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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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how the morning commute's shaping up so far. it's wednesday, february 1st. this is "today in the bay." hard to believe we're in february already! good morning. thanks for joining us. 5:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley today. the roads look a little bit slik at the golden gate toll plaza. >> definitely it is slick out there. some moisture came through earlier and we still have some mist and drizzle. but when it comes to the showers, we pretty much lost our opportunity. really only impacting sonoma and marin. we'll talk more about that coming up. to start, 47 in sunnyvale. 48 in oakland. heading towards a really nice
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half of the second day, then a warmup for the weekend ahead. we'll sort that out for you. >> a look at oakland we do see at least some glowing lights. there is some moisture in the air and it may be enough to be drizzly around oakland and heading up toward the bay bridge toll plaza as well. earlier construction we saw where you could barely make owl taillights has cleared from this portion, high street, heading north. crews may be clearing over the next few minutes through downtown. crews will move cones for the morning commute shortly but you see the sheen on the roadway. that's enough to be slick on the roadways. careful. 5:01. the 5-year-old boy accused of killing husband adoptive parents is heading back to court today. the teenager will be tried as an adult on two counts of murder. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live in oakland where the attorney for the accused teen is expected to enter his plea for his client today. >> reporter: good morning to you.
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well, it is a horrible story. prosecutors believe that the 15-year-old boy killed his mother first, then waited for his father to come home and kill him. prosecutors believe that he strangled them both. the couple were found dead in their car friday in oakland. the family adopted the boy years ago and friends watched him go from an a normal child to an angry child. >> he grew up in a foster home and he escaped from his original parents when he was as young as 3 years old. >> he confessed and some of the details we're not going to go into right now just because the investigation still continues. >> he made his first court appearance yesterday but apparently didn't enter a plea or even have an attorney so the arraignment was continued until today. the boy is facing two counts of murder and may face a special circumstance with that and, if
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convicted, he could face life without the possibility of parole. reporting live in oakland, christie smith. 5:03 now. richmond police are offering a $10,000 reward for help fining a man who sexually assaulted an elderly woman. the attack happened saturday morning on san pablo avenue near the richmond el cerrito border. the 81-year-old lived at a nearby assisted living home and takes a morning walk between 5:00 and of:6:00 every day. during her walk she was badly beaten and sexually assaulted. if you have any information, call police. an almost 30-year-old cold case may finally be solved. 31-year-old nicholas crumbly was found in 1983. dna samples were taken from his body but the case sent unsolved for decades. thanks to new technology,
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however, investigators reopened that case and matched the dna to 47-year-old william payne. payne was actually arrested on monday and charged with murder. he's being held on $5 million bail. it is a big day for bay area tech. facebook expected to file for its initial public stock offering. the papers will include how much the company is up for grabs and how much facebook thinks it is worth. at 5:30 we'll be live at facebook with the reaction. 5:04. a possible virus outbreak at north bay schools to tell but this morning. a small number of students from james monroe elementary became ill. they had stomachaches, vomiting, diarrhea all common with the virus. a san francisco school is also closed today because of an outbreak of the stomach flu. crews will be sanitizing and deep cleaning st. ignatius prep.
