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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in oakland. hans reiser is back in a bay area courtroom. this time because his kids are suing him. i'll tell you why coming up. >> the president is making another trip to the bay area but this time he's making it to a city he's ignored in the past. details coming up. >> reporter: a couple of giant firsts for tonight's all-star game. i'll have that story coming up. >> following an accident in the commute direction for the nimitz, downtown oakland now injuries reported at fifth. a lane that's going to have slowing. we'll see how that affects your commute coming up. >> we take you outside live in san jose with the sun coming up. and be ready. that sun is going to be real hot out there over the next couple of days on this spare the air day. it's tuesday, july 10th, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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6:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. i guess with a few exceptions here and there it's been a pretty cool summer but trust us, today and tomorrow that's not the case. >> we are going to feel it. time to check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out just how hot it could get in your neighborhood. >> yeah, the heat is on, guys. but one of the benefits of living in the beautiful bay area is, well, if you look for cooler weather, by 30 degrees even later on this afternoon, all you got to do is head to the coast. we're talking about 50s to start. uniform temperatures right now. the upper 50s in places like san jose but the separation really starts by noon today when we expect the upper 80s inland. already breaking for lunch mid-70s bay side and even the coast at noon today will be rather warm. in the upper 60s. so, as we head throughout this afternoon, the triple digits are back in the forecast. we're also sparing the air, our air quality is suffering under this dome of high pressure. but it is slated to move out
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within the next seven days. i'll show you when we get to the seven day forecast. get ready for a hot one. jon, you might want to fan laura to keep her cool. >> that can be arranged. >> i don't mind the heat. >> a couple of cool drinks. it's going to be a sizzler in the bay area. >> if you don't have jon to fan you, not lucky as i am, people are asked to take it easy if you plan on heading out. i want to check in with marla tellez. she's live at the lexington reservoir near los gatos with more on the first spare the air day of the summer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. first i wanted to start off showing you the dry hills that surround the lexington reservoir. they are brown, they are dry which is a clear indication we need rain. this is a familiar sight around the bay area. also a familiar sight, that fog bank. we are familiar with the fog in the bay. this is expected to burn off, though, as you heard christina say, expected to reach the 90s, even the triple digits.
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first thing to think about is high fire danger. it's in effect. secondly, it is the first spare the air day of the summer. the bay area air quality management district issues a spare the air day when air quality is forecast to be unhealthy. meteorologist christina loren tells me the east bay is the only portion of the bay area where extreme unhealthy air. so keep that in mind today. still, all of us are encouraged to stay inside as much as possible and limit our driving, this means it may be a good day to carpool, walk or bike to work. if you think it's been warm more often than not you are right according the noaa the first six months of the year the hottest ever on record. >> worsening conditions across much of the inner mountain west through the central plains and into the ohio valley. that's having a lot of impact on the ground with wild fires and also with agriculture. >> reporter: the extreme conditions in the east are being blamed at least for 74 deaths
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across 14 states. we can count our blessings here in the bay area. reporting from the lexington reservoir, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> it was one of the bay area's biggest murder trials. now, defendant hans reiser is back in court facing a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his own children. christie smith is live in hayward with all of the details about this trial and the murder of his wife six years ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. there is bound to be drama in this hayward courtroom today even with opening statements a little later this morning. hans reiser is being sued by his own children over the loss of their mother so that makes him a defendant but he is also acting as his own attorney in the court today. reiser was convicted of killing nina reiser in 2008 and now the children are seeking more than $15 million for emotional damages.
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the kids' attorney says that reiser is capable of generating income from behind bars as he is a talented computer scientist. right now he seems to be focused on defending himself. in court documents he says he killed his wife to defend the kids from harm. the attorney said that it's ludicrous. one analyst said expect fireworks. >> any time hans reiser enters a courtroom there is going to be high drama. you never know what he is going do next. the jury, by seeing the way hans reiser acts in court, may punish him and reward more money than they may otherwise. >> reporter: the children are now living in their mother's native russia. reiser has subpoenaed them to appear but it's doubtful that they will come. they have not had contact with their father since he was convicted. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> 6:05. an autopsy has been performed on a 3-year-old boy killed in an
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accidental shooting in gilroy. the boy died late thursday, he is the son of a san jose police officer. we now know the gun that killed the boy was not his father's service weapon. the results of the autopsy are not expected for several weeks. >> we can tell you a second suspect in a bay air triple murder right now facing extradition this morning. that is wilfredo reyes. he is in jail in north carolina. in north carolina that's where investigators say he's been hiding out for four years. he is wanted in connection with the murders of the tony bologna family. he was killed with his sons in 2008. the victims' family now relieved to hear of this arrest. >> it's been very hard for them that one of the individuals responsible was still out there, so to hear this news was a great relief. she was really pleased. >> reyes alleges his accomplice edwin ramos.
