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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the night sky. >> it is the most anticipated show of the year. getting people to the san francisco waterfront. jean elle had a front-row seat. jean? >> reporter: we had some pause. but it did not matter. delighting a crowd of thousands who enjoyed a san francisco fourth of july. fireworks light up the sky over san francisco. delighting a crowd of thousands gathered on the waterfront. the fourth of july delivers an explosion of people the warf. big crowds mean big bucks for captain john. >> we're sold it for the
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fireworks. the boats are pretty much full. >> reporter: tourists having a great time and holiday memories with the kids. locals know, it's hot spot on the fourth. >> it's wonderful to see the celebrations in the city. >> reporter: after a seafood snack and a slow walk down jammed sidewalks, chances are, most will need an extra layer. carlos expects to sell every sweatshirt he has. it's a holiday celebration everyone takes a part in. right now, we have a different
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lights show. a traffic light show. a lot of folks lined up to get out of here. for city workers, the clenup starts as soon as the task pulls out. to the south bay, where the san jose giants won. >> it was very nice. me and the kids had fun. we had a god time. >> i like it very much. a nice family scene. the fireworks show is an annual event. and around much of the nation where they're dealing with sweltering heat and power outages. the show went off in washington, d.c., despite a thundercloud on
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the washington mall. in chicago, triple-digit temperatures sent fireworks watchers on the show. colorado had to cansed fireworks. illegal fireworks are lighting up the sky tonight. police issued citations which carry with them a $1,000 fine. it's illegal for anyone to carry fireworks without a permit. no word on any any arrests yet. so far, no reports on any damage. police have confirmed that the body fou on the embarcadero is that of a giants fans last week. they found the body of 27-year-old victor mario.
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he went missing from peer 22. the discovery comes four days after the family carried out their own search for him. the santa santa clara service will be scheduled for 2:00 saturday afternoon president the medical center garage which overlooks the grave sit. the service will remember those buried in unmarked coffins, which were discovered during construction. an estimated 1,300 coffins were buried there about 100 years ago. police say two robbers got away with a house robbery in cupertino. the men moved through the home
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before giving away. the victim was able to give a police sketch artist one of the suspect's descriptions. he's described in his early 20s, about six feet tall and weighing between 165 and 185 pounds. tonight, as the nation celebrates the birth of one country, one mother is celebrating the life of her son. he paid in afghanistan in 2011, but had a dream of becoming a santa clara police officer. tonight, his mother made good on part of his dream. >> reporter: cheryl walsh wanted to carry on her son's legacy that would help police departments in the bay area. you will only hear her voice in your interview. argo is more than just the
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fewest canine member of police. >> from the bottom of my matter, it's an honor and privilege to donate to santa clara. >> he started in their explorer program. and i think eventually he would have been part of their police department. >> reporter: but specialist walsh was killed in combat in afghanistan last november. three days after his death, his mother decided to honor her son's memory, establishing a foundation for police departments to buy, train and equip canines. >> we have a lot of support in the community. we're getting donations here and there. for someone to do that out of pocket, $10,000, that's big.
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>> reporter: cheryl met argo face-to-face. >> now, when i see pictures of the dog, i can say we helped make that possible. >> reporter: and on this fourth of july, she knows she made a difference. >> all of the holidays that i realize now, that someone like my son, and somebody else's son made a sacrifice. >> reporter: argo will start canine train big next week. three of four children who went missing from north oakland are alive and safe. the children were nowhere to be found after police responded to a home, to find another child with severe injuries allegedly caused by abuse. the other children were found at a relative's home. 16-year-old alasia marie
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johnson. neighbors reported seeing smoke come from the home on north 12th street. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. california's largest college is in jeopardy of shutting down. city college of san francisco has eight months to prove it's worthy of staying open. the biggest issue, the college's failure to fix serious problems of leadership and fiscal planning. just tonight, more scandal in the foreclosure crisis. a house report says countrywide financial group made hundreds of discount loans to gain influence with members of congress. the loans went to staffers and
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top government officials of fannie mae. at the time, the business counted own fannie mae. in 2010, the company was slapped with a fine for misleading investors. she's been missing for months. but tonight, an unusual, new tactic in the search for sierra lamar. marijuana and food stamps. the program that's causing concern tonight. and caught off the california coast. the 800-pound shark you have to see to believe. a spectacular fourth of july from the north bay to the south bay. plenty of heat. temperatures that tped 90 degrees in the east bay. we look at our thursday, getting cooler.
