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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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attacked. chris, why is this young man speaking out today? >> reporter: you know, he is speaking out today because he along with the police chief want more information from the public, anyone who might have witnessed the attack on him or who might know something about that. his beating is being classified as a hate crime and though he wants the investigation to move more quickly, san jose police say justice is not often swift. >> they call made terrorist while they were hitting me. i think they called me other slurs but it's hard to tell because after getting hit with a bolt, it is hard to hear what is going on. >> reporter: 32-year-old otto lull is traumatized 11 weeks after he was beaten by men he says called him a terrorist, no one is under arrest. this is the sketch of the suspect who lull says smashed six of his teeth and his jaw with a tequila bottle what lull says hurts almost as much is that no one stepped in. >> happened in a heavily crowded shopping center around no one helped. i saw people in my rear view, i
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saw shadows, i could hear cars, shopping carts, and when i was in the store, i saw how many people were there and i just -- i can't believe nobody helped. >> reporter: people we talked with in the same parking lot say no one called police. >> call 911 before you do anything else and see if you can get some extra help because if you are outnumbered, it doesn't work. >> reporter: chief chris moore urged people to do the right thing. >> if you see a hate crime, report it. if you see a hate crime, please report it. >> reporter: but if people didn't help lull on the night he was attacked, there was a second chance now. police want to talk to anyone who knows who this might be or anyone who sought attack on in this lucky grocery store parking lot on south white road on the monday before thanksgiving about 9 in the evening. while the victim was frustrated in the investigation, sketches analyzing surveillance video and extracting any dna that might be on that bolt used in the attack
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take time and they want the same thing the victim does. >> need to get people like that off the street, don't make the community a safe place to be. >> reporter: the councilwoman for this district is offering up a $1,000 reward for information in this case at the same time lull is trying to figure out how to pay his mounting medical bills, at 12 grand and the cost is still rising, he has medical insurance that covered the rest of it but not dental. he is considering perhaps taking action against the police department because he doesn't feel like the investigation moved along quickly enough. but again, the police reiterate that never was a cold case or on a back burner, sometimes the investigations just take time. by the way, the hate crime on lull is just one of 32 reported to san jose police last year. in east san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. you mentioned 392 hate crimes committed in san jose last year, look at the numbers now, that is up from 24 in 2010, the motivation behind these hate
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crimes vary, half the attacks were racially or ethically motivated, ten of the hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation, five of the attacks driven by religion and one motivated by a disability. a body found with a gunshot wound has san jose police investigating the city's third murder of the year. police officers discovered the body last night at 10:00 in the parkinlo otf an apartment complex 4300 block of blackford avenue near saratoga and 280. the victim is a 21-year-old man, pronounced dead at the santa clara medical center. a year and a half in the making, activists both sides of the same sex marriage issue are anxiously awaiting tomorrow when an appeals court will issue its ruling. the three-judge panel from the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco can either uphold the rule wig voided prop 8 or they could strike it down, leaving the ban on gay marriage in place. prop 8, as you know, defines mar around as between a man and a
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woman. no matter the panel's decision, case will likely head to the u.s. supreme court. take a peek outside if you haven't already, it is on its way, a one-day washout. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the timing of the storm in the nbc bay area weather center. good evening, jeff. >> good evening to you raj, as well, this storm system come in quickly, head to the morning commute hours, doppler radar that scans around is finding a few light showers just offshore, nothing hitting the ground yet here across the bay area but 369 miles offshore, that's where the strongest wind and heaviest rain is located, the timing of this will most certainly bring this in for the early morning commuters, not only the rain but the wind, could see strong southerly sustained winds a at 30 miles per hour, mainly here the coast line, the higher elevations for the coast as well, including san francisco from about 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. could even see winds topping 40 miles per hour, some of the gusts that could occur in the
