:40 pm
a benefit corporation. a new california law allows companies to unclued their commitment to social responsibility in their company charter. give something back was in line with southern california based patagonia which makes apparel and outdoor gear, and numi tea, committed to organic products. green light aparm which aims to eradicate illegal child labor plans to file later this year. while cynics might are gou there must be financial reason to register as a benefit organization, mike says it comes done to protecting a company's commitment to social responsibility no matter how far in the future or who is at the helm. >> the satisfaction of doing something for a living that makes you feel good in a broader sense. making a good living. working to benefit your community. who wouldn't want that. >> unoakland, chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> an experimental vaccine giving new hope for hiv is patients. the study published in the journal matrix says the vaccine helped protect monkeys from a
6:41 pm
deadly form of the aids virus. the study helped identify a key part of the immune system that its needed to offer protection from hiv the vaccine reducinged the risk of infection by 80% in mun keeps exposed to the primate version of the aids virus. the trials are expected to start in about a year. >> this probably won't surprise you. twin births in the united states are at an all time high. older moms and women who choose fertility treatments, account for the biggest increase in the number of twins born in this country. one out of every 30 deliveries is a set of twins. that's up 76% in the last 30 years. experts say assisted reproductive technology and fertility drugs account for the majority of multiples. now unintended consequences could include low birth rate and preterm birth. but technology continues to improve, so does its safety and success rate. in this newsroom alone, we have five sets of multiples. >> smoking.
6:42 pm
>> all right. >> beautiful outside? but we are having obviously a water issue. >> yes you, know i may have started a new one again. a whole eight people like it on my facebook page. >> need more than eight. >> i have a couple pages. clear skies. the golden gate bridge. when or if there is rain in the seven day forecast coming up. got to be careful there. >> coming up in sports. two days after stanford lost in the fiesta bowl. andrew luck seems closer to the nfl. after falling short of the playoffs. the latest on the gm situation. straight from alameda. next from xfinity sports desk. i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip. [ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess.
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okay, getting close. being watched closely by surfers and organizers alike in hope of the big waves. because the window for the prestigious surf competition opened this week. >> here we go. trying to retool the contest though after the near disaster last time around. nbc bay area's reporter shows us why the public will have to watch from afar.
6:45 pm
>> the thundering waves of mavericks are the stuff of legend. visitors from across the globe trek to this half moon bay beach to witness one of the world's most famous surf spots. >> i love pelicans. look just like dinosaurs. >> he isn't just content watching the action. >> whatever gets in front of this lens i will click. >> something of a beachcomber. his daily trips yield lots and lots of photos. >> we have herrins, ravens, pelicans. a target rich environment. >> of course, his targets are often the surfers who ride the area's massive waves. >> it's tough here. because they're so far out. but i do have my long reach lens. >> but he would need a really long lens to capture the act, at this year's mavericks surf contest with the contest one dough now open. organizers say they plan to ban
6:46 pm
spectators from the event. >> given what we saw the last event. safety has become the forefront of -- of the mavericks invitational. the last contest in february 2010 is remembered by not so much the surfing as the massive rogue wave that pummelled spectators on the beach. >> closing the beach and bluff. because you can't seep the contest from the beach. and to put all the people there, it just -- it's a dead end. >> instead, organizers will create a surfing village near the pillar point harbor with a projection screen for poem to watch the action. >> probably safer from what happened last year. people getting washed into the lagoon. >> 50,000 spectators flooded the area for the last contest with opening ceremonies set for friday. organizers will hold a public meeting tomorrow to lay out safety plans. >> hey. there we go. >> and though he will have to keep his lens cap on, the day of the contest, he isn't that
6:47 pm
bothered. >> so much easier, so much better. so much -- just to watch it on television. the day i loaf my camera home its when i see the ufo piloted by elvis. >> nbc bay area news. >> he is a maverick, man. >> how clear will it be to see elvis outside. >> we hope mavericks gets going. usually it means weep need swells off the coast. and how is that looking? >> we have a 13 to 16 foot swells over the next six dates. not sure it will be long enough duration for that to happen. the other news, jessica, your old home in miami. actually warmer in the bay area than miami. >> you are kidding? >> no. 67 degrees in miami. that's when you know it is january-tober. mentioning earlier. colder here in miami than california. not close enough for us to get any action. highs. 72, santa rosa.
6:48 pm
69, oakland. 69, livermore. and 64, almaden valley. this was good enough for record across the bay area. tied a record in santa rosa. topping out at 72. tide in liver more. 69. new record set for concord, napa, as our driest water year continues here across most of the bay area. a lot of us in the top 20 now for the driest water years ever at this point. we are getting little bit of clearing here. aiding in some of this cooling, fairfield. 49 degrees. holding out a little bit. mid, high level. temperatures close to 60 degrees at this hour. for tonight we'll find a few areas of patchy dense fog. interior valleys. east, north bay. going to be cold again. temperatures dropping into the 40s. then overall for thursday. while you enjoy the low 70s. we'll see a little bit of slight cooling coming our way in a very bone dry, seven day forecast. well we do have a few showers up up across echt ureka.
