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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 29, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. i'm gar vin thomas. a gunman opened fire at a bay area party. the latest on the investigation. plus, occupy oakland protesters staged their most turbulent demonstration in months. we'll have a look at damage. and a driver tries to beat a train. the results are deadly. we'll hear from witnesses. this is "today in the bay." >> good sunday morning to everyone. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning. if today promises to be anything like yesterday, it will be a gorgeous day. good morning. thanks for joining us. the man with the answer to that question is sitting right next
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to me. >> put the pressure on me. pretty awesome. 60s to low 70s around the south bay. temperature-wise, similar numbers, maybe not quite as sunny. we'll have high clouds spilling in later on 3. 3 santa rosa and 40 in san jose. a chilly start. not much wind right now but a late day sea breeze will probably start to cool things off around the coast and along the north bay, doppler radar, the sierra and north coast, still dry, but late today we could see changes as more clouds spill in, and the north bay later tonight may actually have a chance of a few showers. meantime, 40s and 50s through 9:00 and then by noon t-shirt weather again. for the south bay, look at those numbers, livermore, fremont, san jose south. upper 60s again. near 70 today. high clouds on the increase. hint at the chances of some rain. maybe for early tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about that full forecast in just a few minutes. >> bears repeating, we need that rain. concord police are looking
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for a gunman who opened fire at a party injuring one man. this happened at elks lodge on clayton road. as guests were leaving the party, shots were fired and a 19-year-old man was hit in the leg. he was taken to the hospital. investigators believe he was not the intended target. they say at least two people fired guns based on the different shell casings found inside. anyone with information is asked to contact the concord police department. >> more occupy protests are planned around the bay today. at 2:00 this afternoon, occupy san jose and occupy redwood city will hold a demonstration in front of a chase bank on stevens creek boulevard in san jose. they are trying to save two homeowners homes from foreclosure. meantime, a chaotic okay land scene last night. police arrested about 300 people. as "today in the bay" reports things got very hostile at the plaza and protesters even turned on news crews. >> a group of protesters ended up at the ymco on broadway in
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oakland. they stormed the building as police using batons tried to stop them. bicycles were flying, and there was plenty of confusion as the protesters first ran for the building and then tried to run away from t.police surrounded them and eventually brought in three buses and an armored vehicle, arresting up to 100 people for failing to disperse. 15-year-old alexis harris was in the middle of it. >> then the police ran inside the ymca with batons and hit people. threw people against the cars >> reporter: oakland high sophomore was also caught in the chaos hours earlier near the former henry kaiser convention center where occupiers tried to break down fences and take over the vacant building. they were unsuccessful. it didn't take long for riot gear clad officers launch smoke bombs. then the protesters turned violent on them. occupiers eventually ended up at city hall where police said they broke in and even burned an american flag. >> they broke in briefly at city
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hall and vandalized some of the art and portions of city hall. they are now on the rooftop of a third building. >> not a peaceful group so instead of dealing with other issues in the city, where police officers have to respond, we've had to deal with this. >> in the end three police officers and one protesters suffered injury. some slashed tired on an oakland pd van and others smashed in the win doves news vehicles, even after running after one when one drove off. some occupy protesters are unhappy with what they call a radical fasks their movement >> i think that some of the people are trying to provoke the police, are -- they are pushing in a direction that's not going to help us reconcile with the police either. >> that was stephanie chung reporting. police are in talks about what to do today. the occupy oakland rally is supposed to be a week-long event. meantime, occupy organizers say they will hold their oakland rise up festival at oscar grant
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plaza today. this morning, the 15-year-old son of an oakland couple is under arrest. he's the suspect in their deaths. oakland police told -- the police told "the oakland tribune" last night that the boy admitted killing his parent and hiding their bodies under a blanket in their home in lake merritt. officers found the body around 9:30 friday night. police were doing a welfare check after co-workers reported neither showed up for work on friday. they have identified the victims at 55-year-old robert cayman and 50-year-old susan. he worked at the county jail and she was a physician's assistant and the san francisco department of public health. police have arrested the couple's 15-year-old son. he has reportedly confessed to the killing. police have not released a motive or any information on how the two were killed. a bizarre story involving a police officer who was under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. this all happened in the central coast town of santa maria.
