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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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office and questioning what is happening with city hall. >> yes they are. 800 employees signed this complaint. this comes a day after our investigation revealed city leaders haven't been straightforward when it comes to future retirement costs. the complaint alleges the mayor, the director of retirement services and former actuary for the city "klynongwi misled the public" and they are calling for a investigation. the retirement cost prediction used by the mayor wasn't based on real dattal. >> mayor reed lied, misled and deceived the public and members of the san jose city council concerning the true fiscal condition of the pension plans in san jose. >> reporter: five unions filed
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this formal complaint with the city of san jose earlier today, alleging mayor chuck reed misrepresented material facts by exaggerating project reed tirement costs to sell a fiscal disaster. our investigation found the mayor claimed retirement costs could reach $650 million by 2015, even though the official projection stood at 400 million. >> the mare was told not to use that number, the number was 400. that was the projection. >> i don't really anybody ever saying not to use that number. i understood it was a rough estimate off the top of his head. >> reporter: we caught up with the mayor after the complaint was fired. regret using the figure 650? >> i think that is a ballpark figure for the kinds of problems we might experience. >> what about the people upset you were using that figure without anything to back it up? >> they can be upset. that is their right. >> reporter: san jose city council members are also speaking out. >> this has been a big marketing scheme to try to push a pension reform scheme that the mayor
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wants and not necessarily what's best for the city of san jose. >> the point that's important here is what is the council making decisions based on? not 650 million dollars because of the mayor's budget message in the commentary. i know and am confident in my own decision make and i look in my clerk documents we have been relying on that we have been relying on numbers that had nothing to do with $650 million. >> reporter: also as a result of our investigation, state assembly member jim beale is calling for a delay of the city's planned pension reform measure expected to appear on the upcoming june ballot. >> i notice you have that report right there. were you surprise ted mayor's die fi yans today or was that business as usual? >> he spoke to us today when we tried to talk to him so it was a good conversation. >> okay. >> and this report is also online. >> yes, in fact, i was just going to get there like to read the full ethic complaint against mayor reed, go to our website at and search pension.
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wreently built the largest investigative unit in the country and we want you to be a part of it. if off tip or us or just a comment, let us know, call us at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at the unit at mayor reed has enjoyed relatively positive reviews in his five years in office but that might be changing in the wake of our report. within the hour, he will step to the podium at san jose's civic center for his state of the city address. >> 2012 is a year for recovery after ten years of cutting services, if we implement our fiscal reform plan, including the ballot measure on pension reform in june, we can begin to start talking about restoring services. that is really good news. >> we have multiple reporters following the story throughout the evening and bring you the latest on our 11:00 newscast. another story you will see only on nbc bay area. an 11-year-old san jose girl recovering tonight after a harrowing kidnapping at gunpoint three weeks ago. but police say she wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the
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heroism of one man and his s.w.a.t. team unit which stormed the kidnapper's home and recused this little girl. nbc bay area's damian trujillo spoke with him today and joins from police headquarters. you have an exclusive look inside the s.w.a.t. team's training and is hard core? >> reporter: rarely before seen, jessica. officer mauricio him men snez a sniper, a veteran of the s.w.a.t. team, known here san josez the merge unit, mobile emergency response group and equipment. but tonight, officer jimenez is deflecting all the credit and praise for that rescue, saying only it was part of the job. >> reporter: this is how they prepare for bat, 12 men preparing to confront some of the most dangerous criminals. >> gun command, two rounds to the bottom.
