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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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news mplts after millions of dollars disappeared from their budgets, bay area cities say they need a bailout. that translates to hundreds of layoffs and community cuts.
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little notice to the unions. the state supreme court put california cities on notice when it voted to stop funding redevelopment agencies statewide. oakland isn't the only city suffering with millions of dollars disappearing from city coffers. downtown san diego wouldn't look the same without redevelopment cash and morgan hills spent $20 million to build city projects chl many cities like oakland are left scrambling sgl the point is we have people that work for the city that are being laid off and management is not. sgl last week 2500 layoff notices were sent to city employees to close a $28 million deficit created by the loss of redevelopment funds for oakland. sgl it is going to impact the lives of city employees and
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impact the city, as a whole when we have to reduce services to the people. sgl the people have the voice of perez. a state lobbyist who came to explain why oak bland officials have to be careful before they layoff employees sgl every employee you lay off you lose money on right now. we know you have a lot to center, a lot to do through. it is going to take months to figure out what your other the city council decided to give workers ten days after they received their final notice. a vote on that won't take place until next tuesday. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. rude reception. the president's trip to sunny arizona turned frosty today as he met with the governor.
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look at this. governor brewer taking a lot of heat for this photograph in which she is seen waving her finger in the president's face. they say the president and brewer seem to be talking over each other until he walked away mid sentence. brewer says she wanted to talk about border security but the president wanted to talk about her recent book in which she says the president lectured her during a white house visit. the president said he was portrayed inaccurately. brewer defended her fingerpointing. >> i probably have better photographs of me than that but i hope people will take in to context that i was talking and i talk with my hands. i was trying to explain to him, of course, why i believe that i wrote the book that way that i did. >> she later called mr. obama thin skinned but insisted she wasn't hostile during the meeting and she respects the office of the presidency. >> the oakland police department
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may be headed for a federal takeover. a u.s. district court judge said they failed to implement reforms stemming from the high-profile case. a civil rights attorney who represented plaintiffs said the city failed to meet three deadlines. >> of course we are looking for accountability within the department. we don't want racial profiling to take place. we want people to feel that force will not be used against them unnecessarily. >> howard jordan, you see the video there, refused to the answer our questions regarding the judge's order. in a statement released today, city officials said we take this seriously and understand the implications for our community. if compliance is not achieved quickly. if the city does not overhaul the department by a march deadline, the entire force will be placed under federal control. >> san francisco sheriff will be in court again tomorrow for his domestic violence case. this time he will have a new
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lawyer, a female lawyer. his they parted ways without giving a reason. his new lawyer is lydia stiglich and he she will be in court tomorrow asking the judge to modify the stay away order and allowing him to visit his son. he pled not guilty to misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, battery against his wife, child endangerment and dissuade withing a witness. a polarizing issue about tough love. a local high school coach whose squad walked out on him in protest. tonight the coach is speaking out. the he says he initially suspended a hand full of varsity players for bad behavior like being late for practice. eight others joined their teammates after confronting the coach. the coach says they may return
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to the team if they show respect for the school's athletic program and staff. >> i understand that, a coach is here to teach and everything, to motivate and challenge them to be the best they can be. if players do not respond to that, a coach has to make a decision. coach allen says school officials are behind the decision to suspend players he deemed disrespectful. he is working with freshman and sophomores who stepped up to fill the teams. . without those players gunderson lost to silver creek high school. did you feel them? two earthquakes shook san jose around dinner time tonight. the first was a shallow 3.4 magnitude and hit four miles from wattsonville around 6:20 this evening. the second quake 2.8, hit a minute later 13 miles northeast of morgan hills. no injuries or damage reported.
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the big business for some environmental businesses. how recycling is taken one step further. it is an idea that is green, clean and catching on. he doesn't hike the values but will take the money. why a slam on the bay area could backfire on newt gingrich. and a scuffle that has nothing to do with the 49ers of or jeff claire rachlt. we have a few showers we are tracking to the north on our satellite-radar. of course today was all about that near record-setting heat. one of the warmest spots santa cruz 69. tomorrow tracking fog and mild numbers to start. more in the seven-day forecast.
