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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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fairgrounds where a horse racing jockey falls and dies. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you how it happened coming up in a live report. >> crews moved the cones on the golden gate bridge. we'll see what else is moving or not on the roads. the latest coming up. >> let's take a live look outside. can you make it out? a lot of fog over the bay area starting our day. hoping it will burn off making way for the heat 18 few days. we'll check the forecast with christina. it's friday, july 6th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning everyone on a friday morning. spectacular friday. merely because it is friday. it's 5:00 on the nose. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. gilroy police this morning trying to piece together the events leading up to the accidental death after 3-year-old boy. >> so very sad and tragic.
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the child shot at his home just last night, so we're all over this story. bob redell is live in gilroy. he has the latest on this sad scene. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning, jon and laura. gilroy police say this was an awful accident, a 3-year-old boy, the son of a san jose police officer, was shot with handgun just before 5:00 last night at his home on kentwood court here in gilroy. his family was there at the time. so were three other children according to the dispatch, it's possible this might have taken place during a play date. police won't say whether the boy accidentally shot himself or a playmate who accidentally pulled the the trigger. the boy was shot at least once and died on the way to the hospital. police say part of their investigation will focus on how the gun was stored and why a child was able to get their hands on it. reporting live in gilroy, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> this one was just a scene in
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a case that captured the nation's attention, and eight years after being sentenced to death for murdering his wife scott peterson appealing. his lawyer filing briefs before the state supreme court saying that publicity denied peterson a fair trial and challenging several rulings. peterson was convicted in 2004 of murdering his wife laci and their unborn son, then dumping her body in the san francisco bay. the appeal expected to take months or even years to resolve. >> an east bay family now asking for your help to try to find out who killed the father of three. ronald kidd was shot and killed on may 27 at the corner of seventh and market streets in west oakland. police say he was driving home after working a double shift when somebody walked up to his car, shot and killed him. his wife says her husband was a good father. >> he was just coming home from
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work one day and somebody did this for no reason. we need information to solve this case. it's not going to bring him back, but justice served will help. >> indeed. the family passing out flyers at a community meeting in oakland hoping somebody will come forward with some kind of clues. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of kidd's killer. >> the races are expected to go on at the alameda county fair, one day after a jockey died in a tragic track accident. christie smith joins us live with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this fall happened fast. there were only about 30 seconds into the race on the very first lap when jockey jorge herrera fell from his horse. we have video for you this morning. just before the fall happened.
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herrera is on a white horse. they approached the first turn. it appears he goes off the mount and tumbles down. the accident happened around 5:15 yesterday. a spokesperson for the fair says it seems either the horse or another horse stepped on him and he suffered severe head trauma. the 33-year-old jockey was taken to eden trauma center in castro valley where he died. >> jorge herrera is a fairly new jockey to the racing scene and he is from mexico. we are definitely saddened by this and the entire horse racing industry is. you know, just doing everything that we can to make sure that our jockeys and horses are safe as we normally do. >> reporter: the accident is under review by the california horse racing board and the fair is working on a tribute to him. also wanted to mention that condolences are pouring in to
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the fair's facebook page and twitter account. reporting live in pleasanton, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. tragedy there. south bay man who admitted to beating a retired catholic priest says that raped him decades ago, he's celebrating this morning a. san jose jury returned a not guilty verdict yesterday. william lynch was charged with felony assault and elder abuse back in the 2010 attack of father lindner. the verdict stunned many including lynch who says he expected to go to jail. >> the jury made a statement basically saying that the way things, the current state of things as they are, are not acceptable and change needs to happen. i think their decision is a reflection of the social consciousness now. >> lynch says he plans to create a nonprofit organization to give other victims a voice. and help end the cycle of sexual abuse in the church. father lindner was not in court for the reading of that
