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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 16, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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dangerous this morning. we'll have the latest coming up. >> i'm stephanie chuang live in berkeley at the city's first official event honoring the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. that's coming up. >> a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. no shocker, traffic looks nice and light. it is a holiday. mlk day. monday, january 16, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we check in with meteorologist christina loren. it felt crisp and cool driving in. is it going to continue? >> it is. you know what, it's a good thing for the sierra nevada snow levels and we do eventually get rain. look likes late wednesday that will start. because it's going to be so cold we're going to see snow levels possibly falling down to 4500 feet. this morning it's clear out
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there, 27 in livermore, we'll tell you when the rain arrives at your doorstep and how long it's going to last. >> thank you very much. two attacks in oakland have police searching for a very unusual suspect. a 14-year-old boy wanted for robbing and sexually assaulting two women. bob redell joins us live with an update on the investigation. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. police don't normally release the name after juvenile but his risk to the general public outweighs privacy and they believe by identifying him he will have a better shot of catching him. so opd tells us the boy is brionn glasper, a 14-year-old boy accused of sexually assaulting two women twice his age. the recent attack allegedly taking place this past thursday, this is on 11th street between 980 and mlk. the other attack ten days ago on market street. in both instances he approached the 28-year-old women, they were
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on the street, one walking, the other riding her bike, officers say he pretended to have a gun, took their wallet or purse, forced them into an isolated area where he allegedly sexually assaulted them. police are not releasing his photo put put out a description. they say he is african-american, 5'5", 110 pounds, he has black hair, brown eyes, they do believe he is armed and certainly consider him to be dangerous. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> we have a big time fire to tell you about in southern california. that is in wilmington, california which is just west of long beach. that blaze right now is at the administrative building at the conoco phillips refinery plant in wilmington. firefighters tell us that 150 fighters are working on this blaze. the fire has burned about a third of the free standing office. it looks like they are having a lot of difficulty with the darkness out there but 150
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firefighters on top of that right now. we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. >> also new this morning the search for survivors and victims on a partly sunken cruise ship on hold right now. the ship is on its side, near giglio, in italy the mayor says the ship started to move this morning and crews had to evacuate. the "costa concordia" hit some submerged rocks and rolled onto its side on friday. the death toll now stands at six. reports say 15 or 16 people are still missing including an american couple. passengers say the crew panicked in the moments after the crash. >> we were going to die in the ship. we were going to die in the small boat. they didn't know how to work it. i thought it was going to tip over and we would drown. >> the owners of the ship say the captain took, quote, unauthorized deviation from its course.
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we're showing you live pictures. looks like rescue in progress. they have been working on this and trying to figure out what's happening looking for missing bodies. right now the captain of the ship is held on charges of manslaughter and abandoning his post. >> it is 6:04. today, people across the country and here at home are honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. stephanie chuang is live in berkeley for a celebration breakfast promoting peace in the community. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we spoke with an organizer, a pastor who moved here two years ago and stunned to find out that the city of berkeley didn't have an official event honoring dr. king, so eight months of planning later here we are. the breakfast starts in one hour. they invited 150 people. just a few here. there is the chief of police. they are also expecting other civil rights advocates and faith and business community leaders.