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early morning hours. now, in terms of rainfall totals, all over the board here, could see an inch in the north bay, as well as extreme south bay but you look there in the east bay and totals could be quite a bit less. we will have more in the timing of this system and also we will take a look at any potential sierra snow in a few minutes. >> jeff, thank you, we need this rain. for the latest weather conditions, use our interactive radar, like jeff does in the weather center, go to nbc bay area website,, and click on the weather tab. new at 6:00, is on the she refused to cooperate in the domestic violence case against her husband, a san francisco sheriff, but now the wife has a new attorney. elian nah lopez hired former balance co-attorney paula kenny to represent her in the case against the officer. the d.a.'s office is prosecuting the sheriff on charges he abused lopez. in the balance co-case, canny was the attorney for former trainer greg anderson who went to jail for refusing to testify against long-time friend prayer
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bonds. canny says the specific of her doubt nist this case are complicated so describing it right now just as lawyer stuff. she says they plans to be at lopez's side on wednesday, a judge will listen to arguments about ending that stay away order that has prevented carimi from having contact with his wife and son. state budget cuts are coming at an awkward time for a huge construction job overhauling doral drivg the approach to the golden gate bridge. the project is the halfway point and caltrans says it needs to find another $60 million. some published reports said the shortfall could delay the project but a cal tran spokesperson tells nbc bay area that the work will go on as scheduled, pointing out the project is under budget. also, they say a outty billion dollar endeavor, $6 0 million, not a huge hurdle to overcome. the trial of hate and run driver begins tomorrow in sarato saratoga, well known months ago. the man faces charges after he
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hit cycle cyclistic ashley jackson and her boyfriend on saratoga los gatos road in april of 2009. the hit and run accident severely injured jackson, a former competitive cyclist, a jury was selected earlier today. shy row is charged with driving with a suspended license. if convicted, he could serve a maximum of four years in state prison. a tense afternoon in oakland. take a look. nbc bay area chopper caught the clash between occupy oakland protesters and police. the confrontation over the use of a loud speaker which police say protesters were operating without a permit. police gave them a five-minute warning before officers in riot gear moved in and seized the sound system. the student who claims to be the owner of that sound system insists his equipment is worth nearly $1,000 and he want it is back, noting it is the first time police have cracked down on amplified sound. spending your money in order to save your money, these what santa clara county says it is trying to do, spending more than
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$1 million to house the chronically homeless. nbc bay area's stephanie strong is live in san jose and that hinges on what is being spent on the homeless. that is right, jessica. here at st. james park in san jose is where you will find some of the estimated 7,000 people here in santa clara county. tomorrow morning, soup earn visors will decide whether to approve a one-year pilot program that would give housing to 100 of the most vulnerable who have been living out here on the streets. >> home means everything. what can you do without a home? >> reporter: vietnam veteran geraldo walker has been living that question for 16 years, never sure where he will be next. but that may soon change. santa clara county supervisors will decide tomorrow whether to dedicate $1.2 million to house 100 chronically homeless people for at least a year. it is part of a program spearheaded by the local organization, destination home. >> if you think about not having
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stability, then it's hard do all of the other things that people do you know, from basic hygiene to getting a job to having an address to get paperwork. >> reporter: mike washerman is pushing for the voucher flock would place homeless people into house and hook them one case managers. he says it will eventually save the county millions of dollars by preventing the homeless to resorting to emergency services that end up on the taxpayers dime from medical to psychiatric care and the nights spent in jail. services wasserman says cost the county $60,000 per homeless person every year. the local taxpayer's association has expressed concern about the risk. >> some people say why are you spending taxpayer money giving homeless people shelter? hello, we are spending taxpayer money now providing services to the chronically homeless. >> reporter: if the estimates are on the money, wasserman expects the county will save $3 million in the first year alone. >> expecting me not to spend, to
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cut, do da da da, i'm fine with spending a dollar to save two. >> reporter: it is a gamble walker who spent years out on the streets is hoping the county will take. >> i do want to get this house, that way i can get re-established. i can get my life back. >> reporter: and supervisors approve the program tomorrow, it could begin as early as april and then supervise letters again review it in a year. live in san jose, i'm stephanie strong, nbc bay area news. still ahead at 6:00, she was unknown to many but a bay area woman who recently passed away left a huge gift to those in need. how her apartment will help others. a new study says child abuse is now a bigger threat than sids. i'm jodi hernandez in contra costa county with a look what is being done to turn this alarming trend around. and then the bay area man who wowed millions during
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yesterday's super bowl halftime show. even got a kiss from madonna. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, 14 days with no rain, all about to change with not only rain showing up in the more on thelso wind coming back. forecast for the south bay in just a few minutes. oh will you grab us some yoplait?
