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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: at this hour police activity on the bay bridge having a major impact on traffic on the lower deck. i'm christie smith. we'll have a live report coming up. >> as she talks about the impact i'll show you what's going on and some ways that you might want to plan to get a way around it. >> lawmakers may be changing their tunes when it comes to california's high speed rail project. why money for caltrain could convince them to pass the bill. >> what a difference a day makes. temperatures dropping off by 5 to 10 degrees this afternoon and
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we've got drizzle in parts of the bay area this morning. we'll track that on the radar coming up. >> we give you a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. easy going on thursday morning. thursday, july 5th, "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us, 5:01. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. it's the story we're covering all morning long, several lanes of the bay bridge still blocked as the chp investigates a shooting. christie smith is live at the scene in san francisco. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. i can tell you that traffic was a complete standstill on the lower deck until about ten minutes ago. traffic was stopped before the tunnel. again, this is the direction heading toward oakland. the chp telling us there may
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have been a pursuit and possible shooting. we're waiting word and also the san francisco police department. i'm told that a shooting incident team is here now from the california highway patrol. this started at about 1:30 this morning. all lanes were shut down for a time completely, and then they reopened two lanes. then about 4:30 this morning they shut it down. we saw a fire truck that was brought on, i spoke briefly with a chp officer who didn't give a lot of details. he said they had a scene they were investigating and wanted to make sure they had everything covered. traffic is moving although i use that word lightly because it's just crawling along and again, we're waiting for an update from the california highway patrol.
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christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. it is still early and that's a major direction of the morning. >> it's having a major impact. let's get a live look at the bay bridge. we'll take to you a look at the upper deck. that's the commute direction. the lower deck, look at the lights, the taillights stacked up. cars are moving, she's on the eastern side of treasure island. on the san francisco side, you can't see the taillights moving. coming out of san francisco over to the oakland side. let's look at your maps. the traffic flow is going to be restricted. we're looking at a similar shot over toward treasure island. you see the slowing. if you are considering going from san francisco to the east bay you want to consider the san
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mateo bridge t richmond bridge or b.a.r.t. operating 33 trains and no delays under the bay, that's better news for the tubes. >> we'll keep checking. 5:04. some closure for the family of a baseball fan who disappeared in san francisco last week. the coroner confirmed the body found in the water yesterday is 27-year-old victor ma rio. the discovery comes four days after his family carried out their own search for him. >> jury deliberations resume this morning in the trial of william lynch, the man accused of beating a south bay priest. marla tellez is live with the charges the jury is considering. good morning. >> good morning. william lynch is chasing
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charges. the 44-year-old is pleading not guilty both charges. we have a look at those charges for you. he faces one count of felony aswault intend to cause great bodily injury and one count of elder abuse. if he is found guilty he faces a maximum of four years in prison. the alleged beating that lynch admitted to on the stand happened at the retirement home father lindner was living at. lynch says he did it out of retaliation for the molestation he endured decades ago. os our expert points throughout case is not about sexual abuse, it's about assault. >> the case from the d.a.'s point of view is the rule of law and they did a good job explaining that, even when their victim is someone who is despicable. they have to prosecute the days. >> reporter: the defense motion
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for a mistrial denied on all occasions. the jury is set to resume deliberations at the hall of justice at 9:30. >> a new south bay casino trying again to get a police permit to open up its doors. executives with san jose's high rise matrix say they were ready to open in april but have been waiting for a approval. that may happen on july 19. the ground level gambling area, additional permits on the top floor would take longer. >> state lawmakers speeding toward a vote on the california bullet train. lawmakers voting tomorrow on a plan to start building the $68 billion rail project. and in a surprise twist money for the bullet train will be tied to a deal that would save caltrain commuter service. governor brown releasing his final $8 billion proposal to
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cover construction of the first phase. it fully funds a complete caltrain overhaul. >> an announcement expected in the investigation involving pablo sandoval. bob is live at the sheriff's office where we should learn if sandoval will face charges. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. after a month-long investigation the sheriff's office told haus they will be putting out a news release at 10:00. this investigation has taken so long because investigators are waiting for a test result on forensic evidence that were submitted. the 21-year-old woman accused the star third baseman with the giants of sexual assault. she allegedly immediate him in a bar on thursday night, this is may 31, from there she went with
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him,ties hother an agency where she says the assault occurred. this is in the wee hours of june 1. the sheriff's office questioned sandoval later. his lawyer said he has been cooperative and what happened was consensual. whether investigators agree we expect to find out. eexpect a recommendation for charges. reporting live, bob redell. >> time is 5:08. we check win meteorologist christina loren. yesterday you said you had a pie. was it cherry? >> i love pies. >> minced meat. >> unless it's the time that comes and you stick it in the oven. no, but i did have an in and out burger for the fourth of july. this morning you might want to have something hot because it's cooler out there. i wanted to start with this live picture of the bay bridge.
