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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. time to check back in with christina loren. a cool start. >> not quite as warm as yesterday so you probably need to keep the flip-flops in the closet. hey, it's still not that bad. a little rain in the forecast for areas north of the golden gate bridge, specifically, maybe a few showers trailing to the south as we head throughout the afternoon. it's cold out there. temperatures in the 30s will make way to the upper 50s by noon. home from work about 60 degrees. let's check the drive. how do we look? >> we had earlier slowing 101 and palo alto. the construction by embarcadero may have been what was causing that. that's what we see has cleared.
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better news for the freeway. but there is more going on these early morning hours. another check coming up. >> we'll check back. 5:00 now. highway parole is looking for someone who hit a police dog. the canine was run over last month when he left a fenced in yard. boz was a trained patrol canine and certified in drug detection. any one with information about the hit-and-run is asked to call the chp. >> details about the body of a woman found in her oakland home. police say the woman is deanna despain who worked as berkeley's city clerk. of course workers shocked at the 37-year-old's sudden death. her body was found at her home early saturday morning. police initially thought her death was suspicious, but now say it appears the result of a terrible accident. they seem to think despain simply fell down the stairs. >> fire investigators are searching for the source of a
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massive fire. the red cross is helping out 16 displaced people. yesterday three-alarm fire destroyed four of the eight units in the complex causing $600,000 in damage. five people suffered minor injuries. they are expected to fully recover. >> assembly woman mary hayashi is responding to her no contest plea to shoplifting charges. her lawyer telling a judge on friday his client's brain tumor impaired her decision-making. hayashi did not talk about the tumor but said quote there were a number of personal factors that led to the situation where i made this absentminded error. my medical condition may have complicated the situation, however, i want to be clear that i want to take full responsibility for my actions. her lawyer says the assembly woman is on medication for the tumor and her condition has
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improved. >> 5:02. san jose's medical marijuana collectives may have to funnel more money to the city. today, city leaders will consider raising taxes for the controversial business. marla tellez joins us with how much more collectives could have to pony up. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. we're talking a 3% tax increase for these pot clubs, san jose mayor chuck reed wants the council to raise the tax on medical marijuana collectives from 7% to 10%, but there is a reason for it. he says the tax would pay for a citywide election on whether to repeal those newly enacted pot regulations. perhaps you'll recall in september the city council approved new rules that it would force most pot clubs to close. those limit the number of clubs in the city to ten. currently there are more than 100 and pot advocates gathered signatures to get a referendum
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to repeal the rules. the mayor says if you want an election you have to pay for it, that's why he wants this tax. most people we spoke to agree with the mayor. >> i think it would be all right. i agree with the state of our economy and our debt, we would need something like that to get us through. >> if they did raise the tax it's better than getting rid of the pot clubs. right? so that's one way to look at it. i'm not into raising taxes on anything. >> mayor reed estimates an election would cost about $1 million. he points out that the tax increase would be a temporary one. the city council is going to consider this issue at a 1:30 meeting here at city hall. >> thanks, marla. >> the state auditors are digging through records in alameda county is not faring too
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well according to the oakland tribune auditors criticizing the ag agency for not reviewing the case of four children who died between 2008 and 2010 while under its supervision. they say if the agency had reviewed the cases social workers could have learned from the tragic deaths. >> 5:05. way to improve airport safety is in the works at san francisco international. the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote on a contract to install emergency safeguards on two of the four runways including putting a spongy material at the end of the runways to slow or stop a plane in an emergency. the project will be primarily fund bid the federal government and should be completed in 2015. >> 5:05. with all of dry conditions we need some rain now. meteorologist christina loren says mother nature may send help. >> she may be but she's not sending her best guys let me tell that you much. we're not expecting that much
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rain if any today in the north bay. but hey, any promise of precipitation because it's been so dry is something that we're monitoring closely. this morning i do think we're going to get a little shower activity. what i'm waiting for is this cute off low to break off. right now it's still pretty much out here in the pacific. i think it's going to move to the east. it depends where the center ends up. how much rain we get and whether the showers slide to the golden gate bridge. it does not look very promising for the showers to drift to the south. i think sonoma county will get a little and maybe marin. you can see the showers coming down now north of eureka are light, breaking apart as they move on shore. we don't have a great rain chance. what will happen is on shore snow will strengthen. we expect thick fog to develop. through probably 6:00 to 8:00 this morning, 44 in hayward. it's cold out there.
