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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> on and off rain this morning and boy, it is windy out here. i'm christie smith. i'll tell what you you need to know if you are going to be crossing a bridge this morning. >> severe storms sweep across the midwest overnight. we'll show you the damage. >> reporter: i'm bob redell, what fans are saying this morning to kyle williams mistakes last night. that story coming up. >> a live look at highway 880 running through oakland. traffic is starting to fill up a little bit on this monday, january 23rd, "today in the bay."
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good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everyone. i'm jon kelley. we check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out when this rain is going to symptom. >> we're going to get outdoors today without having to dodge those showers by about 11:00 a.m. i'm going to give it till 12 to be on the safe side. your real time doppler radar shows you pretty good batch of rain moving through the north bay t east bay as well. san francisco, you can see that cell about 15 minutes out. watch for slick conditions on the way to work. thatrings us to our own christie smith live on the bay bridge. wind advisory was set to expire at 6:00 a.m. is it still gusty? >> reporter: good morning. we're dealing with a lot of conditions here on and off again rain, not a downpour but whenever i say that it starts up again. so maybe i shouldn't. what we're really seeing this morning is the wind.
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it's pushed the high profile cars and suvs around a bit. high wind advisory in effect on the bay bridge. san mateo bridge. it has been this morning. pretty much on most of the bridges here. winds 20 to 25 miles an hour. the the chp is telling me when they do this there isn't a magic number. they drive out on it, check the conditions and then decide that it's not recommended for things like campers and trailers to be out here. since these storms started they caused some problems. a tree toppled over in mill valley on a power line. on the ground, ponds and puddles of water so much that businesses in the mill valley area had to get out sandbags to try to keep the water out. that advisory for the bay bridge was set to expire at 6:00. i got off the phone with the chp and asked them if it was going to continue. they said they're deciding. so, the officer told me yeah, for now. for more on how the roads are looking i'll send it over to
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mike inouye. >> you know better than i do that it's wet and slippery. and windy. i'm glad they put that caveat on at the end. hold on tight. heading to the bay bridge, the accident clearing here westbound 580 at west street. i had it blocking a lane. i wanted you to avoid that but we just see slowing as a result. that should even out over to the toll plaza over the next 15 minutes or so. that's about how long it's going to take for the crowd to start building by christie. it's a wet monday so we should see backups and slowing. the metering lights probably turned on, a wind advisory for the wind like she said as well as most bay area bridges so hold on tight. >> exactly. be careful. thank you. it's a tough morning for folks especially for the 9er fans. the team lost a tough one in the nfc championship game. the the giants win 20-17. niners made some costly mistakes late in the game. we're only showing the good
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stuff right now. >> i like that. >> yeah. just to make the morning easier. >> the gloomy weather matching how some 49er fans feel. bob redell joins us live from the peninsula with what fans are saying. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and jon. certainly a lot of disappointment out here this morning. especially since the win over the giants seemed so close, so within reach last night at the stick. of course that did not happen because particularly because of two mistakes that seemed so avoidable which brings us to kyle williams who is probably feeling that disappointment more than any one else. he is a backup punt returner for the 49ers who fumbled two returns during the game. the one in overtime which put the giants in the position for the game-winning field goal. >> it's a learning experience. >> keep up the good work, man.
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don't worry. hold your head up high. it's going to be okay. >> reporter: unfortunately not everyone is as forgiving as those fans we caught up with. some people have crossed the line issuing death threats on twitter. against williams and his family. some of those messages have been removed. but there are many more messages of support for williams and also condemnation of those issuing the threats. reporting live in palo alto, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. 6:05. police say the game was not without trouble. officers used pep are spray on one fan after he became unruly. the spray ended up hitting another police officer and a woman in the crowd. they had to have their eyes flushed out. police have not released complete arrest numbers but behavior was typical. a number were arrested for
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battery and resisting arrest. >> sheriff ross mirkarimi returning to court to seat date for trial facing misdemeanor charges related to an alleged case of domestic violence against his wife. last week he pleaded not guilty to the charges. the sheriff has been ordered to stay away from his wife and son during this time. mayor ed lee asking mirkarimi to consider whether he can continue to do his job effectively with all of the legal issues he's facing. >> san jose police will talk about a deadly officer-involved shooting to explain what happened when an officer shot and killed suspected kidnapper tre le. they say le force ed his way in a home. they found hip holed up in an amount. he alleged fire and officers returned fire. le died at the scene. the girl is back safe with her family. >> severe weather is gripping the south and has turned deadly.