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decision. >> we have breaking news now. firefighters on scene battling a two-alarm house fire in millbrae that started about 4:00 this morning at a home on alto loma. marla tellez is live with an update. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. the good news is that the fire is out, the bad news is that you can see right behind us that it caused significant damage to this home. really very close to 280 in millbrae in the hills here, the street is alto loma. the fire is out, most of the damage is contained to the garage. you can see activity here. i do have the homeowner joining me live this morning. frank, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. >> sure. >> i'm so sorry about this. tell us what happened. >> we were sleeping and my son woke us up and there was smoke
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in the top half of the house, and we just got out. just thank god for smoke detectors like i said earlier. that saved our lives. >> absolutely. i should mention that everyone did make it out okay. >> everybody did. >> inside it was your son, your daughter and your wife. >> yes. >> and smoke detectors is what woke you up. >> yes. that woke up my son. he's in the back of the house. that went off first, he came and got us and by then the whole house was full of smoke. it was very good. that saved our lives. >> reporter: right when we were -- came up to you the firefighters were returning some of your key belongings so good news. >> we got our cat out, then they got our snake out, too, our other animal. so yeah. it was okay. >> reporter: i got to say, though, you are in great spirits. >> well, thank you. things happen, so as long as
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everybody's safe and everything is okay. can always get a new house. everything should be okay. >> reporter: how long have you called this place home? >> since 1980. been here a while. what am i going to do. >> reporter: that's the spirit. okay. frank, thanks so much. as you heard, this two-alarm fire is out but frank and his family, they did make it out okay. that's the best news we can report this morning. we'll keep on this story and bring you the latest updated information once we talk -- herein more from the fire chief. live in millbrae, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> most of us heard this one many times. thou shalt not steal, not being lived up to by thieves where some criminals strike again. there is the third robbery in less than a week at our lady of guadeloupe church near may fair park. the music bandits, they came back for what remained in the
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church's instruments early wednesday morning. and the value of all of those instruments stolen b $25,000. the sad part, the musicians themselves actually raised the money to buy those. the parish now they are going to accept donations to help out and buy more. >> 5:09 a. showdown expected in sacramento over the future of high speed rail. senators scheduled to vote on whether to approve the first $8 billion in funding for the bullet train project. the assembly passed it and the money earmarked for the first phase of construction in the central valley. if it's approved by the senate, the first track could be laid down early next year. i just want to see it in my lifetime if it's going to happen. >> one of those slow bleeds to get that done. >> get me to fresno. >> where i like to spend all of my good time. fresno. 55 degrees in san francisco, no, we live north of there where the
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weather is much more comfortable especially this time of year. they are going to see triple-digit heat this weekend. we're talking about the 80s, maybe a couple of low 90s across the bay but not expecting a lot of that heat to continue today. we've got a good looking day so get out and enjoy it. things are going to change. low clouds inland all the way inland. partly cloudy conditions. throughout this afternoon the winds will become a factor for the second half of the afternoon in particular, keep that in mind. then monsoonal moisture. it's going to get muggy and much warmer as we head into next week. we could be talking about records on monday morning. so we'll see you then with that information. for today, this is what you need to know. 74 at noon inland up to 82 degrees at 4:00 p.m. so getting warm in the heat of the day, highs between 4:30 and 5:00. bayside, 72, at the coast 67 degrees for you. stay warm today, turning hot next week. we'll help you make outdoor beach plans for the weekend.
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a lot happening, we'll talk about those events taking place. mike, anything out there, yesterday it was a mess. how are we this morning? >> it was calmer but now we have a number of accidents. a lot to cover. first san francisco. northbound 101 at northbound 280 near the interchange, reports of an accident there. one person trapped in one of those vehicles. that sounds like a serious situation, it means the door might be wedged. sounds like chp is there. slow past the scene. there may be folks wandering around. across the bay we have a serious situation, an accident, closing island drive past alameda municipal golf course. that is the stretch in the middle of the golf course. sounds like both directions are closed because of this major accident. that may go on until 10:00 so we're tracking down the details in the newsroom.