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34 in santa rosa. 36 in livermore. by noon the mid-50s and round out the day. right now i want to check your drive. >> we'll take you to the dublin interchange or north of there for 680 northbound passing al costa you start that zone. we're at circle here north of alcosta. only lasted a couple that may be an early indicate they're crews are clearing over the next few minutes. the southbound side has seen no slowing. no problem there is. you only lose about one lane and a light flow of traffic for 680 southbound. 880 past the coliseum, construction should clear north thereof and we're looking at the golden gate bridge. clear view, no problems to the north. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you plan on going to burning man it's time to get ready. organizers releasing about 40,000 more tickets on february
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1 but to get one you have to apply before january 22nd and secure your request with a credit card. of course this move to release the tickets is one way to try and guard against scalpers. the remaining tickets will be sold in march. last time burning man sold out. >> in his first week as the elected mayor of san francisco, ed lee is locked in serious negotiations. most notably what is on the table when the 49ers play the saints. lee talking with his counterpart in new orleans on what to offer in a friendly wager. the mayor says he's putting up craps, chocolates and maybe wine. he is looking for food from the big easy but waiting to hear back. >> better offer something good. don't sweat it. the 9ers are going to roll. the king of beers, not considered royalty. we'll explain.
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>> welcome back. on a tuesday morning hope your day is starting nice and smooth out there. probably crisper than you might have expected. not going to be quite as warm today. christina loren will tell you how warm it's going to get. >> national guard on the scene trying to uncover a snowbound city in alaska. they were called to the city
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after more than 18 feet of snow fell on the fishing town. they are working to clear roads and roofs. three buildings have collapsed under the weight of the wet snow. there is no road access to the town, or the only way in is by boat or by plane. >> 18 feet. >> isn't that something. >> that's not fun to shovel. i've been there. we'll find out if all of that wet precipitation is going to push our way. >> not much. you know what we need anything when it comes to moisture for our air quality. it's really important. you get that stagnant air mass overhead, you need the showers to purify the air. right now that's what's happening. we're seeing more of an onshore flow so more fog this morning and a cold start in addition to the foggy conditions. a few north bay showers are expected. mostly before 3:00 p.m. by tomorrow, a cloudy start will make way to crisp clear conditions tomorrow afternoon. i think we'll pick up moisture
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and as high pressure moves in it will compress whatever moisture we pick up. i'm expecting thick fog. by thursday, though, a crisp clear start with offshore flow back in effect. that means we'll see a warming trend again. as you can see here, area of low pressure is just about to break off here from the jet stream. this is going to continue to move to the south as we head throughout day. and we don't know whether or not this core of low pressure is going to make its way on shore. it doesn't look likely for that. i think the core is going to stay offshore, sidle down the coast and maybe some of the outer bands of rain will push into places like marin and sonoma at the coast. what will happen is on shore flow will increase. we expect more fog. more after sea breeze today. 62 degrees in los gatos. 62 in redwood city. that tends to clean out the air mass. 59 in san francisco, 63 in gilroy, and about 61 degrees in livermore. good morning to you out there in the tri-valley. throughout the week really not much changes until we head
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saturday into sunday. clouds will increase ahead of a front slated to bring us more moisture. through sunday and monday we have about 20% rain chances each day. looks like the jet stream will get to the south next week. first let's check your drive. >> we have construction in motion right now. moving off of the roadway off the carquinez bridge, 80 moves but the willow, the earlier construction crews are moving now. you'll see some flashing lights but no delays there. continuing past el portal we have construction on the eastbound side, westbound the off ramp should be clearing as well. and a smooth drive down to the bay bridge. all routes to the bay bridge moving nicely. the toll plaza, there is a light backup. no backup as far as the fast track lanes, just the cash lanes. you have to pay the person. we'll get a look at the south bay. for the northbound route, the top of the screen, that construction eastbound 237 to northbound 880 that has cleared up and the work done for the
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night. the north bay, get out of your way while we look at travel times. a clear view, san rafael down to the golden gate bridge. back to you with a nice status so far. >> 5:14. alcoa's earnings report after yesterday's bell could indicate how trading will go this morning. for a look at that we turn to bertha coombs live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, jon. the first five days of the year we had a pretty nice strong move to the up side. then that often bodes well and sets the tone for the year. 85% of the year is higher. alcoa is the stock to watch. the company says it expects growth. we saw asia rise, europe is higher today ahead of a meeting between angela merkel and christine lagarde.