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let's say good morning to marla tellez who is live in our newsroom who has a look at all of the mounting damage. good morning. >> good morning. this is certainly a fluid situation, at least two people are now confirmed dead as strong storms sweep flew the southern part of the country. we have damage done in alabama, in birmingham where strong winds and heavy rains have leveled some homes and where a tornado warning is in effect. officials say two people were killed in jefferson county, 16-year-old boy and 82-year-old man. searchers are going door to door trying to rescue people trapped inside their homes. this same system also destroyed homes and buildings in tennessee and arkansas. in fact, as many as 16 tornados have been reported through central arkansas. including in fordice. this area is riddled with downed trees and power lines but the people there are keeping their spirits up. >> just it's going to take a
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while. get everything up, get the power back up, clean up. but we're going to make it. we'll be all right. >> many parts of the south are under a tornado watch, which is very rare in january. again, two people confirmed dead in alabama as a result of this severe weather. we'll continue to keep an eye on this throughout the morning. >> thank you very much. much closer to home, heavy rains making quite a mess at a neighborhood in the oakland hillside. crews have been clearing debris near oak wood drive and wild currant way. 50 feet of roadway slid on top of another street. despite the mess residents were able to move out through some detours set up. crews also worked to restore power to more than 160 homes in the area. >> we needed the rain but it can cause havoc. meteorologist christina loren is here to tell us what's happening in the weather center. >> you know, the best bet for
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you this morning if you do not have to rush out the door and then be confronted with stlik conditions. it's also windy. waf for debris and as you well know, it's been raining. we've got three systems that we're still dealing with. what's really cool, looks at this radar. you can see the core of low pressure moving over the north bay. so this is it. once this core moves through, that's when we're going to see the rain calm down. but you can see that tightly wound area of low pressure as this continues to pass us we're going to see gusty winds, though, very unstable air mass. a ridge of high pressure will start to move in, as it does so we're talking about really nice days ahead. a little morning fog but a mix of sun and clouds. by thursday i think we'll see pretty widespread dense fog as high pressure compresses everything in our atmosphere and forces the moisture to the surface. it all works out like this. hit about 60 degrees as you make
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your way home. 56 by the bay and 58 degrees by the coast. so, temperatures running mild, grab that umbrella. you'll be able to leave it in the closet. 6:09. first we want to check your drive on a back to work monday. >> back to work and back to rainfall monday. we finally have the rain. we're happy about that. not for the road conditions. the walnut creek interchange okay at the limit. the bottom of the screen, northbound to 680 approaching sycamore valley road, one car is on the right shoulder facing the wrong direction. likely because it spun out. again, traction is very low in spots because of the slick conditions. a lot of spin-outs this morning. flooding southbound 680 at the 580 interchange. it stuck around. that incident has cleared from the report and we saw slowing which cleared up the last few minutes. a note if you pass through the
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dublin interchange, still 22 minutes and building out of the alta mont over to dublin. where it says 680 you see slowing. the northbound side there is a report of an accident, a car went off the road. the flashing lights to help out might be a distraction. oakland, the gusty winds, talking about with shaking the camera. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. >> coming up on "today in the bay," the rain in the bay area means snow in the sierra. how it looks and we'll give you a live report. >> three gop candidates are scrambling to florida after this weekend's south carolina surprise. the one is sitting out this primary. we'll tell you why.
