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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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n'do ant esmet' doesn't meant'ood g .news i goo. we have the details of a new report out this morning. >> reporter: and camped out for kindergarten. that's what dozens of parents are doing in santa clara. good morning. i'll explain this ginkinder cam out. >> golden gate bridge, you made it to thursday morning. we'll help you get through it by telling you whether you need to bundle up or take a different route on the morning commute. thursday, january 12th, "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. 6:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we check in first with meteorologist christine lauren. one of those days we get good on everything. >> if we're not getting the rain we're getting really comfortable
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afternoons. that will be the case once we get through this frigid start. temperatures in the 20s in the north bay, the 30s in the south bay. we're going to hit the 70s in a couple of cities today. put one of those 70s on the map and we've got rain in your seven-day so a lot to talk about. right now mike is tracking problems on the san mateo bridge. >> both report forward the westbound commute direction. let's take a look. following debris reported out there, basically a large blue tub. i don't know how you can tell it's blue but that's the report. that debris reported as clearedclear eed, the bridge crew will take care of. i haven't seen slowing but i'll track this. any of the bridge crossings, if anything happens on them it's a major problem. >> thank you. right now crime scene tape and flashing lights as officers investigate a deadly stabbing. officers went to sixth and stevenson for a well-being check this morning. they found a man bleeding from a
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stab wound. the man was rushed to a hospital where he died. so far police are not releasing a description of any suspect or suspects. >> police this morning continuing to search for a kidnapped teen who may be in the central valley. 19-year-old llano vargas accused of kidnapping his girlfriend last week. her parents confronted the man but he sped away, running over the father's foot. vargas now facing a $250,000 warrant for kidnapping and assault. investigators believe vargas who is from stockton may be staying in the stockton madera area or ukiah. he was last seen driving a gold toyota. license plate 5 hbx 454. >> the kidnap victim is 15-year-old raquel, 5'6", weighs 90 pounds.
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anybody with information on the kidnapping is asked to contact the san jose police department. >> 6:02 now. today will be no ordinary day in granada high school in livermore. students and parents just learned a popular math teacher marie johnson, is in jail. the 40-year-old teacher is facing 24 counts of sexual assault involving a boy under the age of 15. investigators say the relationship lasted six months and started with text messages, facebook communications and the game words with friends. she is expected in court tomorrow. a teacher is charged with sexual assault in pennsylvania. nicolas aira is a special education teacher at antioch's bidwell high. police say in 2006 and 2007 he had a sexual relationship with a girl who was 15 at the time. he is on administrative leave and plans to turn himself in. >> smoking will soon be band on
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ten university of california campuses. the ban will be rolled out in stages over the next two years, trying to help people gradually quit smoking. tobacco companies will not be allowed to advertise in buildings owned or rented by the university. 600 campuses have banned smoking altogether. >> the man caught up in a 12-year-old sting operation will in court. holly set up a cam to catch her sister, she says, taking things from her room. this is a former realtor. in the video he is seen rummaging through drawers. he's charged with first-degree burglary. he will be in court this morning. >> a report out says foreclosure filings dropped in 2011 in most bay area cities. realty track reporting dropping more than 20%.
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reasons behind the drop include the increasing number of short sales and more loan modifications. >> but the slowdown not expected to continue through 2012. instead, california could see just a huge jump in foreclosure this is year alone because banks are working through a long list of delayed foreclosures and they are expected to be aggressive. realty track says the number will be below the peak of 2010. >> famous watering hole in union square may soon have to close. the gold dust lounge was served with an eviction notice. the landlord says a new tenant wants to use the space. supporters for the lounge have since started a social media campaign to try to save the bar. the gold dust was once frequented by celebrities including janis joplin and steve mcqueen. >> a big game this weekend. san francisco says it's doing
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everything it can to make sure that the lights stay on for saturday's playoff game between the 49ers and the saints. that's a very good thing. the city says pg&e wrapped up tests on the line leading into the park. the december 19 game against the steelers delayed twice when the lights went out. mayor ed lee's office says several tests have been conducted and they give it the green light. all good. >> not so good for folks waiting out in the cold this morning but certainly not stopping some parents in the south bay from making sure their kids are enrolled at a neighborhood kindergarten. marla joins us with more. the things parents will do for their kids. >> reporter: no kidding, laura. it's a good thing they are doing it for their kids. parents are bundled up. here's the thing, they are inside their cars, you can see the line of cars out here. most of them have been here overnight. one mother is organizing what they call the kinder camp out.
