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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now, meet a bay area teenager who inspired the super bowl champion. >> you are getting something for nothing that you and i have to pay for. >> it is a perk or privilege? it is not something many know about and lawmakers seem to like it that way. tonight our investigative unit blows the lid on the ticket controversy brewing in the bay area. held captive in egypt. a bay area woman just freed shared her story with nbc bay area news. good evening. thank you for joining us on this
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sunday night. >> did the bay area teen help the giants snag the lombardi trophy? the super bowl winners drew inspiration from the high schooler and the team and fan are celebrating and the bay area teen who helped to pump them up is surprised by the attention she is getting. we have more on her, her coach and they are stunned by all of this. >> jessica. it with one simple act of perseverance and though it was a year ago this young athlete crawled across the fin iffish line it is a lesson with no expiration date. with less than a mile to go, holland reynolds was on her way to another state championship, but then she stumbled and collapsed a few feet from the finish line. suffering from dehydration and hypothermia, she slowly and painfully crawled her way to victory. later she said she did for her coach at san francisco's university high school, jim
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tracey who had been diagnose nieced with als or lou gehrig's disease. >> now i have other athletes looking agent me and i never thought that would happen. >> they knew it was a video of her that the giants coach said set the tone for the game and the victory. >> i thought it was just crazy. because i neve really thought of like other athletes who were professional athletes using it for inspiration. >> reporter: a year later and jim tracey is still coaching at the high school, but he's having more trouble getting around and he's not sure how many more seasons he will have. >> my goal really is to be a healthy enough sick person so that i can contribute. >> reporter: both jim tracey and holland reynolds say the lesson for the rest of us is not 0 to give up, no matter what happens and to find the strength, deep inside of yourself to move forward. >> i say to myself, yeah, this is hard, but there are harder
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things. i must do my best and think of  what i want to do today. >> i was crawling for the love of my coach. i think that's something that people don't see that much. it's just really exciting for others and my team because that's what i was doing. i was crawling for my team, for my coach. >> reporter: the university set up a trust fund to help cover jim tracey's health care costs if you would like to contribute go to our website for more information, and search for the words holland reynolds. she has been accepted to colgate university and plans to run cross country there next fall. >> thank you. tonight's game on nbc bay area here expected to be the most watched television event in history. more than 110 million estimated viewers and among them tom brady's friends in san mateo. high school friends gathered to watch the game.
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coming up in ten minutes how even in defeat brady is still their hometown hero. did you see it? the super bowl moment the world is talking about. what slipped past the sensors and what nbc is apologizing for. new tonight at 11:00, one of the most notable companies says san jose should lay off 400 police officers. san jose mayor chuck reid has take an unusual and controversial step to the tackle an issue. we bring in george who is joining us from san jose. ibm's analysis will have angering a lot of people. what do you have? >> even though the study talks about eliminating a few hundred police officers, the mayor says that doesn't mean it will hap n happen. tonight we talk to the president of the police officer associationing who says he hopes jobs will not be cut. >> we just can't go any lower. >> reporter: the sergeant is concerned more san jose police
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officers will be laid off. he's the president of the police officers association and is reacting to a new report released by ibm. the tech company crunched the numbers and found based on san jose's crime rate the city could cut up to 400 more police jobs and save $60 million. >> i don't know how anyone in their right mind could think we could do this job with 300, 400 less police. we are below 1100 now which is the lowest in two decades. >> i'm not looking to make further cuts in the fire department and police departments. >> they say ibm was brought in to analyze the public safety departments at no cost to the city. >> i don't think we will want to shrink them more but we have a lot of services to restore in the police department that's what the report is about. >> reporter: but the sergeant is worried especially at a times when violence is a concern on san jose streets. >> anyone who is paying attention to the crime rate in san jose and knowing the amount of violence going on we need more cops. >> their job is not on the line.