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>> welcome back everyone. newt gingrich gaining momentum heading into this week's florida primary which is next week. candidates debate in tampa tonight but ron paul says he is skipping florida since only the winner gets all of the state's delegates. that leaves florida as a gingrich, mitt romney, rick santorum showdown. each has won a state and now hope to hit the florida jackpot. >> florida can start to send the real winner on to the victory in the future. >> mitt romney right now leading most polls, though gingrich surged ahead in the latest survey for florida voters. >> romney says he will release his tax returns this week. he's one of the wealthiest presidential candidates in history. opponents have been demanding he release that tax information. romney says he will make his 2010 returns public and will release an estimate for 2011 tomorrow. >> for president obama he is
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slowly moving into re-election mode. the president already has daily chats with his campaign office back in chicago. after tomorrow's state of the union address the president will hit the road to five states. iowa, arizona, nevada, colorado and michigan. those states hold a total of 270 electoral votes. >> we're keeping our eye on the forecast. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren. what's coming down? >> rain's coming down. good morning. you can see what's happening, though. we have an area of low pressure now crossing over the north bay, and as a result this is why we have such gusty winds. so watch out for gusty winds especially over the open water bridges. look at that, pretty cool. you see that core coming in, getting ready to move over so get ready for windy conditions, also moderate rain in that core. that's the story for this morning. we're going to see showers come down on and off, probably for the next couple of hours.
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we stopped the clock at 11:00 a.m. starting to get a break from the showers over the great are bay area. a little bit of activity left in places like livermore, fremont and eastern san jose. we continue that clock throughout this afternoon. may be a little bit of precipitation over our local mountains you'll see that's where the clouds will hang out. we'll get a lot of sunshine. the sunshine continues into tuesday. we continue that future cast as you can see we'll wake up with fog tomorrow morning. i think the worst fog will be thursday morning, widespread dense fog with all of the moisture. so for today temperatures work out like this. 58 in milpitas, about 56 in san jose, temperatures of 58 in concord and fairfield, 56 for you today. by the water mild with uniform conditions this morning. temperatures in the 50s across the board because of all of that cloud cover. 54 in bodega bay. the seven-day outlook shows you we not only warm up through thursday, we're going to see nice weather well into the weekend. saturday there is an area of low
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pressure that will cross to our north. that could really kick up that on shore flow so we could see drizzly fog saturday morning. that means sunday is your best day for outdoor activities. a good looking weekend ahead. let's see what your drive holds with mike inouye. >> kids are going to drive me crazy if they don't get out by sunday. running up and down the stairs. the peninsula from the south bay, looks all right so far. as far as the speed sensors go, no major reports of flooding for the south bay. that's great news. we have had reports of spin-outs and flooding. there is a tree down, 84 at portola avenue. that's the first of the morning. past 6:00 and 6:30, more cars, we're likely to see more reports of debris and possibly more trees down. we had the rain-soaked soil. as the conditions change, a live look shows you this sign lit up no longer lit up. high wind advisory cleared for
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the san mateo bridge. we see the camera shaking. keep in mind the high rise bridges, you get gusts from time to time. no problems for 92 across the water. slick roads. on the peninsula, we had flooding reported, here 101, the earli earlier flooding hasn't cleared. keep that in mind. in the east bay the earlier accident at sycamore valley road. cleared and no metering lights at the bridge yet. >> mike, thank you. chain requirements in effect in the sierra, this latest storm dumping snow in the mountain. mike has a monday morning show and tell. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are at blue canyon at 5,000 feet. snow is not this deep but let me get up to the top of this hill and show you how deep the snow is. trying to dig down to the bottom. look at that.
