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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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one man is in custody. that story coming up. >> reporter: and a home invasion robbery attempt in union city goes very bad. two people now in the hospital this morning. i'm marla tellez with the latest from the scene. >> nearly 2 million people still sweating it out and facing no electricity on the east coast. >> we're hitting our seasonal averages. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. 80s inland today, 70s bayside, 60s at the coast. a warmer fourth of july ahead. your full forecast is moments away. >> the roads getting fuller as well. this atypical flow for your traffic tuesday. >> right now live look outside spanning over san jose on a tuesday, july 3rd. "today in the bay." >> good morning. the time is 6:00 on the nose. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. 20 people out of their homes this morning because of this, a four-alarm fire in san francisco's bay view district that damaged three buildings. we're learning police have a man in custody who may have set that fire. it started around 3:00 this morn near bayshore and augusta. we have live coverage. christie smith talked to people evacuated. bob has the latest on the fire. let's start with bob. >> reporter: good morning. yes, damaged three buildings and destroyed one more, given how intense this fire was it's remarkable that no one was hurt and it didn't take out the entire block. now that we've got sunlight. a pretty good idea of the damage. looking on the back side, extending all the way to the front on the right where you could see one building has collapsed out on the sidewalk. an arson investigator is near the scene. they are trying to determine the cause.
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police have a 61-year-old man in custody for possible involvement. the fire started in a vacant building which is what we're looking up now. the building the second from the bottom of the street. a place that has been home to squatters. witnesses saw this man running out of the building with something in his hand. he was arrested when he returned. the fire started around 3:00 and spread to three other buildings. everyone escaped unhurt. >> the biggest challenge probably we're kind of luck the buildings up the street were only two stories. if they were all three-story it might have spread quicker. they did a good job not -- there are four buildings up there. with that amount of fire and that quick, it's easy to lose a block. they did a good job doing aggressive attack on the exposure. >> trying to avoid a downed power line.
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>> reporter: and this was a four-alarm fire. they had about 120 to 130 firefighters here. that's about a third of the department's entire on-duty staff overnight. again, they were able to contain the fire to those. the vacant building did collapse on itself. the others are so damaged that no one can live in them. the the flames caught a deck on fire. the department was able to keep it from spreading. as i mentioned three of the buildings are uninhabitable. i'm going to send it up to christie smith. >> reporter: good morning to you, bob. as you said we're up the street from you and we can see people walking around in red cross blankets, closer to the homes that burned, the red cross has a vehicle, there is also a muni bus, get people out of the cold who need them. a lot of them upset. not wanting to talk.
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i spoke with one woman, a caregiver. they had to help each other out of a burning building. another neighbor was able to shoot on her cell phone and really spectacular flames as the first building went up. the care giver told us it was amazing that the seniors were able to get out except for a small burn they were okay. >> they called me at 3:20, i was here at 3:27. >> you live close. >> i do. >> how did you get them out? >> well, they came down, the neighbor rang the doorbell and said that the house was on fire. and they helped each other. the 88-year-old helped the 92-year-old. >> reporter: another neighbor told us that her home caught fire on this street july 4th of
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2009. she says that squatters in a make home were tied to. it's there. she is thinking that is the case. it's under investigation. i spoke with the red cross. they are helping 19 adults and three children. the good news is any in this they are telling me that everyone who was burned out had homeowner's insurance. reporting live, christie smith, todd. >> the fire's clean up impacting traffic. >> let's check in with mike to see what's happening. >> behind christie we saw a bus traveling south and another passenger vehicle so there may be hope for the southbound side past the scene. bob and christie are near the area of bayshore boulevard along 101. around augusta and that's between silver and 280. that portion was closed.