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it was fireworks looming over the rose bowl tonight. what the fireworks looked like over pasadena. july 4th is the nation's deadliest day of the year on the road. that according to aaa. and the bay area's first fatal crash happened in san jose. a man in the his late 30s flipped the pickup he was driving. the impact threw the driver from the truck. he was pronounced dead at the
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scene. no one else was in the pickup. >> in this report, prior to the collision, a white truck weaving in and out of the lane. lost control. hit the center divide and overturned. >> there's no word on whether the crash was alcohol-related. a bay area filmmaker is reaching out to help find sierra lamar. >> i love them and i'm not going to give up. >> brian garcia has produced two documentaries. garcia recently posted them on youtube. a man has been arrested for sierra's kidnapping and murder. but a body has not been found. garcia hopes his work inspires more vol fears. >> the main thing i want to show is this could be anyone's daughter. i want everyone to treat this that sierra is everyone's
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daughter. >> reporter: garcia is currently working on a third documentary. the state of oregon is ta taking medical marijuana the another level. only elderly or permanently disabled people qualify for disabt insurance will file for the deduction. the deduction puts the state at odds with the federal government. california does not allow for the deduction. one of the greatest discoveries in all of physics was announced today. two independent teams of scientists have discovered the so-called god particle. scientists at the biggest atom smasher say it took some 500 trillion proton collisions to yield this discovery. the normally subdued scientists
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break into applause and some even cried. physicists refer it to abozan. >> this is not like other ordinary particles. we're reaching into the fabric of the universe we've never done before. >> two generations of scientists have searched for the elusive particle since it was proposed as a theory in the 1960s. a shark, so big, it almost break the scale. eight men struggle to lift this huge macco shark out of the
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water. the deck manager guessed the shark weighs close to 800 pounds. >> this is supposed to hold 100 pounds. you don't see them that big that often. >> most sparks brought into the landing are donated to the l.a. county food bank. maccos are not man-eaters and aren't in danger. for some bay area kids, their fun is sitting in front of a laptop creating code. scott budman introduces us to a group of kids that could be the mogul of tomorrow. >> reporter: adam is designing video games. grace is making a movie trailer.
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together, they're part of i.d. tech camp, this one at stanford. a way for young people spending part of their summer getting ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. >> i'm creating a puzzle game that everyone can enjoy. a smiley face. so, it's a mixture of a lot of things. >> i'll never see a movie the same way because of what we're doing here. >> reporter: what they're doing is creating apps, games and video, like this. these girls put this together in a day. you get the feeling the man on the wall would be proud. >> steve jobs changed the world. i put him in the lab to sort of give kids a guide, somebody to look up to. to say, anybody can do it. >> reporter: they can do it, all right. taking home skills they might even use in the future.
