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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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turns a street into an unlikely tourist stop. next at 11:00. ♪ jumbaco! jumbaco! jumba-jum- jack, i don't know why you keep pushing the jumbaco. research shows normal people like the jumbo deal. your classic jumbo jack made with 100% beef, two tacos, fries and a drink for just $4.29. it's all their favorites in one meal. they killed my jumbaco idea? i tried. >> it can happen in an instant. you never know what events will talk a loved one from you. >> a story you will see here on nbc bay area news. an ordinary day at the beach turns tragic for a bay area teenager to the night we hear from his parents for the first time. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm raj matha if. i'm jessica aguirre.
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life can change in an instant. it did for a bay area family last summer in santa cruz. their son buried alive by sand. he did survive. but his future and theirs changed forever. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is live where the family is giving us a glip mpse of their new nor ma -- normal. >> reporter: this story is about faith and community support. this young man has overwhelping support that he will get better. >> brett buchanan is a doting father taking care of his son, ryan. >> seven months after a freak accident during a retreat at sunset beach with his church group. ryan was buried alive by sand. >> ryan was digging a tunnel with a friend of his in the sand. there with his youth group, 50, 60 kids. >> his father says the 17-year-old lacrosse player and
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musician dug a tunnel from one direction and his friend started digging from the opposite. they connected in the middle. after they connected one was coming out. ryan was going in. and the tunnel collapsed on hip. >> ryan was buried for 15 minut minutes. >> from what the doctors say, ryan is in a persistent vegetative state. lack of oxygen to the brain the when that occurs your brain cells die. >> but ryan is beating the odds. >> he can open his eyes. he can smile. he can have tears. he can have some movement. there is a lot of brain activity in there. and that brain activity is trying to connect to the rest of his body. >> the buchanans and ryan's circle of friend are hoping for a miracle. >> the house is laid in a t. >> here at george mark children's house for several
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months. he will be going home soon. >> he and i will spend hours in here. >> doctors say a miracle can happen. the family has the a strong faith and a higher power. >> tell people you love them. any chance you get. because you never know if it is the last time you are able to say that to them. >> now, ryan's home is going to have to go through a total renovation before he can be taken home. and it is going to cost a lot of money. about half a million dollars. so friend and family are getting together for a concert, called "the love for ryan" concert. february 4th. at the creek side community church in alamo. if you would like information go to live, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. we do appreciate the buchanan family taking time for us. we have a big change in the bay area. you could probably feel it. a freeze warning in effect right
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now. these are some live pictures, downtown san jose. see the hp pavilion there. already in the 30s. so much of the bay area in the 30s. people are bundling up in freemont for the cold snap. meteorologist, jeff ranieri here with a look at how low the temperature will be. overnight and in the morning, jeff. >> yes. people bundling up for tomorrow morning. no doubt, need heavy jackets. a lot of layers. the freeze warning in i fekt ef. the east bay. south bay. right along the peninsula into san francisco for ow.eftomorrow. wispread 20s and 30s. also, plenty of areas of frost. also, areas of ic possibly on our bridges and ovpasses. now the coldest right now, petaluma, 28. napa, 28. and 31. light wind. few spots dropping into the teens. for tomorrow morning. look at this. 7:00 a.m. low 30s in the east. south bay. by 10:00 a.m.
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not much improvement. coming up. details on this incoming rain here across the bay area. and also, let you know what it means in terms of snow. in just a few minutes. >> thank you. jeff. winter weather affecting search-and-rescue efforts in the mediterranean where the cruise ship is shifting in turbulent seas. the grim search for survivors called off for the night. number of missing doubled to 29 now. 25 passengers, four crew members. the death toll stand at six. but it is look low to rise as most of the unsubmerged ship has been searched. rough waters are raising fear of a fuel spill in the nature preserve where the ship is buffeted by waves. more than 4,000 survivors are being reunited with family. nbc bay area's correspondent picks up the story from there for us. >> emotional night for american fame lows reuniting. this video unfrom miami. horror and worry had been replaced by relief and tears.