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it looked like the northbound side had the fire activity. get over toward san bruno avenue. that will get you around the season. on base is affected as well. the rest of the traffic, the activity on -- a block stretch out of 280. the rest of your product, that's all right but if you can avoid the off ramp into the area that will take you into the fire activity. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we will have more on the fire, we'll update you as the morning continues. more live reports. >> police have torn down a camp at lake view elementary where parents and teachers have been protesting. a video posted shows police standing guard near the camp on school grounds. protesters say officers moved in
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on the camp about 4:00 this morning. then ordered everyone to leave. some parents were arrested, others left voluntarily. we spoke to an organizer. he said the response was too harsh for a peaceful protest. >> it takes 20 police which is ridiculous for what is a non-violent protest. we have not been aggressive. they have been coming in every day we had our people, which has educated students every day. yet this is the final word they have on this. it's pretty ridiculous to me. >> the parents and teachers protesting. they are planning to rally at the school tonight. >> right now police are still at the scene of a violent home invasion robbery. two were hurt including a 62-year-old woman who was shot. marla tellez joins us with new information. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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you can see behind us here crime scene tape and patrol cars surround this home on the 4100 block of hanford street. i can tell you at least five invest gers are snapping photos, canvassing the seen. residence who were not hurt, they are not home but you can see their cars still are. this happened before 10:30 saying three suspects confronted a 62-year-old woman who was reportedly outside at the time. they forced their way inside the home with her where three more people were inside. we're talking three suspects versus four residents. a fight happened. her adult son was hurt. he was hit on the head by one of the suspects. we understand the woman and her
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son are in the hospital. police say his injurelies are not life threatening. they are not releasing the condition in regard to the 6 wo-year-old woman. at this point three suspects on the loose. police are asking for your help f. you know about this home robbery attempt, you're asked to call police. they say clearly the motive was sex. live in union city, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> 6:09 now. christina loren lets us know about a good looking day ahead. >> so nice out there. a live look, san jose, a gorgeous sunrise right now. we'll get you that picture coming up. to san francisco, take a look at this. headed toward another unseasonably cool day. let's get to it this morning. temperatures are going to be
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mild today. even better for the fourth of july. come 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, 67 degrees. in danville, i'll be out in danville tomorrow. broadcasting live tomorrow, so you might find yourself on tv if you care to join me. 67 at 9:00. it's going to be spectacular viewing across the bay area when it comes to the fireworks tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. a little bit of a wrench when it comes to your coastal forecast. we expect fog to roll back in overnight so we'll talk about when that could obstruct your view but your hour by hour forecast looks beautiful. 74 as of noon. if you have outdoor activities try to do it before noon. 68 degrees bay side at noon. 62 in pacifica and half moon bay. rounding out the day with mid-70s inland and upper 60s at the coast. right now back to you guys.
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>> thank you. still a mess out on the east coast. 1.8 million people still do not have power in 11 states. blistering temperatures continuing to follow that heat. driving storms, knocking out the power there. 19 reported dead from the storms. traffic lights remain out in many cities including washington, d.c. and we told you heat advisory warnings in eight states. we'll keep you up dated on that. a live report from ksh. >> for the second day 18 you a sp executive steps down who is resigning now. >> one man in custody following a fire that damaged three buildings in san francisco. >> a live look outside golden gate bridge. we'll check commute across the bay area.
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>> good morning. 6:14 now. look at the sun coming up. isn't that beautiful. >> indeed. >> the bridge in the distance. a nice day on tap. 6:14. >> we have an update on the massive fire in san francisco. more than 20 people forced from their homes when the flames erupted. >> we learned that police have a 61-year-old man in custody moo may have set the fire. this cell phone video captured the fire around 3:00 this morning near bay shore and augusta. the flames destroyed one building, damaging three others, all were two-story homes with people inside. crews say no one was hurt. >> this morning a hunt is on for a mountain lion that mauled a
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hiker. the rare attack happened in the sierra foothills near nevada city sunday. the man decided to stop and spend the night under the stars. the department of fish and game say he was in the sleeping bag when the animal attacked. the man was eventually able to drive to the hospital and he was treated and released. >> mountain lions will scavenge on the kill of other mountain lions. there is a chance this animal was sick or desperate looking for an easy meal. >> only the 15th confirmed mountain lion attack in 120 years. >> another sign of the times, a california city filing for bankruptcy. the small ski town of mammoth lakes seeking chapter 9 protection. it's facing a court judgment brought by a land developer,
