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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 30, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a man stranded alongside the road with his friends, hit and killed this morning. i'm bob redell, latest from oakland, coming up. live in santa clara, kaiser prepares for a massive statewide one-day strike tomorrow. details, coming up. more than 100 firefighters on scene as intense flames gut a warehouse. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. this morning east bay man stranded after getting pulled
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oven is now dead. struck and killed by a car right in front of his friend. they say he was walking on a dark stretch of road along doolittle drive not far from oakland international airport. bob redell joins us live. the man was forced to walk home after police had his friend's car impounded. >> reporter: just bad luck. good morning to you, jon. you can see doolittle drive is shut down at langley by opd, waiting for the coroner to come out before they reopen this road. one of the witnesses, this friend, donnell roberts, tells us that he thinks his friend would still be alive if they hadn't been left by the side of the road without a car. roberts in the foreground, you can see the video, police impounded his car after pulling him over for speeding, without a ride, he, his best friend and two women friends decided to make the trek back home to oakland on foot. along doolittle drive here, near
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the airport, it was very dark, no street lamps, no sidewalk, just a bike line, they say they stuck to. around 6:00 a car coming from behind them collided with his best friend of more than 20 years. did it seem like an accident? >> i guess. the guy said he didn't see him. we was up a few feet ahead because he had bad knees. he was walking slow. we was walking faster than he was. and i heard somebody yell and then i seen the guy pull up behind us with a cracked, busted windshield and he said he hit somebody back there. we ran back and i found him in the dirt, in the ditch back there. >> reporter: roberts tells us his friend did have a pulse but only for a short time that was it. he died? the ditch on the side of the road. the driver stayed and spoke with police about what happened. his car has been taken away as evidence. roberts wondered if the man had
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been speeding because his friend, 6'2", 250, he was thrown such a large distance off the side of the road. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, massive flames shooting out from a warehouse in southern california earlier today has more than 100 firefighters trying to put out the flames. a packaging material company in the city of paramount, east of compton. no one was hurt, as a result of that fire. so far, though, no word on what caused it. this morning, young women at stanford on alert as police search for a peeping tom lurking in dorm shower areas. officers say the suspect is targeting ka ruthers hall. students reporting four indents in the last three weeks each happening during a different time of day but in the very same bathroom, on the first floor where showers are open to men and women. >> there was an issue of
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somebody sneaking their hand under the shower stall to take a picture and some girl saw it screamed, and they ran away. >> stanford's not the only bay area campus where dorm safety's an issue. friday police arrested 21-year-old michael escobar, a san jose state student. he barged into an unlocked dorm room and groped four students. a man found hanged at the port of locateland is a teenage murder suspect accused of killing the mother of his child. the body of the 19-year-old henry leon found hanging from the building on maritime street in oakland over the weekend. suspected of stabbing his 15-year-old girlfriend to death friday. leon and the girl why parents to a 9 milli-month-old baby. nine people under arrest after another series bar brawls in walnut creek. these two men marcos and mario accused of assault with a deadly
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weapon, suspected of being involved in one of the brawls on the second floor of a parking garage on locust street around 1:30 sunday morning. a short time later police broke up a brawl involving 15 people outside cinco de mayo restaurant also on locust, minutes later another fight broke out at hubcaps diner. the fights coming days after walnut creek city leaders held a meeting to crack down on drunken violence. lawmakers considering new rules to give the city more control over bars and restaurants. this morning, city hall is open for business after occupy protesters broke in over the weekend and set off violent clashes with oakland police. protesters used a crowbar to break into city hall saturday just after storming a ymca and trying to take over the vacant kaiser convention center. at least three officers and several protesters were injured. of those arrested, five from out
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of state and 105 are from right near california. protesters say the officers used batons, beanbags, and tear gas without justification. the city's mayor says protester refuse to be nonviolent. >> tomorrow, thousand of workers walking off the job at hospitals statewide. live at the kaiser permanente medical center. what if you have an emergency, will there be people who can give medical service during the day-long strike? >> reporter: absolutely. emergencies head over to kaiser, if you have an elective procedure scheduled for tomorrow, call ahead because those might have been canceled. there be relacement workers from across the state at kaiser hospital all over from california from nurses to other support staff because of this one-day strike. nurses are doing what they call a sympathy strike. that strike lasts from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. the next day. we won't get into specifics of
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the labor rift, only to say this has been an ongoing battle with the hospital and its workers. several unions, including nurses, will honor the strike called by the mental health and optical employees. the california nurses association calls it a sympathy strike, some managers will be asked to fill in where help is needed around the hospitals and medical staff -- medical office. one woman said her mother is having surgery today and isn't worried about tomorrow she's being taken care of by a replacement nurse. >> i'm not concerned. >> reporter: let them take whatever action they want? >> yeah, i feel they should be able to. if they know ahead of time and are accommodating for it i think it should be okay. >> reporter: one nurse with the california nurses association told me this morning, she's heard several kaiser facilities are canceling appointments tomorrow and in fact we just got an e-mail from kaiser permanente that says elective procedures, i'm reading here, some
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appointments for tuesday, january 31st have been affected and those patients scheduled for procedures have been notified. if you're unsure, you might want to call ahead. >> governor jerry brown is under scrutiny for replacing two cabinet officials after they ignored his request to ease regulations on the oil industry. "the los angeles times" reporting the head of the department of conservation and his deputy removed when the pair failed to relax rules for companies wanting to use a controversial method of oil extract. last october the governor asked officials to develop a shortcut for underground injection but the regulator refused saying it would violate environmental laws. both fired officials hired under arnold schwarzenegger. >> christina loren is here. i keep checking the calendar. it says january 2012 but feels like spring.
