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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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new this morning, with a major loss of redevelopment funds, hundreds of pink slips are going out today for oakland city workers. i'm christie smith, i'll have the story coming up. plus, a public health epidemic, the bay area county that is warning parents this morning. and the vice president headed to the bay area today, where he's going and who he will be with, coming up. and we give you a live look outside. looks maybe a little foggy, i can tell you it's definitely cold on this wednesday, january 18th, "today in the bay."
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good morning, everyone, it's 4:30. i'm john kelly. and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in to find out about the weather. >> it's frigid out there, and the only frost advisory/freeze warning in place is in the santa clara valley, you're also very cold, though, in the north bay so watch out probably black ice as we head out in the morning hours. the big story is the storm on the way. we'll talk about that this morning. first mike already has a problem for you at 4:31. the person involved in this accident sounds like they hit a mattress that's the original report for southbound 880 around hegenberger south of the coliseum. the chp went out and checked and couldn't find the car or the mattress involved, but early reports said the mattress was still there on the side of the
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report. i'm scanning with the camera, i'll let you know. we'll check up on the rest of the area because we've got construction as well. it is 4:31. and hundreds of oakland city workers bracing for what may happen at city hall. christie smith live in oakland right now and, christie, it sounds like this will not be pretty. >> reporter: yeah. you know, no doubt, this is going to be a painful day for oakland city workers, because the redevelopment funds paid for nearly 200 full-time jobs here in the city. so, what's expected today is more than 1,000 pink slips will be going out to workers in oakland, although it's estimated that less than 200 workers will actually lose their jobs after february 1st. what's happening is that the city council wants room to make tough decisions as it tries to recover from a huge loss of about $25 million in redevelopment funds. this after state subsidized redevelopment programs were completely slashed, and these
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programs are used for things like fighting blight and building affordable housing. >> for the state of california, we are -- we have been ordered to dissolve redevelopment, and many other local governments in other cities are dealing with the same issue in their own way. >> reporter: these layoff notices could hit nearly every department, and the city administrator is also asking department heads to try and propose their own 5% reductions. and the city is still hoping that state lawmakers could delay this or come up with a new redevelopment system to try and help avoid these very painful layoffs. reporting live in oakland, i'm christie smith, john and laura, back to you. >> thank you very much, christie. it's 4:33. santa clara county has declared a public health emergency over the drug ecstasy. a recent poll shows one in four teens has used the drug at least once.
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the county filmed this 30-minute documentary to highlight the myths and dangers of using "e." health officials say it's important teens know it could be mixed with other drugs and could be deadly. abel maldonado supports the documentary and supports his niece and nephew get the message. >> you hear about the people taking, like, ecstasy at rave parties and overheating and dying and things like that, i don't know if it takes a trip to the morgue to wake up or not. >> all high schools and middle schools in santa clara county have a copy of the documentary. they hope it will be a learning tool. we've got a disturbing admission to tell you about pg&e. the san francisco chronicle reporting the utility lost track more than 300 miles of gas pipeline. the company said it found maps of 140 miles of uninspected urban pipes on top of the maps of 160 miles of pipeline it
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admitted to losing track of back in december. pg&e has reduced pressure on these pipes until they say they can be inspected. the latest announcement could mean more fines for the utility. in the meantime "the mercury news" reporting that pg&e has advised its gas pressure procedures in populated areas. it admitted some were too high for densely populated areas. as a result the utility says it's adopting stricter guidelines for inspecting and monitoring urban gas lines and increasing training for employees. state regulators had ordered pg&e to review its pipelines following the san bruno explosion in september of 2010. governor jerry brown will give his state of the state address this morning. it's expected to be on education. the governor is expected to call for less statewide testing. he's argued in the past the current standardized tests rely too much on memorization and not enough on critical thinking. the governor will propose
