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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the first parade of its kind honoring iraq war veteran good saturday evening. i'm diane dwyer. we begin tonight in oakland. police have arrested more than 100 occupy protester in the past few hours. a look of when a group of protesters ended up at ymca in
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broadway. police using batons tried to stop them and then before that hundreds marched from city hall to the vacant keiser convention center where demonstrators began tearing down fencing. we will have more on today's multiple clashes between police and protesters in just a couple of minutes later on in this newscast. in the meantime we're learning new information tonight regarding the killing of an oakland couple. police say they arrested the couple's 15-year-old son earlier in evening in connection with the crime. and police told the "oakland tribu tribune" tonight that the boy admitted killing his parents and hiding their bodies under a blanket in their car in the front of their home near lake merritt. officers found the bodies around 9:30 last night. police were doing a welfare check. after co-workers reported that neither showed up for work on friday. they've identified the victims as 55-year-old robert kamen and 50-year-old susan poff. he worked as a clinical psychologist at the san francisco county jail and she
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was a physician's assistant at the san francisco department of public health. again, police have arrested the couple's 15-year-old son. he's reportedly confessed to the killings. police have not released a motive that the point or any information on how the two were killed. along the central coast we have a bizarre story involving a police officer who was under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. it happened in the town of santa maria. the police chief there says as soon as he learned about the allegations and the details of one of his officers he knew he needed to arrest the suspect immediately. it turns out the officer was on duty at the time at a dui checkpoint. supervising officers areached at the scene and tried to make an arrest but he reportedly resisted. >> he drew his weapon, a fight ensued, he fired his weapon and one of my officers that was there also discharged his wife and the officer was fatally
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wounded. >> the officer who was killed has not been release. was newly married. the officer who fired the fatal shot is now on administrative leave pending an investigation. he's an eight-year veteran of the force. in sacramento tonight three people are dead including a baby boy and many others are injured after an suv and light rail train collided. witnesses say the driver of the suv veered around a crossing arm and then onto the tracks moments before being hit by the train. donna cordova from our nbc station in sacramento has more on this from the scene. >> get paramedics. don't mustbaby. >> reporter: witnesses yelling at some of the passengers who got off of the light rail train after the crash who were trying to help the victims in the suv which you see like crumpled near the center of the screen. >> only maybe about 30 yards south of the intersection and the vehicle had flipped over and
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its on its top. >> reporter: the suv and the train collided at 26th avenue near 25th street in south sacramento. here it is being towed from the scene. of the four people in the suv, three are dead including an infant, a boy. the lone survivor in the suv, a woman is being treated at the hospital. 50 people were on the train. several of the 16 injured train passengers were taken to the uc-davis medical center including a 13-year-old boy. >> he has lumps on the back of his head. he has a neck brace on. eyes is red from crying. he's scared basically. >> reporter: investigators are looking at video and evidence at the scene. they're also talking with witnesses on the train and who were near the intersection. one man told kcr-3 he was waiting on the, side of the tracks when he saw the driver of the suv. >> she tried to go around the track, those sticks. she tried to go around it and got hit. >> reporter: regional transit officials say they're hearing the same thing. >> the witnesses, statements of
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our operator, a security guard that was on board the train. >> again that was donna cordova from our nbc station in sacramento reporting. authorities are not releasing the names of the people killed just yet and the lone survivor from the suv remains in serious condition tonight. the social conservative catholic archbishop of san francisco and a liberal assemblyman joined forces today. throwing the weight behind a single caused. they want a federal program changed or suspended that checks the immigration status of people booked into local jails. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco where hundreds of people gathered today to denounce the program. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane that's right this church was packed today with people taking a stand against a federal immigration program that is responsible for deporting more than 60,000 people in this state over the last two years.
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>> reporter: an innerfaith meeting archbishop challenged governor jerry brown and attorney general pamela harris to opt out of the secure community's partnership with the federal government. under the law police are required to forward the fingerprints of all individuals booked into jails to immigration and customs officials. critics claim people with no prior criminal convictions or those arrested for a routine traffic violation are ensnared in the program. >> her husband goes tuvwork and that's the last she sees of him and last her children see of him. this just shouldn't be. we should -- a government should not be doing that to people who are holding down jobs, paying taxes, and contributing to the community. >> fatima wouldn't give us details about her particular case but says under the program her husband was deported last year. >> translator: it's very painful, you know, i still carry that pain with me and are there times where i don't even know you know how to keep on going. >> reporter: fatima's nowration her three kids alone and says she worries daily about getting
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caught and being deported herself. >> translator: my biggest fear is for me to be separated from my children and not knowing you know where they will be without their father, without their mother. >> assemblyman tom ammiano says it is situations like this one that keeps pushing him for reform. ammiano also at today's gathering is working to introduce a billta will allow law enforcement agencies in the state to deny requests from i.c.e. to detain people they're look into deporting. >> i thing is a keystone piece of legislation. i believe it's the first in the nation, and you know it's my honor to carry it and we do have support in sacramento, but we're going to need that signature from the governor. >> reporter: ammiano is said to introduce that bill to the legislature end of next month. kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we want to return right now to oakland, where we're just getting an update that police are in the process of arresting about 300 people.