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that's up to my elbow. that's a good 12 inches of snow already on the ground here at blue canyon. we've seen it all. we've seen some wind, some rain, some snow. it is piling up on the freeway. you can believe it there is chain controls because of it on i-80 and part of the -- under all of this snow, your wet heavy sierra cement stuff, at the bottom of that is a hard little sheet of gloppy wet snow making almost like ice, spinning tires. we've seen it. saw a plow try to push this snow. it's so heavy that he was spinning his big tires with the huge chains on. so it has been a struggle but everyone here, they are more than happy to see it return to the sierra. this is much needed. this might be enough to get the ski ramp open for the first time this year. one last thing if you are thinking of playing hooky today,
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to get some runs in, just beware there are chain controls in effect and also, well, we've seen it all, rain, wind, snow. be prepare forward any type of weather. until this system finally moves out. winter clearly has returned to the sierra. at long last. >> if we're sick we have to be sick for a few days. thank you very much, mike. coming up new postage rates go into effect today. find out how much sfrg going to cost you now. >> the blackberry maker gets rid of its bummer ceos.
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>> a good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside golden gate bridge as you can see the sheen on the roadway out there, pretty slick morning across bay area roadways. take it easy. we'll have a look at the commute coming up. 6:23 now. >> a berkeley nurse who has been helping patients more than 30 years is now asking for your help. a registered nurse kathy luggenville has a rare blood disorder. she and thousands like her require a bone marrow transplant for survival. the medical center will hold the first series of bone marrow donor drives. you can register and sign consent forms at
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then get your cheek swabbed today or tomorrow. >> the u.s. postal service is now charging 45 cents for a first class stamp. that's one of several rate increases going into effect. post cards go up 3 cents to 32 cents apiece. letters to canada and mexico cost 85 cents and other international destinations cost $1.05. >> couple of canadians lost their job. scott mcgrew, why do we care? >> because they ran a company, jon, that makes blackberries. co co-ceos did not run it well. considering the cell phone is central to our economy the turnover was important. the two have been called everything from clowns to worse, they are out this morning. they will actually, though, stay on as members of the board of directors. the pair grew research in motion into canada's most valuable
6:25 am
company. and then let it back down the hill with disastrous products like the tablet, canada's answer to the ipad. when this tablet was first released the blackberry playbook, it didn't get corporate e-mail. speaking of tablets, new market research shows one third of all americans use a tablet or e-book reader and this past holiday season was huge for tablets. note the data says one tablet is used, not owned. we're seeing families with one ipad but it's circulated in big demand. ever done this, sit through your facebook friends' photographs and think you know what, my friends are so much more interesting than i am. new research from utah valley university says people can become depressed doing this. facebook and friends have been linked, but the researchers say they figured it out. you look at everyone else's
6:26 am
photographs on a saturday night when you're sitting home alone and go wow, people are so much more interesting than i am. of course they are at home looking at your photographs which hopefully are cool because you're not going to post the boring. >> never. >> a lot of shirtless ones, too. still to come on "today in the bay," getting out of bed can be rough for niners fans. we'll hear from what some are saying the day after a tough loss. >> weather certainly came into play for the game and will likely for the morning drive. give yourself plenty of time. the rain is still coming down. the core of low pressure moving over the bay area. i'll let you know what the rest of the week holds and when the rain stops in your city. >> watching southbound 101 along the peninsula, your latest spin-out is out of lanes. i'll talk about what else you have to watch when you hit the roads. t
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>> it's a wet commute this morning but it's the wind that will have you holding your steering wheel tight as you head out. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you about an advisory for bay area bridges. >> reporter: what fans had to say to kyle williams, the 49ers player many blame for last night's devastating loss. that story coming up. >> the preliminary hearing for an accused serial killer could end after weeks of testimony. what's expected to happen today. >> how long will the rain last? a live look, bay bridge approach, we'll take a look this monday, january 23, "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. 6:29. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. let's say good morning to meteorologist christina loren to find out what is happening outside. >> the core of low pressure from the third and final storm is now moving on shore kicking up