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parents check in with this mother. they are given a number to post on their car to keep their spot. so far almost 50 parents are here. it's to get in to the 2012-13 school year. the mom first in line has been here since 1:00 yesterday afternoon. she's making the most of it. >> we are a large community and i personally don't think the district figured out how many people live in the community. and here we are so there are a lot of kids. >> reporter: 120 spots are available on a first come first serve basis. parents tell us they heard 118 families intend to register. registration officially opens at the school at 9:00 this morning. live in santa clara, marla tell tellez. >> thank you. wait for the triplets. >> it's 6:07.
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meteorologist christina loren is back. >> i could see laura camping out to get her kids in the right school. what are they, 2? hardly thinking about it. good morning to you. maybe you're trying to get your kids ready. i want to point something out we have another spare the air day and unhealthy solution levels. moderate air quality just about everywhere else. so keep that in mind. that's the only down side to these warm conditions that we're experiencing. we have rain in the forecast next week and every time i check it looks better and better. i'm putting money on it. warm and dry conditions. offshore flow continues to pump that. clear at the coast. that means you could hit the beach in santa cruz today. hard to believe. we rarely see this in january and that's why we're breaking records. 48 in san francisco, 43 in san mateo and 38 in san jose so chilly out there.
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but by noon look how warm we'll be. san jose up to 63, so temperatures are going to be running 2 to 4 degrees warmer at noon than yesterday. between 12:00 and 3:00 the warmest time. take care of the errands or anything that might keep you indoors when we get the rain. 68 in san jose and 73 degrees in gilroy. i'll take you through that forecast, tell you when showers arrive at your doorstep. what we expect for now, that's coming up. let's talk to mike about the drive. >> we're looking at -- let me show you what you can't see. highway 4, interesting. i'm going to circle this area around summersville. we saw yellow, speeds below 50. speeds back up above 50. that's a break. still good for 680. 16 minutes the slowing out of the altamont pass over on the right for westbound at 580.
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i circle this, the slowing that has started between vasco, it slows down into pleasanton. this is typical. we'll look at the san mateo bridge, i talked about with earlier incidents. chp says nothing more to worry about. i would say worry about the volume. it's starting to build off 880 but no slowing from the toll plaz or in the opposite direction. >> you know what we say, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> that's right happy birthday. >> thank you. >> what, 22? >> 23. >> 6:10 now. coming up on "today in the bay," 2500 new jobs could be coming to paterson but the question is, who's going to provide them? we'll have that coming up. >> hundreds more in the east bay as a major retailer plans to hire 300 people in the next three days. we'll tell you about the job fair coming up. >> and taking a beautiful live
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look outside this morning, shots were flying over theea, area, but a cold start to the morning. >> i like that shot.