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these are people organizers say will be great role models to connect to local youth. >> opportunities like these expose them to the thoughts and to the people that we would like for them to emulate in their own lives. >> reporter: this morning they are honoring a 19-year-old berkeley native who has been a community activist involved in violence prevention, he is getting an all-expenses paid trip to tennessee where he'll get to meet other rising leaders so exciting things already coming out of this. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang, jon and laura, back to you. >> here is a look at some of the other events around the area. volunteers clean up the golden gate national recreation area at 8:30. the green cleanup day in east oakland starts at 8:30. the mlk day in richmond kicks off at 9:00. volunteers meet at sixth street and ohio avenue. san francisco students will spruce up john o'connell high
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school. in the south bay the american red cross volunteers visit homes to talk to people about fire safety. that also starts at 10:00 a.m. >> this morning the bay area will honor the life of dr. martin luther king, jr. with its annual freedom train ride. the train will depart from san jose caltrain station this morning starting at 9:30 and make stops in sunnyvale, palo alto and san mateo before arriving in san francisco. a limited number of tickets may be available. >> 9ers fans setd on seeing the nfc championship game in person, candlestick will host the game this sunday. the giants knocked off the packers yesterday. 9ers are the higher seed so they get to host that game. ticket goes on sale this wednesday. first season ticket holders get a chance to buy extras at 10:00 a.m. then at 1:00 p.m. the remaining seats go on sale to everyone. there will be a four-ticket
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limit. all tickets sold through ticket master or phone lines. >> sunday's game will be a rematch from november 13, the niners you may recall beat the giants, 27-20. davis and hunter scored. giants and 9ers met six times and the niners beat them in four. >> the giants, well they may have a side note. may have helped the raiders kick start the search for a new coach. when they ended the packers season they made all green bay coaches available for interviews. the raiders new gm just came from the packers staff and at least four green bay coaches are said to be candidates for the head coaching job with the raiders. >> a georgia man is jailed accused of shooting two niners fans at a restaurant. the suspect got angry because they were rooting for the niners during saturday's game at an
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applebee's. police say he shot the men in a parking lot after the game. he then took off but police caught him a short time later. police did make 20 arrests. officers arrested 19 people for thing likes resisting police officers and intoxication and battery. one person was arrested for selling counterfeit tickets. numerous others were ejected. >> 6:08. a routine traffic stop turns deadly in santa clara. police stop add 42-year-old man on suspicion of drunk driving. the officer says the driver was uncooperative and then he reached for a gun, causing the officer to shoot and kill the man. an investigation now is under way. the officer remains on paid administrative leave. >> a gilroy woman is behind bars accused of drunk driving in a crash that killed her husband and daughter. the woman's 1-year-old grandson
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survived with minor injuries. it happened saturday afternoon on highway 85 north of winchester boulevard in los gatos. police say the 51-year-old was speeding when she sideswiped a car and crashed. she was arrested for dui and felony vehicular manslaughter. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi says he will be at work the same day he is due in court on domestic violence charges. he was charged friday with three misdemeanors stemming from an incident on new year's eve. he says he will fight these charges and will not step down. anti-domestic violence advocates demanding that he resign. mayor ed lee says he is reviewing the facts to try and determine whether he will remove mirkarimi from office. >> 6:09. a lot of folks waking up to an extended weekend. >> i want to bring to your attention, mike smik off but we're watching if highways so if anything happens we'll let you know. things are quiet.
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in the weather and the traffic department, it's cold, grab a jacket. your forecast shows by noon we're going to see temperatures climb into the 40s, then the upper 50s so you probably need a sweater or jacket. just to stay warm. hey, if you want to get outdoors you get two days only before the wet pattern really kicks into high gear. wednesday, maybe for the second half of wednesday that's where we expect the first showers. that's what it looks like now. of course this system is a ways out for we're going to be working on the timing of this. right now it looks like it's going to arrive in the north bay late wednesday into thursday. this is what we expect. an area of low pressure is going to drop into the bay area. that's good news because we need the rain. by sunday we're going to see rain every day wednesday through sunday. we could be measuring inches, even in the south bay so. this is a significant system. i don't like to whoop up a big storm until it's a big storm. this is looking pretty phenomenal. temps in the 50s. i'll take you through the full forecast and tell you what you
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can expect when it comes to the game this weekend. i have a hint of what's to come for that big game. i'll send it back to you guys. >> 6:10. coming up on "today in the bay," top ski resort executive is joining the effort to give the olympics back to tahoe. but the bid could be undone before it really even gets started. we'll tell you why. >> vice president joe biden coming to the bay area this weekend. we'll have all of the details of his visit coming up next. >> a live look outside, golden gate bridge, traffic is pretty light as a lot of folks enjoying an extended holiday due to martin luther king jr. >> why don't you check out your latest traffic, news, weather and all sorts of good things on facebook. you know where to find us. nbc bay area. hey guys, breakfast!