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move. gun. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: it was this training that officer jimenez says prepared him for the deadly january confrontation with the suspected kidnapper. >> hostage situations, you can't just shoot without having 100% certainty of your target and your back stop. >> reporter: police say try strong lee kidnapped an 11-year-old girl on january 20th from his ex-girl friend's home he fired a gun. police spotted lee at an apartment a couple miles away and merge moved in. >> i'm a sniper. >> reporter: on this day, they needed that guy with pinpoint accuracy. >> they heard a little girl screaming. >> reporter: the team heard gunshots coming from the suspect's apartment so they went into tactical mode. they knocked a door down on top of a staircase. the suspect had the victim wrapped around one arm with a knife in his hand. a gun in the other hand. that's when officer jimenez
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fired his shots. two strategically placed rounds and lee was dead. s.w.a.t. had just rescued the victim. how did you miss her? >> again, just a lot of hours of training, a lot of hours at the range. >> are you a hero? >> i wouldn't say that. >> why? >> i would -- like i said, it was just -- it's our job. >> reporter: a 12-year police veteran, a quiet, soft-spoken officer who on that day spoke loudly with his m-4. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> reporter: this lieutenant gave merge the rescue command, knowing he was sending them into the line of fire. >> i have no hesitation, 'cause i felt completely comfortable with their training. >> i mean, i can't speak enough of what a great team i have. we are very fortunate. >> reporter: fortunate that no one else was injured in the gunfire. >> they responded with failure
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not an option. they went forward toward the gunfire and saved a little girl's life. >> reporter: it wasn't until after incident that investigators found out the suspect was actually shooting blanks, but that certainly does not take away from the heroism of one of san jose's finest. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you. new tonight scare affecting in marin county a woman who recently died of a brain illness died from a disease similar to mad cow, not mad cow itself. the rare brain cis sees, known as cjd, has two forms, classic and varian. classic cjd affects about 1 in 1 million people or about 300 people a year in the united states. the vare yant form, the type known as mad cow disease, has only been reported in three cases in the u.s. health officials say there was no link between the woman who died and another marin county resident who has similar symptoms them say it is not
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clear which form of the disease the living victim has because brain tissue has to be examined after the person dies. the latest from that shooting of a federal agent in newark. 61-year-old dennis bagwell made his first appearance in court today where he was charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. bagwell allegedly shot customs officer robert suplick tuesday morning. his wife took classes at the bay area optical school in union sister where the suspected gunman was a teacher. the owner of the optical school where bagwell taught says he is stunned by the shooting. >> i did not notice anything other than -- 'cause he is always helpful to all the students, doesn't seem to be any close relationship with anybody that i could ascertain from anybody else in the class. >> officer suplick is hospitalized tonight. at his family's request information about his condition has not been released. a tip from a death row
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inmate led officers to a crime scene near stockton where human remains were found. it is a grisly update to a story we first told you about las week. serial killer wesley shermantine gave authorities map of what he said were burialts o of the victims. e-mailed areas in san andreas, rural calavaras county. researchers following that map found a human skull. deputies alerted the family of a central central family could be their daughters. the speed freak killers may have been behind 20 murders. and responsible for the abduction of a child who disappeared 1988. change of heart following a decision that drew international backlash. today, they will given a
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undocumented immigrant the kidney transplant he needs to survive. 35-year-old jesus navarro in oakland will receive a kidney from his wife after being denied the operation just last week. the petition urging the hospital to reverse the decision was signed by more than 140,000 people. the staff issued statement saying the decision was based on the ability to pay for follow-up care and not his status as an illegal immigrant. predicting an attack. ahead at 6:00, a life saving equipment, how a dog is offering help for a serious medical condition. we love free wifi but all that openness could put your personal information in danger. sure to be one of the hottest gadgets of the year, talking about the ipad 3, of course. when does it arrive? we have got the story. good evening, i am jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center, a few degree away from records, even mid and high level cloud cover passing on by we head through tomorrow,
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not only an increase in cloud cover but also the chance for showers. we will let you know when that may arrive in just a few minutes. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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a warning tonight before you fly or hang out in your favorite coffee shop, that free wifi that you might use could cost you big time in the end. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is with us. and scott, when they are hacking here what are they going for in our phones? >> all sorts of data that could lead them to money and we keep them in our phones because essentially, raj, our phones are computers. free wifi popping up all over the place, and that is good news, but there's also some bad news, and that is that many of us who use feet wifi don't protect our phones as well as we should and that's an opportunity for hackers. it seemed all too simple, david stites a computer science student at university of colorado found something that might make you pause before
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firing up your smartphone, a way to break into the southwest airlines smartphone app. >> david stites, we entered on our southwest mobile app. here, we see the password equaled a test. >> reporter: he hacked into the southwest app and found the personal data of passengers. >> there is a tradeoff made of, well, how secure are we? you know, pretty secure? well, then we are willing to, you know, take that risk. >> well, the best thing you can do is turn off your wifi and blue tooth when you are not using it. >> reporter: that is ian bain of silicon valley company mcof a fit if you are in an open wifi environment like an airport or coffee shop, your smartphone data is at risk, largely because our phones are left unprotected. >> a lot of people don't think of their phones as being computers but they really r as powerful as computers were a few years ago.