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this is not affecting harbor bay or doolittle. should be okay on major roads. to the south bay, northbound 101 at rengstorff. you head through mountain view into palo alto, we're looking here to the dumbarton bridge. there a construction crew there and slowing for 101. no activity as far as the construction goes so. that may be blips of more cars about to hit the road. a live look at the san mateo bridge. moving smoothly now. i wanted to show you the high rise. so the peninsula drive is okay. construction later on tonight. a smooth drive so far as we head across in either direction. back to you. >> all right. 5:12. still ahead a safer independence day. how mess reports shook out in your area. >> several people found neglected and malnourished while
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the people entrusted with their care are now behind bars. >> for the latest news, traffic, weather, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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>> good friday morning to you. taking a live look outside. kind of a foggy start over the golden gate bridge this morning. seeing a lot of overcast skies starting out our day. we're going to economic the full forecast with meteorologist christina loren in moments. 5:15. >> we are very happy to tell you there is a lot to celebrate fresh off the independence day holiday with all of the barbecues and good vibrations. dui arerests were down. arresting 13 drivers over two days, a 25% drop from last year.
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and the santa clara county, 34 arrests, that's half of last year's total. anti-drunk driving programs being credited for the success. >> oakland police feeling pretty good giving credit to technology for a safe night on the fourth of july. police confiscating more than 100 pounds of illegal fireworks with the help of their shot spotter technology. it's able to identify and track gun shots and fireworks and on the fourth there's a lot of both going on. the the technology helped them to respond quickly to incidents. >> exact time and location, provides the officer not only with an aerial map but additional information of longitude, latitude. >> there were no reported injuries and no fires caused by illegal fireworks. police calling the evening a success. >> hopefully the job numbers are
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successful. we're going to learn how many kn new jobs were created. we turn to courtney reagan. good morning. >> hi, good morning. futures are lower but only slightly ahead of the big economic report of the day, and we know that this could all change when the june jobs reports come out in about 13 minutes from now. hiring is expected to have picked up in june after job growth slowed in may to 69,000 additional jobs added. forecasts call for companies to have added 100,000. the pace is too sluggish to have made a serious dent in the unemployment rate seen at 8.2%. data drop last month and the central banks in china, england and europe took action. the dow lost 37 points to 12,896, and the nasdaq up a fraction to 2976.
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a list of candidates is cut down to two. the board is considering current interim ceo ross levinson and jason killnar. levinson took over in may. the board reportedly wanted to talk to former ceo john miller but he declined. >> thanks, courtney. >> 5:18 now. it's been scorching hot out east. sounds like some of that is going to bho our way and triple digits. >> indeed. >> microwave. >> jon, have it. >> it's broken. which one do i push? >> you can do it. nothing's happening. >> leave to the christina. >> let's digest one thing.