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one report on path wholesale trade, the dow now looks to be up over 100 points at the open. yesterday it rose about 32 points to 12,392. the the nasdaq expected to get a pop as well adding 2 yesterday to 2676. jpmorgan's ceo believes the housing market is at or near the market though it could strap along the bottom for a while. he says when employment picks up, that's when the u.s. is going to need more homes because people then will be encouraged to buy into the market. this bud's, well, it's not tops. coors light has passed budweiser to become the number 2 u.s. beer brand. it's the first time in 20 years that anheuser-busch hasn't had the top two beers in america. bud light is number one, bud now slips to number three, seems
5:17 am
sales dropped, shipments dropped 60% since 1988 and they were down more than 4% last year. i guess folks like the lighter beers if not micro brews. those are my favorite. >> looks like budweiser might want some younger, faster clydesdales. thank you. >> maybe. >> 5:17. the consumer electronics show kicking off this morning. we're getting a look at some of the gadgets. scott budman is in las vegas with a preview. >> one category is very hot at ces, trawl books, you've seen them companies coming out with lap tops that are thin and sexy and super sleek. hp has already had a couple of them they introduce add new one it's called the spector. this is all guerrilla glass. this is really how i guess a lot of people are going to go mobile and look sleek at the same time.
5:18 am
>> the name came from spekto which means to behold. nobody's done this before. gorilla glass on the surface, high definition display, nine hours of battery life. nice sleek container. >> does feel good. it's for the mobile traveler so you can go from lap top to your phone. >> you can take your smart phone, tap it, what people want. >> when can we see it and how much? >> february 8 it comes out. 1399. >> 1399. and what kind of power? >> you're looking coming out of the gate it will start with 4 gig, up to 8. it has rapid start solid state drive. in the back up to 256 gig. >> beautiful. thank you. thanks so much. >> scott budman, thank you. >> yeah. >> a lot going on there. 5:18. coming up a bay area company in trouble over polluting the bay
5:19 am
and facing the possibility of fines. >> plus, not giving up without a fight. san francisco's next move as it tries to keep the 49ers from leaving town. >> silicon valley has the best paid ceo in america. we'll tell you who it is coming up. [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv.
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>> welcome back on a tuesday morning. a live look at the shark tank also known as the hp pavilion. the sharks not home tonight, they are on the road taking on the minnesota wild. you want to catch that game it which be on nbc sports network, dial it in at 4:30 p.m. >> this morning a santa rita jail inmate is behind bars. people breathing a sigh of
5:22 am
relief. jose luis franco escaped from the booking area. an employee spotted the 57-year-old burglary suspect slipping out of the back of the facility. he was on the run for six hours. deputies say they called off the search at 8:00 because infrared helicopters showed no sign of him. >> we call off the search about 8:00 tonight. and shortly thereafter the inmate came out of what looks like maybe the camp parks area, into the city of dublin and was apprehended. >> police say franco is the fourth inmate to escape from the santa rita jail. >> first a massive fire, now the threat of fires. port of redwood city recyclers management is accused of absoluting san francisco bay with lead, mercury, pcbs, zinc and copper. it's the same company that caught fire and sent a massive
5:23 am
plume of smoke over the valley five years ago. the pollution is a risk. they could face fines of more than $37,000 a day. >> it is becoming clear the city of san francisco not giving up those 49ers without a fight. the chronicle reporting the city planning commission will hold a meeting of business and labor executives today to talk about a possible new stadium at hunter's point. the group would apparently meet with an architectural firm known for sports stadiums and the firm apparently also has an investment company that has the $600 million which are needed for a brand new stadium. >> apple chief tim cook, he's set to be the best paid in america. >> it's a lot considering the last ceo got a dollar a year. steve jobs wasn't really paid just a dollar. figuring out how much the ceo even gets paid is nearly impossible.