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and tonight, two california families are thankful their relatives are safe and sound. tonight an incredible infrared view of survivors on the side of the luxury cruise ship. among the survivors, two california families. in the midst of the panic, the blackouts, southern california resident described the surreal moment. a mother and father from argentina, handed their 3-month-old daughter to her. >> i thought that they wanted me to talk the baby temporarily. and no they were giving me the baby. >> they were trying to survive themselves. after a lifeboat they occupied turned out to be malfunctioning. georgia says she made the way to a stairway. clinging to the banister to get as high as possible. >> i was getting crunched. i thought the baby would just fall down the stairwell. >> after several terrifying minutes she handed the baby girl become to her father unable to hold on. she never saw the baby or her father again. >> i don't know what happened to
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them after. i don't know if they, i don't know what happened. i work i knew. >> meanwhile here in northern california, melody, listened to her sister joanna on the phone. >> there was a lot of ederly peopederly -- elder low people, in wheelchairs, couldn't walk. >> she had no idea her sister and husband were on the ship as part of the european vacation. joanna called her from the u.s. embassy in rome after she and passengers made it in a life bet to a sparsely populated island. >> there was nowhere for people to sleep. ended up sleeping in the church. >> heaven compared to the chaos on the church. >> the crew did the best they could. but nay didn't understhand whan to do. >> they're home in california. they will return tomorrow night. and the cruise liner is drawing eerie comparisons to the titanic. 100th anniversary of the disaster unapre in april of thi.
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>> we are learning much more about the captain. he is under arrest the learn why the captain may have steered to shore as a favor to a staff member. go to u.s. world news on our home page. >> now to the talk of the town. ready for the 49ers, not since steve young was quarterback and pete wilson was governor have the 49ers been to the nfc championship game. nearly 15 years. want to go to sunday's game. get ready for sticker shock. tickets on sale wednesday. off to night they're on line. for up to $5,000. season ticketholders will get the fir chance to been four through ticketmaster. the general public will get their shot at 1:00 that afternoon. if you want to beat the crowd online ticket seller, stub hub, has tickets between $350 and $5,000. a rep says they'll guarantee
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your purchase unluke some skik p scalpe scalpers. >> if for some reason. a small chance something goes wrong with your tickets. we have representatives on site to remedy problems. get your tuck eickets. >> bow kae careful. scalpers are out there. three suspected sellers, face felony charges, after they were arrested outside candlestick during saturday's game. the game winning catch. he captured the hearts of fans. after breaking down in tears of joy. 28r davis his passion isn't just football. it's art the local artist is also in the spot light now. nbc bay area's correspondent joins us from san francisco mission district where a tribute
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to davis is becoming something to see for a lot of people. >> reporter: 49er fans look up to player. here at mission and 23rd, 49er fans are looking at a tribute to the team. this mural went up a few weeks ago. after the catch it is more popular than ever. >> maybe we can steamroll this into something big and have them come out for the community. murals all over the area. so cool to have, to have the niners come out and sign. >> the artist tim haun things big. he spray painted the 49ers mural. got permission to install it at 23rd and mission. and invited players to add the finishing touch. a signature. number 85 agrees. >> he knew how to use spray paint already. >> when he is not on the feed. vernon davis is a painter. he stopped by the mural project to sign his name and meet with fans. >> he was very done to earth. he was -- he was just, talking to everyone. he was smiling. >> the mural was a score. then came the big catch.
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>> then vernon came through. everyone was texting you picked the right guy. awesome. >> with davis riding a wave of celebrity his image and visit are like extra points. >> having his signature on there that day. and then him, you know making that winning play. it was, it was, meant to be. >> fans are taking pictures. >> stay out there the want to make another one. they could post it on a blank wall. >> feeling closer to a player who is igniting the 49er faithful. >> i think it is great. wish we had more. like that come through. because they could use it. >> show support. just not a player. you know, he is a san francisco niner. >> he says it feels good to give fans something to look up to. >> we started out doing graffiti. and now it's like we are giving back to the community. we did stuff that wasn't necessarily illegal. and it feels good. feels good to give back a little built. and provide that for the, for the mission. >> the artists say saturday's
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win is inspiring them to pant more 49ers players that if would look murals like this all over san francisco. they just need the space and the supplies. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. villified, booed. now silencing his critics. >> one win away from the super bowl. and -- you know, that's when i focus in. >> we go one-on-one with alex smith. plus the best deal in town. and the contest that could land you four free tickets to the nfc championship gape. >> from the bay area. no stranger to controversy. a sperm donor, targeted by the fda, reveals a secret about his sex life. >> a culinary revolution, happening before it reaches your plate. the future of farming and how it is helping to save the environment. >> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. freeze warning in effect. 30 in livermore. 40s up the pa nieninsula.