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ladies and gentlemen, it's friday. it is friday. boy oh, boy, any weather today is acceptable here. we've got a great looking forecast. go figure. it's going to continue to be unseasonably cool just for today. by tomorrow we reach our averages and then we are going to climb above our averages next week, bringing in the humidity. so overall feeling much more comfortable. the clouds are back in the bay area. this is a live look this morning. san jose and san francisco mostly cloudy, this is san jose, beautiful out there. let's talk about the fog. we did have your temperatures that jon was going to show you. 55 in san jose. 53 in san francisco. visibility is actually really good, just about everywhere except for santa rosa. the white, that's where it's mostly cloudy. livermore to the coast line. that's an indication of a nice day ahead. high pressure is still in control, it's going to pump
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through the moisture. along the sierra nevada for us we're not going to see too much humidity. it will be a little bit warmer in some cities but overall a repeat of yesterday so windy conditions will pick up this afternoon as they did yesterday. then we'll start to really climb when it comes to temperatures. saturday into sunday. so this is the coolest day on my extended forecast. take it in. 76 in fremont, 79 in redwood city, 79 in san jose today. only reaching the low to mid 80s in livermore. for the weekend, really comfortable. then it gets hot tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures climbing into mid-90s. it's going to feel warmer than that with that humidity factor creeping in. we'll talk about that coming up. and potentially getting some mountain thunderstorms. we'll talk about that as well. first, yesterday was pretty messy on the roads. how are we today? >> last time, we had a number of
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accidents that popped up so. though it's calmer as far as the bay bridge, we have some issues that are now developing here. one in the city northbound 101 is not the location. northbound 280 as you approach northbound 101. so a slight change as far as out of daly city. they are the ones affected by this, blocking the slow lane as you approach that interchange. we hear about serious injuries to one person, one person trapped in a car. we have a second ambulance we hear is called to the scene. we're following that at the news desk as well as the traffic center. no major slowing except for at the scene, the lighter volume. we'll track this here on the peninsula side. we continue to follow this. island drive is closed from john davy down to memorial, that stretch is closed because of an accident involving a car that hit a tree, involved six teenagers, all taken to the hospital from the scene. the investigation continues even
5:22 am
though none of the injuries passengers at the scene. may be until 10:00 in the morning. we'll look at a live shot to see how traffic volume is. a nice flow for 880 fast scene. easy for the nimitz even though there is construction, no major slowing. 580 and 15 minutes, to the dublin interchange, north of there some crews but no major showing for northbound 680 so a smooth drive there. nice easy drive. back to you. >> mike, thank you. this is one of those brutal stories that turns your stomach. five care givers facing charges of elderly abuse after a shocking discovery in san jose. 12 severely disabled adults have been found suffering from malnourishment and neglect. police found dozens of dogs,
5:23 am
animal waste and no running water. investigators say the victims were only cleaned up if and when they had doctor's appointments. >> the victims were taken to the doctor once a month. only prior to the visits would they be bathed and have new clothes put on them. >> as we pointed out five members have been arrested and charged with abuse and operating an unlicensed care facility. they will all appear in court. >> it's going to get hot. perfect for a water balloon fight. this could be headed for the record books if you want to participate.
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. >> welcome back everyone. a good friday morning to you. >> you know, there's all sorts of records in the guiness world
5:26 am
records, it's mind blowing. this is crazy but i like it. a santa clara man looking to make a bid to break the record attempting to set the record for the largest water balloon fight. >> you can be part of. james bowser trying to get 15,000 people to wage a war with water with a half million balloons. >> that's a lot. >> the balloon fight starts at 10:00 a.m. on saturday at the santa clara county fairgrounds. >> anybody can go. >> the more the merrier. the current record is 175,000 balloons. you're going to be throwing them, you're going to receive it. >> going to be hot. might as well get drenched. probably a nice weekend for a water fight. >> yeah. laura and i would love to make you our bull's eye. >> that a girl. >> we can make that happen here in the back. maybe we'll do that today. good morning to you. not quite warm enough to hop in the pool yet but if you do have
5:27 am
a pool, if you are one of the exceptions in the bay area, you'll be jumping into it as of next week as temperatures soar. today we're only going to climb from the mid 50s into the upper 70s and low 80s across the bay area. 82 at 4:00 p.m., 72 bayside and 67 degrees at the coast. i've got a water balloon with your name on it, mike inouye. >> we'll take that. we'll have to follow here this accident going on northbound 280 coming out of daly city. we have a good deal of slowing that shows up on the northbound side as you approach the scene and the interchange. the slow lane is blocked. we hear critical injuries or the potential from the buzz we're hearing. and again, flatbed tow trucks called to the scene and two ambulances. we'll get more details and follow this. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:27. much more ahead.
