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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 6, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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have you seen this man? the announcement police made about hate crimes and how they need your help tracking down suspects. it looks like the work of an earthquake but that's not what caused this destruction. we're live in the east bay where the front of a building came tumbling down. and the out of this world partnership between one bay area university and nasa to streamline air travel and send earthlings deeper into space. and a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see an overcast day. we'll check the forecast with christina loren.
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good morning. thanks for being with us at 11:00. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. investigate what caused the front facade of a building to send bricks tumbling on to the sidewalk. crews say somebody could have gotten hurt, had this not happen earlier this morning, correct? >> reporter: absolutely, jon. this one of the bricks that fell off that building on to the sidewalk this morning. it's amazing and fortunate no one was standing there because the entire facade collapsed on the front end. it was so loud, makes reported it as an explosion. now the building has been red tagged because city inspectors are worried the rest of facade might go and the express liquor and market is unsafe to enter. 6:15, a section of it gave way. firefighters came out, checks the roof.
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fortunately they only had too come across the street. the manager, he couldn't believe his eyes. he came to open the store this morning and saw that his sign was hanging off. >> i mean in the daytime, a lot of people would have been walking and kids and cars, cars be parking here. i mean, when i look at it nothing wrong with the building. i don't know how that happened. >> reporter: as for why the bricks would fall a structural engineer's coming out to get to the bottom of it. but a building inspector with the city says it could be age, it could be the mortar got old and gave out out the clip that hold bricks in place gave out. the back of the building, they're telling me, will be available for restricted entry and that's because there are a couple of units there and people living there. what's going to happen today, crews are going to come out and put a permanent barrier out here on the sidewalk to make sure
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that in case anything else falls, no one else gets hurt and they're going to work on a plan to shore up the building. that's the latest from here. reporting live in oakland. back to you. >> thanks. san jose police are regularing tregular i investigating the city's third homicide of the year near blackford at 10:00 after night. a 2 -year-old man shot to death behind an apartment complex. police have not identified any suspect but was believe the victim knew that person. latest murder coming at a time when the city reviewing a report saying it could by by with fewer police officers. ibm did a study of san jose's crime rate and concluded the city could cut 400 more officers at a savings of $60 million. mayor reeves says the tech giant was brought in at no cost to analyze the public safety departments and despite findings this does not mean there will be any cuts to the police force. >> i don't know how anyone in
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their right mind could think we could do this job with 300, 400 less police. we're below 1100 the lowest we've been in over two decades. >> jobs are not on the line. this report identifies ways to be more effective. we can use this analysis to avoid further cuts in the department. >> on wednesday, mayor reed will ask the city manager and auditor to come one with their own recommendations. a ruling expected on the ban on gay marriage. the 9th circuit court of appeals will issue its opinion tomorrow morning at 10:00. the voter-approved ban declared unconstitution until 2010, which led to a higher court review. the federal appears court ruling on prop 8s constitutionality has been anticipated on beth sides for more than a year. hearing about a crackdown on hate crimes in the south bay this morning. san jose police say it's becoming a growing problem in the area and they're asking for the public's help to put a stop
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to the all of the violence. bob redell live in san jose right now with this move to stop the hate. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. san jose police just wrapped up a news conference here at headquarters just within the past hour, and basically they're trying to educate the public about hate crime and also solve a hate crime that took place within city limits last november. the victim of the crime himself stepped up to the podium to encourage anyone with information to help catch his attackers. on november 21st, an american citizen of east indian dissent attacked in the parking lot of lucky store on south white road. a group of man smashed a liquor bottle over his head and called him a terrorist. a lull also in front of the police podium criticized police for taking so long to investigate. it was only last week that p.d. released a sketch of one of the suspects. it took him going to a city council women to get police to
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pay more attention to his case. >> not looking to point any fingers at anyone. i just want that the public can know about it. crimes happen. it's hard for the police department to investigate this. they may not have the resources to proceed. just need to be revamped and investigations like this all depend on timely response. and that's what was missing. because of that, my attackers may go free. >> reporter: chief of police chris moore spoke as well as representatives from mine north community groups. the chief wants to let the public know sjpd will not tolerate hate crimes and show how serious the department takes the issue. he has sent half of his senior staff to the museum of tolerance in los angeles for training on how to combat this kind of crime. with regards to the attack on him, police do have surveillance tape of the attack but will not be releasing that. they have released this sketch, it shows suspect sketch, hispanic man, 5'6"', 200 pounds,
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a second suspect, a white man in his 20s and believe there's a third suspect as well. city councilman -- woman rose herrera, represents his district, was in attendance to announce there is $,000 reward for information leading to arrest of the attackers in this case. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. in less than an hour, occupy oakland protesters planning to march through downtown, once again. we do have a live look at franco gala plaza where the group is set to rally around noon. now it's part of another day of action. this time to show support for demonstrators who were arrested in recent weeks. oakland neighbors and merchants plan to stage their own counterprotests today, upset over loss of business from all of the violence. >> students at a san francisco high school back in class after a norovirus sickens students and staff there. they shut doors last witneednes
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when 500 students and 60 teachers got sick from the virus. the administration canceling classes for three straight days to disinfect the entire campus and allow the sick to get better. >> wanted to make sure that the buildings were as clean as possible, we worked closely with the department of public health to ensure that we were taking all precautions. just to make sure that our students were healthy as they could be. >> those that are still sick are being asked not to return to school until three daze after they are symptom-free. food collects are welcome in alameda as long as they follow new rules. operators must get a local business license, pay taxes and comply with health and safety inspections. the new ordinance also designates where trucks can park. leaders say the regulations will level the playing field between food trucks and restaurants. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren.