6:30 am
really gusty winds this morning. so, basically wherever you're headed not only do we have slick conditions because of the rainfall overnight, we've got very strong winds picking up ahead of this core of low pressure. right now centralized over a vallejo. give yourself plenty of time to get out the front door safely. you don't want to go rushing into conditions like this. speaking of which let's take it live to christie smith who is on the bay bridge. she knows better than any one that the commute is looking slower than usual because of those rain showers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i don't know what it is, every time i step out of the live truck it starts raining again. that's the case now. over all the rain has been on and off pretty much all morning. but it is the wind that is hanging on with a tight grip. wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. i spoke with the dispatchers who tell me it was to expire at 6:00, 30 minutes ago but for now he says they are going to keep the signs lit. it's still breezy enough to give the high profile suvs and
6:31 am
campers a real push as you head over. right now more traffic out here. so, people slowing down this morning, winds 20 to 25 miles an hour. advisory includes the san mateo, richmond/san rafael and dumbarton bridges. the storms caused headaches with too much standing water in mill valley where people had to put the sandbags out. then that same area, big tree toppled right over taking power lines down. i asked the chp how the decision is made to lift the advisory, and what i was told is that it's really not scientific. they don't have a magic number of when to put it into effect. what they do is they have a tow truck driver, a chp officer, drive the bridge and report the conditions back. for more on what the roads are
6:32 am
looking like, i'll toss to the mike. >> you are shot changed with all of that water on the lens so there you go, how quickly conditions change. thank you for bringing up that point that chp will issue those advisories on real experience. we are looking at windy gusty conditions. the earlier accident from 580 through the area has cleared but still sloppy and flooding reported from time to time, then clearing as well. 580, unusual slowing through castro valley. that's what we're seeing on days like today. an unusual traffic flow. no major problems but prepare for additional time. >> really good advice. >> it is 6:32. yes, the niners and their fans enjoyed a phenomenal resurgence. unfortunately that ride has come to an end. the niners losing in overtime to the giants, 20-17. it was a pair of costly turnovers late in the ball game,
6:33 am
painful to watch it all over again. this led to the victory for the giants leading the niners fans thinking about what could have, should have been this morning. fans feeling the effects after that tough loss in the nfc championship game. some, they are taking this way too far. bob redell is joining us live with more fan reaction. good morning, bob. >> reporter: a lot of disappointment especially since we were talking about this, this game seemed so within reach for us. a 49ers win over the giants, clearly that did not happen. the game going into overtime. a lot of fans are blaming two mistakes made by one player, and there want be any one more disappointed, kyle williams. the backup punt returner. he fumbled two returns during last night's game. one in overtime which put the giants in position for the field
6:34 am
goal. in spite of that fans have been very forgiving. >> take about a half hour to feel remorse and regret, put it aside and move on. don't dwell on it. >> it was a mistake, man. that game played beautiful. i'm so proud of the 49ers, for them to get where they were at. i think next year, 49ers all the way. >> jon, you were mentioning some fans crossing a line. they have on twitter. issuing death threats against williams and his family. they don't outnumber the number of people showing support but they are out there, some of those messages, the threats, have been removed. there are people who are not only offering support wr williams, they are also condemning those issuing the threats. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. you know, williams wasn't afraid to talk about what happened after the game.
6:35 am
>> we'll move forward. it's one of those things you hate to be the last guy to have the ball and to give it up that way and that fashion, to lose with you know, a game of this magnitude. it is what it is and we're going to move forward as a team. >> williams is a san jose native picked in 2010. he's the 49ers' backup punt returner. he was suppressed into action because of an injury to ted ginn. >> excuse me. i got it. union city teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student will be arraigned in court this morning. he will face 21 felony counts for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old. investigators say that the high school teacher began the 9-month relationship in march. he could also enter a plea during today's court session. >> closing statements could wrap up today. during the two-week preliminary
6:36 am