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>> reporter: gilroy police trying to figure out what led up to a tragic accident in their city limits where a 3-year-old son after san jose police officer was shot and killed yesterday. i'm bob redell. we'll have that story coming up. >> and we just keep getting spoiled when it comes to the mild summer so far. temperatures today in the 80s inland the 70s bay side 60s at the coast. but a big time warm-up on the way. we'll sort it out for you in my full forecast. >> as the volume of traffic starts to pick up on 880 and around the bay we've got two serious accidents on either side of the bay. >> a live look over san jose, that is a beautiful thing, sure, the fourth of july was wednesday but let's keep that party going. right into the weekend because it is friday, july 6th, "today in the bay." >> a very good friday morning to
5:31 am
one and all. happy you could join us. my name is jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. tragedy this morning, we are learning more about an accidental death of a 3-year-old boy in gilroy. the child died after being shot at his home last night. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in gilroy where the investigation is finding out where it stands because there is a connection to san jose police, bob? >> reporter: yes. this boy was a 3-year-old son of a san jose police officer. good morning, laura. gilroy police now tell us that as far as their investigation, they want to find out, a, how was this gun stored and b, why was a child able to get their hands on it. the boy as i meng add stioned w with handgun at his home before 5:00 last night. the gilroy dispatch reports that his mother ran outside screaming and crying after this happened, medics tried to save the boy but he died on the ride to the
5:32 am
hospital. the paper also reports three other children were inside the home along with the family, indicating this might have happened during a play date. what's not clear is who pulled the trigger. did the boy accidentally shoot him a self or another child. part of the investigation by the gilroy police department. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the issue that the election will be all about, the government just releasing new jobless numbers a few moments ago. we can show you predicting 90,000 jobs were added last month. that's more than in may but still not enough to dent that 8.2% unemployment rate. and with that unemployment rate holding steady, analysts say the public's already wavering economic confidence could take another dive, the numbers expected to make a big time impact on the presidential campaign as well. nbc bay area's brian mooar bringing us that part of the
5:33 am
story in ten minutes. >> i believe about 80,000 new jobs have been added in june. unemployment rate unchanged at 8.2. that is according to the ap so we're going over the numbers. it's 5:33. an oakland babysitter expected back in court. police say the 24-year-old is responsible for injuries to a 3-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition. documents reveal head trauma, laceration to the liver and cigarette burns. the mother and stepfather were also arrested but lart released. >> racing is expected to go on at the alameda county fair a day after a jockey died in a tragic track accident. christie smith is out at the scene. apparently we're having trouble getting christie right now. is that the case? we'll check back in with christie later on, that sad story where the jockey died. we'll get back to christie. the highway patrol now says the
5:34 am
bay bridge crash that shut down all of the eastbound lanes for about eight hours was a tough scene all the way around, caused by a drunk driver. deputies say antonio roberson was speeding and fleeing when he slammed into the retaining wall. shots were exchanged. nobody was hurt by the gun fire. robberson and a passenger were injured. deputies say he is a parolee and will face weapons and dui charges, traffic was snarled for miles. that was in san francisco. and the police investigation goes on. >> 5:34. the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will testify in person as he fights to keep his job. a latina organization has payed the airfare for ileana lopez to
5:35 am
fly back for the hearing later this month. mirkarimi is facing official misconduct charges after pleading guilty false imprisonment for bruising lopez's arm in an argument. the mayor suspended mirkarimi and now wants him removed from office permanently. >> right now back to the tragedy at the track. the racing expected to go on at the alameda county fair one day after a jockey died in that track accident. christie smith is live in pleasanton with more on this one. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. this accident is under review by the california horse racing board. they are conducting their own investigation. but boy, it happened fast. they were only about 30 seconds into this race when jorge herrera took nasty fall. we have some video from yesterday just seconds before the fall when the 33-year-old jockey from mexico approaches the very first turn.
