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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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to want to stay tuned for christina loren's forecast. it's changing this week. and today on tuesday, january 17th it's cold. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. and i see your map over there. there's blue and pink. that means very cold. >> yeah. we haven't seen those contour colors since last winter. it is so cold this morning, the coldest day we've had of the winter so far. and things start to change as we head through wednesday, thursday, friday. the rain arrives. this morning, take a look how cold temperatures are. 31 in concord. 21 in fairfield. i think we could drop off in the 20s even in oakland so we'll keep tracking these and let you know what you can expect in addition to the storm.
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5:00 a.m., sleets what mike's got on the highway. >> i'm glad that i work inside because slowing down the cold weather for construction workers. scheduled to pick up on schedule, though, 580 and north of there, 680 north of 580 the construction from al costa to sycamore valley road. the aun and off ramps have reopened but they must be cold working out there overnight. >> no kidding. thank you. >> it is 5:01. as miss loren has warned you may want to put on an extra layer. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joining us from the b.a.r.t. station with more on this cold weather and how commuters are trying to deal with it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. i have put on extra layers. every time i open my mouth you saw the numbers, any one who has been outside has felt it. the most recent stretch of cold weather i felt in recent memory. we're talking about possible
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black ice on some roadways. most of the cold temps are hitting the north bay. that's according to the national weather service. santa rosa and napa hitting 20 and petaluma which hit 16 at some point. we also were warned that this morning's concerns are on the small bridges and rural roads in the north bay, the cold patch hitting the monmonterey, south east bay right here. >> pretty cold this morning. yesterday was about a few degree warmer but this morning was the coldest that i've been. >> reporter: the national weather service also saying it expects to set a second freeze warning late tonight into tomorrow morning though it says it will be a bit warmer than last night. the real concern this week, though, is thursday when rain is expected to hit the bay area. maybe even late wednesday as christina mentioned. it is concerned about that time because you've got the oil on the roads plus the water that
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makes for very dangerous drive conditions. so the warning is allow more time for your commute. stephanie chuang, back to you. >> thank you very much. the freezing temperatures can also cause damage to your plants, so if they are small enough you might want to bring them inside. if you can't, put them closer to the house or under a tree to help keep them warm. you can cover them with a frost cloth or light sheext remember you need to take it off during the day and put it on at night. make sure your plants except for cactus and succulents are well watered. plants that are more likely not to be damaged in cold weather. >> 5:03. the captain of the "costa concordia" arrived in court earlier to face charges of manslaughter. his first court appearance comes just hours after the italian coast guard increased the number missing from the ship wreck to 29. 25 passengers and four crew members are unaccounted for.
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two of the passengers are americans from minnesota. rescuers continue to search the ship for survivors but hopes are dimming. earlier today they blasted a hole in the side of the ship to gain access to a different part of the liner. all of the unsubmerged areas have been searched. now they are going into parts under water. the sinking cruise ship is leading to environmental concerns. rough seas could cause about 500,000 gallons of fuel on the ship to leak into the water, threatening a protected sanctuary for dolphins and whales. the company hired to offload could take weeks. >> power restored this morning and a shelter in place warning lifted in pacific heights neighborhood. crews thought they were dealing with a natural gas avenue but it all turned out to be a power outage caused by a transformer
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failure. service has been restored to more than 300 customers but crews are in the area working on it. >> it's 5:04. opening statements will start in a case that pits eight police officers against the department and its chief. the officers filed suit in 2007 accusing the chief and his former top deputy of discrimination, saying the chief told racist jokes and when he took over their promotions ended. they are seeking back pay. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi returning to work. his lawyer says the sheriff will appear in court thursday to face domestic violence and witness intimidation charges. until then he is not allowed to have contact with his wife. the charges against mirkarimi stem from allegedly bruising his wife on new year's day. mayor ed lee says there are no