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50 students called in sick yesterday and another 90 were sent home from school. classes will resume tomorrow. problem solved. neighbors in los gatos complained about google's commuter bus. they said it created a safety hazard for kids near fisher middle school. now it seems google and a local church have reached an agreement on where the bus should pick up employees. "today in the bay"'s" got more n the bus stop which has been a concern for many parents the last few weeks. >> reporter: good morning, marla. here's the problem. is where the google bus used to stop right in the middle of the bike lane so kids had to swerve their bias calls on to the middle of the road. they couldn't jump on to the sidewalk because this is where the employees were standing, in line, waiting for their google bus. again, this has been a concern for parents out here for several weeks, since the beginning of january. the bus is intended to get google employees out of their cars and into a bus that runs on biodiesel fuel. but then the safety concerns arose. parents started complaining to
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the local schools about the issue. since the bus stop is right in front of the presbyterian church on shannon road in los gatos police asked the church if it minded have the bus pull into the parking lot for the pickup and in the name of child safety the church said yes. >> we have the same vision for biofuel buses, local people that are living and buying homes in our town being able to catch a bus and get in to work without taking all all their cars out on to los gatos roads. >> reporter: neighbors and parents say they think the bus is a great idea as well. they just want it to stop in a safer location for the local school kids. it appears that now it will. the first bus arrives at 7:25 this morning. live in the south bay, "today" in the bay. 5:06 right now. with the florida primaries in the books, all eyes now turning to nevada. mitt romney will make campaign stops in minnesota and nevada today, while competitor newt
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gingrich will stop in three nevada cities. nevada will caucus on saturday. romney was declared the winner in florida fairly early yesterday. he won in a landslide and told his supporters he's ready to lead the republican party and our nation. coming up later in the newscast, we'll take you live to florida for the latest in the gop race for president. 5:07. a plan to change medical marijuana regulations in san jose will move forward today. mayor chuck reed will put a proposal on the city council agenda this morning to modify the current law. right now the city allows just ten pot clubs and requires on-site cultivation. the new plan would permit 25 pot clubs and off-site cultivation. medical marijuana supporters say the current regulations are too restricted. the council will talk about this on february 14th. 5:07 right now. a new approach to pg&e's controversial smart meter program will be up for discussion today. the california public utilities commission will review a plan by the utility to allow homeowners to opt out of the program for a
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fee. current suggestion is an initial $90 charge, then $15 monthly fee. no word on when the opt-out plan will start. also on today's agenda, a proposal by pg&e to increase rates for all customers. bay area assemblyman jerry hill held a news conference objecting to the fee, saying it is the utility's way of hiking its cost to rate payers. pg&e insists it is a routine rate hike. hill will use today's news conference to condemn the president of pg&e into the san bruno pipeline explosion. rules of banning camping at some san francisco plazas is in place. yesterday a proposal was passed to prohibit setting up tents in the harvey mills and jane warner plazas. the supervisors stopped short of banning shopping carts in those areas.
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critics say the rules already unfairly target the city's homeless. christina loren has a look at our forecast in our new weather center. >> yeah, good morning to you. we did have some showers come through overnight. you can see that from your radar satellite compilation. throughout the next couple of hours a little bit of front post-frontal precipitation but the front for the most part has already moved through. moving into the central valley and quickly making its way over the sierra nevada. maybe just a little bit of dusting of snow over the highest elevations of sierra nevada. it is very warm out there but, hey, we'll take whatever we can get. we are expecting potential for pretty thick fog as we head throughout the morning so keep that in mind. get a little bit of light precip along the marin county coastline but we will clear out nicely as we head throughout the day
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today. plenty of sunshine in the south bay where it will be the warmest. 58 degrees at noon. inland up to 63 degrees as you make your way home from work. staying unseasonably warm and we climb temperatures into the big super bowl weekend. we'll take you through that forecast with a little chance for rain coming up. i just got this incident in on the chp report so i'm going to let you know what they say so far. reports of a wrong-way driver leaving the bay bridge toll plaza from the location heading in one of your fast lanes away from the fltoll plaza and towar 880. i've circled this area. it would be going in the opposite direction, away from the area. one report is in to chp but we certainly want to alert folks heading into the area that's a distinct possibility for activity there as well as traveling over towards 980 or 580. so far just an initial report and no accidents or other