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the san francisco d.a. working to bring reyes back to the bay area to face a list of charges including three counts of murder. >> president obama will make another fund raising trip to the area but for the first time since taking office it will be in oakland. the president has been a frequent visitor to the bay area in the past months collecting millions in donations but he has only been to san jose, along the peninsula and in san francisco. in two weeks on july 23 he will host three separate fund-raisers in oakland including a stop at the fox theater. tickets range from $100 up to $35,000. >> new this morning it's official, bulldozers are heading to albany in spite of protests from the occupy the farm city leaders gafrn the go ahead to develop a plot of land called the gild track.
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uc-berkeley owns the land. >> rather have you be remembered for many, many years as doing something inspiring that would get global attention, of feeding the people and saving some land rather than paving it over. >> uc-berkeley says the land has never been a farm and shouldn't become one now. the project still has more hurdles to clear including an environmental impact study. >> 6:08. for the last couple of days meteorologist christina loren has been warning us mother nature's going to turn that microwave on. it is here. >> it is here. hard to tell from this live picture of san jose. this is one of the reasons we will only end up in the low 90s in san jose. you're starting out clear from concord to livermore t tri-valley going to heat up quickly, as a result all of the sunshine coming in early.
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limited sunshine from san jose to santa cruz and up the peninsula is going to make for cooler conditions at least than what we were expecting in the east bay. it's going to be hot about everywhere. 57 in san jose, even hot by san francisco standards. you'll be close to 80 in the heat of the day today with all of that pavement around the city it's 0 pling to be toasty as you make your way to work and home from work. the heat of the day is between 4:00 and 5:00. i want to point out how warm it's going to be. touching on the low 90s. we'll be at 85 degrees at noon in san jose, rounding out the day with the triple digits in the east bay. 85 degrees bay side at the coast 71 so we've got two more days of abnormally hot conditions in the bay area. we're going to drop temperatures back to seasonal averages as we head to the weekend. so, you won't have to keep that ac on all weekend long if you do plan on staying indoors and sleeping if that's your plan it's a good one. we'll have your full forecast coming up. first here is mike.
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>> we're looking over to the accident northbound 880. the embarcadero exit to downtown oakland. you see slowing on the sensors. let me circle it on the map. the accident at the exit but the speed sensor is closer to 23 so on the approach we're seeing slowing, at least the slow lane is blocked and the ambulance has been called to the scene so at least minor injuries. this will take a few more minutes because of the crew heading over and four vehicles involved. blocking the slow lane. we're watching the rest of the commute. 580 not a problem. we have a tow truck arriving on the peninsula. we'll end with this map. >> thank you. how about this. a first for the san francisco giants. four players out on the field at tonight's all-star game in kansas city. what's cool, the four giants will all four be starters out there. that's almost half the squad. bob redell is live at at&t park in san francisco with what's behind this distinction.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. melky cabrera, starting left field, pablo sandoval third base, buster posey behind home plate, and on the mound, his teammate matt cain, the pitcher. not only is this the first time four giants start, it's the first time the giants had a pitcher and catcher start together. >> that's going to be the most. we know the routine, what we want to do. that's kind of -- that's it. there is nothing better than knowing a guy behind the plate that knows you. he caught me every game this season and i'm extremely excited. i'm having fun. >> it will be really special, yeah. we found out yesterday and we're both fired up. cain's a fun guy to catch so i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: in announcing matt cain as the starter, the manager tony la russa said he wanted to
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reward cain for what has been an excellent career so far, noting that he threw a perfect game earlier in the season. he has become familiar with cain since he lives in the bay area. we'll hear from the man not happy with la russa's choice for starter, that is r.a. dickey, the pitcher for the mets who thought he would be first on the mound. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> one to enjoy. >> all good players should always think they are the best. 6:12. a u.s. olympian tests positive for a banned substance. but it won't keep her out of the games. we'll tell you why. >> an act of defiance. the political struggle between the military and the new president. >> and return your brand new car for a full refund. we'll tell you how it works. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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>> ejapan. >> it was an act of defiance against the military rulers. parliament met after newly elected president morsi opted to override a court order. a full-blown confrontation between morsi and the military not expected but the leading political party the muslim brotherhood is calling for a million man protest. disney executives certainly not the happiest people on earth today. it's because of this. take a look. north korean leader kim jong-un is a big fan of disney characters so he and a group of generals took in the show with people dressed as winnie the poo, tigger, minnie mouse. disney making it clear it didn't