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jodi hernandez is live in pittsburg tonight and it draws a clear link to poverty and financial problems. >> reporter: here in contra costa county alone, hundreds of cases of child abuse are
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reported every year. this center here in pittsburg provides support for families and children who may be dealing with violence. in fact, there is a parent meeting going on as we speak. the folks here say they are not at all surprised to learn that child abuse is now a bigger threat than sids. taking weekly parenting classes helped this woman be a better parent, while dealing with growing financial strain at home. >> right now, we have like ten days to pay two months of rent or so we need to move another place. >> reporter: instead of letting that impact how she cares for little giovanni, she is learning how to handle stress in positive ways, including taking it out on plato. >> they help me with -- to take
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like play-doh and play with play-doh in my hands. >> reporter: a study says nationwide, child abuse has become a bigger threat to children than even sids. the study published today in the journal pediatrics says 58 per 100,000 children under the age of 1 end up hospitalized with inju injures suffered at the hands of a caretaker, more than hospitalizations from sudden infant death syndrome. >> they don't understand the normal phases of children don't know how to deal with that crying, they may shake a baby, hate baby. >> reporter: the ceo says she is not surprised by the findings, she says families are under more stress than ever and it is often children who suffer the most. >> children are probably the most important resource that we have. >> reporter: she say she is has learned to take a walk or read a book when she starts feeling overwhelmed. she say there is nothing more important than her children,
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including her youngest, giovanni. >> he help me to stay -- to, i don't know how to say, to keep -- keep going, keep going. >> reporter: again, this center here provides parenting classes not just for mothers but for fathers. there's a night time program just for dads that we understand is quite popular. again, the folks here hope that the findings will lead to more support for programs like the ones here. reporting live in pittsburg, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also the east bay now, our nbc chopper on the scene this morning, building inspectors are trying to determine what caused the front of a two-story building to collapse. it happened in oakland. dozens of bricks, you can see here, crashed to the ground at this liquor store on international boulevard and 13th avenue. happened around 6:15 this morning. thankfully no one was hurt around police created a barrier around the debris. not quite the tent city you might be thinking of, after
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being reduced to rubble in a street fire, three berkeley restaurants could be opening up again in a tent. raleigh's bar and grill and cafe intermezzo on hayes street in berkeley were destroyed in a fire last november. now, they are getting ready to reopen this may as temporary tent structures. they will be joined by a new restaurant called gabriella's which wasn't open for business when that fire struck f applications are approved, the three tents will go up in the same space. a woman's generality is being honored. >> and the gift and who it is going to help. >> she was close to everybody. she knows everybody. >> reporter: the name lilia boroughs may not ring a name to both but in the apartment complex where she live and died in lower pacific heights, she
6:18 pm
was known to all. >> even so, she was like 84 or 86, she sees me and says i'm going to whole food, do you need anything? no lee, i can take care of myself. >> reporter: 84-year-old bosh rog -- boroughs likesd to take car of others, especially the homeless who sat on the lemon outside her system. >> she liked to bring something to them. >> reporter: her generosity toward the down and out didn't end with her death in september. in her will she left the city her apartment to be used as a homeless shelter. >> the city doesn't know a whole lot about her other than apparently she doesn't have family. and she wanted to give her estate to help one of the biggest causes for her, which was homeless folks. >> reporter: the city says boroughs' 525-square foot apartment probably wouldn't make a suitable shelter but her will
6:19 pm
said the city could sell the apartment, valued somewhere around 4 or $500,000 and use the money for homeless programs. >> probably provide assistance to between 100 and 150 families or single adults, either to help them maintain their current housing or help them move into new housing on their own. >> reporter: boroughs was unknown, even to veteran homeless advocates, which makes her gift even more of a surprise. >> well, i think it is a beautiful thing and i think in san francisco, you know, it really shows people do care about other people and that folks are willing to step forward and assist the poorest of the poor. >> she understand how hard it is by herself and it is not easy to handle in the city your life. >> reporter: the kind of person, neighbors say, who brought conventional wisdom after turn, leaving behind a quiet gesture to carry on in her place. joe ross sat toe jr., nbc bay area news.