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>> welcome back. it is friday evening, also known as thursday. that is sfo. traffic humming out there. i'm sure people coming and going all over the world. it's 6:13. >> good news to wake up to this morning a. new target in fremont means a lot of new jobs. the second largest general merchandise retailer looking to hire about 300 new employees. "today in the bay's" bob redell. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 800 people have prescheduled interviews for the 300 positions
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at a new target that will go in in fremont. that does not include walk-ins who will show up for this three-day job fair. i bring this up because it gives you a sense of how bad the unemployment situation here is in the east bay and how competitive it is if you are trying to find a job. it means of course target gets the pick of the litter being able to hire people who might not have applied for a retail job in years past. >> it doesn't matter, we have a place for everyone here. we even have quite a few masters, master degreed individuals coming out. but i think what's been positive they realize the opportunities that we do have to offer. a lot of people don't realize that until they come out to events like this. >> reporter: the positions are non-managerial, hourly, talking about working with just security, those type of positions to work at the new location opening in march in fremont. the the job fair is 8:00 to 3:00
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today, tomorrow, and saturday. and they are running it from their newark location here at the new park mall off 880. jon, laura. >> thank you. a mystery company is coming to the central valley and reportedly bringing 2,500 brand new jobs. the council is set to meet to discuss project x, a deal with a mystery company planning to move into a massive 1 million square foot facility. some speculate it could be amazon. >> i want to check the forecast. it's been a cold start but then makes way for a glorious day. >> it's really nice to be honest, in the afternoon hours. the cold start we have to get through, and this morning it is frigid. 33 degrees in concord, 28, 29 in santa rosa. the upper 30s through the south
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bay. throughout day today, the storm track stays to our north. it's going to stay to our north throughout the most part of the weekend action then start to drop to the south as we head through probably looks like this weekend, monday, tuesday and wednesday, we'll get some changes. so clear conditions this morning. as we head throughout the day today, we're going to stay clear. hazy sunshine. a little bit of frost. inland the mid to upper 50s. the low 60s with hazy sunshine so it works like this for today. you'll hit about 73 in fairfield, 69 in concord. 69 degrees in livermore so. staying on the warm side. you see the red indicators. that shows you where we could be breaking records. concord and livermore, you have the best chance to break that record. the rest of the week dry. by this weekend clouds increase. especially in the north bay. by next week the pattern really changes. look at the seven-day forecast. clouds increasing monday action
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tuesday, a few showers by wednesday, showers for the greater bay area and we keep that chae in the mix. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check your drive. >> christina, we have a new accident going on, at hagen burger. it doesn't sound like there are serious injuries but as the volume is increasing so we're focusing on this heading north as you approach the coliseum. you can see the map, no major slowing through the area. the approaches looking nice as well. 18 to 19 minutes off of the carquinez bridge. we'll look at the chopper for the south bay. we just got the chopper on taxpayer scene. this is in san jose just off of the freeway. this is the activity going on. we'll show you where this is. as you see this is all a good
6:18 am
portion off highway 101. but it's a concern because folks familiar with the intersection may be going to catwaller school. we may have reroutes because of that activity. crews on the scene so we'll track this. you might have to reroute or we'll try to avoid that if you can. coming up the peninsula, bayshore, no problem. 280 also smooth so both of these freeways between the south bay and the city, a nice easy drive, no problems for the traffic. we'll end with a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza. the volume starting to build. no metering lights but it's almost 6:20. >> thank you. the gop presidential race getting personal in south
6:19 am
carolina. mitt romney ahead in the poles now just nine days away. he has wins in new hampshire and iowa. opponents attacking his leadership of the equity term and his credentials as a job creator. >> we need to have more venture capitalism going on and less vulture capitalism. >> romney's campaign of course preparing a counter attack for critics of thinks business record. >> hamid karzai call as video that appears to show u.s. marines urinating on taliban fighters insulting and inshane. we're going to show you a still frame but you may find it disturbing. the video showed up on youtube and other internet sights. u.s. military says it appears that you thentic but has not been verified. >> promising a criminal
6:20 am
investigation and the taliban says the video will not affect peace talk efforts. >> two years to the day since the massive earthquakes struck haiti and many people waiting for homes and for help. an estimated 220,000 people were killed. 1.5 million left homeless by the 7 earthquake. only half of the promised aid has been spent. only four out of 10 of the rnl laest projects funded have broken ground. >> up to half a million people are still living in camps in haiti. >> the president of haiti says his first months in office have been spent in battles. >> 6:20 now. coming up you may think your bank is run by crooks. the biggest lender is really the mob. >> apple makes it offi cck the.