6:16 am
authorize the use of the characters in the tollitarian state. >> this is interesting. something else that is making waves out of north korea. the presence of this woman in a black suit highlighted in the center of the screen. it was the first time she was seen along side kim but she has been seen with him a couple of times since. no one seems to know who she is. some think it could be his wife while others speculate it's a seldom seen sister. a lot of mystery. >> if that is his wife wouldn't be happy calling her his mom. >> organizers think these will be the greenest games yet. >> when they raised the land they built the new venues crews made sure about a fourth of the space became wildlife habitat. thousands of new trees have been
6:17 am
planted. the urban project one of the biggest in europe in 150 years. u.s. women's goalkeeper hope solo will play despite testing positive for a banned substance. here's the deal. the anti-doping agency gave her a warning, she tested positive for a substance used by athletes to flush the system of any performance enhancing drugs. she says a doctor prescribed her a medication she did not realize was banned. >> talking about the forecast today. going to get hot, i guess. feeling like summer. >> the dog days. we're going to cool you back down in time for the weekend. not too soon to think about that. not too soon. our averages come back as we head through saturday and sunday. cooler weather by friday. here it is, 6:17, old glory kind of blowing in the wind. we don't have a lot of wind and
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the new ingredients for fog, that is what we're dealing with. once the winds pick up we'll clear you out. so the fog will clear about i'd say twice as fast as it did yesterday in san francisco, kind of drizzly but you'll lose that fog quicker and as a result temperatures will be on the rise. let's get right to it this morning. 54 degrees in oakland. 46 in santa rosa, 51 in san mateo and 53 degrees in santa cruz to start you out. we've got a good looking day for the first part of the day. however, you're going to get the best air quality and the coolest weather the sooner you get out there. east bay unhealthy air quality. keep that in mind. as we head throughout the next couple of days high pressure stays to our south. it's going to bring in this monsoonal moisture as we head through thursday. not for today. we won't feel that humidity until probably the tail end of tomorrow into thursday. today what we expect 5 to 10 degrees of warmth, warmer than where we ended up yesterday.
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we peak as we head through wednesday. if you want to hit the beach we have great beach conditions. triple digit readings inland, we're going to hit about 71 in pacifica today. up to about 75 degrees in half moon bay. then the low 80s in places like santa cruz later on this afternoon. really comfortable. 82 degrees. highs today work out like this. we'll see the triple digits, the 90s in san jose, heat you up tomorrow, hot for thursday, then we start to drop off friday into the weekend. here is mike inouye and your driv >> looking at the peninsula, a tow truck arrives. thank you for listening but someone didn't because there is a fender bender that happened at that same scene. motorcycle gone, now this fender-bender on the shoulder around third. speed sensors show it. we'll track this. look at the san mateo bridge, we'll show you all of the folks heading over from the east bay to the peninsula side.
6:20 am
a smooth drive in the 50s as you pass over the high rise which you can't see. the low clouds affecting visibility. we'll get a look to the south, slowing coming up northbound 101 north of 680 to 880, 87 clearing so the shift is on for the south bay and construction clearing from 85. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:20. wall street seems rife with cheating. >> from bankers fooling with interest rates to stockbrokers soaking their own clients, and scott says a new study says the financial world seems okay with that. >> good morning, laura. wall street law firm says a full quarter of the financial executives that it surveyed said that cheating was ne necessary for their success b. the same percentage, one out of four, said they had personal knowledge of someone cheating. all of this comes of course as regular investors, mom and pop investors, heave the stock market in record numbers. now, recent scandals on wall
6:21 am
street, including gold man sax, jpmorgan chase losing so much it wasn't sure if it was 2 or 3 or 4 billion. mf global taking its clients' money before collapsing. this list is just in the last 12 months. bob diamond in charge of barclays bank when it got caught, it will give back $30 million of bonuses after he resigned. more hearings on that today. >> we've had kind of a spring of lousy mondays. mostly because so much happens in europe over the weekend. chip maker amd warning it wouldn't make as much as expected. and chevrolet said it would start offering a money-back guarantee on its cars if you buy a 2012 or 13 model you can drive it for 60 days, if you don't like it you can bring it back.