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what a nice story. bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri now. cranking away in the weather center. >> all the could. >> pirts swirling around back there 14 days without any rain drops across the bay area, about to get a quick punch here develop offshoroffshore. get a look as our doppler radar scans around, 300 mile radius, finding late showers developing offshore, nothing too heavy right now, as we zoom out, what we will find is rainfall we are contending with, but wind out of
6:21 pm
the south, 15 to 30 miles per hour, basically from late tonight into early tuesday morning. anyone deciding to head into a bolt needs to advise extreme caution, a gale warning with wind-whipped waves and gusts that could top 50 miles per hour. backs edge of the cold front and get the blast of wind that could produce power outages tomorrow morning. see things ramp up, accumulating rain by midnight, the heaviest amounts here at 3, 4, 5:00 tomorrow morning, could have isolated thunderstorms in napa, oak land, the peninsula into san jose, we are expecting the heaviest rain and continue nothing your 6 a.m. commute, the roadways will be extremely slick, by 11 a.m., showers lingering, 6 p.m. tomorrow, see things clear out. as for tonight, numbers not too bad, in the 40s to 50s, overall
6:22 pm
for tomorrow a huge difference from today, upper 60s to 70, daytime highs only expected in the mid-50s. more on any possible sierra snow in a few minutes. >> that is high school graduate andy lewis with madonna in the halftime show. what's he is doing is balancing on a low, narrow, trampoline line and doing all the flips and twists. he took up the sport after graduating college in 2008 and when he started to win championships around the world. he said slack lining the easy part of the show. the hardest, learning,dance with madonna. i'm scott budman, who knows which halftime moments and commercials we watched the most during the super bowl.
6:23 pm
tivo knows. take you to the headquarters to find out what we rewatched over and over again. >> maybe is slack lining. also supposed to be fun, but dozens of students forced a south bay high school into lock down because of what they brought on campus. bay area city with the steepest parking meter type fi the country. we are back in two. steepest parking meter fines oh will you grab us some yoplait?
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[ female announcer ] yoplait original. 25 flavors for you to love. it is so good. alfary campus-wide shutdown the past five days, it was back to school today in san francisco. a well-known private high school reopened its doors after a norovirus outbreak. more than 16% of the students and staff at st. ignacious prep in the city's sunset district were sickened last week. 935 students and 68 teachers caught the highly contagious virus. the administration canceled classes for three days to disinfect the entire campus and
6:26 pm
allow the sick to get better. >> wanted to make sure that the buildings were as clean as possible. we worked closely with the department of public health to ensure that, you know, we were taking all the precautions, just to really make sure that our students were as healthy as they could be. >> people who are still sick are asked not to return to school for three after they are symptom free. paying to park if you don't, the fines can be steep. any survey shows san francisco is home to the priciest penalties in the country. the fines are most costly in downtown san francisco and new york city, topping out at 65 bucks. oakland parking fines can reach as much as $58. san jose penalties come in at 35. still ahead at 6:00, the san francisco giants are moving, not a bad thing, they are going down to arizona, we are there as the movers get the team rolling to its spring training headquarters. a new turn in the hazing death of a bay area marine, why the trial is now on hold. rattled nerves on a bay area
6:27 pm
college campus after two women are attacked within minutes of each other. i'm janelle wang, the u.s. shuts down the embassy in syria and orders americans to get out. and an nbc exclusive, the woman who claims she had an 18-month affair with jfk and the bold inese where the two got ngcomine u xtp .nt tionaldleaines coming up next.