hearing graphic details were revealed about the murders of four women between 1977 and 1994. including disturbing images found at naso's home. prosecutors argue the women were drugged and subdued. nasowho is serving as his own attorney argued that he used his charm to seduce the women. >> an american couple still among the missing from the cruise ship off the coast of italy. crews still searching for more victims. divers found a 13th body over the weekend, 19 are still missing. the number could be higher because of unregistered passengers that may have been on board. the search will proceed with the removal of thousands of gals of fuel. >> stephan is one of several penn state mayers remembering
6:37 am
joe paterno. he attended a memorial service on penn state's campus on sunday. paterno died after a fight with lung cancer. the university fired him in the wake of the child sex scandal. he served as head coach of penn state for 45 years. he was 85 years old. >> 6:37. the city of fremont picking a new mayor. the council will go over the accounts and choose. the mayor will serve a 10-month term until the november election. the council replacing bob wasserman who died last month at the age of 77. he had been mayor of fremont since 2004. >> monday morning, want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning. last day of the rain but this morning we have a core of low pressure moving over the bay area, kicking up a lot of
6:38 am
instability. so gusty winds developing. you can see that core right now moving over vallejo. it's going to continue to western suburb off to the east throughout the morning. as it does so, a lot of instability, winds at about 20 miles per hour sustained through the east bay wills. give yours plenty of time. we're going to see a lot of clearing by noon. 53 by the bay at noon. then you round out at about 60 inland. comfortable conditions as we head through this afternoon. tuesday and wednesday, a ridge of high pressure moves back in. that's going to keep our skies clear. a mix of sun and clouds, a little bit of fog starting tomorrow. it could be dangerous for your morning drive. we'll track that for you. by about 11:00 a.m. we'll see clearing, a little bit of rain left along the peninsula, and then throughout the rest of the
6:39 am
day a few showers over the local mountains where the clouds will be thick. then tomorrow looks pretty good. a little fog to kick off and temperatures climbing into the 60s, so we have a bit of a warm-up on the way. i'll take you through your seven-day forecast, show you what's to come. a little bit of a change toward this weekend. that's on the way. first let's check your drive with mike. >> a 25-minute drive off of the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge which looks like this. a live shot shows you the effects of the metering lights. we have slowing, wet roads approaching the bridge. things are looking relatively smooth throughout the maze. slowing down the east core freeway. heavier than we see show things are spread out on your commute. first south as well, 880 at a street, reports of a branch across the lanes. this just came in. you'll see more of these and trees down owe vur the course of
6:40 am
the morning. we have abaccident there and shows you the conditions. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:39 now. coming up on "today in the bay," at least 40 fans fell victim to a fake ticket scam. what other problems there were coming up. >> and the focus of the gop race turns to florida. a live report from washington is next. [people chatting] everyone, it's $37 a piece. paying with your smart phone instead of cash. that's a step forward. with chase person-to-person quickpay, you can send money
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>> the gop presidential candidates fighting it out for florida. they are pounding the pavement hoping to hit the jackpot in the winner take all state. tracie potts is live in washington with the latest on their chances. good morning. >> laura, good morning. we're talking about three candidates out of the four because ron paul decided not to campaign in florida since it's winner take all. only one of the candidates will get all of that important battleground state's delegates. so tonight on the debate right here on nbc you're going to see newt gingrich, mitt romney and rick santorum. a couple issue, taxes. romney said he wouldn't release them until april now will do it this week along with rick santorum. bain capital, the firm that romney has been under fire for heading, lots of critics saying they witness in and pillaged companies. newt gingrich says we need more answers on that. gingrich coming out of south
6:44 am
carolina with a big bump after having won in a pretty upset win in south carolina, double digit win, looking at florida mitt romney has been in the lead but in the latest poll newt gingrich has an 8-point lead, rick santorum saying don't count me out because i won the only state that was not in a candidate's back yard. laura. >> always interesting to see. thank you, tracie. >> 6:44. coming up, police looking for the gun men who opened fire at a sweet 16 party. >> plus, no bail for an accused wevel ha lhet. tesatet pirrne. 'll ve the latest. s meant conge. after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ male announcer ] a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. [ woman ] after allegra-d, i have it all.