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>> i know. we're going to see a lot more springlike weather as we continue through your workweek and then when we get to super bowl sunday. temperatures keep on climbing. so, yeah, it's going to feel like a springlike afternoon. a fair amount of cloud cover. you can see that in the live picture of the golden gate bridge. right to it tell you what's happening. already at 58 degrees in san jose. so right now we're already touching on our seasonal averages. we're going to end up above average just about every secondle day. mild with intervals of clouds for today. tomorrow not as many clouds. sunshine, nice and comfortable, temps in the mid-60s over the greater bay area. wednesday, our very, very slight chance for rain. i'll show you on your futurecast what we're expecting. but i can tell you right now it isn't that much. i have the seven-day forecast. i'll tell you what to expect for the big weekend. >> we are getting poiled. coming up, recovery efforts start up only to stall off the coast of italy.
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why it may take up to ten months to pull the ship ashore. a came home from work to find my daughter on the floor, she's an extremely strong girl, crying her eyes out. >> a high school senior gets into dream college only to have her acceptance taken away. the devastating mix-up ahead. the president gets ready to hang out on google. a look at questions he'lve [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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the images are stunning, and now it appears it could have been prevented. authorities in florida say the smoky fire that led to a deadly pileup on interstate 75 was likely the result of arson. ten people died when at least a dozen cars and half a dozen tractor-trailers collided over the weekend near gainesville. 18 people are still hospitalized. but the highway has been reopened. investigators suspect the fire
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was intentionally set since there were no controlled burns and no light -- lightning storms in that area. in peru, rescuers digging through ruble. the quake struck midnight nine miles southeast of the city. at least 100 people are hurt. you may recall the city was badly damaged by another quake back in august of 2007. this morning, recovery efforts starting and then stalling again off the coast of tuscany. divers searching the capsized cruise ship are looking for bodies of more than a dozen people, including a retired couple from minnesota. now, there's a new timetable to get the ship off the shoreline. >> reporter: recovery operations on the "costa concordia" were again interrupted today because of bad weather. experts monitoring the ship's stability on the rock said it moved 3 1/2 mense meters sun because of high wins and waves.
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it come as officials warned it could take up to ten months to remove the liner from the seabed. there are still 16 people missing, as well as thousands of gallons of fuel that need removing. rough seas keep stopping the efforts for both. high waves also bringing garbage and debris off the concordia, worrying locals on the island about the long-term effects on the environment. >> translator: let's hope we are able to solve everything without pollution, that's the main worry. that's serious. >> reporter: they're calling for an island-wide meeting to discuss how to protect the area from pollution. nbc news, london. according to our business and tech man, scott mcgrew, president obama taking afew moments oust heis schedule to hang out. >> google calls its video and tech chat system on google plus a hangout and this morning president obama himself is getting ready to participate.
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he'll answe at 2:30 our time. the deadline to submit a question has passed. here you can see the popular questions. vast majorit have to do with the nation's drug policy. here a retired policeman pushing for drawing law reform submits his question via youtube. >> what do you say to this growing voter constituency that wants more changes to policy than you've delivered in your first term? >> one of the questions, watch on the white house official youtube channel or google plus. the white house will not review questions submitted before the interview and won't know which questions will be asked. of course the president could look online and find out which ones got the most vote. it will be at 2:30 this afternoon. our friends from fremont lam research opened the nasdaq. markets opening to the negative on concerns over europe. video in just from brussels where european leaders are
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meeting again. the 17th time they're meeting over the debt crisis. germany telling greece it wants greece to hand over control of its budget, totally giving up control of its financial situation. i'm not sure what the greek word for no is, but that was greek's response. talks continue. back to you. >> thank you, scott. how would you feel if you applied to a prestigious university, notified months later you had been accepted and hours later you discover the admissions office made a big mistake. that happened to mary handley of new york. when she logged on to check her status the news was great in the beginning. hanley got caught up in a computer glitch. 30 minutes friday 122 early decision applicants were told they were accepted to that school. in reality, 76 of them had been rejected, including hanley. >> i logon, dear mary, you're in, i was -- i called my mom,
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all of my friends, update made facebook, good old time. >> i came home from work to fine my daughter on the floor. she's an extremely strong girl. crying heror eyes out his tayst >> the mistake was a system air somewhere sent out corrects friday night. hanley is still disappointed but says she has applied to several other universities and she looks forward to learning which ones she'll attend. >> many times, life is not a popularity contest but apparently it's not a bad way to measure colleges. u.s. news and world report recently naming country's most popular colleges. our own stanford university checks in at number three. how do you measure popularity for schools? it's by looking at percentage of anally a lall applicant accepte enroll. harvard, number one, followed by brigham young and stanford. next, yeshiva in new york city.