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bay area college woman are once again victims of a campus attack this time stanford university. >> where two women were assaulted early yesterday morning. nbc bay area's marianne favro is joining us from palo alto. what are police telling you in terms of leads? >> reporter: right now, they are interviewing witnesses and they hope after talking to those witnesses they will be able to put together some kind of suspect sketch. in the meantime, they believe these are two isolated assaults that happened just 15 minutes apart. mindy fong is checking her
6:30 pm
e-mails about any updates on two campus assaults on women. >> especially the one the guy crawl nothing bed, incredibly invasive and really shocking to think that could happen. >> reporter: 1:45 sunday morning, as a student was walking back to her dorm, a man tackled her to the ground near kennedy grove. fortunate another man saw the assault, yell and scared the attacker away. 15 minutes later, a man entered an unlocked room in this student housing, climbed into a woman's bed and tried to take her clothes off. she was able to get away. not the first bedroom attack at a bay area university. just last month, police arrested michael escobar for allegedly groping four women in their dorm rooms at san jose state university. at both universities, the students left their dorm rooms unlocked, which stanford students say is common. >> most of the doors run locked, but i think, i mean if more of these occurrences happen where these assaults and things like that i think it is generating an
6:31 pm
awareness around campus people are trying to at least start to lock their doors and take precaution. >> reporter: stanford sent word of the attacks to 15,000 students. mindy says knew she knows the risk, she will be more cautious. >> sometimes i will even bike past that area just because it's faster but now i'm trying to, like, take more lighted routes walk more with people. >> reporter: main agreed this is the wakeup call they needed, a reminder to them serious crimes happen on campus. staff at several dorms plan to meet with students, to talk to them about ways they can improve security. live in palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. we are learning about abuse charges facing a special ed teacher on the peninsula. the 44-year-old is out on bail tonight but authorities at
6:32 pm
redwood elementary say she won't be back in the classroom until the case is settled. the victims were 4-year-old boys. the teacher was accused of withholding food, slapping and kicking a boy into the stomach and twisting one boy's wrist. neither child was seriously hurt. she returns to court next month to enter her plea. a very real scare caused by the fake gun at a south bay high school on lock down today. this is the nerve gun mistaken for a real gun at cupertino high. a custodian spotted this gun pokes out of a backpack and immediately called 911. happened around 8:30, the school was put on lock down for about 20 minutes. more than two dozen students brought their nerve guns to school to play a game called "assassin." no students were arrest bud those who brought the gun does face disciplinary action. tonight at 6:00, added charges filed against a marine accused of hazing a santa clara lance corporal who later committed suicide a total of three marines accused of ganging
6:33 pm
up on harry lu in afghanistan after he fell asleep on duty numerous times. one marine has pled guilty. the second marine, a sergeant, will begin his court martial tomorrow. torktd the charge of dereliction was added for failing to supervise lu's welfare. he is the nephew of california congresswoman judy lu. the proceedings are taking place in hawaii. violence escalates uncontrollably in syria. >> the u.s. closed its embassy in damascus today and pulled all its staff out of the country this comes in the midst of one of the bloodiest revolutions in the arab region. after an 11-month uprising and 5,000 deaths, the u.s. is putting pressure on president bashar al assad to step down. president obama told nbc he does not want to use force like they did in libya to overthrow moammar gadhafi.