5:36 am
it appears he is clipped by another horse and herrera goes off the mount and tumbles onto the track. >> it appears that one of either his horse or another horse stepped on him and he suffered severe head trauma. >> reporter: as part of the normal safety protocol an ambulance was following seconds behind the race so emergency crews responded right away but herrera was transferred to the trauma center where he died a. tribute is being planned. i wanted to mention a news conference is expected a little later today where we can learn more about how this happened. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. always dicey out there, big powerful animals running at those speeds. not a surprise but very sad. >> 5:36. lots of folks excited that it's friday. you can almost taste it. what are we in store for?
5:37 am
>> we are still the envy of the nation, you've been hearing reports of oppressive heat across the eek and the midwest. we're getting the best weather and we'll see more of the same. things are going to come to a halt. you can see here a live look at san jose. a beautiful start this morning. mostly cloudy, though, more cloud cover than at this time yesterday morning. an indication of a nice comfortable afternoon. this is san francisco where you are fogged in. the fog is starting to settle to the surface. right now hooking pretty good as far as your drive goes. we'll check with mike coming up. 54 in livermore. 57 in sunnyvale. 55 here in san mateo. throughout next couple days, temperatures are going to be on the climb. we're going to lose that natural cooling, the cloud cover off of the pacific. by 1:00 today, mostly sunny conditions, a great day to hit the beach.
5:38 am
half moon bay is going to be stunning. throughout today this is what it breaks down like. inland, bayside and at the coast. 82 inland, 72 in san francisco, and getting warmer in oakland up to about 74. but really comfortable. that's room temperature. 67 at the coast. warm conditions continue, then it gets hot. we'll tell you when coming up. here is mike. >> we're tracking that serious accident here northbound 280 approaching 101 out of -- into san francisco. we see slowing around geneva. there were two traffic breaks earlier. heading up to the scene a couple of flatbed tow trucks, we're waiting for those to arrive. sounds hike a second ambulance after the first one, more injuries assessed so. there is showing for this time of morning as you head out approaching 101. 101, fine if you can use that.
5:39 am
go ahead. of course the city streets, things are light on that side of the bay. we're watching this, island drive continues to be es cloed on this divided road. it's between john davy and memorial that the closure is in place. officials continue to do an investigation. a crash involving six teenagers happened overnight. the car smashed into a tree so they are continuing with that investigation. we'll get a live look outside and see how things are shaping up. the san mateo bridge, taillights away from us. you can see low clouds, a little haze but you can see the peninsula fine and the drive up and down 101, and 880 on the east bay. >> 5:39. still ahead, job market numbers coming out this morning. the market is getting a jolt. we'll look at the new numbers out moments ago.
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>> this just in, the latest jobs report released. this shows the unemployment rate unchanged at 8.2% with the u.s. adding only 80,000 jobs in the month of june. >> everybody waiting for these numbers. brian mooar is live on capitol hill with more on what the numbers say about our current economic situation. good morning, brian. >> reporter: laura, jon, people were waiting for these. they expected a disappointment this morning of 90,000 or 100,000 jobs created. but this was only 80. this is really a drop in the bucket of what we need to get that unemployment rate down below 8%. and it's bad news for somebody looking to keep his job. president obama, he is in the battle ground states of ohio and pennsylvania wrapping up a two-day bus tour. he is going to make the case as he did yesterday that he is the man for the job, which is to create jobs.
