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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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like he said... ♪ an elderly couple escapes a fire that tore through their home. and raise taxes or cut education funding? governor jerry brown draws a hard line for the state's proposed budget. we'll let you know what's on the chopping block. and a live look outside the beautiful golden gate bridge.
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we'll the check the forecast and the commute on this friday, january 6th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, everyone. why is it extra good? because it's friday. >> a lot to get to this morning. let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning. first friday of the year. we'll see a really comfortable afternoon. it's cold this morning. grab your jacket. 46 in san francisco. we're going to see another pretty warm day, but that fog we just showed you on the golden gate bridge, we didn't have to deal with that the past few days but we will. 4:31. any problems, mike? >> it's a friday, so we don't have much problems. we turned toward the upper deck.
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but the lower deck is where the accident is report ed the accident moved off to the construction zone. so we still have a leap blocked. but not by the accident. i'll send it back to you. >> they don't expect me to be awake. we start things off with just a child night in san francisco. shots being fired from the rooftop of a building south of market. >> police quickly set up a perimeter around the building and nobody was hurt. christie smith is live with the latest on this and the suspects. >> reporter: good morning. it's quiet, but what a night in san francisco off 9th street. police say two men were firing. this was around 11:00 when
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police arrived. the area was completely shut down several ploks. some people staying inside. others ran to get away from it all. investigators say they weren't sure what the motive was, but they don't think the guys were targeting anyone. but apparently they say they were jumping from roof to roof. >> officers heard multiple shots being fired by the suspected. we blocked off the streets. a short time later they came out from the building and were deta detained. a freeway offramp was also closed. this went on for several hours with police making sure that
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everyone in the area with safe. the two men were taken into custody. no one hurt. s.w.a.t. teams went in to clear up the building to make sure no one else was in there. we're hearing before the men were taken into custody they asked police for more time to finish up their cigarettes. i'm christie smith. jon and laura back to you. >> san jose police detectives are investigating the city's first hds of the year. it happened last night on alexander avenue. when they arived at the scene they found a man with gunshot wounds. no suspect or motive has been identified. the california supreme court considering a case that could open the door to a new wave of clergy abuse lawsuits. six brothers who say they were
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sexually abused by the priest want to sue the catholic diocese. they argue they can't sue because they didn't act within the time lines. at least eight other clergy abuse lawsuits similar to this one are on hold pending a decision in this case. occupy oakland protesters trying to occupy city hall. but they got the attention of city leaders. in response, demonstrators tried to occupy the office to get some answers. they were stopped by police, and city hall was closed for a time. but several protesters were aloied into the building to speak with city officials. both groups say the meeting went well and a compromise is in the works. >> we're in a moept where change
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is taking place. we have choices about where we're going to go to do that. >> major quan didn't attend the meeting. staffers say she was at another unrelated meeting. governor brown is warning voters f more cuts if the tax initiative fails. they project the state deficit of $9.2 million. one year ago it was almost three times the amount. he is pushing for a sales tax increase to keep public education afloat. he says cuts will come if voters don't approve the initiative. other programs facing cut is cal works. a work for welfare program and med cal. hundreds of people expected for the public memorial of bob wasserman. he served the people of fremont since 1976 when he was appointed the police chief. after his 40 year career he joined the city council in 1992
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and was then elected mayor in 1994. he was 77 years old. it's 4:36. a dog may be to blame in the death of a baby bison at golden gate park. small dogs somehow got into a pen holding seven young bison. the dog was chasing the bison when. one of them suffered three broken ribs and may have run into a tree or fence. it died the same day. park police cited a dog walker for allowing the dog and four others to run off leash. a world war ii veteran and his wife can thank too strangers for saving their life. sam and billy joel haley were inside their home when it caught fire thursday night. two men saw the smoke and called 911. they saw the elderly couple coming of the house and ran to help them move away from the
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flames. >> we know each other. we work with each other. we're in it to help somebody. >> we're just in it as instinct. as people, that's what we have to rely on. >> the haley's home is charred, and many family heirlooms were lost. sam haley hasn't seen the two men since, but he certainly wants to help them. >> it's 4:38. let's check in on your friday weather. as we head through the weekend we have gorgeous weather ahead. we're not going to be in the near record warmth territory today, tomorrow or sunday. but still holding onto mid-60s inland. really comfortable conditions to get outdoors. all the records that we tied or beat were back in 2003.