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imminent plans to suspend his job as sheriff. >> a commuter nightmare coming. caltrans will lay out plans to close the bay bridge next month. christie smith joins us with how this will affect the drive. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's going to be a long weekend, a good weekend to cross over into the city. but if you want to drive it you'll have to find another way. caltrans will be constructing a detour near the toll plaza on the oakland side near the oakland touchdown is what they call. caltrans did this last year and what it means is starting february 17, at 8:00 p.m., all of the way through tuesday, february 21 at 5:00 in the morning, the westbound direction will be completely shut down but the lower deck will remain open. one possible hitch is that the weather could slow things down. but b.a.r.t. will run overnight trains at certain stations
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during the closure, and additional ferries will be running as well. when it's complete drivers will notice a slight change in direction on the eastbound side. reporting live on treasure island, christie smith. back to you guys. >> a controversial idea gets a hearing tonight in richmond. the city council expected to vote on a resolution that would allow the police chief to deny mutual aid to a neighboring city during occupy protests. some richmond leaders concerned about safety and liability when such actions involve tear gas and bean bags. other states refusing to help could leave richmond alone. >> berkeley leaders will vote on new rules that would ban people from harassing bicyclists. violators could face a civil lawsuit, fines and fees. the code is to give cyclists the legal tool. right now they say it's near impossible to find lawyers to
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take such cases since there is little guarantee of a win. if the council adopts the code it will go into effect after about 30 days. >> this is a new way of doing trash talking and this popped up at sfo, posted on twitter. it says i got 49 problems but a saint ain't one. go niners. the sign appeared on a virgin airlines flight. virgin, no, it does not fly from sfo to new orleans. >> 5:08. a look at the signs out there. it's cold. want to check in with christina loren. look at the numbers. >> as cold as ice. not really. but it's cold throughout this morning. let me tell you, these are your records. a record in santa rosa, the record to beat was 26, shattered that. 21 in napa, broke a record
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there. and oakland, freezing, that was the record and you're one degree below. we have not even dropped off to our ultimate lows. we have two additional hours of cooling. the coldest part of the day is around sunrise, even after. so we're watching for that. we'll be racking up records all morning. basically, that means that for this date it has never been this cold. we have about 120 years of records on tap. so pretty significant there. we might be talking about record rainfall. 46 at noon in napa. it's going to take time for the cold air to mix out. once it does, rounding out the day pretty much a repeat when it comes to highs from yesterday. 54 later on in los gatos and 53 in santa rosa. today and tomorrow your last two dry days before the rain arrives.
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let's talk about sierra snowfall. people have been waiting asking when is it coming. take a look at how much we expect. my goodness. i think you'll be happy. this is our first storm. 11:00 p.m. thursday. i'm forecasting, listen to this, six feet, six feet above 7500 feet. so that is pretty significant. we'll talk about that. vile the seven-day as well. back to mike. >> from my department we'll watch for those cane advisories. right now we have a little bit of -- a couple of issues, a little traffic, a little slowing where i'm circling. typically some maintenance work but being a holiday yesterday we didn't have that. we still see that slowing, we'll track that. no lanes reported closed. heading across the upper deck, no slowing, shouldn't be a big deal. across the bridge to the south, san mateo a smooth drive for 92.
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no problems between 101 and 880. so we'll look at another shot. traffic southbound with the taillights, not much of a commute into fremont. back to you. >> thank you, mike. the summer olympics in london around the corner. one museum celebrating. it's just opened a new exhibit that showcases a different poster used over the past 100 years. the exhibit shows the different transitions over time and how posters became the primary voice for the modern game. reminder, nbc bay area is home of the 2012 summer games. who's counting? we are. 192 days away. >> a bay area world war ii veteran getting recognized. carl clark will receive the navy and marine corps medal today. in may of 1945 clark's ship was
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hit by six planes. clark raced to the top deck, single-handedly put out the fires. his actions were not included in the report because he is black. at the time the military was segregated. a professor heard his story and asked a congresswoman to get involved. >> it's 5:12. a national burger chain going with the idea of home delivery. we'll have details. >> plus, accepting applications for a mayor. >> one airport,or what you needo know before you fly. [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed.