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this report identifies way to be more effective in the way we deploy officers and use the auntil sis to avoid further cuts in the department. on wednesday the mayor will ask the committee that sets the agenda to ask the city manager and auditor to come up with their own recommendations. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. a tragic takeover a day after ceo technology appleton was piloting an experimental plane on friday. it crashed moments after takeoff at the boise airport. the company's board appointed dirk and the new ceo yesterday. the 51-year-old had been planning to leave in august but said the plans have changed given his death. it is based in idaho but it has offices in san jose and around the world the massive fire is out but the smoke fills the air around
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vallejo tonight. a four-alarm fire could smolder for days. the fire started at 10:00 a.m. in an abandoned building near k and railroad streets on mayor island. you can see the flames. 60 firefighters were called in to fight the blaze. a combination of wind and warehouse's many open windows and doors helped the flames to spread. >> it was a bit wind driven when they got on the scene. the fire started to spread rapidly. they found the property to be vacant at that time to the best of their ability, and being the level of fire and as rapid as it was spreading, they decided to call it a defensive fire. >> a defensive fire meaning firefighters attack the flames only from the outside and try to make sure the fire didn't spread to nearby buildings or vegetation. the fire chief said if there is a silver lining in all of this, the building was slated for demolition and there were no
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injuries. aftershocks rattle southeast asia a few hours after a large earthquake shook the philippines. i want to show you a map. the 6.8 struck three hours ago. a tsunami alert has been issued for the coast. the city is the second largest and is south of manila. so far a report of one child dead after a concrete wall fell on him. a surprising and curious story. two women are recovering after being kidnapped at gun point at egypt. it is how they describe their kidnappers that is eye opening. it happened on the sinai pa nins l.a. they say egyptian tribesmen snatched them from their caravan. >> both women said they were not scared and describe the kidnappers as kind. one is also the tour operator. she's from los gatos. she told us by phone in egypt they were on a bus on an isolated road when the
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kidnappers stopped them. >> stopped the bus and the guys came out of the truck and the van. they had a gun, you know. >> 66-year-old patti ganal says they weren't just any guns but ak-4 ak-47s. given what is going on in the country, patti ganal said she was somehow able to maintain her cool. >> two bedouins demanded that the city of the people in my bus has to go with them. being the leader of the group, i decided that i should be the one to go. >> she went with the kidnappers. she has run the tour for years out of los gatos and nothing like this has ever happened before. the kidnappers took one of the tourists, 63-year-old norma supe
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a nurse and a translator they hired to help them. listen to what they have to say about the next six hours of captivity. >> we love this country. we love you. we are not terrorists. >> these people have lives. they have families. they have a need. so i kept telling them only god can help you. only allah can help you. >> the killers said they would let the three go if the government released 33 bedouin prisoners. after negotiations the captives were released and eventually reunited with the rest of the tour group and the governor of south sinai. december pyre their ordeal they both plan to return to egypt. >> we are encouraged to come back again and again. be assured with the help of god we will be here and thank you very much and god bless you. >> the two are meeting with the minister of tourism in egypt trying to encourage him to increase security so other
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tourists won't be afraid to visit. egypt lost $4 billion in tourism after the spring uprising. back to you. >> thank you very much. up next, it was the halftime moment you weren't exactly supposed to see. madonna upstaged by m.i.a. middle finger. and parking passes, luxury boxes, we expose the free ride for elected officials. the bay area investigative unit exclusive. and a south bay student on his way to meet the president. good evening, in the weather center the big changes this week. while it is dry on the radar, we are tracking a high wind watch over the nt 24 hours. winds could gust as high as 40 miles an hour. we will have details on that and plus more on what to expect for tomorrow in just minutes.
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♪ so i break him off tricks let's pay it with sticks i'ma say this once yeah, i don't give a ♪ ♪ don't play the stupid game >> did you see it the middle finger malfunction during the halftime show. m.i.a. flipped the bird. nbc tried to sensor the moment was a second too late. the nfl issued a statement apologizing and blaming nbc. nbc releasing its own apology calling it a spontaneous gesture. nbc fired back at the nfl saying the nfl hired the talent and produced the halftime show.