5:24 am
but, when you total everything up it looks as if tim cook will earn more than $370 million this year. 1.4 of that is base salary, the rest stock grants. cook has been official ceo since august, he's been at the helm unofficially at apple for more than a year. the head of microsoft i should point makes less money, delivered the keynote at ces in las vegas. his guest include cookie monster and a choir that sank tweets. this will be microsoft's last appearance at the conference. more from ces later. shares in zenka will open at a new low. shares fell 9%. it has to hit a high bar. its other games like farmville played by tens of millions of people. and congress has set a date to allow internet experts to
5:25 am
testify about the internet, as lawmakers consider the stop online piracy act. congressman from san jose one of the first to point out that they were debating incredibly complicated things with almost no understanding of how the internet worked and perhaps it would be a good idea to bring some people in to talk about it. >> not a bad idea. thank you. >> it's 5:25. still to come on "today in the bay," oakland police working a deadly overnight hit and run. details coming up. >> reporter: the b.a.r.t. extension project from fremont down to san jose getting a major boost. we're talking lots of cash. those details coming up. >> while i also watch the rails i'm watching an accident reported on the peninsula. we'll let you know the latest for one highway that may be blocked. >> an area of low pressure tracks closer to the bay area coast. i'll let you know if you could
5:26 am
get a sprinkle in your city when we get to your full forecast. >> a live look outside, golden gate bridge traffic picking up.
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5:28 am
>> new this morning a man killed in a hit and run just block from the oakland police substation. a search for the driver coming up. >> reporter: someone is setting fires in novato. 56 since saturday. investigators on patrol overnight. i'll tell what you they have to say coming up in a live report. >> also accused serial killer heading back to court. we'll tell you what's happening in his trial. >> a live look outside from the east bay this morning overlooking 880 in oakland. we'll check the morning commute and the forecast on this tuesday, january 10th, this is "today in the bay." >> a good tuesday morning to
5:29 am
you. thanks for joining us. 5:28 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out about your tuesday forecast. >> unfortunately, you'll probably want to veer away from the short sleeves and shorts and switch back to sweater weather. temperatures dropping off by 5 to 8 degrees. it's cold this morning. and we've got a little bit of shower activity on the way. we'll tell you if your city is fair game for that. mike's got a serious crash. >> we're waiting for details. chp undergoing a shift change. but off 280, heading to half moon bay, sound likes the westbound side is currently closed because of a head-on collision involving a pickup truck and a passenger vehicle. we hope to get more details. i'll let you know. >> thank you, mike. it's 5:29. new this morning police are searching for a hit-and-run drive they're killed a man in oakland. it happened at the intersection
5:30 am
of 73rd and bancroft avenue after 11:00 last night. a man was hit while crossing the street. witnesses told police the suspect actually stopped to check on the injured man, before driving off. >> pulled over right by this gas station behind me, got out of the vehicle, and then looked at the pedestrian, probably saw how bad he was injured, then got back in the vehicle and took off immediately. >> police say the driver was in a dark-colored full-size van. >> also today t community of novato is on the lookout for a possible arsonist responsible for setting more than 50 fires since saturday night. christie smith is live in novato where the recent blaze destroyed an open space preserve. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. what's so scary they think that the fires are deliberately set and most of them are happening near homes. here with me this morning is
5:31 am
sergeant oliver collins. good morning. you're with the novato police department. you are telling me you had investigators out overnight. how did it go? >> good morning to you. yes, we had collaborative effort between the marin county sheriff's department, the novato fire district and the novato police department. the extra patrols were in an effort to deter future or potential arsons and to try to gather information as to who might be responsible for setting the fires. >> we understand there was a fire last night. >> there was one residential garbage can fire. we don't know if it was linked with the string of arsons we've had but under the circumstances we're devoting all of our investigative efforts into that and trying to determine what the cause of the fire was. >> no one hurt and no structures damaged but quickly, what would be considered suspicious and what should someone do if they see that? >> it's a potential for the arsonist to light fires during the daytime may not be that
5:32 am
high. but what we are specifically looking for is evidence of fire or any evidence of ignition source to an arson in the area. >> thank you for being out here. that's what we have from here. christie smith. we'll send it back to you guys. >> christie, we appreciate the update. >> suspected serial killer joseph masso will be back in court. the 77-year-old will attend a preliminary hearing. he is charged with killing four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. he has decided to represent himself in the case, though he does have a legal adviser helping. >> it is 5:32. we have new information about a man arrested in connection with a string of violent sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district. 32-year-old frederick dozier is due in court tomorrow. his face book page says he worked part-time for the san francisco school district.