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>> vice president joe biden will visit san francisco wednesday. the vice spt coming for a fundraising lunch at the bentley reserve on battery street. tickets start at $2500, all the way up to $10,000 for a chance to shake hands with the vice president. >> republican presidential candidate jon huntsman announcing this morning he is dropping out of the race. huntsman expected to endorse mitt romney. the former utah governor quit his post as president obama's ambassador to china. huntsman will make his announcement scheduled at 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> romney has a 7-point lead into saturday's primary in south carolina. rick santorum, rick perry and newt gingrich pummeling romney with negative ads. ron paul, the only candidate focusing solely on his own success. >> did well in iowa, did well in
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new hampshire. we're going to do well next saturday, right? >> the candidates admit if romney does win conservative south carolina it's going to be very hard to stop him from winning the overall nomination. >> in the meantime rick perry says the white house is going over the top criticizing marines videotaped urinating on taliban corpses. he called the marines kid who is made a mistake and to call at criminal act he says is going too tar. the defense secretary has called the incident deplorable. the marines face charges. >> let's check back in with meteorologist christina loren. >> baby, it's cold outside. good morning to you. grab your jacket, if you're going to let your pets out this morning, you want to monitor how long they are out because it's downright chilly. 30s across the board. san francisco is the warmest city. 41 degrees. we've got the 30s everywhere else. make sure you bundle up.
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throw on an extra blanket. as you can see temperatures are running cool. clear conditions but hey, moderate air quality in one county. otherwise looking good. good air quality so that's a good indication. on shore flow is back. that fog yesterday helped to purify our air. this afternoon we're not going to see much fog, not much cloud cover. 55 degrees, that's it in napa. 54 in los gatos. quite a stretch from the 70s we had last friday so make sure you're ready for that. now that it's getting cold and the wet pattern is starting. look when we expect our first showers. between 10:00 and 5:00 that's when showers start to slide to the south. we'll see showers continue to push south wednesday. by about 7:00 p.m. san francisco, you getting your first significant rain of the season so far. and we only get the futurecast to 6:00 a.m. thursday. but hey, look how promising the system is for the sierra nevada.
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already measuring that snow at about six inches at 6:00 a.m. thursday. and the bulk of the moisture hasn't even arrived yet so we could talk about with chain requirements as we head through this weekend. also, something that's happening big game here sunday, january 22, candlestick park, new york takes on our own san francisco 49ers. we've got rain in the forecast but hey, i don't think it's going to be anything that's going to keep our boys down. if you are headed to the game, make sure you've got the umbrella ready, showers on and off throughout the game and winds at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. winds can become a factor as well. we're watching for that. cool and cloudy conditions by tuesday. then the rain chances ramp up wednesday all the way through sunday. i'll tell you how much we're expecting. let me tell you this. a hint. more than an inch. back to you guys. >> christina, thank you. as we've been talking about all day today, it is dr. martin luther king, jr. day and that means public transit will operate on altered schedule.
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we want to get you up to speed. b.a.r.t. says it will work on a saturday schedule so check out the website before you head out. muni will also be on a saturday schedule. while ac transit is on a sunday schedule. caltrain and the vta says they will operate as normal. tomorrow, we'll get the details of the bay bridge closures scheduled for presidents day weekend and the westbound deck will close that weekend and that's pretty much what we know right now this morning. we'll of course find out more from caltrans tomorrow. >> diamonds don't mean a lot in the bay area. the bay area is home to more carpool lane cheaters than anywhere in the state. chp officers wrote more than 208,000 carpool lane tickets between 2000 and 2010. even beating l.a., the city of angels is second with 165,000 tickets. >> squaw valley's ceo joined the
6:19 am
effort to lure the 2022 winter olympics to tahoe. squaw valley if you recall hosted the games back in 1960. the ceo andy worth and the co-president of vail resorts out there joined the effort yesterday. vail resorts owns heavenly and north star but the bid could be stalled because of a dispute between the u.s. and international olympic committee. the u.s. says it won't make any bids until a new revenue sharing deal is worked out. >> a festival in the town of princeton by the sea, even if waves aren't big enough to hold a surfing conterse. the festival, runs from 8:00 in the morning to sunset. in the parking lot of the ocean hotel and spa. there will be food and music and a huge tv to stream all of the video.