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and people store a lot of information on there they have pictures. they have contact lists. things that are of value to cybercriminals and they have to protect them. >> reporter: good advice for those of us who travel or sit in coffee shops. in other words, those of us who sit in a smartphone-filled world. i talked to the airline earlier and they said they are aware of the security breach and working to fix t jessica? >> thank you. from bumpy to better, commuting is about to get smoother on bay area highways. help of a repair kind is headed to a highway near you. show looks life 280 at the 880 interchange on san jose, a bumpy ride there normally, but as nbc bay area's joe rosado jr. shows us, we will soon see some of the biggest transportation improvements in decades. >> reporter: among the tools of the trade for every public information officer, one big pair of scissors for the ribbon
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cutting. with all the major bay area transportation projects set to open in the bay area in the next two years, john good win of the metropolitan transportation commission may need to get his scissors sharpened. >> the next 12 to 24 months, wither going to see some big projects completed. >> reporter: yesterday, caltrans announced the new eastern span of the bay bridge will open labor day of 2013, but even before that the double-slide tunnel on highway 101 will open at the end of this year. a lot of these projects were approved by voters ten years ago, maybe even longer in some cases. >> reporter: other major projects in the pipeline include the construction of a fourth bore on the caldecott tunnel, set for completion in 2014 and new doyle drive replacement in san francisco scheduled for 2015. >> as far as this, probably not since 1936 or '37 that is when we got the golden gate bridge, bait bridge and the first caldecott tunnel all opened up
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within that two-year period. >> reporter: long shoreman gabriel sullivan will be one of the beneficiaries of many projects, daily commute includes the bay bridge and caldecott tunnel. >> three tunnel, four now. instead of the bay bridge, going to be wider, going to be more economical wide and better. >> reporter: the opening of the bay bridge will come more than two decades after it was damaged in the loma prieta earthquake. solomon is looking forward to the sight of big scissors culled cutting through the ribbon. >> coming, took a long while and it is coming. a lot of taxpayer efforts. but that i a different episode. >> reporter: joe rosado jr., nbc bay area news. speaking of traffic and commuting, bay area drivers riding solo can soon pay to use that carpool lane a new express lane is just weeks away on the 237/880 interchange in milpitas.
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the bay bridge is set to open 2 in 2015. in all, 500 miles of express lanes are scheduled to open in the bay area the next few years but you got pay if you want to drive on t >> i use the 680 one all the time, i'm running a little bit late. >> you? >> different subject. jeff ranieri, how much rain are we going to get tomorrow? >> just a little bit, if you are running late, going to want to plan some extra time, jessica. not telling you what to do advice. look today. definitely warm out here, numbers below average. 71, oakland, pleasanton, 72, yes, the warmest spot of all here, gilroy at 78, a slight offshore wind really helped to crank up those numbers today but we did also have some 60s here, in and throughout concord. fairfield, san francisco, 66, redwood city at 68. so really depending on where you were and how those winds interacted with the local microclimate, numbers over the board. 666, san jose, real nice evening
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down here, peninsula, numbers generally in the low 50s. now bring you into our current state now, mid to high level cloud cover across the bay area, but this is the game changer for us tomorrow. it is not a strong system at all. in fact, we don't think we will get really too much in the way of moisture, we head through tonight, find the cloud cover increasing out here, cross santa rosa, know vad dough, san francisco. by tomorrow morning, at 6 and 7:00, we will find some chances of showers up into the north bay. that may push into san francisco and also down to the south bay and the east bay. but right now, only expecting trace amounts to maybe about 3 to 400ths of an inch. az for tonight, dropping to 41 in santa rosa. 46 in the al man done valley. santa cruz to los gatos. as for your highs tomorrow, cooler as well. mid-60s inland, but for the coast and also bay side, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s, also that cloud cover
