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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> reporter: new this morning, all because of a loss of redevelopment funds, some very popular events in the city of concord may be cut. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you what they are. >> reporter: you can score a minor victory for those opposed to the new 49ers stadium here in santa clara. explanation coming up. >> experts try to figure out what to do about a rock slide in san francisco. we will have the latest. >> a live look outside, golden gate bridge, on this tuesday, january 24th. "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley.
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we check in with meteorologist christina loren. after a long run of rain, looks like the week's going to be nice in the 60s. >> upper 60s as a matter of fact. today and tomorrow getting really nice weather. we have to get through the fog. it's dense out there creeping in from the central valley. watch for that through the east bay valleys. 53 in san francisco. leave the umbrella home. i'll let you know when we might get more rain and how nice it's going to be through the next few days. we want to check your drive with mike inouye. >> very few incidents as far as accidents or problems on the roads compared to yesterday. the north bay we have westbound 80, that's the commute direction. on the map you can see the sign is outside of that park. a disabled vehicle. the reason i point that out folks traveling either direction might travel into fog. areas north of the carquinez and benicia bridges and also the central valley, we'll watch for that fog as it develops and the
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commute starts to kick in. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:01 now. an update on breaking news we're following. police say a young girl was attacked by a man near fisherman's wharf. we know the girl was with a group of people but she got separated around 2:00 this morning. police searched the area and they found the girl with the suspect on north point street. the suspect was taken into custody for assault. the victim and the suspect were taken to the hospital. we'll bring you more information as more comes in. >> an east bay budget crisis could put some popular events on the chopping block. christie smith is live in concord where the city council will meet to discuss some of those deep cuts. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when the concord council meets they will have a lot to
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consider. because of these funding cuts from the state, they may have to slash really popular events in the city. some jobs may have to go, even some land that the city was considering developing. the fourth of july parade, the music and market series. nearly 50 events, bring hundreds of thousands of people downtown each year. a total of $7.5 million in redevelopment money could go. that could mean a freeze on affordable housing, the loss of at least seven jobs and a vacant lot near the bart station. all tied to the governor's move. there is a little bit of hope that some of these might be saved with corporate sponsorship. concord isn't alone here. oakland recently issued 2500 layoff notices to city workers, a lot considering they have a total of 3,000.
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but in the end the number is closer to 105 jobs that would be lost. these tough decisions nid to be made before the state ends funding. concord meets tonight. reporting live in concord. back to you. >> thank you. flying out of oakland about to get easier tlcht will be a significant expansion. one airline plans to offer a half dozen. >> a group of residents score add minor victory in a fight against the 49ers stadium. bob joins us live near the proposed construct site with what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a group of residents opposed using taxpayer money to build the 49ers stadium here in santa clara has forced the city consider using taxpayer funds
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taking place at a city council meeting. the rej star confirmed that santa clara plays fair a group, collected enough petitions, signatures, to force a refer ren come on the city's decision to line up $850 million in bank loans to help finance the project so. the meeting tonight, one of three things. the city could repeal those loans, unlikely, submit this to voters, or rejects the referendum petition. which is most likely the city's argue summit that the bank loans were never stubt a referendum because that move was administrative. the counsel is just carrying out of will of the voters. santa clara plays fair. they would be on the hook for a third of the costs of the billion-dollar project. the group says it does man to go to court over this if need be.
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reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> a sad and strange twist. a richmond college student is dead. a 22-year-old man and his sister were in the neighborhood last night about to go to the community college classes when a man ran by shooting at a car. the suspect got away. >> new this morning crews find another body inside that grounded cruise ship in italy. the death toll stands at 16 people. right now crews are moving equipment to start offloading a half million gallons of fuel from the tank. the work will go on even as divers continue to search for the remaining passengers.