6:20 am
the competition can happen any time from now until march 31. but if there is no competition, the festival will still take place on march 31. >> it is 6:19. hollywood celebrated its top performers at the golden globes. last night silence was golden in the comedy or musical category, the movie "the artist" scored best picture. john dujardins named best actor for performing as a silent film star. michelle williams won her first globe for best actress in a musical or comedy for "my week with marilyn." the "descendants" took best drama and best actor award. meryl streep was best actress for playing margaret thatcher in the iron lady. the thriller homeland won best drama and modern family for best tv comedy. >> a big night all in one.
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coming up, you might want to start saving. it looks like you'll need it for gas. see why experts predict a big price jump. >> lots of people have the day off but not hackers. we'll look at tao twcockatmings up.we -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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>> welcome back. it's 6:23. there may not be relief in sight for all of those higher gas prices.
6:24 am
aaa placing the blame on crude oil prices which are nearing the $100 a barrel mark and on the repeal of the ethanol tax credit. increased global demand and optimism of a u.s. economy recovery also helping fuel rising costs. nationally regular gas costs $3.90 a gallon. >> a blow for parents in california struggling to find work. the governor says he will give you two years to find a job before you use half of your welfare cash. the welfare cuts could save about a billion dollars and bridge the budget gap. the governor says california is penalized by the feds for having too many parents who work fewer than 30 hours a week. critics say even well qualified workers are struggling to find jobs. the governor admits it's not nice but he says it is necessary to balance the budget. >> this year's consumer electronics show the biggest in the events history. new figures showing a record
6:25 am
153,000 people attending the convention in las vegas. this year's hottest trends, a light weight lap top, android tablets and smart phones. next year's convention could equal that attendance mark. >> several hackers hard at work attacking a well known company. scott has been on the case monitoring all of this. >> zappos says it's the victim of a hack attack. the ceo of the company quick to say your credit card information has not been compromised. but hackers may have your home address, e-mail, other details. all of the pass words have been reset and the company famous for customer service says it's turned off its phones because it can't handle all of the calls. better not to answer any calls it says than leave you on the phone forever. if your name was in the data base hacked you should get an e-mail about it. if you use the same e-mail
6:26 am
address and password together for other sites, itunes or amaz amazon, you should change those. a different hacker says he has the source code for symantec's anti-virus programs and will release it to the world tomorrow. this is embarrassing for the company because it is, after all, in the business of defeating hackers. this is like the fire department burning down. the company says the hacked code is an old version of its norton anti-virus. >> the president over the weekend came down on the side of silicon valley companies against hollywood as he announced he will not support the controversial proposed anti-piracy laws called sopa and pipa. that enraged r ed rupert murdoc. president obama says he does support anti-piracy efforts but
6:27 am
these laws may not be the proper laws to address that. >> thank you, scott. 6:26. still to come on "today in the bay," the road to the super bowl runs through candlestick park. coming up, how you can be there to see it all. >> can't waxt oakland police looking for a sexual assault suspect they say is only 14 years old. we'll have a live report coming up. >> we have a major pattern change. i'm not just talking about a few showers. rain, heavy at times on the way to your neighborhood. we'll time that out, tell you how much we're eti
6:28 am
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>> reporter: sexual assault on the streets of oakland. allegedly by a 14-year-old boy. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. >> the search of a partly sunken cruise ship now on hold this morning. we will explain why.