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mike has an update but at the lower deck knocked here. we'll get to. that we'll take you to san jose now. beautiful conditions, a few clouds, the marine layer will push to the east as woke land. so we're going to start out with sunshine. that drizzle is coming down from san francisco at the coast. you want to take it easy this morning from the schoolle the drizzle in 24 hours. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler. we're picking up some of that drizzle because it's thick enough t fog in particular, where we have that steady drizzle. by noon, sun comes out. 85 at 4:00 p.m. significantly cooler than yesterday where we did get warm in gilroy, above that 90-degree mark. we do have hotter weather on the
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way and that monsoonal flow. we'll talk about when, we are so very close now it's friday eve. we like thecelebrate thursday here. mike, not a celebration on the bay bridge. >> no. stay away from the bay bridge. traveling out of san francisco. this is from christie and allen who are live there with the investigation. you see the trucks and the cars there, the suvs, they are basically at a hand still. we'll see them move from time to time. eastbound on the hoer deck are down to 1 lane. you see more flashing lights. there are all of the red lights. the brake lights from treasure island all the way across the screen to the right side of the screen. cars are being allowed on but i
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would avoid the lower connect into oak hand. back to the maps, we'll show you alternates. the upper deck commute direction is fine. eastbound is the issue. if you travel to south, san mateo bridge. that hill be an issue. if you cross and you continue north through the area fast carquinez bridge, this is the on going mess activity here. i know it's out in mixon but that is an issue for both directions. you can see the stack up forming. that is not the last of the issues. >> it's 5:11. a news scandal in the housing crisis. the company that is abused of prescribing lawmakers. >> it was not the show people were shopping for. the display ended up a big time mistake. kids, do you know what it is that makes this country great?
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>> welcome back everybody. a live look over the south bay in san jose. the sun slowly starting to rise over the mountains. the day after the fourth of july looks like the clouds are clearing out of the way, maybe some of that after effect from the fireworks still need to blow out. christina loren will be here to tell us about it. >> a new scandal is emerging from the country's mortgage crisis. a new report says the now defunct countrywide financial corporation tried to influence members of congress. the company allegedly ran a v.i.p. program which gave discounted loans to several lawmakers and hundreds of government staffers. at the time of its bankruptcy country wide serviced 9 million loans worth more than $1
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trillion. hard to hear there. wall street playing catch-up after being closed for the fourth of july. >> for a check on the markets let's turn it over to miss courtney reagan, live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. right now futures are relatively flat so i guess slightly higher ahead of the opening bell as traders return from the holiday. the markets were closed yesterday. the european central bank cutting interest rates to a quarter percent and three-quarter percent. markets are happy about that. markets relatively flat so far in europe, higher in asia. we'll get report this is morning t employment survey coming out it looks as if 176,000 jobs were added in june, that's private sector jobs, ahead of the big jobs report tomorrow. new filings for unemployment benefits will be out in about 15 minutes. also will get a look at the health of the services sector. dow closed to 12,943 t nasdaq
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added 24 to 2976. that's where we'll start when that opening bell sounds. traditional retailers are fighting back. "the new york times" reports that several chains including walmart and best buy are stepping up. this includes drive through customer service. a tough business model now that you have amazon and you can compare prices. back to you both. >> courtney, thank you very much. of course everybody knows that new york city knows how to put on a party. >> i'd say. one of the largest fireworks display, part of macy's annual fourth of july celebration. more than 40,000 fireworks were juanched into the sky.