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this is more than twice the city's annual budget. the filing coming days after stockton filed for bankruptcy. >> two bills to protect head to the governor's desk. the homeowner protection package approved by state lawmakers protects homeowners from sudden foreclosure while they are working on loan modifications. the law makes lenders provide a single point of contact instead of shuffling them from one loan office to another. it makes california the first to extend to all homeowners the terms of the settlement with the top five banks. >> to the countdown to london. hopefully that got you out of bed. a race that never happened but what the sports world is talking about. jeneba tarmoh was supposed to race her friend allyson felix. both placing third at the recent u.s. track and field trials. the winner would have secured a
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spot, you can see the photo finish. the winner would have secured the spot but tarmoh deciding to give delfelix the spot. >> i don't think she's quitting. what she's trying to do is she's going to have to practice in the next couple days. >> i let her know that it will be all right. it's fine. >> that is the spirit. tarmoh still heading to the games, expected to run in the 400 meter relay. >> we're 24 days from the start of summer olympic games in london. stay with nbc bay area or complete live coverage during all of the games. until then, feel free to check out the website. look at our special report on how gymnast trials there have raked in a lot of cash for the
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south bay businesses. >> hoping to rake in a lot of sunshine today. i want to check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> it's that time of year. that time of year. we're going to get spoiled again today. the only reason why we're getting spoiled is because you look at the temperature readings across the nation. another skor. er for much of the u.s. from mississippi all the way to michigan. they will be suffering from extreme heat. for us today, we're going to get temperatures on par with seasonal averages. this is a live look at san jose. over the next hour or two the marine layer will be out of here and have a comfortable afternoon. let's show you san francisco. we're seeing quite a bit of fog. we expect clearing about three to four hours earlier than yesterday so a great looking day shaping up. fourth of july is tomorrow. a lot of people will be out exposed to the elements tomorrow and you'll like what we have in
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store for you. seems to be hot tomorrow afternoon. we stop the clock. that's where we expect clearing over the greater bay area. it's going to make as muches warmer from yesterday's highs. nudging the storm track to the north. that means the on shore flow is not as strong this morning. it will be breezy later on this afternoon. we'll get the sundowner winds that pick up between about 3:00 and 7:00, when we meet back here tomorrow for independentens day, you have the day off or not we'll be here to help you. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, 73 degrees. at 5:00 p.m., that's san francisco. completely clear in san francisco at 5:00 p.m. that's a treat for us. then we take your temperatures down a little. so it's pretty cool we're going to peak in time for the fourth of july. 76 in san jose.
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after tomorrow temperatures fall back in the mid 80s, temperatures that are very normal for this time of year through this monday. so we don't have major heat waves or cooldowns in the forecast. overall holding on to much of the same. 6:20. see how good we're doing in that. >> not so bad. because of this fourth of july holiday thing we have this, 19 minutes out of the altamont pass. moving to the dublin. above 50 as i awe proch. the construction has cleared, so has the rest through san ramon valley. also the city, the activity off of the freeway, 101, bob called and said all lanes have reopened past the scene at where the fire was still has the fires but muni reinstated its normal route.
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the traffic on 101 and 280 approaching the city. the bay bridge, you'll see things moving approaching the action. in some of the cash lanes a little backup from time to time. no metering lights because that volume is so light our of the maze. dh thank you, mike. >> maybe next time scott takes two off i vote that a team vacation, take us with him. >> a nice vacation for him. >> a lot of business and tech news. including all-out from the rigging. >> now the latest person to step down, in a statement dimon said he is resigning over political pressures. just yesterday the chairman of barclays resigned saying the buck stops with me. after the scandal dealt a blow to the reputation. barclays was fined 4$453 millio by british and u.s. regulators for submitting records on its
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tra interest rate dealing. >> could have more legal trouble due to his tablet. nokia saying it infringing on its patent. it's not said which it thinks have been violated. nokia does not have a tablet. apple has pursued an android. >> coming up, with u1.8 million without power. details are ahead. [ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice,
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dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> 6:25. an update on the summer storms that knocked out power to millions. restoration is slow going, some people could be in the dark all week. tracie potts is in the middle of it all in the hardest hit region around the nation's capital. >> good morning. we have power here on capitol hill because around the city, around the area, around the region lots of people don't. 1.8 million at last count still in the dark. and it's hot. 90s, may be hitting 100 again by july 4th, one of the reasons a lot of the jurisdictions here have opened cooling centers so people can come in that have power to try to get relief.