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the police chief there says as soon as he learned about the allegation and the details about one of his officers he knew he needed to arrest suspect immediately. well, it turns out the officer was on duty at a dui checkpoint, so supervising officers arrived on the scene trying to make the arrest but he resisted. >> he drew his weapon, fired his weapon, and one of my officers that was there also discharged his weapon, and the officer was fatally wounded. >> the name of the officer killed has not been released. he had been on the police force for four years and was newnewly married. the officer who fired the fatal shot is now on administrative leave pending an investigation. he is an eight-year veteran of the force. investigation continues on a deadly train accident in sacramento which left three dead, including a baby boy. the accident happened at a crossing in south sacramento early yesterday evening. an suv collided with a light
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rail train flipping over several times. a man, a woman in their 40s and a baby boy were killed. another woman inside the car survived, and is listed in serious condition. 16 people on the train were also injured. footage shows a freight train had already passed the intersection, but the crossing arms remained down because the late rail train was on its way. witnesses say the driver of the suv swerved around a cross arm and on to the tracks. >> trying to go around the sticks, tried to go around and got hit. >> investigators say video of the crossing arm shows it was functioning properly during the time of the accident. a warning this morning for people living in san francisco, especially the elderly. police are urging the public to be cautious of money transfer scams. investigators say suspects call the victims pretending to be a relative and asking for money. they call the victims grandma or grandpa to earn their trust. you're then asked to verify -- you're asked to identify the
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verification of anyone who requests money and ask specific questions a stranger would not be able to answer correctly. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich picks up an endorsement. plus he'll reveal what he'll do if he loses the florida primary, and only in berkeley, a city known to push the boundaries and this time it's in the form of a house. weev'll ishow ys ou made out of. we'll show you. .
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take a live peek outside. 710:00 this sunday morning. it's just starting to get light over san jose. a busy weekend in downtown san jose with the ice skating championships taking place this weekend and on air here in nbc bay area. it's the home stretch in the florida primary. mitt romney is riding on renewed momentum as the front-runner while newt gingrich is looking to rekith fire that lifted him to victory in the south carolina
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primary. gingrich says he could lose in florida but promises to press on. gingrich picked up the endorsement yesterday of former republican presidential candidate herman cain. cain made what was billed as a surprise appearance at a fund-raiser for gingrich. cain dropped out of the race amid accusations of sexual harassment in his past. experts say the tea party favorite could bring a late boost to gingrich's campaign in florida. the primary will is on tuesday, and right now mitt romney is leading in the polls. >> you cannot debate somebody who is dishonest. you just can't. >> speaker gingrich said he didn't do so well because the audience was so well. the one before he said he didn't do so well because the audience is quiet. this is gold lockilockgoldilock it just right. >> ron paul is campaigning in maine. rick san strum cancelled his monday campaign events. his young daughter has been admitted to the hospital
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suffering from a genetic disorder. ron paul has invested little time in the florida contest. much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up, why our lack of wet weather could affect in the only our water supply but local businesses as well. >> a live view here. hazy skies, patchy skies and a little bit of fog. a look at the forecast when we come right back. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. welcome back to the broadcast. hope you're enjoying your sunday morning. 7:14 is the time. looking out over oakland this morning, i'm sure you'll all know this was a spectacular day yesterday. let's check in with rob in the nbc bay area weather center to find out if sunday is going to live up to saturday's billing. rob? >> going to live up to its name, at least the first half will be a sunny sunday and high clouds on the increase. right now it's chilly again.