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pretty cool. right here. >> i was asleep. missed it. >> beauty sleep. >> i need a lot more. >> no. people in southern california watched an unexpected fireworks display. that's awesome to watch but no, that is not the grand finale. that is actually -- in fact the show had not started. instead of the 20 minutes, something triggered all of the rockets at the same time, even before this got going. the good news, no reports of injuries, the bad news is everybody was trying to get a seat and get a cold bench had to go home. all went off in seconds. the producers are investigating the cause of this.
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>> wow. >> it's over. >> are people still arriving. >> what's the finale going to hold? >> going home early. crazy. >> you know, if you're like us you tried to sleep through those fireworks. it's over, guys. hopefully your pets have recovered as well. they are sensitive. temperatures are going to be cooler. it was hot yesterday in some spots in the east bay, down in the south bay. morgan hill, you are above that 90-degree mark. throughout the day temperatures are expected to fall into mid-70s, low 80s. we're noticing the difference. the reason, stronger on shore flow. we're clearing out. 54 in san mateo. we're at 48 degrees in santa ro to. headed toward a comfortable day,
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a little drizzle. off the marin county coastline. we stop the clock at 8:00 a.m. mostly cloudy from novato to san francisco and parts of palo alto staying socked in until about noon. we'll see the marine layer push back to sea. at the coast probably not out of the fog. you can see it lingers all day long. tonight, rolls back in thicker. we'll meet back here tracking drizzle on the radar. we'll cool you off, then warm you up tomorrow. then we sky rocket as we head into the beginning of next week. our warm weather, dog days of summer around the corner. 77 in livermore. throughout friday and saturday, pretty nice, then temperatures ramp up. it's going to feel motor than
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the low 90s. we're going to have the humidity. your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check mike, he's a busy man. >> i am. i'm so busy i'm staying off of the road. stay off of this road, eastbound 80, the lower deck heading to oakland. word is one, maybe two lanes at the s-curve are open. traffic is kraling. snacked up. show you what the bay ridge lower peck deck looks like. all along to treasure island and through that tunnel over to the oakland side. things move on the lower beck cut the that's no good. you don't want to be on this ridge if you don't have to be. you have alternates. the police investigation continues. christie smith is there as well. we'll show you what things are like for the rest of the bay.
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folks are able to get over from the san francisco side. avoid that. your commute direction all right. the west side is okay f. you travel south of there you might as well take the san mateo bridge eastbound 92, not a problem. no issues 101, 82 moving nicely. further south there is less drama. look at these north of san jose, into san jose a nice flow. 56 showing up, 87, 101. speed was starting but volume is relati relatively light. with the police activity we follow it, avoid the lower deck. >> we'll kep checking. >> here is a question, what are you having for breakfast?
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this guy here, joey chestnut he is happening this morning. he's a six-time victory champ. >> get off that shot. we'll be right to back.