6:26 am
lots of crews coming but it's going to take until at least the end of the day friday, maybe some longer. no one is promised power before the end of the day friday. some are getting power on during the week. it's just that the power companies say it's slow going. this was a deadly storm. at last count 22 people had died in the region, and emergencies have been declared in maryland, d.c., virginia, west virginia, and ohio, and insurance companies, they are getting a lot of claims. the rapid response team trying to get claims taken care of quickly. sometimes even by e-mail. >> whatever they can do. bring those people relief. >> so brutal out there. in stark contrast. beautiful out here as always, another great day ahead.
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>> and one of the greatest things about our cool atlantic ocean it's going to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler at the coast. 74 at noon inland, up to 84, on the warm side inland in the heat of the day. san francisco, oakland 74 at 4:00, 67 degrees in pacifica and half moon bay. here's mike. >> i wanted to make sure all of our san francisco commuters know bay shore has opened. and we had the four-alarm fire at 101, the bay bridge, the toll plaza, the metering lights were turned on. the backup starting to form. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> it is 6:27 now. still to come, american fast food creating problems in asian countries. we'll tell you why.
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>> the search is on for suspects after a home invasion that injured a woman. a live report is next. >> arson investigators on seen, find out what led police to take one man into custody.
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>> reporter: good morning. one man is in custody after a 4-alarm fire destroys and damages four homes in san francisco. i'm bob redell. we take you live to the scene. >> reporter: and a union city woman is in the hospital this morning after being shot during a home invasion robbery attempt. good morning. i'm marla tellez. the latest from the scene coming up. >> and kind of hard to see the purple mountains majesty across the bay area. later on you will, the fog is clearing, 80s inland, 70s bayside and 60s at the coast. your seven-day forecast in
6:31 am
moments. >> if you're heading to the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. and i'll clue you in to some of the slowdowns you might not be expecting. >> a live look outside. look at that, old glory blowing in wind for tuesday, july 3rd, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:31. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we can tell you 22 people now out of their home this is morning because of this, a four-alarm fire in san francisco's bay view district. damaging three buildings. we're learning police have a man in custody who may have set the fire. the fire started about 3:00 this morning near bayshore and augusta. we have live team coverage in place. christie smith talked to people.
6:32 am
bob has the latest on the fire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. because of the suspicious nature of this fire an investigator is out at the scene. we're near boutwell, 101 and 280. you can see the debris on the sidewalk. that's some of the building that fell on the sidewalk during the fire. this started in a vacant building. it's second from the bottom of the street. a 61-year-old man is in custody. police arresting him for his possible involvement in starting this. that home was a place that had been home to squatter. witnesses saw this man running with something in his hand. he was arrested when he decided to return. the fire spread, all of those were two story homes that were occupied. the fire was so intense when the
6:33 am
first truck arrived the fire department called for a fourth alarm. about a third of the department's entire on-duty staff. they were able to contain the fire to those four structures. >> i had concerns when we arrived because of the value of the fire and extent ever it in a north samt of time. >> we had fire when we arrived on the scene. the main building was burning top to bottom which is unusual. i had ser just concerns of the expansi expansion. >> reporter: maybe somebody started this? >> yes. >> the fire extended so far across the street in terms of embers and flames it set a deck on fire on a home. the first department was able --
6:34 am
the building that started this did collapse on itself, the other three are so damaged that no one can live in them. that means the people are displaced. christie smith has been speaking with some of those and the red cross. what are you hearing? >> good morning, bob. there are people walking around in blankets and robes stunned but being able to get closer to morning to the damage that happened to their homes. i spoke with one woman who grabbed her dog and cell phone and able to get out after she heard a crackling sound, she looked out and saw flames from the front window of that make home. they were pouring out of the window and spreading fast. she shared that video with us and said that home caught fire before, almost to the day. she says it was july 4th at her home was damaged then as well. she told us since then squatters have been coming and going, she
6:35 am
and her boyfriend asked them to leave before but they kept coming back. >> on and off hauling out stuff, going through the back way through the gate. because there is a stair entrance. you would hear people talking, people mailing stuff. i guess they were trying to mix to the their abode. >> reporter: the red cross tells us that they health held 19 adults, for a while they had a muni bus, they had the red cross van, to help keep people warm. i spoke with the woman who tells us she saw squauters before. i asked when the last time she wau shem was. she said it was a aboweek ago. >> nice work. we'll have more on the fire throughout our newscast. we'll update you as the morning goes on with more live reports.
