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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a hybrid is clogging your commute? what is cal transdoing about it? >> whitney houston appears to be home in new jersey. >> the plane carrying the body of whitney houston is back home. while fans remember the singer with the unforgettable voice, a bay area producer reveals the project they were working on before her death. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguire.
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they want to show houston the greatest love of all. the adoration for whitney, the woman. a large scale public memorial in new jersey. here are the details. it will be at the predential center that holds up to 18,000 people. her family releases 10,000 seats on a first come first serve basis with 8,000 for friends and family. toxicology reports will determine whether she died of a heart attack, embolism or something else. that report could take six weeks to complete. prescription drugs were found in her hotel room. from her hometown of newark to the apollo theater, they are remembering the singer with that voice. jean elle joins us live. her latest music was being produced right here in the bay
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area. >> reporter: she did a lot of recording here in the bay area. the ties she has in the bay area go well beyond fans. there producers and writer who is shaped the star she became. ♪ >> she delivered it so beautifully with so much power. so much soul. >> the bay area record prirs michael walden said he knew that voice had star power. walden produced seven number one hits with houston in san rafael. houston was all heart. >> she is a leo, a heart person. a lioness and very warm and very generous in spirit and wanted to say hi to everybody and be around the real people and keep it real. >> shannon wrote houston's hit how will i know with boy meet girl partner for janet jackson, but she passed.
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>> it was sent to clive davis who was head of arista at the time. clive loved it and wanted it for his new young artist that no one had heard of named whitney houston. >> had hearing it on the television blew her away. >> they were secretive on the phone and said i think you have to hear this and it was a recording of how will i know done by whitney. we just thought oh, my god. this is a hit and this is a star. >> how will i other than went to number one, giving boy meets girl a boost. they wrote want to dance with somebody especially for houston. another smash hit. >> she something special. she sings from her heart. with a lot of passion and a lot of joy. >> that's why so many fans love her. the producer said he has one song that he recorded with houston that has not been
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release and hoping he will be able to share it with fans. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. as she did in live and death, whitney houston is topping the charts. tonight sony records is getting flack from fans for raising the itunes price for houston's songs to 1.29. i will always love you is at number one and dance with somebody in at two and the greatest love of all is at number three. 25 of the top 100 sellers on itunes right now are whitney houston songs. a prominent nightclub owner is denying charges he raped a young woman at his family home in los gatos. the incident happened after the two were at the nightclub in san jose. george kiriyama joins us from san jose and this man owns two popular nightclubs. what's his response? >> reporter: that's right.
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sabor is one of two nightclubs he owns and he is accused of raping a woman not here, but at his home in los gatos. prosecutors allege they were staying in a guest bedroom after spending an evening at a club owned by them. the woman told police she was sleeping when she woke up and found him pulling off her clothes. the victim tried to fight back, but failed to get away and the woman reported this to police after having a medical exam the following day. the attorney talked to us over the phone and said he is innocent and said the woman and his client are friends. the attorney said the woman got into a fight with her partner and slept over at the home. he denies anything happened. he is charged with felony rape by force and could face eight years in prison if convict and will be back in court on thursday. live in downtown san jose, george kiriyama, nbc bay area
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news. >> details are coming in at this hour. at least three people are being treated for gunshot wounds including a child after someone opened fire at a nail salon in vallejo. police said someone opened fire around 7:15 in the 800 block of springs road. you see it's east of 80. the name of the salon is tina's nails. a 3-year-old was airlifted to get medical care. we will follow the center in the evening and into the morning. rain suspended the search for more human remains in san joaquin county. it's in linden and inunearthed hundreds of bone fragments and the bods of two missing woman, missing since the mid 80s. will the discover bring anyone peace? cheryl hurd talked with a boundy hunter who believes his relationship with the serial killer could help a family find closure. >> while authorities search for
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human remains in a well on an abandoned county ranch, sacramento bounty hunter leonard padilla searches for more clues. >> seer what i will need for this tomorrow: >> he is the reason they are digging for more remains and what looks like a mass grave. a purse and jewelry were found here on sunday. they were discovered after padilla received a map from one of two convicted killers known as the killers. it is named herzog's bone yard. >> this will be a lot of bodies. originally they used to talk about or six and i think it will be above 30. >> authorities believe they identified the remains of two women who went missing in the 80s and 90s. his in crime committed suicide
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after padale said he put a deal in two kprat counties. this flyer sent to a newspaper reporter hinting herzog had something to do with the disappearance of makaila garrett 20 years ago has many wonder figure her remains is are part of the discovery. her mother refuses to believe it does. >> i don't consider this hopeful. this would note lead us to micheala and would lead us to her remains. that is not what i'm hoping for. >> padilla wants families to find closure. >> we can't solicit investigations, but we can put effort into it. >> cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> the search should resume tomorrow, weather-permitting. >> i'm jeff ranieri. we did pick up much-needed rain from a for the to a half inch
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from the south bay to san francisco. while we dry out, temperatures remain on the gold side and we will track patchy fog and patchy frost. we will have the latest in a few minutes. >> fewer in the carpool lane. >> why is your commute getting worse? one expert claims to know why. has the new law backfired? why cal trans is doing nothing about it. >> a close call. the candidate who left a monterey hotel a short time before a toxic spill. >> lost and found and why a new york woman's mission is to unite someone with precious memories leads her to the area. >> ♪
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wearing the wrong color at the wrong time. a south bay man was attacked by a group of suspected gang members. the attackers went a step further and killed a man's small dog. police are searching for answers. animal services said the dog, a yorkshire terrier, died after several men approached his owner for wearing rival gang colors. it happened near the san jose-campbell border. they were promoting a car wash to raise money for a friend killed in an earthquakes parent gang-motivated attack. when they spotted the victim in red, they beat him up before stomps his 7 pound dog to death. in fear of retaliation, the yoern doesn't want his identity revealed. >> picked him up and he was already ready to go. he died in my arms.