5:33 am
officers arrested him on friday after connecting him with three violent sexual assaults in the mission neighborhoods. facing multiple counts for allegedly attacking women between june and december. >> b.a.r.t. to the south bay could be a done deal with an announcement expected in a few hours. stephanie joins us live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lori. now it appears that a good chunk of federal money is headed here. the valley transportation authority is behind this project and asked for $900 million federal dollars for the $2.3 billion project. the department of transportation will give its official recommendation to congress to approve that. it's money in the bag, it has to sit for 60 days in congress, no vote is needed.
5:34 am
a spokeswoman says quote, until now there has not been that final connection. it's going to be bringing people to silicon valley for jobs and for businesses and will give a major boost to the economy. and it's welcome news for south bay b.a.r.t. riders. >> i would like that. i come all the way from east side san jose and that's hard to get here in the morning. it's a killer. it is a killer. >> it's more convenient, sure. but i guess it's a lot of money to spend just to say you know, five or ten minutes. >> reporter: this announcement means the vta can begin to collect the 1/8 cent sales tax that voters approved. that tax will go into effect july 1 in santa clara county. this is for the first ten miles of the 60-mile project. there will abstop in milpitas and will end in san jose. it could be finished by the end
5:35 am
of 2016. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> 5:34. we got spoiled yesterday, this weekend. it's going to be nice but not as sweet. >>yeah. hey f you're looking for the moisture, opportunity rain, maybe it just got sweeter. we're looking good for rain. only in the areas probably north of the golden gate bridge. but every time i checked it looks better. let me show you what's happening. you see this cutoff low counterclockwise flow here. what we expect the actual core to stay offshore but it's going to continue closer. the area as we head through the next few hours we have a good chance of showers. maybe even seeing a few of those showers sneak down along the peninsula. what happens is the area of low pressure is cut off so we call at cut-off low. it's going to move through the south. i think some of the outer bands of moisture will brush up against marin county and maybe even places in san francisco will get a little sprinkle or
5:36 am
two. nothing heavy. i don't think we're going to measure anything. enough moisture will come through to purify our air quality. today, cool start, tomorrow, a cloudy start with that additional moisture making way to a crisp and clear afternoon. we're going to get that flow back in effect. and that means we could be breaking temperature records again so there is more of a warm-up on the way. then maybe a little more shower activity. first, mike, any improve snmt >> you know, at least we have more information regarding this head-on collision on 92 west of 280 as you head over to half moon bay. both directions of 92 are -- sorry, both lanes of westbound 92 are currently closed. but the chp has arrived. the update, we'll sort it out. they hope to have the cars moved off of the roadways shortly which to me mean there is are no life threatening injuries, at least no one in the cars so they can move those. we have more crews heading to
5:37 am
the scene. we should be able to get by as far as it sounds like with one way traffic between 35 and 280. highway 92 over the water is the san mateo bridge and smooth drive over the water for that, travel -- there you go, over the high rise. we'll end with this shot because there are no major dramas so i like a peaceful end to my report. >> 5:37. the polls open in new hampshire. voting under way in the first gop primary a. live report is next. >> why one bay area city may ignore oakland's call for help when it comes to clearing out occupy protesters. >> the hearing that could put a halt to construction for the america's kep. >> a live look, san francisco international airport this morning. coming and going again. >> for all of your latest news, traffic, weather and of course stimulating conversation, come find us at facebook.