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redefining how the state measures school performance by reducing the number of standardized tests. the state of the state address starts at 10:00. we'll stream it live on our website,, and don't forget to tune in to the news at 11:00 this morning for the highlights. now, immediately after the speech, governor brown will hit the campaign trail. he'll start a two-day swing through southern california to drum up support for proposed tax hikes. the governor says if voters do not back the five-year, $35 billion tax increases in november, it will mean even more cuts to education and other state services. it's 4:36 right now. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be in the bay area today. the vice president will be in san francisco starting at 11:30 to raise money for the presidential campaign. the fund-raiser, well, let's just say it's not cheap. it will cost attendees between $2,500 and $10,000. later tonight vice president
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biden will meet with leaders in technology and invasinovation t talk about the economy. mrs. biden will be visiting wounded warriors of the palo alto va hospital, it's to support veterans and their families. following that visit she and the obama administration chief technology officer will attend an event in san francisco. well, get ready. tickets for the nfc championship game go on sale in just a few hours. season ticket holders get the first crack. their chance to buy extra tickets starts at 10:00 on ticketmaster. the general public can start logging in and on at 1:00 this afternoon. ticketmaster is the only way you can guarantee your tickets are real. sites like craigslist and stubhub offer tickets but it's buy at your own risk. police outside of candlestick arrested people for allegedly selling counterfit tickets.
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i'm pumped for the game. this weather, long time coming, we're getting wetness coming up and very cold. >> yes, the pattern change is less than 24 hours away up in the north bay. we're going to have to wait until tomorrow morning for the first shower north of the golden gate bridge, but we've got three systems to get through. this morning it's cold but clear. 37 in san mateo, you're at 27 in novato and 31 in santa rosa, freeze warning in place for the santa clara valley, but you can see the temperatures are around freezing just about everywhere except the city of san francisco, so travel cautiously and watch out, you could actually find black ice on the roadway especially in locations where the sprinklers are left on overnight. so, here's the first one. take a look at this setup. what a monster storm. now, for the most part this one's going to ride to our north, but we're going to get a lot of rain out of it. here's the day, as we head throughout the day, we'll see the clouds thicken up, we get
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the first showers tomorrow morning, and periods of rain later in the day. for friday, a dry break in the morning but the rain will return early afternoon, and saturday, the coldest storm, the most potent of the three will move in and that's the guy that could really bring our rainfall totals above where we are lacking right now. we could make up the deficit as of saturday, so you can see that will set the futurecast in motion for you and tell you when you'll be dodging showers coming up, but let's check your drive with mike. check the cameras and give a good view of southbound 880 where the earlier accident was reported. the taillights headed south past the coliseum and around the bend toward hegenberger, nothing visible between 90th and the bend and traffic isn't slowing at all, you should be okay as you pass the coliseum. i consider the accident clear, but watch out, you could see the mattress on the side of the road. and we're leaguing at some construction also southbound 880 from 98th toward 10th, the chp is helping out, so you'll see
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flashing lights and that goes on for another 20 minutes or so, but an easy ride to the bay bridge and the maze. southbound highway 12 through novato and san rafael, the travel is great. the freezing temperatures in the north bay and the south bay, watch for the black ice, that's when the thin layer of ice is on the roadway and it looks like pavement. >> got to be careful. it's 4:40. coming up, more details on the plans to close the bay bridge over the presidents' day weekend. 5-year-old haqqani campbell disappeared, and now a new plan to help him. and the controversial decision of an east bay city. yahoo's jerry yang is .atestailietn ls i povere
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welcome back, everyone, on this wednesday morning. a very quiet and picturesque shot over san francisco, the city by the bay. very chilly, but christine will tell you all about it coming up. it's 4:43. a new cable tv docudrama will hair tonight air tonight o hasanni campbell case. his foster parent was arrested but never charged. cheryl hurd looks at why it is
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such an emotional case. >> reporter: oakland plils are hoping hasanni campbell is alive, but now the cable network which is targeting the african-american community hoping a spotlight on campbell will help solve this mystery. what's happened to 5-year-old hasanni campbell? oakland is the backdrop for a real-life mystery that will play out on bay area tv sets. >> i did cover it from the very beginning. i was sitting in the newsroom the night it came across the scanner. >> reporter: kristen binder is a veteran "oakland tribune" reporter. she's featured in this clip we obtained from tv-one's website promoting "finding our missing" a special on hasanni campbell. >> while we hear of hundreds if not thousands of missing children in oakland, they are very rarely 5-year-old. >> reporter: the foster father, lewis ross, reported him missing in 2009.
