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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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good evening. we begin tonight in redwood city where a teacher is facing allegations of accusing two, 4-year-old students in her class. she's a 44-year-old woman who is
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now behind bars. monte francis has a look what the the district is saying. >> reporter: the vice president of the school board says the district takes the allegation ls seriously. the teacher has been removed and this morning she turned herself in to police. until last week, 44-year-old alexia taught special education to preschoolers. last wednesday the school district was made aware of allegations that she physically abused two 4-year-old boys in her class. >> as soon as we heard that, we removed the teacher immediately from the classroom. put her on administrative leave and brought in a substitute to teach the kids. she says the district immediately informed child protective services and the police. on friday police issued warrant for the teachers arrest. saturday morning she surrendered
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to police. >> we place the highest, highest value on safety. the parents trust us with their children. it's always upsetting to us when we hear about something like this. >> reporter: details of what kind of physical abuse the 4-year-old boys are alleged to have suffered are not being released. the teacher accused the boys during a period of months and it was not sexual in nature. the students in the class are required special education meaning they have learning disabilities. >> we take allegations of violence on our campus seriously, which is why we immediately removed the teacher. depending upon the results, we'll decide what we're going to do. >> reporter: it's important to point out that she's not been charged with a crime.
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no one we could find is speaking out in her defense. the superintendent said we have zero tolerance toward violence of any kind. in there's verification i will recommend that the employee be terminated. at last chance she was still in custody and not yet posted bail. he's been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome. monte francis, nbc bay area news. thank you. now to a developing story out of east bay tonight. emergency crews in concord are on the scene of large natural gas leak. concord boulevard is shut down. police evacuated families in the nearby apartment complex as well. pg&e says the leak was caused by a child playing on to of the meter. firefighters have just shut off the gas. this is happening in concord near the intersection of concord
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boulevard and kirker pass road. bay area police are on the lookout for a drivera deadly hi. a man was walking along when hit the driver took off and the accident was not reported until another car hit the man. the chp shut down all by one lane of southbound 280 for several hours. the driver's car is a newer model prius and probably has some damage. in san francisco the cruise liner made the first visit ever to the city. here is a peak on board the massive 960-foot long cruise liner. the ship is canard cruise lines newest cruise liner.
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organizers invited news cameras on board. they were frying to show off the new ship and it's safety standards. the passengers on board took part in safety drill. >> our crew constantly go through training. they go through drills, including evacuation of the ship. one of the things part of that convention is a safety drill takes place within 24 hours of the ship departing. we happen to do that before the ship departs. >> in that cruise ship disaster in italy, passengers had not participated in any safety drills. it sank just three hours after leaving the first port p. next, we'll show you what happened at the nevada caucuses today, and what the candidates are saying about their future. why a high school football
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team took took to the field one day before the big game. the radar just over my shoulder looking fairly dry. we're seeing changes offshore which will bring some much needed rain and snow our way. details when we come right back.
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in syrup ya syria, the latest attempt on the uprising may have been the latest attempt yet. we want to warn you this video is graphic.
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amateur video of the attack shows what many are calling the single deadliest day in the yearlong syrian uprising. witnesses say government troops open fire without warning. >> trying to move the body from the middle of the street, and you get shot at. last night we try to get medication and doctors to the area, they started shooting at us. >> the syrian government is blaming the violence on terrorist gangs and pointing the finger at foreign media saying they are exaggerating the situation. obama says syrian president should step aside and allow a democratic transition to proceed immediately. a u.n. resolution calls for him to leave failed when china and russia refused to support the measure. mitt romney reaffirmed his status as the gop front-runner.
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brian moore shows us newt gingrich and the other candidates are not backing down. >> reporter: mitt romney is the winner of the nevada caucuses. >> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence. this time i'm going to take it to the white house. >> reporter: it's romney's third victory this presidential primary season. his florida primary win was overshadowed by a controversial comment about the very poor. ron paul, who is betting big on the caucus state battled with newt gingrich for second place. >> we have chosen to go to the caucus states because if somebody is energized like our supporters are and it cost a little less money and you have to motivate people. >> reporter: gingrich made it clear he's not quitting. >> wouldn't you please quit this
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evening. >> reporter: rick santorum finished forth and he's looking ahead. >> we're down to the four candidate, three of which have won a state and probably three of which have a chance to get the nomination. >> reporter: a nomination fight that shifts to colorado and minnesota. brian moore, nbc news, washington. let's check in with henry with comcast sports. what's going on? what are you talking about over there? >> we have a ton of things to talk about. we're talking about it all when we come back. fan fest at at&t park. it was parked out there. the kings and warriors back at it again. this time they needed overtime. all of your highlights, next in sports.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. after failing to get to the postseason, the giants realize they took a giant step in the wrong direction last year. they're hoping to turn things around. their pitchers and catchers report for spring training in exactly two weeks, february 18th. yesterday was giants media today, but today it was all about the fans, and there was a huge gathering.
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>> i don't think it's anything anybody wants to go through as a player. it's kind of tough. just worry about baseball is something i'm looking forward to. never been the guy to kind of commit to anything too early. for me right now the two-year deal worked out. that's where we found common grounds with the giants. that's where we're going to stoic with it. >> i'm going to be taking off tomorrow. >> over to baseball, warriors down three. nate robinson drives the lane. passes to klay thompson. this game would go into overtime. that's when it was all sacramento. three pointer by john salmon. sacramento out scored golden state 12-4 in the second period. kings win, 114-106. how about the nets and knicks.