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activity reported at the scene. we do have this continuing for construction throughout the east bay. this is 680 in both directions north of the dublin interchange. no slowing through that area. no problems coming out of the altamont pass, a smooth 14 minutes. but we'll watch that activity reported near the toll plaza. 5:11 right now. some sonoma county vineyard projects on hold this morning. the "press democrat" reports the board of supervisors last night approved a four-month moratorium on plans that involve clearing trees from hillsides. the county is concerned about soil erosion. during the break they'll come up with projects that will require cleanering hillsides. a pro baseball player is hanging up his cleats and lacing up some ice skates, at least for today. milwaukee brewers outfielder niger morgan will hit the ice with the san jose sharks this morning. morgan is a san francisco
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native. he grew up watching the sharks and even played hockey competitively before deciding to focus on baseball. the 31-year-old says he is excited to practice with the team today and hopes the guys are ready for him. >> that's a lot of talent. >> to have the option? that's an athlete. >> very cool. 5:12. san jose is getting ready for terrific quest. we'll show you which bay area personality was spotted on the red carpet last night. >> ooh-la-la. plus, making smokers pay. the new measure that will appear on the june ballot. and why getting rid of the old span of the bay bridge isgoo ino t t take a lot longer than first thought. and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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goompltsd good morning. welcome back. 5:14. park city utah has the sundance
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film festival, san jose has the civic quest film festival. the event kicked off with a media event last night at the san jose athletic club. take a look. there to get the party started, our very own meteorologist christina loren. she walk the red carpet and mingled with the crowd. think they mingled with you. nearly 200 films will be shown at this year's festival. what a dress! civic quest opens on february 28th and runs through march 11th. >> it looked like a pretty good crowd there as well. >> yeah, great crowd. we'll be bringing you updates everything that has to do with cinequest as it gets rarmd up. as we head through the day today, rain chances ramping down. a front came through the area overnight.
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golden gate bridge got some pretty good moisture. as we head throughout the day today, we'll lose that shower chance quickly by mid morning, as a matter of fact. 1:00 p.m. the sun is out breaking through those clouds. we'll see a really nice second half of the day. as we head through the next three days we warm up. we've got a great weekend to get outdoors. as we head through next week, temperatures start to drop off. in addition we do have a pretty good chance for rain starting on tuesday, lasting through thursday. so we need that rain. we'll take whatever we can get. the jet stream finally looks like it will take a significant drop to the south. but warming up all the way through this weekend. 70 degrees, breezy and dried for your sunday, mild on monday. then we get that rain chance come tuesday. talk about snow levels with this next system on the way as that's the big question for me on facebook this days -- when is it going to snow in the sierra nevada. i can answer that coming up. we'll take you back out to
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the incident reported bay bridge toll plaza, told but a wrong-way driver heading away from that area. chp went through the entire span and they are look through the maze, they could not find that driver or any incident. that is great news. that means you do not have to worry anymore. that report may have been someone's headlights flashing from some other direction, possibly at the toll plaza, they can also see the crossover from the opposite side. we'll track it but so far no news is good news. chp says don't worry about it. the carquinez and benicia bridge, smooth drive out of the north and east bay. over here antioch seeing a little slowing. a few minutes ago i saw 40s an below heading through antioch. it sorted itself out. south bay smooth drive northbound 101, 87, all of these
5:18 am
routes heading up from san jose into the lower peninsula. a sunrise, smooth flow of traffic and no delays. we do have the construction clearing in palo alto and the note about the golden gate bridge. nifty conditions in the bay and many spots around the bay. 5:18. amazon's poor earnings report could hurt trading this morning. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the futures have turned higher this morning after a lackluster day on tuesday. stocks ended mostly flat following disappointing data on home prices an consumer confidence. the european and asian markets are higher today. we'll get data this morning on private sector jobs, manufacturing and construction spending. the dow slipped 20 points yesterday to close at 12,632. dow turned its best january in 15 years. nasdaq rising nearly two points to 2,813, having its best january since 2001. meantime, u.s. refineries reach a new three-year contract with the united steel workers union
5:19 am
avoiding a potential strike. a stroik could have idled 6% of u.s. refining capacity boosting prices for gas, jet fuel, diesel and other refined products. the last time refinery workers went on strike was in 1980 and lasted about three months. automakers report their january sales today. it is expected sales rose 4% from a year ago and were flat from december. that's actually a positive sign that the industry continues to build momentum because sales typically drop off sharply in january following the blitz of sales and incentives during the holidays. back over to you. >> thank you. 5:19. apparently it will take a lot longer to demolish the old eastern span of the bay bridge than first thought. caltran says it will now take between five and seven years to remove the span to oakland at a cost of $244 million. the original timeline was two years. the complexity of the demolition and removal of hazardous materials is blamed for the delay. work should begin days after the new eastern span opens in 2013.