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[ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. >> plant and appropriate deu pr. >> traditional farmers need 75 gallons of water to raise a head of lettuce the a technique allows growers to use a cup and a half to do exactly the same thing. >> call it simply farming 2.0. tonight's indepth report. >> this aun assuming warehouse in campbell is the silicone
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valley version of farming. >> astill, captain kirk of this factory. an inventer by nature. engineer by fur chur. >> work for a company that build cell phones. play stations and networking by the jill yunz. >> what is a guy from a tech background doing in farming? >> i could not grow a house plant. this i view it as production problem. that i am good at. >> folks set out to solve one of the world's most pressing problems. >> waunder the red and blue lug lugts -- lights he may have the answer. >> photo synthesis occurs in a small band of red and small band of blue. that's all we give it the look a plant spa. things grow very fast. in ideal conditions. >> more than 370, herbs,
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microgreens, start their lives here. at the farm. playing around with tomatoes. the nursery. growing and harvesting happens year round. without worries. and man made waste. and no run-off. no pesticide. and the big issue is hand washing the clean hands. that we can control. >> red romaine lettuce. >> the technology allows him to use exactly the right amount of water to produce the perfect produce. remarkable. kidding traditional farng uses 75 gallons of water to produce just one head of lettuce.
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>> the lettuce. brown specked lettuce. that's one of the most beautiful things they produced. all about ingredients. and the ingredients he chooses. >> the first to sam put the fruits. testing the greens by taste testing them on diners. >> very fresh. >> feisty. flavorful. absolutely delicious. >> always springtime here. >> 7,000 square foot warehouse. equivalent to a 15 acre farm. that its the beauty of what phil and his team have planted here. >> this can go anywhere where you can build a warehouse. we -- spend about the same power that you would to maintain an office building.
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>> he hopes that in time what took root in this bay area warehouse will sprout into a solution for a worldwide dilemma. growing in abundance of healthy, fresh food, where land, water and soil are scarce. >> that is the maji imagic of se valley. >> very interesting. so how does it taste? you can find out where you can taste the greens. go to nbc bay, search farm. >> well, one thing is for sure. conventional plants outside tonight are going to be very, very cold. jeff, you are saying we should be covering some up? >> yeah, definitely. had frost this morning. where it is more widespread frost tomorrow. low level moisture left. we do think sidewalks will have some frost. of course the lawns out there. right now numbers are dropping to some very frigid levels. not only for the north bay. but also here, livermore. 37 in heyward. 35 right now in sunnyvale. 34 in san francisco. 3 to 6 degrees away from seeing
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widespread records across the board from the north bay down to the south bay. so for tomorrow morning. we have freeze warning in effect with the mix of 20s. 30s. through out tuesday. of course. goes without saying. you need the jacket and gloves. if you are heading out ear. it will stay crisp and clear the not going to get into the rainfall. later on in the week. freeze warning. not only for the north bay. but for those of you across the peninsula. east bay. south bay. we head through the rest of tonight. also for tomorrow morning. with also, some icy patches that could form. want to be careful if you are traveling, brings, overpasses tomorrow morning. the overall pattern is final low starting to break. no storm system offshore. out here, 1,200 miles. tapping into moisture. jet stream will sink to the south. it will allow one storm. three systems and three days. we head through thursday. friday. saturday. we think things are going to start to change.
