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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 28, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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of shar done, ohio, about 30 miles east of cleveland. the teen admitted taking a handgun and a knife to the high school and firing on students in the cafeteria. today, two more students died from their injuries bring the total to three dead. nbc bay area's jay gray is in share done with more tonight. >> reporter: for the first time since the attack, the alleged gunman appears in juvenile court. >> hard to fathom that he would do such a thing. that morning i was sitting on the bus with a boy with the intent to kill people. >> reporter: most every morning, tj lane and dozens of students waited in the chardon high school cafeteria for a bus ride to a vocational campus, yesterday was anything but normal. >> sha done high school, we have shots fired, guns, multiple gunshots. chardon high school, shots fired, guns, multiple gunshots. >> five students gunned down, three fatally wounded.
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injuries to the two others are not considered life threatening. lane said he randomly chose his victims. this was the effect of one lone gunman. as i stated earlier in court today, he chose his victim ought random this is not about bullying. >> reporter: to honor the fallen and support the injured, hundreds of red ribbons have been wrapped around almost everything in this small town but most here still can't tie together how or why it happened. all of the schools in chardon are closed a team of grief counselors be in place as classes resume on friday to help work through the emotions that are sure to surface for so many. >> we have to come together as a community and i think even if i'm not ready to go back into the facility itself, i need to be with my friends. i need to be with the community. and we need to help each other as best we can. >> reporter: help they will need for a long time here. and as they continue to grieve here, there is a memorial tonight, hundreds spilling out
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of the sanctuary behind me and into the parking lot and dozens still showing up, evidence of just how tough this has been for this tight-knit community. jay gray, nbc bay area news, chardon, ohio. and coming up on nightly news, more on suspect tj lane and whether he will be likely tried as an adult. a 76-year-old man could lose his house to the city of berkeley by the end of this week. the city and police say it's home to criminal activity and they want to shut it down. the house in question is near the corner of 9th and virginia streets in west berkeley, not far from san pablo avenue. nbc's traci grant joins us at city hall tonight. ed and legally, can berkeley do this? >> reporter: well, they have done it twice before, actually, but it took a lot of legal wrangling. residents called them the neighbors from hell and now it seems like people here at city hall want to do something about it. >> they did buy a house here but they did not buy the neighborhood.
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>> reporter: despite that tom ter mitt says it feels like the people who live in this home of the 1700 block of 9th street in berkeley have taken over the neighborhood. he says he and the other homeowners on this street have endured 30 years of problems associated with that house. fights, noise, fireworks, but recently, he realized it was even worse than he thought. >> talking about this does not include reports that have been generated from other cities. >> reporter: at a meeting last thursday with the city of berkeley zoning adjustment board, nine uniformed police officers showed up, sat alongside angry neighbors and described their interactions with the people at the home. one officer said there had been 40 criminal-related incident there is in just the last year and a half. another said that currently, there are 15 people with criminal histories who use that house as their residence and many of them are known members of a gang. police say the home is used for fencing stolen goods and they have confiscated weapons as well as high-capacity magazines for guns. >> that is the sort of thing i
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hadn't really counted on, frankly, so, that was -- that was news to me to find out that's what they have been confiscating from that house. >> reporter: off-camera, the homeowner and one of his daughters said that most of the reports from police and complaints from neighbors are lies. they feel that neighbors are harassing them because they are minorities and since "no one has ever been robbed, raped or murdered, they are not sure why anyone claims to be afraid of them." the board decided based on testimony at the meeting and 253 pages listing municipal and building code violations that the home was a public nuisance and the city should force the residents to vacate t that recommendation will be passed along to the city council who will make the final decision. >> i don't want them necessarily to sell their house and leave, i don't want to put them out on the street, i want them to be civilized, i want them to be neighbors like the rest of us. >> reporter: the homeowners told us they are prepared to fight. live in berkeley, traci grant, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. sex, lies and videotape, it