5:20 am
a campaign kicks off today to increase tobacco taxes in california by $1. california cancer research initiative campaign will hold its first in a series of kickoff events at the mlk library this morning in san jose. the tobacco tax which will be on the june 5th ballot would help fund cancer research. 5:20. coming up, jobs will be lost but some city services will also be saved. late night decision from oakland city council. hey guys, breakfast! ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient.
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welcome back, everybody. here's a gorgeous shot, that is san jose off in the distance. looks to be a clear morning.
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we'll check in with christina loren in just a bit to get your full forecast. certainly not the case in japan. sadly, heavy snowfall there at left at least 50 people dead and more than 700 injured this morning. reports say most of the deaths were caused by people slipping while clearing snow from rooftops and roads. further complicating matters, more snow is expected today. it is also affecting areas in northern japan hit hard by last year's earthquake and tsunami. from japan to italy, salvage efforts on that capsized ship are being put on hold for now. rough seas and strong winds are making it really tough for crews to work on the cruise ship costa concordia. it was planning to take 500,000 glochbs diesel out of the ship. officials have also ended the search for bodies two weeks after the slip ran aground. 15 people are still listed as missing. 5:23 right now. the san francisco sheriff is
5:24 am
petitioning to get his visitation rights with his young son. a judge ordered him to have no contact with his family until his domestic violence case is resolved. the sheriff is accused of bruising his wife's arm during an argument on new year's eve. he has pleaded not guilty to those charges. 5:24. as of today redevelopment agencies across california will no more. that has cities scrambling. last night the oakland city council approved a new budget that cuts about 80 jobs. the layoffs are a direct result of losing $28 million in redevelopment funds. final layoff notices go out today and will take effect in the middle of this month to give employees a full two weeks notice. there is a bright side. oakland was able to protect funding to some popular family attractions. children's fairyland and the oakland zoo will not lose money as was previously thought. arts groups and neighborhood crime prevent services will also keep their funding.
5:25 am
a couple of bay area service providers are offering you big money if you sign up for their cable and wireless phone plans. comcast and verizon wireless team up to give customers a prepaid visa card worth up to $300. you get the money to buy a bundle service plan with comcast and sign up with service with verizon. certainly want to note -- we have nothing to do with this promotion but we are owned by comcast. 5:25. still ahead on "today" in the bay, the florida primaries are in the books. and live in the nbc bay area weather center, you could be slowed by slick conditions this morning. we'll tell you where and what's to come for the second half of the day and a big weekend is shaping up. i've got that forecast as well. looking at 580 as you approach that dublin interchange, smooth right now ou plbu ie'l ouf couple of things to watch out for in the area. that's coming up. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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one of the most anticipated ipos in the history of ipos. i'm bob redell live outside facebook. good morning, i'm damian trujillo live in the south bay where parents make sure google doesn't miss the bus on this one. i'll explain coming up. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge toll plaza. from this shot you can see the sheen on the roadways this morning. we'll check in with mike and christina on this wednesday, february 1st. this is "today" in the bay. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. 5:28 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning to you. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley today. nothing speaks louder than the live pictures we have for
5:29 am
you this morning. i could show you the radar but there is really nothing to show. but the golden gate bridge, i guess i'm going to show you temperatures. 48 degrees in livermore. 46 in san jose. 47 in san mateo. you did see from the live picture of the golden gate bridge that it is slick out there. thanks, guys. that's only at the immediate coast this morning. south of the golden gate bridge, conditions are rather dry. san jose looks nice and dry this morning. give yourself plenty of time if you live by the water. as we head through the day today, your sun will come out and i'll tell you what's coming up for the weekend. if you like the warmth and the sunshine -- hint hint -- you'll like what we have in store for you. speed sensors are looking like normal patterns but slowing down would be good advice in spots where you are talking about the drizzle. oakland, 880 past the coliseum, at points it is very close to the water and we do see of the glow of the lights and some moisture in the air but no rain obviously. construction has cleared up for
5:30 am
880. another live look at the very clear drive through sunol. no slowing or delays. so far visibility is just fine around the bay. >> thank you, mike. 5:30. the teen accused of killing his adoptive parents is expected back in court this morning. he made his first court appearance yesterday. he was charged as an adult on two counts of murder. police say the oakland teen who's 15 years old confessed to strangling his mother and father and trying to burn their bodies inside the family's car. investigators say the boy was suspended from school last week and that may have led to the killings. the speculation is over. facebook will file papers today announcing its ipo. facebook's filing considered to be the biggest thing to happen to the bay area since google ipo'd back in 2004. it is also expected to create