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>> welcome back everybody on a thursday morning. the sun coming up. a couple of clouds over san francisco -- that's actually san jose. kind of got a cool look. we'll let you know what the weather is going to be like. a lot happening up north. it's 5:24. >> as you get your breakfast ready or maybe putting it off you should know that delaying meals can make you crave carbs. researchers at cornell university found that students who ordered -- who were ordered to fast for 18 hours, they were
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more likely to load up on starchy foods and skip the veggies, fruit and protein. experts say starches are a quicker energy source for the body, however, they tend to be higher caloric foods. >> they tend to taste very good. >> no kidding. when you're really hungry. i don't know if you're hungry after this. a man famous for stuffing his face is the number one hot dog eater again. >> san jose's joey chestnut, cramming hot dogs down his mug. the july fourth competition again he is the champ. chestnut set a record, 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes. >> it looks painful. >> this is great. for the effort more than bragging rights. he gets a championship belt and $10,000. possibly some indigestion to go
5:26 am
with it. sonya thomas is the black widow, she was -- managed to scarf down 45 hot dogs to win the women's title. she weighs 100 pounds. >> let's check that forecast with meteorologist christina loren. a lot of people scarfing down maybe not to that level but a lot of barbecues yesterday. >> i relish the thought. i'm glad he mustered up the churnlg. we have a good looking day, cooler than yesterday which is good news inland. not great bayside and the coast. we'll see more fog. 74 at 4:00 p.m. in oakland, 70 degrees at the coast at 4:00, a good beach day but inland 85 degrees. you want to dress for the day. mike has a traffic alert. >> the not drive now. not driving the lower deck of the bay bridge. from the tunnel, this is a
5:27 am
treasure island tunnel, the lower deck, traffic barely moving. in the backup we have two lanes available at a lower deck. in this backup another issue, chp got word of someone slumped over a steering wheel. nobody can get to the scene so we hope that everybody is okay. maybe somebody dozed off. back into the shot from the san francisco side. you see the cars stacked up. avoid that lower deck though the on ramp, open from the san francisco side. alternates are b.a.r.t. or the other bridges. one other issue, up in dixon, we had police activity. that has cleared from i-80 now moving past pitt school road. >> 5:27. still to come, impressive fireworks displays that lit up the bay area skies. >> guilty or not, that's the question the juries in the
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william lynch trial will try to answer. we'll bring you the latest. it was like a red rash... very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation
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>> reporter: overnight police activity still having a major impact on the lower deck of the bay bridge at this hour. i'll tell you what's going on here coming up in a live report. >> with all that christie has going on, this is not going on. avoid the lower deck of the bay bridge. i'll let you know how they are doing coming up. >> reporter: a verdict could come down in the assault case against william lynch. i'm marla tellez live in san jose. we'll take a look at the charges lynch is facing coming up. >> and we've got a good looking day for you, a little drizzle at the coast. we're talking about mid-80s inland today. the 70s bay side t 60s at the coast, your full forecast and a warm-up on the way in moments. >> it sounds like one we should enjoy but not if you're on the bottom deck of that bay bridge this morning. mike will have more. we'll have a live report on this thursday, july 5th explaining
5:31 am
this is "today in the bay." >> good morning everybody. the time is 5:31. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we can tell you about this, new this morning we've been talking about it all morning, several lanes closed on the bay bridge tor a police investigation. >> it is impacting traffic on the lower deck out of san francisco. christie smith is live at the scene gathering information. what do you know now? >> reporter: good morning to you. right now i can tell you that traffic is barely moving here on the lower deck of the bay bridge. it's been like this maybe for the past 40 minutes or so. you can see caltrans trucks here, putting more cones out. this is the eastbound direction, the direction toward oakland. i got off the phone with one chp officer who tells me they are investigating a pursuit and shooting. no officers were hurt but it
5:32 am
started about 1:30 this morning, a pursuit that led officers to the bridge. at one point all lanes of the lower deck were shut down. the officer told me that i spoke with, this is a wide area that they are investigating. so they keep changing what's going on from all lanes to three. now we're hearing it's just one lane open. so a lot of cars trying to squeeze by. i asked when this might be over and at this point he didn't have that answer. that's the latest. reporting live on the lower deck of the bay bridge. "today in the bay." >> 5:32. three of four children missing in north oakland are safe. police have been looking for them in connection with a child abuse investigation. officers found a 3-year-old boy unresponsive and suffering from signs of abuse monday in a home on 63rd street. he's in the hospital in critical condition. his babysitter, mother and
5:33 am
stepfather have been arrested. police were concerned about four other children related to the boy. the youngest, 4, 6 and 7 were found at a relative's home. 16-year-old alia is still missing. >> a teen charged with killing a sports star due in court. abraham haiti accused of stabbing asana futi. he was a star football player. haiti pleading not guilty a murder count with a gang enhancement. he is scheduled for a preliminary hearing this afternoon at the fremont hall of justice. >> a jury will resume deliberations in the trial of a man accused of assaulting a retired priest. marla tellez is live in san jose with the charges under consideration. >> reporter: good morning. the jury got this case on monday so far they had two days of deliberations. still no verdict.