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>> i do enjoy acting. i don't think i'm going to make movies. i like to watch them, instead. but it's fun to go to these camps where you learn more about what you're watching. >> reporter: watch these guys, they might be the future of silicon fally. >> future ceos. >> scott awe sures us that after the camp, they did get outside to play. jeff ranieri's here. he predicted our fireworks forecast perfectly. >> yes. i think we did deliver on this one. we had a bit of cloud cover around san francisco and the higher eer elevations. temperatures in the 50s. that fog is building up against the coast. we take you outside to our live sky camera network. and the transamerica building shining bright tonight. if you can see that top lit up, on special occasions, we're
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getting spared by the fog. but the clouds getting more aggressive in the city. it's a two-hour to three- hour window that we escape getting totally blocked in. and look another this traffic in the north bay to the city. if you happened to see any of the fireworks, you know what i mean. san rafael, it was explosions one right after the other. let's bring you to the weather headlines. for the morning hours, the foggy breeze going to stay with us. that will bring us slight cooler for thursday. but plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. the seven-day forecast will get hotter. all of the heat we felt with today and will deal with in the next couple of days. a hot, high pressure. that produced the triple digits ov in colorado and new mexico.
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that will kick up 60s in the coastline. and the inland areas, 70s and 80s. looks like weal be out of the 90-degree category. we find fog against marin in the morning. cowher computer, not showing a lot of company. but by 2:00 p.m., fog will be pushing back. san francisco down to half moon bay and pacifica, may hold on to the fog in the afternoon hours. low to mid-50s for most of the bay area. your day's going to break apart like this. the coast, will find temperatures in the low-40s by the afternoon. and sunshine by the bay. inland, we're going to low to mid-80s by the 4:00 p.m. hour. 81 in los gatos. 82 in san jose. 70s by the bay. 73 in oakland.
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68 in san francisco. and 70s in san rafael. on your three-day forecast, it warms up friday and saturday to the upper 80s. we're going to hold off on the 90s until next woke. it will be getting hotter. conservative on wednesday. we may have mid to upper 90s. katy perry and the reege on nbc. >> i know. up next, an olympic first from nearly disqualified to the road to london. i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon.
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we are a little less than 22 days away from the opening story in london.
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oscar pastors a had to have both of his regulars amputated when he was 20 years old. he uses carbon fiber blades. the story has inspired millions around the world, including one man here in the bay area. >> he's at a level, as an athlete, where he's able, with prosthetic adaptation. he's able to compete and make it a level playing field for able-bodied athletes. >> turner says the accomplishment is two-fold bauds he plans to compete in the 2012 paralympics in london. >> we're 22 days away. stay with nbc bay area for complete live coverage of the game. until then, check out our website at
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check out our special roort on how gymnastics trials have brought in cash for bay area businesses. nothing says fourth of july like baseball and hot dogs. joey chestnut, did he break his own record? the giants were up bright and early, taking on the nationals in our nation's capital. good morning! wow.
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what a difference a week makes. the giants won four-consecutive games in a shutout. they're trying to correct the problem at the nation's capital. g-men trying to close out the first half of the season on a good note. pablo sandoval at the plate. two-run homer to right center.
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3-0, giants. bottom of the third. 3-1 ball game. madison bumgarner and the bases loaded jam. two runs come in to tie the game. fifth inning, nats up by a run. ryan zimmer man wants to extend that lead. nats win, 9-4. red sox and a's, bottom of the second. brandon moss, get lost because this baby's gone. off of aaron cook. 1-0, oak town. top of the fourth. we had another homer. it was the other team. david, big papi ortiz. solo homer off of a.j. griffin. bottom of the seventh. here comes coco. he's going to stroll in and tap home plate. a's complete the three-game sweep. first time they swept the red sox since 2008. how about steve nash, an
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mvp, joins the l.a. lakers. they worked out a sign and trade deal for the point guard. a three-year deal for $25 million to acquire nash. the l.a. lakers gave up a couple of future draft picks to the phoenix suns. fourth stage of the tour de france. look out. a big crash near the end, including britain's mark cavendish one of the guys expected to win in event. fabbian. sonya thomas broke her own record, 45 hot dogs in 10 minutes. the pride of san jose, untouchable. joey chestnut tied his record by eating 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes. that will do it for sports. hopefully you had a great fourth of july. ♪
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tonight, we leave you with the best of the best from tonight's fireworks. >> and from all of us at nbc bay area, have a good night. ♪ ♪
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