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joseph nasowill be tried for the murder of four women, nasois is charged with killing four prostitutes. during his cloging arguments the 78-year-old man called prostitution a risky business and any one could be responsible for the murders. nasowill be back in court february 3. >> it's 6 chon 07. a show down by be evident. hours after the sheriff appeared in court to seat trial date the mayor says he wants to set up a meeting with mirkarimi and may ask him to take leave. the mayor says it may be too much of a distraction. the sheriff facing three misdemeanor counts for bruising his wife's arm during a new year's eve argument. a second woman has come forward claiming mirkarimi injured her
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in a violent argument when the two dated. she has just filed a police report. >> today's dry weather will give a chance to clean up the met left by the recent rain. geologists will be out in san francisco trying to come up with a plan how to deal with it. original boulders tumbled down telegraph hill. the rocks crushed a card. three apartments are under evacuation orders. >> the rain is causing problems. >> we'll have to try to involve it. time 6:08. >> good morning to you. that will get all week to work out there because we have a dry pattern that kicks in. high pressure taking control of our weather, taking that storm track to the north. as we head throughout the next couple of days we are going to
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get warmer today and tomorrow. climbing by about 5 to 8 degrees from yesterday's highs. dense fog this morning will make way to a mostly sunny afternoon. clearing after we hit noon. we have a dry trend that lasts through the week and maybe, maybe a little bit of light shower activity. but that's slight between 10% to 20%. you can see temperatures are on the cool side. grab a jacket. at 49 in sunnyvale, 50 in san jose, fog creeping in so watch out for that. 46 degrees in napa this morning. we set your future cast in motion and you can see here, 51 degrees at noon in oakland, up to 58 at noon. we make our way for lunch. temperatures about as warm as in the heat of the day with three additional hours of warming to go. i'm forecasting mid-60s through the south bay, a clear start, 63
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in los gatos. 58 in dublin, 58 in pleasanton. 61 in san francisco. so my next report i'll take through the seven-day outlook. i'll show you the name of the week up in the north bay and what cities could see showers. >> we have a slower drive as you might expect for highway four. it's looking good but speeds have come down. with 12 miles an hour. you can guarantee it's below 20. 51 over toward pits berg and a new accident reported westbound at willow pass road. that may cause an issue for highway four. the earlier issue around nuttree has cleared and a smooth drive for 80 slipping to 680.
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the bay bridge toll plaza, the folks waiting to play. we're looking at is a mole as well. a little slowing. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:10 now. still to come a street turns into an ice rink. yeah. we have more of this video right outside of a person's front door coming up. >> mitt romney releases his tax information. details coming up.
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>> welcome back. good tuesday morning. 6:13 now. mitt romney taxes took center stage. he has been under pressure to
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come clean especially after newt gingrich released his tax records. soon after the debate ended romney's camp began releasing his filings. they show the former governor earned $42.5 million over the past two years. exclusively from profits, dividends or interest from investments. romney paid about $3 million in income tax for 2010 and expects to pay about $3.2 million for 2011. he's taxed at 15% because most of his income comes from his capital gains on investments. >> newt gingrich says romney got unnecessarily personal and nasty at last night's debate. there were four candidates up on stage but gingrich and romney dominated everything. romney calling gingrich an influence peddler, gingrich accusing romney of dying repeatedly. rick santorum stepped up characterizing both as the rich protecting the rich. >> my question to governor
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romney and to speaker gingrich. if you believe in capitalism that much why did you support the bailout of wall street. >> the next debate takes place thursday in jacksonville. the florida primary is set for next tuesday. >> some snow and ice causing havoc in the streets of utah. look at this. a man shot this video out of his front door in utah. cars slipping and sliding. yeah, slamming into the snow plow. neighbors say -- oh, warn drivers as much as they could. fortunately nobody was seriously injured. that is not a fun thing to be caught in. >> it looks like they are going pretty fast. >> those conditions the smart move is chill. >> stay home. >> move to california. >> i like that. >> pretty nice weather on tap. >> we're going to see a couple of really nice days. let's get to it this morning,
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take you out and show you what the temperatures are like. not too bad. 43 in santa cruz. 50 in san who says. fairfield at 41 and you're at 53 in the city by the bay. future cast shows you we're dealing with the cloud cover probably until about noon. a lot of clearing, though, between noon and 3:00 p.m. look at what happens. at about 6:00 p.m. you can see clear, mostly sunny way area. through the next couple of days, it all works out like this. by the bay, 57 degrees at noon, as you make your way home, up to 60 degrees inhand, at 63 degrees as you make your way home so really comfortable conditions. if the rain kept you indoors you can get outside, pretty much all week long as high pressure is in control of our pattern. what's happening is you can see the storm track taking in the pacific northwest. we have clouds riding into the bay area spilling in over the ridge. so that's going to make for a