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i don't wish that upon anybody. but justice has to be served. >> investigators are trying to determine if there is surveillance footage. witnesses have been slow to come forward, but many have been been donating money for a reward. >> exposure to toxic gas in a posh hotel where mitt romney stayed overnight. romney was gone by the time fire officials say housekeepers working at the portola hotel and spa spilled bleach in a laundry room that created toxic fumes through the ventilation system and forced an evacuation of the hotel. the staffers said he left to catch a flight two hours before that spill. 30 people were sickened by the fumes, all of them. ies of the hotel. they hosted several guests who attended the golf tournament over the weekend.
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>> not an increase in population, but an increase in traffic. even if you don't drive a hybrid car, the decision to kick hybrids out of the lane impacts you. >> the lane may have backfired. the question is what's being done about it? >> part of our unit, our travel and investigation unit has a closer look. >> traffic may have slowed by 10 miles per hour. researchers took that to caltrans, but it appears the agency is not interested. >> if you live or work in the way area, you know one thing. traffic. a lot of it. >> the idea was that by having fewer cars now in the carpool lane, the carpool lane would travel fast. unfortunately it seems hope has backfired. >> mike has spent his career
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trying to figure out how to limit congestion so when nearly 85,000 hybrid cars were kicked out of the carpool lane, it ended a program that gave consumers an extra incentive to buy low emission cars. the uc berkeley professor studied the impact. six months of data gathered from roadway centers along a four-mile section of i-880 near hayward said ejecting hybrids made traffic slower for everyone. he showed the report to caltrans and said they didn't care. >> they made a decision and i that are not eager to hear inconvenience facts. >> robert hoff said the agency conducted their own study to determine the impact of removing hybrids from the hov lane. >> nothing can be traced that caused significant increase in congestion. >> he has?
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>> uh-huh. >> would you revisit it? >> we'll see. we will have to run it through the traffic operations department. >> they did and claimed data they collected shows traffic patterns evaporate changed since hybrids left the carpool lane and they are not willing to take another look. we did obtain this e-mail from a caltrans engineer who draws similarities between the data and the report. he said there is none. >> i have been told by one or two anonymous sources it is easy to expel the hybrid. >> for costs money. >> money and time to monitor the situation. >> it's easier to say okay, we will have a longer commute for everyone. are. >> so it seems. >> all of these laws are teor for example, the current stickers end in 2015. cal trans it doesn't want to set up new systems and create new signs to explain to people for
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something that lasts just three years. >> stewart cohen is with a nonprofit encouraging public transportation and believes hybrids should be allowed back with a more nuanced policy. >> accounts for time of day and congestion. unfortunately cal trans and the state doesn't want to go to that level of detail. >> the the only single occupancy vehicles now allowed in a carpool lane is hydrogen internal combustion cars. electric car advocate said there so many hybrids on the road in part causing traffic is a good problem. >> in the short-term, yes. increased pollution from the conventional hybrids out of the hov lane. in the long-term, they are cleaner cars and even cleaner air. >> he predicts traffic conditions will improve for
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everyone by decreasing carpool lanes. >> what are the study shows is there is room for them and room for the priuses and in fact room for a few more vehicle classes. >> even though the policy went into effect on january 1st, the dmv said they haven't sold the green stickers. many of the cars that qualify are not on the market yet. as you heard some say there would be a cost to changing the policy. caltrans insists there is no cost associated with that. >> it's a gray area and people confusion to whether they can or can't. the stickers were taken away and a lot of people are confused about the issue. >> one thing for sure according to the research, we are sitting in traffic longer. >> yes, thank you. >> if we have a tip for the unit, you can e-mail us at the unit or you can call the number on your screen, 1-888-996-tips.