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they have never been cozy and now the political feud betweens in acy pell loescy and newt gingrich just got personal. she said that gingrich could never beat president obama. gingrich slammed pell loes and san francisco. we see why the remarks could backfire on gingrich. >> i think we come from good natured ribbing ape and a lot of that is deserved. >> it is is good natured. >> some of it is and some isn't. >> in which category is this remark that newt gingrich made on "the today show" fall. >> she lives in strange understandings of reality. >> she says she's insulted but not surprised. >> conservative view of what the
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bay area is all about they say the bay area's reputation for wacky politics but not the voters themselves. he says the bay area may have a liberal represent tagts but a stronger republican base than most realize. she says she played host to a long line of republicans even before the race began and gingrich is expected to visit next month. >> they all do. every single candidate running for national office, as well as many candidates running for state office and other states come here because there is a lot of money in san francisco and silicone valley. >> reporter: san francisco state university professor jason mcdaniel says some republicans may act like the bay area doesn't matter but it represents things that the party claims to support like entrepreneurship and education. they say if gingrich were to win
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the presidency they may not be a priority. >> hard to overlook california and the bay area but i think it is possible, if a republican wins it will advocate policy that most people that live in san francisco in the bay area won't find particularly appealing. >> tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> just to make things more interesting, ironically gingrich says he will be in san francisco next month for a fund-raising event. a bay area couple is making history tonight with an unprecedented donation to a south bay hospital. john and susan pledged $5 million to equip the new santa valley medical center in san jose. it is hailed as the largest private donation to any public hospital west of the mississippi. voters approved money to build the building in 2008, buts this no money to furnish it. that's where the $5 million comes in and the family are throwing in a bonus, too.
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they say they will match any other donations through 2013 up to 5 million. teenagers help to paint mural were confronted by residents who opposed it. >> i have been here 40 years. >> don't touch it. >> the confrontation is over a mural that residents don't want in the neighborhood. a youth group painted the mural to promote peace. neighbors say it makes the neighborhood look bad. >> we want to improve your neighborhood. i try to keep my yard clean, my brother, everybody around here and we see that, open the window and that's the first thing we see, it's not right. >> reporter: on monday the mural was vandalized. police have no suspects. a $1,000 reward has been offered by the superintendent. most of us are getting used to the idea of bringing your own bags to the grocery store and are you ready to bring your detergent container in for a
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refill? gene, some people are taking the idea of reusing to another level. >> they are, jessica. if you check your recycling bin or trash can, chances are you will find an empty plastic container. they can be recycled but green enthusiasts have a different idea, why not refill them? she is pumped about the next phase of recycling, reusing. >> use the same bottle over and over and over. >> she spends her days at green 11 in san francisco refilling empty containers with nontoxic products. >> we have hand soap, dish soaps, cleaning products. >> the motto is hand fill not land fill. >> you can use the old container to buy the same thing over and over again. >> they say buying bulk is old school but the resale shabt new.
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keeping laundry detergent stock keeps a little planning. >> i have two bottles so when one gets low, i bring it in here and they weigh it so if there is a little left it is all right. >> products are sold by the ounce. the products are catching are as some are forced to plan for shopping trips. in alameda county and san francisco they are in line to implement the same rule. they say it is an adjustment anyone can make. >> we are losing a lot by our areliance on plastic products in general. it is not hard for me to take a few steps and change my habits. >> reporter: green 11 is working to reduce its footprint, too? anything that is emptied out we go back to the distribution center and refill it. >> reporter: and your receipt. >> it will be in your inbox as soon as you get home. >> e-mailed. >> green 11 has one store here in san francisco on 24th street. it is looking to expand in berkeley and some grocery stores
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offer a similar service. reporting live in san francisco. >> very create i have and innovative. >> sure is. >> bring in our chief meteorologist. a little foggy and soupy. >> definitely. while we don't have any storms on the doppler radar you may be putting on the windshield wipers in to tomorrow morning especially if you are traveling to the coastline. take you to the golden gate bridge. they are backing down things here. slowing down and visibility a half mile from the golden gate bridge to the north bay. while we do not have a storm coming in, you may have to turn on the wipers tomorrow morning. get back tory dare. as we look to the north we have a cold front here and a couple hundred miles away from possible showers. this cold front is so weak as it continues to swing down for tomorrow. we will stay dry. it is not going to do much to our temperatures as we head to tomorrow's forecast. some of the numbers, still having a hard time backing off
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of the low cloud cover. 48 livermore. 58 san francisco and 55 in nevada. for tomorrow morning, patchy fog and areas of drizzle. for thursday it is going to stay mild for the afternoon hours with plenty of sunshine coming back. ahead we are looking at winds building and maybe, just maybe a few showers in that seven-day forecast. now get to the fog forecast for tomorrow morning. what you are going to find is fog will spread inland for the north bay pa nins what and coastline and in to our east bay community. it will have a tough time clearing out even by 10:00 and even in the morning. low cloud cover in the bay and the peninsula. as we head through 3:00 p.m. we should see a decent window of sunshine and that's when the temperatures will spike up. we still are expecting numbers to possibly near record setting as we head in to thursday. for tomorrow morning, a little more milder.