6:36 am
>> investigators at the scene of a violent home invasion. two people were hurt including a 62-year-old woman who was shot. marla tellez is live in union city with an update. >> reporter: good morning. i want to give you an update on the woman. what we're learning. police say the woman who was shot at this home last night, she was in the midst of surgery early this morning but her specific condition is not being released at this hour. we'll give you a look at the scene. you can see police officers and investigators still on scene eight hours after. this robbery attempt happened close to 10:30. three suspects forced their way inside. they were confronted by four people home at the time. police say at this point some sort of a scuffle ensued and that's when the 62-year-old woman was shot, her adult son was also hurt.
6:37 am
he is in the hospital. but he is expected to survive. again at this point, the 62-year-old's condition is not being released. she is in the hospital after surgery early this morning. union city police tell us that suspects are on the run. any one to information contact them as soon as possible. live in union city, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> we want to update your weather. christina is here. >> doing more showing than telling with the pictures. san francisco, a beautiful start. we have a full deck of clouds earlier. at this point the only cloud cover is over the golden gate bridge. you might have to use your wipers. if you are meeting us from half moon bay, down to pacifica. a gorgeous day shaping up. you can tell from futurecast. at 11:00, all of the cloud cover pushing out to see leaving the
6:38 am
greater bay area clear. 74 degrees at noon today. we'll be at about 84 degrees inland so overall temperatures about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. that might dromt you to turn on that air conditioner. you don't need it bay side or at the coast. we're going to look at where you'll get the best view of fireworks tomorrow night. so stay tuned for that. if you've got to get out the door hold on. here is mike. >> you can probably hold on for two moments. it's lighter out there. we thank you for going to work today. the metering lights have been on since about 6:25 this morning and about mid parking lot for these lanes. the metering lights are on. look at the approach. not another issue for the roads
6:39 am
through oakland. 24 out of orinda, i'm circling this area through oakland off 880. a car hit a power pole. also likely affecting local signals. this is not a major commute spot but i wanted to warn folks of service streets. 580 smooth through livermore as well with a 25-minute drive out of the altamont pass toward the 50s at the interchange with 680. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> it is 6:39. coming up, find out about anderson cooper. an olympic athlete does the same. >> how about toyota. getting into the mini, mini car game. we'll tell you about that thing coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> it's a trend now. everything is shrinking down. one of the big automakers going small with this latest car. >> very small is right. it's so tiny it's about half of the size of the golf cart. toyota announced its new single seat electric kafrmt it's 7 feet long, can travel 31 miles per charge. >> does it not have doors? >> i guess not.
6:43 am
like a golf cart. it's $8400 to buy one. the car is only available right now in japan. >> cool driving around the neighborhood. i don't know about the freeway. >> a new study by the university of minnesota finding american style foods taking a toll on people in southeast asia. also with our people i guess. adults in singapore more likely to die of heart disease if they ate fast food twice a week. more than a quarter of the studies, did they develop diabetes. >> sharing what we can. 6:43. coming up, a sleepy neighborhood wakes up to flames and smoke as two apartment buildings burn in san francisco. we'll show you the damage ahead. ♪
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>> welcome back everyone. we continue following developing news this morning. a four-alarm fire in san francisco turns into an arson investigation. >> that's right. take a look at 22 people forced from their homes in the bay view district. the flames badly damaging three buildings. and we're learning police have a man now in custody who may have set the fire. bob redell joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: yes, good morning to you. a 61-year-old man who is in custody who witnesses say they saw him running out of the building that caught fire this morning with something in his hand. there is also an arson investigator here to try to determine the cause. given how large this fire was, it's remarkable that the entire block didn't go down and no one was hurt. this according to san francisco fire department.