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nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is following tonight. some arrests going here in the ymca and downtown. >> reporter: that's okay, no worries. it's a chaotic night. live in front command post, far from the plaza where it got very hostile tonight and the chaos peaked between police and protesters during a standoff in front of the ymca. a grouch protesters ended up at the ymca on broadway in oakland. they stormed the building as police using batons tried to stop them. bicycles were flying and there was plenty of confusion as the protesters first ran for the building and then tried to run away from it. police surrounded them and eventually brought this three buses and an armored vehicle arresting up to 100 people for failing to disperse. 15-year-old alexis harris was in in the middle of it. >> and then the police ran inside of the ymca with the
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batones and hit people. they threw the people against the cars. >> reporter: the oakland high sophomore was also caught in the chaos hours earlier near the henry keiser center. that's where tried to break down the fences and take over the vacant building. they were unsuccessful. didn't take long for riot-clad officers to launch tear gas and smoke bomb. police say protesters then turned violence on the them throwing rocks, metal pipes and even improvise d devices. police say they broke in and burned an american flag. >> vandalized some of the art and structures within city hall. and they're now on the rooftop of a third building. >> it's not a peaceful group. so instead of dealing with so many other issues that we have in this city that calls for the city to deal with an emergency and we have to deal with in. >> reporter: injuries, someone slashed the tires on an oakland
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pd van and others smashed in the windows of news vehicles even running after one when it drove off. some occupy protesters though are unhappy with what they're calling a radical faction of their movement. >> i think that some of the people are trying to provoke the police are -- they're pushing in a direction that's not going to help us reconcile with the police either. >> reporter: and city leaders are very strong in their message tonight. they said they will demand that charges be filed against everyone who was arrested tonight and again that number stands at 300 so far. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephanie. coming up next at 11:00 -- >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse -- >> republican herman cain says he's ready to endorse a candidate for president and we'll show you who he picked. plus, how two friends and a facebook page told a massive
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welcome home for u.s. veterans. >> and i'm rob mayaed here in the nbc bay area weather center. already a chilly night around the bay area. some 30s showing up around the north bay with clear skies tonight but by this time tomorrow we'll be firing up our doppler radar with the chance of showers, coming back to the e of your weekend forecast. a look at that when we come back right.
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former republican presidential candidate herman cain officially announced today who he's endorsing. herman cain made what was the build as a surprise appearance. there you see it at a fund-raiser in florida for newt gingrich. and declared he'll be supporting gingrich for the nomination. cain dropped out of race amid
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accusations of sexual harassment in his past. experts say that the tea party favorite could bring a late boost to gingrich's campaign in florida. the primary there is on tuesday and right now mitt romney is leading in the polls. >> you cannot debate somebody who is dishonest you just can't. >> newt gingrich said that he didn't do so well because the audience was too loud. the one before the audience was too quiet. had is like goldilocks, just got to have it just right. >> ron paul is not competing in florida. campaigning instead in maine and rick santorum is taking a couple of days off. his youngest daughter has been admitted to a hospital in philadelphia. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. niners' rookie aldon smith did just about everything right on the field this season, but he may have made a big mistake in a car this morning. 49ers' defensive end was arrested on suspicion of dui in miami beach, florida, this morning. smith will be subjected to suspension or fine if it is determined he violated the nfl conduct policy. the team has released a statement. they said "the 49ers are aware of the recent matter involving aldon smith. by take these issues very seriously but we'll reserve further comment at that time because it's an ongoing legal matter." right now the bay area's top college basketball team is not
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cal or stanford. you've got to go to moraga to find the team to beat. st. mary's gales are ranked 21st in the nation and today they were trying to improve their record to 19-2. great game out there. byu cougars hoping to pull up the upset. st. mary's clint stindl. not one, not two, not even three, but four three-pointers in the first half. and he finished with 16 points. now the refs were slowly losing control of this game. we had 20 fouls in the first half. people on the ground getting hit in the face. ugly, ugly game early popmidway through the second half, st. mary's in control. brad waldo putting on a power display. dunk in traffic. and then later jordan paige rewards the big man for running the floor. another dunk for waldo right there. ugly ending, however, to this game when the byu fans began to throw bottles on the floor. st. mary's wins 80-66 is your
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final. also some of the best skater in the world return to the ice at hp pavilion today. the home u.s. figure skate and championships. let's go out to hp pavilion for the action. u.s. figure skating, oh what a beautiful woman right there. continuing championships at hp pavilion in the ladies competition. ashley wagner won her first u.s. title. two-time champion, alisa finished second. and rachael flatt. charlie white dominated the competition to win their fourth straight u.s. title. that'll dol for now. diane, much more coming up tomorrow. we'll check you out then. >> lurt got it. thank you, henry. by the way, you can catch more of that u.s. figure skating championships right here on nbc bay area tomorrow afternoon from noon until 3:00 right before the "pro bowl."