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he claimed he vanished from his back seat while parked in a rock ridge neighborhood. the docudrama talks about his arrest and the fact that the almeda district attorney never charged him because of the lack of evidence. >> police have 97 been shy about saying that louis ross is the prime suspect in the disappearance. >> reporter: it prompted the group citizens to form, they passed out hundreds of flyers to get the word out about campbell's disappearance. >> he hasn't gotten the proper attention he deserves. i think they put certain nationality ahead of african-american children and other nationalities. >> he may still be alive and somebody may have other information and will speak up since it's been quite a few years. >> somebody knows something in one of these cases. it may not be somebody that knows something for hasanni, but it may be someone else down the
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line. >> reporter: ross and campbell's biological aunt are no longer a couple and they live out of state. cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." the sudden resignation of jerry yang is big news and it could have an impact on the markets this morning. for details on that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn it over to jackie deanjelis, good morning. >> futures are a touch higher after stocks closed up on tuesday although the gains were limited. banks dragged on the markets after citigroup reported disappointing earnings. asia held steady, but europe is down. we'll get new reports today, and goldman sachs reported earnings before the bell it looks like they came light on revenues but higher on eps. the dow rose yesterday to close at 12,482. the nasdaq was up 17 to close at
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2728. our cars are getting older. as of this past july the average age for a car hit a record 10.9 years up from 10.6 years in 2010. worries about job security and the economy kept consumers from buying these items and adding a monthly payment. and as you mentioned, yahoo! co-founder and former ceo jerry yang has quit the company that he helped start in 1995. his abrupt departure comes two weeks after the onetime internet giant named a new ceo. yang has taken heat for his handling of the yahoo! affairs going back to the aborted sell to microsoft. analysts are saying yahoo! probably won't put the for sale sign out just yet preferring to go it alone for now. john, back to you. >> that will be interesting to watch. we'll keep our eye on it. thank you very much. keep our eye on the
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forecast, and christine joins us. a cold start. >> a cold start, but the freeze warning in place is only for the south bay. that's good news. we don't have a freeze warning in place because temperatures are much warmer this morning in santa rosa where we hit only 20 degrees yesterday. an 11-degree jump this morning, but still cold enough for black ice to form. one more time the freeze warning is in place just in the santa clara valley until 9:00 a.m. this morning. the big story is the rain on the way. we've got a lot of it coming. and it starts tonight up in the north bay. here's the first storm already bringing a lot of snow to the pacific northwest, and they're getting snow even in the northernmost portion of the state. we've got a lot of snow on the way for the sierra nevada, possibly upwards of 6 feet above 7,000 feet as we head through the weekend. let's time it out and help you get ready for this. make sure your windshield wiper blades are good to go because we'll see heavy rain at times. put it into motion for you, the first showers start tomorrow morning and the bulk of the
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moisture comes through from the first storm at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, the commute home could be sloppy from the south bay up through the north bay. we continue the futurecast and we get a dry break for the first part of your friday and then the storms come back, and another storm on the way, and it's packing quite a bit of moisture. let me show you how much we're expecting through late friday. the yellow and the orange is potentially 2 to 5 inches of rain up in the north bay. you see the yellow in the south bay. we could pick up 1 to 2 inches right here before the whopper of a storm comes through on saturday. it all works out like this. saturday, sunday it looks like we'll see rain as we cheer on our san francisco 49ers at candlestick. monday into tuesday, we continue to see showers roll through, so this is basically your last day to get outdoors with dry conditions. just keep that in mind. we'll keep you updated. we'll tell you what it means for tahoe, skiers, snowboarders, you'll like what i have to tell you later on. i'll tend it back to you two.