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is a bizarre love triangle that's getting more complicated by the day. the ex-boyfriend of alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer spoke out in a san jose courtroom today. 35-year-old steven economic canny of san jose you was in court to face four drug charges but reporters were there regarding his alleged affair with mrs. lock yefrm he approached a reporter and said "there is a way bigger story than the sex tapes." they met in drug and alcohol rehab in 2010 reportedlism the dow closed above the 13,000 mark for the first time since may of 2008. the dow finished up 23 points to
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close at 13,005. the nasdaq and s & p 500 made solid gains today. analysts say the dow got a final pump from a report that stated consumer confidence jumped this month to its highest level in one year. the economy is at the center of decision 2012 and the republican race for the white house, all eyes are on today's primary in michigan, where mitt romney was born and raised, but if the surging rick santorum wins, some say it could derail romney's campaign. we bring in nbc bay area's steve handelsman joining us live from detroit with the latest on the polls. steve? >> reporter: hi, raj, good evening from detroit where the polling places have closed. the whole state, though suspect ready to report the vote because there is still a few polling places in far western michigan in central time zone. they are open for a while more and this thing could be a late-night nail biter. it will definitely be a tiebreaker, here is the why. mitt romney and rick santorum are not just tied in the latest
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polls here in this state of michigan, they are also close in the national republican voter survey. so whoever wins here tonight is sure to get a big and maybe a decisive boost. michigan voters cast their ballots, some switching parties on the spot to pick who they like. >> i voted for rick santorum because he is a freedom fighter. >> ron paul. >> oh, romney, because i think he is the better man. he has got economics on his mind. >> reporter: that's mitt romney's pitch today. >> i understand how the economy works. >> reporter: he regret going off message about his wealth. >> whether it was the cadillacs line or the nascar team owners' line on sunday, do you realize how those are hurting your campaign? >> yes. next question. >> reporter: rick santorum is focussed outside detroit on christian conservatives. >> thanks for coming out, everybody. i appreciate t sorry we are running a little late this morning. >> reporter: polls put santorum virtually dead even in romney's
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home state. >> nobody is going to claim the slate and we never expect it had to be that way. it is close. >> reporter: so close, santorum is urging michigan.ers to punish romney for opposing the auto bailout in row bow calls. >> join democrats who are going to send a loud message to massachusetts mitt romney by voting for rick santorum for president. >> reporter: romney called that a trick. but the top democrat attacked in washington in a campaign-style event with auto workers. >> some said we should let detroit go bankrupt. you remember that? >> reporter: arizona's also holding a primary today. romney is the favorite but he is focused on michigan. and the future of the romney campaign could depend on the voters' verdict in this state. live from detroit, i'm steve handlesman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, steve.
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well, it has been nearly a year since a powerful earthquake rocked japan, triggering a tsunami that rolled across the pacific into the harbors of santa cruz and crescent city. there was a tsunami warning system but tonight, we are learning that system is in jeopardy. the white house is carrying plan to cut more than $4.5 million from the program. $1 million would be cut from a network of dozens of buoys secured to the ocean floor. those buoys tell us where the tsunami waves are and when they might hit land. the white house says safety won't be compromised. overpasses and on-ramps in san jose have long been home to many with nowhere else to go but that may be changing. caltrans worked to clear out homeless encampments near highway 87 and interstate 280 in san jose. the effort ganz this morning as employees trimmed trees in the area to discourage people from using the area for shelter. many drivers say the encampments have become a safety threat because the homeless would walk across the roadway.
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>> i got hit that's why i'm on this side there's no way on there but to cross that thing. >> you have gotten hit by a car? >> yeah. >> how did you survive? >> luck. >> most people in the encampments say they know of other places in the south bay where they will now go to set up camp. still ahead here at 5:00, helping you stay healthy or the government going too far. new chromes over what you eat coming to south bay cafeterias. also -- >> as wrong as it can be on so many levels. >> the ad looks like a military man searching for love but his family says it is far from the truth. what they are -- why they are taking two popular dating websites to court. and good afternoon, a aim jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a storm system continues to get closer at this hour, even a few radar returns in northern california. we are tracking rain for your wednesday forecast for the south bay and east bay, temperatures
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only in the low 50s. tell you when the strongest portion of this storm will hit in just a few minutes. get ready, apple's next big thing, the picture and's lodged of sth's lodged a lot peculation. we are back in a moment.