6:34 pm
>> try to resolve this without outside military intervention. >> the u.n. passed a resolution to tight sanctions against syria but it was vetoed by russia and china, angering western nations. the u.s. is also condemning egypt for filing charges against 19 americans, including sam lahood, the son of u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. egyptian authorities said it maps to prosecute the americans for operating a pro-democracy organization in the country with foreign funds which weren't approved. u.s. officials warn today that it may pull $1.5 billion in aid if this issue is not resolved quickly. well, a truce in the middle east? today, palestinian president mahmoud abbas and the militant group hamas agreed to head a unity government ahead of elections in the west bank in gaza but the news did not sit real with israel's president, benjamin knelt tan hugh. he said they must choose between peace with israel or peace with
6:35 pm
hamas. 50 years later, a former white house interp is coming forward, claiming an 18-month affair with president john f. kennedy. >> you're in the swimming pool with the president of the united states? >> it really didn't seem unnatural, just because everybody was friendly and i went back to work afterward. >> in an exclusive interview with nbc, mimi alford says she was 19 years old when she had sex with jfk in first lady jack lip kennedy's bedroom. alford is releasing details in her memoir, which is out this wednesday. she says she wrote the book not to expose herself but to unburden herself with the secret which she has been keeping 15 years. you can see the exclusive interview this wednesday night on nbc's "rock center" with brian williams. >> janelle, we will be tuning in, thank you very much. the catholic church objects to a white house directive requiring religious groups to give women the same health care benefits private companies do, including access to birth control. the outcry has been so lourkd the white house spokesman jay
6:36 pm
carney hinted the administration might compromise on the e policy requires religious groups to pay fine it is they fail to comply, starting in 2013. san jose's bishop put a letter in church bulletins sunday saying in part, we cannot comply with this unjust law. people of faith cannot be made second class citizens. we are already joined by our brothers and sisters of all faiths in this important effort to regain our religious freedom. well, coming up here at 6:00, gearing up for spring training, the effort today that the san francisco made as the giants head for arizona. back to football, i'm scott budman talking social networking and the big game next. and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, breezy out here today, temperatures well above average but we are just hours away from some major changes which will include wind anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour and also yes, much needed rain coming back, not only to palo alto bd t the eastayoward the east bay.
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your full forecast in just minutes. they say that with great power comes great responsibility.
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if you weren't watching yesterday's super bowl on nbc, what were you doing? it was the highest rated tv event in history, more than 111 million viewers. >> we note new york giants beat the patriot bus who won the advertising game? nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here. so you tivoed? who won? >> we tivoed a lot. we saw lots of football, lots of dogs in commercials, madonna did pretty well, the big win over the night, the whole week, for that matter, play is been silicon valley social media companies. >> barring a defensive foul -- >> we watched the game itself on the edge of our seats, this hail mary was, according to tivo, the
6:40 pm
most rebound play of the night. say what you will about madonna, more people tuned into the halftime show than watched the game itself. and this ad, number one. and one of many with dogs in starring roles. >> dogs seems to be the key to super bowl success this year. >> reporter: we stopped by tivo headquarters to see what was hot during the big game this year and one stat stood out, the ads you already saw on youtube or facebook didn't rate as well during the game. >> i've always thought it was an interesting choice to take your ad creative you paid so much for to debut during your very expensive super bowl spot and put it out first on the web. >> reporter: why did they do it? >> they leveraged social media to garner buzz in advance of the super bowl. >> reporter: and buzz is big. madonna's show was tweeted more than 10,000 times a second.
6:41 pm
that's a lot of social buzz. social media is huge these days. and if you can get your ad tweeted about ahead of time, it's a lot cheaper than the ad time itself and more viral. >> i care about what my friends think and they share their opinions with everybody so how can you proliferate that beyond that 30 seconds of commercial time you buy? >> reporter: one way, do something people will tweet about. according to twitter, 13.7 million super bowl-related tweets yesterday. among the top trending topics, so long vampires, remember that spot, and of course, beckham for him. were you tweeting about that one? >> jessica might have been tweeting about that one. >> i like the slack lining. couldn't get over that guy. do. >> sit-ups now. >> had a good time, all here on super bowl sunday, working, having our chicken wings and pizza party. >> so busy eating. >> now you got to get busy about the rain. >> yes. yes. nothing goes bet we are some food than also some rain, keep
6:42 pm
you inside. talk more about rain on the way, much needed rain. and also some of our top wind gusts and when we expect them in just minutes. all right, jeff, here's what's coming up from the xfinity sports desk, a new face on the raiders coaching staff isn't so new after all. plus, who called ought the patriots wide receivers after the s w l ouwe ygi avehint, it wasn't the players on the field. that is next on sports. so you can breathe. rizes a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion.