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gorgeous sun rise. as we head through the next 48 hours, we'll see fog, other wise temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 60s, it all works out like this. 63 degrees, as you make your way out the front door it's a little chilly but 63 later, up to 69 tomorrow. 67 degrees for your thursday. the weekend staying comfortable. low to mid-60s inland. we'll see 61 degrees on saturdays by the bay and at the coast you can get out there without being too cold, 58 degrees on sunday. let's check your drive. >> we'll take to you the south bay. we'll start with a pleasant commute. look at that, a blip here northbound 87 off of 85, we'll see slowing here. right around actually up to 680 over the next 15 minutes or well. of note, over to westbound 237, calaveras on the westbound 237, the metering lights that held
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green, they will alternate green and red. that's going to cause a stir on city streets. we'll see the fete effect. they will meter the traffic heading into mountain view. looking here at the lower bay shore. 101 and 280 move nicely. no problems through palo alto. the dumbarton bridge looks good as well. 92 also moving smoothly through the city. but heading eastbound a new report of some sort of, quote, hazard, maybe debris heading over. the oakland side, 880 past the coliseum. a little bit of slowing. >> thank you very much. the a's caught the attention of a lot of moviegoer. now nominations came out about a half hour ago. and brad pitt and jonah hill dominated for their part in the
6:19 am
movie "money ball." the movie also up for best picture. >> it may have been tough for 49er fans but a lot did watch that title game. sunday's game turned out to be the third most watched conference championship game in 30 years. media research says at its peek 69 were watching. the ravens game the second most watched trailing only, we remember this, the niners' win over the cowboys back in '82, dwight clark reeling it in for the catch. >> the raiders could have a new head coach by the end of the week. reggie mckenzie said he could have a head coach by saturday. so far mckenzie interyou doed winston moss and dennis allen. according to espn mckenzie will have a second interview with allen later this week.
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>> a fan favorite for the giants heading out of town. cody ross joining the boston red sox. the giants decided not to resign ross. he signed a one-year contract with the boston red sox. the deal won't be final until he takes a physical. he celebrated on twitter saying thank you sf giants fans, you're amazing. looking forward to meeting the red sox nation. >> coming up, a new supreme court rule that could affect a bay area murder conviction. we'll tell you why. >> the average tech worker in the area ear10 dinner? candles?
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4 new flavors, you can lose yourself in. what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> good tuesday morning to you. richmond's reputation is about to get a makeover. the city has won a highly coveted project. the laboratory will be built on richmond shoreline. it beat out a dozen other sites. the second campus will bring in millions of dollars. >> an east bay community college will decide whether to ask voters to help fund classes for the trustees considering a june 5 election on a class to replace budget cuts.
6:24 am
the chancellor said it lost $30 million since 2010. >> the supreme court says police cannot put gps devices on suspects' vehicles without a warrant. the decision could affect an appeal the chancy bailey murder trial. in 2007 police hid a gps device on bay's car. it shows bay's car outside bailey's apartment hours before the murder. under the supreme court ruling this information may not be admissible in court. the ruling could affect a lawsuit filed by an arab-american college student. he found a gps device on his car in 2010. the device violated his rights. he is accused of trafficking cocaine as a result of data from the device. >> 6:24. how is this for strong numbers.
6:25 am
the average salary for a high tech worker passed $100,000 for the first time. scott mcgrew, serious competition for workers. >> if you have qualifications you can pretty much write your own ticket in the bay area as new companies like twitter, old companies like apple, fight over you. diceholding took a survey, found salaries in 2011 averaged $105,000 for engineers and programmers. and you don't have to take the job permanently to make a lot of money. contract worke make on average $75 an hour. $105,000 sounds like a lot and is but we translate that to the rest of america using cost of living. i picked these. 78,500 in chicago. is the same as $68,000 in sheboygan, wisconsin, $63,000 in spokane, washington, $61,700 in dallas. i like saying sheboygan.
6:26 am
speaking of price comparisons, you are looking at the last priceline commercial featuring william shatner. it's going in a different direction and killing off shatner's character in a fiery bus plunge. "the wall street journal" says the american bus association objected to the ad. don't cry for satner. he made millions as the priceline spokesperson. he took early stock options in the company. both apple and yahoo! report profits after the closing bell. apple watched soft sales of ipads as people wait for ipad 3. yahoo! this will be the first profit report under the new ceo scott thompson. he wasn't in charge in the quarter they talk about. when companies have really bad news they often will announce it right at their quarterly profit report. i don't know anything ahead as far as yahoo! goes. i know they have a new boss and this would be the time to
6:27 am
announce something big. again, i have no personal knowledge that will happen. >> he'll do digging to find out. thank you very much. still to come, the group trying to stop the niners from building a stadium scores a victory. a live report is next. >> the latest on an overnight assault in fisherman's wharf. a live report. >> i'm christina loren live in the nbc weather center where a cold start will make way to a gorgeous afternoon. >> out across 580 to the dublin interchange moves smoothly. the metering lights are on. or'll give you an coming up.te on 92 ming up. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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>> new this morning, police investigating the alleged assault of a young girl in the fisherman's wharf area.