6:22 am
a couple rules, you have to keep it under 4,000 miles, no dents, no coffee spills, no ice cream in the back seat. if you can do that return the car and say no thanks. >> my driving already fails that. >> my white skirt. >> big coffee stain. you can't see that at home. >> but you can. don't look. it's 6:22. coming up lawmakers taking a break from picking on each other to try to get an anti-bullying bill passed. a live report is next. ♪
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>> the issue of bullying finding its way to the halls of congress. a bill before lawmakers would give money to states for anti-bullying programs in schools. brian mooar live on capitol hill this morning. both sides actually agree on this one, brian. >> reporter: yeah, finally common ground here in this bitterly divided capital. we're not talking about a lot of money. we're talking about $40 million a year over the next five years in what congress people want to do here is tweak an existing law, 1968 law, with a 2012 spin designed to provide some grant money for schools that want to deal with education and prevention of bullying, and gang prevention. this money was originally designed back in the day for school security. that's how they are able to put it under this larger umbrella.
6:26 am
what kind of problem? one out of four teens say that they are bullied. 168,000 students on any given day across the country may not be going to school for fear of being beaten or taunted or just made to feel like they don't belong. this is a huge problem. congress tried to chip away at it in a way they can here. >> have to band together. thank you very much. >> 6:26. a busy day in the weather department. christina loren, a spare the air day and temperatures are rising. >> that's right. call your uncle albert in livermore, you know the one with the swimming pool. you'll need to seek shade and cool off later this afternoon. temperatures are running warm. 90 degrees by noon inland, up to triple digits by 4:00 p.m. today. and tomorrow we continue with the heat wave. we'll take through the full forecast, also reveal when we're going to get better air quality. that's on my seven-day forecast. first, here is mike and your
6:27 am
drive. >> a better drive or better news for 880 northbound at fifth. the accident and activity have been taken off of the freeway. still slowing on the approach. let's look to see if there is slowing as far back as high street. look at that, light northbound commute so slowing through downtown oakland. metering lights are on. >> still to come on "today in the bay," we take you out to the ball game. giants all over the field in tonight's all-star game. we can tell you that is not sitting well. find out why. >> fighting crime before it happens. some bay area police departments think it's possible. we're going to show you how it works coming up zbxt we can tell you it's going to be a rare hot summer day. you're going to be asked to spare the air. a live report up next. here you go little man.
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>> the heat is on across the bay area with triple digits in the forecast for today. otherwise, 90s inland, 80s bayside and 70s at the coast and we're sparing the air. we'll let you know when we get heat relief in your full forecast. >> reporter: what some are saying is a giant dis for tonight's all-star game that people here in the bay area are happy about. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. >> all of these cars headed to the metering lights. they are on at the toll plaza. that accident that cleared from oakland letting more through. >> the bay area bringing the heat. also bringing fog out there. brace yourselves. a look over the south bay on this tuesday, july 10th, "today in the bay." >> good morning.