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>> a chilly start to your tuesday morning. that is san jose's hp pavilion. inside the ice is supposed to be cold. that's where the sharks play taking on the calgary flame. >> they are saying a snowstorm could blitz this super bowl. city leaders are doing practice runs to make sure snow doesn't stop the festivities. snow plow, salt trucks, de-icers ready in case there is a storm. last year's super bowl in dallas was hit by a snowstorm forcing dozens to be canceled. more than 100,000 are expected in indianapolis for super bowl weekend. >> the good news about that game they have a roof in indianapolis. unfortunately at candlestick for all of that rain, looks like they have to brace themselves with ponchos. >> if you pay for the ticket you want to invest in something to
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protect yourself from the rain. we're forecasting rain showers and breezy to windy conditions. so, yeah, weather's probably going to come into play. when it comes to bringing umbrellas at candlestick park they don't want to you bring them if they obstruct the view of the person behind you. you are best with the rain gear, the poncho, the hoody, something you can cheer and get up and down in and stay protected from the showers. overall we're talking about protecting you from the cold. brin in sensitive plants. 21 degrees could kill sensitive veg station. fairfield, napa, 23 in santa rosa. we're going to see temperatures below freezing for a prolonged period. at least for the next two to three hours, maybe four to five hours. do your best to protect that vegetation. you can see the freeze warning is in place. even the interior peninsula.
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watch out for black ice. you want to take it easy through the agricultural areas where the sprinklers may have been left on. it takes a little moisture to freeze. let's talk about where our focus is shifting. we'll see 50s today, it will be sunny and then the weather pattern starts to change. things changing as of tomorrow. clouds increasing. there is our first storm. the first of three that will impact the bay area as we head through wednesday, thursday and friday. one wednesday into thursday. another thursday into friday. and then a big one friday into saturday. let me show you what we expect in terms of accumulation. friday morning before we get that next system, yeah, i think this guy's going to take us out of the deficit. 4:00 a.m. friday, maybe upwards of two to five inches in santa rosa and novato. we need rain. we'll talk about what this means and tell you when we might get a break. this pattern has set up.
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>> i'm thinking what it's going to mean for the drive. we're looking here. dry roads meant crews were able to get out. where i'm circling some slowing. 680 up toward al costa and toward sycamore valley road. where we had construction, so 680, crews moving from the area. we'll track that. we're also carefully tracking a little showing up out of the altamont pass. it's a traffic tuesday after a holiday, likely to see a lot of traffic out of this area as well as antioch. a stall reported on the bay bridge. up the incline, we'll look at the bay bridge toll plaza. a light volume. no problems now. watch for flashing lights as you head tort treasure island. construction in embarcadero off ramp. slowing shows up on 84 but the construction wasn't there.
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so good stuff so far. >> after a three-day vacation investors are back in action. for a look at how futures are trading and the rest of your day before the bell we turn to jackie live at cnbc. good morning. >> good morning to you. the futures are up sharply ahead of the opening bell. asia rose on the back of data showing that china's economy slowed but grew better than expected 8.9%. europe also as investors shrug off the downgrade of the bailout fund. we vet reports on housing, inflation and manufacturing this week. earning season is going to pick up with citigroup and wells fargo. they reported and did miss in terms of what we were expecting. the dow fell 48 points on friday to 12,422. the nasdaq closed at two 710. get your whopper and fries in 30
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minutes or less or it's free. burger king has been testing home delivery. there is a $2 fee on a minimum of $8 to $10 in terms of the order. customers have to live within a 10 minute drive of the store. it's developed a special package to make sure that the food stays hot and fresh. >> thanks, jackie. 5:20. today is your last chance to try to become mayor of a bay area city. applicants due at 5:00. the council will choose the mayor during a special session. the person will serve a 10-month term until the november election. the search is because 77-year-old maybe bob wasserman dying. he became the mayor in 2004. >> san mateo county leaders trying to find a more presently
5:21 am
way to combat weeds. the board will meet to look at the study that explained how to fight the problem using fewer chemicals. the study does not recommend banning pesticides, simply using less of the toxic chemicals. 315 miles have been sprayed each year. >> it's 5:21. new changes. delta airlines will be operating out of its new home in terminal a, airport says delta switched to try to balance the passenger activity between terminal a a and b. >> new and stricter rules for dog walkers in one bay area city. details coming up. >> an internet site that says it will go black tomorrow.