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so it hasn't been this warm in almost ten years for this week of january. as we head through the next couple of days temperatures drop off a little bit. we'll see more cloud cover this morning. it's already running four degrees cooler in santa rosa and novato with stronger onshore flow and an increase in the fog and low cloud cover. so this is what we're looking out for the next couple of days. we'll see the big dome of high pressure push to the east a little bit. that will bring in fog each and every morning. and the fog will keep temperatures down by 4 degrees over the past couple of days. we won't be in record territory, but still staying nice and comfortable. one thing we have to worry about that we had no problems with yesterday or the day before, fog. watch out for thick pockets in santa rosa. i'll let you know how warm it will be and we're keeping a chance of rain in the forecast. first i want to find out what's plaguing you on your drive, if anything with mike. >> my earlier reporting was my enunciation, my voice and my diction. right now we're looking at road
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work, construction for 680. southbound we have the offramp marked by construction and the construction zone from danville to san ramon. on the northbound side is also where the construction starts. so construction in either drekts, but no major slowing for 680 through the area. we get a live look at the water. we're hooking at the san mateo bridge. a nice smooth drive for the taillights away from us. no problems for visibility or for the traffic flow here. we'll look at the golden gate bridge as well. there is fog, and it is drifting around. christina just shows you in the north bay, novato specifically has a quarter mile visibility. prepare for that as you get ready to hit the road. >> a real estate agent is behind bars after a 12-year-old girl caught him on camera going through her stuff. she didn't like the idea of strangers walking through her family's home that was up for sale, so she hid her laptop and
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turned on the webcam to keep tabs on her room. police say the camera caught this man, 46-year-old real estate agent douglas candaleria going through the girl's belongings. the suspect was arrested when police searched his home and found stolen item ls. police say he was also convicted of burglary for stealing from open homes. and then selling the items on ebay. >> not only is he a freak, by not too smart. >> and 12-year-old crime stopper. >> nicely done, young lady. the oakland raiders could get a new boss. he has silver and black running through his veins. we'll tell you who they're planning to hire coming up. plus, major cuts for the pentagon. the new plan for the military. and mitt romney is taking heat for campaigning in tooy states. why his opponents say this guy is jumping the gun.
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welcome back, everyone. happy friday as we give you a live look outside in downtown san jose. sounds like we'll have another beautiful one. major weapons programs will be slashed or eliminated and the
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army and marines will need to cut more than 100,000 personnel. this weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the arizona shooting that killed six people and wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords was shot in the head at point-blank range. she's still recovering from her injuries. on sunday the congresswoman will attend a vigil to commemorate those that were killed. gunman jared loughner has been found incompetent to stand trial. republican candidates are cranking up the heat on mitt romney. analysts say winning the primary would be a huge victory. >> the people of new hampshire don't want a coronation, you know what i mean? they want people to earn the vote, as opposed to sitting tonight down in south carolina. so certain of a victory. >> john huntsman picked aupen
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endorsement from the boston globe that called him best prepared. the new hampshire primary is next tuesday. new unemployment numbers this morning, the first of 2012. for more on that let's turn to brian shactman. good morning, brian. >> good morning. thank you very much. stock futures are a touch lower ahead of the december jobs report. it's out in 45 minutes. economists expect hiring was solid last month, but maybe too sluggish to make a huge dent in the unemployment rate. forecast called for an increase of 155,000. unemployment is going up. a asia shares fell overnight. stocks closed pretty much mixed.
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the dow was down two points. the nasdaq rose 21 points. general matters is recalling the chevy volt to fix the issue that caused batteries to catch fire after crash tests. they will reinforce the battery cage to make sure it doesn't rupture in an accident. only 8,000 votes are on the the road, and the recall will take place next month. u.s. safety regulators say they're still investigating the matter. you have to wait longer to rent movies like sherlock holmes or happy feet 2. warner brothers, which produced the film, is doubling the dvd window release rental. if you really want to see those title you have to buy the dvd or blu-ray instead. i don't know in waiting a couple weeks will make you want to buy the dvd.