5:43 am
but the president is shadowed on the trail by a couple of high profile surrogates for mitt romney. governor bobby jindal of louisiana, former governor tim pawlenty of minnesota. they are both gop v.p. vice presidential hopefuls. they are making a case that president obama is johnny come lately, barack come lately as they say on the economy and on jobs. today really it gives both sides a little bit of ammunition. the president can say we are moving forward, that's his campaign slogan but it also gives the romney supporters not moving forward quickly enough. >> thank you for the latest fro washington. 5:43. george zimmerman's bond is now $1 million. last month a judge revoked his initial bond of $150,000 after prosecutors said he and his wife misled the court about their finances. the judge said a $1 million bond
5:44 am
yesterday but his attorney says he doesn't have the bail money and will remain in jail for now. zimmerman is charged with the shooting and killing 17-year-old trayvon martin in february. he maintains the action was in self defense. >> a lot going on in mexico. it seems to be gaining clarity after that messy presidential election. the elect torial authority declaring enrique pena nieto is the next leader. over 90% have been counted and double-checked. nieto has 38% of the vote and his opponent 31. the party has been accused of buying millions of votes and violating campaign spending laws. mexico's vote must be certified by september. >> in hong kong, china, custom officials made the largest
5:45 am
cocaine bust. nearly 1500 pounds was found in a shipping container that arrived from ecuador. u.s. drug agents tipped hong kong police to check this thing out. custom officers believe most of those drugs were destined for southeast asia. the cocaine street value estimated at nearly $100 million. >> investigators in colorado say they now know where that deadly wild fire near colorado springs started. after going through more than 18,000 charred acres they located the point of ignition. they still have no idea what really sparked the fire. the waldo canyon erupted almost two weeks ago and forced nearly 35,000 people to evacuate from the colorado springs area. it also destroyed more than 300 homes and killed two people. thankfully the fire finally now about 95% contained. >> from south carolina to as far north as milwaukee, record breaking heat being felt across the country right now.
5:46 am
chicago set a record yesterday when temperatures soared to 103. no doubt sticky degrees. look at the roadway there. even the pavement is buckling. that was in texas. and the lack of rainfall, severe heat, impacting corn crops. in the last three weeks the price of corn has increased by almost 30%. the story of supply and demand and a lot of heat. >> crops getting roasted. i'm surprised not turning to popcorn. craziness. >> 5:46. i don't know if we'll have our roads buckling but we're in for a warm-up. >> no, getting outdoors should be popping into your head because it's going to get hot next week. and next weekend, one where you probably want to seek shade, stay indoors, make it a movie weekend. this weekend we're going to hold on to temperatures around average for this time of year. taking a live look over the oakland coliseum this morning. you can see mostly cloudy conditions right now over o-town. same for san francisco. we have the marine layer all the
5:47 am
way over livermore and san jose this morning so mostly cloudy start. but that's going to keep your temperatures down. sunshine for the first part of the day, a cooler afternoon in some cities especially the coast. we'll be just about as warm inland. 55 in san francisco. 46 in santa rosa. 55 in san mateo. high pressure still firmly in control of our forecast. and what that means is this fog will clear out quickly. an area of low pressure that ushered in a stronger on shore flow but the winds are going to pick up and you can see that from the future cast. you're starting to get the greens and the blues where it will turn breezy. san jose, not too bad for us. wind out of the northwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. more like 20 miles per hour. gusting to 30 at times at the coast today. next 48 hours look like this. we're going to get wind through the weekend but temperatures are going to remain around averages. starting to creep up for saturday, then level off on sunday. we're not talking about the 70s that we have in the forecast for
5:48 am
this friday. overall warmer each and every day all the way throughout the extended period. 79 in san jose, 7 day tells the story, in the 90, mid 90s tuesday into wednesday. and the reading on tuesday, that says 94 degrees, is going to feel like 98 degrees in some cities with additional moisture that humidity factor comes into play. so it's going to get sticky around here as we head into the midsection next week could see isolated thunderstorms in the mountains as well. first we want to check your drive. mike is so busy and it's friday. >> it is friday so i guess reminder also about friday doesn't mean we don't have a commute. it kicks in later. a little lazier for some parts. 580, the 16-minute drive out of the altamont pass. by the time we get to greensville it's all right. the dublin interchange at the limit. a little construction blocking one lane north. not a major concern. we'll take you north, antioch
5:49 am
now. this is kicking in but gradually. from g street a 46 on the sensors, down to the low 40s over to somersville. concord and walnut creek fine heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. a look at the toll plaza, the valley very light. east shore freeway. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge. not a problem for visibility on the approach or the berkeley area. we'll show you the approach and there again, the lighter volume, the traffic flows pretty nice now. we have that accident investigation at island drive by the golf course. the fire in millbrae on the peninsula a new accident that we're following northbound 280 at northbound 101. injuries reported, one lane blocked. we're waiting for a second tow truck. slowing out of daly city from geneva and ocean up to the scene of that interchange. 101 might slow for spectators.