5:31 am
more bay area millionaires. ""today in the bay's"" bob redell is outside of facebook headquarters with the details for us. >> reporter: unfortunately, marla, i don't believe either of us would be one of those millionaires. facebook's initial public offering expected to raise upwards of $10 billion for the company. that would be the sixth-largest ipo ever. six times greater than google and it would value the company anywhere up from $75 billion to $100 billion. that's greater than disney or gm, to give you some perspective. today's expected ipo filing is significant because it will shed light on something that facebook has kept private -- namely its financials. filing will give the public a sense how well the company has been doing and an idea of what its prospects are for future growth. it could take several months to set the initial price per share, at least one expert though is expected to be over $100 a share.
5:32 am
normally it would be difficult for the average joe to buy into the ground floor. with usually popular ipos like this one, typically 90% of the shares go to institutional investors. remaining 10% to the general public. however, there is speculation there would be surprise in today's filing but the social media giant might add a provision that would make it easier for its 800 million users to get in on the action on the ground floor. live here outside facebook headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." facebook also talking about its new headquarters. the company's trying to make the city and surrounding areas safer for cyclists. facebook's helping to restripe bike lanes in east palo alto and menlo park. facebook is also asking their employees about the commute to see if more work can be done. 40% of facebook employees use alternative transportation and
5:33 am
6% actually bike to work. mountain view's google may have found a solution to its employee bus service which has one south bay neighborhood up in arms. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo joins us live from los gatos with more on google's shuttle bus problems. good morning, damian. >> reporter: good morning, marla. part of the problem, this is where the bus was stopping. it was right in the middle of the bike lane on shannon road so there was actually no way for the children to that maneuver their bikes around the bus without getting his by a car on shannon road so parents were really concerned about the location of this actual bus stop for those google employees. it turns out that a win-win situation for everybody. they noticed that this bus was creating a hazard for those local kids. they couldn't jump their bikes on to the sidewalk because the google employees were there lined up ready to board the bus. so local police convinced the presbyterian church of los gatos, which is right in front of the bus stop, to let google use its parking lot for the
5:34 am
pick-ups and the church said yes. parents and neighbors applaud the agreement and say they're not against google. >> in general i think it is a really good idea. but we've been pressuring them for a while. they've been doing it for about a month and they're parking on the street and blocking the traffic and bike lane. what we've been trying to get them to do is come into the parking lot and load and unload there. >> reporter: it seems like google was convinced. local police say they'll monitor the pick-ups to make sure everyone is safe. there have been no reported incidents here at the bus stop so far. the first pick-up here at the parking lot of presbyterian church is in about two hours. live in the south bay, damian trujillo, "today in the bay." first day of february. how we looking? >> we made it to february. hasn't felt like winter just yet. we still have more spring-like weather on the way. we do have slick conditions. we want to make sure you give
5:35 am
yourself plenty of time to reach your location safely. this morning temperatures are nice an comfortable. heading throughout the day today we'll lose that rain chance very quickly. the front for the most part is already moved over the bay area. little bit of post-frontal precipitation certainly a possibly especial will the among the marin south coastline. throughout the day temperatures are going to be comfortable. we set the future cast in motion, at 7:00, until 1:00, getting a lot of sunshine. we'll still hit the 60s just like we did yet because of the full deck of clouds and that mostly mild start. now my next concern as we head through the next two hours in particular will be the possibility from some very dense fog formation. we're going to be watching that for you but at this point visibility is pretty good across the board. mike and i will stay on top of that, really comfortable conditions as you head
5:36 am
throughout the day today. by noon up into the 50s at the coast, by the bay and inland. then we'll round out the day with plenty of 60s inland. i'll get to your city forecast coming up. 5:35. first let's check the drive with mike. in the north bay looking at highway 12 just off of interstate 80. reports of an earlier injury accident has a sigalert now for the westbound direction heading away from interstate 80 toward red top road just off the freeway. this could present slowing as volume increases heading through the area but so far, westbound 80 is okay past that scene. again on highway 12 all the way down toward the carquinez bridge. smooth across the benicia. live look at golden gate bridge, slick, drizzly conditions in some spots around the bay, though the rain has moved through, there might be some leftovers here. you can tell that from the sheen on the roadway it could be slick out there so be careful, guys.