6:49 pm
the front gets closer to california. going to continue to fall apart. that will mean nothing for us across santa rosa. high pressure, here across the the desert southwest. and just the cool front here. and temperatures down a lit bit for tomorrow. stay above average in the 60s. mild, for the south bay. also for the east bay. at least this tomb of the year. throughout friday. sunshine. continuing this trend. tonight. 39 expected in santa rosa. 38, napa. 40, gil >> reporter:. 40, santa cruz. dropping into the 40s in san francisco. with temperature of 48 degrees. as for tomorrow. looks pretty good. at looels for january's standard. 64, san jose. 63, freemont. and tri valley. 65. and menlo park. san carlos. low 60s. including san francisco. oakland at 60. and 62. napa to sonoma valley. staying right around 65. upper 50s at the coast in bodega
6:50 pm
bay. morning time, bay area, seven-day forecast. no rain drops over seven days. temperature staying pretty steady into the weekend. and, at the coast it looks like great beach weather. as we head throughout the weekend. cool, need the jacket. not looking too bad. don't forget our watch give away. 11:00 p.m. tonight. go there and enter. >> cannon camera tonight. >> yes, good prizes. >> january-tober. >> jan-tober. >> can't get over that. >> let's get to sports. >> all right, we are joined live from the comcast sports net newsroom. tell us what is coming up in the world of sports? >> yeah, guys. my parents flying in from upstate new york. it was 2 degrees there yesterday. >> they'll love it. >> yeah. let's talk a little sports. in immortal word of yogi berra, it's deja vu all over again. the media staked out
6:51 pm
headquarters waiting to see if tom cable would be fired. he wasn't. this time around the stakeout to get a glimpse of who might be hired. right. multiple reports indicate the raiders interviewed former linebacker and green bay packers director of football operations, reggie mcken zep for the gm job today. if the reports are accurate. the interview took place aywa from the facility. damon andrews explains. >> the day has come and gone here at raiders practice facility and despite several reports there have been no signs of any general manager candidates coming into interview for the raiders vacant gm position. that include former raiders linebacker. reggie mckenzie who fills the role of director of football operations. for the green bay packers. we have seen several cars come and go here at the raiders facility. that include ceo, amy trasing, and hugh jackson. left some where, 3:15 p.m. no signs of owner mark davis weft do know this though, the raiders hope to fill the position as soon as possible. to move on with player personnel
6:52 pm
decisions. and that includes the upcoming, nfl draft, in april. in yalameda. damon andrews, nbc bay area. >> thank you, the 49ers spent their day going head-to-head with the first team, d, o. red zone drills. no doubt, drills involved a whole lot of vernon davis. had a week to chew on the fact he is not heading to the pro bowl. a fact of which he is not overly concerned. >> when you look at it. you know look at where we are now. we are 12-3. about to go in the playoffs. hopefully make it deep into the playoffs. that's much better. much better than -- having 13 touchdowns. and, you know -- being a starter in the pro bowl. because the i get an opportunity to -- you know, play in the super bowl. you know, we continue to win, throughout the playoffs. i'm excited to play. yeah, that's all i ever wanted. play, go to the playoffs. >> all right, college football. where i would be happy to pass
6:53 pm
along the west virginia, clemson, orange bowl score. the empty seats. evident nobody cares. a lot of people do care about andrew luck. especially those in the competition to become his agent. in a comical game of he said/she said. andrew luck has signed david dunn to represent him or never spoken to dunn. in any case, somebody will get a chunk of the luck fortune. not any of us. the warriors and spurs going at it right now. warriors have lost 26 straight games in san antonio. trying to end the streak tonight. but, tim duncan had other idea. david lee by the way. back after missing the last game with flu like symptoms. tim duncan the jumper. spurs an early two point lead. san antonio. looking for more. the block. curry the other way for the jumper. can tell you right now. golden state leads by five. eight minutes and change in the third quarter. of course, full highlights late tire night on comcast sports net
6:54 pm
on sportsnet central. that does out from the sports dex. let's got it back to nbc bay area studios. guys. >> have fun with your parents. >> absolutely. >> are they watching tonight? >> no, they're landing late night tonight. maybe i will take them down to half moon bay. can't take them to the beach. >> thank you a lot. for a full half-hour of sports coverage watch sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
passenger flights to space on sale in the bay area. tonight we introduce you to one of the three people approved to
6:57 pm
start selling you your ticket to the stars. see how much it will cost you. we talk to a passenger who has the bought a ticket and is on the list. tonight at 11:00 after "law & order svu." >> what is coming up right now at 7:00? >> more on the zombies. talked about them, honey bees whose bodies are being taken over by parasitic flies. we'll talk to a bay area scientist behind the amazing study. thought the whole thing was amazing. talk about that more. of course, new leadership at yahoo!. we had the new ceo. we'll find out if he will right the ship and what it will be and more. coming up on comcast 186 in a couple minutes. >> sound good. tune in at 7:00. have a great night. hope to see you back here at 11:00. bye-bye. i'm not crazy about these light fixtures. kitchen's too small.
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