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>> welcome back. happy monday. here to talk about the weather is meteorologist christina loren as the rain starts to subside. >> yeah. you know, we got hammered especially friday night. heavy rainfall coming down over the bay area, yesterday another strong round of rain. and this morning we're seeing the tail end of the rain. you can see what this is doing to your commute. very slick conditions this morning on the golden gate bridge. make sure you give yourself time and it's still dark so watch out for pedestrians. we have all of the reflectivity off the highway. here it is, there is that core of low pressure pushing into concord and fairfield. in addition to the rainfall it's kicking up gusty winds. you can see this band that developed over san francisco. it's yellow and red. pop-up thunderstorms so you need to travel cautiously. as we head throughout the day we'll lose the rain by about 11:00 a.m. lingering activity over the south end of the peninsula. hey, as you make your way home from work a different scenario.
6:48 am
things starting to get calm and dry out. by tomorrow morning i think we'll see fog. not evenings expecting the dense fog. pressure will compress that and force it to the surface. dangerous fog wednesday morning and thursday morning. breezy to windy through mid morning today. rain at times, isolated thunder. then clearing by noon. we're going to see a nice second half of the day. this is the reason. out here in the eastern pacific, a really strong ridge of high pressure is starting to move in, so once this core continues to race off to the east, high pressure moves in, keeps us stunny for the second half of the day and temperatures will end up in the mid to upper 50s. 58 in milpitas today. about 56 in san jose, 52 in danville. and 54 degrees in alameda. 54 for bodega bay. we've got you covered now, inland bay and the coast, 57 with a few morning showers.
6:49 am
by wednesday, breezy but look at where our temperatures are headed, into the mid-60s by friday. a mild weekend ahead. i'm looking forward sunday being the better day. 6:48. mike knows which way will get you to work. >> trying to find out which is the smoothest. the bay bridge looking fine but these flashing lights at the toll plaza. we have at the bottom of the screen up until a few minutes ago an ambulance and tow truck. that just cleared but that's one of the reasons why there is more back-up approaching off of the berkeley curve. moving smoothly till about the 880 overcrossing. back to the maps, you'll see the slower drive coming down the east shore freeway. registering at about 25, 26 minutes off of that carquinez bridge. from hercules in toward the bridge, about 50, 55 miles an hour through the area. we're looking at vallejo,
6:50 am
talking about the rain. that will affect your view across the carquinez bridge. chp issued the wind advisory, so we're going to extend it to the carquinez bridge. coming to the san mateo bridge we have debris reported, a tree branch southbound 880 at a street and slowing through the castro valley y, heavier than we expect. we're seeing general spreading out of that slowdown. not the focus that we see on a morning commute. earlier we had an issue, flooding at vianza, not a lot of reports of flooding but it's there. 101 at hellier, an accident now in one of the lanes in the northbound direction. we should see slowing in this commute direction. overall the south bay looking relatively light. back to you guys. >> we're seeing unusually severe weather slamming the south. we're hearing there are casualties in its wake.
6:51 am
marla tellez is live in our newsroom with a look at all of this deadly damage. good morning. >> good morning. the number of deaths still stands at two all because of the strong storms hammering parts of the south. the newest video shows the damagidge birmingham, alabama. some of these homes leveled by the strong winds and heavy rains. emergency officials say roads are now blocked in the area and are reporting that two people were killed in central alabama. a 16-year-old boy and 82-year-old man. we're learning they were found in two separate areas of jefferson county. searchers are going door to door trying to rescue people trapped in their home. much the same in tennessee and arkansas where the same system also destroyed homes and buildings there. hard to believe since this is january, but as many as 16 tornados have been reported throughout the central arkansas. bottom line this morning, parts
6:52 am
of tennessee, mississippi and alabama are under a tornado watch, and the death toll sits at two for those deaths in alabama. >> thank you, marla. 6:51. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court today facing three misdemeanor charges related to an alleged case of domestic violence against his wife. last week he pleaded not guilty the charges. the judge is expected to seat trial date today. a sheriff has been ordered to stay away from his wife and son. the mayor asked him whether he can do his job effectively. >> three people are still in serious condition after a shooting and a birthday county in antioch. several gun man shot several people. even though up to 80 people were at the party, no one at this point is coming forward with any information about the gunman. six people were shot, three
6:53 am
victims, right now out of the hospital. >> police are searching for two men who shot a man during a robbery attempt. the gunman held the man up just after 1:30 early sunday morning. when the 53-year-old victim walked away he was shot in the lower back. >> union city police searching for a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian around 6:00. there are no details of the driver or car involved as yet. any one with information is asked to contact the union city police department. police releasing a sketch of a woman suspected in eight armed robberies over the past months. the women is black, between 16 and 25 years old. about 5'5" to 5'8" and weighing around 130 pounds. she has dark hair that could have highlights and wears it under a wrap. investigators say she walks up
6:54 am
to victims, asks for the time, then pulls out a gun an demands money. >> 49er fan vocal. some are taking the defeat too personally. bob joins us live from the peninsula with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you sum up fan reaction this morning twine words action disappointment and understanding. disappointment over that devastating loss last night against the giants, understanding for the 49ers player who many fans blame and talking about kyle williams probably feeling that more than any one. he is the backup punt returner who fumbled two returns. one in over time which put the giants in position for the game winning field goal. >> he will probably never make that mistake ven. >> it's a learning experience. keep up the good work, man. continue worry.