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>> little disappointing there wasn't a bay area team in the super bowl but even though brady isn't getting a super bowl ring he has a lot of people are supporting the quarterback. had to be bummed he didn't get the fourth ring. >> jessica, if you are watching your friend play in the super bowl it is an exciting big deal. while he didn't win he has a lot of support here in san mateo. it was an emotional loss but his friends say he's a fan favorite because he remembers where he came from. you could feel the disappointment at this super bowl party when no one caught tom brady's hail mary pass and the patriots lost. this crowd is made up of loyal brady fans. >> i'm a hunl niners fan. i'm heart broken they are not in the super bowl right now. if it was niners patriots it would be a tough choice.
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>> they didn't have to choose so it was the patriots all the way. they grew up with star quarterback tom brady. he played football with him. >> he is the same tommy i remembered from the 1985. >> and he remembers where he came from. >> after the won the second super bowl mvp he dedicated it to the high school which we raffled off for a lot of money which helped to get a lot of kids in the school. >> he is the assistant athlete eck districter and his friendship goes the distance with students. >> all i have to say is i played with tom brady back in high school and the kids will do anything i ask from there op out. >> patrick walsh keeps in touch with brady and coaches the high school team. >> his name comes up all the time. he's our guy. >> inspiration for the kids off and on the field. >> everything he stands for, work ethic, overachieving, good
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human being. humble. what more do you want from a mentor. >> even when his team loses, brady is a fan favorite in san mateo. he will be here in a couple of weeks. he's speaking at a fund-raiser for the high school. the event sold out in a matter of days. live in san mateo, nbc news. >> a happy homecoming nonetheless. tonight an nbc bay area exclusive. the perks of power. >> in san francisco, the mayor supervisors and commission members all get free season tickets to candle stick park to watch the 49ers. the question is that good city business or bad city ethics? >> tony is skroining us now. plenty of people on different sides of the fence if but the questions are rattling feathers. >> that's fair to say. uncomfortable and some don't want to talk about it. here's why. the mayor has asked the city's attorney to take a closer look. two supervisors said they could
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support ending the free ticket program. many are talking about this investigation. one city department wants nothing to do with the questions from the investigative unit. in san francisco, a win at the ballot box brings power, prestige and season tickets to the 49ers. privileges like parking passes and playoff passes. the mayor controls 12 tickets to his luxury box. the supervisors get two tickets a game. a fringe benefit they accepted this past season. across town, nobody attended more games than members of the park and rec commission mark bul. >> should the practice continue? >> i don't think it will because they are going to move to santa clara. but historically in santa
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claire, they have association with it. >> should unethical two decades ago be okay now. >> it doesn't make it okay since you have been dogging it a long time. >> the city's park and recs commission is criticized for accepting the ticket. >> they are attending every game free with a family member. a problem? >> a big problem. people want clean government. >> reporter: during this past season, nobody had it better than two members of the rec and parks commission. >> they serve at $97 a month and put many more time than that. >> that deserves perks at the 49ers game. >> when the 49ers are dogging better it is a bigger perk.
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>> 18 tickets valued at $4,000. and a perk for commissioner larry martin. records show he didn't miss a game. for the season, ten games, 26 box tickets, valued at more than $5,000. so how do supervisors bonilla and martin explain the decision to turn free tickets in to season tickets? we don't know. they declined our request for an on-camera interview and they are not the only ones not talking about the city's free ticket program. >> is mr. ginsberg available? >> reporter: after several calls and e-mails were not returned, we visited the office of ginsberg. on a second visit that day his staff agreed to an interview. >> thank you. >> scheduled for noon. >> see you tomorrow. >> he runs the city's rec and parks department controls his luxury box, hands out the ticket and his department manages the
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public accountability for the free tickets. remember that scheduled interview, a chance for gm ginsberg to explain his free ticket program? an hour before the meeting, ginsberg's team shut down the interview. a free ticket program with state mandated accountability to taxpayers. a program run by a general manager and directed by two commissioners who by all indication want nothing to do with public accountability. >> the citizens of san francisco, looking at this, will say this is not proper. >> so, season tickets to the rec and parks commission, we found one supervisor handing tickets out to his mother-in-law. others using their position to purchase hard to get nfc championship tickets. at city hall, pressure building as the mayor said he wants the san francisco city attorney to review the entire program. we are asking the question, just because it is politics as usual,
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should that continue? more to come. okay. thank you very much. >> mayor lee, interesting comments from him. our revamped investigative unit is the biggest in the country. if you have a tip let us know. you can e-mail us at the unit ath nbc bay or call the number on the screen. or our website nbc bay area poen com. turn things over to jeff in the weather center. it is a monday tomorrow morning and tuesday is going to be the day we will see some change. >> rain coming our way. this is minuscule but our doppler is picking up a shower here off shore. that's a sign of the moisture starting to penetrate portions just off the coastline. we have a high wind watch in affect in advance of the storm system. winds will gust from 20 to 40 miles an hour up against the coastline. current numbers in the 40s here. not as cold as it has been the last couple of nights with cloud cover passing by. a cool start for tomorrow.