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clear skies overnight and temperatures dropping off into the low 30s around the north bay. 40 san jose and mid-40s around oakland and san francisco. closer to the water the temperatures not quite as cold and not much wind out there right now but this evening i think we'll see the sea breeze pick up which should drop temperatures just a little bit for the coast and around the peninsula today. a chilly start and a sunny start for most. high clouds during the afternoon, and tonight especially for the north bay, right after midnight, we'll see a chance of a few showers. now air quality is in the moderate range. watching this as high pressure turns a bit stronger later on in the week, but we'll also see the pollen count really climb for cedar pollen. let's hope we get a few more showers tonight if you have allergies. it's not been very kind so far in january. now, can you see in the doppler radar view, dry here. dry for the sierra, but it's the location up here in the north coast from about eureka northward. by this evening we'll start to see some rain dropping in.
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not a lot. you can see the batch of clouds heading towards the bay area. high pressure is going to weaken just a little bit to allow the system to drop in and over us which will kind of kick up the sea breeze later on this afternoon with increasing clouds, with you not a lot of rain in the forecast unless you're north of the golden gate. here you go as a go-through tonight. 7:00 tomorrow morning, right around this time tomorrow for the north bay, perhaps a little bit of light rain, perhaps sprinkles as the low clouds lift up over the coastal hill tops and around the east bay for your monday morning commute and things start to clear out quickly monday afternoon. you can see the clouds really starting to clear out as we get through 3:00 on money. tuesday looks dry and maybe some north bay showers around wednesday, but that's about it in terms of the rainfall as we go through the week. today areas of san jose south, upper 67s and close to 70 around gilroy. 60 over in alameda and 66 in livermore and 68 in pleasanton. some areas should see cooling.
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winds change direction and come up out of the south. we'll probably start to see some cooling around sunset. so as we look at the forecast the next three days. increasing clouds today and tonight into tomorrow morning, probably some north bay showers or a few sprinkles, and then after, that look at the rest of the seven-day forecast. things trending dry again. next weekend, high pressure is building in. kind of a southerly flow aloft as we head towards next weekend. that will bring the temperatures back up. close to 70 in spots by friday and saturday and sunday next weekend, partly cloudy skies and maybe some showers next sunday. let's hope it's more than that because we continue to sleep behind in the sierra snow pack and our seasonal rainfall totals. >> thanks very much. speaking of which, this lack of rain, lack of wet weather has been impacting our weather supply and south bay businesses as well. marianne favro has the story. >> the lack of rain is giving these roofers a chance to work
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on this san jose home, but the co-owner of los gatos roofing says the winter dry spell definitely has a downside. >> it impacts us from the standpoint that we don't get as many emergency cover-ups or repair leads because there's no storms that have come through that have really impacted homeowners, and there hasn't been as big of a need for that type of service. >> at santa clara valley water district engineers are carefully monitoring rainfall toitales. >> our reservoir storage is at 75% of average for this time of year. our rainfall is i think below 30% of normal. the inflows that we've been seeing into our reservoirs is only 10% of what we normally see in january. >> another concern. the district gets half of its water supply from the sierra snow pack which any skier will tell you has been less than stellar. this national weather service climate prediction map shows the
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bay area in brown and green stripes with drought ongoing, some improvements. the good news is heavy rains last year allowed us to bank 70,000 acre feet of water. one acre foot can serve two households for a year. water district engineers say we will likely need to rely on this stored water later on this year. >> marianne favro reporting. a rare bird found on the peninsula could soon be released back into the wild. the wildlife center is expected to free the merlin falcon within the next several weeks. it was found in palo alto earlier this month suffering from a tear in one of its wings. rescuers believe a larger bird may have attacked it. the center rarely treats these birds. about two show up for care each year. the san francisco zoo is celebrating the year of the dragon this morning with one of its more unusual residents in recognition of the chinese new year. the zoo's 4-year-old bearded dragon named tully will be the guest of honor.