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increasing, the clouds and a few showers, not going to do much for your allergy forecast, everyone on the board as we head into your friday forecast, that is good news. jessica and raj, it is officially friday tomorrow, in case you didn't realize this, even with showers. >> didn't realize that. thank you, jeff. >> sure. $160,000 raised for children's cancer research in one week. who raised the money? kids. it was organized by the 21 mi pueblo food stores in california. the money goes the st. jude children's hospital a 5-year-old boy 5 years old, raised nearly $500, a teenaged girl raised $1500 with the help of family and friends. the two children were inspired by the store's initiative to help raise money for the hospital and knowing that they can help other kids. >> how proud i make my parents, how proud i make myself, around me and hopefully, if people see me doing this, going to be a
6:21 pm
little bit more people helping, if i did it, anybody can do it. >> we agree this is the third time the mi pueblo stores raised money for st. jude's. the 6:00, down the drain, a bay area woman loses a prized possession and then several months later, she gets the surprise of a lifetime. ahead, does facebook ceo mark zuckerberg have too much power? why some are calling for serious changes at the social network. judgment date controversial case involving marine. we are back in ea mar 2in we are back in 2.
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the san francisco district attorney's office says it will not charge a woman arrested over the weekend for allegedly throwing a dog out of a third story window. police arrested 22-year-old danielle walker after getting a call that she had tossed a jack russell terrier out of a window. neighbors think it's the same dog discould have around a scaffolding outside the
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apartment building a few weeks ago. at that time, they say animal care and control rescued the dog and return it had to the owner. >> that is just horrific. hundreds of demonstrators joined a statewide demonstration against the so-called 1%. a new study shows how top ear r earners are holding back the working class. >> disproportionately some of us have suffered a lot, others of us continue the same. >> today's march in the silicon valley was part of a coordinated statewide action that included similar events in sacramento, san diego and l.a. a study to be released by the union, united service workers west reportedly shows how the 1%
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lessen the incomes of working class families by less than $10,000. advance but at what cost? advanced placement courses are a common way for high school students to get a leg up on college. they take ap courses to boost their grade point average and sometimes college credit too but what happens when high school students take three, four, even five ap courses? you end up with stressed out kids and a call for a cap a growing number of public and private high schools in the bay area are talking about limiting the number of advanced placement courses taken by students. it is an effort to rein in stress levels and the amount of homework and the push back is coming from the head of the class. >> their teachers are now saying, wait a minute, we have to put the brakes on this, because these kids, their parents are pushing them to do more and more. no one is sort of putting -- rails on their education and saying you got to slow down here. >> now, research shows that kids under stress at school are getting less sleep, which could explain the rising rate of
6:26 pm
depression among teens. so, there are very real consequences for kids trying to do too much. find out more about these ap courses and the stress level this sunday at 3:00 on "class action" my weekly talk show about education. just ahead, another revelation into the life of steve jobs. why was the fbi digging into the late apple co-founder? i'm janelle wang a group of u.s. marines is in hot water tonight for a picture they took in afghanistan. and a big change for women in combat, wherehe ty can now serve. your national headlines next. o. our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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the second marine to face trial in the hazing of a bay area native has been found not guilty. today, a court martial panel found sergeant benjamin johns not guilty of wrongfully humiliating and demeaning lance corporal harry lue. the 21-year-old marine from santa clara committed suicide
6:29 pm
last april after repeated hearing in afghanistan. lue is the nephew of california congressman judy chew. the first marine to stand trial in the lue case was sentenced to 30 days in jail and demoted after pleading guilty. the third marine charged in the case must still face court martial. u.s. marines are also under fire for an embarrassing photograph uncovered today it is the second incident just this year. >> damage control time. we bring in now janelle wang with our national headlines. >> raj and jessica, you may remember just last month, video was discould haved over several u.s. marines urinating on the bodies of dead taliban fighters. this time, a photograph of marines posing in front of a flag resembling the nazi ss symbol. the picture was taken in september 2010 in afghanistan. ss was the nazi's elite force.