6:30 am
i'm marla tellez with the breaking news coming up. >> for those opposed to the 49ers' new stadium, they can score a minor victory. i'm bob redell. i'll tell you what they accomplished, coming up. >> an east bay school district could make a big decision today. will it let drug sniffing dogs on its campuses? >> a live look outside at highway 880 through oakland. it's that time of day, traffic starting to pick up on this tuesday, january 24th, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we check in with christina loren to find out about what's looking like a beautiful tuesday. >> a beautiful tuesday, beautiful wednesday. in fact, we're going to hold off showers all the way throughout the end of the work week. so, put that umbrella away for
6:31 am
now. i'll tell you in the seven-day when you might bring it back out. 43 in concord. headed toward near 70 degrees. we'll tell you where and how long. first we want to check the drive with mike inouye. >> we've got details on the unspecified hazard on 92, it's not on the bridge, i guess that's good news. but it is on highway 92, westbound headed to highway 35. that's as you head over toward half moon bay from 280. that will be an issue. sounds like it's a big rig truck. traffic sounds like it's getting by. probably both directions, san mateo bridge itself is clear. we'll have a look coming up. >> thank you, mike. >> an update on breaking news. police say a young girl was attacked by a man near fisherman's wharf in san francisco. marla tellez is there now live with all of the latest details. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning.
6:32 am
you can see the crime scene tape is up, this is in front of the union building on north point street as you mentioned, in the fisherman's wharf area. plenty of police officers doing their investigative work. i just hung up the phone with the public information officer. they are investigating the alleged assault of a young girl. what happened was the girl was separated from a group, that group called in a missing person's report about 2:30 this morning. that's when police set out in search of this girl. they found her about an hour and 15 minutes later with the suspect right in front of the union building here. that was about 3:45 when they located her. both the victim and suspects, they were taken to local hospitals with unknown injuries. we are waiting to get more information about the suspect. again, at this point san francisco police investigating the alleged assault of a young girl in front of the union
6:33 am
building. john and laura. >> we'll let you continue to gather information. thank you. 6:32. small victory for a group in santa clara that is fighting to block plans to build a 49ers stadium. bob redell joins us live in santa clara near the proposed stadium site with what they did. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. they might have given voters here another opportunity to reconsider whether they should be the ones who pay for the new 49ers stadium to be built in this parking lot behind me next to great america. the santa clara registrar of voters confirms that stadium opponents collected enough petition signatures to force a referendum on the city's decision to line up $850 million in loans to help pay for the project. the city council is expected to take up this issue tonight, one of three things could happen, the council repeals the loan no one thinks will happen, they could send it to a ballot, again unlikely, what will likely
6:34 am
happen, the city will reject those petitions for referendum f. that happens santa clara plays fair, the group aopposed to new funds, bows to sue the city to force this back on the ballot. they argue when voters initially approved the deal back in june there was nothing in there about being on the hook for $850 million in loans. reporting live in santa clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> council members will decide whether they should eliminate their own pension benefits. a committee headed by mayor chuck reed has already approved the proposal. the council will take it up this afternoon. san jose is trying to work pensions because costs are eating up city funds. the council is asking police and firefighters to change their pensions. >> on the subject of more cuts, cities cutting family favorites.