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46 redwood city. 48 san jose. 48 fairfield. 43 napa and expecting 42 in santa rosa. thursday will keep the numbers above average with a string of double sixes to san jose. 66 also in loss gatt toes. . 60 hayward. and you head over to the try valley with the coastal hill and valleys help to insulate a us and mid-60s. 57 half moon bay and also plenty of mid-60s from berkeley to richmond in to sonoma. doing boating tomorrow, small craft advisory for the entire coast. for the next thee days, it stays dry winds increasing. a northerly wlind increase fire danger and the first day of the weekend is in view on the seven-day forecast. doesn't the orange look nice? as we head to the next seven days, it is dry on the forecast,
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but by next wednesday we may see a slight chance of showers. i'm not pull ing a string and putting a shower in this yet. we will have to wait and see what tomorrow does. tonight it is about the 60 inch l.e.d. tv. congratulations, janice, you are the watch and win winner of the 60 inch l.e.d. television. if you want to enter to win go to and watch to see if you have won tomorrow night. the prize is a kindle fire. i got so anxious reading janice's name because seem i'm so excited about that give away. >> i see a super bowl party at her house. >> i will bring the chips and dips. >> i think so. coming up three bay area high school students are finalists for one of the most prestigious competitions in the country.
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the 49ers, a's and earthquakes all three franchises want to relocate toe this south bay and all three have their hurdles to overcome. the quakes have a possible war of the words with some san jose residents. they want to develop an 18,000 seat soccer-only stadium next to the airport. the planned development permit they need to break ground was authorized in december. but a san jose neighborhood association opposes the proposed stadium and will take their concerns to an appeal meeting at city hall on february 22nd. the team's president said they have taken steps to be good neighbors even if it means banning a popular noise maker. >> at our current stadium, we have no -- they are the types of thing we do to address communities concerns to make sure we are a good neighbor and a contributor to the city.
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>> the current team plays at buck shot stadium on the santa clara campus. if they move forewafrd with the new stadium they will have room to accommodate 7,000 fans. turn things over to comcast sportsnet news room. >> i'm loud enough in my house. >> everybody wake up immediately. >> coming up next in sports the latest on the raiders head coach situation. when will the hiring of allen be official? the warriors are looking to bounce back after mondays defeat to the grizzlies. could they upend the blazers? that's next from the xfinity sports desk.
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welcome back. losing back to back heart breakers left the warriors head coach with a headache. aspirin is not going to solve the problem. jackson wants victories.
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the warriors lost 11 of 16 games but the coach believes they will get to the playoff. time to back it up. trying to rebound to the loss. memphis hosting the trail blazers tonight. third quarter, he gets the steal. look out. wright doing it the right way with the dunk. this one a one handed for the fast break. warriors up six after three. curry gets some scoring. hits the big jumper. warriors get the win 101-93. 30 points. >> the warriors players said they learned many lessons on monday night. they got the turnovers down to
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half over monday and it was a relief to the warriors team? we is a great group of guys. a group of guys that want to win and play hard and for the same purpose. it is even more frustrating to know we have the ability to beat anyone by beating miami and other teams like that but for some reason we are not closing games out. >> that's what the doctor ordered. no sense in us running away with the win, we need to learn how to win close games and close people out defensively and execute offensively. we made mistakes but when you put forth the energy and effort, good things happen. >> of course, curry looked like his old self from the ankle injury. he says he is still getting his sea legs back even tonight when he scored 32 points and dished out seven assists. there's better things to look forward to it seems from curry. with the warriors, nbc bay area.
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>> thank you. broncos defensive coordinator allen is close to becoming the raiders coach. mckenzie contacted paul this morning and he said he has a hand shake agreement with dennis allen who will be the youngest coach in the nfl. reportedly front office personnel are working on the final details of the contract. speaking of hand shakes, there are a lot of people with the niners loss to the giants.
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one day we might be working for them, but now they are among the brightest teens in the bay area. we will start with this teenager who was presented with an all expense paid trip to washington, d.c. and news he is a finalist in the intel science talent search. like an "american idol" for scientist guys. they were selected based on
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their original scientific research. listen up, he explains his project. >> computer science project it improves upon previously algorithms. it takes an image and you have the objects and count the numbers and run data analysis on the objects. >> i have no idea what he said. >> the other two finalists increased pixellation. >> i don't want to listen to it again. >> good night. bye-bye. congrats.
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