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the marine corps sent out a reminder such behavior would not be tolerated. on to theic of the military, the department of defense wants to ease restrictions for women allowing them to serve closer to the front lines. women will be able to join ground combat units supporting roles such as communications or as midd imedics but not serve we front line infantry or special operation forces like the navy s.e.a.l.s. the change will open up 14,000 more positions for women and allow them to qualify for awards and basketballs that were denied before. gabrielle giffords who resigned from congress last month endorsed someone to replace her, her former aide. ron barber announced he would run in a special election to fill her arizona seat in the house. the 66-year-old was also shot in the head along with giffords at that meet and greet event in tucson in january of last year. this is video of him when he returned back to work after recovering. giffords' injure police much more severe, prompting her to resign and focus on her recovery. president obama has released
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ten states from the no child left behind law enacted by george w. bush. the law is aimed at raising education standards but is now generally viewed as cumbersome because efforts to revise it have become bogged down in congress, even though both parties support some version of it. the waiver gives those ten states more freedom to reform education in a way that's best for them. california was not included in the first round of waivers. well today, the nuclear regulatory commission approved the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the u.s. in more than 30 years. the commission okayed the building of two nuclear reactors near augusta, georgia. operation could begin as early as 2016. now, only the chairman of the commission voted no, saying lessons still need to be learned from japan's fukushima nuclear disaster. and those are just some of your national headlines. >> big decision. thank you, janelle. of the 2 million california homeowners with underwater mortgages will soon get help. today, a landmark settlement
6:32 pm
with five of the nation's biggest banks. those banks will spend big dollars, $18 billion in our state, to help people stay in their homes. >> this issue has never been about anything other than allowing homeowners, hard-working people, to be able to stay in their homes and we were very determined to make sure that california, the hardest hit in the country, would receive its fair share. >> the attorney general kamala harris. bring in jodi hernandez, joining us from contra costa county, a huge boost and a relief for a lot of people here in the bay area. how does are work? >> reporter: a big relief, raj, seems like every neighborhood you visit in the bay area these days, you find vacant homes like this one here. we understand the family that used to live here walked away months ago, but now thanks to a landmark deal, some bay area families may be spared from suffering a similar fate. >> i was so proud when i got
6:33 pm
this home. it was like a dream come true. >> reporter: but 65-year-old michael stubs has been scraping to hold onto his antioch home for the past few years, as the interest rates have shot up and the value of his house has died. >> right now, i can't pay my mortgage, i can't pay the full a. >> we are sinking slow. >> reporter: help maybe on the way for homeowners on the brink of foreclosure. federal and state officials announced this morning landmark settlement with five of the nation's biggest banks. for california homeowners, it means banks will spend $18 billion on reducing the principal on home loans. refinancing loans that are underwater and providing other relief. >> bay area has been hit horribly by the foreclosure crisis. i'm hoping that this help will make a difference. >> reporter: while the settlement won't help everyone, including those with freddie
6:34 pm
mack and fannie mae loans, housing advocates say it is a big step in the right direction and sends a powerful message to the banks. >> not going to be able to operate in the dark anymore. there is a light shining on their practices and they should expect to see more oversight in the years to come so that the public is adequately protected. >> i felt like, well, maybe they can help me out. >> reporter: stubs says he is almost certain he will get some relief. he says wells fargo's already called him to let him know they are looking to remodify his home loan. it is just what the father of two young boys has been praying for. >> all i'm looking for, they have somewhere to live and somewhere comfortable, a nice neighborhood it is a nice school district. i think it's gonna have a whole lot of people like me have some hope that we can get this place turned around. >> reporter: now the banks that have agreed to participate in this settlement include allied,
6:35 pm
gm, mack, bank of america, citibank, jpmorgan chase and wells fargo. housing advocates are urging home owners to log onto the state attorney general's website for more information. they are also warning folks to be aware of scams. >> all right we lost jodi hernandez there reporting from contra costa county. why was the fbi tracking steve jobs? newly released fbi files show some insight into the apple -- into the late apple co-founder. the 191-page file has numerous details about his personal and professional life as recounted by some of his colleagues, friends and family. among the revelation, jobs' relationship with the u.s. government. steve jobs was reportedly given top secret clearance in the late 1980s. he was being considered by president george h. w. bush for a position on his export council and a bomb threat in 1985 against am, months before jobs was fired and somethi most people in his inner circle knew,
6:36 pm
he was a very complex person with a tendency to distort reality in order to achieve his goals, according to the fbi file. steve jobs died of cancer last october. today was another big day for apple stocks, thanks in part to rumors of an ipad 3 release date. the ipad 3 already here according to a lot of internet reports buzzing. when will we get our first look at the new ipad 3? apparently during an event in san francisco next month. apple is expected to start selling its new tablet the following week. as mentioned, the company's stock approached $500 a share today, making the company worth as much as google and microsoft combi combined. two investment groups are hammering facebook tonight as the company prepares for its ipo. they say ceo mark zuckerberg has too much power and have gone so far as to calling facebook a dictatorship. the state teacher's pennings group saying zuckerberg asking for change.