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want to check in with meet rols christina loren. a cold start to the morning. >> you want to get outside. we have a gorgeous weekend ahead. and temperatures are making us pretty much the envy of the nation. all of the west coast enjoying really comfortable conditions. that will be the case today. and as we head through sunday we'll see a few clouds roll in and maybe showers in the north bay. i'll keep that in the seven-day forecast. 40 degrees in san jose. 44 in livermore. and you're at freezing in santa rosa and novato. so running cooler up there this morning, and we have more fog to contend with as well. and that's pushing away this big ridge of high pressure. it's going to take adrift to the east. as it does so we'll see more fog on the coast through the morning hours. but by 10:00 a.m. all the fog will be a thing of the past. .
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so we're looking to a really comfortable afternoon. watch out for pockets of fog. the fog is con tine fined to the north bay. we'll see it drift along the peninsu peninsula. then a lot of improvement once the sun warms up the top layer. 65 morgan hill. taking your temperatures down three to five degrees with increasing onshore flow. and the east bay is looking comfortable in pittsburgh, 66 degrees there. orinda will hit 62. and 64, nice and mild in santa rosa. you're seven-day outlook shows you a chance of rain in the mix through tuesday. very slight chance only in the north bay. but then late thursday to friday we get another chance. it does look like we'll see the jet stream finally to the south
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to see enough of an active weather pattern. i'm going to send it back to you guys. 4:49. the window for the mavericks surf contest officially opens today. >> and it will be marked by a traditional prayer service. at a meeting organizers laid out the new plans. they include restrictions on where they can watch the competiti competition. it will not be from the beaches or bluffs. people who try to get too close will meet a lot of sheriff's deputies. >> and we're really looking to have a safe event for the community and really protect our environment of the crumbling cliffs. >> organizers have until march 31st to call a contest. and surfers along with the community should get 48 hours notice that the waves are breaking. the raiders may have a new boss. espn reports the raiders are
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close to hiring a new general manager who has a history for the team. he played from 1985 to '88. he's been working at the front office of the green bay packers for the last 18 years. no official announcement is expected until after the packers finished their season. >> if you missed the playoffs you expect some change in the front office. still ahead on "today in the bay." a big time u.s. automaker wants to set up shop in silicon valley. and $4500 wedding ring vanishes from a new mexico home. meet the four-legged culprit with very expensive taste. >> i hope his teeth are clean. we're looking over here to 101. christina talked about fog through novato. we're dealing with a smooth commute. i'll show you what else is going on for 101 coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. live look outside from the south bay this morning. not a lot going on in the shark tank. because it is a brave and electronic new world, ford matter company looking to go high-tech with a research center in silicon valley. the company is announcing plans to open a facility in palo alto.
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the move is following other automakers that have set up local research centers to work on new automotive technology. ford ceo is expected to discuss the plan next week at the consumer electronics show in las vegas. the story of harvey milk has been in the spotlight for decades. most recently a motion picture. the assassination of the other victim, san francisco major george misconi was more of an after thought until now. the play will run through mid-february. the play looks at the life and death of of masconi through his son's eyes. he was only 14 years old when his father was murdered along with milk at city hall in san francisco at 1978 by a city supervisor. >> sounds like a nice tribute and a celebration of life. 4:55. time to frek your friday commute
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to work or whatever else you may be doing. >> we know these folks off here are doing their road work. they're ready to clear that over the next 45 minutes. right now the embarcadero road is closed. so a smooth drive. it's a light volume anyway. the other side of the bay, 880 moves nicely past the coliseum. northbound with the taillights all the way through downtown and the construction on the southbound side has cleared out of downtown and heading down to the same area. so a smooth flow. we'll take that any time of day. we'll send it back to you. >> back in school this was my go-to excuse. the dog ate my homework. that's what they're known for. >> see. good point. got me again. but a dog in new mexico, it looks like he has more expensive taste. rachel atkinson's wedding ring
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disappeared a few weeks ago. they searched everywhere for it before they suspected the basset hound. the puppy had stolen the $2,500 ring. the vet says it's common for s yshmust hav very expensive ver taste. >> exactly. we'll be back after this.
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when someone gives blood and a life is saved, that moment
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when heartbreak turns to hope, you're there through the american red cross. every day, the red cross responds to nearly 200 neighborhood emergencies. and your support makes it possible. use this moment to join us today. visit new this morning, a wild night in san francisco. neighbors report hearing gunfire from the rooftops. an entire neighborhood is shut down. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what happened coming up in a live report. and more than 200 elderly patients could lose their home if some health officials in san mateo county have their wa good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'll have the story coming up. >> plus more than a year away from the america's cup and


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