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tully has been living at the zoo since 2010 and serves as an ambassador on education programs. today's events will include acrobatic performances and other tricks. anyone born in the year of the dragon can enter the zoo for free. a house in werkly that gives new meaning to living in a mobile home. you'll be surprise what had materials were used to build it. plus, a middle school bans ugg ot bitau they ar ugot
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>> there are many different ways to build a home, but one couple has set the creative bar very high. some of their friends call it deep green. that's how ecologically friendly one particular house in berkeley is. requested today in the bay's" tracy garrett reports you may be surprised though what it's made out of. >> it's -- it's salvaged car
7:23 am
roofs, that's what that is, with paint on and everything. that's the color of whatever car was in the young yard. >> 104 roofs from cars make up the ialuminum siding of this home. the front and back awnings are even unusual. >> dodge caravan side windows. >> kate ledger and her husband have taken green architecture to another level. >> on our own project here we decided to press come of the ideas we've been working with over the years a little farther than we could on our client's work. >> the city of berkeley prides itself on recycling efforts. not everybody would be thrilled with concrete floor containing fly ash recycled from burning coal or the balls recycled from poplar bars.
7:24 am
and shipping containers used and now in their backyard. >> they are really, religiony strong tore architecture. ten times stronger than they need to be to meet the building codes. >> really wanted to do it in a way that transformed the junk into something artistic. >> he ripped off some of the redwood siding off of his house a few years ago and left it on a pile on the street. >> a lot of it was splintered and they have mill it had and made fence posts out of it so anything and everything is recyclable. go green. >> tracy grant reporting. neighbors have seen plenty of people slow down. ownership says it's not the look they were going for, they curved the building in order to get the most light in. indianapolis is preparing for next sunday's super bowl with a visiting attraction for visitors. check it out.
7:25 am
visitors went on sale for the zip line thrill rides for super bowl village near lucas oil stadium. workers were testing the ride on friday. zip liners take off from seven stories up and slide down an 800-feet line at speeds of up to six miles an hour. the game will air right here on this station next sunday. now teens love ugg boots and now we may know why. the sheepskin boots offer a place to hide cell phones in class. at least that's what's happening in a school in pennsylvania. kids can keep their phones in the locker and can't use them in class. some were slipping them into their ugg boots so the schools ban the boots. the kids can wear them to school but must change into different shoes before entering class. growing popularity of using online coupons to find discount health care but some say this
7:26 am
might not be the right prescription. sites are offering coupons in food and travel and also health care checkups and procedures. businesses who post on these sites say it provides a service to people who can't normally afford it. some are raising questions on the medical credentials for these services. >> i don't know what sort of credentials or vetting these people have when recruiting health care providers. >> recent reports show consumers saved nearly $700 million using online discount coupons on health care last year. >> much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, targeting the vulnerable. an elderly woman is found badly beaten near an east bay business and chaos in oakland. occupy protesters square off wi pth oe ff with police and storm several buildings. we'll show you the damage they left behind. gives fast, lasting relief. got an itch? gold bond lotion. the quick fix for almost every itch.
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>> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us this sunday morning. time is 7:28. you're looking out. bright sunshine across the bay area, plus will it last? i'm garvin thomas in for kris sanchez. >> still january, right? >> yeah. couldn't believe it yesterday. >> signature around yesterday eating the frozen yogurt in a t-shirt, the same question came up. >> 73 in santa cruz. not quite as warm but pretty nice. high clouds coming in during the day and right now chilly. santa rosa 33 degrees. numbers jumping by 33 degrees and the doppler radar looks bright right now. cooler temperatures by 9:00 or 10:00. by noon, another mild day, 60s to maybe near 70.