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we've had this run of springlike weather which has been spectacular. good news is it looks like rain's coming our way. >> we have a lot of rain on the way. it's going to roll throughout the course of 36 hourses. we could be measuring it in inches before all is said and done. first rain showers arrive tonight. live look at trans-america pyramid. still blue but clouds increasing as the low pressure gets closer to us. it's go fing to take its time. temperatures climb into the mid to upper 60s. right now we're at 59 comfortable degrees in san jose. 57 in liver more. even san francisco in the mid-50s at this point. 53 degrees there. as we head throughout the day today. you will notice clouds increasing and then the breeze will pick up turning windy this evening. showers develop at the coast at 7:00 p.m. tonight. then the heavier rain moves in while you're sleeping. breezy to windy conditions. i'll let you know how much we're expecting in your city and then a break. always looking for the weekend.
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working for the one. seven day ready to go. >> thank you. we'll check back with you in a moment. coming up, evacuations and warnings. about u.s. takes new action to protect its citizens in syria, as violence spirals out of control. and new information about the tragic and fiery deaths of two children stwland their fathn washington state. we learn about the note the dad left behind. records broken on twitter fopi fun tweets.
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just a sad and twisted story, as police say the husband of a missing utah woman deliberately blew up his home in washington state, killing himself and his two sons. this morning, we're learning he left a suicide note. a memorial for the fi5 and 7-year-old boys grow outside their elementary school. josh powell's sons dropped off
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for a supervised visit when the home exploded in flames. social worker who took them home says she did smell gas when powell answered the door. he was under investigation for the disappearance of his wife in utah more than three years ago. last week a judge again denied his request for the custody of the boys. police say powell sent an e-mail to his attorney minutes before he set the fire. it said simply "i'm sorry, good-bye." on the international scene now, dozens are reported missing, and at least 13 are confirmed dead, after an earthquake in the philippines. the magnitude 6.8 quake shook the central philippine island. dozens are feared trapped under the rubble. rescuers using picks and shovels to dig for survivors. the quake was felt as far away 70 miles from the epicenter. deadly clashes in syria prompted the obama administration to close the u.s. embassy there. this is the most dramatic move
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after 11 months of a violent crack down by president assad's regime. at least 30 people killed after a weekend bloodbath in the city of homs. the u.n. says assad's crackdown has killed more than 5400 people since march. all american personnel have already left the country. a travel alert is warning americans against visiting syria, and those already there are urged to leave. there's a good chunk of europe buried under a major blanket of snow. serbia, hundreds of people were trapped in cars by more than seven feet of snow. emergency crews called in to try to get people out and fly them to local hospitals. in venice, italy, the canals have turns to a thin sheet of ice. further south in vatican city the pope actually gave his weekly address in a snowy st. peters square. more snow expected throughout europe all day long. the focus of the gop
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presidential race today is on three states, colorado, minnesota, and missouri. they're all going to hold contests tomorrow. mitt romney claimed a big win over the weekend in the nevada caucuses. the former massachusetts governor lashed out at president obama's economic policies. but the president defended himself in a presuper bowl interview with matt lauer. >> i deserve a second term, but we're not done. we've made progress and the key right now is make sure that we don't start turning in a new direction that could throw that progress off. >> romney's looking like the front-runner going into tomorrow's contest but his rivals insist the race is not over yet. while romney may be leading republicans he has lost ground against president obama. according to new "the washington post" poll, 50% of americans approve of the president's job performance, the highest number since last spring. 50% say obama deserves re-election. only 45% of those polled support romney.
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analysts say the improving economy and romney's released tax returns are continuing to the shift in support for the president. let's face it you may be recovering from super bowl sunday. if you are, no, we're not mad at you. our congratulations to the other giants on their win. scott mcgrew says the super bowl meant super new records for san francisco's twitter. >> well, good morning. 10,000 tweets per second towards the end of the game. it was kind of fun to see what your friends thought as you watched twitter game at the same sometime. most of my friends seemed more interested in the commercials than the game itself, at least to the very end. although madonna's age was one of the more commonly tweeted facts. she's 53, by the way. the previous twitter record was set during the women's world cup soccer match between the u.s. and and japan. said one person to madonna's critics, post a video of yourself doing cart wheels in five-inch he'lls and then we'll talk. another, i guess this means we should be ready for lady gaga at the super bowl show in 2032.