6:35 am
the city of concord making plans to cut more than 45 downtown events. christie smith is live in concord where city leaders will meet today later on to try and discuss the events that will end up on the chopping block. good morning. >> reporter: they are going to have tough decisions when they meet tonight. the loss of these redevelopment funds could mean that some favorite city es would have to go. there could also be job loss here. it's not just concord that's dealing with this. cities all over california have to face this. we're talking about more than 45 events that bring 200,000 people downtown that could be cut, like the court of july parade. this according to the times here. the city would lose $7.5 million in redevelopment money after the governor moved to eliminate
6:36 am
redevelopment agencies altogether. that could also freeze affordable housing. there is hope, though, that some of these events could be saved with sponsor ship but it's a reality or for cities. oakland issued 2500 layoff notices to a staff of 3,000. about 105 might lose their job. concert city counsel meeting at 6:30. oakland tomorrow night. reporting live in concord. back to you guys in san jose. >> thank you very hutch. an east bay school district could decide to allow drug sniffing dogs on the campuses. they will talk about using the dogs to patrol three high schools, on patrol on certain dates but not in the presence ever students. a rise in drug and alcohol-related suspensions led to this proposal. >> it's 6:36 going to see if we're going to get a ride in the
6:37 am
temperature department. >> good morning to you. we have really nice weather, tomorrow looking like the warmest day of the week. and the reason why is high pressure moving back in from the eastern pacific. you can see the clouds arcing up and around that ridge that will continue to move over us through next couple of days. here's the next storm system that's going to continue to ride the jet stream and pass us to the north as we head throughout the weekend which might bring a little bit of activity up through the north bay but that chance is very slight. so, for today this is what we're looking at. 1:00 p.m., high clouds will spill over the ridge of high pressure. that's going to make for a gorgeous sunrise and sunset. 6:00 p.m., getting more clearing and tonight cold as a result of less cloud cover. it works like this. your day part shows up to 60 degrees at noon inland, home from work, 63 degrees at 4:00 p.m.
6:38 am
temperatures a little above seasonal average. we'll let you know how much warmer you'll be tomorrow and maybe when we might get more rain in the forecast. that's coming up. want to get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> a couple more details for highway 92 t trailer that is sticking out into the westbound lane, one lane affected by this heading away from 280 in the direction of half moon bay f. you are coming over the till, you're okay getting over there. san mateo no problems, a clear drive over the water for the san mateo bridge. a hook at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights were turned ond and the backup moving slowly for the fast track lanes. and now a disabled vehicle on the span would likely slow the metering lights. another live look shows you oakland, northbound with the taillights southbound with the
6:39 am
headlights a good volume in about 55 throughout 880, the nimitz looking pretty good now. >> 6:38. john kerry shows up at the white house with a pair of black eyes. find out how he got them. >> president obama will deliver his third state of the union address. hear what the speech will focus on coming up in a live report. ring, ring.
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>> welcome back. 6:41 now. the president getting ready for his election year state of the union address. tracie potts live on capitol hill where the economy is expected to take center stage. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. jobs and the economy, the big issue. and president obama is expected to hit that hard tonight in his state of the union address. not only his third address but also effectively an argument for whether or not he should be re-elected. we are told that he will talk about an issue that became a big one on capitol hill last fall which was the wealthier paying more taxes, the president will call it economic fair play. and now republicans call it class warfarement he will try to draw the distinctions between the party and also we're told reflect on national security, the death of osama bin laden, the end of the iraq war. 43 million watched this last year and now the white house
6:43 am
this year will stream it on line, take your questions from facebook and twitter, the republican response will come from indiana governor mitch daniels. you heard a lot about who is going to sit where. our latest count, 182 members of congress sitting with someone on the other side of the aisle. >> thank you for the update. live from washington this morning. >> 6:43. coming up san francisco's sheriff will stand trial next month. the question is will he stay on the job for now. hear what mayor ed lee has to say. >> the case after cell phone ?oing off during a classical t e for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag,
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>> welcome back everyone. a good tuesday morning to you. going to get a break from the rain, should be pretty nice temperatures. >> to get out there and do the
6:46 am
gardening and wash your car. our next best chance for rain not looking so good. we have about a 10% to 20% shot in the north bay, but hey, even with 20% or 10% we're not going to see much. you still have to wash your car. 53 in san francisco, 43 in concord. good morning to you in livermore, 48 degrees there. at 50 right here in san jose. today we're going to see a comfortable afternoon with temperatures climbing into the mid-60s, even upper 60s, by tomorrow we'll be talking about widespread dense fog. i think we'll see the densest of the fog come thursday morning. that's the day you need to be planning on giving yourself time to get to work. then we stay dry through the end of the week. high pressure stays in control. we call this a dirty ridge of high pressure because you can see, yeah, it's taking the storm track to the north, clouds arcing up and around, keeping things mild throughout the four corners region. a few of the high cirrus clouds
6:47 am
are able to make their way. so we call it a dirty ridge. the cirrus clouds are going to make for a gorgeous morning. at about with 7:22 sun rise. fog will be a factor through the next 48 hours, temperatures on the climb, 60s today, warmer tomorrow. i'll be putting more 70s on the temperature map tomorrow as we expect that in the warmest cities across the bay. 63 in san jose, 63 degrees in fremont. take you across the bay, pacifica, comfortable there, 60 degrees. and 63 in santa rosa. seven-day outlook shows you as we head through tomorrow warmer, 67 degrees on thursday, holding on to the warmer than average trend all the way through the weekend. maybe, just maybe, a few light showers along the marin county coast line come saturday into sunday. that chance like i said is slight. we'll keep watching if it gets better i'll let you know. see how that drive is with mike. >> it's getting slower.