6:31 am
thanks for joining us. 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. now with maybe a few exceptions out there it's been a cool summer in the bay area but not today or tomorrow. >> no. we've been so spoiled. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out just how hot it could get in your neighborhood. >> how hot will it be? triple-digit heat is certainly back in the forecast for the extreme east bay, livermore, concord, fairfield, it will be very, very hot. if you can't take the heat head to the bay. temperatures will be 20 degrees cooler. 85 at 4:00, 71 at the coast. and we'll cool off as we head into the weekend. i want to point out a couple of key notes when it comes to the heat. you want to watch yourself today. don't overdo if it you work outside, stay hydrated. and if you suffer from allergies, or someone who suffers from asthma, try to limit your outdoor activity. unhealthy air quality especially in the east bay. we'll get improvement in the weather and our air quality into
6:32 am
the weekend. i'll tell you when in my full forecast. back to you guys. >> keeping with that theme it is a spare the air day this morning. marla tellez is live at the lexington reservoir with an update on the things that we can do to reduce the carbon footprint. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i know you guys are talking about the heat. the lexington reservoir, this is a place you want to come if you want to soak up the crisp morning air. you can see the fog behind me. the fog bank rolling. it's going to burn off. up the street cal fire, we found smoky bear telling us fire changer is high. so all of us, we have to do our part to prevent fires after the dry spring and winter. our climate is ripe for high fire danger. we have to do our part to spare the air, limiting our outdoor activity, not a great day to mow the lawn or strike up the
6:33 am
barbecue. if you work outside like one man we spoke to today, make sure you drink plenty of water. >> really hard to get used to it because then you get dehigh traited and you don't want to work. >> you are encouraged to keep the car at home. this means you can carpool to work, maybe take public transit, walk or bike. always healthy options. back live at lexington reservoir, here we go, you can see how dry the hills are but you know, what it is dry across much of the nation. in fact, drought conditions stretch across half of the country creating what scientists call the larges drought footprint of the 21st century. >> six years after he murdered his wife hans reiser says he did
6:34 am
to the protect his children. reiser will be back in a courtroom fighting a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his own children. they are suing him for more than $15 million for emotional damage caused by their mother's murder in 2006. riser was convicted in 2008 and is serving 15 years to life in prison. it sounds like really a hollywood movie predicting a crime before it happens. in morgan hill, this is called predictive policing. special software takes all of the crime information from the past month and puts that in a map. this allows the officers to see where the hot spots are. margen sill says it helps when you have a smaller staff. >> tremendous. eve always been short for as hong as i've been here, 12-plus years. just to go out there and know where maybe there's some kind of
6:35 am
crime patterns occurringing. >> this is technology santa cruz has been using. they worry this could lead to stereotyping and racial profiling. >> remember a new ban. one restaurant is planning on serving. the club is on federal lands and claims it is exment is from the law that took effect. the new law prohibits products from force fed birds. restaurants that break the rule could receive a $1,000 fine. this saturday the social club reported plans to introduce sliders. >> probably some dogs at the ball yard. matt cain will start over r.a. dickey in kansas city. total of four giants players will be on the field. actually in the starting lineup. bob redell is live with more on
6:36 am
how this first for san francisco giants could be controversial. good morning. >> reporter: controversial if you live on the east coast. the giants will have the first time in an all-star game they have four players starting and the first time that the starters are pitcher and catcher. buster posey behind the plate and matt cain on the mound. the manager of the national league team he is from the bay area. they are both from this area and he has been able to become familiar. he wanted to extend him the invitation to congratulate him on what has been an excellent career so far. he threw a perfect game not long ago. they are happy as clams to play while r.a. dickey not so much. he's the pitcher for the new york mets. you saw him taking the mound tonight. >> i'm not going to break down in tears but at the same time
6:37 am
i'm a competitor. i want to pitch, i want to start. i feel like i had a good enough first half to be considered. but i'm not the boss and i don't have to necessarily agree but i have to respect it. >> reporter: for the first time four giants will be starting in the all-star game. matt cain on the mound, posey behind the plate, pablo sandoval and melky cabrera. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> you have the g-men dominating. half the starting roster so feel hike they take it over. >> cane pitching to posey. perfect. what about here? it's going to get hot. >> nice to see them win out there as we've been waiting for sometime. we've got a good looking day shaping up. they will be back at it friday here at at&t park. you can catch that game, nbc bay
6:38 am
area. mostly cloudy this morning. these clouds are going to come in clutch later on this afternoon. as temperatures will end up in low 90s. where we have a lack of clouds, even parts of the east shore waking up clear. it's going to abscorcher. by noon today temperatures at 90. we'll round out the day with triple-digit heat in the extreme east bay. that's the only place we have unhealthy air quality. we're in the moderate range, we have good air quality in the central pay as well. wherever you get that on shore flow, we get more of that as we head into this weekend and temperatures will tumble. it works out like this. today 100 at 4:00. 71 at the coast. 4 forecast is moments away. >> you know, 6:38. we have to look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:39 am