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and finally the university of alaska. >> i'm surprised my college isn't on there. >> what might that be. >> sonoma state. >> number one in your book, that's what counts, right? >> right. smalltown girl. comfy conditions, the world from christina loren. >> a proud chico state graduate. we have a gorgeous day and a gorgeous week shaping up. temperatures right now already comfortable enough for you to peel off that heavy winter coat. 60 degrees right no in sunnyvale. 58 in san jose. we're on our way to the mid-60s. the cloud cover is going to limit the warmth that we're able to accumulate between now and 3:00 p.m. when highs come in. however, still holding on to the 60s, even in san francisco. and the clouds making for uniform temperatures. as we head through tonight, we are going to lose cloud cover. as a result a little bit colder, especially up in the north bay. we'll see plenty of 30s whereas we only had one 30 and they
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bottomed out at 38. high pressure firmly in control of our weather pattern. you can see the big blocking ridge, this will keep the storm systems from making that way into the bay area. we might see a piece of energy break uf off in the storm track through wednesday. as a result, maybe, just maybe a bit of shower activity up in the north bay. the chance does not look all that great at this point. we're looking towards a comfortable day tomorrow. by wednesday, here it is, let me step out of the way here, a little bit of shower activity tries to sneak onshore. yeah, up in marin county, maybe something. i think overall we'll see a stronger onshore flow. as a result, we are going to see a little bit heavier fog, drizzle, after that, though, offshore flow picks up. take a look, 66 degrees by thursday. we're going to keep climbing. friday into super bowl sunday weekend. you know what that means? you can take your grill, get your grill on for the first full weekend of february. hey, that's a real luxury for
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us. and then next week, storm track does look like it will take a little bit of a dip to the south. we might be talking about rain chances come wednesday and thursday of next week. hey, at this point, looking dry as a bone except for maybe wednesday. little bit of drizzle in the north bay. that's it, back to you. >> thanks. it's no surprise that it pays to be a celebrity. >> what is surprising is exactly how much that it can pay here especially when it comes to tweeting. take a look at this. this is wild. social media, "new york" magazine here tells us the rankings of the top earners paid to pump products on twitter, kim kardashian $10,000 for companies like shoe dazle and cvs. snoop dogg, eight grand. paula abdul, 5,000. whitney port, from "the hills" 2500. charlie sheen, $50,000 per tweet for companies like with all due
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respect not sure what charlie's tweeting about internships. >> wouldn't you stay on twitter all day and tweet away in. >> get rich. >> legendary bay area wine family known for its legendary parties will be spilling secrets in a tell-all memoir. margaret mondave set to reveal a book sharing inside stories of the wine business according to the book is supposed to be released in july. why a bus line and light rail could fight the cost of a new home. how about this? cruising like commander in chief. that's funny right there. what a shot. yeah. you could be the owner and get behind the wheel of the president's old car.
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looks like sailors won't be the only people hitting water for the america's cup yacht race. san francisco considering a plan for a water taxi service out on the bay to move smaller groups of passengers more quickly and officially from port to port. the city will start looking for water taxi vendors some time in the next few months. new homes in san francisco could get even more expense everybody because of muni. city leaders could make developers pay a fee of5.53 per square foot of new residential construction. the money would go to muni and other transportation projects. supporters say the new fee could raise $630 million over 20 years but a similar proposal was rejected last year. coming up, cruising the streets like the commander in chief. how the president's wheels could wine up in your garage. just ahead.
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taking a look at next seven days. my goodness, we have gorgeous weather. and it's going hold on all the way through the super bowl sunday. temperatures mid to upper 60s inland all week long. enjoy it while it lasts. we may have a significant change in the middle of next week. back to you. >> thank you. you can say it's a car fit for the commander in chief. >> yes. guess what? now it could be yours for a presidential price. check this out on ebay. a minute in chicago says the 2005 crisler was once owned by president obama. that picture look like president obama selling it. starting bid $1 million. >> what? >> you have to put down $2,000 just as a good faith deposit just to submit that offer. >> no, no. >> the owner says -- he doesn't have the original title with mr. obama's name on it, but he does have a copy made by the dealer when it was traded. at least get the original if you're charged a mill. the president's previous car
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2000 jeep grand cherokee sole for $26,000. that guy's out of his minds. >> comes with his recording of al green? >> thank for being with us. [ mom ] hey guys. guys...
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