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okay. so, we have enjoyed the sunshine, time for a little rain. jeff ranieri joins us now. tomorrow it could get very, very windy. >> especially the early morning hours, numbers today anything but winter out here, temperatures low 70s san jose, record-setting heat, 69 in the valley, 67, livermore. the north bay, clouder here, cloud cover lingering around, 59, san rafael did have 68 in santa rosa. microclimates in effect today w that rainfall on the way, going to find a pretty decent amount of some wind as well out of the south, 15 to 2 3 0 miles per hour, out in advance of this system, wind advisory in place here for the coastline, also including san francisco, where those winds could gust higher
6:45 pm
than 30 miles per hour. the radar scans around right now, finding a few light returns developing offshore, some -- also some more moderate rainfall, 2 to 300 miles away, nothing touching the ground at this moment. we are finding mild air to the south bay, san jose, the cloud cover that moved in, capping off a little bit of that heat we had in the south bay, so, numbers, not going to be overly cold here tonight, we continue throughout the morning, that is when you will notice the stark contrast, not only the rain but the wind, 15 to 30 miles per hour, continue throughout tuesday, see lingering showers in the forecast, unfortunately, while we would like this rainfall to continue it is not in the cards for us, at least in that 7-day forecast, strongest rain and also wind, still about 360 miles offshore on the back edge of this cold front several thundershowers get here, we do think, we have been mentioning, that is zpg going happen in the early morning hours, watching this getting up at 5, 6, 7:00 to
6:46 pm
head out on the roadways, when the rainfall looks to be widespread in coverage throughout the north bay, also the south bay. models popping up, traveling on 101, moderate rain for the pen n anyone sul la. -- peninsula. we should see things wiped down by 5 p.m. tomorrow night you can the storm system starts to exit. overall totals will widely vary with this over an inch for the north bay, the extreme south bay, morgan hill, look at this, san jose, palo alto, the east bay, totals anywhere from a tenth of an inch to nearly a quarter of an inch at this rate right now. so everyone is going to see totals, you know, pretty sporadic with this storm system. also with this wind moving in,
6:47 pm
we will see the potential here, power outages as we head throughout tomorrow morning, winds that could gust as high as 50 miles per hour up across the immediate coastline. comes to snowfall with the low pressure moving off the coastline, down to the south, unfortunately, not going to be much for us, only one to three inches expected across some of the highest he will vationser, for tonight, 46, santa rosa, 47, redwood city. after low 70s in san jose today going down to 55 tomorrow, 57, mill teat peete it is a, 57, sunnyvale, jacket in the east bay as well, plenty of mid-50s, the same for the north bay, 57, santa rosa, 58 in san francisco, your rain comes in the morning for tomorrow, then we dry out wednesday and thursday. look at this temperatures warming up by the upcoming weekend into the mid and the upper 60s. so tomorrow, big, big changes, and then, well, back to what has been status quo lately, warm, mild and feeling more like
6:48 pm
spring by saturday and sunday. >> so tuesday is the day we got to get over. >> tomorrow morning, roadways going to be crazy slick out there, without rain, 14 days all that oil is going to come up. >> thank you, jeff. the new york giants are celebrating today but the real giants are also in the headlines. our giants are on the move, leaving san francisco. that is good thing. here is nbc bay area's lauren scott with the moving trucks at at&t park. >> reporter: it is an annual rite of spring in the major leagues, truck day, the gear is packed up and sent to camp before spring training begins. >> hitting the arizona bothered and entering scottsdale stadium it is a thrill, super bowl is over, fan 23es is over, ready for the season. >> reporter: greg wolf of ams beacons beacons is making the drive from at&t park to scottsdale, 750 miles, he estimates will take 14 hours so the giants gear is well in place before pitchers and
6:49 pm
catchers report on the 18th. >> the guys get there, it is all business don't have to worry about where is this? where is that? don't worry about what am i eating? what aim drinking? tomorrow, we get there and start unloading the truck, these guys will be like flies on it and they will be -- the job will be done. >> reporter: like any true giants fan, he knows it's precious cargo in tow. >> always exciting to leave the park and have people waving and knowing what you have with you, because life long fan, it's, you know, fun to go. >> reporter: on the scene with giants in san francisco, i'm laurence scott. talking about giselle today? >> maybe. the glow hasn't washed away from the new york football giants yet, the team arrived to the
6:50 pm