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increasing cloud cover and as we continue throughout monday our system will continue to near here and it will increase our chances of showers. here's the problem with this storm. it is off shore tapping in to a good amount of moisture. as it gets close to california it will ride down the coastline. not looking at high sierra snow totals with this one and rainfall totals will be all over the board as it gets closer. tomorrow the cloud cover increases and 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow a few spotty showers in the north bay. by 10:00 p.m., heaviest rain will impact the morning commute on tuesday where we could have isolated heavier pockets and moderate rain for the east and south bay. totals will be all over the board. from a half to quarter inch for the east bay and peninsula. the north and south bay is where we could see an inch with the storm system as it arrives in the coast. 39 napa and 34 lot gatt toes.
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temperatures in the mid-50s by tuesday with the wind and then we clear out in to wednesday's forecast. let's get the rest of the seven-day forecast in. that's the only storm here in the next seven days, but it will be at least something here for that very dry water. there's now officially drought development. light slight development now drought development across the bay desperately needed. >> didn't you have a rain stick. >> you have one in the weather center. >> i have seen it. >> check this boy out. is he the nextve steve jobs? a teen was invited to the white house. we will tell you about it next. whatcha lookin' for hon?
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math. he says it is a dream come true to meet with president obama. >> i hopefully will gate hand shake. maybe talk to him about our program and our team. >> along on the trip is his ic . back in a ment with sports. they say that with great power comes great responsibility. well, when you own a durango, you'll have tons of power, enough to tow up to 7,400 pounds. so owning a durango means you now have the responsibility to go dirt biking, a.t.v.-ing, motorcycling,
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. good evening. super bowl xlvi in indianapolis rematch of super bowl xlii as seen here on nbc bay area. the giants and the patriots, need we say more? let's look at the action. second super bowl for eli manning. fifth for tom brady. patriots on their first possession. brady back in his own soend. he throws long but nobody there. that is called intentionally
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grounding. that is a safety. pat down and 15 second s left in the half and brady all day to woodhead for the touchdown. if you had 9-0 -- hernandez plows his way to the end zone for the touchdown. fourth quarter, giants engineer the late comeback. he finds mario manning. look at that catch on the sidelines and that sets up this. amad bradshaw, five yards out. 21-17 giants. five seconds left. will brady show magic? the hail mary to the end zone. knocked down. game over. giants hold on their fourth super bowl in franchise history. 21-17 the final. >> we are one of five franchises now that have won four or more super bowls, but what i was
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interested in was this team. this team making history for themselves. not to be compared any further with the '07, '08 team. although we are very proud of the '07, '08 team. but so many guys not in the super bowl it would be a wonderful thing if they could carve their own history. >> i don't think i could have wrote a better script than this one. we talked about it all year. it is fitting that it come down to a final drive by eli and closing out by our defense. >> that's it in smorts. congratulations to the giants fans and i ate too much today it. >> was an exciting wild game. >> thank you for joining us tonight. have a great week ahead.
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i'm suzanne shaw. our viewers agree that santa clara county should be commended for publicly addressing the ecstasy epidemic with a documentary shown in their schools. kudos to santa clara county. i believe education is the approach to take. rhonda warns ecstasy causes brain damage. anything that can be done to potential victims should get full support. another too many kids have no idea what is inside the blue or pink happy pill until it is too late. as an educator my experience with teenagers users was seeing the aftermath, usually the depression and janet says the biggest deternts is the family.


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