6:55 am
you know, hold your head up high. it's going to be okay. they love you here, man. >> reporter: laura, you alluded to this, unfortunately not everyone is that forgiving. some have crossed the line. thertse on on twitter, some of those have been removed but there are many messages of those issuing those threats. >> thanks, bob. following that loss to the new york giants police say officers were very busy with security no. hard numbers to report but a number of fans arrested for public incoxcation and misdemeanor battery. >> two officers contacted the sunday and he assaulted the officers, one of those, she used her pepper spray and he was taken into custody. >> our cameras caught one wan
6:56 am
being detained by police. he was a suspect in a ticket scam that affected 40 people. >> the "today" show is coming up in minutes. matt lauer shows us what they are working on. >> good morning. coming up on a monday on today newt gingrich hopes to capitalize on his win in south carolina. mitt romney launches an attack a. woman who shot her husband and claims self defense acquitted of murder. she will speak out. plus, how to be smarter about pinching pennies. the seven things people tend to do to try to save money that can cost them more in the long 1. a dramatic rescue caught on tape. a family crashes into the sea. much more ahead as we get started here on "today."
6:57 am
>> thank you very much, matt. the hearing to decide if john hinckley jr. should get more freedom resumes. hinckley shot president reagan in 1981, wants to make honger visits to his mother's home and eventually live there. a jury found him legally insane during his trial. his mental illness has been in remission for years. >> tracy morgan in a utah hospital. he chapsed after accepting on the stage at the sun dance film festival. witnesses say he appeared dizzy and confused. a spokesperson for morgan says he was overcome by exhaustion and the altitude. fortunately he is expected to make a full recovery. >> people all over the world are reading in the year of the dragon. the lunar new year starts today. celebrations will last 15 days. >> no bail for a jail mul
6:58 am
multimillionaire accused of piracy. a rich guy with a funny name. >> kim dotcom he had his name changed, he is head of mega uploot. dotcom, a german national ordered to stay in new zealand. after that the u.s. can start the extradition. .com hired a lawyer who represented bill clinton. turning to wall street, "the discovery channel" and a puppy. confetti too. the dow industrials are up 28 points, nasdaq up 13. research in motion has a new ceo after getting rid of its co-ceos. that stock has fallen almost 7 percent. nothing can save research in motion. >> now breaking news to tell you about in oakland. we're learning that s.w.a.t.
6:59 am
team has surrounded a home. >> a man has mayor i caded himself inside. wanted in a domestic dispute. it's police say he may have a child with him at this point. we will update you at 7:25. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren live in our new weather center. >> good morning. we still have showers coming down on the radar. give yourself plenty of time. showers will continue throughout your morning rush. if you like me on face okay ail answer your weather related questions. >> northbound 101 approaching hellier, the earlier accident. there it is. it kicked off in the last few minutes a. new accident southbound at 280 going to cause a problem. it's blocking three lanes now. follow me on twitter. a live look at sunol shows the reason why we see


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