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>> thank you very much. richmond police may not respond the next time another city asks for help. after much delay the city council approved a resolution that encourages the police chief to think twice before offering mutual aid for protests. the council asked them to take a hard look after the police clashed with the occupy protesters in october. they were worried about the liability after they used tear gas on protesters. the bad news for bad bridge commuters, caltrans needs to shut down the upper deck over presidents' day weekend. the good news? that shutdown could shave six months off the reconstruction project. that means the new eastern span could open up in late 2013. the proposed closure would close westbound lanes starting at 8:00 p.m. on friday, february 17th. and if the work goes off without a hitch, the lanes would be reopened at 5:00 a.m. the following tuesday, february 21st. it is 4:50 right now.
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san francisco city buildings paying tribute to the niners. we'll show you how, coming up. speaking of the niners, we'll hear from the man who won four tickets to sunday's ball game simply because his tweet got owner jed york's eye. and the giants locking up a key player while heading to arbitration with another one. details on the off-season moves coming up. and let's follow this bus. as you're heading to the dublin interchange easy drive for 580 right now but i've got a couple of issues for the peninsula.
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welcome back, everyone, on this wednesday morning. yes, as expected san francisco getting into the spirit of the play-offs. city hall all lit up red and gold last night. a beautiful thing. and also coit tower tinged in gold. you may remember the city buildings were lit up in orange, that was, of course, honoring the giants for their world series championship. go, niners. >> there you go. and go this guy, going to the game. talk about a perfect gift for a brand-new dad four play-off tickets along with field passes. vince casa was one of many to enter jed york's twitter challenge, he asked the faithful
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to tweet why they deserved three tickets to the game. he responded, are you ready? my first child was born during saturday's game. doctor let us watch the game during labor. it would be awesome to go see the nfc champ. we talked to vince last night about his big score. >> very excited about the niners beating the saints and then the actual post present to that was my son in my hands, so do you know what, all around, but my son rules, so i take him number one overall. >> okay. i'm glad he finished that off because i was, like, what? hey, for those of you who didn't win, you still have a chance to go to the game. as we mentioned, tickets go on sale today. you know, they did a lot of work that day. >> yes, she did. >> i'll baby sit if the wife wants to go. >> honey, push, push, alex smith, go! honey, work it. all right, let's check in with mike right now, he's got a look at the morning commute. >> i think they dumped gatorade
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over his wife's head when they delivered the baby. let's go to the peninsula, purely hypothetical. 101, construction usual spots, embarcadero and oregon expressway closed. 5:00 for the embarcadero to reopen, a few minutes and oregon expressway at 6:00. no slowing on 101 or 280. let's look to the san mateo bridge where we have an easy flow of traffic off the 101, at the 101/92 interchange reports of a disabled vehicle off the roadway, but i'll track it. if they have to block a lane, i'll warn you, but no problems over the waters. the giants locked up one star but they are working on another one, sandoval signed a three-year deal worth $17 million, not a bad gig if you can get it. sandoval had a solid 2011 after losing nearly 40 pounds. the new contract avoids salary arbitration. another guy getting a pretty
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solid raise no matter how this goes, the giants in the thick of arbitration with tim lincecum, he's asking for $21.5 million a season. the giants so far have offered $17 million. both sums would break the record for the most money sought and offered in arbitration for a player who is not eligible for free agency. it's 4:57 right now. coming up, how one artist is using apple technology to create his newest exhibit. plus, what the u.s. coast guard has to say about the likelihood that a cruise ship would ever happen right here in the u.s.
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new this morning, looking for new details. san francisco police digging for information in a two-year-old murder case. >> reporter: and a painful day in store for oakland city workers. more than 1,500 pink slips expected to go


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