7:30 am
cooler though for the peninsula into the north bay by 4:00. that's because the sea breeze is going to pick up. we'll see more clouds and eventually for areas north of the golden gate tonight, a chance of much needed showers. we'll let you know just how much we're expecting and how long it's going to stick around in the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> looking forward to t.occupy protesters will be demonstrating in front of a chase bank in san jose this afternoon over floesh yes. meantime, the cleanup continues in some parts of oakland after violent clashes between demonstrators and police. occupy oakland protesters tried to storm a ymca on broadway. police had to use batons to stop them. several police vehicles and news trucks were vandalized during the mailei. occupiers also tried to storm city hall but were turned away. in all, more than 300 people were arrested throughout the day. some supporters of the group are concerned over the level of violence from occupy protesters. >> i think that some of the people are trying to provoke the police, are -- they are pushing
7:31 am
in a direction that's not going to help us reconcile with the police either. >> earlier in the day, protesters tried to storm the empty kaiser convention center. some fencing was torn down. officers used tier gas to disperse the crowd. concord police are looking for gunmen who opened a fire during a party injuring one man. it happened just after 11:30 last night at an elk's lodge on clayton road. as guests were leaving the party shots were fired and a 129-year-old man was hit in the leg. taken to a local hospital. investigators believed he was not the intended target. they see at least two people fired guns based on the different shell casings they found inside. anyone with information is asked to contact the concord police department. in sacramento, three people are dead including a baby boy and many others are injured after an suv and a light rail train collided. witnesses say the driver of the suv veered around a crossing arm and on to the track moments before being hit by the train.
7:32 am
more now from the scene. >> reporter: witnesses yelling at some of the passengers who got off the light rail train after the crash who were trying to health victims in the suv which you see lying crumpled near the center of the screen. >> only 30 yards south of the intersection, and the vehicle is flipped over, and it's -- it's on its top. >> the suv and the train collided at 26th avenue near 25th street in south sacramento. here it is being towed from the scene. of the four people in the suv, three are dead, including an infant, a boy. the lone survivor in the suv, a woman, is being treated at the hospital. 50 people were on the train. several of the 16 injured train passengers were taken to the uc davis medical center, including a 13-year-old boy. >> he had lumps on the back of his head. he has a neck brace on.
7:33 am
eyes are red from crying. scared basically. >> investigators are looking at video and evidence from the scene. they are also talking with witnesses on the train and who were near the intersection. one man said he was waiting on the other side of the tracks when he saw the driver of the suv. >> trying to go around the track, the sticks, tried to go around and got hit. >> regional transit officials are saying they are hearing the same thing. >> the witnesses, statements of our operator, security guard that was on board the train. >> that report from our nbc station in sacramento. authorities are not releasing the names of the people killed. the lone survivor of the suv remains in serious condition. in utah, snowboarder died in an avalanche in steep back country area. the 24-year-old man was with two other men when the avalanche happened yesterday morning in the wasatch range big cottonwood cannon near slit. a weak base layer of snow is
7:34 am
keeping avalanche risks high in colorado,man monand utah. this is the ninth avalanche in the west this season. richmond police are searching for a suspect who severely beat an elderly woman. the 81-year-old woman was found near a big o tires on san pablo avenue yesterday morning. employees discovered her as they were opening the store. investigators say the elderly woman may have also been sexually assaulted. police have not released any details on a possible suspect. anyone with information on the attack is asked to contact the richmond police department. tomorrow marks the 23rd anniversary of the case of a missing dublin girl. it's been more than two decades since the girl disappeared while coming home for from school but her family has not given up hope and continues to search for the then 13-year-old. a candlelight vigil will be held tomorrow night at 7:00. the group will retrace her steps
7:35 am
and with a short prayer at st. raymond catholic church. the socially conservative catholic archbishop of san francisco and a liberal assemblyman joined forces throwing their weight behind a single cause. they want a federal program changed or suspended, one that checks on the immigration status of people booked in the local jail. as "today in the bay" kimberly terry reports, hundreds are taking a stand. archbishthe archbishop chal governor jerry brown to opt out. under the law they are required to forward all people fingerprinted. >> her husband goes off to work and that's the last she sees of him and the last her children see of them this. shouldn't be. our government should not be