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meteorologist rob mayeda is around checking out weather, it was sunny and cleartoid. just beautiful. >> it was. you know in fact some areas south of san jose saw highs close to 70. now tonight up to clear skies and dry air. our temperatures are cooling off pretty quickly especially in the north bay. already down to 38 degrees and santa rosa 41 and napa. fairfield 38. both locations by the way will probably drop cold enough for some patchy frost heading into tomorrow morning. the winds relatively light. north into 10 into napa that's bringing in drier air which will lower the dew points and lower your temperatures heading towards tomorrow morning. a cool start 30s and 40s, during the day tomorrow we'll see increase in high clouds and for the north bay at least, there seems to be a chance of showers as we head into tomorrow night. air quality tomorrow morning in the moderate range, no matter where you are from the coast, to the north, to the south, we'll have to watch that as high pressure is the main player and not a lot of rain or wind showing up in the extended forecast. doppler radar here to the high country over to the north coast, dry for now but it's this
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location. north of clear lake, this time tomorrow that will see a chance of rain. as the the system starts to drop down the coast, but weaken as it heads towards the bay area. so during the day tomorrow we'll see the winds picking off of the ocean a little bit which should lead to some cooling for the peninsula and the north bay and the rest of the bay area increasing clouds towards the evening and early monday morning north of the golden gate a few showers in the north bay but in terms of how much rain falls it doesn't look like a lot. in fact, there you go. into sonoma count and parts of napa county and that's going to be about it. just some sprinkles we think as we get into monday morning. overnight you could see those 30s and 40s for morning temperatures heading into tomorrow, least for one more day not too bad. south of san jose, upper 60s again for the tri-valley, we'll see those numbers mostly in the mid 60s for the afternoon. 63 in almead. north bay bit cooler, low 60s up towards santa rosa. 50s to near 60s san francisco to wrap up the weekend. so we'll see increasing clouds tomorrow. north bay showers or a few sprinkles monday morning but there you go, high pressure
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winning the battle again for the seven-day forecast. we'll see clouds at times but mainly dry, in fact it does look like we're going to see another warm-up actually as we get towards next weekend which means thursday and friday probably going to look a lot like the weather we had today. 70s in reach again as we approach next weekend. >> it is so weird. >> we need the rain and snow but it's tough not to like a nice sunny week. >> i'm with you. coming up -- >> it's silly of course they deserve a break. >> houtnation's first big welcome home parade for the troops wasn't organized by the government. but two friends who wanted to say "thank you." andhe bay area art project striking and unique it's headed to a big art festival overseas.
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when the iraq war ended in december many veterans returned home with little fanfare. there were no ticker-tape
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parades to welcome them home but two men decided to launch a grassroots campaign to change that. nbc's john yang has that story. >> reporter: today america's heartland answered the call. st. louis held the nation's first parade to mark the end of the nine-year u.s. military mission in iraq. new york city says there won't be a parade anytime soon like the one after the first gulf war in 1991. pentagon officials say it would be premature with troops still in afghanistan. but in st. louis friends tom apple bon and craig schneider disash greed. >> like this national conversation in the media about should we or shouldn't we have a parade for the iraq vets? and that was like the first thing is like, well that's silly, of course they deserve a parade. >> reporter: that was less than a month ago. they started a facebook page and harnessed the power of social media. >> we didn't do there. we had an idea and we put up a call for help and as soon as we planted a flag, it wasn't -- at
11:26 pm
first the city rallied and then the country rallied. >> reporter: tens of thousands people lined downtown's main thoroughfare to cheer and sallude several hundreds of troops and vets across the country. the crowd heartfelt thanks. >> thank you. >> nothing more important than the people who protect our country. >> i have to say i'm not a war supporter but i'm a troop supporter. >> reporter: several members were grateful, too. >> something that we'd like to see for everybody just to remember the sacrifices. >> for those who lost loved ones it was a bittersweet day. >> i miss him. >> edward sr. son eddie died during his third tour in iraq. >> eddie's parade. that's what i think -- that's what i call this. >> reporter: more than mark the service members' return, organizers hope today will focus attention on groups serving their needs now that they're back home. robert canine lost both of his lower legs in 200 fwhien his army humvee hit an ied in baghdad. the group gave him a segue while
11:27 pm
reeves rehab. >> to be able to get up and take the trash out felt good. >> reporter: nick radford has flown home after serving in iraq. >> you could drop me in in city in the united states because doggone it i was home. >> reporter: today he was touched by the oupouring of his home. >> you know i'm completely overwhelmed. >> reporter: john yang, nbc news, st. louis. >> a bay area artist is taking a show on the road. a very long road. meet kieran. a 34-foot-tall kinectic sculpture 20 animated skeletons. this is youtube video of it in action. the sculpture was created on treasure island for burning man but it's on its way to amsterdam for the robo dock festival. today it's creator and crew were getting it ready for the trip. >> haven't built it for a while and we'll make some modifications to it. weatherize some parts to it, make it more roadworthy.
11:28 pm
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