6:30 am
>> reporter: after years without one t city of berkeley finally hosting a celebration for dr. martin luther king, jr. i'm stephanie chuang live with that story coming up. >> a live look outside. this monday, january 16, "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. you have been predicting the cold and the wet was coming. >> thank you, thank you very much for that. yeah, we saw the showers ramping up. looks like we're going to get more than we originally anticipated. that'sdhe goo news because we are running a significant deficit in terms of our rainfall totals. we're going to make a lot of that up here this week. 31 in livermore, grab a jacket on the way out the door, we're headed to the 50s today. i'll time out the storm system. let you know how much we're expecting, pretty significant
6:31 am
numbers. that's coming up. back to you. >> it is 6:30. a disturbing man hunt in oakland as police look for a 14-year-old boy accused of robbing and sexually assaulting women. bob redell joins us live with an update on this investigation. good morning, bob. what's the latest? >> reporter: opd on the lookout for a young man named brionn glasper. they tell us he is the 14-year-old boy they accuse of sexually assaulting two women twice his agent, the recent attack thursday on 11th street. the other attack, the first one, ten days ago on market street. in both instances police say glasper approached the women, on the street, one walking, the other on her bicycle. he pretended to have a gun, took their wallet or purse and force themd into an area where he allegedly sexually assaulted
6:32 am
them. police have not released his photo but put out a description of the suspect. they say he is african-american, 5'5", 110 pounds, black hair, brown eyes. they do think that he is possibly armed and certainly consider him to be dangerous. what is unusual is that police are releasing his name. they don't normally do that with juveniles but they figure in this instance his risk to the public was outweighed by his right to privacy. they figured that they had a right to do this and a better chance of catching him. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, bay area news. >> thank you, bob. 6:32. rescue operations on the capsized italian cruise ship have been suspended indefinitely after the ship began slipping from its rocky resting place. this video was released, amateur video showing frightened passengers waiting to be evacuated. you can hear the crew calling for calm saying the situation is
6:33 am
under control. at least 16 people are still missing. six people now confirmed dead as we take a live look at the ship just on its side. the captain is in police custody accused of manslaughter and abandoning his ship before passengers were even evacuated. >> in other news, across the country and here at home, the day of commemoration in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. stephanie chuang is live in berkeley for a celebration breakfast promoting peace in the community. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. there is a park, a middle school and road named after dr. king in berkeley. up until now the city has not had an official event celebrating dr. martin luther king, jr. here we are eight months ago a group of pastors decided to change all of that and in less than a half hour this ballroom here will be packed with about 150 people, civil rights advocates, business leaders. they will honor two including a
6:34 am
well recognized long standing figure in berkeley, frank brown. >> frank has been here in the community for 60 years, and was head of the naacp for 27 years and has done an amazing job for the community. so it's a perfect person to celebrate here in berkeley. >> reporter: mr. frank brown will get $1,000 to donate to the charity of his choice. the other person who is receiving an award is a 19-year-old berkeley native who has been huge in the local non-violence and violence prevention movement in berkeley. we're live in berkeley. stephanie chuang, jon and laura, back to you. >> thank you. and today people all over the nation and here in the bay area honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. by serving others. it's a day when americans are asked to work together to fill dr. king's vision for a better. in oakland volunteers removing invasive plants at the regional
6:35 am
shoreline. also at 8:30, habitat for humanity rebuilding together will renovate the bay view opera house in san francisco, that starts at 8:30. at 9:00, volunteers will team up to clean the ulistac natural area in santa clara. at 10:00, urban relief will plant trees in west oakland. >> for the seventh time candlestick park will host an nfc championship game. the giants win over the pack ares pushed it to the stick. season ticket holder get to buy extra tickets, then the remaining seats go on sale. there will abnoor ticket limit. all tickets are sold through ticket master or phone lines. the game kicks off at 3:30 sunday afternoon. >> 6:35 now.
6:36 am
the trial of accused serial killer joseph nasosparking an investigation into whether he is connected to another unsolved murder. police now looking into whether nasois linked to a cold case from back in the 1980s. investigators found a note mentioning the north coast town while searching naso's home and found was a list of ten women including the four nasois accused of killing. police have not released further details in the case but say they are comparing dna evidence. >> police have a stabbing suspect thanks to good samaritans. the suspect attacked a man sunday afternoon. witnesses stopped the attack, then chased down the suspect and held him. the victim is in critical condition. >> more arrests during a march. about 125 demonstrators left saturday night, two were arrested for creating a bear you cade on the street with a
6:37 am
dumpster. organizers say the march is the start what if will be weekly protests against the police department. last week, six people were also arrested during clashes with police. >> 6:36. a cold start to this monday morning. want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> it is chilly out there. but the chilly weather we're no stranger to. we had to deal with many days last week, 20s and 30s. that's the case this morning. something we're lacking all winter, significant rainfall. that all changes as of wednesday. very potent winter storm on the way. you can see by all of the deep white here, this is a lot of moisture. very moisture system on the way. i think we're going to pick up over 1.5 inches in the south bay. i'm forecasting that on monday. i think that will be our total by about sunday morning. so for today, frigid start. by tomorrow we're going to see more fog. onshore flow kicks in. cool and cloudy. and then wednesday the rain moves in starting in the north bay. i think showers will start in the north bay about 10:00 a.m.