5:37 am
5:36 right now. with his win in florida, mitt romney has taken a commanding lead in the race for the gop nomination. coming up we'll take you live to florida for a look at what's coming up next. oakland taking new steps to keep violent occupy protesters out of the city. new details this morning on what killed a north bay teen during a slumber party last year. this is a gorgeous live look at san jose off in the distance. 5:37. ♪ beth! hi!
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good morning. welcome back. here's a live look at 880 in oakland, the morning commute ticking up on this wednesday, the first day of february.
5:40 am
it is 5:39. a former los angeles elementary schoolteacher heads to court today in a horrifying child molestation case. the 61-year-old faces 23 counts of committing lewd acts on children. parents are in disbelief over monday's arrest. police say for five years he photographed students inside locked classrooms, blindfolded with their mouths taped shut. >> the pictures also depicted children being fed something with a white substance with a spoon or on a cookie. throughout the investigation we later determined through dna testing that the substance was from our suspect and it matched his dna. >> i don't even thinkvy to tell you what that is. he taught at the same sochool fr 30 years. parents were never told about the investigation even after he was fired. the california state controller says we could run out of money as early as next month.
5:41 am
controller john chung says lawmakers must find more than $3 billion to pay for state programs over the next couple months. the shortfall is because revenue projections did not meet expectations. chung is recommending the state delay some payments but if sacramento doesn't take action quickly it could also mean sending out ious and delaying tax refunds. mitt romney had a landslide victory in florida but newt gingrich says he'll take the fight all the way. tracie potts is live in tampa this morning. gingrich says he's coming back to florida? >> reporter: well, the republican convention is right here in tampa this summer. he says he'll have enough delegates to win that nomination but for now this is mitt romney's state. not only did he win by 46%, he won women, seniors, hispanics, big voting blocs here. gingrich says he's going to be competitive as we now go into a string of smaller caucus states, not the big 50 winners take all
5:42 am
delegates like we saw here in florida. also overnight we learned that that super pac money, those groups that are backing the candidates, they've had quite a bit coming in. romney's super pac earned $30 million in donations. they have $30 million last year. gingrich is only $2 million but they had another big $10 million donation just this month and it is that money that is fueling a lot of these negative ads. by the way, also we learned overnight that mitt romney at the request of his campaign, according to sources, is now going to be getting secret service protection. >> before we let you go you mentioned all the super pac money out there. exactly how much of that is actually floating around out there? >> well, we've got romney and gingrich that i mentioned, and then there is this big super pac that was backed by karl rove. their stated goal is to fund whoever the nominee is to beat barack obama. they got $51 million saved up. >> wow. tracie potts live in tampa for us this morning, thank you.