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the big food truck debate of san francisco city supervisor serving up new legislation that would give food trucks more freedom. today, scott wiener in the throw calls toed the new food truck plan to the board of supervisor ares f approved, food trucks would be able to park closer to schools. a current city law says they must stay 1500 feet away from high schools and middle schools. the new 500-foot rule would bring trucks closer, obviously, and could provide students with healthier food options though critics contend food trucks serve fewer healthy options than schools do. >> and this would help us
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achieve balance in terms of protecting our school lunch programs and encouraging kids to eat on campus, not having food trucks parked directly in front of a school, but still allowing us as a community to have food trucks. >> wiener says the map -- this map shows how much of the city would be off limits to food truck it is a new state assembly bill passes. he wants supervisors to oppose that bill and allow local jurisdictions to make their own food truck rules. santa clara county is tightening its nutrition guidelines so people don't have to loosen their belts. starting in july you can the food in county cafeterias, jails, the hospital and the food for seniors who receive social services must be made with health in mind that means a cut in sugar, fat and salt t is a push to reduce the obesity epidemic. vending machines already reflect the change. stricter standards for food served at meetings and events in the county kick in next summer. it is a report not sitting well many, receipt mains of some 9/11 victims are ending up
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in a landfill. an independent panel found that body parts which could not be identified were taken to the mortuary at dover air force base in delaware, cremated and the ashes then dumped in a landfill. the practice was also used for the unidentified remains of soldiers killed in war. the discovery last year prompted the pentagon to ask the independent panel to investigate practices at the mortuary. since then, unidentified remains are now cremated and the ashes are scattered at sea. two dating websites are being sued for using the photos of a fallen soldier in their ads with the caption "military man searching for love." the parents of army lieutenant peter burkes, who died in baghdad in 2007, have sued plenty of and they say the websites use the picture in their ads without their permission. and they benefited financially and misled the public.
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>> somebody who has risked their life wearing that uniform and use that for commercial gain, it doesn't get any lower than that. >> both websites have removed the image and both websites say they would never knowingly use a picture of a fallen soldier in their ads. parties family says if they win the lawsuit, they will donate the money to military charities. the anticipation is building and the invitations have now officially been sent. apple sent out this invite today. the invitation is for an event on march 7th where it is expect that the new ipad 3 will be unveiled. while apple has not said what the event is for, as you can see, the invitation shows a finger touching an ipad with the words "we have something you really have to see and touch." meanwhile, apple's market cap is now almost $500 billion. this website has been created to put it in perspective how much that is. among the things apple is worth more, the entire united states aircraft carrier fleet. the global coffee industry.