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>> memorial services will be held today for richmond's first elected african-american mayor. george livingston died from complications to diabetes. services will be held this morning at 11:00. he served nearly 30 years in the city council before he was elected mayor in 1989. livingston is survived by his wife and two children. >> it is 5:24 now. dog walkers in san francisco could soon be on a tighter leash. the board will take a final vote on a plan to set limits on dog walkers. the proposal would set standards and limit the number of dogs walked at the same time. if approved, the law wouldn't go into effect until january 1 of
5:25 am
next year. >> wikipedia is the latest to join tomorrow's planned internet blackout. this is all over two laws. >> right. one called protect ipt other stop online piracy. the two laws have the best of intention perhaps but many don't like them because they say the laws aren't carefully thought out. wikipedia the latest and biggest to say it will shut down for one day to protest those laws. all english language entries more than 3 million will vanish tomorrow, for 24 hours. wikipedia joins read it and boing-boing. the head of wikipedia tweeted student warning, do your home work early. wikipedia protesting bad law on wednesday. the head of twitter was quick to call the move silly saying quote, closing a global business in reaction to a single issue national politics is foolish.
5:26 am
twitter's gone center of the road lately taking on the cool kids like wikipedia and complaining to the u.s. government about google. twitter has a good point. the columnist points out if a supposedly neutral organization like wikipedia takes one position on a political issue it takes a position on every issue. if you are willing to black out on one law but not to protest, say, violence in libya, then you have taken a position on both issues. it's an interesting point. >> exactly. thank you. >> a long time to flush out. still to come on "today in the bay," plans to close the bay bridge about to be revealed. >> the case against the two men accused of attacking bryan stow moves forward today. >> and we're about 48 hours out from our first of a series of storms impacting the bay area. once they start we're not going to get out of this for maybe a
5:27 am
week. we'll tell you how much we're expecting and when. >> heading over the water i've got a problem on one of your bridges. it's the bridge i'll show you what and where coming up. hello! honey? who's she? downy unstopables. here to shake up your fresh. like a cheerleader on espresso. toss these little scent boosters in before you wash. and the fresh scent will last until you're ready to wash again. [ buzzer ] [ laughs ] [ both sniff ] and this fresh scent will last? it's like you shoved a rainbow up your nose. i should go. downy unstopables. the fresh too feisty to quit. ♪
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>> new this morning, headed back to court. the livermore teacher accused of an affair with a student will stand before a judge today. >> reporter: you want to cross over the bay bridge on presidents day weekend? well, you're going to have to find another way. i'll explain. >> a live look outside on this crisp tuesday morning. if you wonder who that guy is, that's jack frost nipping at your nose. that's san jose out there. this is tuesday, january 17th, and this is "today in the bay."
5:30 am
>> thank you for putting that song in my head. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 5:29 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we check in with christina loren. >> good morning for an open fire. it's not a spare the air day which is great. the good news i can tell you, you have 48 hours before the rain arrives. it's cold this morning. we are going to go from near-record lows to near record rainfall in a matter of 48 hours. grab a jacket. it's probably going to be cold enough to warrant a sweater at least even in the warmest part of the day, only expecting the 50s so we'll tell you when the storm arrives. the major changes that are around the horizon. let's talk to mike about your drive. >> coming over the crest of the incline you'll find what's called a slow roller. upper deck of the bay bridge we have reports of a pickup truck,
5:31 am
a stalled truck, now reported as rolling slowly across the bridge trying to make its way on the san francisco side. you see the headlights, no major disturbance. but i'll track this. that's a major issue. >> speaking of traffic there are another major step in the new bay bridge construction. caltrans will close the span. christie smith joins us live with the details that will be laid out today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the good news in this is that they are giving you a month notice so you can make other plans about this closure if you want to cross into the city and get into san francisco. the reason for this is they are making a slight detour, caltrans is, between the toll plaza and the incline. if you are going from san francisco to the east bay, you have nothing to worry about. the eastbound lanes will stay open presidents day weekend. the closure runs from 8:00 p.m. friday, february 17, to 5:00
5:32 am
a.m. tuesday t 21st. you may recall that caltrans did something similar last year for the eastbound direction, the original lanes of the bay bridge are in the path of a new bridge so that's why they have to do this. b.a.r.t. will have extended service and so will some ferries. caltrans is expected as you said to release details on the closure later this morning. one possible snag is that the weather could delay the construction project but let's hope we get that rain out of the way. reporting live, christie smith. john and laura, back to you. >> the two men accused of beating bryan stow will not be in court but their lawyers will be. they will be there to set a preliminary hearing date for luis sanchez and marvin norwood. the two accused of assaulting stow after that opening game at dodger stadium. they pleaded not guilty back in august. this preliminary hearing will likely be held next month.