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>> welcome back. north korea says it will put kim jong-il's body on permanent display. he died december 17. his body will be on display next to his father's body. portraits will surround his body. there are reports that kim's oldest son has joined facebook.
6:24 am
media reporting that he set up an account. kim was reportedly being groomed to take over the secretive north korea until he was caught in japan with a forged passport on his way to disneyland. >> 6:23. the mafia is italy's largest bank according to an anti-crime group. the mob lends out $180 million every year, more than any other financial institution in the country. the loans aren't handed out in back rooms. the report says the mafia operates through respectable bankers and lawyers. >> part after growing rivalry between the bay area's largest cities. >> when san jose wasn't looking san francisco got its act together, it got twitter, zenga, now a huge expansion of linkedin. renting more space in the city. mayor ed lee says its 57,000
6:25 am
square feet doing a good job filling empty office space with hot tech companies. chuck reed, the mayor of san francisco not going to take that sitting down. he countered with a ribbon cutting at the offices of a harddrive storage company. they are coming in from santa clara. apple has announced shg we talked about for a couple of week, it will have an announcement in new york city later this m. e-mailed invitation makes it clear the announcement is about education. we assume digital text books. an online oddsmaker in ireland published its pay-outs. they are so sure it's text books the odds are terrible on that one. 1-6. you would have to bet 6 to earn a buck. 16-1, apple's tv, not going to do that.
6:26 am
40-1, announcing a new apple feature. apple has a history of good relationships with education. so digital text books seems to be the logical vet. >> who need as pony. >> betting on apple. >> still to come on "today in the bay," $25,000 of meth found by police. we're going to tell you where they found them. >> and waking up in cars to be first in line to get their kids into a public school. we'll have a live report. >> boy, that's tough with near-record lows this morning. kudos to them. make sure you grab a jacket. hey, maybe you got some ski or snow board equipment for christmas. i'll tell you when you can hit the sierra slopes, what we expect next week coming up. >> it's busy, especially early on thursday morning, lots of little stuff. i'll give you the latest ouow y t hows hingade ar show you how things are adding up. it's your social network.
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>> reporter: good morning. police are looking for a kidnapping victim. a 15-year-old. the latest coming up. >> a former caltrans bridge inspector demand his job back. we'll tell you why he claims to be nothing but a scapegoat. >> reporter: and parents camping out in their car, all in the name of kindergarten. i'm live in santa clara. i'll explain this coming up. >> we show you live over san jose, the good news, the weekend coming into sight. i can see it out there focusing in. it's thursday, january 12th, "today in the bay." >> taste. 5:29. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. we check back in with christina loren to find out about the nice weather.