6:47 am
they were able to keep it contained to four structures. it started in a vacant building known to be home to squatters and from there it spread. these other buildings are two-story homes that were occupied. everyone was able to get out okay. the vacant building if you want to come back out live, that's the one that spilled all of the debris on the sidewalk there. that building collapsed in on itself, the other three buildings are so damaged that no one can live in them at this time. fire, again, was so big that the fire department had to call for a fourth alarm. that meant they had around 120 to 130 of their fire fighting men and women here. to give you perspective of how many firefighters that is, that's about a third of their onduty staff. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. our live team coverage will continue in a moment.
6:48 am
christie smith is also live at the scene talking to the homeowners. >> we can be grateful for the bay area breeze. most of the country is suffering through brutal heat. in fact, almost 2 million people without air conditioning because the power is out from the midwest to the atlantic coast. temperatures pushing that century mark up and over 100 degrees in some parts. power outages from friday's wind storm have 1.8 million sweating it out and doing it in the dark. it could be days before the lights are on again. the energy company has crews from afar as canada to try to help rewire that power grid. in colorado they are struggling to contain eight wild fires. this morning firefighters making progress against the waldo canyon fire near colorado springs, most of the 30,000 evacuees have finally been allowed to return home but for some families there is no home to return to. the waldo canyon fire has a
6:49 am
distinction of being the most destructive wild fire in colorado history. burning 26 square miles and destroying nearly 350 homes. >> a prominent olympian is using to the state she is gay. soccer star megan rapino said she thought now is the best time to make her statement with the game approaching. she wants the story to empower others. she started for the women's national team in 2011. for the women's world cup. >> also coming out, journalist anderson cooper, he says he avoided talking about his private life for years but wrote in an online letter yesterday he had realized remaining silent gave the impression that he was ashamed. and in fact he says he is happy d proud of being gay. >> a great role model. christina loren is back to talk about sunshine in the forecast. >> being comfortable in your own
6:50 am
skin, remember the law in san francisco. good to abide what's good for your neighbors. people will be peeling it off today and tomorrow. but it's not going to be too bad especially when you put things in perspective for the remainder of the nation where it's scorching hot. a live look at our natural coolant off the pacific. you can see we have a nice day shaping up. 6:50 now. beautiful, beautiful sky here. nice and blue. a little coastal fog sticking to the mountains. 53 in san jose now. high pressure firmly in control of our pattern and it will be for today and tomorrow. through the fourth of july, that's good news for everybody viewing the fireworks. if you're like us you might not stay up late enough to do the fireworks. hey, if you will be staying up, temperatures are comfortable around 9:00 p.m. for the start of those displays. by wednesday we're going to peak when it comes to warmth.
6:51 am
lots of sunshine for tomorrow. fremont, 77 degrees at 7 p.m. tomorrow. our own mike inouye, you have a chance to meet him. he is going to be out there in the parade in fremont, the grand marshal. we'll talk to him about your drive. also oakland, how nice it's going to be. many years we have not been able to see the fireworks from the bay area at the coast. this is not one of those years. make those plans in oakland, in san francisco. i'm going to bet my bottom dollar on it. 9:00 p.m., it will be cool enough for a jacket but hey, the skies will remain clear and it will be gorgeous. 80 in livermore, 76 in san jose, 79 degrees in los gatos. throughout the week temperatures right around average for this time of year so we don't swing your temperatures down in the opposite direction either. we're going to hold on to consistent weather all the way through this monday. it feels more like summer.
