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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 27, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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you is that there is a preschool nearby. kids, corner christian preschool. and they are trying to reach parents. now the children are not in danger. and the fire department has not asked them to evacuate. but they are asking for parents to come and pick the children up early. the smoke is heavy outside. the playground area. they brought the children inside. they are using their phone bank to try to reach the parents asking them to come. they are asking parents to park onñr wistman and walk over so ty don'txd compromise the safety o the fire crews. multiple units out here. an ems. a couple ems ambulances out.ñi pg&e is out here on the scene. mountain view police. and also we saw a rig coming from santa clara fire. so clearly they are calling for more assistance. again, we don't know whether there are any injuries but we do know that this is still very much an active situation and fire crews are still trying to douse the fire from above as you saw from our chopper shot. we'll try to get more information for you.
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we'll have more later for you in the newscast. >> okay, chris. families have been displaced. the american red cross is on scene to provide food, clothing and shelter. at least three families are now burned out of their home. no reports on injuries and the cause is still unknown. keep it here on nbc bay area for any new developments. >> breaking news in mountain view. also breaking news in the south bay on highway 280. a tanker has overturned. we have our traffic map up for you right now. a tanker overturned blocking the fourth lane on southbound 280 right on north wolf road. so 280 and wolf road. the fourth lane is blocked. southbound 280. we're sold it will be about an hour until it could be cleared out. so you have a traffic mess to deal with if you're going southbound on 280 towards san jose. >> moving on now. witnesses are now telling their terrifying story after a student opened fire on his former classmates at a high school in ohio. >> one student is dead. four others wounded. witnesses say it appears the gunman targeted a group of
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students sitting in a cafeteria. the story has been unfolding all day in charden, about 30 miles from cleveland. nbc bay area's jay gray is live from sharden, ohio, with the latest for us tonight. >> we have an active shooter at the high school. >> the gun shots rang out before the first bell at sharden high school this morning. >> and that's when we looked to see what was happening. >> nick mueller quickly learned it was a full-on attack. a former student with a handgun systematically firing on students gathered in the cafeteria. >> we were the table right next to him. he was within three feet of us. and three of the victims were at my table as well. >> mueller was grazed by one of the gunshots. >> right here on my ear. i was actually -- as i was turning away from the gunman, he caught me right on the ear. i got lucky.
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somebody looking over me. >> five classmates were not. one killed. four others rushed to area hospitals. >> the two other students life flighted to cleveland metro are both in critical. the two students ground transported to hillcrest trauma center, cleveland clinic. one stable, one serious. >> certainly hope the families know that they are in our thoughts and our prayers. >> as those prayers continue, so does the search for answers here. witnesses describe the gunman as silent and determined during his attack. the teenager was apparently forced from the building by a teacher and then surrunderred to bystanders a few blocks from the school. many caught in the crossfire say they never saw any clues the suspect might turn violent. >> i don't think anybody ever expected it to be him. >> never. never would you ever think that this -- i mean, it's just one of your worst nightmares. you don't think this would ever happen. >> reporter: unfortunately it's all too real for this community now struggling to understand how and why it happened and what
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comes next. >> there is still no clear indication of a motive in this case. the investigation is continuing. and the community will gather as a whole tomorrow at a local church not far from this high school to mourn and honor the victims of the attack. in chardon, ohio, i'm jay gray, nbc bay area news. >> jay, thank you. coming up in about 20 minutes on "nightly news" with brian williams, keeping school campuses safe. a look at the tools experts are using to prevent these kind of attacks. tense moments on a campus in the east bay. a middle school was locked down while police searched for a burglary suspect after a shootout with oakland police. it started when police saw a man standing by the front door of a home in the 21nd plock of 17th avenue with multiple hand guns. that's east of 880 near downtown oakland. the suspect then shot at the officers and they quickly returned fire. no one was hit and the man took off. police immediately set up a perimeter in the neighborhood and placed nearby roosevelt