6:38 am
and start to spread to the south by about 5:00 p.m. we'll get to the time in a moment. right now it's cold out there. grab a jacket. 30s and 40s in san francisco. overall we'll see temperatures very, very cool all the way through noon. only wrapping the numbers up in the 40s at noon we'll round out the day with plenty of 50s. 54 in los gatos. 54 in santa cruz, 57 the high in san jose. to put it in perspective, we have the 70s just last friday so make sure you're ready. a little bit cooler tomorrow. we'll time out the system, and this is looking really good skiers and snowboarders. you might notice more commercial activity from people in the sierra nevada. well, that's because they are ready to open up. we have a lot of snow on the way and we'll tell you how much coming up. >> perfect. thanks so much. still to come, the gop presidential race thinning out a little this morning. find out why jon huntsman is dropping out. >> a live look, that is san jose and look at that horizon. the sun slowly starting to peek.
6:39 am
look likes we have a layer of orange sherbet out there. g
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> good monday morning to you. jon huntsman dropping out of the presidential race throwing support behind mitt romney. tracie potts is live in washington to tell us how this changes the race. good morning. >> laura, good morning.
6:42 am
sources told us that he will make that announcement shortly. we're waiting. the official word from jon huntsman not only that he's dropping out but endorsing rival mitt romney. typically we don't see endorsements come this quickly or on the same day. and also, the timing is interesting, just after a big newspaper endorsement in south carolina endorsed huntsman over the weekend over mitt romney saying he was better qualified and more principled than romney in terms of winning the nomination. but, it looks like huntsman is out. out for the debate tonight, out for the nomination and out for that south carolina primary that is set for saturday. so that leaves five major candidates, several of them santorum, gingrich and perry squarely focused on romney, not so much, not as much for ron paul. the other three particularly gingrich has said that he is going to be focusing on romney
6:43 am
and drawing distinctions and making it clear to south carolina voters he see this is as a choice between him and mitt romney. romney is the front-runner in that race, he has won iowa and new hampshire and leads on average by about seven points in south carolina. laura. >> interesting to see. thank you very much, tracie. >> coming up on "today in the bay," oakland police say a sex assault suspect is on the loose and is only 14. we'll have a live report. [ girl ] to protect against dental problems, my dentist said use act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. all mixed together. with galaxy nexus by samsung, now you can organize your contacts into circles, like you do in real life. so you can choose what people see and what they don't. and with the speed of verizon 4g lte,
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>> welcome back. these are live pictures now of a fire in progress in wilmington, california. that is just west of long beach. a huge blaze going there, firefighters calling this a
6:46 am
major emergency right now. 150 firefighters are on scene. we have been told that a fire has now consumed a third building, this is taking place at the conoco phillips refinery. we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. it's since about 4:22. >> that is huge. look at the size of that. 6:46. waking up this morning to a cold start across the bay area. we want to check in. >> so cold we haven't had a freeze warning issued for three weeks but this morning though temperatures are running about as cold as they were every morning last week, we do have one in place. that means national weather service wants you ta know it's cold enough for sensitive plants to get damaged. bring the pets in the you can. i think the biggest difference between today and the cold last week is it's going to last longer. we're only going to end up in the 40s by noon where last week we were in the 60s by noon. so, make sure you're ready for that cold pattern change. then we have wet weather on the way. freeze warning in place so watch
6:47 am
for icy conditions, very, very icy up through the north bay. and you want to travel cautiously because of this. try to take off a little slower than usual. as you can see, we've got a really significant dip in the jet stream. we've been waiting for this. that jet stream is coming into the bay area. and you see these spotty clouds. that's cold air moving in. we don't have fog out there this morning but by tomorrow because of on shore flow we expect a mostly cloudy start. temperatures today on the cool side. down from the 70s of just last week. last saturday, 57 degrees. in san jose, 54 later today. what about 55 degrees in the city by the bay. the reason we're going to get the showers and a lot of rain as a matter of fact, come wednesday because this area of low pressure is going to move into the bay area. we've got a storm bull's eyeing the bay. as it does we'll see cool, cloudy conditions, limited sunshine. and temperatures are only going to end up in the 50s just about all week long with limited sun. rain in the north bay starting wednesday. a few showers through the south bay. and then thursday, friday,
6:48 am
saturday, even sunday, we've got a lot of rain in the forecast. each and every day. wednesday you can see the showers sliding into the north bay. and that will continue through about 5:00 p.m. by 6:00 to 7:00 the showers start to move south of the golden gate bridge. once it starts to rain it's not going to stop. we're not going to get significant breaks all the way through sunday. take a look at the sierra nevada, already expecting up to six inches. thursday morning before the bulk of the moisture comes through so hey, if you have not gotten your tickets trying to get the tickets you might want to do so. some of them are still discounted. showers thursday, rain at times friday and the pattern changes, we expect a lot of rain up to an inch and a half even in the south bay so we'll keep timing that out as the system gets closer. >> thank you very much. an unusual story unfolding in oakland as police continue searching for a 14-year-old boy suspected of sexual assault. not once but two times.