5:34 am
they are considering two counts against william lynch, 44-year-old william lynch who is on trial for beating father lindner two years ago. he is facing one count of felony assault and one count of elder abuse f. lynch is found guilty he finds up to four years in prison. the case is around a beating that lynch admitted to on the stand. he ended up beating up the priest after trying to get father lindner of sexually assaulting him and his brother. the jury is contemplating assault charges supporters of lynch say this is about sexual abuse. >> that he has exposed father lindner and the many atrocities against children. >> this was a serious assault, there were significant injuries and you can't just overlook that because the message it sends is that it's okay to do certain criminal behaviors but not
5:35 am
others. >> though father lindner took the stand the judge has ordered the jury to strike that testimony. the priest is now pleading the fifth. by not testifying that creates reasonable doubt for the jury. the third day of deliberations here at the haul of justice. we'll be on standby waiting for that period to come down. >> yesterday was the fourth of july and fireworks may be over but local businesses still celebrating. the big crowds mean big bucks, many seeing both in san francisco's fisherman's wharf. >> we sold out for the fireworks, we've been selling out all day. all of the boats are pretty much full. everybody has a great time. >> we can tell you a lot of the smaller shops, also on the water
5:36 am
front, big time profit. >> 5:35. i want to check the forecast meteorologist christina loren. >> that breeze is going to pick up. good morning. starting without a full deck of clouds over the golden gate bridge. you can see the two towers. we have reports of drizzle along the peninsula right at the coast. we're in the mid-50s just about everywhere. if you head throughout the afternoon temperatures into the 70s by noon. your full forecast 18 few moments. >> we're continuing to focus on the bay bridge. that's where the brunt of the problem is. this is the red light, taillights starting to move. i know it looks like it's crawling. you can see some movement. the upper deck picking up the congestion but no incidents reported. treasure island, lower deck, moving better than we were.
5:37 am
did say we're down to one lane, maybe two at the s curve on the oakland side of the tunnel. we saw also a truck over there that might be helping with traffic control. your alternates to the bay bridge. you have the b.a.r.t. system, san mateo bridge, the richmond to the north and things are starting to move better but i would assume that if you could. the commute is coming from both directions, also showing the slowdown, lls liver more the rest of your commute is starting to build as we focus on the bay bridge. thanks. >> 5:37. why a life guard is fired after saving someone's life. >> the man charged with second-degree murder has a shock to walk out of jail. >> sun coming up over the bay area. shoulding nice temperatures to enjoy.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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>> welcome back everyone. a good thursday morning to you. taking a live look outside. san mateo bridge looks like it's moving smoothly through the span. not the same can be said about the bay bridge. we'll have an update. >> 5:40. a month after returning to jail the man who shot trayvon martin should learn this morning if he will have his freedom once again. a florida judge expected to decide whether to allow george zimmerman to post bail. his bail was revoked after it was earn willed he failed to reveal he had access to $130,000 in donations. >> it was done to hide the money so they could deceive the court, lie to the court. >> it's not a grand conspiracy that the state seems to suggest. >> zimmerman facing manslaughter charges in the death of trayvon martin.