5:50 am
and we're hooking at the south bay with a flow north bound no major issues, construction and crews here, 85 around 28, stevens creek, no slowing there. >> definitely stepping on your toes but i have a traffic alert. caltrain will begin work to build lanes between university and embarcadero road in palo alto. the hans alanes are being added make it easier to merge. construction will close down southbound university tonight from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and northbound tomorrow night from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. f. you have been on the stretch you know. it will make it easier. >> you know she wears lethal heels. looks like dorothy from "the wizard of oz." bright red. bay area sports legend
5:51 am
passionate about more than baseball. the the man loves cats. he's helping out the homeless ones. >> a live look outside talking about that overcast sky, hanging over the bay area as well as the golden gate bridge this morning. we'll keep checking that forecast, see when it's all going to burn off.
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> good friday morning to you. waking up to some cloudy skies. yeah, a little bit of overcast throughout the bay area. one of the nice things i love about the bay area, cool starts, warm finish.
5:54 am
not too shabby on a friday. >> and with all of those clouds it doesn't matter. it's friday. we can tell you a bay area sports legend proving he is a cool cat trying to help some feline find new homes. tony la russa hosting cat independence days at one of his animal shelters. get this, he is waiving adoption fees for cats 6 months or older. nice work, tony. the event being held at the tony la russa animal rescue foundation in walnut creek. independent cat days runs the month. >> good folks there. >> absolutely. man's best friend, there is a great dane in north carolina who we're guessing is pretty dog tired. >> understandably. for good reason. bella tending to a new litter of 17 puppies. >> how many? >> 17. that's a lot of puppies. that's a big load. i thought triplets was hard.
5:55 am
as much as they would like to keep them they are hooking for good homes. hate to disappoint, bella, it's not close to the record. >> what is the record? >> 24. >> 24 in one? >> great danes are huge but that's a lot of puppies. >> have to be like a shetland pony version of a great dane. wow. >> lots of pups there. i'd love a great dane. 5:55. i want to look at the forecast. >> let's do. >> that was painful just to watch from this side of the weather desk. good morning to you. and of course we always tip our hats to laura garcia-cannon. we think about triplets coming out of that little tiny body. hot momma on the desk. 57 in san jose and 57 to start you out, it's crisp out there in sunnyvale but we do have quite a bit of low cloud cover. that's going to keep us cool. in the 70s later on and then
5:56 am
major changes on the way. i'll sort those out for you. first, a check of the drive with mike. >> more action even though it's a light volume we've got pretty significant accidents around, the latest in the south bay. northbound 680 at the off ramp, 237, when it's a road here, not a highway, and we're looking at a car that ran into a light pole. sounds like the driver is in shock but shocked as well so we're sorting out the medical condition of this person and the light pole. use caution there. chp will do traffic control. they have told me they call at sigalert for northbound 280, the one lane blocked because it's going to be a half hour, we're going to end with this map. back to you. >> 5:56. still to come a child shot to
5:57 am
death at his home. we'll have the latest on what appears to be a tragic accident. >> scott peterson, remember that name, he is appealing his death sentence. why his lawyer says peterson was treated unfairly. >> new jobs numbers show how many people scored work. not really impressive in june.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> new this morning, the latest unemployment report is out this morning. we'll shoot the you coming up. >> reporter: how was a child able to get their hands on handgun? that's what gilroy police are trying to find out after the the son of a police officer is shot and killed. >> pat yourself on the back, you made it to friday. we have a good lookingke


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