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middle school on lockdown for nearly four hours. finally after 2:00 this afternoon, the suspect was found and taken into custody. no one at the school or in the neighborhood was hurt. hold everything. san jose state is changing its mind after a public outcry. a controversial admissions plan is no longer. it could have denied admission to hundreds of local students. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us. >> a 180 if you will. like many other public universities, san jose state gives priority in admissions to the local kids. students from santa clara county. now scrapping that plan would save this university millions. but the university -- the critics spoke out and they said that would hurt the local kids. the clock is ticking on the financial health of san jose state. but so was its reputation with the community after nearly
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eliminating what's called the local area guarantee. >> guarantees that all santa clara county high school and community college graduates who are csu eligible will be admitted to san jose state. >> reporter: this afternoon, the university changed course. sources tell nbc bay area eliminating the guarantee would adversely impact students in the east side union high school district. the principal at james lick high school says his students need more doors open, not less. >> san jose state has been one of those colleges where our students just in terms of proximity and in terms of the comfort level, they are able to walk through those doors, make it through those first difficult months of adapting to university life. >> eliminating the local guarantee was one way to lower admissions and save the university money. especially when the campus stands to lose another $60 million this year in state funding. so now what? >> we might close for spring
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admissions. we're still looking at that. >> reporter: but that might anger the community college transfers. the university admits there will be no painless answers as it tries to keep classes open with less money. again, the next consideration is not to close a spring semester but to close the spring admissions. in other words, transfer students from junior colleges might not be allowed for the spring semester. that is one option on the table. the university wants to have community forums to have input from the students and neighbors to see what they would like seen done or what they would like cut. live on the campus of san jose state. i'm damian trujillo. a chilly start to the week. a drop of 20 degrees in some areas and rain could also be on the way. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the storm from the weather center. >> phenomenal week last week when it came to those temperatures. not only 70s but a few 80s as the area of high pressure really
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brought plenty of offshore winds and even record-setting heat for four days. now that is long gone. and it's all about the jet stream seeking well to the south producing this 20 to 25-degree drop in our temperatures with this arctic blast of area. some of the largest differences today felt in santa rosa from 80 on last wednesday all the way down to 58 today. livermore from 79 to 55. wanalasd as look at th sierra, we're also tracking some snow showers herecrt sos tsoe city and also south lake tahoe. and that's just the beginning. this stronger and second storm this week could bring anywhere rain.a half inch to one inch of we're going to detail the timing on this coming up in just a few minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you soon. another setback now for the sheriff. a video described as the focal point of the case against sheriff carimi will be allowed as evidence during his domestic abuse trial. he was excused from attending the court procedure. the san francisco sheriff is
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accused of hurting his wife during an argument on newyear's eve. lopez's neighbor recorded video of the woman 18 hours after the alleged incident. you see some video images here. the judge sided with the prosecution who argued the video showing lopez visibly shaken with a bruised arm is, quote, the functional equivalent of a 911 call. judge wong also plans to interview an ex-girlfriend of karimi who, too, claims she was abused by him. a major change in plans with the america's cup in the bay area. >> behind all the glitz and glamour was the little silicon valley magic. the oscar winners you didn't see. it could be a medical breakthrough regarding women and infertility. >> and close, but not quite. the dow ended the day just short of that 13,000 mark. we're back in a moment.