6:52 am
not too hot. we'll let you know when that changes. here is the grand marshal himself. >> grand marshal in fremont, join us and also there will be traffic because we're stocking it for the parade. looking to the south bay, traffic flows nicely in the northbound routes, slowing here, 87 and 101. north of 680 we see the speeds, so the south bay, no major issues as you travel along the peninsula. 101 past the dumbarton. a live look, we'll show you how things are in the westbound direction. smooth drive to the peninsula as the sun comes out. burns off the clouds. a smooth flow there. 880 as well up through oakland. and the volume pretty light, making good progress on the new overpass, and a smooth drive to the toll plaza. our maps show slowing approaching the toll plaza. now we have about a 21 minute drive off of the carquinez
6:53 am
bridge. an accident has cleared. nine-minute travel time off 37. >> scott is off but plenty of business and tech news. >> right. google could be facing more legal trouble. this time it's related to its unveiled nexus 7 tablet. nokia claims it infringes on its patents. nokia does not have a tablet of its own. apple had pursued an injunction against the android hardware. >> the chief executive bob dime season resigning. yesterday the chairman of barclays resigned saying the buck stops with me after the scandal dealt a blow to the reputation. it was fined $453 million by british and u.s. regulators for submitting inaccurate reports on its dealing zbxt good news for
6:54 am
the zoo. it had been wanting to expand. a judge rules blocking environmental group efforts to stop that expansion. the zoo will now expand more than 50 acres into nolan park. it said it plans to build a veterinary hospital and a new animal exhibit. >> a bizarre story out of san francisco. 82-year-old woman ends up in the hospital after scolding a boy. the boy's father didn't take it well and pushed her to the ground. the 82-year-old is now in the hospital with a severe head injury. the man says the woman fell and hit her head. police want to talk to the father. >> we continue following a developing story in oakland. police have torn down a camp at lake view elementary school where parents and teachers have been protesting for nearly three
6:55 am
weeks. video posted on ustream shows police standing ground. protesters say officers moved in on the camp at about 4:00 this morning, they ordered everybody there to leave. some parents were arrested, others did leave. we spoke to one organizer on the phone who says the response was too harsh for what he was calling a peaceful protest. >> pretty ridiculous for what has been a non-violent protest up to this point. we have not been aggressive but they are coming in every day we had our people, educating 30 students every day, yet this is the final word they have on this is ridiculous to me. >> the parents and teachers protesting the closure of the lake view elementary and four other schools in the oakland district. they plan to hold a rally tonight at 5:00. >> oakland's fire department started a series what if it
6:56 am
calls skags brownouts. they are shutting down on a rotating schedule. tomorrow station 23 in east oakland will close for three days. and station 3 in west oakland will take one engine out of service. fire stations are not part of the brown-out rotation until the fire season ends. >> this is in the hands of the jury. the man accused of beating up a priest waiting to see if he will be sent to jail. he admits to beating him two years ago. lynch said he did hit the priest in the face after the priest leered at him. the jury reconvenes this morning at 9:00. >> thousands of bay area nurses protesting again and refusing to show up for work. members of the california nurses association will hit the picket lines at sutter hospitals for one day starting at 7:00 this morning. the demonstrations are happening at seven hospitals from oakland
6:57 am
to castro valley to san mateo. they have been negotiating a new contract since last summer. they say the hospital is asking for too many concessions. it has hired replacement nurses to fill in. >> 6:57. it was a violent home invasion robbery that sent two residents to the hospital including a 62-year-old woman. marla tellez is live in union city with the story of what happened out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a police officer on scene tells me he doesn't know when they are going to wrap up their investigation here at this home on hanford street. this home has been a crime scene since last night when police say three suspects forced their way inside, four people were vom. clearly, a woman ended up being shot and her adult son hurt.
6:58 am
both in the hospital now. he is expected to survive, but officials are not releasing her condition at this hour. police say the suspects got away so they are doing everything they can right now to bring those three suspects into custody. if you have information you are asked to contact union city police. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> we continue to find out more about the fire in san francisco that displaced many people living there. our coverage on the early morning fire continues now with christie smith who has been talking to the neighbors. >> reporter: good morning to you. neighbors are allowed closer to the burned homes to see how bad it is. and they keep telling us the same story over and over, that they heard crackling, the sound like burning logs. it kept getting louder. they looked out and saw flames out of the front window of a vacant home that they say had a problem with squatters.
6:59 am
they grabbed what they could including cell phones. some started taking pictures. one says the building caught fire in 2009 and so did her home so she says that she was unfortunately not that surprised to see this happening again. she said that was caused by squatters and thinks this was too. the red cross telling us they helped 19 adults and three children and will be on the scene for several more hours. >> amazing photos. >> great photos. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we're going to be back with a local update at 7:25. >> every half hour. more after that. see you then.


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