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and all of the nfl teams ten times over. okay. late february, this should be more like it, highway 267, north star in tahoe, so cold, an icicle hangs from the top of the traffic camera there throughout the tahoe region, snow on the ground and plenty more apparently on the way, great for skier bus not enough to satisfy fit state department of water resources. analysts put on their skis today for the season's third winter snow survey. the driest winter in california since 1991 left the team without much to measure today. luckily, last year, we saw a lot of rain. >> normal, last year, we were 178% of normal. this year, we are 16% of normal. so, i mean, it is -- it -- i think it really illustrates the huge variability that there is between, you know, just a year
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ago. >> what a difference a year makes. fortunately, state-wide reservoir storage is 110% of normal nor time of year. however, if next year is also dry, like this one, state water officials could start rationing. okay. let's get a check of our forecast, i woke up to rain drops today. just a few, but it was enough to prevent me from going outside to go running. >> oh, come on, janelle. all rel. a lot of us become weather wimps, rain and temperatures in the 40s, seems unbearable, i know when i used to handle temperatures in the teens, wasn't that big a deal. this was a big deal for us it has been so dry and also so above average here. right now the storm system, the leading edge moving in with a few rain drops, up into northern california, nothing heavy right now, but we are finding showers across interstate 80 corridor, american canyon down to vallejo, the beginnings of what will be coming our way to the big talk we heard in the department of water resources story is all about the heavy snow. we could see our snow pac go up
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10 to 20% because we are expecting one to three feet of snow with the next stronger storm system coming our way, numbers also in the 50s h that wind blow today, felt like the 40s from san mateo to know vad development looking back toward san francisco, boy, that does look stormy for us here, compared to this time last week, temperatures well above average, midand high level cloud cover streaming in ahead this cold front, stormier here in the next 18 hours, bring you back to the weather boards, what you will find here for tomorrow morning is the rain and also the wind, see this rain linger throughout wednesday, heavy sierra snow, big-time change notice 7-day forecast. once we finally get winter coming our way, mother nature turns to it to wild and whacky weather. storm center to the gulf of alaska, even though that is positioned up there the weaker bottom edge of this cold front is going to be scraping on by the bay area but it is going to hold together enough moisture, we think that we should see some
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widespread rainfall here to tomorrow morning, not going to be a strong storm system on the scale of things, more moderate here for us, but overall, the big thing, yes is rainfall. looks like the most consistent rain will come in the morning hours, also periods of wind. as we continue throughout thursday, we will find those showers still lingering in the forecast. for tonight, accumulating rain in the north bay, 10 p.m. we head into your morning commute you 4, 5, 6:00, earliest hours in the morning, we will find pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall for those commuters. we head throughout the day rain will lessen, even a few sun breaks here, a chance for showers if theth in forecast by 6 p.m. on wednesday. overall snow totals would cake make this one of the strongest storm systems when it comes to snow we have seen in two months' time. upwards of two feet possible the highest levels near 7,000 feet. tonight, dropping to 43 in santa rosa, 47, fremont, 45, santa cruz, 45 in fairfield. let's get those numbers for our wednesday, the rain coming in, the clouds, another reinforcing
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shot of cold air, temperatures in the mid-50s. 49 in danville, 49 in black hawk, a bit of the wind in the morning, feeling quite a bit gold and blustery. 55 in santa rosa. winter back the next two days on our three-day forecast. we start to dry out, sun comes back on out. we head into the weekend, mother nature throws us this curve ball i couldn't be happier, saturday and sunday, upper 60s, near 70 degrees that is, what, shorts, bathing suit weather here? >> why not. >> head into monday and tuesday, stays dry, so, next 24 hours, it will be windy and also wet for us and snow level 2,000 fee. i'm embracing tomorrow. can't wait. >> we will drive safe too. >> thanks so much, jeff. still to come at 5:00, the place you want to be this week if you are looking to catch some
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hollywood stars in the bay area. >> oh, also ahead, calm,wllted yoga is trying to become an olympic sport. getting ready to plant?
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instead of holding 'em back, they'll leap ahead. miracle-gro garden soil. start right. finish big. the stars are out in the south bay tonight and walking the red carpet for the opening night of san jose's annual film festival. the california theater is screening "the lady" a new film starring michelle yo of ber ma, ang sun sui kyi. you can sit in on panel discussions and lech swhurs industry professionals. on thursday, grammy winner natalie cole unveils the new film she helped produce and actor elliott gould will be in town as one of the resip yoents of the maverick spirit award.
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pack your bags, we are taking you on a trip. the olympic rings were officially unveiled last night in london to mark 150 days until the start of the summer games. the colorful rings stand 36 feet tall. the five iconic rings traveled on a born and floating on the river thames. they begin here on july 27th. is it a stretch to think yoga could one day be an olympic sport, some enthusiasts are pushing for it the national yoga championships are this weekend and organizers say adding yoga to the olympics makes plenty of sense. maybe one day, we will be doing downward dog as an olympic sport. >> perfect time for that good form. >> i think they gave ping pong a hard ti>>niood ght. ou6:. >> good night.
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