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our website is >> let's bring our chief meteorologist into the picture. it looked like winter. >> i was going to say, what happened? that cold air that moved in that had you pulling out the jackets and had the windshield wipers on. that was real snow and not artificial. the ski resorts have been pulling. mt. hamilton picking up five inches that. storm system is pushed well off to the south. on the radars, dry here in the east bay and the south bay and the north bay and the big story right now is not the rainfall, but the cold temperatures. already dropping into the 30s in the interior section. 37 in fairfield and 39 in livermore. 47 in san jose and 40 in napa. with the cold numbers, it will be able to squeeze out available moisture. not only areas of patchy frost
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inland, but also areas of patchy dense fog. the forecast tuesday that you just may love with a little bit more sunshine than we had for today. the visibility is the worst in our interior sections across fairfield. about a quarter mile or less. if you are doing traveling to sacramento, take it slow. we are finding the low clouds from concord to livermore. the computer models are not showing it decreasing too much, but we know that's going to go down quite a bit for tomorrow. the storm we had today dissipated near los angeles. we had clouds offshore, but we are not worried about it producing rainfall. we will have about 18 to 22 hours of dry weather. tomorrow morning besides that patchy inland fog that we talked about that will be developing, clear skies by 2:00 p.m. and a lot more sunshine and by 11:00, a few shotty showers and the
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south bay. isolated showers into wednesday morning as well with the very weak system. that will be passing by late tuesday and for wednesday. for the immediate tomorrow morning, dense areas of fog and temperatures in the 30s to napa. livermore is 35. 38 in the almaden valley and 39 in redwood city. on your tuesday, a little bit more with a lot of air aloft. 58 in san jose and 60 in sunnyvale and 58 in danville and 58 in concord. in the north bay, 61 in santa rosa and 59 in sonoma and 50s from san francisco to san mateo. if you have a flight leaving in san francisco or oakland, that fog may delay you. for wednesday, a chance of showers early and by thursday morning fog looks to develop, but a dry forecast for friday. best day of the week right now and by saturday, clouds increase and for sunday a slight chance of showers right now.
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not a major storm. the big story is patchy dense fog and valentine's day. for all of you couples out there. >> or someone looking to be a couple. >> trying to be uplifting and positive. >> and love for friends too. >> yes. >> we will be bringing gifts? >> of course. we love each other. >> spread the love. w hodunit who wlho had a connectgnizto tthis g guy#
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>> lost and found, but not by the owner. >> the woman who found it wants to return it to the rightful owner. >> following? >> we have the pictures to prove it. if you recognize any of these guys, they might be in luck. one of them might live in the area near palo alto. he asked a fan to take a picture of him at the super bowl. we spoke with the person who found the camera from her long
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island home. >> he was like oh, great shot and he walked away and i didn't realize i still had the camera and security ushered us out to the lower levels and we got separated. >> they were separated. u >> mary posted the slide show hoping to reconnect with the man. also set up an e-mail account. >> a lot of trouble. >> if you recognize the guys in these photos, e-mail him at lost super bowl item. >> scott reece, do you recognize any of those guys? >> i recognize the one on the left, walter peyton. the rest of them, i'm sorry, i can't help you with that. next from the xfinity sports desk, what do jeremy lynn's former teammates think of his success? he is 53 years old and no raj mathai, but he ttef o o e one of the fastest guy on the tennis circuit.
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>> scott reiss in the newsroom. laying claim to 26-year-old cuban out fielder to get the four-year deal worth $36 million. the reigning cuban league home run champ. 33 of them in 90 games last season. good news for the fans. how about the doves. winning ball game with the suns and tim hardaway bobblehead night and david lee for the big night. 28. final seconds, nursing a three-point lead. big time bucket pushes the lead to five. they hang on to win it. in the nation's capital, caps and sharks. period number one shoots it from about center ice.
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joe deflects and in. strange-looking goal and counts just the same. the sharks with a 1-0 lead. joe thornton and patty marlo. two tallies on the night. three power-play goals and a win, 5-3. pal low alto high school grad jeremy lynn is a household name thanks to 134 points in five games earn earning him the nba nod player of the week. what do his former harvard teammates think of him? >> i would be lying if i expected him to go for 25 a game. the few games against the playing time. i think around here we always believed he was a legitimate nba player and like a lot of people are looking for an opportunity. >> he will bring a lot of opportunity to harvard basketball which he has already done. we can use it in a positive and
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right way. we are proud of who jeremy is and how he has handled all that's come his way. >> sap open in san jose. raj mathai emceeing. johnny mcenroe, american jack sock in the near court. do not adjust your screen that. is bright yellow. it worked for him. mcenroe and sock win it 6-4. more like green. either way it's a victory. mcenroe giving thanks when all was said and done. >> i want to thank the person who is in charge of the radar gun for the serve. it's very generous and it made me look like i was serving a lot bigger. that was awesome. i hit one 125. i never have done that in my life. more news guy a free dinner. f baisckith .mo news ter this.
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hanging out with mcenroe. >> i was doing something between shows. >> tonight? >> very impressive. >> occur we check in? >> we are checking in with fog and the worst visibility in the east bay. mainly dry with a chance of a shower early. we have to listen to the sports segment. i didn't hear that part. >> john mcenroe. >> he hangs out with celebrities. >> good night. ♪
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