6:37 pm
they are upset by the all-male board of directors and zuckerberg's control in the company. he is both ceo and chairman of the board and controls 57% of voting power and has a right to appoint his successor. >> not having that accept par railin -- separation of duties between the chairmanship and ceo, you have both functions embedded in a one person, that is a lot of power and control. >> the teachers a fund has the investment muscles to push for change, like this. some haven't been quite as diplomatic. investment group gameco investors inc., says it resembled a dictatorship. no comment on the issue from facebook. new tonight at 6:00, a legal fight over death row drugs. 21 inmates from california and two other states are scag u.s. judge to block the use of a drug used during executions. the inmates say the fda's breaking the law by allowing sodium theo pental to be
6:38 pm
imported into the united states because it is an unapproved drug made overseas. the anesthetic is used to put inmates to sleep before other legal drugs are given. the obama administration argues it has discretion to allow unproved drugs into the u.s. and wants the judge to dismiss the case. lost and found. ahead at 6:00, the bay area woman who thought she lost a prized possession, now has it returned. i'm marianne favro, coming up, how a specially trained dog may make all the moments for a bay area teenager with epilepsy. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. wall-to-wall sunshine this afternoon. in february, we are still dealing with near record-setting heat, the radar dry, as it stands now, but talk about the increasing chance of showers through the east bay. my fosfores.
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okay be careful here when you flush a san raffaele woman inadvertently flushed her favorite necklace down the toilet four months ago. >> she has it back now. she is amazed she is holding her gold chain given to her by her husband 20 years ago. the necklace broke while she was wearing it back in october but she didn't realize it was gone until hours later. a neighbor though reported the missing necklace to the san raffaele sanitation district. last week, an employee showed up at her door to return t s-- it. he said he found it while he was cleaning the street. >> said you might want to soak it in something. okay. >> and she did. >> we hope. >> she let it sit in hydrogen
6:42 pm
peroxide all day before touching it. she says thieves burglarize herd home a few years ago and this necklace a lot of sentimental value, because it is one of the only pieces of jewelry that she still owns. >> a very nice story. >> yes. it was meant to be. >> uh-huh. all right, jeff ranieri, if you can top that i would be impressed. >> showers tomorrow. >> there you go. >> big storm that would solve our drought issue now, that could top it. look at the golden gate bridge, we are finding clear conditions, let you know when our best chance of showers will be in a few minutes. all right, jeff, coming up in sports, head down to the at&t pro am to find out if tiger woods could regain his pebble beach preeminence. and find out how alex smith ended up coaching jim harbaugh today. we explain the rolee xfinity ev sportsdesk.xt from thle xfinity sportsdesk. "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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think of it as an early alert system right in your home, warning you when you might have a seizure. >> this is not a medical device. we are talking about a dog. tonight, nbc bay area's marianne favro introduces us to a south bay girl with epilepsy who is about to receive a seizure response dog. >> reporter: meet barnsly, a dog
