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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> reporter: the loss of redevelopment funds gets tough for bay area cities as they face a february 1 deadline. we're talking about job losses and cuts to events. that story coming up. >> new developments in the case against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. a second woman now accusing him of abuse. >> mitt romney releases his tax records. how much he earned and what he paid in taxes. >> a live look outside, golden gate bridge on tuesday, january 24th, this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning everyone. it is 4:30, just about 4:31. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. let's check that forecast as meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. taking a look at temperatures right now, 45 degrees in napa, 42 in concord and 46 in livermore. 4:31. we're going to see an absolutely beautiful day in the bay today. i've got the temperatures and i'll let you know how long the stretch of fair weather will hold up before showers. that's in my full forecast. let's check that drive with mike. >> now that the rain has cleared up we have construction overnight, 101 typical suspect here, embarcadero road. the on and off ramps from both side north and south, both closed for the time being. you do have to keep that in mind if you are using the on and off ramps through at at. >> thank you. mike. >> an east bay city's budget
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crisis could put some events on the chopping block. >> christie smith joins us live from concord where the council will meet later today to discuss the cuts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about concord and oakland this morning. these are two examples of cities looking at deep cuts. in concord it could include the loss of fun events like the fourth of july parade. that brings thousands of people downtown. but also what you might consider essentials, the loss of things like affordable housing. after the city disbands its redevelopment agency which would amount to the loss of about $7.5 million from the state. this cost cutting move is hitting local jurisdictions and in concord it could also mean that about seven workers would lose their jobs and 45 events that draw people downtown could also go, this according to the contra costa times. oakland is looking at severe
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cut, just unveiled yesterday that could mean community favorites like the oakland zoo and children's fairy land could see reductions. last week the city issued layoff notices to about 2500 workers and that's a lot considering they only have a total of 3,000. after a closer look, though, it appears that the actual job loss would be closer to about 105. the oakland city council will be discussing their budget on wednesday. concord will discuss it tonight. the deadline for the state agencies to be dissolved is february 1. reporting live in concord, christie smith. back to you. >> christie, thank you. >> alleged serial killer joseph nasowill be tried for the murders of four women, that after a two-week preliminary hearing. nasois accused of killing four prostitutes. during closing arguments the
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marin man said the prosecution was risky business and that any one could be responsible for the murders. nasowill be back in court on february 3. >> new allegations of domestic abuse coming to light against san francisco's sheriff. ross mirkarimi already facing charges forruising his wife's arm during an argument on new year's eve. now a published report says that mirkarimi's ex-girlfriend claims he was violent toward her more than three years ago. steven clark tells us the court may allow her account as evidence. >> what the d.a. is able to do in a domestic violence case is put on prior victims of domestic violence to show that the person committing the violence engages in a pattern of behavior. normally that's not admissible in a trial. >> mirkarimi's trial on several counts of misdemeanor domestic violence is set for february 24. >> at&t will install 20 antennas in palo alto neighborhoods, the
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council giving the green light. at&t will place antennas on telephone poles. the setup is supposed to improve cell reception. some parents say at this point they are worried about possible dangers from radiation. at&t says it's safe. >> it's regulated by the scc and council of radiation prevention. our sites are below the maximum standards. >> all of the installations should be done in about four months. another 60 antennae are expected to be installed in about a year. >> new developments in the gop presidential race. republican candidate mitt romney is starting to release his tax records. overnight the former governor confirmed he paid about $3 million in income tax in 2010 and expects to pay $3.2 million to cover 2011. over the past two years he earned $42.5 million prom
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profit, dividends or interest from investments. the romneys have donated $7 million to charity, including more than $4 million to the church of jesus christ of lat r latter-day saints. >> taxes played a roll in the debate in florida. romney went after gingrich for his work with freddie mac. before the debate gingrich released his contract with the mortgage giant showing he made $300,000 for consulting and related services. >> ever ever gone and done lobbying. there is a point it gets personal and nasty and that's sad. >> turns out romney invested up to a half million in fanny mae and freddie mac. rick santorum characterized romney and gingrich as the rich protecting the rich. >> newt gingrich's campaign striking a chord with some