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and my friend ed put it in perspective, sad day for tom brady as he's reduced to a beautiful millionaire married to a model. twitter's helping extend the life of all of the commercials on the super bowl with its own page called ad criminalage. if you missed an ad, and that's hard to imagine, watch it here, vote for your favorite. i like the chevy end of the world. if it's the end of the world and all that's left of middle age guys talking about chevy, i'd rather die. mark zuckerberg angry at investment banks handling his company's ipo for giving away secrets. we heard the paperwork would come out last wednesday, and it did. separately, msnbc reporting that facebook will roll out mobile ads no later than march. this is important, jon and marla, in that facebook filing we found out a growing number, nearly half of facebook users,
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use mobile to access facebook. but remember, there are no ads yet on mobile. so if half of their customers are not seeing ads, that's going to be a business problem. back to you. >> that will be interesting to watch, scott. thank you very much. let's check that forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. overcast outside. >> yeah, it is overcast out there. we've got a team here working nbc bay area weather team working hard to track the storm. a good handle on your hour by hour forecast when it comes to showers arriving at your doorstep. first, for today, cloudy conditions. it's on the cool side out there as well. 50s and 60s. i still think we're going to be able to hit the 70s in gilroy later on this afternoon. even with all of that cloud cover. clouds will increase as we head throughout the evening hours. turning windy by about 5:00 p.m., especially at the coast. temperatures today, we'll hit 70 degrees in places like gilroy, 67 for san jose. 65 in milpitas.
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69 in morgan hill. east bay, really comfortable day for you. 62 in danville. 63 degrees in blackhawk. 64 for san rappel. as we head throughout the second half of the day, that's when the changes start to take place. starting at 1:00 p.m., clouds will increase and nen we get our first showers by 7:00 p.m. tonight. area of low pressure's going to slide down the california coastline. not expect a lot of snow out of this, but bands of moisture make their way over the sierra nevada. snow levels above 7,000 feet, maybe 6 inches, we'll take wharf we can get. futurecast, we stopped the clock 8:00 p.m. showers push onshore at the coastline. heavier rain between 8:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m., the whole thing blows out tomorrow morning. we've had a rough commute to get through. 1:00 p.m., little bit of moisture linginger over fairfield. things are going to stay dry. clouds increase. when the rain starts at 7:00 p.m., it looks like it's going
11:20 am
to be relentless at the coastline. take a look at totals over an inch and a half in some nef toe. maybe just .02 in fremont. but we need all of the rain we can get running a significant deficit sips tnce the start of year. rain returns tuesday, showers wednesday, sunshine for the second half of wednesday. thursday and friday, we start to dry out. and then rain moves back in sunday. drought woes, not as significant as they were at this point two weeks ago when we didn't have this forecast. looking pretty good in that department. back to you. >> welcome the good news. some of the most miserable cities in the country are right here in the golden state. >> coming up, what city takes tops, or in this case, bottom honors according to "forbes" magazine. what's making people unhappy? students in san jose state
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soon working with nasa to keep flights around the country on time. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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[ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. welcome back. call this an astronomical score literally for san jose state. the research center awarded the university a $73.3 million research prize. that's a beautiful thing. students will work side by side with nasa ames researchers on the space launch system which nasa says is its biggest rocket ever. allow exploration no students have seen before. students will work on an overhaul to the faa's air traffic control system, moving it from radar to slight systems. californians got happy people but according to "forbes" magazine it's home to the most miserable cities in the country. topping the list, stockton at number one. that's followed by merced,
11:24 am
modesto, sacramento, third, fourth, fifth spots. vallejo, fresno, salinas, bakersfield. forbes ranked the cities based on unemployment, crime rates, home values. other factors were less critical but irritating like weather, commute times and how the local sports team's doing. miami came in number two. forbes said the only reason it was not number one because of its good weather and lack of state taxes. >> not sure i get that one but we'll leave it at "forbes." the run from officers. the suspect has four legs. >> we will show you the laughable police case coming up.
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system slated to bring us shower business 7:00 p.m. tonight. rain intensifies overnight. we'll get rainfall tomorrow morning. and then the whole thing clears out of here for the second half of tuesday. residual showers wednesday, light. we'll make way to a comfortable wednesday afternoon. fog on thursday. so, we've got a little blast of winter. back to you. >> thank you. finally today it was not a crime scene or bank robbery suspect that had police on the go in melbourne, australia. it was a goat. >> that's right. we said it, a goat. the animal took police on a wild chase. the goat darting in and out of traffic. officers in hot pursuit while the animal control workers tried to catch up using nets. good luck there, pal. after holding up traffic the runaway goat head for a nearby park. nobody knows where the goat came from, probably from its mother and father. it's believed to be the same one spotted in two locations around the city last week. the goat was eventually captured
11:28 am
after giving the officers a good workout at a local shelter. they were taking the goat there and that's where the staff has nicknamed this goat houdini. >> makes sense. do they think they were going to catch the goat. >> no, they need guys in better shape. >> join us tonight. oh will you grab us some yoplait?
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