5:43 am
meantime, how are the president and first lady handle all the pressure of the upcoming election? >> please join me in welcome being the first lady of the united states, michelle obama. >> she said she and the president just takes it each day as it comes. she also told leno she's a fan of mitt romney because of his singing. first lady also tried to introduce leno to a new diet. >> is this white house? >> if you dip it, it will help it go down just a little easier. >> white house honey. that sounds bad. you know that? you know with a different president that could mean a whole different thing. >> leno says it's been a decade since he last ate an apple. to your health. we're going to get a better idea today of just where california's water supply is standing. department of water resources
5:44 am
will conduct a snow survey this morning. they're going to test the snow pack in the sierra to see how much fell the past month. experts don't expect to see very much. we're still inches below a normal january but at least we'll have something maybe to put the beach stake in. >> we actually have some moisture coming through the lake tahoe area right now. let's talk about that to start. we'd love to take it right to the radar this morning. the radar shows you what is left of that front is now moving into south lake tahoe. what you will notice, the green. that's not pink. we are not seeing that snowfall, even in the highest elevations right now, still getting the rain. i think we could see an additional dusting above 7,000 feet. but this is a warm system, it is nice and mild out there and has been over the past few mornings. this was our weathermaker for today, this was our rain chance racing now into the sierra nevada. we will see clearing throughout the day today. in fact we have better air quality because that front came through. that's good news.
5:45 am
once we warm up later on today, open up your windows and enjoy. cloudy start, areas of drizzle i'd say leave the umbrella at home especially south of the golden gate bridge. the sun comes out later on this afternoon especially south bay. you'll get the most sunshine right off the bat. hence the warmest spot across the bay. ahead we warm up, warming trend really kicks into high gear as we head into this weekend. a lot happening. san fest. our own san francisco giants back at at&t park. 60 in san jose. 60 in fremont. 61 in concord. the next three days, the warm-up is on, staying nice and mild for your friday, saturday, fan fest at at&t park. 68 degrees. then of course, super bowl sunday. 70 degrees inland. then we actually get another rain chance starting tuesday. that chance continues all the way through thursday of next week. next week looks better for
5:46 am
showers chances. let's find out how good your drive is shaping up now. >> actually we have some showers in the east bay but it is not what you're forecasting. we have a water main break reported. i shouldn't say showers. we have some water on the roadway just off of 580 reported at macarthur boulevard near adams. avoid nearby on-ramps if you can because a couple of lanes might be blocked and they might have to move some cars out of the area. we'll follow this as we get more updates hopefully from east bay and the resulting activity through the area. no problems on the east shore freeway. smooth drive there. 680 still has construction crews between el costa and bollinger canyon road but no slowing heading toward the dublin interchange. 16 minutes here coming out of the altamont pass. typical wednesday right here. the south bay looks really nice as well.
5:47 am
these speeds looking good northbound and commute out of san jose and into san jose from the south. nice flow from 101. we end with a look at the san mateo bridge crossing over the water. highway 92 moves nicely westbound with the taillights over the high-rise to the peninsula but as christina's talked about, the peninsula and north bay likely to get hit with fog today so just be prepared for that later on in the commute. back to you. 5:47. we do have some new information today in the death of a 14-year-old girl at a slumber party in santa rosa. investigatesers tell the "santa rosa press democrat" the girl overdosed on the date rape drug ghb. now they initially thought she had died of alcohol poisoning during a july sleepover. detectives are not sure if she intentionally or accidentally ingested the drug. many of the ingredients in ghb are also contained in industrial cleaning solvents.
5:48 am
a lawyer for her parents says the girls may have accidentally ingested the cleaning solvent thinking it was vodka. a new leash law left one dog walker stunned literally. this recreation area used to be a favorite off-leash area for dog owners but the ggnra which took over in december added a new leash law. over the weekend a ranger says he stopped a man walking his two small dogs off-leash. he says things escalated. when the man gave the rangeary false name and tried to walk away, witnesses say that's when the ranger pulled out a taser and fired hitting the man in the back. >> i'm outraged about it because it's -- it's a person's right to not be tazed if they're not being violent. >> a police officers needs to be trained to deal with that without using lethal force. >> the ggnra says it will take two weeks to investigate the incident. dog lovers say it has them more
5:49 am
determined than ever to fight that new leash law. you can once again open a pot shop in san francisco. the city's department of of health says its dispensary licensing program has resumed processing applications. the process was suspended last week while workers clarified some rules. san francisco dispensaries are now banned from selling pot or pot products made by a different collective. all products must come from a noncommercial entity. 5:49. occupy oakland will hold a news conference this afternoon to talk about police action during this weekend's demonstration. officers clashed with occupy protesters on saturday night arresting as many as 360 people. most of those protesters were cited for failing to disperse and they were released. at least a dozen face criminal charges and are advised to stay away or they'll face arrest. new this morning, a major
5:50 am
recall of a birth control pill. we'll have details in a live report. plus, is lieutenant governor gavin newsom joining a new party? details on his recent political contribution. and here's a live look at traffic along the sunol grade. a look at 680. the morning commute off to a slow start. we'll check in with mike when we return. stay with us. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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welcome back. we're giving you a live look at hp pavilion where the sharks beat the blue jackets last night 6-0. woo-hoo! go sharks! dy just wake you up? it is 5:52. wikileaks founder julian assange arrived at britain's supreme court this morning to fight his extradition to sweden.