6:45 pm
bringing rose her medication, an example what the dog will be able to do for her. rose has frequent unexpected seizures and epilepsy. rosa learned she will receive a seizure response dog trained by canine assistance, the same people that taught barnsly how to help his owner take off her jacket. seizure dogs are trained for two years, $20,000 investment rose's family couldn't afford. so del monte, the makers of milkbone and raley's pitched in to buy her new canine companion. rosa, a dog lover, says her new pet will help her feel safe. >> with eni would have a seizure, the dog would be able to get help. >> reporter: the dog is trained to know when she is about to have a seizure. >> to be able to give her the emergency pill before she has a -- the convulsions. >> reporter: the four-legged alert has helped save lives. >> one of our canine assistance
6:46 pm
dog is trained for epilepsy seizure response and the recipient was swimming and about to have a seizure aurntd dnd th alerted the mother something was wrong, went and got the mother, the child was in the pool and went and got help. >> reporter: rosa's mom says even though she monitors her daughter closely, she can't predict her daughter's seizures, she welcomes the extra help. >> going to be a peace of mind because i know she will be protected in a way because the dog would will help her. >> reporter: rosa says she can't wait to bond with her new, furry friend, a medical watchdog offering her the most important kind of protection. in pleasanton, mary app favreau, nbc bay area news. >> smart and cute. >> yes. adorable. really very important to rosa. all right, send things to jeff ranieri in the weather center, a little bit of a spritz? >> yes. not looking the a large storm system for tomorrow, model keying in on showers, the next
6:47 pm
24 hours, as for today, anything but winter-like. temperatures well above average, record setting in the south bay, 71, san jose, yes that is correct, gilroy, 78 degrees, the dry offshore wind for a couple of hours and temperatures close to 80 degrees, 72 in santa rosa, 70 in san francisco. as radar scans around right now, it is dry but we are looking at those showers, as we have been talking about making back into the forecast. numbers right now, cooling off pretty good, 61 in sunnyvale, 50, san mateo, 61, oakland, 57, fairfield. on your weather headlines for tomorrow morning, we are not expect anything kind of fog but start to see that cloud cover increase. also, a chance here showers in the morning that will stick around through most of the day here on friday. then as we head throughout the next seven days, looking at several weaker systems that will keep this annoying and frustrating pattern of showers, on again and off again. on the satellite radar picture now, there is the system we are following and it does have some decent returns with it, but a lot of that is going to be
6:48 pm
heading off to the north. what we are going to be following is the back edge of this cold front. it is continuing to kind of fall apart here, not tapping into a a lot of moisture but enough instability it may trigger a couple of showers, not for tonight, into tomorrow morning, 5 a.m., santa rosa, navado, this may transition down to the peninsula, east bay and south bay. totals anywhere from a trace to maybe 3 to 400ths of an inch. get the idea, roadways will be slick out here t is going to be an all-day event. 41, santa rosa for tonight. 47, fremont. 41, livermore. dropping off from the low to middle 70s in the south bay, 65, san jose, 63, santa krurksz 65 in sunnyvale. cooler for the east bay with 63, 64, pleasanton, 64, castro valley, 65, walnut creek.