6:30 am
>> holiday weekend at that. three-day weekend for some people. we head through this weekend we're going to hold onto that mild clate. the good news is things change. big time changes on the horizon. it's cold, grab a jacket on the way out. we're going to see another very warm afternoon with temperatures climbing toward record levels. we'll take you through the forecast, we'll tell you when the rain arrives and what that means for the sierra nevada. first we want to check your drive. problems throughout in oakland? >> you know, the volume of traffic is something to contend with and yes, we were following that earlier accident as you are approaching the coliseum northbound 880. a live look out there and see how things are shaping up. the lanes are clear as you pass by hagenberger, those lights tonight past the coliseum but the volume, look how much traffic flow increased. we should see speeds 60 through downtown but that's still great for the nimitz. >> it's 6:30. police are looking for a teenager they believe was
6:31 am
kidnapped by her boyfriend. it actually happened one week ago today but now police are issuing an alert. damian trujillo is live at oak grove high school in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is where her mother saw the girl get in the car with her boyfriend here at the high school. they haven't seen her since last thursday. they believe he is now with her 19-year-old boyfriend and believe that she is in danger. she is 5'6", weighing about 90 pounds. police say last thursday after she got into the car with her boyfriend, raquel, her father tried to rescue his daughter. her boyfriend accelerated the car and he ran over the father's foot. after interviews with the victim's family police believe that vargas is holding the teen against her will. investigators believe the couple
6:32 am
might be staying in the stockton, madera or ukiah area. vargas is from stockton. police have a $250,000 arrest warrant for kidnapping and for assault with a deadly weapon. he is driving a gold two-door so la da, 5 hbx-454. the assault with a deadly weapon charge stems from the suspect allegedly trying to run over the father. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we have aid major drug bust, seizing nine pounds of mh from a home on waterford way. the street value estimated at about tw2 $50,000. >> details continue to be revealed in the preliminary hearing of accused serial killer
6:33 am
joseph naso. disturbing photos made up the testimony yesterday in marin county. nasois charged with killing four women between 1977 and 1994. yesterday a probation officer described his search of the home that turned up a diary. in it were details of assaults of underaged girls along posed photographs of two suspected murder victims. >> 6:33. a caltrains manager fired during the bay area bridge safety scandal is demanding his job back. brian supervised safety testing of the new span of the bridge. he and a technician were fired during a report claiming that they fabricated data. in a new interview with the bee he conditions wrong doing. he will be asked to be reinstated at hearing set for next m. caltrains says none of
6:34 am
the work compromises safety. >> police in one bay area city are asking people to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. police say copper thieves are stealing valuable wiring from light poles. the department thinks the thieves are dressing up as utility workers to commit the crime. six deaths have occurred in the past few months. >> there is a major recall for one of the automakers, ford recalling 490,000 cars due to a defect which could cause fires or loss of power. the vehicles are the ford free star, mercury monterey, minivans and the ford escape suv. ford says it's received reports of a few minor fires. fortunately there have been no injuries reported. >> talking about the cold start to the weather, it's not stopping some to make sure their kids are enrolled. marla joins us this morning. you said about 50 parents
6:35 am
throughout earlier. has the line groan? >> no, i just asked a parent which number she is and she said she is 45. there are just about 50. they pent the night in their cars. they are out and about gathering down the way here. they call this is kinder camp out. most have been here since yesterday. it's to make sure their child gets into this kindergarten. this is for the 2012-13 school year. it is a matter of availability. only 120 seats are available and the demand far exceeds that so parents aree roughing it to mak sure it's fine. >> it's our local school and we always wanted to be here. >> we have a great community. we had neighbors from two years ago and others that don't have children in the school or at all, come and visit us and bring us hot chocolate and coffee. >> reporter: siblings get
6:36 am
priority. if the family has one child in the school the other child is essentially guaranteed a spot. registration officially opens at 9:00 this morning. hive in santa clara, marla tellez. >> you do what you can for your kids. >> a couple years. >> you too. >> that's right. we'll both camp out. >> the kids together. that teacher's in trouble. you want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> bundle up the little ones. it's cold out there f. you are suffering from asthma you want to limit your outdoor activity. the spare the air day but everyone is in the moderate range except for us in the south bay. keep that in mind. likely sparing the air again with no significant rain or wind in the forecast. so it all works out like this. not only the storm track to our north it's going to push all of the clouds out to sea. so clear at the coast, you could
6:37 am
hit the the beach, warm and dry with down sloping dry winds. take you through the forecast, it's cold out there. once the sun comes up at 7:25, the climb is on. take a look at where we're headed by noon. 38 degrees now in san jose. we're going to end up at about 63 degrees as you break for lunch here in san jose. 63 in sunnyvale and up to 63 at noon. these are higher than the daytime averages this time of year. your noon readings. through the afternoon this is what we expect. plenty of 70s on the map. gilroy, 73, 73 in fairfield. so we're going to get spoiled through saturday with clear condition, then the changes arrive sunday and monday, tuesday, we've got pretty good rain chances. i'll tell what you that means coming up. first i want to check your drive with the birthday boy, mike inouye >> thank you. folks at home will show you what things are like. the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:38 am
a beautiful shot. yeah, lots of folks gathering there. you know the celebration is-there is no big unexpected backup. actually, this is going slower than we often see on a thursday. move slow approaching the maze. we'll look at the maps again and see antioch showing a little break. we had slowing from time to time we're seeing these. in the 50s. 50 to 55 through antioch, that is great off the bridge and highway 4. we have slowing through livermore. over to livermore and pleasanton, close to 50s and 60s and a 22-minute drive. the other side of the bay, 101 and 280, no major problems as far as the flow of traffic between san mateo. a new incident. redwood city. i'll bring you more.