6:48 am
i won't say worse, i'll say slower. 101 northbound right here, capital expressway, up past the 680 interchange and heading to 880, the build. that's what kicks off about 6:30. we see it kicking in with speeds in the 30s and 40s. 87 and 85 likely to follow in the next half hour. 237, that's holding up standard for the westbound direction. but we have metering lights getting on at calaveras in the westbound direction on 237. you have the metering lights cycling with the red lights at 6:00 a.m. well, that will affect you if you get breakfast and heading west to sunnyvale but right now no net effect for 880. looks pretty smooth right now. 680, 880 and fremont looking good as well. typical slowing south of 92. no incidents for 580 so a 20-minute drive because of the volume westbound out of the altamont pass over to the dublin interchange. a live look shows you what
6:49 am
things are like. a smooth flow to the peninsula. back to you. >> we have an update on breaking news on top of this morning. police reporting a young girl was attacked by a man near fisherman's wharf in san francisco. marla tellez is there live right now with all of the latest details. what's happening now? >> reporter: jon, the investigation here continues, you can see officers behind me collecting evidence, this is where the crime scene is. we're on north point near taylor. this is as you mentioned, in the fisherman's wharf area in front of the union building. police tell me they are investigating the alleged assault of a young girl here. the girl and the suspect were found here in front of the building. what happened is police say they got a call about 2:30 this morning for a missing persons report. the call came from a group, police say the girl was with the group until she got separated somehow. police set out to find her, did find her and the suspect just
6:50 am
before 4:00 this morning. both the victim and the suspect have been taken to local hospitals with unknown injuries. this area is very popular among tourists. i asked the public information officer i said fisherman's wharf area, is it a crime laden area, he said no, this is very unusual for an alleged assault to happen here. that is the latest from san francisco. >> thank you. in the meantime, san francisco mayor ed lee says he will talk to sheriff ross mirkarimi about a leave of absence. mirkarimi will face trial next month on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment, he is accused of bruising his wife's arm on new year's eve. mayor lee wants to talk to mirkarimi whether the case is too much of a distraction for him to fulfill his duties. >> caltrain will hold two public meetings today to talk about a proposed fare increase for riders who pay with cash. the one-way cash fares would go
6:51 am
up 25 cents per zone a. rider traveling from zone 1 to zone 6 would pay an extra $1.50 per trip. fares would not change for clipper card users. >> today's meetings will be held at the san francisco tennis club and the gilroy senior center, both starting at 6:00. >> a group of santa clara residents celebrating a minor victory in the fight against the new 49ers stadium. bob is live near the proposed construction site with what they feel they scored. good morning. >> reporter: they might have forced this issue back on the ballot. good morning. allowing voters to reconsider whether they should have to pay for the stadium. the santa clara registrar confirms that the stadium opponents collected enough petition signatures to force a referendum on the city's decision to line up $850 million in loans to help pay for the
6:52 am
project. the city council is expected to take this up tonight. one of three things could happen. the council repeals the loans which no one thinks will happen. they go ahead and send this to the ballot, which again is unlikely. what will likely happen, the city will just reject the petitions for the referendum. if that happens, santa clara plays fair, that's the group opposed to using the taxpayer funds for the stadium, vows to sue the city and take them to court to force this back on the ballot. they say when the voters approved the deal there was nothing therein about being on the hook for $850 million. reporting live unsanta clara, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. this one is a move that could sink preparations for the america's cup competition. today the san francisco board of supervisors will review an appeal to the environmental impact report filed by the sierra club. the group is concerned about pollution in the bay from the installation of a giant floating tv. the environmental study was
6:53 am
approved by the city planning commission. the supervisors will decide whether to accept its conclus n conclusions or send it back for revision. if that happens it would set back preparations for the race. >> family, friends and fans get a chance to pay their respect to the joe paterno. a memorial will be held on the campus. paterno died sunday from complications of lung cancer at the age of 85. he was a head football coach at penn state for nearly 46 seasons. paterno was fired in november in the wake after child sexual abuse allegation filed against former assistant coach jerry sandusky. >> 6:53. the today show coming up. let's say good morning to ann curry. >> good morning. coming up on a tuesday morning on "today" we're getting our first look at mitt romney's tax returns on the heels of a heated debate in florida. this as president obama prepares