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jeremy lynn. he scored a career high. he also added seven assists. it was crazy at madison square garden. knicks win, 99-92. sharks and coyotes. after a scoreless first period, five goals scored in the second. under a minute left in the second period, it was time for martin. throws the puck on the net. goes off. burns gets it. third period now. boyd gordon throws the puck on that. this one would be deflected. sharks are now 1-2 against
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phoenix. 5-3 is your final. jim harbaugh took an average team and turned it into the a super bowl contender in his first year as the niners head coach. he's been name coach of the year by the "associated press". their first playoff victory since 2002. he's the first coach to win the award in his rookie season since 2008. over to the hall of the fame. no good news for local bay area fans. tim brown and charles haley are not entering the nfl hall of fame this year. they were among 17 finalists. none got the call. that will do it tonight. super bowl sunday tomorrow.
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we're ready for some football. i'm telling you right now new york giants are going to win this game, 28-24. quote me on it. >> i will especially tomorrow night right about now. we want to check this with rob. >> mostly clear skies and still near 50 in san jose. we did see highs close to 70 degrees in parts of the south pay. 54 in san francisco. notice the north bay temperatures dropping off in the low 40s. on our way of seeing some 30s out there. not much wind to talk about. by this time the sea breeze will coming back with some more clouds hinting as we go into monday and tuesday. a chilly start tomorrow morning and more super sunshine for the afternoon. monday, mostly cloudy skies and some rain coming back in.
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the rain will be some good news to clear out our skies and improve air quality later in the week. all the scans going up and down the north coast. we do have some high clouds out there. it's going to take some time as the system starts to gather itself during the daymo monday. you will see some high clouds coming in. notice as we go into monday the clouds start to thicken up. after midnight into tuesday morning, this is when the rain should start to arrive. as much as the half inch of some of our bay area locations. down towards san jose about less than two-tenths of an inch of rain. this is your tuesday morning commute. through the day tuesday and after that looks like our skies will start to clear on out and dry for the second half of the
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week. 30s and 40s. jacket at about 9:00 in the morning. as we head through the afternoon, temperatures looking good. 70 around gilroy. you'll see the numbers in the mid-60s. maybe cooler for the peninsula and coast. the wettest part of the week will be monday into tuesday. you see it right there in the three-day forecast. as we span out, you see high pressure coming back in the picture. that will start to dry us out again. starting wednesday, not as warm as we've been this weekend. we'll see the numbers in the 60s and maybe some showers come next saturday. for this time of year quite dry. looks pretty good tomorrow. >> going to be very nice. coming up, the embarrassing bet mayor head lee made good on. we'll show you that. don't be silly. i'm not a robot. i'm a human man.
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it's been six months since the teenager from the east bay was buried alive in a sand tunnel in the santa cruz. he's getting ready to move back home after months of rehab. the family needs to retrofit the home. he's still in a nearly vegetative state. we have how his friends and family came together to try to help. >> reporter: a sold out concert tonight featuring sean mcdonald was about much more than the
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music. proceeds will support ryan. last june in a matter of 20 minutes, his life changed. the teen was at a church retreat. he and another boy were digging a tunnel in the sand when it collapsed burying him for 15 minutes, cutting off his oxygen supply. >> to go from this beautiful day, wonderful, just wonderful fun and sand and surf to have this event happen before us is really hard on us. it's something what you wouldn't wish on anybody. >> reporter: he's in a persistent vegetative state. >> he's a different boy. we know he's in there. he does respond to sound. we know he can hear. i fully believe he can understand what we're saying at any given time.
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>> reporter: he's been in a rehabilitation center for the last few months. the cost for addition will be 4 to $600,000. medical costs per month will amount to about $10,000. concerts like this is helping the family cover some of those costs. they hope to have him home by his 18th birthday. fp you're interested in learning about his condition you can log onto >> the information is at the website. it's buchanan. san francisco mayor, ed lee, made good on an embarrassing
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promise. when the giants were in town playing the niners, the mayors exchanged some friendly wagers. here is what mayor lee bet. a cable car decked out in the new york giants red and blue. that's rough. by the way, bloom berg has promised to rename 49th street to 49ers street if the ninest won, but that did not happen. the super bowl is just hours away. gr jay gray is in indianapolis. >> reporter: a little rain didn't stop the fans from flooding out. fans getting their game face on. >> i want to inspire the fans. we're going to need it. looks like we're out numbered two to one. >> reporter: as the inspiration and celebrations continue, a sneak peak inside lucas oil stadium shows crews working on
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last minute touchups to make sure everything is ready for tomorrow night. part of the final prep, the dress rehearsal of sorts, the group of kids getting chance of a lifetime. >> the biggest game in all of sports we get to be part of and help out. >> reporter: they give camera crews a run for. >> they're running the exact game plan that we're getting from coaches and players during our production meeting so we can rehearse and have the best possible broadcast in front of 150 million people. >> reporter: fine tuning the game plan and having a great time getting ready for kickoff. jay gray. >> coverage starts at 9:00 tomorrow morning. kickoff is set for 3:29. thanks for joining us. don't forget to follow me on twitter. for breaking news updates and
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dea deals we have "saturday night live" up next. have a good night.
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