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we want to go back to our breaking news in mountain view. this is our chopper view. this is a four-alarm fire burning at an apartment complex right at 237 and dana street in mountain view. this is at the dana garden apartments. this is all unfolding within the past hour. should be noted there's the preschool right across the street from this fire. that preschool called kids corner preschool has been on lockdown for the past hour and 15 minutes. students are safe and parents are now coming to pick up their kids. thankfully in that preschool and across the street at this fire at the apartment complex, there are no injuries that have been reported. more changes coming to the america's cup. today san francisco's mayor ed lee announced the layout of the yacht race. it will no longer include piers thirtdth in 32 along the embarcadero. event organizers were set to spend $80 million retrofitting the aging piers to serve as racing team headquarters. after tense negotiations, the city and the racing authority
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agreed to move the teams south to pier 80. that's an industrial part of the city. >> i believe that it helps with going forward with consolidating everybody here and making sure that the race is the primary focus in the time frames we want to have. >> plans are still on track to turn piers 27 through 29 into a racing village for spectators. preliminary races are expected to begin this summer with the america's cup set for next year. a cruise ship with more than 1,000 people on board is adrift in the indian ocean without any power right now waiting for help. it's the same cruise line that's been in the headlines recently. the kooft allegra was traveling from madagascar when the fire started in the generator room. firefighters and fire suppression system quickly extinguished the blaze and everyone is safe. however, the ship has no power. a tug boat is en route. the ship is the sister of the "costa concordia" which wrecked
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off the coast of italy last month killing 32 people. a convicted serial killer is talking again tonight. this time he's naming even more burial sites and issuing an apology to his victims' families. wesley, one the so-called speed freak killers met face to face at san quentin with a print reporter from stockton. reporter scott smith says he issued an apology to the families of cindy vanderhiden and chevy wheeler whose remains were found earlier this month. he also talked about additional burial grounds around the central valley. >> he gave me a lot of vague descriptions of roads and areas where maybe there would be some wells or mines or, you know, people who had been murders and left there years ago and their cases went unsolved. >> meanwhile, san joaquin county investigators acknowledge they met with the fbi last week. they say they are trying to decide the best way to proceed with future searches.
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i'll turn things over to scott budman who joins us with the oscar previews. scott now joining us with the silicon valley connection. >> silicon valley companies have really become built in to the hollywood machine in recent years. barely a movie is made without local technology. last night, that technology took home lots of awards. it's a case of the little guys winning big. the fantastic flying books of mr. morris lessmore taking home the oscar for best animated short film thanks to two guys who love the movies and technology. so much so they didn't stop with the film. they also designed an ipad app. >> so we immediately started thinking about how our story could then translate itself into this touch sensitive device. it was important for us we told the story, but in a new way that was specific for that medium. >> they also have silicon valley technology to thank.
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specifically autodesk software used in 14 academy award nominated movies this year. their technology so built into the movie business, they take it personally. >> like you said, morris lessmore, the fantastic flying books, this shop in shreveport, louisiana, was able to make a film have it be this ipad app that was incredibly popular and then stand up there with, you know, the big boys. >> big guys like the ones who made "hugo." also tapping autodesk for its special effects enhancing software. in fact, all five nominees in the visual effects category have this one company's product in common. >> so when you see somebody who started as like a compositor or ten years ago and now they are on stage with an oscar and you know they just had a kid and you are thinking about their family. it's that much more exciting and so much happier to see them. >> part of the reason hollywood has become so dependent on silicon valley is that it can now afford them. software from companies like
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autodesk has become less expensive through the years which means even small studios can make oscar-worthy effects. >> thanks so much, scott. quite a cooldown. time to break out the jacket. >> it was winter finally. >> yes, so odd. this weekend i was walking around near the marina. do i actually need gloves today? when that wind ramped up, we had a little windchill. then last week we had those four days of record-setting heat. santa rosa with the warmest four-day average at 76.2 degrees. into the north bay, anywhere from 10 to about 12 days at 70 degrees. and/or warmer. right now we're getting that radar warmed up as it looks for any kind of signs here of some rain across the bay area. currently dry. as you go up to lake tahoe, still some lingering scattered snow showers from a system that was positioned mainly away from the bay area. but bringing some impacts here. however, and the next 72 hours we are looking at heavier snow totals coming our way. right now numbers unbelievable
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at this hour. already tracking a 40-degree reading in gilroy at 49. 51 in livermore. 54 in concord. as many of you know with temperatures this cold at this hour, we are setting ourselves up for a bitterly cold start for tomorrow. not only that, but enough low level moisture we'll have some areas of patchy frost. through tuesday, mainly dry with the chance here of some evening showers getting introduced by later on in the day and then as we look ahead, we have this second blast of some rain and also some wind coming into our forecast. it's all about this cold front dropping down from the gulf of alaska. it will bring us a reinforcing shot of cold air over the next 48 hours and then the big thing that all of us want is that rainfall in this bay area that's now setting into somewhat of a drought. throughout wednesday, that's when we look at the soaking rainfall to start to return and the winds picking up. here's your timeline. 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. a few showers likely. nothing heavy at this point. we'll look at the heavier rainfall as we head into wednesday morning at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.