6:49 pm
60 in alameda. low 60s here, santa rosa, sonoma, right across the peninsu peninsula. the three-day forecast, we will have the slight chance for showers, just tuning in for friday, not a big storm, dry on saturday, another chance of showers returning as we head into sunday night and also into monday morning. then another weaker system still could produce a slight chance of showers as we head into valentine's day on tuesday and then we remain dry and very pleasant as we head throughout wednesday and also something of thursday. take it slow tomorrow morning, not expecting a big wind-driven storm by any means. >> we are concern about the weather. >> my daughter is going on a field trip. without me. >> she will be fine. >> okay. let's get to sports. we are talking golf and, man, we should have all been
6:50 pm
down there today, huh? >> do we have time? >> we have time. >> we can get you in, what a spectacular setting, one of the great settings in all of the sports world, the at&t pebble beach pro am this one more special, presence of one tiger woods making his first appearance at pebble in a decade. tiger trying to regain his form that saw him dominate the golf world, pebble is a different story. tiger only won there once, in six trays in 2000. to the course we go a beautiful site, spy glass hill, day one, tiger woods, tony romo started off 10 spy glass. all wish as golfers this would happen to us, right, looks like a funny bounce, bam, jam on the brakes, right on the hole, hit the birdie putt. then woods, for what would be his first eagle of the year on american soil. this long putt on 11 stops just shy of the hole, birdies the
6:51 pm
hole. woods 15 4-under-par, strong day for tiring, he is hoping it gets better. more going on down there >> lowest score is 66 so far on this course. 68 is not too bad. this is gin lit harder of the three courses, get it going over there in monterey and keep it going at pebble. colder weather coming in, tomorrow will be an important day to put it together and make two birdies. bay area sports teams well represented at the pro am, including role reversal. all year long, jim harbaugh pumped up his quarterback alex smith before games, gave him wisdom. today alex played the role of mentor for the coach. did he that for harbaugh while acting as his caddie, dave benz at pebble all week long and there is more. dave? >> i don't know if i would go that far.
6:52 pm
picked the spots today, wasn't telling him how to hit the shots but interesting contingent, matt cain part of the foursome, and the three of them had a very large crowd. look at some of their day out here at pebble beach. they were on spy glass today alongside ryan moore and matt bettencourt. look at jim harbaugh, tee on 12. par 3, he sticks it on the green, sets himself up nicely for a two-put par. meantime, cain huge off the tee box, drove the green on 14-2. this was for eagle. can't get it to go. would finish off the birdie. meantime, harbaugh had to scuffle much of the day on 16 behind a tree. woe, however, get out with a bog guy. you know, pretty much everybody saying they are enjoying their experience. >> i was pleased, hitting it on the range when coming out here. at this point cup on the shank. >> jim's game, he was good on
6:53 pm
the tee. a ton of other fair ways, he was actually really good. he found twice make par and bogie. >> i picked my spots. 18th, left them to it with the putting, a little more clip selection than yardage and owing to the the thing around all day. >> you know, then going to a few other guys, get a con seine us is and there we go. >> by the way, you know, harbaugh not the only one enjoying it a tough assignment down there this week, catch up with carl spackler, you may know him as bill murray, good guy. a good trip down here, sorry you're not here. i know you are down here on tuesday. should have stayed all week that will do it from the monterey peninsula, dave benz, nbc bay area. >> the hard-working dave benz down there hamming it up with the celebrities. the golden state warriors in the mile high city taking on the denver nugget, 39-37, up in the
6:54 pm
second quarter. have highlight use 191:00. that is it for now, back to you guys. >> thank you, jim. you know where dave is gonna go next, right? behind him is the tap room at the lodge. >> yeah, absolutely. that -- belly up. belly up, buddy. belly up. >> threw him under the bus. >> out the poor guy. >> he has time for dinner for everyone. for bay area sports coverage and more, watch sports net central on comcast sports net b.eaarea. >> go the wholelele w withohout eaeating. we w will l be r rightht bacack.
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tonight at 11:00 the unlikely star, the bay area native the talk of the nba, 23-year-old jeremy lynn, the harvard grad and first chinese-american nba play and tonight, he is being called a trend certificate, one of the most educated players in the nba and former warrior reveals one of the nerdiest things we have seep in a while and become so popular, almost as popular as jeremy lynn has been overnight. that is tonight at 11:00 after "the voice." brent cannon join us now, his hangout going. >> we have got some folks joining us already. on comcast 186, look at those fbi records that were released on steve jobs, develop a little deep near that and see what they tell us about the late tech icon. and for the first time in 30 year, a new nuclear reactor is approved for the u.s. but are we ready and are they safe in the wake of the fukushima disaster in japan? a member of the nuclear regulatory committee is going to join us for that. don't forget that google plus hangout, just go to google plus, search brent cannon, some folks already joining us right now but you can check that out. >> bring it in the screen? >> yeah, let me get it here.
6:58 pm
>> brent from around the world. >> right there. >> we will see you again at 11:00. >> bye bye. sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t.
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