the backup is mild. this is traffic tuesday. we're not even all the way back to the parking lot for all lanes. starting to fill in for the last of these cash lanes. low clouds affecting some visibility in spots around the bay. the east shore freeway, not showing problems. at the bottom 880, we had an accident at fifth, caused backup. that's up in the upper 50s, top of the screen, down to the 30s and 40s through san pablo and richmond, off of the richmond san rafael bridge. more slowing through pittsburgh and bay point, good stuff. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> coming up on "today in the bay," firefighters hope to get some help from mother nature. >> and we already know smoking
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this may be due to technology. >> 6:44. coming up we're going live to ka who is a county where firefighters are dealing with a wild fire that burned hundreds of acres. we'll have an update. >> six giants start for the all-star team. a preview of the big game is coming up. [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> welcome back. right now firefighters in the central valley struggling to try to control a wild fire north of sacramento. >> they hope that light winds will be on their side. brian hickey is live in colusa
6:47 am
county with the latest. >> reporter: certainly the cooler temperatures have helped them strength at any containment lines they have. some of the crews spent the night on the line come back to the camp. others are getting ready to head out on the lines. the latest number, 3,900 acres, they call it 50% contained. this is video from yesterday. you can see the huge smoke column later in the afternoon. the smoke soaring into the sky and allowed the fire to spread. that's what propelled it from yesterday's number of 1700 acres to this morning at 3900 acres. cal fire saying they don't expect the fire to grow further and will focus on strengthening the containment lines they built and expanding those around this fire. the other concern is a fire that
6:48 am
the forest service incident t mill fire that started in the mendocino forest burning west of stony fork about six miles west of the fire we're on now. they say that fire does have the potential to grow toward stony fort. they did meet with the residents to discuss an evacuation plan should they need it have that ready to go. if the winds pick up it takes the fire wherever it wants. back to you. >> it is a tough fight when the winds kick up. >> spare the air today, people got to watch out for the temperatures. >> you know, we don't have a red flag warning but the winds have not been that strong. we've got the high temperatures warm enough to warrant a red flag warning. our winds are calm. indicative all of this fog formation on the golden gate bridge, socked in.
6:49 am
you need clear skies and calm winds for it to settle in. that's what's taken place here. elsewhere across the bay area we're clear to start. as a result all of that sunshine, temperatures will soar. we're getting long days so with the sun out there until about 8:30, star light at 9 clob p.m. at 5:00 p.m. is typically the warmest time of day. 53 in conkortd, 59 in sunnyvale, 53 in san mateo. headed to a warm afternoon, high pressure firmly in control of our pattern. over the four corners, going to start to bring monsoonal moisture up into southern california and a little bit toward the south end of the bay area. late tomorrow, particularly into thursday. for us what we're concerned about are the much warmer conditions. yesterday was hot. we're going to be 5 to 10 degrees warmer this afternoon and then peek as we head through wednesday. what that means, enjoy the micro climate. a 30-minute shape to the beach.
6:50 am
really comfortable conditions and half moon bay, 75 degrees. comfortable, winds not too strong. out of the west, then the warmest beach city per usual with the most sunshine coming in. santa cruz, 82. we'll get the official report from mike in a moment. he is standing by. 90 degrees in san jose. tomorrow, 101. we'll shave off a degree. thursday to friday finally the low to mid 80s return. what we see here in livermore this time of year is about 85 degrees as the high so much warmer than average for the next three days. we'll clear out friday through monday. 6:50 as promised. >> talking about heading to the beach. highway 17, crowded down to the summit. worse this evening. commute coming back over the
6:51 am
hill into los gatos from santa cruz. everybody spreads out. come back after dinner. we're looking to highway 85. we still have construction blocking the on ramp. we focused on 101 northbound. that was 40s and 50s all the way past the 87 merge. slow for 87 northbound. but really not a big effect for the south bay. a lighter flow, at least right now, watch over the next hour and a half as we see the volume kick in. speed in the 40s all the way through pleasanton and easing up to the dublin interchange. the y looking good, volume again, 580 slowed and 238. 880 not a problem away from san rean dro. a live look shows you the volume
6:52 am
of traffic. speeds still about low 50s as you head past the section. the low clouds an issue over the span, along coast and crossing that golden gate bridge. >> this one is high tech and high profile. this case being watched. >> scott mcgrew joins us. this is the sexual harassment claim kleiner perkins would like out of the media. >> they would. lawyers for the famous venture capital firm wants it out of the public courts, put it into private arbitration. kleiner facing accusations from a female employee who says she faced discrimination after having an affair with a married co-worker, an affair she was pressured into. a good indicated it was unlikely to move this case into arbitration but a ruling is expected tot. this is the same judge who is working in the mirkarimi case.