6:39 am
back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:38. still to come on "today in the bay." the benefits of red wine now in question. we'll tell you why. >> some of you may want to question a new report on which drivers are best. men or women. i'm not touching that one. so, this is delicious
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[ announcer ] before you make your leap, make a list. then get going in the completely redesigned cr-v. all new, from honda. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought em! ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >> welcome back everybody. okay, this one's one of those
6:42 am
debates going on for a long time. who is the better driver, men or women? >> "today in the bay's" brian mooar live with the results of a new report that tries to answer the question. good morning, brian. >> yeah, laura and jon, let's say i smelled a bad statistic or i could use the initials, a mile off on this. last time we established that you are "master and commander" of the cannon mobile. jon, you, women, men, who is the worst? >> i'm going to let big little mom ma answer that. >> i have totaled two cars. it was the other guy's fault. you can't -- cannot judge. we've got this report. okay. men, more traffic violations, more accidents, more -- higher n, more aggressive, risky behavior. 3-1 ratio, men supposedly drive recklessly, more intoxicated
6:43 am
without a seat belt hooxt did the study? was it dr. steven hawking, harvard? no, it's some dude who has a car insurance search website that was opened back in the summer of 2008. so call me skeptical here but i'm not going to give their name because they want free advertising. let's say you know, vinny's auto quote, don't quote me on this, i know a guy. i don't think that this is going to answer this unanswered question. but -- fight among yourselves. >> brian, i think i'm going to send this guy a thank you note. it allows you to cut loose. i like the stand-up comedy. nice work. >> i can have a second work after they fire me later today. i was telling you that mrs. moore often criticizes my driving and brings up my crashes not including the two totaled
6:44 am
cars. when she is driving with her knees and working on her iphone and also putting on the makeup at the same time. i will say i at least have the decency to wait to get to work to put on my makeup. >> you always look so pretty. thank you, brian. >> that is beautiful. 6:44. coming up we're going live to an east bay target with 300 job openings. we'll tell you what you need to do to get one. >> 399,000 people show up to the unemployment office for the first time. we'll look at the numbers coming up. insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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>> welcome back. good thursday morning to you. 6:46 now. i want to check the forecast with christine lourn. >> another beautiful day. it's going to be nice out there. i want to put it in perspective. as we head through next week, oh, it's going to be quite
6:47 am
different. a major pattern change in the works so enjoy the clear skies and 70s in some cities inland. that's what we're forecasting today. you see from the live picture, hazy out there, it's a spare the air day. illegal to burn fire wood unless it's your only source of heat. 33 in concord, 33 in livermore. you are probably running the heater now but hey, later on today give it a break. you're going to see a nice day. temperatures in the 70s, in the upper 60s inland. let's take you through the forecast for today. as we head throughout the next couple of hours temperatures are going to remain on the cool side. high pressure taking the storm track to the north. all of the rain is slamming alaska. keeping things clear, not only in washington and oregon all the way down through northern california and that's going to be the case as we head through saturday. then the changes arrive. a dip in the jet stream providing clouds, an onshore flow. cooler weather as we head through next week. temperatures falling below seasonal averages starting on
6:48 am
tuesday. a gorgeous afternoon, plentiful sunshine. a little haze out there. and we're seeing the low 60s at the coast. i'm forecasting about about 68 degrees in santa cruz. so if you have the luxury having the day off, you might want to hit the beach. 68 degrees there. 70 in santa rosa and 69 degrees in napa. so quiet for the rest of the week. we head through this weekend we're going to see a few more clouds. the pattern changes on sunday. then next week, the major changes. i'm talking about snow levels starting pretty high. the system on the warm side so we're going to start the snow levels in the sierra nevada tuesday. about 7,000 feet but wednesday as the cold air is ushered in you can see by our highs, 59 on wednesday. 59 at the coast. i'm going to drop the snow level to 5500 feet. that's good for the sierra nevada. and we'll keep tracking this system and bring you updates each day. check your drive now with mike. >> we're looking to the south bay. we're looking at slowing. and bottom of the screen here, northbound 85, coming to 87. a little slowing.