5:33 am
it will determine if there is enough evidence to charge the two with stow's beating. stow continues to recover at a rehabilitation center in san francisco. his family says he is able to stand now and is relearning how to talk and write. >> it is 5:33. joseph nasowill be back in court for week two of his preliminary hearing. he is accused of killing four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. during last week's hearing it was revealed he had a list of ten women's names among his things, four of those are believed to be the women he is charged with killing. there was a line that said, quote, girl near healdsburg. healdsburg police are checking dna to see if he is connected. >> the livermore teacher accused of having sex with a student expected to return to court.
5:34 am
marie johnson charged with 24 counts of sexual assault during relationship with a student under the age of 15. >> the captain of the cruise ship sinking in the mediterranean sea is facing manslaughter charges, accused of jumping ship before all of the passengers were safely off. 29 are still missing including a couple from minnesota. these are live pictures of the ship. people who did manage to make it off safely off the ship, they are now telling their stories. one family from southern california says there was panic, chaos and falling debris. they say as they were escaping from the ship, a couple from argentina handed them a 3-month-old daughter. after severaling a nye nizing minutes trying to get up a stairwell they had to hand the baby back.
5:35 am
the family never saw that baby or her father again. a placerville woman says her sister was on the ship and called to see if she was okay. >> they didn't understand what to do. >> the family is home now in southern california. >> commuters heading off to work this morning have another thing to deal with besides all of that traffic. christie -- sorry, stephanie chuang joins us live from south hayward's b.a.r.t. station with word on how people are trying to deal with all of this cold weather. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing to confirm what christina has been showing us all morning. the low numbers, it is cold. people are very bundled up at the b.a.r.t. station, you see that woman there, she's got her beanie on, the layers, her gloves. that's what i'm missing. one woman offered me her spare set of gloves. we're talking possible black
5:36 am
ice. santa rosa, napa, petaluma, concerns are for the smaller bridges and rural roads. the real concern is thursday morning when rain is expected to hit the bay area. and when drivers hit the road. >> drive careful in case there is black ice or something. water spots, drips. i see something dark i try to be careful. >> reporter: it is a concern for thursday because the oil has been building up on the roads with our warm weather. allow yourself more drive time and drive slowly. also with the rain, debris has likely been building up in storm drains so clear those out. there wind hitting tomorrow. you can tie some of the things down just to be safe. live in hayward, stephanie chuang. back to you, warm in the studio.
5:37 am
>> oh, make me feel bad. get that girl some gloves. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. we really need the storm. >> we do. that deficit we're running, though, we could make up all this weekend. the pattern doesn't stop on sunday. the jet stream has taken a sufficient dip. that's what we've been waiting for. your temperatures are dipping off this morning toward record lows. we beat records in several cities, santa rosa, concord action even oakland. you're at 31 bone chilling degrees. we're not even at our ultimate lows. as we let through 7:23. take look at how cold we expect it. 19 degrees. 30 in fremont. i think you'll touch on the 20s in san jose. los gatos and santa cruz.
5:38 am
so we expect to shatter records. all the shower activity stays to our north. looks like that's going to be a case for tomorrow as well. so let's chicago that out for you. temperatures on the mild side. it looks like we'll get our first showers as of thursday morning. thursday morning, it looks pretty active. there is the first of a series of storms on the way to the bay area. we set your future cast in motion to give you a hint. you see the showers pushing to the north bay. by 4:00 p.m. getting hammered and this is the first of three storms that will impact us as we head through sunday. so basically, we're going to get three storms, three days, lots of snow and i believe that will take us out of the deficit as we accumulate up to maybe two inches of rain even right here. we'll talk about that and yes, you want to clean out storm trains so you don't have flooding. >> we'll give you more behinds.
5:39 am
>> we'll take a look because we have construction crews moving which could create slow moving traffic. we were watching that for 680. that off ramp that might be affe affected. we have that stretch showing construction crews on scene. chp clearing and the slowing we saw, no longer an issue. westbound highway 4, boom, below 25. speeds overall around 50. toward summers bill. we see the toll blaz, no problems here, the slow roller reporting clear from the upper dex, heading into the city. back to you. >> 5:39. the gpa presidecandidates for president. >> the tsa is doing to find out how much radiation is being emitted at screening check points. >> and the niners offering free
5:40 am
tickets to the nfc championship game. how you can apply.