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we head to wednesday. a few showers. looking at the best chance of accumulating rain now. as we head into thursday. see by wednesday night. cloud cover increasing. little shower activity near santa rosa. then by the morning hours. looking at accumulating rain across santa rosa. down in nevada. and noon hours. early thursday. where once again we could see anywhere from a quarter to 1/2 inch to the north bay. to the south bay. that will tip. as we also head into friday's forecast. so for thursday right now. looks like the north bay will see the most from 1/2 inch to inch at this point. right about a quarter inch for interior, east and south bay. broken this down for you. yet again. another way here. with three systems and three days. that first one arriving here as we head throughout thursday with a quarter to an inch of rainfall. and then for friday. second system, we could see additional 1/2 inch to one inch with windy period coming our way. third system coming as we head into saturday.
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tomorrow morning. low to mid 20s. and fry to trap pockets of heat near your body. and it does work. and keeps you warmer. and plenty of widespread 50s. chance of showers. and acoup lating rain for both thursday, friday. and also a chance of rain as well. and a watch and give away. tonight's lucky winner. elizabeth mackey. congratulations. you have won the x-box, you want to win. click on our facebook page. and nbc bay area. and watch us tomorrow. see if you, if tomorrow's give away, is an ipad 2. >> the soccer game is fun. >> good.
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. >> he fathered 14 children, but still a virgin. we fold you about trent in trouble with the fed over his one man sperm donation business. the man was advertising his organic sperm on a website. the fda issued the first ever cease and desist order to a private sperm donor and threatened a $100,000 fine and jail time. today he told cnn's anderson cooper despite his large brood he never actually had sex. the virgin dad says his mission is helping childless cups and that all of his energy is focused on that. >> well one of the most dramatic turn around in local sports history. next one-on-one with 49ers quarterback alex smith. stay with us.
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bring in scott reese from our comcast sports net newsroom. one step away from the super bowl. >> unbelievable.
11:27 pm
take it away, scott. >> no matter how many times you say it. still amazing to hear. dream season does continue for the 49ers and their fans. after what we saw saturday at the stick. you have to wonder if anything can stop this team. this was one of the all-time great playoff games back and forth in the final minutes. alex smith delivered the game winning touchdown pass to vernon davis. nine second left. up next the giants in the nfc championship game. mindy bach has the scoop on that from santa clara. >> i parade, parade that the giants won. >> when vernon davis' prayer was answered he understood what comes with it. >> good team. good team. i didn't pray because they were, the, the worst team the i parade because, you know, they're a good team the i ak nolening ak ak noej that. >> just the receiving corps.
11:28 pm
the way they can throw the ball. el if has been money all year. i mean, we played him. dropping balls in there. only a receiver could get to. a tough match up. and, you know i think our formula has got to be the same with new orleans. we got to get to el if. >> playing at a much higher level now. you know. especially, four five gapes they played. outstanding job. i think we are too. >> the 49ers confidence is heightened as they play their best in front of a home crowd. >> in terms of having the game here. you know that -- that is an advantage for us. i mean, our fans turned that stadium into a fortress. that was -- that was as the good as it can get. >> 49ers scored 15 fourth quarter points in their win over the giants in november. the defense knows the way el if manning and receivers are currently playing they can't allow themselves to fall behind on sunday of they hope to advance to the super bowl. mindy bach, nbc bay area.
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>> one quick note on the baseball giants. they come to term with, terms with the outfielder. one year deal, $4.85 million. they avoid arbitration. we'll see if timmy and pablo are next. to sign new deals. of course this week, guys all about the 49ers. going to have to pace ourselves. got to wait until sunday. a lot of discussion between now and then. >> not to talk. always being a neg fif nellativ. >> we'll be back with how you can score, free, 49ers tickets.
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this is no joke. four free tickets. and you get four on the field passes before the game. so what is the catch here. you better be creative.
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>> jen york made the offer today via twitter. york tweeted, hey, niner faithful. let me know why i should give you four tickets, plus pregame field passes to the nfc championship. best answer by tuesday, 5:00 p.m. wins. let you know who winner. >> she is trying to figure it out right now. jen. >> that would within you. >> thank you for joining us. tonight. see you tomorrow. >> bye-bye.
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i'm suzanne shaw. the governor's latest budget threat tunes slash high eer
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