practice facility this afternoon, their buss were mobbed by happy fans. eli manning was in disney world, however, after picking up his second super bowl mvp award, a great finish to a giants season that many thought was lost in mid-december when they were a mere 7-7. and more hardware for eli, who now has one more super bowl title than his older brother, peyton. >> i congratulated eli and of course being eli, he said to me after winning the mvp that all i want to do is help our team win, which is so consistent the way he is. i think the question about elite quarterbacks, the question has come and gone. i don't think we will we will hear about that again. >> this isn't about bragging rights it is a lot big, about a team, organization, being named world champions, that was the ultimate goal. that is the only thing that's important is the team finding a
6:51 pm
way to get a victory. >> you know he is sticking it to his brother. you know he is. new england patriots are licking their wounds, wes welker almost crying yesterday in a press conference when he was asked about dropping a crucial pass late in the fourth quarter two other wide receivers dropped passes on the patriots final drive. but there's no pity from gisele bundchen, the wife of quarterback tom brady was heckled by giants fans on her way to an elevator at the stadium after a game, there, she was caught on videotape saying, "my husband cannot throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. i can't believe they dropped the ball so many times." gisele bundchen just got hotter. the raiders making, well, a not so controversial move today, hiring familiar face as their new defensive coordinator, jason tarver, the bay area native spent last san as stanford's co-defensive coordinator around line backers coach. tarver attended santa clara university and a has a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master's in biochem and
6:52 pm
molecular biology. yikes. i with tonight a state school. the board of directors unanimously extended the contract of commissioner larry scott through 2016, an option to add an undies closed amount of extra years to the deal. scott the sixth commissioner of the pac 12 back in 2009. and you saw it here on nbc last night, super bowl xlvi, a viewership record, 111.3 million people watching the super bowl. that is the most watched television program in u.s. history, beating out last year's super bowl. number four on the list, remember the tv show "m.a.s.h.," number four. >> a long time ago. >> people dressed for that one. by the way, i will say i saw you guys making fun of the beckhams, i am wearing the beckhams now, but oddly, my line is called victoria's. >> do you have a little secret? do you want to tell us about? >> i bought the wrong thing i didn't know. who would have known? >> giselle's tall. gosh. that video.
6:53 pm
>> oh, please, close your mouth. when you say that, both of you. >> raj, of all the giselle stuff, you pick out that she is tall. that is the only bit of news you pick out. she is tall. she is a sassy lass, i like it. she is getting tough. >> when you're brazilian, that's what happens. >> a full half hour of bay area sports coverage, watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. >> she was sticking up for her husban l
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
we have recently built the biggest investigative unit in the country. tonight we investigate fake i.d.s, usually a tradition for underaged college students
6:56 pm
trying to score booze. >> feds say the same i.d.s are a homeland security threat. investigative reporter steven stalk has the latest on the investigation. it used to be a little bit of a concern, this is much more serious. >> absolutely you gone from a few teenagers to a homeland security threat that a lot of people all the way to washington are very concerned about. in fact, the federal agents tell me that these counterfeit pieces of plastic can be easy to get and easy to pass as the real deal. the investigative unit digs deep into an issue hitting close to home here in the bay area. >> i couldn't think of one friend that doesn't have one. everybody i know has a fake i.d. >> reporter: what worries federal security experts the most is not that this woman gains entry to bars while underaged, although that is serious in itself but that she is not an american citizen, she is from canada. how serious a problem is this? >> without technology, somebody could theoretically get past the tsa checkpoint. >> how good it?
6:57 pm
this man uses a fake i.d. as well because he is not living in the bay area legally and these i.d.s are for sale everywhere. >> essentially committing a felony. they are smuggling a document into the united states. so, we view that as a potential national security threat. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 11:00, we will take you inside to see how the things work in real life, how they can be a real threat and how the feds are now trying to stop them. i hope you join us. >> we certainly l. >> steven, welcome aboard. >> thank you, honored to be here. >> if you have a tip line for our investigative unit, here are details. seefrnlts steven's full story here on nbc news 11:00, the tip >> our local news coverage continue at 7:00, comcast 186, once again, see you back here at 11:00. >> bye bye. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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