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>> welcome back everyone. we give you a live look at the hp pavilion, the hometown sharks not at home tonight. they are on the road taking on the minnesota wild. but the good news here in town, looks like there is some precipitation in the bay area. 5:40. >> governor brown's new budget getting a thumbs down from the nonpartisan legislative analyst office. brown says voters approve proposed tax hikes the state would get $6.9 billion in new revenues, but the state's top fiscal analysts say brown is $2.1 billion off the mark. the governor wants to increase sales tax by a half cent over four years. he wants to raise the income tax on california's wealthy. the analyst office says the
5:41 am
sales tax numbers are correct but the income tax revenue is off. >> california's new law which adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender americans into school curriculum went into effect on january 1, you may not see the results soon. the state department of education does not have the curriculum drawn up and is leaving it up to school districts to decide how to comply. the trouble is many of the districts are waiting until the state adopts new text books which won't happen until 2015. schools say they don't have money to do anything but wait. >> new this morning the polls open in new hampshire for the gop primary and one small town reporting the results. tracie potts joinses us live in manchester with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. dixville predicts a tie, two votes for mitt romney, two votes
5:42 am
for jon huntsman. we have new numbers that show those are the only two candidates overnight with significant movement. romney according to the daily tracking poll solidifying his lead now 19 points over ron paul. jon huntsman who is in third place within striking distance of paul, he jumped 5 percentage points overnight and has been steadily increasing support in this state in the last five days. doubling in the last five days or so. those numbers are new, everyone else for the most part staying the same. maybe up a point or so or in most cases dropping in support. fewer undecideds. at this point just as mitt romney's race to lose, he has the double digit lead. the other candidates are close, at least a couple of them, may be close behind in terms of fighting for second and third place. >> tracie, what is expected turnout today for new hampshire? >> reporter: well, the state secretary of state is saying
5:43 am
250,000, that includes mostly registered republicans. but they have a huge amount of registered voters here who are undeclared, independent, who can vote in either primary. you can sign up in this state on the spot on election day, so that's a bit of a wild card. but they expect 250,000. if that's the case, it would be bigger than the last two presidential elections here. >> interesting to see. thank you very much, tracie, for the latest. >> guess you can say bravery comes in all shapes and ages. a 3-year-old from new zealand went eye to eye with the king of the jungles. take a look at this home video shot by her parents, the girl up against the glass checking out the lion. the only thing separating them is the glass. all of a sudden the lion decides get out of my face. she's like hey, no sweat. i'm in fort the long haul. the lion has a history of mood swings. the little girl who turns 4 next month says guess what, i want to
5:44 am
go back to the zoo. >> going to be a zookeeper one day. lion tamer. >> the lion whispererer. >> she barely flinched. we were hoping for a lot of rain today but a little bit. you say in the north bay? >> yeah. i think that we have a pretty good chance for showers in the north bay. let's get to your forecast. looking pretty cold out there. grab a jacket, and as you can see, a little shower activity pushing into the state of california. i don't know that a lot of that moisture as you can see not much coming down is going to reach the bay area. but hey, the clouds are starting to increase up in the north bay. so it will turn mostly cloudy as we head through the next half hour. the clouds will continue to slide to the south as we head throughout the morning hours. by mid morning, mostly cloudy conditions through san jose. we'll have to wait for this leading teenage make its way into the south bay as it does so, it does look promising.
5:45 am
light showers through the north bay especially at the coast. you might see shower activity along the peninsula. but overall we're not expecting much. i don't think we'll see measurable precipitation out of this thing. 34 in santa rosa, 44 in hayward, 40 in san jose. what will happen is the clouds will increase, we'll see more moisture come onshore. onshore flow in effect and for us that's going to purify our air a touch. we'll see good air quality. thick fog if we pick up moisture. 49 in san francisco, 49 in san mateo and 56, these are noon readings. if you can remember how warmt was noon yesterday, that's how warm we'll be in the heat of the day. 62 in san jose, 62 in fremont. that probably warrant as jacket for most of the day. as we head throughout the week, we get another chance of rain at the end of your holiday weekend. looks like sunday into monday we'll start to see the jet stream dip to the south.
5:46 am
making for more of an active weather pattern next week looking better for rain chances. nice and dry all the way through your work week. >> this is an issue if you are heading to half moon bay or skyline off of 280. we have the full closure reported for westbound 92 heading off of 280 over to 35. a head-on collision involving a pickup truck and a smaller vehicle. crews there as well as the chp. hopefully they get that cleared soon and i hope so too. we'll look at the peninsula with an easy drive in the southbound direction to the south bay. and northbound for the sensors, mountain view, santa clara, all without incident. a great flow here. we'll see more slowing because it's a tuesday, a heavier flow expected. we see slowing out of the altamont pass, 15 minutes out of the alta mont through the livermore entrance area.