6:49 am
speeds in the 50s and a little below. that means more folks head into town downtown. slowing for 87. 101 from capital up to 680, and around alum rock too. typical pattern as the commute starts to build. we have this, heading toward elementary school, we had an earlier fire. damion reports that. it's still an active scene. green leaf lane is closed but yorba buena is open. if you are getting to cadwalter, you have to go further south now. as you see the crews are there. this is a house, no one was home t person who owns that reportedly was not at home and there are no injuries, just watching for hot spots. we see slowing for the few cars heading through the area. get back to the maps, what things are like further up the peninsula. a smooth drive for 101 out of palo alto past the dumbarton
6:50 am
bridge. we have the issue in redwood city, northbound 101 at holly, things are clear. the back-up is there. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike.9 6:49. new this morning san francisco police are investigating a deadly stabbing. officers went to sixth street and stevenson for a well-being check at around 2:45 this morning where they found a man bleeding 40 am a stab wound. the man was rushed to a hospital where he died. police are not releasing a description of suspects. >> san jose police looking for a teenager they believe was kidnapped by her boyfriend. it happened one week ago today but police are now issuing an alert. damian trujillo is live at oak grove high school. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this is where police say the kidnapping took place at oak grove high school in south san jose. after interviews and investigations they now believe that the teenager needs to be
6:51 am
rescued. her name is raquel menchaka. she is 15. her mother saw her get into her boyfriend's car thursday afternoon. he is 19, his name is leonel vargas. police responded to the scene but too late. later the victim's father spotted the couple and apparently tried to stop them. police say that's when vargas sped off and ran over the father's foot. now officers believe that she is in danger. officers are now looking for vargas on a $250,000 warrant for kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. at this time the couple is believed to be in the stockton or madera or ukiah areas. he is from stockton, driving a gold two-door toyota, plate 5hbx-454. if any one knows vargas or mench
6:52 am
aka they are asked to call police. >> thank you. 6:51 now. a 40-year-old livermore teacher accused of having sex with a student is expected in court. math teacher marie johnson is accused of having a six-month long sexual relationship with a boy under the age ever 15. investigators say it started with text messages, facebook communication and the game words with friends. the principal says the school does not have a policy against teachers contacting students on facebook. johnson is on administrative leave. >> we know the cause of a fire at the tesla facility. the flames were sparked by equipment left on overnight. the sprinkler system was able to put it out before firefighters actually arrived. there were no injuries but there was some minor smoke and water damage. >> jobs could become easier a. survey shows more bay area
6:53 am
businesses are planning to hire more people. bob redell is live in newark where one company is going to be holding a job fair this morning. >> reporter: good morning. talking about target, the nation's second largest retailer looking for 300 new people to fill positions at a new store that will open in march. they have a job fair starting in about an hour at new park mall. we were talking about earlier that competition you're seeing for the 300 positions is pretty intense. how many do you have prescheduled? >> we have 800 interviews prescheduled. however, we are expecting a healthy turnout in our walk hups. we've seen a healthy turnout online with our online application process so we're optimistic we'll find the very best talent. >> because the economy is so bad, so many looking for work it's good for an employer like
6:54 am