6:53 am
>> staples opens the nasdaq. dow industrials down 66 points, nasdaq up 15. >> thanks, scott. as goes apple so does cupertino. the city says it will add two new positions to help handle the extra work load. they must approve the project that will add $2.8 million square feet of development. >> getting a taxi in santa clara could be tougher tonight. disgruntled drivers planning a work stoppage. the president of yellow cab says the results will be an over abundance of taxis in santa clara and his drivers will suffer in a challenging economy. >> incredible story of the
6:54 am
rescue. it happened near big bear lake. a chp helicopter crew was flying to the aid of a hiker with a broken leg. the officer was hit by a spinning ro tar blade on the helicopter. the injured hiker was an air force medic. he had to help. the injured officer was air lifted out in critical condition but alive. >> in other news, he was at the center of one of the bay area's biggest murt murder trials. his own two children are suing. christie smith is live in hayward with details on the new trial and the murder of his wife. six years ago. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. hans reiser now says in handwritten court documents that he filled his wife to protect
6:55 am
his children from harm. their attorney says that is ludicrous as the children lost a mother and father. the children are suing their dod in a rangful death lawsuit for more than 15 million. reiser was convicted of killing his wife in 2008 and one analyst says we can expect fireworks as reiser is both a defendant and a attorney here representing himself. jury selection continues followed by opening statements. christie smith, today in the bay. >> baseball's best, we're talking all-star people. the all-star game in kansas city, missouri. bob redell is live with more on the g-men's role. good morning. >> reporter: have about a third of the starting lineup are going to be giants.
6:56 am
melky cabrera, sandoval, posey, and then matt cain taking to the mound in the first inning. not only will this be the first time you have four giants starting in the all-star game. it's the first time the giants had a pitcher and catcher starting together. in announcing matt cain as the starter for the national league team, manager tony lara russa wanted to reward cain. he also points out la russa, that he has become very familiar with cain's work since he too lives in the bay area. r.a. dickey, he is the pitcher for the new york mets. not very happy with wthe position. that all-star game tonight in kansas city. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> going to abhot game.
6:57 am
>> indeed. i'll take this story. it's go be to abscorcher. in the first spare the air day. marla tellez is live at the lexington reservoir with what we can all do to try to help reduce all of the pollution out there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. spare the air day mean was to things. simply limit your outdoor activity and also your driving. the bay area air quality management district issue as spare the air day when air quality is unhealthy. not good for those who suffer from asthma or heart problems. if you can stay inside. also you are encouraged not to barbecue or mow the lawn today. also leave the car at home, less exhaust on the roads means cleaner, healthier air for all of us. that fire danger is high, with
6:58 am
the high temps. we all have to do our part to prevent fires. reporting from lexington reservoir, "today in the bay." >> how hot bill it get today? >> 100 degrees, is that hot enough for you? i think it's a little on the hot side as well. i met spoky the bear in person. if you would like to see that picture, it's on my facebook page. along with your high temperatures city by city. 90 at noon, 100 at 4:00. bayside at 75 degrees at noon. so get it done early. coastal cities will hit about 71 degrees at 4:00. great beach weather today and tomorrow and we cool off into the weekend. let's check the drive. >> a lighter traffic tuesday commute so that's better news, but this is an issue for folks heading to the benicia bridge.
6:59 am
approaching jamison canyon. there are injuries affecting more emergency crews on scene. nails and screws spilled as well. we expect incident likes flat tires. this is approaching the split with 680 down to the benicia bridge. both move smoothly. the slowing the for richmond down into berkeley. the metering lights or on. a live look shows you that backup is building but still hasn't enough to call this off. light for a traffic tuesday, another note. low clouds hanging out. an issue especially the golden gate bridge. >> we'll be back with a local update. >> every half hour after that.


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