5:41 am
5:42 am
>> it's 5:41 now. tsa workers are around radiation all day. now there is concern about that exposure. the transportation security administration is going to start having airport screeners wear devices to measure radiation. the move is in response to concerns over how much exposure they are getting from airport scanners. there is no word on when the program will start. >> this time around apparently lindsay lohan probably will end up in cuffs at a hearing in los angeles. the hearing expected to be short without real surprises. the starlet returning to court to give a judge an update on how she is doing under new strict probation requirements. she has been doing cleanup at the county morgue and going to
5:43 am
psychotherapy sessions for drunk driving and theft cases. >> it is mitt romney against the rest. a contentious battle in south carolina with the front-runner defending his record on jobs and negative ads. tracie potts joins us live with some of the highlights. good morning. >> good morning. so now with huntsman out we have five major candidates and they were all on the stage last night. the focus here still mitt romney who is still the front-runner in the south carolina race. he said yesterday as the debate started i know i'm going to be attacked. i'll be attacked by president obama but as he put it my record is pretty darn good, i'm proud of it. that includes him being the head of an investment firm that he says created 100,000 jobs but opponents say also went through and shut down some weak companies and got rid of a lot of jobs at those companies. also as you mentioned negative ads were a big no discuss of
5:44 am
this debate. ron paul said his ad on santorum wasn't long enough. i couldn't get all of the things i wanted in that one minute. newt gingrich said that or rather romney said that the gingrich ad run against him as he put it was the biggest hoax since big foot. gingrich and santorum trying to get romney to call off his pac. >> tracie potts, thank you for the update. we'll check back with you later on. >> during that debate there was a call for romney -- we're going to move on. let's take this story. candidate steven colbert talking attack ads to a new level. he is taking them to a new level, trying to, quote, kill his opponents with comedy. >> mitt romney says he is for corporationings. >> corporations are people, my friend. >> but mitt romney has a secret. as head of bain capital he bought companies, carved them up and got rid of what he couldn't
5:45 am
use. if mitt romney really believes -- >> corporations are people, my friend -- >> then mitt romney is a serial killer. he's mitt the ripper. >> colbert knows how to take it to a whole different angle. this part of a commercial that will be aired by cbs affiliates in south carolina. the narrator, actor john lifco. >> 5:45. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. we're talking about what a cold start it is. >> it's a cold start and yes, a lot of kids have to get back to school. bundle up the little ones. something they can peel off later on because it will warm into the upper 50s. a little bit cooler than our seasonal average.
5:46 am
sunshine again, 21 degrees now. downright frigid in some cities. i expect plenty of upper teens in fair field, gilroy. what's interesting, cities that don't normally temperatures below freezing, for example, yes, it is cold enough for frost and black ice. so you want to take it easy. traffic with caution. we're going to jump to the 50s. then we'll round out in the upper 50s. 57 to redwood city. and now let's talk about the big weather story. all of the rain that you've been asking for finally on the way. the reason why is because the jet stream has taken a sufficient dip. it's like a river of air across the u.s. here is the first tie. this guy is going to ride along the jet stream and bull's i. looks like late wednesday into thursday the first system will
5:47 am
ride to the north. then thursday the greater bay area starts to get wet. take a look at all of that moisture on the road. 4:00 p.m. thursday could be a tiesy commute home. as we head thursday into friday, temperatures on the cool side and rainfall accumulations up to 2 to 5 inches in the north bay. you see all of that yellow. maybe up to two inches here in san jose. you can see with the seven-day outlook we're not going to get rid of it soon. we keep the showers in the mix. keeping rain in the forecast with that jet stream over the bay area. so you've been asking for it. look like it's arrived. we don't have to deal with the rain on the roads. >> we're looking to the south bay where we have a nice smooth drive. no drama for the south bay freeways.
5:48 am
embarcadero road, the off ramp from 101 have cleared. a nice flow of traffic. and down the peninsula in both directions. we'll get awe live shot. coming north around the bend here, making its way with a good volume of traffic. northbound times no problems, also from highway 12 through the very cold air. san rafael and the golden gate bridge. an easy flow through that international orange bridge. a little more work going on for the bay bridge. no slowing or on the approach. the construction for 680 through the san ramon valley has picked up. so we have a smith drive, toward the dublin interchange. out of the altamont pass, 16 to 17 minutes. all the way in toward livermore.