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california voters. >> definitely has a track record getting things done and he keeps saying that he's going to get in office and get things done within 48 hours of obama leaving office. >> seems tea party women are putting their support behind gingrich even amid allegations gingrich wanted an open marriage with his second wife. exit polls in south carolina revealed it was not a key issue for women. >> 4:37. after days of drenching rains, taking a closer look at a rock side in san francisco. large boulders plunged down the hill, crushing a car. the lower floors of an apartment building were evacuated. most residents have been allowed to return home. geologists hope to come up with a plan how to deal with it. >> all of that heavy rain loosening up that soil out
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there. 4:37 now. look likes the rain has let up. i have a feeling it's going to get nice out. >> we're going to see a gorgeous second half of the day. we do have thick fog starting to develop and trickle in from the delta. i think that the inland valleys are going to see the thickest of the fog this morning. i think we'll be really socked in by tomorrow morning, then thursday the worst of the widespread fog. so that's typical around here when we pick up significant rainfall, high pressure comes in, compresses the rainfall and you lose visibility. this morning it's cold out there as well. we're running about 5 to 8 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. let's go ahead and talk about what's happening. high pressure firmly in control. you can see taking the storm track to the north. for today high pressure continues to move in but what you can see is some clouds filling in. we'll see high clouds from time to time, intervals of the high clouds. overall a comfortable afternoon. as we fly under the clouds
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temperatures are going to be nice later on today. 60s across the board with a little fog especially to the interior valleys. tomorrow not quite as warm with more fog. so the sunshine today is your day to get outdoors. 4:38, i noticed a lot of construction this morning. they are back at it now that the rains are done. >> right. after the rain stops they get back to work, hopefully making progress. we're looking at the antioch bridge. we have an accident northbound 160, that's the antioch bridge out of antioch over to rio vista side. the car went into the guardrail. the car sounds like it's out of lanes. an arrest was made. chp is doing the work. highway 4 a distraction but in the commute direction you're okay for westbound highway 4. 580 into the area out of the altamont pass, at the limit to the dublin interchange. opposite direction, you will have heavy fog likely developing
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over the morning so keep that in mind. a look at the golden gate bridge. we had construction down from spencer avenue to mid span, that cleared up earlier than scheduled so we have a treat and easy drive in. a clear view now but we'll watch this for signs of lowering visibility. >> thanks very much, mike. >> of course all eyes on washington tonight as president obama delivers his state of the union address. what he is expected to say coming up. >> silicon valley might be one of the best places to find a high paying job. what's driving the salary increase, next. >> it's something you got to see to believe. a man rescued from an avalanche and all caught on tape. the incredible video.g are you crazy?
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>> good tuesday morning to you. a live look outside from the south bay this morning, all quiet right now. the hp pavilion. we'll have a look at the full forecast. 4:43. >> president obama delivering his state of the union address tonight. members of congress will pair off in by partisan cuplets. analysts say they expect obama to present his vision for the next four years in an effort to try to gain support for his re-election campaign. of course you can watch the president's speech here on nbc bay area, that starts at 6:00.
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>> a band of computer hackers denying plans to take down facebook. a rumor started with a video posted on youtube. >> our first target facebook. while it's true that facebook has at least 60,000 servers it is still possible to bring it down. anonymous needs the help of the people who want to take a stand against the government. >> a post to a twitter account denies planning a facebook takedown saturday. the group has posted its opposition to the anti-piracy legislation on hold now and the bust of file sharing site mega and its founder. >> one of the best places to land a job might be here in the silicon valley. first let's get a check of the markets. good morning, brian.
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>> good morning. thank you. futures now in terms of the stock markets are lower after they finished near the flat line monday with the dow snapping a four-day rally. investors continue to keep a close eye on the talks between the greek government and private lenders. japan was up a touch, of course china closed for that chinese new year and europe is lower at this hour. no economic data today but there are a ton of earnings including five dow component action, dupont, johnson & johnson and travelers and verizon and apple reporting results, the fed kicks off a two-day meeting. so very, very busy day. the dow fell 11 points on monday to 12,708, the nasdaq to 2784 losing two, a million homeowners facing foreclosure could have their mortgage burden cut as part of a long-awaited settlement between state attorneys general and big banks. the deal could be worth $25
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billion with 17 doing to reduce loan principle and a portion to depend state victims of improper foreclosure practices like that robo signing controversy. silicon valley is still the sweet spot to send your resume. tech job says the average annual salary for workers in the area passed $100,000 versus 81,000 in other parts of the country. the surge from a boom fueled facebook, zenga and twitter. their success sparked numerous start-up firms spurring a hiring war. tech job postings are up 26% from last year. that's good for you guys. you deserve all of the money and the credit because so much comes from that area. >> come on west. thanks so much. >> it is 4:46 right now. feeling good about that. speaking of feeling good, the weather is going to percolate.