yourself because you have the pick of the litter, maybe people applying for jobs today who had been applying for these years ago? >> what we found is that with individuals that have been looking for work they are discovering that target is not just a job, it is a career. so we are looking for individuals that we can encourage and empower to lead, innovate and develop. and be part of our target brand experience. >> thank you. 300 positions, they are hourly, managerial and non-managerial. the job fair is at the new park mall in newark, 8:00 to 3:00 today, friday, and saturday. jon, laura. >> bob, thank you. days after taking that top job with the raiders and firing hugh jackson, mckenzie started the search for a new head coach. according to espn, mckenzie will
6:55 am
interview todd bowls sometime soon. others rumored to be potential candidates include winston moss and darren perry. >> major league baseball owners have their winter meeting. the a's potential move to san jose is not on the agenda. doesn't mean the owners won't talk about. mark reports members of the blue ribbon panel chosen met with major league baseball committee yesterday. bud selig is expected to hold a press conference but not expected to talk. >> japan is on board with sanctions against iran over its nuclear program. overnight it pledged to buy less iranian oil. timothy geithner is in japan but yesterday china reacted coolly to the u.s. request to take part in the sanctions. iran is threatened to close the
6:56 am
strait of hormuz for a fifth of the world's oil because of the sanctions. >> iran's president wraps up his final tour of latin america in ecuador today. yesterday mahmoud ahmadinejad mahmoud ahmadinejad met with castro. the two did not discuss a bomb attack that killed a nuclear scientist in iran. iran blaming it on the u.s. and israel who both oppose the nuclear program. secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. is not responsible. israel has not made a denial. >> 6:56 now. the "today" show coming up. ann curry shows us what they are working on. >> coming up on thursday morning here on "today" the first significant snow of the season for parts of the midwest, some areas bracing for up to a foot of snow. al will have the forecast. also coming up, casey anthony's
6:57 am
pretrial psychological made public. what they reveal. also this morning dolly parton and queen latifah in the house telling us about their new movie. and not because of this fight scene, also they are going to perform live for us in the studio. and we'll have an inside look at the most talked about suite. that's when we get started on a thursday morning here on "today." >> thank you, ann. a researcher known for his work on the health benefits of wed wine may have faked some of the data. it's looking into more than 100 instances of falsified information. the research did studies of an ingredient that showed potential for promoting heart health. it's not known if the false data is enough. >> the dash for new web addresses starts. the internet will no longer be
6:58 am
limited, and dot gov. the application fee is $185,000. and if someone wants the same address it could park a bidding war. scott is watching. >> the markets as well, we're seeing a flat open. the dow industrials up about three points. we got the latest jobless figures for the week. showing 399,000 people headed to the unemployment office for the first time last week. any number under 400,000 is considered good. we'll say that's good news but not much reaction on the market. >> time for a final check with christina loren. >> take a look at what you get to experience. we're going to see gorgeous sunrise over the city by the
6:59 am
bay. over the entire bay area in fact. you can see you'll have plenty of time to enjoy that. we'll check with mike in a moment as to how the traffic is moving along. we're going to jump by the 20s to the 60s. we'll round out the day. some cities getting a 40-degree temperature spread. let's check that drive with mike inouye. >> as promised let's look out here. the south bay first of all, we have slowing northbound. 101, 85, yes, the volume continues to increase. slowing here and you mentioned the bay bridge toll plaza. we see things are backing up in the cash lanes as you are approaching off of the west grand avenue crossing but things are moving. it's backed up but not the worst we've seen. actually the metering lights keeping it moving on the fridge. >> it's your birthday. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us as well this morning. we'll be back at


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