7:36 am
doing that to people who are holding down jobs, paying taxes and contributing to the community. >> reporter: fatima wouldn't give details about her particular case but says under the program her husband was deported last year. >> translator: it's very painful, you know. i still carry that pain with me, and there are times where i don't even know how to keep on going. >> reporter: fatima is now raising her three kids alone and worries daily about getting caught and being deported herself. >> translator: my biggest fear is for me to be separated from my children and not knowing, you know, where they will be without their father, without their father. >> reporter: this assemblyman says it's situations like this one that keep him pushing for reform. he's working to introduce a bill that will allow law enforcement agencies in the state to deny requests from i.c.e. to detain people they are looking into deporting. >> i think this is a keystone peeves legislation. i believe it's the first in the nation, and, you know, it's my
7:37 am
honor to carry it, and we do have support in sacramento, but we're going to need that signature from the government. >> kimberly terry, "today in the bay." >> that legislation is set to be introduced at the end of next month. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, what's in store in the world of business this week, including the joboutloooutlook how much advertisers are paying for super bowl ads this year. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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e good morning, everyone. thank you for making our show part of your sunday morning. 7:39 is the time. rob promising a sunsy start, but clouds will creep in later today. his full forecast straight ahead. cnbc's sue herera race a look at the upcoming week in business. >> the u.s. economy appears to be slowly growing and steadily growing so far this year and this friday january's job report from the labor department will tell us if private companies are
7:40 am
hiring more workers and whether the jobless rate could dip below the current 8.5 level. all the major automakers report sales for january this week. at least two industry watchers say auto sales have been strong so far this month. more earnings reports due out this week. we'll hear from exxon mobil which should benefit from higher costs and which may have seen a drop in profits because of all of that free shipping during the holidays. we'll hear from firms like pfizer, ferc, mastercard and sony. after extending record low interest rates for another three years federal reserve chairman ben bernanke testifies about the state of the u.s. economy before a congressional panel on thursday, and we wrap up with the week with the super bowl between the new york giants and new england patriots right here on nbc. advertisers are paying an average of $3.5 million for a 0-second ad at this year's game, with some ads even topping 4 million bucks. i'm sue herera. get all your miss news on cnbc.
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>> get all your business and tech news before the bell opens weekdays on "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 in the morning. much more ahead on "today in the bay," the politics of redistricting california's state senate districts. while a proposal to change the boundary is creating such a fuss. we'll talk to political analyst larry gjertsen about that but first mike inouye with your community weekend calendar. >> lots to do. berkeley is giving out a monster event today. i present to you congress, the original king kong, the berkeley underground film society is bringing this back for showing at the tannery. fay ray, beauty and the beast, beauty taking the beast and the scene at the top of the empire state building. police forget this is the
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pioneer in stop animation. the san francisco civic symphony is the oldest community orchestra on the west coast and entirely amateur and volunteer but guided by retired pros like the ones you're watching here. hear their latest program for free in the birthful sir francis drake hotel just off of union square. they will be performing pieces from mozart, strauss and others. from classical to more new age, do some yoga in the great outdoors. this is video from new york where they did a big event and that's their outdoors. it's on the street. more of a wilderness as you head over to tildon park in berkeley and you strike a natural pose. look at the world around them for inspiration in their yoga poses and now your kids can learn how to strike a pose, standing tall like a tree or curling their back like a cat or
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i got it ! yes, i won ! woo hoo ! it's got a thermos ! rely on verizon 4g lte. because only the fastest survive. now last friday the california state supreme court rejected a request to stop elections in new state senate districts formed by the independent citizens redistricting commission. they claimed they had enough signatures for a november ballot proposal to stop the new plan and that the court should keep the current boundaries until the voters weighed in on the issue. while the fuss about something that seems so arcane. let's ask nbc bay area political analyst larry gjertsen what's going on. redistricting, the eyes glaze over. this is the minutia of politics. why should i care? >> who cares where i go to vote. what's the big deal?