5:41 am
zimmerman insists he shot the teen in self defense. >> president obama returns to the campaign trail in the midwest today, tight polls show him barely leading miami. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with an update on the race for the white house. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning. we mean within 3 percentage points a bit less than that when you average all of the latest big national polls between the president and mitt romney, that's within the margin of error. on his bus tour president obama will try to impress working class men. polls show they are wavering between the president and mitt romney. >> because of your service and sacrifice, all of our troops are now out of iraq. >> reporter: he spent the fourth of july addressing successes and failures telling new citizens we need laws that allow more
5:42 am
immigrants to stay. >> why we still need to keep talented youngster who is want to contribute, serve our country. >> happy fourth of july to you. >> reporter: romney was questioned about contradicting his campaign. >> the supreme court has the final word. the highest court in the land. they said it was a tax so it's a tax. >> reporter: romney says his own plan was a penalty that the states can do that. tomorrow the focus will likely turn back to the economy as new job numbers show how many americans were able to find work in june. >> the national rate is higher in the bay area. we'll get updated national figures, yours will come a couple weeks after that. what we do know, more people have been applying for
5:43 am
unemployment checks. >> thank you, krasee. >> 5:42. a florida life guard saves a swimmer and gets fired from his job. thomas lopez was fired for leaving his watch area. he was trying to help a swimmer who drifted too far from shore. his boss says life guards are not permitted to leave their areas they are to watch on. that is due to liability issues. the federal life starts have quit in protest. >> a mess to clean up near chicago. hook at these pictures of a freight train derailment. more than 30 cars running off the rails that caused a bridge overpass to collapse and sparked a small fire. the company has gones of coal to clean up as well. >> amazing.
5:44 am
firefighters still battling a massive wild fire in utah. more than fire 00 crews trying to get the flames under control. they have to rely heavily on air dankers due to that rugged terrain. the quail fire is about 5% contained. hundreds are under evacuation orders. officials believe the fire may have started near a rodeo grounds in alpine. >> to colorado, to new mexico, fire dangers are very high. our state is no exception. the summer's record heat and dry brush, california has not seen a catastrophic fire in more than nine years. add ha to the officials, we are over due. >> the potential for a catastrophic fair. made more so when we get into the santa ana wind season.
5:45 am
>> it's impossible to pinpoint where the next fire may hit. be extra cautious especially around dry brush. >> that leads us to christina loren. we have to be on the watch. anything can happen. >> anything can happen especially camping. that's when you really need to keep an eye on your camp fire and it's completely out before you leefb it. what you leave at home today, the jacket, a live look, a beautiful start, temperatures are in the mid-50s. as we head throughout this afternoon we are headed towards mid-80s. running 5 to 10 degrees cooler on average than where we ended up yesterday. that's the good news, till it is too hot. we have a warm-up on the way, even warmer weather than we experienced the past two weeks so get ready for that. the dog days of summer around the corner now.
5:46 am
5:45. temperatures on the warm side. now it's over the four corners region, it's going to. we're going to have to hold on before we feel that humidity from the monsoonal flow but temperatures are going to be very warm. you combine that with the already warm air, the air actually has a weight. we could see isolated thunderstorms. might be a good day to hit the fair while it's still dry out there. more comfortable out this than it has been. you missed the fireworks, they still have fireworks shows every night that continue has to the eighth of july. 76 in san jose. 76 in redwood city. cooler at the coast as we're going to get more of an on shore flow. we have drizzle. you might have to use your wipers. you'll get a korean windshield
5:47 am
out of it. >> you start to get farm tuesday into wednesday. could be talking triple digits by next friday. stay tuned especially if you work outside. going to get hot. 5:47. let's check the drive. >> looks like it continues to be difficult for hours. that i'm talking about is the lower yek. the closure of most of your lanes out of the five, getting out of san francisco, all on the lower deck. as we orient ourselves, that's the lower deck. typically not a problem. this morning that's the fast you have to. the upper deck t commute direction is moving smoothly as are all of the approaches because it's a holiday week for folks, taking touch of the week and that means a lighter flow of much of the traffic.