5:53 am
he faces sex crime allegations in that country. a key legal question for the supreme court justice is whether a european arrest warrant issued in sweden is valid under british law. swedish authorities want assange to answer to those sex charges involving two women in 2010. an influential group of doctors hoping to make changes to certain childhood vaccines. american academy of pediatrics and the cdc want to give men gi t meningitis booster shots to 16-year-old and recommend hpv shots being given to both boys and girls as early as age 9. it is linked to cervical cancer in women but doctors say the drug can make antibodies -- >> you may miss the opportunity to protect them. >> babies could be born with the antibodies if the mother takes the hpv shot while pregnant.
5:54 am
new this morning, drugmaker pfizer recalling one million packets of birth control because they may not work. they say there was a packaging error with one of the drugs and a generic drug that could leave women with inadequate doses of the drug that leads to an increased risk of accidental pregnan pregnancy. if you happen to take the medication, you should start using back-up form of birth control immediately. 5:54. the u.s. house of representatives is set to vote on another pay freeze for government workers. the bill would extend the pay freeze for federal workers. lawmakers and congressional staffers for another year. president obama opposes the move and has proposed a .5% raise for federal civilian employees. we're just five days away from football's biggest game. while the teams are prepping their strategies on the field, police and federal officials are actually working out their strategies for security at the super bowl. homeland security secretary janet napolitano an nfl
5:55 am
executives will talk about some initiatives to keep fans, players and employees safe before, during and after that big game in indianapolis. including the department's "if you see something, say something" campaign. a kitchen that's helped san francisco's poor and hungry for decades will serve its last meal today. st. anthony's oraniginal dining room on jones street has been feeded home-cooked meals to the hungry for 60 years. now the building will be demolished to make way for a new facility. another facility will continue to serve the community. today will be last meal. senator dianne feinstein starting to rebuild her war chest for re-election after she lost more than $4 million in a scam involving her treasurer. feinstein's campaign reports she raised nearly $950,000 in the final three months of 2011.
5:56 am
she and several other politicians employed a treasurer before discovering last year their campaign accounts were dwindling. san francisco's former mayor is listed as a donor on steven colbert's political action committee's website. newsom confirmed to the "san francisco examiner" he had in fact donated $500 to the colbert super pac. newsom said he wanted to support colbert for "exposing the absurdity of our current political financing system." 5:56. still to come on "today in the bay," people all over the bay area will find out today if they won a lottery of sorts. burning man tickets about to be released. we'll have details next. an east bay teen accused of killing his adoptive parents expected in court this morning. details in a live report. and a weak front brought
5:57 am
some live showers to the bay area overnight. now fog is forming and it is really thick in spots. we'll get you around that fog and tell you when the sun will be out in your city later today in my full forecast. and also commute is forming. looking at westbound 580, slowing through livermore. that's to be expected but getting on the 580 in oakland you may have another issue. i'll sort that out coming. taking a live look outside this morning overlooking san jose. clear in the south bay. we'll keep looking at that forecast, looking for any changes. 5:57 right now.
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what facebook's release of an ipo could mean for the bay area. and a 15-year-old oakland


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