6:54 am
to deliver his state of the union address. also ahead a controversial deal leads to a surprise confession in the 3-year-old killing of an aspiring dancer. and the man could serve less than 25 years in prison. also ahead those stories plus a vacation in the caribbean and also complete coverage of this morning's oscar nominations. that's here on a tuesday morning, here on "today." >> the attorney for joran van der sloot says they will appeal the 28-year sentence given to his sentence for killing a young woman in peru. the attorney told reuters that the sentence was too harsh given his cooperation with police after he was captured. van der sloot confessed to killing stephany flores. he said he strangled her after he found her using his lap top. >> a pair of new rules goes into
6:55 am
effect for airlines starting this morning airlines will now be allowed to increase the price of a ticket once you have purchased it. passengers can hold a reservation without payment or cancel a registration without penalty for 24 hours after the initial booking. on thursday, airlines will be required to show all taxes and fees in their advertised fares. >> wells fargo insurance is offering a first coverage that provides for concussion testing for high school athletes. the "sacramento bee" report as package was created because of research on brain injuries to young athletes. the level of care offered in the package has only been available to pros until now. wells fargo is teaming up with four medical providers. >> tim thomas skipping a trip to the white house. president obama honoring the boston bruins yesterday. thomas one of two americans on the bruins did not make the trip. he told the team months ago he
6:56 am
was against the visit. thomas later released a statement saying this was not about politics or party. as in my opinion, both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. this was about a choice i had to make as an individual. john kerry actually did show up to the ceremony sporting a couple of black eyes. his office says the shiners were a result of a broken nose. apparently kerry hit the ice and someone hit him in the face with a hockey stick. not sure if that was politically related. >> interesting. well known names are making big to buy the dodgers. magic johnson, mark cuban, roy disney and joe torre some of the people trying to buy the team on their own or as part of a larger group. the team's outgoing owner expects the dodgers to sell for at least $1.5 billion. >> big deal there. and here as well. 2012, the u.s. figure skating
6:57 am
changes opening up tonight. san jose mayor chuck reed will be on hand to give the remarks at the opening ceremonies. competing in the pairs, men's and ladies competition. among those a bay area native, 18-year-old anna marie pierce. she will skate in the junior pairs competition. >> oscar nominations came out this morning. we brought them to you live. if you were still asleep, some big names making the list. best actress meryl streep for iron lady and michelle williams for my week with mail lin. george clooney for the descendents and brad pitt for "money ball." and best picture, "hugo," "the artist," extremely loud and incredibly close. >> very nice. >> yahoo! and apple in the
6:58 am
spotlight. scott mcgrew checking the numbers. >> apple and yahoo! both fairly stable as we wait for the companies ta report after the closing bell. vm wear in the south bay up about 6%. as we watch the dow industrials fall about 75 points a. fun video showing a viola player giving a concert in slovakia when he is interrupted by a ringing cell phone. ment is say it's really an ad for nokia. take a look and judge for yourself. ♪ ♪ >> who actually has that ring tone any more? that's sort of like straight out of the' 90s. it's possible it's real. you remember the new york
6:59 am
symphony a couple weeks ago had the same and did it happen according to a number of people there. >> clever marketing. >> there you go. maybe so. let's check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. we've got a really nice day shaping up. great for outdoor activities. temperatures climbing into the 60s at noon at the coast and inland up to 63 degrees as you make your way home from work at 4:00 p.m. even warmer tomorrow, but we'll be tracking very significant fog. so, mike and i will get you through that. let's see what you get through this morning with mike on the way out the front door. >> good morning. if you have to get through the treasure island tunnel you'll be slow, disabled vehicle. crews should make quick work of it. we have this disabled truck in the westbound 92 lane heading in the direction of skyline and half moon bay. no major slowing away from half moon bay to 280. the south bay with northbound 101 slowing. typical spots, 85 as


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