6:49 am
bob redell joins us live. he has the latest on this investigation. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. normally police do not name juvenile suspects but believe in this instance his risk to society outweighs his right to anonymity and they also believe by i.d.'ing him they have a better chance of catching him. his name is brionn glasper, he is a 14-year-old boy accused of sexually assaulting two women twice his age. the most recent attack was a few days ago, thursday on 11th street between 980nd a mlk, the first attack ten days ago on market street. in both incidents glasper approached the women on the street, one who had been walking, the other riding her bicycle. he pretended to have a gun, took their wallet or purse, forced them into an isolated area where he allegedly sexually assaulted them. police are not releasing his photo but have put out a description of the 14-year-old suspect. they say glasper is
6:50 am
african-american, 5'5", 110 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, and they consider him to be armed and dangerous. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, bay area news. >> 6:49. pleasanton police are searching for a suspect who shot a man. a fight erupted in the nightclub around 130 monday morning. a man was shot. he is expected to live. any one with information about the shooting should call pleasanton police. >> a police officer on paid leave after a deadly shooting. the officer stop add man on suspicion of drunk driving saturday night, on the 2400 block of karen drive. police say the driver was uncooperative, then reached for a gun. the officer opened fire, killing the man on the spot. an investigation is under way. >> 6:50. a gilroy woman is behind bars accused of drunk driving in a rollover crash that killed her husband and daughter.
6:51 am
the woman's 1-year-old grandson survived. it happened saturday afternoon on highway 85 north of winchester boulevard. police say stacey lawnberg was speeding when she sideswiped a car and crashed. she is charged with dui and felony vehicular manslaughter. >> today people across the country and here at home honoring the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. stephanie chuang is in berkeley live there for a celebration breakfast promoting peace in the community. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the party is just getting started now. berkeley has not had an official event celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king, jr., that is until today. we are expecting about 150 people here for the breakfast event that starts in ten minutes. beyond the dream of that focus is promoting peace and connecting local youth to role models.
6:52 am
>> it's important because we are seeding into their lives, placing thoughts into their lives, that will eventually blossom and grow and help to make a better community. >> reporter: they will be presenting two honors, a life achievement award to a man who lived in berkeley for 60 years who is an naacp leader and a 19-year-old berkeley native who has been huge in local violence prevention so. here they are honoring activists of all ages. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang, back to you. >> thank you very much. president obama and his family will honor dr. martin luther king, jr.'s legacy today, the first family taking part in a community service project in washington. later on the president and the first lady will attend the let freedom ring celebration in honor of dr. king at the kennedy center. >> what would make a barful of fans root for the giants, home field advantage. next weekend the niners take on the giants at candlestick.
6:53 am
the giants beat the packers leaving fans very happy. >> we're making the giants travel all the way across the country to come and play at candlestick park. it's going to be a beat down going on next week this time. >> we don't even have to discuss it. the niners win, game over. we're going to the super bowl. >> fabulous. sounds like a plan to me. season ticket holders have their tickets but they can buy extras on wednesday, a couple hours before they are made available to the general public. so, what do the giants think about the trip out west? >> we're always confident going into a game. we know it doesn't matter what happened in the regular season. we've been through games where we lost to teams and we've faced them in the playoffs again and come out and played well. >> we got our hands full going out there. the crowd's going to be rocking but like i told you earlier, we know how to win on the road. we know what it takes and we'll be ready to play.