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back in the east bay and also the south bay. and then that rainfall looks to continue as we head all the way through 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. but no doubt the heaviest slot will be for that wednesday morning commute where we could see anywhere from a half inch to potentially an inch of rainfall. not only that but sierra snow that could top two feet at the summit level. so if you have plans to head there, let's say next weekend, we will have some of the best skiing weather we've had for the entire season. that's for sure. 32 in santa rosa tomorrow morning. 39 in napa. 39 in los gatos and also areas of patch and frost up into the interior valleys of the north and also the east bay. tuesday, clouds increase throughout the day. numbers stay very cold here. 56 in san jose. 56 in los gatos. went from above average heat to below average in the east bay for tuesday. 53 in the castro valley. 53 in hayward and 52 in alameda. could feel like the 40s throughout the day. only looking at a high of 53.
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56 in santa rosa. and 50 in half moon bay. on your three-day forecast, accumulating rain for wednesday. showers linger on thursday. we start to see more of a clearing and also warming trend as we head throughout saturday, sunday and next monday with temperatures starting to go up. but let's focus on the positive and that is rain still in the forecast for this week. and also snow levels going down to as low as 2500 feet. if you are headed up to tahoe, you'll hit that snow early on on highway 50 or 80. >> actually some closures this morning. some roadways getting up to the ski resorts. it's snowing there already. >> it's wild. >> this is what we need. thank you, jeff. just ahead. breakthrough research that may be a stluolution to infertility. >> fast cash but at what cost knrp leaders in the south bay could void payday loan stores from operating. romantic, but illegal. what went wrong with this marriage proposal in san francio?sc
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the findings of a new study could change how doctors treat women with infertility. the study in nature and medicine finds that stem cells in ovaries of young women may be capable of producing new eggs. the findings challenged the long belief that women are born with all the eggs they'll ever have. in the study, researchers injected stem cells into healthy human ovaries and saw new egg cells form within two weeks. experts are calling the work preliminary but say it may one day lead to better treatment for women who are infertile. the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote tomorrow whether or not to stop payday lending and check cashing businesses from expanding. the supervisor claims the businesses prey on the most financially vulnerable residents. the move would allow the county time to come up with the program that educates the public about risks associated with payday loans while cracking down on
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certain lenders. if adopted, the bill would take effect immediately. once again, san jose city hall is gripped by falcon fever. it happens every year at this time. the falcon cam is getting lots of hits now that mama falcon, clara, has laid an negher rooftop nesting box. experts say there should be a second negthe nest egg in the n sundown. they hatch after 33 days. clara has been nesting along san jose's high rises since 2006. she and her mate esteban colbert raised four chicks last year. >> good to see them. back in a moment to update fire in mountain view.larm stay with us.
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want to give you an update on the breaking news in the south bay. a four-alarm fire at an apartment complex in mountain view. 237 and dana street. fire at departments are helping fight this blaze which started around 4:00. the wind is not helping matters. about 20-mile-per-hour winds are not helping matters. but a four-alarm fire right now in mountain view. we'll continue to follow this story on our 6:00 news as well. >> finally, we've seen all kinds of marriage proposals. this one may have broken city laws. would you marry me now is written across newspaper racks just outside san francisco. the message caught the eye of the interim director of public works. he says he supports the romantic spirit but could not leave the message up. no word if the proposal's intended recipient said yes. >> we'll see you again at 6:00.
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