5:48 am
the san -- off of the peninsula and heading with these headlights, a light volume down the peninsula across the san mateo bridge. a great option and the commute direction pretty nice as well. but not an issue. the south bay moving nicely. through san jose we have a few spots. we showed you earlier slow downs, 280 showing a bump in the volume. a little slowing on the southbound side. that might be volume starting to build. it's here for highway 4 but down in the 30s because again, lighter flow throughout the bay area. avoid the lower duck again. this are no delays. back to you. >> thank you. great advice. a san jose woman hoping to gary on her son's legacy by giving a gift to the police department. cheryl walsh donating $10,000 to
5:49 am
help the defendapartment with a police dog. her son sean walsh dreamed of becoming a police officer with the canine unit. unfortunately he was killed in combat in afghanistan last november. to honor her son, cheryl walsh created a foundation to help out bay area police canine programs. >> all these holidays where i realize now that someone like my son, and somebody else's son, made a sacrifice. >> what a wonderful gift. the donation helping to pay for argueo to join the department. he will start training next week. >> wonderful tribute. >> remember her son for a long time on that. 5:49. coming up a proud moment for an
5:50 am
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>> welcome back everybody on a thursday morning. also known as friday eve. that always makes me feel better about the weekend a. live look at the golden gate bridge. nice and clear so far out there. a lot better than the bay bridge. we'll keep you posted on everything and update you on the traffic jam with mike inouye. it's 5:52.
5:53 am
>> today on the road to the london olympics. greece says it will send a team in spite of the budget crisis. the olympic committee showed off the uniforms for london. the greek committee has not received funding since 2009 but private donations and sponsors helped fund the training. more than 100 greek athletes are going to london for the games. >> the athletes get ready to compete an olympic torchbearer overcoming his test of strength. eddy is recovering from a stroke and brain surgery. wednesday look at this, the 63-year-old getting up from his wheelchair and carried the torch through the royal estate. now he says he has been working hard to get to this point. >> i never thought i would do it. it's inspired me to get off me
5:54 am
bum and walk and i've done it. >> his inspiration inspiring many others as you can see here. eddy passing that torch to another man saying good luck as he continued to carry the torch toward the games. >> the torch, 22 days away from arriving at the olympic ceremonies. stay with nbc bay area for an in-depth coverage and all sorts of live shots from london, check us out on the olympic section of our website, for a unique bay area look at all of the stories going down in london. >> 22 days away. 5:54. got to get a look at our bay area forecast for this morning. here is christina loren. >> magic in the weather department. good morning. last night was picture perfect. a lot of money went into the fireworks displays. the good news is it's clear in san francisco. today, not the case. we've got drizzle because the fog is so thick out there this morning. and although all flights are on
5:55 am
time we expect delays. 85 degrees at 4:00 p.m. inland, 74 bayside, 68 at the coast, so cooler on average. we'll see how well we're doing in the traffic department. any improvement. >> overall moving because of a light volume but the bay bridge is the source of concern. you see on the maps eastbound the lower deck out of san francisco, a live look from treasure island and the tunnel there. traffic is backed up. a couple of more caltrans trucks. when they clear if they do you'll see four out of the five lanes blocked as you head around the bend toward the "s" curve. you see the traffic backed up in through the tunnel as well. back to the shot from the san francisco side, you can see maybe as the sun comes up you can see the brake lights creeping, inching their way from san francisco over toward treasure island. avoid the lower deck. use the b.a.r.t. system or the san mateo or the richmond
5:56 am
bridge. it sounds like chp expects this is going to be closed past 6:30. christie smith is checking. hoping to give us an update coming up real quick. >> how is this for the big fish story t the one that did not get away. a shark so big it broke the scales. the talk of southern california. >> onlookers grabbed their smart phones to get as much video as they could. eight men struggling to lift this huge shark out of the water in marina del rey. it was so big the fishermen couldn't get it on the boat. they had to tow it in. >> jaws. >> the dock manager guesses the shark weighs close to 800 pounds. he cannot be sure because it broke his scale. >> this is close to 1,000 pounds. >> you don't see them that big that often. it does take your breath away.
5:57 am
>> i'm glad we don't see them that often. >> most sharks are donated to a food bank and these sharks are considered good eats. they are not man eaters so they tell us. i still don't want to get close. >> with the crazy teeth they look nasty and mean. >> 5:57. still ahead a fireworks fumble in southern california. why a fourth of july show went off in seconds. >> president obama and mitt romney did not take a break on the fourth. they have big plans for the rest of the week as well. >> we have a traffic alert. drivers facing delays on the bay bridge. the latest from san francisco.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: traffic still being impacted this morning on the


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