6:54 am
>> how confident are you going to san francisco now, the team that i think you want another crack at? >> very. >> very. oh, yeah. us too. nfc conference championship this sunday kicking off at 3:30. >> four quarters away from the super bowl. in other news, seems parents are getting the message about swimming safety. researchers from johns hopkins university looked at 16 years of data on kids and teens hospitalized from drowning incidents. they found 50% decrease during the time in all age groups. researchers attribute it to nationwide water safety campaigns pushing for fences around pools, life jackets on boats and of course the all important parental supervision. >> a toddler can drown in a 5 gallon bucket of water with just a few inches of water in it. >> despite the decrease in hospitalizations an estimated 1,000 children die from drowning
6:55 am
each year. >> crews are searching through the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in beirut, lebanon. the five-story building collapsed sunday. it killed more than 13 people and more believed to be still buried inside. hospitals are treating 12 people after the collapse. >> new this morning iran's intelligence ministers say the country will give definitive responses to the killing of a nuclear scientist. the minister says americans, british and israelis will hear soon from the country's leadership a. car bomb killed the iranian nuclear scientist on wednesday. that attack is similar to earlier assassinations on iranian scientists allegedly connected to the country's nuclear program. iran also blamed the united states and israel for the past attacks. the u.s. denies involvements. tension is high between the u.s. and iran over a threatened oil embar go in the strait of
6:56 am
hormuz. today iran's morn ministry says it received a letter from the u.s. about threats to blockade the strait. a spokesman won't say at this point specifically what was in the letter. >> new this morning the associated press is the first international news organization to open shop in north korea. a new bureau opened overnight. ap writers and journalists will be allowed to work in the country on a regular basis. north korea has been largely off limits to journalists not working for the north korean government. >> the "today" show coming up in minutes. natalie morales is showing us what they are working on. >> good morning from los angeles and coming up on monday morning on "today" complete coverage of the golden globes, we'll break down the winners, tell you how ricky gervais did as host and check out all of the action on the red carpet. also ahead, the latest on the cruise ship disaster off the coast of italy. the confirmed death toll rose
6:57 am
overnight as the cruise liner's owner suggested the captain may have been guilty of significant human error. we're live at the scene and will talk to a california family who survived. those plus how you can get a red carpet ready body just like your favorite stars. this all when we get started on a monday morning here on "today." >> red carpet ready body. cannot wait. community leaders making a neighborhood safer. work will begin on a sidewalk mural set to span 11 blocks in the tenderloin district. it's all part of the safe passage project designed to spruce up the neighborhood and increase safety on the streets. the painting begins at 11:30 this morning. >> hollywood is paying tribute to america's favorite golden girl. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our special guest of the evening, betty white. >> tinseltown held a 90th birthday celebration for betty white earlier this month. yeah, 90 years. she looks great.
6:58 am
you can see the betty white birthday special tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. following the broadcast you'll get a peek into white's new hidden camera comedy series. >> going strong and 90 years young. the the american stock markets are closed in honor of dr. king. scott, the rest of the world at this point trying to figure out what ta do. >> after six countries saw their credit ratings downgraded much the way america was last year. we continue to watch greece, default could come any time. european leaders don't think that greece has the strength to carry out the reformationings to get its house in order. the greek prime minister, a former u.s. fed official harvard grad appears unable to get things turned around. >> wall street close to honor the birthday of dr. martin luther king, jr. let's talk about something lighter, barbie and bald barbie. this is facebook effort to
6:59 am
create a bald -- let me say it again. bald barbie. barbie as you know has been a nurse and doctor, now in honor of cancer patients they would like to see that, we've put a link to bald barbies facebook page on our own. back to you. >> can cut her hair if you want. >> a close trim. >> you'll feel it though if you're heading out the door. it's a cold start. grab a cap. >> it's going to be cold out there. not just today, all week long. by tomorrow we get more fog. the rain moves in on wednesday. i want to point out if you're getting tickets to the big game this weekend, rain in the forecast for sunday, 55 degrees. you can't bring an umbrella so you have to get yourself a san francisco 49ers poncho. how do you like that? >> i love that. >> go niners. talking about it all week. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll be back at 7:25 for a local news update. >> did i mention the 49ers,


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