5:49 am
a smooth drive past the isabelle exchange. a little blip starting up. >> alzheimer's experts will begin a meeting to help the government realize its goal of finding an effective treatment for the disease by 2025. the obama administration is developing the first alzheimer's plan to find better treatment for the disease. a newly released droft of the over all goals sets a deadline but doesn't say how to fund the research to meet that date. >> a family, their son ryan, was buried by sand. he was able to survive but his future is very different. the freak accident happened in santa cruz. ryan's father says the 17-year-old, lacrosse player and
5:50 am
musician, dug a tunnel from one direction. >> when they be connected in the fidle. after they connected one was coming out, line was going oyn and the tunnel collapsed on him. >> ryan was buried alive for 15 minutes. he remains 18 vegetative state. his father says he can open his eyes and smile. he does have lots of brain activity. he has been in a children's house for several months but moving tomorrow and his house needs a total renovation that will cost about $500,000. his family and friends having a fundraising concert. >> details about who the raiders may be looking at when it comes to a new head coach. espn reporting the team receiving permission to interview two bronco assistants,
5:51 am
dennis allen and mike mccoy. mccoy was getting a lot of praise for his work with tim tebow and all of that beaver. he interviewed for the dolphins. espn says fired head coach hugh jackson may have a new jab, interviewing the st. louis rams offensive coordinator. he is expected to interview tomorrow. >> here is your chance to win four free tickets on sunday and field pickets for before the game. it was tweeted hey 9er faithful let me show you why i should give you four tickets and passes. that's tuesday, 5 p.m., wins. you have to tweet your case. we'll let you know who the winner is.
5:52 am
>> makes me think of that brady punch when the boy faked being sick to get joe nay cath to come. coming up the plan for a steve jobs doll has been nixed. >> spotted off the coast where these killer whales were seen. >> it's back to work after monday off. that's ahead in business. "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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i think i waa baby?by. but we were gonna see the northern lights in alaska. and go spelunking with the guys. yeah, i said it-- spelunking. [ whirring ] and i still haven't built one of those fighting robots. come on. it's pretty awesome. okay. just a few things we need to do first. [ laughs ] [ announcer ] before you make your leap, make a list. then get going in the completely redesigned cr-v. all new, from honda. >> welcome back everyone. good morning to you. a rare whale sighting off the central coast. look at this video. a pod of orcas bumped noses with the boat. the folks were trying to do bird watching when ten whales approached the boat. this is only the third recorded orca sighting off of the shore since the 1950s.
5:55 am
experts believe the whales were probably in the area looking for food. >> when they are hungry, get out of their way a. tribute to the 49ers in the mission district attracting attention. tim hahn and steve painted this mural. they got permission to install it a few weeks ago. they invited some of the players to come out and sign their piece. >> maybe we can steamroll this into something big. there are murals all over the area. it would be so good to have the niners come out and sign. >> yeah, vernon davis, he is a painter. he agreed to sign this. he even spent time with the fans. after saturday's mind blowing catch and game winner and tribute, feels like a personal memento for the neighborhood. >> the plan to sell a life like doll of steve jobs is over.
5:56 am
the company was going to offer the one-foot doll. looks life like. but in a statement sunday it decided to halt production out of heartfelt sensitivity to the feelings of jobs' family. anybody who preordered the doll will get their money back. >> america's top geek, scott i goes us now. >> one of the first things the obama administration did was appoint a chief information officer to modernize the computer systems. he's leaving that job. he did that last summer, is going to join the bay area's sales force. it's a business software company. wall street getting back to work after monday off. no major economic data but china says it continues to grow by an incredible amount. almost 9% a year. it's slower than expected. google launching a media blitz, google ads in major newspapers,
5:57 am
the ads addressing some of the privacy concerns people have about the search engine. google will refer them to a website. google has been under constant criticism from privacy activists, federal government and tech companies and they are fighting back. >> 5:57. still to come on "today in the bay," people in one city told to shelter in place. we'll tell you what happened. >> cold out there but we're going for near record lows to near record rainfall. in a matter of 72 hours. we've got your full bay area forecast coming up. >> we went from vacation traffic to traffic tuesday so i'm seeing slow spots already. we'll show you where some of those are. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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