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>> for the guys who come out for the jobs at least they get some of the best weather across the nation. this morning it's pretty nice out there. a little more fog than i'd like at this time of the morning and i think we're going to see more fog develop as we transition into the 9:00 a.m. hour. it will probably be at its worst. through the next couple of days and high pressure builds in we're talking about widespread dense fog. you have good visibility at the coast. 43 in concord and 39 in fairfield. so what's happening is the fog is starting to develop down through the central valley. it's going to creep in through the delta where we're going to see the fog through the interior east bay valleys. it works out like this. dense fog until about 9:00. clearing by mid morning. forecasting clear skies by about 11:00 a.m. then ahead we have a drying trend. we might see a slider saturday and sunday, that might provide a little bit of rainfall. the chance is not that great. no significant rain in the
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immediate forecast. high pressure is the reason why it's rebuilding. as it does you can see where it's taking the clouds and the storm track well to the north. as we head through the next couple of days the storm door will remain closed as the jet stream is far to our north. temperatures are going to be comfortable, 60s with a little fog especially through the interior valleys. tomorrow morning we'll see more of the fog. at the coast so take a look at some of these numbers. 62 in los gatos, 62 in san jose. about 58 degrees in dublin, 61 in pittsburgh and 58 in san ramon. a little warmer than our averages. your seven-day forecast shows you we just continue to warm up as we head through the next day or two. 69 degrees tomorrow, yeah, really comfortable conditions. at 67 by thursday. holding on to mild conditions over the course of the weekend. looks good for outdoor activities. >> pretty good. that's looks great. 4:48 now. this is amazing video from washington state where a
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snowmobiler was buried in an avalanche and lived to tell. a group of friends snowmobiling in the cascade mountains, watch as the avalanche comes loose and buries one of the riders. his friends immediately started digging, they went to the site where he was. and then eventually got his head free. >> can you breathe? we got you, buddy. we got you. >> he's got his head. >> shovels. >> shovels! >> they knew where i went in the snow and that was the saving grace is knowing where i went in the snow and they started digging that area. >> the man is home with no major injuries, something he hopes to never go through again. >> what a nightmare so. lucky to have everybody nearby. that could have been lights out. here's something to think about. lunch and the coffee breaks who do you think spends more, women or men? >> according to a survey, men
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are considerably less price conscious. men who buy lunch average $46 a week, $20 more than what most women spend. >> maybe we eat more. >> that's what i was thinking. or we get you to buy it for us. the men who buy coffee spend about $10 more per week. it adds up to thousands a year. numbers come from a survey that also found younger workers spend more on lunch than older workers. >> they boil that down means i'm treating from here on out. >> got to keep up with the survey. >> that's what we do. 4:50 now. yes, he captured hearts and headlines with that voice. now president obama can sing to you every day, kind of sort of. where you can download the recording. >> plus, some residents of santa clara trying to stop construction of the 49ers stadium. the move the council will consider tonight. >> we're looking at the north bay, a much, much more pleasant
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in the east bay. traffic picking up a little bit. we'll check the morning commute for you. 4:53. >> plans for the 49ers stadium in santa clara may have hit a speed bumps. opponents have gathered enough signatures to block construction. the stadium authority will discuss that petition. the council could decide to repeal the agreement or put it on the ballot for a vote. the council members could also reject that petition because the stadium agreement is an administrative process, and not subject to referendum. >> the oakland raiders could have a new head coach. the general manager says he may make an announcement by saturday. so far mckenzie interviewed former raiders linebacker winston moss and defensive coordinator dennis miller. according to espn mckenzie will have a second interview. allen is believed to be the first candidate to get a second
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interview. >> richmond has been chosen for a redevelopment project. the laboratory will build a second campus in richmond. the lab is expected to bring 800 workers and millions of dollars into the city. richmond beat out more than a dozen cities competing for the new campus. it will focus on biosciences. it is expected to open in 2016. >> 4:50 now. one of the first mornings in a long time without rain. mike inouye is here to talk about the drive to work. looks like construction is out there. >> that is correct. as the rain clears, the construction crews can get out there. we're looking at 680 through the area. north from al costa to sycamore valley road we have construction both directions, 680, north of sycamore valley road the earlier crews have cleared and now we have this stretch with no slowing but one or two lanes blocked north of the dublin
4:56 am
interchange. south of there we're looking at sunol with a live look. you can see in the foreground and folks moving around in the distance over the grade into fremont. a clear view and smooth drive. later on we should see fog develop. the golf course and the field in the area soak in rain so that will radiate out. >> thank you very much. president obama made headlines when he sang to a crowd. >> now you can hear him sing each and every day. sort of. ♪ i'm so in love with you >> ah sounding smooth. a couple of bars from al green that was at a fund-raiser. mr. obama's rendition has been so popular his campaign announcing on twitter people can download the clip as a ring tone
4:57 am
if you want to get it, download it from the crooner in chief's official re-election website. >> used to be only the first lady probably heard that. still ahead on "today in the bay," senior centers and a preschool under quarantine in marin county. the outbreak that health officials are monitoring. >> a fare increase for caltrain riders only if you pay cash. where you can voice your opinion. >> for your news, weather and traffic updates check usn on facebook. search nbc bay area news.
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>> reporter: the end to state redevelopment funds means some tough cuts to bay area cities. i'll have the story coming up in a live report. >> plus, the bay area school district deciding whether to bring drug sniffing dogs onto high school campuses. >> taking a cut, a bay area city council talking about


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