7:46 am
look, layers of issues here. the immediate issue is for the court to decide whether the other senate district boundaries should remain in place until the outcome of the election. that's because proponents submitted a referendum proposal with 700,000 signatures on it, much more than the 500,000 needed, to qualify to go back to the old way, okay in the justices said no, can't do that. can't rejudge the outcome of many election until there's actually an election. we just have to wait. the boundaries stay the same unless the voters say otherwise. that's the immediate story. >> okay. that's the background, but now why is this a big deal? i mean, it's boundary districts. i'm still going to get to vote and all that stuff. why does this matter? >> because it's about policies that come out of the legislature and how you get them and how you don't, okay? democrats right now have a lobsided majority, garvin, 25-50. what's the big deal there? >> they can do whatever they
7:47 am
want. >> but they can't, because in most cases of important legislation, particularly the kinds to raise taxes, it takes what they call an absolute two-thirds vote. translate that into numbers, it's 27, okay? now here's where it gets kind of interesting. now we're talking about who does what and why they can't. republicans believe the new boundaries, the one that the redistricting commission created will create more democrats in the senate which they will get past the two-thirds ability and there goes the ability of the republicans to stop any new taxes and now we're talking about somebody's wall >> how can they know that and how can they predict who is going to win? we don't even know who the candidates are going to be and how can you predict if it's going to be republican or democrat, and are they going to be right? >> they may be right. i'll tell you why. >> if you look at the voter registration stats there's an increasing differential between democrats and republicans so we're to the point where democrats have 44%, republicans have 31%.
7:48 am
guess what. when you have many more democrats than republicans you're going to find out that there's going to be more of these guys running around in all these districts. yes, there could be a tilt towards democrats, and can you see why the republicans are worried. >> one of the issues with the redistricting has always been, you know, in california politics right now we have this -- this this problem up in the legislature people working together, and sometimes when it's redistricted because you get a republican district, so the republican candidate has to appeal to that base, and the democratic district, that candidate has to appeal to that base, that they get to the legislature without any -- without any need for common ground or desire for common ground because making a deal with democrats isn't going to save that republican seat and we end up a situation where no one wants to work with anyone. does this help that at all, or does it make it worse? >> the democrats are saying if we can get two more seats, we don't have to worry about this gridlock, that's what they are talking about, because we'll have enough votes now in the
7:49 am
senate to do just about everything. republicans are right about one thing. the fact of the matter is once you get to that huge differential, you know, where democrats just run the show, republicans won't have much of a voice because of the way the system is set up. here's the deal. you've got to change it not by saying boo hook, they have done it wrong. you've got to change it by getting more people to identify with your party, the republican party, so you get more people elected. the system is fair. it may not be fair if you're on other side, but it's fair in terms of the way the seats were allocated. fair in terms of the way the districts are set up. they did a pretty good job, this redistricting commission, and now republicans have to find a way to garner public opinion to their side. >> okay. in the world of politics, that was the vegetable. >> yeah. >> now let's get to the dessert, the republican nominating process. >> yes. >> it looks like mitt romney is surging ahead in florida. looks like he might take florida. does this mean newt gingrich is out? what does it mean for the process coming ahead? >> to say out right snow big statement. the fact of the matter is the way the primary system is set up
7:50 am
this year for the republicans, two things have come into play that we haven't seen in the past. first of all, almost all of the elections now are proportional. no more winner take all. that means everybody gets a piece, assuming they get 5%, 10%, 15% of the vote, whatever the threshold. remember super tuesday. >> i've heard something about it. >> 31 states last time around. ain't so super this time. you've got ten states on super tuesday, so what does that mean? it means we've got drabs and dribble. between now and june, every couple of weeks, a state here, a state there. which gives each candidate time to regroup, mobilize and pull a surprise. gingrich says he's in iltill the end. santorum and paul have their own issues. romney looks like the favorite, no question about that, but it's going to be a slugfest, knockdown, dragout thing, kicking and screaming all the way probably until may. >> wow. fantastic. >> larry g eerston, thanks very much. >> thank you.