5:47 am
coming to north vasco. speeds closer to the dublin interchange looking good. just as you approach a little bit of slowing for 580 approaching 680 north with construction. and we end with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> mike, thank you. in the future when oakland calls for help with occupy protesters one city may not answer. the richmond police department was one of several asked to help out when they were ousting campers. a new resolution voted on would allow richmond's police chief to evaluate future requests for aid when it comes to civil unrest and decide whether to respond or decline. the council also considering a proposal to scrap junk mail, cat alogs and phone books. >> 5:47. fremont city council members talk about replacing their
5:48 am
mayor. mayor job world trade centeren died december 29 after a long bout with pneumonia. he was a long time civil ser vabt in the police department ever being elected to the city council and eventually mayer. there will be an open form before tonight's meeting. >> could be troubled waters ahead for the america's cup. the supervisors will hear from several groups who filed an appeal claiming a giant floating screen could flute bay waters. it could halt construction at the terminal depending on how the supervisors boat. >> raiders head choch will meet his new boss. they will met stirs mckenzie was hired. the two will hold a press conference, though the raiders missed the playoffs and finished a disappointing 8-8, most
5:49 am
supports analysts say coach jackson's job is not in jeopardy. >> we'll see if the team agrees. coming up, washington taking on the issue of the sar show shaeft. what comers are talking about. >> another step forward in the new 49ers stadium. >> what's happening in daefs definitely not staying in stg o. the latest coming up. [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at okay... is this where we're at now, we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hey, i love your cereal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck.
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5:52 am
this crash, and one that's prompt add hearing in washington. 11 people died and 70 injured when a world war ii era plane nose-dived into the crowd at the reno air show last year. the crash sparking an investigation into plane modifications and safety regulations for air shows and races. regulators, aviation groups and airport authorities will also participate in today's hearing with the ntsb. >> the owners of the great america theme park are expected to sign a new lease with the city of santa clara as the city moves forward with plans for the 49ers stadium. the council meets to approve an amendment to the park's lease. that releases the overflow parking lot to allow for construction of the new stadium. the agreement will also allow the theme park parking lots to be used for stadium event parking. >> more monkey business investigated at the san francisco zoo. the examiner reports that security guards caught three men
5:53 am
trespassing sunday night. they hopped a fence to get in. the break-in comes ten days after the disappearance of that squirrel monkey stolen from his cage. he was found a day later at a park. it's not clear if the latest break-in is connected. >> unfortunately for banana sam he will not be in this competition. a couple of mascots finalists in a national competition to find the most awesome mascot on the planet. it's one of the awards in cartoon network's hall of game award shows. amok the finalists, the san jose sharky, the mascot for the san jose sharks, and slamson, the kings mascot. they are going head-to-head with the jack wars and the indians. you wan vote at hall of, vote early and often, the voting closes february 15. >> i will. >> a mathematical oddity.
5:54 am
here. right. in the world of finance. scott mcgrew tells us about negative interest rates. >> negative. this is a weird one, jon. german interest rates have fallen so low you have to pay germany to allow you to lend it money. that sounds insane but negative interest rates are a sign investors are so worried about europe they are desperate to find a safe place to park their fund. they'd rather lend it to the german government which will pay them back a few pennies less, than put their money in a european bank. this makes germany even more powerful. it is swimming in euros as it can borrow at no cost. money on hand is the new power. china is a good example of this. that country funds most of our deficit. let's go to las vegas where the consumer electronics who is in full swing. we asked scott budman to find us gadgets. >> welcome to 2012 ces. we've got tons of stuff to show
5:55 am
you. we'll start with hp, this is the spectre. it's an ultra book made out of gorilla glass. 1399 comes out in february. we've got apps and technology to help you lose weight. this is a company called digital storm. liquid computing. what's a show without a propo type robot. this one aimed at health care will deliver prescription meds. finally a way to use your smart phone to control your remote camera, touch your phone once to start, and once to stop. from las vegas, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> what they are not seeing much of are tablets. last year it was nothing but tablets. and then everyone realized they couldn't pick on apple. there is one tablet from a south bay company but they moved on. apple's going to win the tablet war. >> something new. always waiting.
5:56 am
>> 5:55. still to come on "today in the bay," the search is on or a serial arsonist. the latest details coming up. >> months after deciding to start taxing medical marijuana clubs one talking about a major tax hike. >> and we're expecting light showers and drizzle in some bay area cities. we'll tell you where and when in my full forecast. >> tracking that accident in the san mateo hills with a new one cropping up. >> we give you a live look at sfo, you can see the traffic flowing down the freeway.
5:57 am
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>> new this morning an arsonist is still on the loose in novato. i'm christie smith. i'll tell what you investigators say neighbors should be watching out for. >> news from overnight, a fatal hit and run in oakland. the one detail police have to work with. >> reporter: and the push to increase taxes on pot clubs in san jose continues today. good morning. i'm marla tellez. what mayor chuck reed has up his sleeve. >> a live look outside, golden gate bridge this morning. traffic picking up. is the rain as well? we'll check the full forecast on this tuesday, january 10th, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you.


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