7:51 am
>> you can get larry's political insight, keen political wisdom any time at now, a rare bird found injured in the peninsula could soon be released back into the wild. the wildlife research center in burli burlingame is expected to free the falcon within the next several weeks. it was found in palo alto suffering from a tear in one of its wings. rescuers believe a larger bird may have attacked it. the center rarely treats these birds. about two show up for care each year. and the san francisco zoo is celebrating the year of the dragon with one of its residents. in recognition of the chinese new year, the bearded dragon named tully will be the guest of honor. tully has been living in the zoo since 2010 and served as an ambassador on educational programs. today's programs will include acrobatic performances, folk dancing and chinese yoyo tricks. if you are born in one of the years of the dragon, you can enter the zoo for free.
7:52 am
much more ahead on requested today in the bay." coming up a sales boost for singer al green from an unlikely source. and there's the live view from the mountains looking over san francisco. hazy start and high clouds spilling in for the afternoon and finally a chance dav. a look at that when we come right back. fo
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7:54 am
and welcome back as we watch another chilly start to the morning. looking live there in oakland. cloud-free for now, but by the time the sun goes down again, we'll probably see mid and high-level clouds spreading across the east bay. temperatures this morning. it's a chilly start again. the clear dry conditions we had overnight. clear skies acting like with basically sleeping with a blanket. especially the inland valleys. 32 degrees in santa rosa and 34 in gilroy and san francisco is 48 degrees. 43 in oakland and 40 in san jose. not much wind outside right now,
7:55 am
but as we go through the afternoon we will see the sea breeze pick back up, and do i think that's the reason why places like the peninsula and up to the north bay will start to see a little bit of cooling heading into the afternoon. as we look at the seasonal rainfall averages today, really fallen behind, but last weekend the numbers came up a bit but overall percentage-wise, 56% or less. a lot less in the south bay. 32% of average for san jose, and the snow pack, again, we did get snow last weekend but still looking at 42 to 34 or 44% of average. we need some snow and we might see some coming in later on tonight. doppler radar in the bay area quite dry. no problems for travel today and even the north coast, you don't really see this too often in late january. nothing on the radar there, but it's this location by this afternoon that will see some showers dropping in and eventually that's going to spill into the north bay. can you see high clouds racing across the pacific. this will filter out the sun at times, and we'll certainly see
7:56 am
it later on tonight. this is a bit of a change from the models last night at 11:00. did not paint any rain here in the north bay so actually let's hope this is true. we get a little something here to knock down that tree pollen and give us a little bit of light rain for the morning and skies clear heading into monday afternoon. as we look at numerical output or rain gauge expected, not a lot out there, but it may wet the roads for the north bay commute tomorrow morning and probably sprinkles around the rest of the bay area early for monday. not a problem for today. temperatures, chill toe start the morning and another mild day, san jose town towards gilroy. numbers upper 60s to around 72 and the locations that we'll see a little bit of cooling today. i think it's going to be the coast and parts of the north bay coastline as the sea breeze picks up later on, so tonight more clouds, a few sprinkles for the entire bay area, but i think it's really going to be drizzle for areas south of san franciscoch the north bay that
7:57 am
sees the best bet of showers for tomorrow, and there you go, the seven-day forecast is going to be dry. high pressure holding its green allowing clouds to spill through so not non-stop sunshine and temperatures and a dry start heading out into february. two straight months of unusually dry weather for the bay area. thank you very much. >> now it turns out a president who can sing can put you in a very lucrative position. a viral video of president obama singing an al green tune is boosting sales for the singer. ♪ i'm so in love with you >> president obama belted out the song "let's stay together" during a recent fund-raiser at the apollo theater. online sales caught fire jumping 500% and reports show the 1972 hit was downloaded nearly 16,000 times last week. thanks so much for joining us. pro ball later. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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